Vikings Stadium: Skilled Worker Shortage May Make Diversity Goals Tough to Meet

Twin Cities, February 9, 2013

Officials working on the new Minnesota Vikings stadium said it might be difficult to meet certain employee-diversity goals.

The stadium legislation signed by Gov. Mark Dayton this spring included goals from the state Legislature to have minority workers make up nearly a third of the labor force and for women to be 6 percent of the workforce.


Chairwoman Michele Kelm-Helgen said a shortage of skilled workers in Minnesota will make it difficult to comply. But she said stadium officials will do their best to meet the goals without importing workers or companies, since the ultimate goal is to increase Minnesota jobs.

Stadium officials are encouraging training programs to prepare more workers for construction jobs.


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  • 48224

    Why isn’t there a law or “goal” requiring one third of the NBA be White?
    If you need something built, call in the white men. If you need it destroyed call for diversity.

    • JDInSanDiego

      And why isn’t there a law or “goal” requiring one third of the taxpayers be non White?

      • Anders

        Isn’t the only thing that matters here is that the goddam stadium gets built?

    • LastBastionOfHope

      Because helping white people be raciss! Helping blacks be cool swag mang.

    • Ed_NY

      Well said!

  • wattylersrevolt

    It is a neat little trick deployed by the disgustingly filthy White Liberal Greedy Cheating Class:announce as if by a Divine Edict that Diversity is obviously a wonderfull thing…then implement it into labor policy…announce as if by a Divine Edict that the workforce must have diversity at certain percentage…if it can’t be met because of the demographic composition of a town,county,state or region….then there is a Divine Edict to import nonwhite scab workers into America. This is the logic at work in Minnesota..and it is the logic that resulted in the passage Native Born White American Destroying 1965 Immigration Reform Act.
    Keep this in mind:Affrmative Action was taken to new levels by the Nixon Adminstration whose intent was to destroy a Native Born White American Labor Movement.

    When racial minority status for Native Born White Americans is announced by the Census Bureau very soon…high fertility post-1965 nonwhites will have the voting block power to impose affirmative action on the White Minority for as long as they want to. And if you voted for Nixon,Reagan,Bush1 and Bush2…you voted for this.

    The Republican Party was never worth saving…and this is the fundamental flaw in Peter Brimelow’s thinking…it is magical thinking to believe that a Party owned lock stock and barrel by mega-corporations could ever represent the racial interests of millions of Ordinary Native Born White Americans.

    The only viable political game in town for millions of Native Born White Americans is:highly racialized grassroots anti-corporate populist-anarchist-communitarian-socialism…anything else is a death sentence for Native Born White Americans. The Poltical-Economic system in the US fundamentally rotten..rancid..and evil.

  • Ulick

    I thought that, according to Liberals, race doesn’t exist. So why are Liberals passing laws where one-third of workers must be of certain races. Liberals, always talking out of both sides of their mouth when it comes to race.

  • liberalsuck

    Why, I thought those liberal cretins in Minnesota who painted anti-white slogans on their faces would be enjoying this rich diversity now there!

  • Jss

    According to Jamie fox blacks are the most talented people on earth. And sense he played jango I believe him. The reason the stadium can’t meet it’s diversity goals must be because of untalented whites.

    • Puggg

      Or, because Gladys Knight singing isn’t the same as actually building a building or designing a building.

  • Minnesota probably has plenty of skilled workers. It’s just the problem is that they look too much like Minnesotans should look like, and not enough like Somalia looks like.

    • MikeS

      Indeed. The US as a whole has a plethora of highly skilled workers. The only “problem” is that they are White.

      • sbuffalonative

        A retired local black radio host used to complain that when he drove around the city, he didn’t see any blacks working on government construction jobs.
        To promote his cause, he brought on a local black who ran a government sponsored minority construction program.

        The radio host asked about the number of blacks who went through the program. The man told him that each program, they start with 15 to 20 black students. By the end of the program, they consider it a good outcome if two or three are still showing up for the program by the time it ends.
        Zero commitment by blacks to learn the construction trade.

        • Duncan

          But blacks can manage to wreck a solid iron cannon ball.

          Whites build, Blacks destroy.

      • Felix_M

        The stupidity taking place in Minnesota is another good reason why whites have to start supporting their fellow whites and white politicians. F*** diversity.

        • saxonsun

          Minnesota…! Alice down the rabbit hole never to emerge.

        • gemjunior

          You must mean HANG the white politicians. They are all traitors, every last one, and have betrayed us and sold us out by destroying our once beautiful nation. There’s another group who are at fault as well but that’s another story. The destruction of the USA and the White countries of Europe, etc.,is the greatest betrayal and the saddest story ever. The world will descend into savagery.

    • Jefferson

      The liberal elites want to hire more “skilled workers” in Minnesota that look like Christopher Dorner because they are so worried about the high Black unemployment rate in this country, which is higher than the national average.

      You see, these liberal elites are just being “compassionate”.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Yep. Minnesota is known for being a prime location for skilled workers of all types. I personally know a skilled worker, a member of my family, who is unemployed and would be a perfect fit for the stadium project. Unfortunately, he’s not diverse enough to work there, so his talents are going to waste while they try to find some more blacks who can do so much as hammer a nail.

    • Northernfront

      With the arrival of multicultural dystopia, the long-awaited collapse of high culture will occur: See the unresolved strikes and financial situations of the MInnesota Orchestra and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra

      The third world people are the enemy of first-world culture. Classical musicians, and all those who love high art must unite to drive out those pulling Northern culture down.

  • ye ol’ swmpyankee

    Haaaaaa. . . .

    Here’s a dog chasing it’s tail.
    Since all these higher up “official” decision makers don’t insist on this for themselves. . .

    You can bet on that!

  • The__Bobster

    Why is there a problem? After all, a “goal” isn’t a quota, right?

  • bigone4u

    Broadcast the following message in every bus terminal in America for the next 30 days:
    “Attention blacks. Attention blacks. You are needed in Minesota. There are not enough blacks in the multicultural paradise of Minnesota. The government will pay your bus ticket and give you a generous welfare benefit when you arrive. Buses are waiting for you in the parking lot. Get your free boarding pass at the ticket window. Paradise awaits. Don’t be late.”
    In dreams, I see Minesota as a black homeland and the other 49 states free of the pests.

    • josh

      And then Global Warming brought an extraordinary freeze to Minnesota…years later blacks were unearthed just as they were when they were quick frozen:Heres LaQuan pulling out his genitals. Laqueeda slapping her baby. Tarquavious with his hand in a cash register.Cortez with a roll of dolla bills…

  • sbuffalonative

    Of course, what they mean by “minority workers” is blacks.
    Ya know what would be hilarious? If they imported Mexicans to fill the quota.

  • Meanwhile, there are several unemployed white construction workers in Minnesota who voted for Obama a few months ago in a state that went democrat.
    I do not feel sorry for them. They either do not have a clue, or they are too afraid to speak up.
    Go on, wear that purple jersey and root for an organization that does not want you.

  • Tom Iron

    They’ve been putting these quotas on jobs for years now and the contractors always get around them When it comes down to a politician trying to match wits with a private contractor, always bet on the contractor.

  • osh

    Train the niggers.”This is a banana. Grab the top and peel it back…now you have a meal!”

    • Nathanwartooth

      Does this site even have moderators anymore?

      • Greg Thomas

        Are you offended?

        • George

          I am.

          I know the word. I occasionally even use the word. It has a time and a place.

          There are white nationalist websites out there by the score where use of such terms is encouraged and applauded.

          AmRen is NOT unthinking, knee-jerk racism. I come here to read comments that add value to the discourse, not mere name-calling of the sort any seven-year-old can muster up on the playground.

          I come to the comments to gain perspective on an article, and, perhaps, to add my own.

          This website is one I encourage those on the fence about racial realism to visit. I do so in hopes that they will see relevant, recent articles. They will discover, much to their surprise, that racial realists are NOT all slavering, slack-jawed, small-minded yokels. That we don’t all have special white sheets in the backs of our mental closets. That we can, indeed, put forward a very strong opinion, backed by evidence, that there are racial differences, and that races are best when kept apart.

          Crude, childish name-calling? Save it for chimpmania.

          • CharlesFinley

            You gonna cry, Skrote? It’s what they call eachother.
            Indeed, it is what they ARE.
            You know and USE the word, yet here you are discouraging its use.
            Save that $hit.
            Do you know THAT word too?

          • George

            Did you actually read through my post? Like I said, it has a time and place. AmRen is neither the place nor the time.

            Engaging in infantile name calling does nothing to help the cause of white nationalism. It offends and causes people to turn a deaf ear.

            There are regular posters in here with whom I can have an engaging discussion. Even though we disagree, it is still respectful. I value their opinion, and hope they do mine.

            Neither the original post, nor your response to me qualifies for that label.

          • CharlesFinley

            Yep. And I just read it again.

            Hopefully, the NlGGERS will consider your good manners

            and intellectual approach when “Beat Whitey Night” comes

            to your town.

            Surely, a high-minded man such as yourself knows that these online

            discussions will do exactly jackSHlT to “further our cause”.

            But I commend you on your sublime conduct.

          • George

            These discussions won’t solve everything, to be sure, yet they can do more than you might think.

            Why to people surf the Internet? One main reason is as a source of information. If people are questioning racial differences in innate behaviour, innate ability, etc. they will eventually stumble on sites such as Stormfront or Chimpmania, etc. They’ll see nothing there but a bunch of name-calling and a group of posters who often resemble little more than the objects of their disdain. You’re right, a website that that accomplishes little. Most posts could just be ‘ditto’, as in ‘Yeah, the war is coming’. ‘Ooooh Beat Whitey Night is coming’! ‘Boy, do I sure hate them’. ‘TNB’, etc.

            Do I believe these things? Past behaviour of certain groups does, indeed, indicate that race riots occur regularly. Interracial crime is certainly one-sided. The mainstream media under-reports black crime and sensationalises white-on-black crime. We know this to be true. Like others, I’m prepared to do what’s necessary when the time comes.

            AmRen is not meant to be a place to ‘vent’ or spew filth. It’s meant to be a place where people can come to see the bigger picture, rather than a bunch of unthinking yokels posting unfunny jokes and unhelpful commentary. If I want a dinner of intellectual Doritos, I’ll go to those other websites. I come to AmRen, as I’ve stated before, for the steak and lobster.

            Those first experiencing or seeking to learn about racial realism? They should be able to come here for the surf & turf, too.

          • JohnEngelman


            Well spoken!

            American Renaissance can be a place where one can read and write the truth about racial differences with the hope of encouraging political reforms that are consistent with that truth. Alternately, it can be a place where white Gentile bigots come to vent. It cannot be both.

          • Vyncennt

            Grade school name calling and “monkey with a banana” references. How refreshing. I come here to speak with other intelligent white people…not the pale skinned equivalent of the very problem we’ve come to discuss.

            If you do not possess the intelligence to further our cause, that’s fine. Every force needs its grunts. But no successful endeavor allows them in the war room.

            If you can not speak with any air of civility, let those who can do so without your noise tainting the message.

          • saxonsun

            Allow me to chime in. Yes, perhaps this is childish but permit me a banana joke. One of my friends says that every time she sees a black infant she wants to offer it a banana.

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            “George wrote – I know the word. I occasionally even use the word.”

            So your the one that made Christopher Dorner insane.

          • Nathanwartooth

            This is pretty much what I was getting at.

            If I wanted to read posts about n****** jokes I would go visit n*****mania or Chimpout.

            We already have sites for that. I want actual discussion when I come on AmRen.

      • StillModerated

        Quite frankly, I’m glad you’re offended!

      • Tom Iron

        I agree, osh’spelling is atrocious, The correct spelling is nigra (two g’s are acceptable).

        • StillModerated

          How about n1993r5 ?

          • Tom Iron

            obviously, also, baby nigras would be spelled niglet (once again, two g’s being acceptable spelling).

          • saxonsun

            “Niglet” is a term my sister uses.

          • guest

            My favorite word for negroes is “Rugheads”

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

          At least he didn’t say “porch monkey” or “north american pavement ape”

    • [Guest]

      Self-censorship (that is, restraint) is a good idea for more reasons than one. For starters, it’s been the tradition of this website. That’s not surprising given that Jared Taylor practices it so deftly himself. Mr. Taylor puts into words the racial truths that we see around us every day, and he does it using cold facts and reason. He also makes a good appearance while doing so.

      The same principle is in effect at American Renaissance conferences, the rules of which state that “gentlemen will wear jackets and ties to conference events.” Puerile comments on this website are the equivalent of showing up at an AR conference wearing sweatpants and a dirty T-shirt. The standards are higher than that—and they should be.

      Also, quite a few of the comments here do nothing but supply our opponents with ammunition. They’ll quickly dismiss the race-realist position (and Jared Taylor himself) based on the wild talk posted here and never even address the ideas. Why give them such an easy route to ignoring the truth?

      • Nathanwartooth

        People who want to smear AmRen will have a lot easier of a time doing it when they can just surf the comments, copy and paste racial slurs and say “Look at what they allow on their site! Evil racists!”.

        I thought AmRen wanted to be taken seriously.

        • [Guest]

          Exactly. That causes me to wonder whether some of the outrageous comments are planted here for just that purpose.

  • josh

    Imagine what passes for “skeeyulled workazz” now!!! Now they gotta traim more Orcs who arent as good as the first ones. Good carrer track: Quality control. You will be working 20 hours a day,7 days a week to fix what the lazy,stupid,theiving knuckle draggers leave behind. And who’s watching the copper wire? A shtrong black man??

    • CharlesFinley

      “shtrong” Hah! Good observation. “shtruggle, dishrespek”

  • splitsing

    I was recently in Minneapolis. It’s a mudshark infested hovel with no shortage of smelly Somalians. I couldn’t even fathom living there, but from the sound of the “UnFair” campaign in Duluth and Superior, it’s hard to imagine living anywhere in the state. Sickening what those white leftists have done there.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      You must have been downtown. It’s absolutely disgusting there. It wasn’t always this way; I remember it being nicer when I was young. It was no whitopia then, but it wasn’t nearly so bad.

      Now you can’t park without wondering if your car will still be there when you get back, or ride public transportation without getting your cell phone stolen by Somali ‘youths’.

      Businesses are pulling out because of the rampant crime and with them go the white businessmen who you used to see walking to lunch or socializing outside. Eventually it will be be New Somalia. Some parts already are, like South Minneapolis.

      I hope someday the liberals realize what a terrible mistake they’ve made. But by then it will be too late.

      • Felix_M

        I hope someday the liberals realize what a terrible mistake they’ve made.

        Ain’t gonna happen. A conservative believes what he sees. Liberals (including republicans) see what they believe.

      • Northernfront

        With the arrival of multicultural dystopia, the long-awaited collapse of high culture will occur: See the unresolved strikes and financial situations of the MInnesota Orchestra and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra

        The Somalis and Mexicans, the degenerates and the bums, will all destroy classical music in America. The liberal loons in city hall let bums wander around downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, dissuading people from attending concerts.

        • GeneticsareDestiny

          Notice something all the people in the picture from the second article have in common? Yeah. Where’s all that vibrant diversity and multiculturalism that they probably all voted for now when they need the support?

          Minneapolis is (was) a great city, but sometimes I can’t help but feel these people deserve what’s coming to them.

    • Tom Iron

      It’s been a lot of years, but above Duluth, the people weren’t liberal at all when i worked there many years ago. They new what the score was. They had our American Indians to look at to see loony behavior. But that was many years ago now. But I don’t think they became liberals for some reason.

    • saxonsun

      We saw a lot of them in Burlington, VT last summer. It was so jarring to see these people in beautiful Vermont.

  • So CAL Snowman

    So Minnesota doesn’t have enough non white workers to fill a diversity quota? How on earth are they to remedy the situation? By importing more and more non white workers of course. I believe that is the goal of the diversity quotas, they know that there are not enough non white workers to meet the quota, so instead of doing the smart thing and just employing whites, they use this “diversity quota” to import more third world savages. Well played, liberals, well played.

  • blitzen51

    I am retired from a skilled union trade and I can tell you how it is with minority trades men. First of all let me say there are some who work and work well but most of them gravitate to ther tasks that do not require skill or work for example driving trucks delivering material or most important being foremen if I hear” I the boss” one more time I’ll scream. They coast thru jobs in particular the minority women. Why? because management is afraid to confront them

  • AaronC

    According to wikipedia, the twin cities are 18% black.

    • Jefferson

      18 percent Black is not good enough. The White liberal elite will not be satisfied until the twin cities is 88 percent Black. They want to turn the twin cities into another Detroit, because they are jealous of Detroit’s “wonderful multicultural diversity”.

  • Un-Indoctrinated

    Well, then I guess no football stadium. Why on earth would the politicians and business leaders not hire Somalians to build up the Twin Cities football stadium? Ah yes, they want the name changed from Vikings to a more apropos name to represent the area now. Warlords? Or Barbary Pirates? Or fighting Khats? You know the plant that East Africans like to chew? Or how about the Infidel Killaz? So many names, so little IQs! Well they did do a nice job destroying Mogadishu, what with all of the great structures and artifacts and remnants of civilization over there. Sarcasm on high

  • Greg Thomas

    Get ready Minnesota for another round of Somali airlifts.

  • StillModerated

    Poor Minnesota! I guess all those Lutheran-imported Hmong and Somalis are not working out as well as the silly libtards dreamt. But don’t worry Michele, Washington DC’s infrastructure is also falling apart due to diversity quotas.

  • LHathaway

    I remember Governor Jesse Ventura saying something like, ‘We don’t build new schools every 20 years so were not building a new sports stadium every 20 years’. In Black Run America Football teams must build a new stadium every 10 years so blacks, as a people, wont be in danger of feeling disrespected. Baseball Fields and Hockey Arena’s are up in the air.

  • LHathaway

    “Football teams must build a new stadium every 10 years so blacks, as a people, wont be in danger of feeling disrespected”.

    One might feel I’m joking but I bet there are whites in Minnesota who feel they might be considered racist if they aren’t enthusiastic enough about a new stadium, probably a majority of them. They’re probably right.

  • KenelmDigby

    So, building the stadiu is really just a subsidiary issue.
    The real point is to privilege the selected castes by giving them the plum jobs.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    “But she said stadium officials will do their best to meet the goals without importing workers or companies, since the ultimate goal is to increase Minnesota jobs.”

    Here’s the opportunity cost jizya. If there are qualified white male workers who need work…they will IMPORT NON-WHITE MALES? AT WHAT COST TO…WHITES?


    • NeanderthalDNA

      I’m still amazed that it sounds as if they will pay to import non-whites (as well as pay them wages/salaries) when there are capable local whites who need jobs. That is pretty damning and gives the idea of “white genocide” substance.

      Not only do they deny local whites opportunity to work but they will have to import more non-whites to fill the positions, thereby further diversifying the area with all the genocidal connotations that entails.

      Nothing could be more indicative of institutional hostility and discrimination toward my people. I hope as whites awaken, those who own small and medium business will do all they can to resist this pressure and hire based on merit, which we know is considered bad and racist. One thing the opportunity cost white jizya known as AA should impress upon awakened/awakening whites is resistance and ironic hardening of attitudes of fraternity, charity, and solidarity with one’s own real people.

  • Felix_M

    The damage that the importation of refugees from 3rd world countries by well-meaning Christian churches is one of the best arguments not to take everyone who wears a clerical collar seriously.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    This is why we need more brown and black immigrants. They do the jobs that whites are not allowed to do. We import 100 to find 1 that can show up to work at least half the time. Remember diversity is our stench.

  • shmo123

    This is the kind of idiocy that makes you want to line up all politicians and shoot them. They want one third minority labor on a construction site in a state which is 86.9% white? For what reason? And where do they get the seemingly arbitrary number of 6% for female hires? This stupidity comes from people who “feel” but don’t think; who emote but don’t listen or see what’s in front of their eyes; who are, in all probability, brain-dead liberals.

  • Luca

    It would be a hoot if some white guys started a movement whereby they dye their hair black, curl it, get a tan, claim they are mulatto and apply for jobs. If anyone tries to look into it, they risk being called a (drum roll please) Racist!.

  • skara_brae

    Is Lake Wobegon still fine at least? You know, where the women are strong, the men are good looking and all the children are above average.

  • Big Bill

    “The damage that the importation of refugees from 3rd world countries by well-meaning Christian churches is one of the best arguments not to take everyone who wears a clerical collar seriously.”

    Exactly. The only leverage we have is with the local churches. The Christians and Jews like to preen themselves on their moral superiority for “doing unto the least of these my [foreign] brethren, but they do not like to pay the personal cost anymore. They don’t like to tithe and send missionaries, they would rather pay Washington Lobbyists to get the taxpayers to pay for it. The only way to break through this astonishing denial is to follow Saul Alinsky’s methods and demonstrate at their churches on Sunday. Identify the rich folks who go to the churches and demonstrate at their houses asking them to pay for the “refugees” they are importing, instead of dumping them on the local taxpayers and welfare departments. No need to be mean or misbehave. Smile as you hand out leaflets. Invite the news media to come take pictures. Photograph the parishioners and post their pictures. Send letters to the church members asking them to step up and take responsibility for these poor Africans they are dumping on the locals.

    We need creative white action-American action-to stop this flood. When Obama was elected, there were 30 million folks on foodstamps . Now there are 47 million. And the Catholics, Lutherans and Jews are dumping thousands more refugees on America every single year!

  • [Guest]

    I understand that Americans have undergone decades of full-tilt propaganda and indoctrination. But I STILL can’t quite grasp how a significant percentage of white people can become so depraved as to approve of “diversity goals” that are openly hostile to white people. I wouldn’t have thought it possible to kill an instinct as basic as self-preservation. But, obviously, it is.

    • Ed_NY

      I do not approve of “diversity goals” and I will go out on a limb and say that 99.99% of the contributors on this forum disapprove of “diversity goals” too!

      • [Guest]

        I’m sure that’s true, Ed. What flummoxes me is why millions of white Americans DO approve of anti-white policies. How corrupt a person’s thinking must be to approve of measures that are expressly against himself, his family, and his entire race.

        • It goes back to what Whiteplight and I were bandying about here in AR a few weeks ago: The mental pathology that is addiction to abstract ideology, any abstract ideology of any -ism.

          • [Guest]

            Thank you. I’ve seen references to “racial altruism” that touch on the topic. Jared Taylor’s review of the book “Pathological Altruism” includes some interesting observations along those lines.

            It’s basic to human nature, though, to look after oneself and one’s kindred. I find it hard to imagine any mental pathology being widespread enough to overpower something that’s hardwired, such as the instinct for self-preservation.

            I don’t see how millions upon millions of white people can be either blind or indifferent to the willful displacement of whites in nations we founded and made great. Even if white people have been so thoroughly indoctrinated that we can’t see the demographic makeover that’s taking place because it’s on such a large scale, that doesn’t account for large numbers of us approving of things such as workplace quotas that are blatantly discriminatory against us.

            Among the skilled workers and family members of skilled workers who’re needed to build the new arena in Minnesota (mostly so that white sports fans can worship black Vikings in comfort), surely there are many who identify themselves as “anti-racist” and therefore approve of racism only when it damages whites.

            The blindness is not only to the large scale, such as the demographic makeover of white nations, but also to the up-close and personal—hiring practices that discriminate against white people.

            Until I began looking into racial issues, I didn’t know it was possible for suicidal tendencies to be so widespread.

  • Ed_NY

    As a former owner of two successful businesses and a former owner of 25 rental properties, I can tell you I had refused to hire or rent to blacks. They are useless employees and they are lousy tenants. There is nothing beneficial about diversity.

  • disqus_P8bjo06yiV

    This stupid stadium should not be built, it is a huge waste of money. Let jewboy wilf build his own stadium!!!!!!!!!!!!