Children in Eastern Congo Meet a Giant White Male for the First Time!

World Star Hip Hop, March 3, 2013

Professional MMA fighter, UFC veteran and Christian advocate Justin ‘The Viking’ Wren visited the Mbuti Pygmy tribe of Eastern Congo last fall. It was the first time children in the remote parts of Eastern Congo got to see a giant, hairy white man and an iPhone.

Justin Wren

Justin Wren


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  • IstvanIN

    I saw this video earlier today. Can you imagine the outrage that would ensure if some Finnish kids, who had never seen an African, starting brushing his hair and giggling?

    • Dude

      The difference is, that would be racist. (trolling)

  • David Ashton

    Oh but look at their happy little faces! Wouldn’t Angelina and Madonna like to add all these to their pet collections?

    • David Brims

      Seems the latest Hollywood fashion accessory to adopt one of these little bantus. Sandra Bulloch, Charlize Theron are two who did, makes them look pious. What they fail to grasp is these little creatures are going to grow up, and that will spell trouble, for them.

      • Azzmador

        Just like in the seventies when people got those baby alligators…

    • dukem1

      Best thing about this is the link at the end of the clip to the stripper rap battle.
      “Hire the handicapped. They’re fun to watch.”


      You can not beat being white. If there were one white man on earth and 99 non-whites, the white man would be in charge and running the place.

      • josh

        Or more likey he’d be the Blue Plate Special!

    • ageofknowledge

      He best watch out. They may take his body parts as “fetish” offerings to the local witch doctor in exchange for demonic spiritual power.

  • StillModerated

    I wouldn’t go to Congo on a bet.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    More proof that those of all ages recognize the reality and significance of race.

  • Black children experience diversity? I thought they were diversity.

  • JohnEngelman

    Bantus kill, and sometimes eat piggies. White don’t.

  • Viking_61

    I wonder if this Congo trip made “The Viking” racially aware.

    • josh

      Why doesnt this dope spend his time helping WHITE kids here,like the little boy,Bailey O’Neil,who was murdered by the savages? This dumb Swedish meatball is no different than Madonna or Kim K,he has got to get status by kissing the behinds of the Bantu!Maybe the dear can get a role in Inglorious Bsterds ll? What a feather in his cap!

  • APaige

    I bet giant hair man no longer has his iphone.

    • AutomaticSlim

      Looks like he might have eaten it.

    • josh

      And his credit card now has 5000 hours of phone calls charged to it!

  • bluffcreek1967

    I enjoyed watching the video, and I actually thought it was beautiful to see the children’s reaction and laughter to Justin’s white skin and hairy arms. My heart goes out to these kids and I wish only the best for them. But with that said, I pray the good sense of whites, after watching it, would never be clouded by their emotions leading them to adopt these same children and bring them to America. It would only lead to further racial chaos and confusion among us. These black children seem adorable, no doubt, when young. But as they grow older, the very obvious differences between blacks and whites in intelligence, impulsiveness, poor judgment and propensity toward crime will begin to manifest itself. But by then it will be much too late to send them back to the Congo.

    • Anon

      You are the main problem with whites. The bottom line is that blacks are evil. Evil is anti-life….that is the real reason you see death everywhere there are blacks. Well, supporting evil has consequences.

      My favorite example is none other than Eugène Terre’Blanche.

      This foolish, foolish man thought he understood the problems with blacks in south africa. He never admitted the real issue…that blacks are simply evil. He had his own special group of blacks he trusted and employed on his personal farm.

      The inevitable consequence for his stupidity was he died with his pants down around his ankles being sodomized.

      Our forefathers understood and knew what it took (extreme white supremacism with death for the slightest anti-white sentiment) to live in harmony with the few blacks who could cut it in a civilized society. We do not. We do not admit the basics. YOU cannot see what should be obvious….because of intense brainwashing.

      Those aren’t children….they are monsters. Treat them in any other manner than based on reality and they WILL eat you.

      • IstvanIN

        Evil or just out of their environment? Is a house cat evil because it hunts and plays with a mouse that it has no intention of eating? Ever see a cat bat some poor mouse around like a toy? The cat isn’t being evil, just acting on its innate instincts. blacks imply do not belong in a modern society, do not fit in and are completely out of place.

        • TeutonicKnight67

          Exactly. Animals are not evil, they are dangerous.

        • Anders

          The domestic cat is fulfilling its natural imperative as a predator as well as keeping the vermin down, My cat does both and also makes the lounge-room more scenic simply by being there.

      • C_C_Conrad

        Jacks War

      • bluffcreek1967

        I am the main problem with whites? Oh, is that because I didn’t say all blacks were “evil” and “monsters”? Is it because I saw the kids in the video as children and not as monsters? Please, try to have some sense, some balance, and some perspective over this matter. It does our cause no good to make wild and sweeping statements.

        Remember, as race realists were talking about blacks on average, in general, and that sort of thing. We are saying large percentages of them are criminally prone. However, we are not saying that every single individual black is an evil monster who is out to sodomize whites as in the example of Eugene Terre Blanche you provided. Moreover, if you had read my post a little more carefully you would have realized that I urged whites NOT to adopt black children because of the problems this would later bring (for various reasons).

        • prettycelticwarrior

          I agree with you. Very well stated.

        • saxonsun

          Your post is spot on–thanks.

      • David Ashton

        I am sorry but this strikes me as a bit silly and OTT.
        What we can see from this story about the pygmies is the clear evidence of racial variation.

    • Luca

      Africans just naturally seem to do better in their own element, a primitive stone-age environment. It was wrong to ever ship them to America and even worse not to ship them back.

      Reminds me of people who insist on keeping dangerous wild pets, they tell you how sweet and domesticated they can be, right up to the moment they are bitten or ripped to shreds. Release them back into the wild I say.

      • sbuffalonative

        Actually, my first thought was that this could get out of control at any second. If the kids were a bit older, this could have turned into any urban mob in the US.

    • JoeG

      I have no problem with blacks living in Africa. Blacks should be thought of as an invasive species and not allowed off the African continent.

    • TheAntidote

      As I read your post I got the sensation of having read it once before a long time ago. Then I remembered it is a very similar warning to the one published by Albert Schweitzer toward the end of his life and ministry. He cautioned all those Whites who would go to Africa to do good, to never meet the African on terms of equality, for to do so would end in annihilation.
      As far as bringing pygmies to America, there is a very sad case history from the last century. Google Ota Benga of The Bronx Zoo.

    • Joseph

      Yes, like kittens they may be playful and adorable when small but as adults they spray all over to mark their territory, mate promiscuously and frequently, carry disease, tear up the furniture and eat their own young.

      We don’t need them here and they should all be neutered or spayed.

  • David Brims

    The one and only thing that black people are good at is, procreation.

    • LastBastionOfHope

      And putting spherical objects in hoops repeatedly.

    • David Franklin

      That’s not fair, David. They’re good at rape and murder, too.

  • AB7

    Liberals condemn Christians for having gone to Africa to “force” their Christianity and Western ways on the wonderful, peaceful, pious, holy, native Africans. This in part is why the same people are now in favor of allowing them to come to the West, to make up for the evil Christians destroying their native lands and “subjugating” them and “exploiting” their resources. Liberals truly are a demented lot full of very dangerous ideas.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      I condemn them because it is a waste of time and resources to invest any effort at all into the dark continent. I also condemn them because so many want to increase immigration of their pets to Western countries.

      • AB7

        But as long as it was CHARITY only and not government, it was fine. Albert Schweitzer and those like him did a lot of good for people, of their own accord, out of Christian love, and that is good. The problem is that the modern liberal has perverted not only the churches with their ideology but the government as well, and now as you correctly state, they have turned something good into something that is actually evil.

        • David Ashton

          St Albert was in no doubt about the racial gap, and so he has been attacked as a paternalist, colonialist and racist, by those whose contribution to African improvement is just vicariously vocal. I see no harm in helping black people to improve their lot, if it can be done successfully, but believe that birth control is a prime necessity and this is difficult to enforce on the promiscuous black male.

  • Uh-Oh

    An audience in North Korea — including Kim Jong Un — recently got to meet Dennis Rodman and a couple of the Harlem Globetrotters for the first time in some kind of basketball exhibition. Most people in North Korea don’t know what basketball is (since it’s American), and even more people than that have no idea who (or what) Dennis Rodman is or what the Harlem Globetrotters are, so it’s a bit of a mystery how they all came to the attention of the Kim regime, and why an invitation was even extended — especially since NK is claiming it now has the ability to lob nukes across our border. I can only guess what the Kim regime told its people Rodman and the Globetrotters are representative of — Typical Americans? Typical oppressed black people? The athletic American elite? You can get more information on this at DailyNK, a South Korean site about what’s happening in North Korea.

    • The__Bobster

      Most people in North Korea don’t know what basketball is (since it’s American), and even more people than that have no idea who (or what) Dennis Rodman is ….

      Actually, the new reports quoted some of them calling Madonna’s ex a monster.

    • Magician

      Well, The below are the photos of the north Korean national basketball team

      The biggest guy in the photos, Seo, almost made it to NBA

      • Uh-Oh

        I’m an avid North Korea watcher and have been for years. I’ve even written about it. I’m not a basketball fan, though, and — given the level of official NK hatred for the US — I’m surprised they have a national basketball team. I would like to find out what the official regime line is on it, since nothing good can possibly come out of Amreica.

        • Magician

          You are not necessarily wrong that most of North Koreans are not familiar with basketball. Our country spends $700B per year on military but most of us can’t even name our fighter aircrafts 😉

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I know nothing about basketball, but

            F-100 Super Sabre

            F-101 Voodoo

            F-102 Delta Dagger

            F-104 Starfighter

            F-105 Thunderchief

            F-106 Delta Dart

            F-111 Aardvark

            F-4 Phantom II

            F-5 Tiger II

            F-6, renamed from the F-4D “Ford” Skyray. The only jet I ever flew, but God it could climb. Everybody loved the “Ford”.

            F-11 Tiger

            F-8 Crusader (When you’re out of Crusaders, you’re out of fighters.)

            More recently we have:

            F-14 Tomcat, now only used by Iran.

            F-15 Eagle, the second best fighter jet in the world.

            F-16 Fighting Falcon.

            F-18 Hornet.

            F-22 Raptor. This one really is the best, and probably will be for the next 50 years.

            F-35 Lightning II, which reached IOC late last year.

            Any questions?

          • Uh-Oh

            I believe Rodman tipped his hand. The Kim regime must have hired Rodman and the Globetrotters for a gig, somehow believing Rodman could act as a paid lobbyist for North Korea, perhaps even getting direct access to Obama. Now, why do I believe this? 1) Senior officials in China are advising the Chinese government — NK’s only real ally — to write-off NK since they’ve never exhibited the slightest interest in normality and joining the rest of the world. Losing China guarantees a violent domestic upheaval in NK. 2) Rodman, the Globetrotters, and Obama are black, increasing the effectiveness of the ploy. 3) Obama is known to like basketball. 4) The plan might have been suggested by the Chinese, remembering the success in using ping-pong to open red China to diplomacy in the early ’70’s. 5) There was little to no pre-trip publicity, so it looks like a paid gig instead of sincere diplomacy. 6) Rodman alone isn’t entertainment to NK, so the Globetrotters had to provide a face-saving subterfuge. They were of no political use, since they’re essentially clowns. 7) Why Rodman? He might be the first person they approached who agreed to go, and he probably did it for the money. NK might not be aware of how most Americans think of him. The whole episode is illustrative of how NK thinks and what passes in Rodman for thought.

    • Magician

      North Korean National Basketball Team

      The biggest guy in those photos, named Seo, almost made it to NBA

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    I hope he took a long, hot shower with antibacterial soap after that encounter.

  • Anon

    This is the congo. How many of those “children” have participated in mass gang rape and murder, as part of magic spells supposedly protecting them when they engage in murder and mayhem as child soldiers? How many of them have eaten human flesh?

    This is the congo….the answer is all of them.

    Still think they are adorable children? Better wake up.

    • CaptainCroMag

      Those are pygmy children, not Bantus. Those little pygmies are the ones getting raped, eaten and enslaved by Bantus. It’s not the pygmies causing mass carnage in the Congo.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      CroMag is right. I believe the pygs are fairly peaceable, though obviously primitives.

  • brengunn

    I grew up in an all white area, in an all white country. I’d only ever seen black people on the telly. When I did come across them I would stare at them a bit, from the novelty. I can only imagine what these kids are feeling.

    • David Ashton

      Returning from Australia to England as a boy in the 1950s my parents made the acquaintance of an extremely intelligent Sinhalese who despite his particular ancestry was very dark. When he called on us in Walthamstow, local boys followed him up the road shouting “Here comes the bogeyman!” My mother was very apologetic but Rex himself was quite amused and took it all in good part, perhaps because he had no personal sense of inferiority – which would probably not be the case with an African. The town today is only half white in population, and at this rate the experience might eventually go round the other way.

      • brengunn

        Here comes the bogeyman!

        Hahaha! I don’t think I would have gone that far but I understand the sentiment.

  • brengunn

    Did anyone ever read that account of the couple from Belgium who drive across the Congo in a land rover. Everywhere they stoped, this happens from sunrise to sunset, a crowd would gather outside their tent and just stare at them all day long.

    • Amused

      Yeah, I saw it. They didnt just stare at them. They (africans) asked, begged, and demanded money. When the $$$ wasnt forthcoming, they (white couple) were chased. Often…They were constantly on the guard to prevent the theft of their belongings. The white woman was often sexually propositioned, harassed, and groped. They said on their blog that often the only time they were able to relax was when they werent near the africans, or in a locked/walled compound.

      • Anders

        Who the heck would want to drive across the Congo? I wouldn’t go there on a free trip!

        • David Ashton

          But isn’t this the “Democratic Republic”?!!!!

    • whitney5158

      My family lived in Iran in the late 1960’s, and travelling around the country experienced the same, although it was never intimidating or scary. My family was all quite fair and very blond, and entire villages would gather around the jeep in utter fascination. Rather than begging or threatening, we would receive invitations for dinner, gifts thrust upon us, etc. Had the same expericnce in Tibet in the mid-90’s as well.

  • Tech

    Ahh, they remind me of Curious George.

  • PesachPatriot

    Does this mean that the actual congo is safer than chicago?

  • Korean guy

    I am not disturbed. The white Christian man, Mr. Wren, is not betraying the white race or being rude to anyone in that video. The children in the photo are not being rude to Mr. Wren either. They are fascinated and having a good time, nothing more. I doubt he went there to convince everyone in that area to learn to be hostile against other races. He simply went to the area to spend time with the children, nothing more. I am a Christian myself. I think, if I go to that area, I will witness a similar reaction from the children, and that is fine!! So what is wrong with being fascinated with seeing someone who looks a lot different from them for the first time.

    • C_C_Conrad

      “Professional MMA fighter, UFC veteran and Christian advocate Justin ‘The Viking’ Wren visited the Mbuti Pygmy tribe of Eastern Congo last fall. It was the first time children in the remote parts of Eastern Congo got to see a giant, hairy white man and an iPhone.”

      The problem is the continuing sick mindedness of white Christian that fawn [seek notice or favor by servile demeanor] over non-whites while accepting the genocide and destruction of their own people.
      Jacks War

    • Sherman_McCoy

      I hope you enjoy your visit to the Congo. Not that I have any intention of ever setting foot on that continent. . .

      Now Korea, I wouldn’t mind seeing.

      • Korean guy

        You will have a blast visiting Korea, I assure you. Also, North Korea legally prohibits South Koreans from visiting North Korea except South Korean government officers who have special permissions from the North Korean government.

        However anyone can visit South Korea just like most countries around the world.

        South Korea is surrounded by seas and consequently we have excellent sea foods. Also, spend a day in the indoor theme park in Seoul. South Koreans are very friendly to visitors from outside South Korea. We also have a lot of visitors from Japan.

        (But I read on a Korean news website that some West Asian men who come to South Korea to work sometimes harass Korean high school girls and young mothers.)

        • Korean guy

          There are some unfortunate things I heard about the indoor themepark….

          1. It was built in mid 80s and it has been rumored that Japan designed and built roughly 70% of the entire theme park and South Korea did the rest

          2. They had an unfortunate accident and a man was badly injured and as a sign of apology to the public, they let everyone come to the theme park for free for a day and 35 people got injured that day

          But I have been there countless times and I always had a very lovely time. I never ever got injured and I would not hesitate at all going again.

          Well I guess all theme parks in this world suffer an accident or two every five years….. and the South Korean one is not any different.

      • Korea is an old civilization. And Congo is …..Congo.

    • josh

      Go to Philadephia,Christian,and preach getting a job and turning away from crime.You’ll earn a nice spot in Heaven.(maybe sooner than you had planned on!)

      • Korean guy

        Toronto, Canada is as metropolitan (or “urban” if you prefer that word) and we have people doing just that all the time everyday in Toronto.

  • It was the first time children in the remote parts of Eastern Congo got to see a giant, hairy white man and an iPhone

    He should thank Bono for the WiFi network that kept his iPhone working.
    His iPhone is probably the only wireless device that has ever logged into it.

  • bigone4u

    The inferior intelligence of African children is much on display in this video. If a video of Obama at 6 to 8 years of age existed, this is what it would look like.

    • gemjunior

      Their intelligence is developed almost as much as it will ever be. Their IQ scores on average are probably in the 50s – and they’ll all gain their final 20 points over the next 5 or six years. A few years later, they and their 6 children will get on a raft for some western country, where they will imagine that they are entitled to every shiny blingy thing that catches their eye, like a magpie. The white man’s magically appearing house, car, stocked refrigerator, all other appliances, all generously given to them and their huge family. The givers, of course are the hard-working white people whose money is being used for this expressly against their will by these criminal governments. When will we start going into the streets, I wonder?

      • bigone4u

        The young Africans in the video reminded me of my dogs, whom I loved dearly. They would get so excited at seeing me when I would come home from work. Dogs are sweet and are alleged to have the IQ of a two year old white child.

  • Le Gaulois

    I’m 6ft2 and over 200 lbs myself, and didn’t realize that 6ft3 guys were considered “giants” now. Granted these are pygmies, but c’mon now…

  • Justin_Igger

    Their first thought must have been: oh, do we actually get to eat food now, now that the humans are here?

  • Justin Wren is being my favorite wrestler for a long time and I appreciate his natural health and defense that he does during his fight.Really lucky children got a chance to meet him. I wish If I had one of them.

  • ken

    IPhone ?

    How could the pygmies resist from mugging Justin Wren for that wonderful piece of white man technology. Two things that the black race can’t resist is cell phones and some white wiminz poontang.

  • Token Finn

    Those kids were having a good time. Imagine if they had Maria Sharapova there. On second thought, maybe not.

  • HarmsTorheit

    that was a pretty fun video

  • josh

    Somewhere Jerry Sandusky is eating his heart out!

  • Korean guy

    It could have been hilarious if Justin taught those children Kang Nam Style dance and took a video of him and the kids doing the dance and upload the video to YouTube