The Shaky Science Behind Obama’s Universal Pre-K

Charles Murray, Bloomberg, February 20, 2013

“Study after study shows that the earlier a child begins learning, the better he or she does down the road,” said U.S. President Barack Obama in Feb. 14 speech in Decatur, Georgia. “Every dollar we invest in high-quality early education can save more than seven dollars later on—boosting graduation rates, reducing teen pregnancy, reducing violent crime.”

{snip} There are just two problems with his [Obama’s] solution: The evidence used to support the positive long-term effects of early childhood education is tenuous, even for the most intensive interventions. And for the kind of intervention that can be implemented on a national scale, the evidence is zero.

Let me begin with the two studies in the early education literature that are so famous you may well have heard of them: the Perry Preschool Project and the Abecedarian Project. The Perry Preschool study took place a half-century ago, in the early 1960s. It treated 58 children ages 3 and 4 years old. The Abecedarian Project took place in the early 1970s. It treated 57 children, starting a few months after birth and continuing through age 5.


Both programs achieved positive results of the kind that Obama described. But caveats about those results have troubled careful observers of the programs for years, especially when they hear Perry Preschool and Abecedarian cited as proof that early education accomplishes great things. The main problem is the small size of the samples. Treatment and control groups work best when the numbers are large enough that idiosyncrasies in the randomization process even out. When you’re dealing with small samples, even small disparities in the treatment and control groups can have large effects on the results. There are reasons to worry that such disparities existed in both programs.

Another problem is that the evaluations of both Perry Preschool and Abecedarian were overseen by the same committed, well-intentioned people who conducted the demonstration projects. Evaluations of social programs are built around lots of judgment calls—from deciding how the research is designed to figuring out how to analyze the data. People with a vested interest in the results shouldn’t be put in the position of making those judgments. {snip}

The most concrete reason for doubting the wider applicability of the Perry Preschool and Abecedarian effects is this: A large-scale, high-quality replication of the Abecedarian approach failed to achieve much of anything. Called the Infant Health and Development Program, it was begun in 1985. Like Abecedarian, IHDP identified infants at risk of developmental problems because of low birth weight and supplied similarly intensive intervention. Unlike Abecedarian, IHDP had a large sample (377 in the treatment group, 608 in the control group) spread over several sites assessed by independent researchers. IHDP provided a level of early intervention that couldn’t possibly be replicated nationwide, but it gave us by far the most thorough test of intensive early intervention to date.


The follow-ups at ages 2 and 3 were positive, with large gains in cognitive functioning for the treatment group. But by age 5, those gains had attenuated. Where are things now? In the most recent report, the children in the study had reached 18. For the two-thirds of the sample who weighed no more than 2,000 grams (4.4 pounds) at birth, almost all of the outcome measures weren’t even in the right direction: The control group did slightly better. For those who weighed 2,001 to 2,500 grams at birth, the best news the analysts could find were positive differences on a math test and on a self-report of risky behaviors that reached statistical significance but were substantively small. Combine the results for both groups, and the IHDP showed no significant effects on any of the reported measures—not cognitive tests, measures of behavior problems and academic achievement, or arrest, incarceration and school- dropout rates.


The disappointing results from the IHDP don’t mean that early education can’t do any good. Other studies of good technical quality have convinced me that the best early education programs sometimes have positive long-term effects, though much more modest than the ones ascribed to Perry Preschool and Abecedarian. That leaves us with one last problem: None of those first-rate programs are replicable on a large scale. The kind of nationwide expansion of early education that Obama wants won’t have the highly motivated administrators and hand-picked staffs that demonstration projects enjoy, and the per-child cost of the interventions on the Perry Preschool and Abecedarian model are prohibitively high. If you’re going to have a national program, you’re going to get the kind of early education that Head Start provides.


This brings us to the third-grade follow-up of the national impact assessment of Head Start, submitted to the government in October and released to the public late last year. Head Start has been operating since the 1960s. After decades of evaluations that mostly showed no effects, Congress decided in 1998 to mandate a large-scale, rigorous, independent evaluation of Head Start’s impact, including randomized assignment, representative samplings of programs and a comprehensive set of outcomes observed over time.

Of the 47 outcome measures reported separately for the 3- year-old and 4-year-old cohorts that were selected for the treatment group, 94 separate results in all, only six of them showed a statistically significant difference between the treatment and control group at the .05 level of probability—just a little more than the number you would expect to occur by chance. The evaluators, recognizing this, applied a statistical test that guards against such “false discoveries.” Out of the 94 measures, just two survived that test, one positive and one negative.

One aspect of the Head Start study deserves elaboration. The results I gave refer to the sample of children who were selected to be part of the treatment group. But 15 percent of the 3-year-old cohort and 20 percent of the 4-year-old cohort were no-shows—- a provocative finding in itself. When the analysis is limited to children who actually participated in Head Start, some of those outcomes do become statistically significant, though still substantively small. But keep in mind that we’re looking at selection artifacts: Children who end up coming to the program every day have cognitive, emotional or parental assets going for them that children who fail to participate don’t have. This means that if somehow the no-shows could be forced to attend, you couldn’t expect them to get the same benefit as those who participated voluntarily. If you’re asking what impact we could expect by making Head Start available to all the nation’s children who might need it, you have to make the calculation based on giving access to the service.


So what should we make of all this? The take-away from the story of early childhood education is that the very best programs probably do a modest amount of good in the long run, while the early education program that can feasibly be deployed on a national scale, Head Start, has never proved long-term results in half a century of existence. In the most rigorous evaluation ever conducted, Head Start doesn’t show results that persist even until the third grade.


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  • Eagle_Eyed

    The persistent “do something” approach of the modern American liberal never ceases to amaze me. Nearly everything dreamt up has been tried to lift NAM achievement to that of whites yet folks like O truly think that just a little more will do the trick.

    • stewardofthemystery

      What is NAM? I have been reading this website since 2007 and have seen this acronym used every so often and for the life of me, I havnt figured it out yet. (embarrassed smiley)

      Could someone enlighten me please? Thanx.

      • Nathanwartooth

        Non-Asian Minority

  • Ed_NY

    History will prove this to be another failed program to help blacks at the expense of the White taxpayer.

  • The__Bobster

    Head Start is a proven failure (see the article at the top of the page), yet Obongo wants to double down on it. Does he want us to go deeper in debt to provide expensive babysitting services to welfare queens? Or is it that he wants to indoctrinate White toddlers before their parents can get to them?

    • Bingo! ……..

    • Victoria

      Actually, I disagree with you. As someone who taught in the public school system for 32 years, I was well aware of the poor and lower kids who went to head start and those who did not. You could certainly tell the difference in those children that attended head start programs.

      There is no questions that they were effective.

      • Viv Jasper

        That’s interesting. Which grades did you teach? I’ve read that the apparent benefits of such programs diminish over time to the point that by the child is of a certain age, s/he has no apparent advantage over his/her peers. This has been in line with my own experiences of teaching middle and high school.
        I’ll go back and read up a bit more when my Internet connection on my phone works better. I would like to know more about what you’ve observed though.

        • Victoria

          I taught 1st, 3rd and 4th grades during the first 15 years of my careers from 1976 to 1991. I became an assistant principal in 1992 and went to a neighboring elementary school and became a principal in 1999 until my retirement in 2008.

      • Edward

        It is interesting that you say this. I was listening to Vanessa Williams. She is an entertainer and former Miss America for those of you who are not familiar with her. She mentioned that her mother was a head start teacher for a part of her career before she became a high school music teacher. She mentioned that she noticed the difference between students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds who attended head start programs and those who did not. Williams herself came from a middle to upper income background her father was a vice-principal and her mother was a high school music teacher in Millwood, New York.

      • Andy

        A lot of the programs show positive effects that die out within a few years. New kindergarteners and first graders who have been to preschool have spent a year or two longer than their peers in a school setting and studying the alphabet and numbers. The problem is that the effects don’t persist. Most are gone by the third grade. It is almost unavoidable that a group studying school subjects for a year will do better on such a test than a group that hasn’t; the test is whether introducing these subjects early helps in the long run. It is helpful to primary school teachers for children to have attended preschool, but it does not help students.

  • For those who weighed 2,001 to 2,500 grams at birth

    I’m glad to know that the future outcome of a newborn child depends on a scale so accurate and fine tune that it’s accurate to the gram.

    Related news:

    I didn’t need to read past the headline to explain why. What race utilizes head start, by and large? Yep, the one that can’t grok anything but relatively simple math once they get older. The races that don’t much use head start are the races whose children are better at math when they get older. And the older they get and the more complex and abstract the math gets, the disparity gets wider and wider.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Much of this is all about reaching our children at even younger ages so they can indoctrinate and control them with their multicultural and politically-correct views. The State, under Obama and every other hard-core Marxist, seeks to control the masses. They realize that they can reduce and thwart any future opposition from ‘the people’ if they indoctrinate them early now.

    • Which is why parents who home-school are soon to be derogated just as gun owners, “preppers” and “birthers” have been.

  • brengunn

    In theory I support efforts like this but I ultimately think that no amount of schooling can detract from a dysfunctional home life. What will have more influence on a child, the few hours a week spent with motivated educators or the rest of the week spent in the ‘hood’ and all that that entails. Kids don’t learn to live ‘right’ in school, and that’s what these programs are really trying to teach. Let’s face it, illiteracy and innumeracy are not the black’s main problems.

    What this is, is good ol’ fashioned liberal paternalism. The whole program is an admittance that blacks can’t raise their children right, so the state steps in to do it for them. What would be a more successful way to civilise them, is having black children adopted into white homes. They may never set the world on fire but they won’t be out gang bangin’ either. That would be true success.

    • purestocles

      “What would be a more successful way to civilise them, is having black children adopted into white homes. ”

      Now brengunn, I don’t mean to be rude, but why, in God’s name, would responsible white couples want to adopt and raise some other people’s children for them?

      The European Cuckhold bird lays an egg in another bird’s nest, the chick of which upon hatching pushes its rival nestlings out of the nest to their death. The adult birds then work frantically to feed the monster that they have “adopted” in just the manner you’ve described. This survival strategy obviously benefits the cuckhold but it’s hard to see how this advances the interests of the foster parents .

    • Rational Being

      Why is it that blacks are uniquely susceptible to the effects of liberalism? Except for unfortunate White youth who ape black “culture” because the media tells them it’s “cool” (Eminem, for example), even the poorest of Whites don’t usually fall into violence and dysfunction regardless of how much government largesse they receive. “Liberalism” is only half the answer to this question. The other half is genetic.

    • jambi19

      Breng, do yourself a favor a google the word “cuckold.” Look at the images and you will learn that the afro has similar but more sinister plans than you do. It is a real eye opener and will show you what we’re up against. They can’t even keep their own families together and you propose bringing the destruction into your family?

      • GM (Australia)

        Saw an interesting news story on TV a few nights ago. A white couple on a domestic flight somewhere out in your Mid-West had a black adopted baby. Another passenger on the plane told them in no uncertain terms to shut their N—– baby up! It all ended up in a mid flight altercation but my thoughts were just why would a white couple want to adopt a black baby, just what is their motivation? It all looks just so unnatural.

        • Expertise

          Here is a copy of the article you were talking about.

          Man accused of slapping crying boy on Delta flight is out of a job

          • Rick

            Here is the link to the article. Sorry, but this guy was insane. You do not hit a child of any race! Especially a baby! Is he crazy?! If he had slapped my child when they were that age (and I am White, married to White woman with two teenage children) I would have killed him! Jerk!


          • Wendy

            I agree. This guy was whacko! Jerk!

          • toldev

            Remember that you are taking her word that he actually slapped the kid. And, that she is the kind of white liberal nut who adopts a black kid in the first place. He may have said something nasty to her, but i am doubting the whole N word and slapping thing. What she is mad about is that he probably looked at her like a whor*, which is what some white guys do when the see a white woman running around with a black kid.

        • Expertise

          Man accused of slapping crying boy on Delta flight is out of a job

          The following is the link of the article you were talking about.

    • What would be a more successful way to civilise them, is having black
      children adopted into white homes. They may never set the world on fire
      but they won’t be out gang bangin’ either. That would be true success.

      I wish I could agree, but to the limited extent this has been tried (“Stolen Generations” in Australia), it hasn’t even worked half as well as you expect with your admittedly reduced expectations.

    • Flytrap

      I think a return to Christianity would be a big benefit. The different races aren’t going to do things the same way, but religion does seem to have a tempering effect on behavior.

      • Except…you won’t find a more overtly even if superficially Christian population than American blacks.

        • TheAntidote

          If you consider cargo cults, black liberation theology, Father Divine and Daddy Grace type “religion” Christianity, then you’re right.

      • Will White

        Religion also has an overall dumbing down effect on too many non-Jewish whites.Thats my opinion and im sticking to it.

  • “Study after study shows that the earlier a child begins learning, the better he or she does down the road,” said U.S. President Barack Obama …..

    Study after study?

    You can’t turn a turnip into an oak tree by dumping money on it.

    I am very happy to see Charles Murray get an article on Bloomberg.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Children who do learn early probably do do better down the road because ones who learn early have a God-given intellect superior to their peers which stays fairly constant throughout life.

      Once again, only egalitarian leftists actually think they can change human nature and genetic disparity.

    • Viv Jasper

      I’m a lazy mom who didn’t bother pushing my kids into early learning. Before they entered kindergarten, we just played outside, dug around the garden, baked, read stories, made messy art projects, spent hours strolling around the zoo.
      They have thrived in school since the first day of kindergarten. If the ability to learn is there and they’re raised in a good environment, kids will succeed. If the ability isn’t there, it’s not going to happen.
      Programs like this are just another means of wasting money.

  • DiversityDisconnects

    Here’s a little tidbit beyond the doom and gloom which we all know, acknowledge, and await a solution.

    People are waking up to how racial — or racially divided — the USA is really; the world too. The blanket rufinol of multiculturalism and diversity is wearing off. I am not implying a race-war (I prefer the term ethnicity conflict anyway), but an awakening. The irony is science will trump ideology of the left; you can’t cover up genetics forever, and it’s only a matter of time before it crushes misconceptions and we finally have that “conversation about race” that enabled-racist Holder falsely advocated.

    I’ve been holding back submitting an article to amren, though I have been reading, weekly, for years. I think it’s time to submit an article. It’s only fair since, as a contrarian, I have been doing my ‘homework’ on the biggest, nauseous subject in America: race relations.

    I think it’s time to write a piece. It’s the first step in going from reader to activist.

    • Viv Jasper

      Good luck to you. If your article is accepted, I look forward to reading it.

    • Tom Iron

      just do it…

    • TheAntidote

      Welcome to the dark side. You are now a heretic and a dirtyfilthynatziwhowantstokill6millionjooz.

  • bigone4u

    So Obama lied to us in the state of the union? So he wants another big expensive government program? So the money will be spent primarily on a Democrat constituency? So hard-working taxpayers will be footing the bill? Just another day in Obama’s Amerika.

  • JohnEngelman

    “Study after study shows that the earlier a child begins learning, the better he or she does down the road,” said U.S. President Barack Obama in Feb. 14 speech in Decatur, Georgia.

    – Charles Murray, Bloomberg, February 20, 2013

    What studies?

  • TheTruthHurts4

    The Negro race is less evolved than the white race. No amount of social welfare spending can achieve the results of several thousand years of evolution in a single generation.

    • Heath

      These are two articles that I just came across. I was surprised.

      • Gary

        You do know that these two individuals are not the norm? Right? I mean, how many Black people do you know who play the cello and are members of a Shakespeare club? These two young men are abnormal (in the positive sense) in every aspect of the word.

        • mobilebay

          Gary, just last evening I watched a show called “Gifted Hands” on Netflix. The film was about a doctor – a Pediatric Neurosurgeon – who was brilliant. When his name appeared, I realized it was the doctor who spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast a few weeks ago just feet from where the President sat, and said some thing contrary to Obama’s policies, which earned him some hard looks. I wondered where the knowledge came from? He grew up in an absent-father home, with a caring mother who only attended school until third grade and who married at thirteen. Dr. Carson’s brother became an engineer. Were these two an aberration? They were made to read and study by a mother who herself could not read. After a rocky start, their abilities improved and they both excelled in their chosen fields. I wonder if the same strict rules were applied to all black children, at least some could escape doomed lives?

          • Sean

            It sucks that as a species we can’t only pick out individuals instead of relying on statistics and numbers to evaluate whether a group is beneficial or not. It sucks that we are not in a secure enough position to raise these truly talented people up in a culture they can call their own with no shame. It is such a bummer that we can’t make reality just go away like Liberals can just by citing statistical aberrations and made up historical precedent.

            It’s just not fair. But, the best thing I ever learned is that the world isn’t fair and crying about it doesn’t make it any better, all we have is the cards we’re dealt.

          • Angie


          • Gary


        • Heath

          Perhaps. I think Nelson’ post states it’s best, they are unusual for the majority of people of any race; however, I was very impressed by both young men. That is why I posted the links on the website

      • Andy

        About 50 black (or “black”) geniuses are born in the US each year. (For comparison, there are about 15,000 white geniuses born each year.)

        • Kevin

          Where did you get this information?

      • Nelson

        Granted, the young Black man who scored a perfect SAT score, is the head cello player in his group, is an avid Shakespeare scholar etc…is indeed impressive. Just as is the young Black man who was the victor in the annual Jeopardy teen tournament. However, as Gary stated, these young men are not typical of Blacks (or a sizeable number of Whites for that matter) they are genetic freaks (I mean that positively).

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    Head Start is completely useless; I should know, as I attended it as a child. I don’t recall ever learning anything there. As far as my (admittedly somewhat blurry) memories go, all we ever did was play with toys and have snack time.

    Every single one of the “teachers” there were black women. I suspect this accounts for a significant portion of liberals’ reluctance to cut Head Start. They know that these women will not be able to find such comfortable, high paying jobs anywhere else.

    Head Start is mostly used as a free daycare center. My own mother sent me there purely because it freed her up to work; she knew perfectly well we didn’t actually learn anything there. I believe the primary recipients of this free daycare service are now Hispanics.

  • sbuffalonative

    We don’t need small studies like the Perry Preschool study and the Abecedarian Project to show success. We have the large-scale intuitive called Head Start to prove these early intervention programs have little bang for the buck.

    Head Start promised to close the achievement gap but it didn’t and it never will.
    Every one of these useless programs is done simply because someone declares, “we have to do something” or “we have to do better”.

  • anarchyst

    It’s about indoctrination . . . just as the “public schools” are. Any parent who sends their children to public school is guilty of child abuse.

    • Andy

      Unfortunately, most parents don’t realize what the schools are doing. I remember starting to be ashamed of being white when I was in second grade (1999-2000). Things have certainly worsened since then.

      • Sean

        I remember that as well, just about at the same year as well.

        I imagine its worse now than it ever has been. I came home crying a couple times because “I killed Martin Luther King”.

  • Rational Being

    It may be a fault of mine, but I sometimes do feel pity for the black race, because so many of them are such horrible excuses for human beings. When I feel that pity, I remind myself that I am opening myself up to the same hazards that liberal Whites (who are, still, Whites, after all) hath wrought, and thus I am inclined to suppress that pity.

    I must say that as individuals, some blacks can be decent. Thus, in casual contact with such people, or in a business context with them, you are essentially advised to treat them as you would any others. But never let this extend to deeply personal relationships even with such blacks, because of risks associated with their race as a whole. There is the regression to the mean to consider, and the mean for blacks is very mean, indeed.

    The entrenchment of the idea of blacks as “just like anyone else,” that led to their insinuation into the very fabric of our America, is visible in television from as early as the 1960’s and 1970’s, when the “black secretary” to a private detective, or a “black coworker” (usually female) was casually introduced in precisely this guise. In a famous TV show, a black man was shown pushing the wheelchair of a police detective, humbly, docilely, without issue. But that small beginning has led to a wholesale revolution against common sense, ending with the elevation of irrationality over reason, and truly low-class behavior over traditional values.

    The same insidious rebellion against reason that began with 1960’s liberalism underlies the baseless exhortation in favor of programs such as Head Start — against all evidence, and against ratiocination.

    This madness must stop. Our Nation is rotting from within. It is truly time to take back our country from the cultural usurpers and rebuild the foundation of reason from which our White civilization uniquely arose. The mission is urgent. The time is ripe. The restoration must begin now.

  • genetics cant be changed

    Cant change genetics. That’s the real problem. Total waste. Cut it all. Blacks just want free babysitting at earlier ages only and spend more of whiteys billions.

  • IstvanIN

    The two primary components to a individuals ability to learn is, of course, genetics and how that person’s brain is wired. Some people are naturally more intelligent or have a natural ability to excel at things like math, music, art or carpentry. The other important component is the home life, or parents. If the parents do not care, if the home life is chaos, if mom is a run around or drunk, dad is absent, in jail or violent, whatever the social pathology, there us a good chance the child will never even rise to their innate best. Sure, some kids overcome bad upbringings but most won’t. Parents are really needed if a child is to succeed, and this ladies and gentlemen is why Head Start is a failure.

  • Will

    The Abecedarian Project mentioned here was often mentioned in the 1970’s and 80’s and
    even beyond in connection with The Milwaukee Project headed by the late Rick Heber.
    Because of the clouds and doubts that enveloped Heber’s Project, it is justly no longer given
    cognizance for any scientific findings. But a retrospective of the Heber Project hangs very
    heavy over our contemporary scene for anyone who digs into the whole story. And it is
    oddly hard to extract details and they are oddly isolated one from the other. For example,
    the real cornucopia of information and the stories that suggest the very real drama the
    Heber Project had/has?/ are from the Madison CAPITAL TIMES, first in a series of exposes
    that arose during 1980 and then in actual reports of Heber’s evasion of process servers, and
    his being prosecuted in federal court in the Western district of Wisconsin, resulting in him
    and a co-defendant being convicted on all counts. That he was prosecuted on charges of misallocation of funds is, on the surface, even more remote from the scienitfic findings
    Dr. Murray is reporting here. HOWEVER, knowing more and more about the relevant
    facts of science is not at all the same as knowing how the larger society appears possessed
    by fears and delusions about the basic issue of varied evolved biologically based inequalties
    among the differing evolved kindship groups (races ). This raises a very important issue.
    In (what we know of ) human evolution, are humans basically shaped to be more vigilant
    toward ignorance than toward their being fooled and tricked and deluded? The Heber
    Project was touted in AMERICAN EDUCATION in July 1971 and then the mass media,
    e.g. TIME, had “established” that it was a “Miracle in Milwaukee” that had raised the
    IQ’s of very young children by an average of over 30 points. Fast forward from this to
    the investigations leading to the expose articles of 1980-81. The author of the July
    1971 “discovery” article was revealed by the investigative journaists to have been in the
    pay of Heber. It is doubtless true that very young children can be shaped by methods like
    behavior modification and by learning adaptations like the breaking down of instruction into
    very small steps, etc., all to temporarily impressive gains. But such gains largely wash out
    and as far as learning ability and later reading ability, they appear to completely wash out.
    On this basis, the really currently significant aspect of the Heber Project hangs very much
    in the air. Heber was able to go on for nearly nine years–nine years–without disclosing much of anything. The University of Wisconsin at Madison seems to have adopted a
    “see nothing amiss, hear nothing amiss, think nothing amiss” posture. A highly able
    educational psychologist in October 1971 had published a paper carefully poiinting out
    the question marks and gaps regarding information in the Project and this vis a vis
    the July 1971 “revelation” and the media extravaganza. But is was as though the Project
    was impervious to questioning, to doubt, etc. The raw fact emerges that once Heber
    had managed to produce “quick fix” results that would appear especially miraculous IF IF
    Blank Slate mythology—environmentalist mythology–were assumed to be true—then,
    the strong wish-saturated presumption was set in place—a Miracle was unfolding and time
    would reveal it all. American society as a whole appeared for almost all of the 1970’s to
    be simply unable to see that the Emperor had no clothes. There are estimates that Heber’s Project (and Heber? ) received several millions of dollars in grants from such
    federal agencies as the Social and Rehabilitation Service of Health and Human Services
    (1970’s). Any effort to question what Heber and his covert (July 1971) associate had
    woven into the public “awareness” would have faced the declaration in Heber’s behalf that
    everyone other than racists knew that environmental deficits were the basic cause of
    protracted retardation. A trial of Heber for research fraud–rather than merely getting
    funny with money to upgrade the patio on one of his Arabian horse ranches, buying
    new golf clubs, etc.–would have made the Scopes trial look like a mere family spat.
    T h a t trail never happened. How Heber was essentially able to intimiate the U.S.
    government, the U. of Wisconsin at Madison, most of the scientific community, etc.,
    surely appears to be one of the big league con jobs in recent American hiistory. But that
    it involves The Great Taboo makes the basic meaning of the whole Heber Spectacle
    to be something too hot to know about. This whole matter would make one
    of the most riveting screenplays one can imagine. Don’t hold your breath waiting to see
    any (American made) film about it all.

    • Will

      A point of Clarification: Heber and a chief associate never went to trial over any
      of the ocean of funds granted by the feds to the Milwaukee Project (Heber Project) to
      boost the IQ’s of young children by environmental intercessions. They were prosecuted
      for getting funny with money in a program to offer overviews via “workshops” “seminars”
      etc. attendant to Heber’s directing the on campus institute for academic study of mental retardation. Thus, it appears indeed that the Great Taboo (Blank Slate turning into
      fool’s gold ) inhibited everyone all over from doing diddle over years and years to audit/
      examine in detail either the actual raw primary research data or the allocation of an ocean of grant funds from the feds.

    • Will

      Correction: “October 1971” should read “1972” The paper, by Prof. Ellis Page,
      appeared in EDUCTIONAL RESEARCHER. It carefully raises question marks on a
      very informed basis. It is amazing how a paper of this merit could by systematically
      ignored by the U. of Wisconson at Mad(ison) , by the granting sources in the federal
      government, by journalists, etc., for eight–eight–eight–years. Only the “radioactive”
      fear surrunding the Great Taboo could innervate America in such a way.

  • StillModerated

    Psychology and Sociology are not true sciences. But that’s what the dimwitted elite like to draw from. And some lazy lawyers.

  • panjoomby

    education doesn’t make people smarter.

    • Tom Iron

      “I never let my schooling get in the way of my education.” – Mark Twain

  • MobyWhite

    White people love these training sessions. They get to say “See, we’re overcoming our racism and will get to keep our jobs just by admitting we have more work to do.”

    That’s our America today. Speaking While White requires you to admit you are a racist and then beg for mercy.

  • Dea Whyte-Mansburton

    I say no more taxes to fund daycare centers for thugs and their baby daddies.

  • Cato

    Thank you Charles Murray. You are a brave man, willing to speak up to keep this civilization going, despite the personal cost. All of your books have been models of clear thinking. You and Jared Taylor stand as true models of personal integrity and intellectual excellence.