Retired General Says National Guard Could Help Curb Chicago Violence

Lolly Bowean, Chicago Tribune, February 21, 2013

To reduce the homicides and shootings plaguing Chicago streets, elected officials should consider calling on the state and federal governments for help, even the National Guard if necessary, said a retired Army lieutenant general who spearheaded the military response after Hurricane Katrina.

“Just like we do with any disaster. When the tornado comes, or the floods come, the federal government comes in to help,” Russel L. Honore said Thursday at a news conference in Chicago.

“Let’s not let this be about pride. ‘We are big ol’ Chicago, we are too proud, we can handle this.’ Maybe you can’t handle it. If you need help, get the federal government here. But let’s control the streets so children and elderly people can be in a safe community.”

Honore, known for his no-nonsense leadership, was in Chicago as part of The HistoryMakers project to record and archive the stories of African-American military leaders. The nonprofit organization houses the largest collection of recorded histories of African-Americans.


At the news conference at the Chicago Military Academy in the Bronzeville neighborhood, Honore spoke out against the gun violence that affects the lives of so many of the students.

Honore was mild in his tone and fell short of demanding action. Instead he suggested a strategy he thinks could work.

To tackle the violence here, Honore said, the state police and other law enforcement agencies could lend a hand to local police. And the National Guard could take over routine duties, patrolling the streets and handling traffic, while police concentrate their efforts on solving crimes and increasing their presence in troubled neighborhoods.

Last year, Chicago homicides exceeded 500 for the first time since 2008, a 16 percent jump from 2011. And January saw the most homicides for that month since 2002. {snip}


“Trust me, we can tap this down,” Honore said of the shootings. “It would take a commitment, and it’s not going to be popular. Many people are going to say why are you bringing that to my community? (But) do you want law enforcement or do you want people shooting day and night and destroying the lives of innocent people like the little girl who lost her life here a few weeks ago?”


Russel L. Honore

Russel L. Honore


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  • Bill

    Unh huh. From the looks of him, he WON’T be going after his black brethren confiscating firearms, but after the white victims. Bet me. Just as was done during Katrina.

    • joesolargenius

      I went through Hurricane Rita and stayed in New Orleans for a year after Katrina and can truthfully say that when the National Guard ( a group of white country boys with automatic weapons )showed up most of the black criminals including corrupt police officers left town.
      The National Guard presence will significantly lower crime there in Chicago but will cause the crime rate to go up in the cities those rats scurry too as what happened in Houston. New Orleans was very safe as long as the National Guard was patrolling the streets of N.O

  • He is not a stupid man, but we can do without yet another Yes Man who sold out his integrity for a couple of stars and a few more years of active duty. They couldn’t find a full blooded, black female, quota general at the time, so they picked the next best thing, a creole. Any white colonel who dared speak up was forced to retire, and kiss that star goodbye.

    What make me want to throw up, is that The Powers That Be will probably listen to this fool who can’t even fix that chocolate city in the state he was born in.

  • Anon

    Blacks complain about oppression, but don’t desire freedom either. Blacks are incompatible with functional democracy.

  • Jss

    Cool, soon Hollywood can make make black hawk down 2 in Chicago.

    • StillModerated

      Black Drone Down. I’m smelling an Oscar just thinking about it. Starring Chris Rock as a wino outside a liquor store, Ru Paul as the mayor, and Eddie Griffin as the cop shooting the little girl. Directed by Michael Moore.

      • Jss

        Well Hollywood being what it is today I think the troops would all be heroic blacks like red tails, and the criminal scum of Chicago would all have to be portrayed as White. With specific emphasis placed on blacks flying helicopters and the White gang members committing gang/gun violence with “assault rifles”.

        If the new DHS targets are anything to by its now okay shoot pregnant White women and old men, so even they could be bad guys now.

        • newscomments70

          ” the criminal scum of Chicago would all have to be portrayed as White”
          They can cast the white rapists from the ADT home security commercials in these roles.

    • Ulick

      Black City Down (like all the other black cities)

    • HamletsGhost

      Black Ho’ Down?

  • Ulick

    And who foots the bill for the National Guard presence? The Chicago, Cook County citizens who actually pay taxes — i.e. white people.

    • We all will, since the National Guard is an arm of the U.S. Armed Forces.

  • How? The NG will be tied down by the same goofy rules that the CPD must comply with.

    CPD should adopt Stop-Question-Frisk.

    • Joseph

      This has already been denied by the fed. court in NY as it should be.

      Maybe you’ve not noticed the darkening complexion of the “law enforcement professionals” in this country and the numbers of them. You think it’s fine until the stoppers and friskers are a bunch of Zulus and beaners massaging your wife or kids or whatever just for being white.

      I am just as happy with the 4th am. as the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

      • Luis

        Kudos and cheers to you paisan. We’ve already seen what TF happens when a Bantu ex-law enforcement type goes on a chimpout – or the Bantu police in New Orleans during Katrina looting stores and confiscating guns, the latter by order of Ray Nagin.

        Everytime I see a Bantu cop, I figure he’s there thanks solely to AA.

      • Notice what I said. “Stop-Question-Frisk,” not “Stop-and-Frisk.” And I’m not saying “question” just to be ornery, I’m saying it because that’s the proper name of the program, and the “questioning,” depending on how it goes, gives the cop the reasonable suspicion to do the frisk. At that time, it’s a perfectly constitutional Terry stop.

        • Joseph

          Not according to the federal court. This is not a “Terry stop”. They have no obligation to even respond to police questioning under the 5th and such refusal cannot be the basis for suspicion of illegal activity. This crap has already died a natural death in a number of places and rightfully so.

          • New York City’s SQF has not yet been heard by the Supreme Court. I bet that they’ll find that the “questioning” makes it a Terry stop.

            By the way, “this crap” is the only thing keeping New York City from becoming a totally dysfunctional Mad Max hellhole. “This crap” needs to spread to more cities that have big NAM populations, the more and the quicker the better.

      • saxonsun

        I saw on the news last week a story about the frisking of a 3 year old disabled white girl at the airport. That’s how insane this nation it.

    • blight14

      Perhaps a Shoot-Question-Frisk would better serve the community…………

  • APaige

    If they ‘police’ the area? Maybe
    Escort blacks out…Yes.

    • StillModerated

      Lake Michigan is pretty convenient.

  • The__Bobster

    So people are finally owning up to the fact that Chicongo is a disaster area?

  • StillModerated

    Please notice that sneaky use of the subjunctive mood in the headline. Distrust the rest of the article.

    I’ll abbreviate: Plaguing elected officials should disaster news pride handle handle children elderly safe African-American Bronzeville gun students troubled neighborhoods 16% jump tap this police shooting the little girl.

    There all the buzz words that can fit into any generic article about tawny neighborhoods.

    The nonprofit organization houses the largest collection of recorded histories of African-Americans. I wonder if it all fit in one box.

  • Shattered

    Or, you could just allow the law abiding citizenry to have their gun rights back.

    • Joseph

      No, that would spoil the entire concept of complete federal control of all living things and resources everywhere in the universe. They have long dreamed of an omnipresent national police force. They will eventually have federal troops enforcing truancy laws, vaccination and non-smoking compliance. Katrina was only the opening act. This suggestion of a permanent military presence in a major city represents a dangerous new level of gaming.

  • sarah3723

    It would be racist to send in the National Guard. It’s not that bad, leave those youfs alone.

  • Bob

    Jesse Jackson proposed having a TSA-style Federal security force be deployed to Chicago. He also thinks that banning assault weapons and concealed carry (ie, disarming whites and only whites) is going to improve his beloved city. Jesse Jackson would prefer a TSA-style security force over the NG because TSA-style agencies will also serve as a massive jobs program for his people, whereas the NG will not.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    I would love to kill uniformed soldiers if they were ever placed on our streets to enforce civilian laws.

  • let it burn

    Door to door firearms confiscation? Just like he did in The Big Easy? Go Team Amerika!

    • Liberalsuck

      They better be prepared to come across an armed pissed off American opening fire on them.

  • bill cosby

    …blacks are sludge…

  • Luca

    If I were King I would declare martial law in Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Philly, Camden, New Orleans, Atlanta (you get the picture) etc. National Guard to road block each city block one at a time, house to house search with dogs for illegal weapons and drugs. Disarm the criminals.

    • George Manuelian

      If I were king, I would send every black back to the hellhole of Africa where they belong.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        If we want to be realistic, that WOULD be the only solution. These sociopaths have never nor will they ever want to become Americans. There will NEVER be a peaceful resolution to the Black/White issue.

        • GerónimoAnónimo

          IF anything, the National Guard will advance against US.
          “I vaz only followink awdehs”

  • bigone4u

    Using the National Guard in this way should lower the crime rate and take some criminals off the street. However, it reminds me that Ike sent in the Guard to enforce school desegregation in the south back in the 50s. The Guard was also sent by Nixon to campuses to quell anti-war demonstrators in the 70s. The problems are Chicago’s problems. Let them pay for fixing their own problems and let the Guardsmen stay home with their families. Otherwise, the whole country moves step by step closer to martial law, which I think is what Obama wants.

    • Joseph

      They ain’t doing all of that training in “urban warfare” for nothing. You can be sure that they are going to be getting those “No More Hesitation” targets too.

    • Richard from Vancouver

      Imposing martial law within the city of Chicago will work at stopping the violence and civil unrest. Martial law worked for Eisenhower and Nixon as you have stated, and the imposition of martial law even worked for Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau during the FLQ crisis in 1970. Using this extreme measure usually means that society has completely broken down to a state of anarchy where normal means of societal control cease to work. Of course this could be a Trojan Horse of sorts: first Chicago, then Detroit, then every major city in the US. Then what? We’ll have gun control, and military rule doing the bidding of a select few.

  • Chris

    Eisenhower sent in the military to forcibly integrate schools. Now, we have come full circle. Send in the military to control the blacks.

  • Luis

    Does this idiot know that using the national military for local law enforcement is illegal? Then again, he is a Bantu, so it would make no more difference to him, than Bantu churches allowing politicians to make campaign stump speeches – which to me is a violation of the church-state separation.

    Many posters here have opined that Bantus are incompatible in a democratic society – I’m coming to that conclusion more and more, myself. Bantus would rather take orders from a Kwame Nkrumah or a Kenneth Kaunda type – the “head bwana” than engage in the democratic process.

    • Nathanwartooth

      No, it’s a violation of their 501(c)(3) status.

      As a non-profit you are not allowed to campaign for any political parties. The Black churches did this because who was going to stop them? The Black president or the Black head of the DOJ?

      • whiteuncleruckus

        I love it when White people think the common sense laws we made in the spirit of fairness and equality apply to blacks, as if they would obey them or have shame about breaking them. What a joke.

  • anarchyst

    Wall it off and let them kill each other . . . problem solved.

  • IstvanIN

    Hopefully this comment won’t get deleted but it is about time that states like Michigan and Illinois gave cities like Detroit and Chicago to the feds. Let them devolve into Federal Districts and let Congress run them. What is the opposite of secession, divorce, forced separation?

  • colin powell pos

    Sounds more like Gen Colin Powell pos.


    Why would you want to reduce the homicides?

  • odious liberal

    This moron is a buffoon with zero combat experince, he would end up killing nobody but innocent civilians, probably on the wring side of town. How does one get a bronze star and nevered a day in a combat zone?

  • 48224

    Deporting all black males back to Africa would have a devistating impact on crime!