Neighbor: This Is Detroit and We Will Come Squat in Your House If You’re Not Home

Andrea Isom, My Fox Detroit, February 8, 2013

One night this week the lady of a house in Detroit came home to one helluva surprise.

There was a one heck of a party in her pad, but she never got the invite!

Three men had helped themselves to her gin and food.


And while they were fixing their feast they she says they were high as a kite.

The lady of the house screamed and they all ran out the house. Then she called the law.

According to the Detroit Police report the victim says her house was a hot mess.

A bunch of her stuff was stolen, including some very “sentimental” things.

Some of the men sitting at her dining room her table looked familiar.

She told detectives that two of them live right next door.


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  • Garrett Brown

    I would invite you all to come to my northern Buffalo estate, but all I’m offering is bullets and kool aid! And I’m all out of Kool aid 🙁

  • Francis Galton

    Was this article written by one of Detroit’s many functional illiterates? It sounds like a (White) second-grader (black 10th grader) wrote it.

    • Garrett Brown

      ‘Andrea Isom’… I’d say yes. The reporter was a complete dunce as well.

      Woops, same person. Well there’s your answer lol

      • JackKrak

        Yep – deeply irritating “Soul Sista” reporting live……

        • Bill

          Her “report” sounds like she thinks the whole thing humorous. Typical black mentality. And I agree. It was written as if by some 2nd grader doing a report of a news article she’d heard about.

    • Katherine McChesney

      The article quoted her verbatim.

  • NYB

    A foreshadowing of things to come.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Redistribution of Wealth. The catholic church’s encyclical RERUM NOVARUM.

      • Alex

        Paragraph 8. The fact that God has given the earth for the use and enjoyment of the whole human race can in no way be a bar to the owning of private property. For God has granted the earth to mankind in general, not in the sense that all without distinction can deal with it as they like, but rather that no part of it was assigned to any one in particular, and that the limits of private possession have been left to be fixed by man’s own industry, and by the laws of individual races.

        -Rerum Novarum

        Some Jesuits and pandering bishops have embraced liberation theology, but it is not the teaching of the Church (Pope JP II did not like it at all). Have you read the encyclical? Paragraph 22 deals with the wealthier’s ideal interaction with the poor, but it does not force wealth redistribution or even advocate it, but rather charity and an examination of conscience.

  • HadEnough

    I don’t know which is more annoying: the squatters’ relatives’ appalling help-yourself attitude or the reporter’s ghetto accent.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Yeah, I couldn’t finish the segment because the reporter’s ghetto manner of speech appalled me at how unprofessional she was. But this is Detroit, so what else do you expect?

  • Extropico

    Without private property rights, there is no apropos legal foundation for humanity to strive for a better life.

  • 48224

    Why am I not surprised.

  • Richard from Vancouver

    One of the main tenets of European civilization is the concept and rights of private property. Sadly, even this basic concept is being ripped from us. I seem to recall reading several articles of squatters in the UK taking over households. Of course these squatters were Romany people or Gypsies not youths.

    • MarcusTrajanus

      Yes, and the homeowners couldn’t even have them removed. I think it’s better to call them Gypsies instead of “Roma” or “Romany” since those terms perpetuate the confusion of Gypsies with Romanians.

    • Veritas_lux_mea

      Greece’s Golden Dawn has the right idea when it come to squatters. When they find diverse squatters in a Greek’s home, they beat the hell out of them, then make them clean the place up so it’s even cleaner than it was. Then they throw then out.

  • The__Bobster

    She’s lucky the spoonies didn’t move in and change the locks. ACORN teaches their followers to do just that in the name of “social justice”.

  • bigone4u

    Detroit makes it’s own rules, right? When the last white to leave Detroit sees that hellhole in his rearview mirror, there will be no rules in Detroit anymore. After all, white rules impede the progress of the black race, right?

    • StillModerated

      The black race is the cement overshoes of civilization.

      • So CAL Snowman

        More like simultaneous brain, lung, and stomach cancer with a side of Hodgkin’s lymphoma and a slice of AIDS pie.

  • MikeS

    Homeowner: This is Detroit and I Will Terminate Your Existance if Your in My House When I Get Home.

  • Veritas_lux_mea

    Translation: “This is Africa now. The white man’s laws don’t apply here anymore.”

    • MikeS

      “here” = inside their own heads

  • Puggg

    “Hot mess.” What does that mean? That ghettoism bugs me about as much as “hateration.”

    You know, you go away, and you worry about your own kids throwing a party and turning your house into, well, a “hot mess.” In Detroit, you have to worry about someone else’s kids breaking into your house and doing the same.

    • HamletsGhost

      According to, the go-to site for any Ebonically challenging wordisms, the sixth definition of “hot mess” is:

      A state of disarray so chaotic that it’s
      dizzying to look at. A mess that is beyond the normal range of disarray.
      Visual clutter that draws attention to itself.

  • Ben Dover

    This is worse than a third world cesspool.

    • Northwest_Raised

      In the third world, they would have to fend for themselves. Here, they can be parasites to the taxpayers.

  • MarcusTrajanus

    There was another very similar story from Detroit not long ago A race traitor white woman’s house was taken over by blacks while she was away.

  • MarcusTrajanus

    Is the typical level of journalism at “My Fox Detroit”? I guess if their target demographic is Detroit blacks, their black reporters don’t have to try to sound like civilized people anymore.

  • Lavender Menace

    I am not surprized that this happened in Detroit. After all, these folks do not know what it means to be able to purchase something with money that your earned with your own hands. All they know how to do is take. I hope she sells her house and moves into a better neighborhood.

    • Katherine McChesney

      If she used the term ‘hot mess’ it stands to reason she’s black. It sounds like black vernacular.

      • IstvanIN

        It is.

    • Xerxes22

      Those houses look ok. If that was a White neighborhood than it would be a nice middle class area, a good place to live in and raise a family. It is the demographics that make it a crime ridden ghetto hell hole.

  • George White

    My God…

  • So now “burglary” committed by blacks is just “squatting”?

    Guess I really didn’t need to check my suspicions regarding the writer…..

  • Shattered

    It’s just Democrat communism. Both the owner and the squatters are Democrat and vote for this some of thing to occur so why should I care? I’m not a Democrat. Wallow in it lady.

  • What do you expect when you are surrounded and infested by n*i66ers?

  • Caucasoid88

    She really tries to mimic the white woman, huh.

  • sarah3723

    Like she’ll ever be able to sell that house. I wouldn’t give her a dollar for it. Tell you what, pay me to live in the house, and it won’t get destroyed.

  • odious liberal

    All hail Zimbabwe, negroism at its best.

  • I’m still trying to wrap my head how unprofessional and semi-literate the reporter sounds.

  • Angry White Woman

    The “spokeswoman” sounds pure ghetto (gag), but the last sentence was right on the money. You SHOULD be able to leave your home and expect to come back to it and not find unauthorized squatters living in it. Other than that, I just can’t get too worked up about this, the homeowner is undoubtedly a person of color, too, or else a race-mixing white who chose to live there. A black-on-black crime. And after all, this is Detroit, anybody who lives there needs their head examined.

  • Here in metro Detroit, it’s simply another “gibs me dat”‘.

  • sarah3723

    Real estate is a sound investment, you can’t lose money. lol

    • Until it goes black …..

  • Tom Iron

    I’m amused…

  • Fed Up

    Were they Black? (Silly question, I know.)

    • guest

      No; turns out it was a mixture of Japanese and Swedish youth. Who would have known?

  • jay11

    This is why I KNOW that the America I knew and grew up in is gone. This type of dumb entitlement mentality is present now ALL OVER this land. Even many trashy whites now are ‘down’ with this type of sentiment. This will not end well for civilization. Look ahead 20-30 years when whites are less than 30% of the population.

    Don’t believe any statistic that says we’re still 70% now and will be 50% still by 2042. Those statistics all count as ‘white’ people from the middle east, central asia and lots and lots of ‘white’ latinos, many of whom are mestizo or more. We are right NOW only about 50% (if you count the ‘true blue’ Americans as the only real whites.)
    The ‘joys’ of diversity are now reaching into small towns all over America. The end game is on. Democratic leaders, leftists and other forces of treason know their desired outcome (socialism/communism/elimination of white power in white countries) but a lot of whites who vote democratic either don’t want to face that fact or are ignorant of it.
    Republican traitors are just as bad – selling out the nation for cheap profits by ‘outsourcing’ (giving our factories to foreigners) and ‘insourcing’ of cheap-working immigrants to take the remaining jobs here.
    I fear for the few future Americans in 20-30 years who will be living a Detroit/Chicago-like existence all over the country, and there will be nowhere to go to be safe.

  • jimh19

    I finely get it! That is why dems peoples don’t work. Deys fraid to leave dey house

  • Michael_C_Scott

    I’ve never killed anyone for taking over my home, but I wouldn’t mind it.