Plano Police Warn Hispanic Men of Violent Attacks

Bud Gillett, CBS Dallas, February 22, 2013

Plano Police and volunteers hit the streets today to alert residents to a string of violent attacks that are targeting Hispanic men. There have been five since October…two of them as late as last week.


Detective Daniel Caballero and Sergeant Lindy Privett went to Plano markets and bazaars carrying a warning in Spanish….that Hispanic men walking alone have been targeted and violently robbed.

Police say there have been five attacks in recent months. A group of two or three young black men beat up the victims and took their money.

In the last robbery, the violence escalated. A mentally challenged man—Isais Vasquez, whose story aired on CBS 11 News earlier this week, was beaten with a shovel or ax handle. It took 14-stitches to close his wound.


{snip} “It started off not as violent,” said police spokesman Officer David Tilley. “And it seems like the level of violence is starting to rise, and that concerns us very much because where are they going to go from here?”

The warning hit home with Joe Lopez’s family. He says in the Hispanic culture people prefer to carry cash instead of putting it in banks, and that makes them targets.

“I carry cash also, so if I’m walking down the street I’m going to be worried. And plus, Hispanic people are scared to call the cops because of status…immigration status.”


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  • stewardofthemystery

    Their best bet is to leave the country ASAP so they have no chance of becoming a “victim” again.

  • Interesting how the powers that be are stirred to great action and how hard they work to inform poor hispanics that blacks may be targeting them for violence and yet those same people and institutions do everything they can to bury the never ending assaults against whites by blacks and other non-whites. Why is the government and media never concerned for the long term health, safety and welfare of whites, the real Americans?

    • The__Bobster

      Because they’re controlled by the same people who wrote the AP Stylebook.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      i trust that you know the reason. They want to be rid of us so that they can rule their dependent, parasitic subjects. They’re pathetically too stupid to understand that they will be the last to be eaten by that crocodile.
      Elana Mercer- “Into The Cannibal’s Pot”. Buy it! Borrow it! Read it!

  • The__Bobster

    He says in the Hispanic culture people prefer to carry cash instead of putting it in banks, and that makes them targets.

    No, it’s the illegal alien culture where people prefer to carry cash instead of putting it in banks, and that makes them targets.

    • jane johnson

      And just in case any predators were unaware of the Hispanic tradition of carrying cash, our amigo has just enlightened them.

      • Felix_M

        Yeah. Isn’t it ironic.

        Gonna be payday soon in da ‘hood.

    • KenelmDigby

      In theory, you need some sort of citizenship to open a bank account – that’s why hispanics won’t use them.

      • rebelcelt

        If i were them i would not use a bank either. These plastic cards make it easy for the Police to find you.

      • Triarius

        Not at Bank of America

      • Greg Thomas

        In theory yes, in reality, not so much. There are several banks who have openly pandered to illegal invading mexicans, by accepting their matricula consular card as a legtimate form of ID in order to open a checking or savings account. Bank of America was among them. There were others.

    • Felix_M

      So we need to start deporting them for their own safety…their children too…we’ve got to keep families together.

  • jay11

    And, uh, where exactly is Al Sharpton? Jesse Jackson? We all now if it was white guys randomly attacking black guys in the streets that it would be the BIGGEST NEWS STORY ON THE PLANET.
    Just my observation here, but both blacks and latinos in general (I know there are a few who are good) are generally low class, combative and prone to bad behavior.
    This very day I was walking down a street in an urban area and I must have passed by dozens of groups of blacks, latinos and some groups that were mixed, and lo and behold if I didn’t hear the following from every group: the endless use of the “N” world, the “F” curse every third word and lots of arguing, guffawing and generally low class banter. Call me a racist if I don’t want to experience their vibrancy, but even thoigh the all-white world I grew up in wasn’t perfect, it sure was a heck of a lot better than this any day of the week.

    • Liberalsuck

      I personally am unconcerned that they’re attacking each other. Just leave us alone!

      • bigone4u

        I was told decades ago growing up in New Orleans that the police, all white at the time, let blacks do whatever to each other back in the day. Sadly, by the police ignoring black on black crime, the blacks turned to victimizing whites once they won their “civil rights.” I care about all victims of crime because ignoring even petty crimes eventually leads to a bad place for all of us innocent white folk.

        • liberalsuck

          The reason I am unconcerned is because both of the races hate us, they wish to displace us and they make any area unlivable just with their being there. That’s why I’m not concerned with them. On the other hand, if 95% of them were law-abiding, good parents, didn’t hate whites and didn’t try to con us out of money and freedom, then I would have more respect for them.

    • guest

      It is easier to just let the liberals, anti-racists, and the like who kowtow to them worry about this. Why should we intervene? After all, whenever a white person falls victim to a crime by non-whites, they don’t care.

    • Felix_M

      And, uh, where exactly is Al Sharpton? Jesse Jackson?

      A case of malt liquor and a bucket o’ the Colonel’s extra crispy says in some alley with hands up some 17 yo’s skirt.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      “And, uh, where exactly is Al Sharpton? Jesse Jackson? We all now if it
      was white guys randomly attacking black guys in the streets that it
      You mean that they’re not in Hell yet?!!!!
      You’re definitely right about the “BIGGEST NEW STORY”. There would be cries of outrage from every EU country for sure. They surrendered their “huevos” long ago.
      Here’s another scenario. What do you think would happen if the Hispanics retaliated and started beating the crap out of or even terminating the mayates who are doing the attacking?

  • Ulick

    Oh god, this short article has it all. Roving bands of blacks violently attacking people, a population of illegal immigrants, and the Liberal media in overdrive. Notice that the media calls attention to black on brown attacks but not black on white attacks; and notice the media states Hispanics are being attacked in the title, but the title leaves out that blacks are doing the attacking. The media wants the low information person who just reads headlines to presume that it’s anti-immigration Conservative whites who are behind the attacks.

  • bigone4u

    Blacks are equal opportunity head bashers, and isn’t equal opportunity what Amerika is about these days? I hope the police warned the Mexicans that if they fight back they risk becoming the next George Zimmerman. Perhaps it’s also time to distribute free track shoes to Hispanics to help them outrun the blacks, maybe even all the way back to Mexico.

  • Liberalsuck

    Oh, but the same media and law enforcement won’t put out a public warning that blacks are targeting whites?

    • libertarian 1234

      “Oh, but the same media and law enforcement won’t put out a public warning that blacks are targeting whites?”

      That was the FIRST thing I thought of also before I even got into the story.

      A few attacks occur in Plano, and it rises to the level of a police warning, published in the local rag.

      Colin Flaherty reported on 450 incidents in Black Girl Bleed a Lot, in addition to an entire series of columns also reporting an additional large number of attacks occurring right now, and they not only go unrecognized by the police, politicians and press as racially based, they’re oftentimes ignored altogether.

      And the whites who complain about the situation are called racists.

    • Max

      To be fair, I can think of several instances off hand over the past few years where the media and law enforcement have put out public warnings that black in certain areas were targeting whites. There were the black-on-white attacks in downtown Denver, the “polar bear hunting” attacks in, I believe, Saint Louis, and all the “knockout game” attacks in several different cities.

      • dd121

        They sometimes do this locally. It never makes a dent in the national news.

        • liberalsuck

          Not only was it done locally, but it was done after the fact. I know what you’re talking about in regards to Denver. They said, “Blacks were targeting whites” but they didn’t say, “Blacks were targeting whites and have been apprehended, but we still caution the white community as this might continue.” Whites will unite as a race once we drop our guilt and fear of being called racists.

  • joesolargenius

    The Hispanic gangs kill blacks as an initiation rite and have for years , they kill two or three innocent law abiding blacks every week in L A and although thousands of blacks have marched in the streets protesting and asking for help the Dems have ignored them.

  • ConcernedYoungAmerican

    HA! Black people are good for something! Chase ’em home! Andale, andale!

    • Tom in MI

      Doing a job white people won’t do.

  • Jefferson

    I didn’t know Plano was a ghetto town. For some reason I thought it was an affluent suburb with a low crime rate.

  • PesachPatriot

    This is a very bad move by the sons of obama….the mexicans do not have white guilt and will fight back hard…here in florida mexicans, cubans and assorted other hispanics despise the blacks and take absolutely no nonsense from them….

    • [Guest]

      >>>This is a very bad move by the sons of obama….the mexicans do not have white guilt and will fight back hard…here in florida mexicans, cubans and assorted other hispanics despise the blacks and take absolutely no nonsense from them….

      Yes, but what constitutes nonsense among the assorted Hispanics, and will they take any of it from white people?

      My guess is that “nonsense” and “white interests” have become interchangeable in the minds of almost everyone in the country, regardless of race, ethnicity, or so-called legal status.

      • PesachPatriot

        My own observation at least here in Florida is that whites and most legal hispanics get along fairly well. Every metal show I go to is usually about half white and half hispanic(some whiter, some more mestizo looking)…the nonsense they won’t put up with from the aspiring rappers includes but is not limited to:burglary, home invasion, mugging, carjacking, trash talk, harassment of women, vandalism and so on….just my two cents.

        • [Guest]

          Thank you for explaining.

          What I see is superficial unity among different races and ethnicities under certain circumstances but divisions along racial lines overall, with white people—and only white people—refusing to identify or act upon their best interests as a race.

          When I have to associate with a nonwhite, I understand that I’m almost certainly dealing with someone who regards me as the opposition on the most important issues.

        • liberalsuck

          That’s interesting you brought up the metal band show. I went to see Iron Maiden a few years ago and the leader of the band, Bruce Dickinson, said, “I’m glad people come out here, and we can forget about what race we are” and I looked around at the audience thinking, “Uh, dude, there is not one black person here. It’s mostly white with a sprinkling of Hispanics.”

          • PesachPatriot

            I’ma very big iron maiden fan too….I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than 5 black people at a metal show, every now and then a few asians or indians(native and subcontinental)…this is for my little part of america, I don’t know how it is in europe, canada, australia or other parts of the US. Up the Irons to you m/

        • Jefferson

          If Hispanics hate rap music so much, why are there way more Hispanic rap stars in America than Hispanic rock stars ?

          • PesachPatriot

            I’m not hispanic so I honestly don’t know…there are a decent amount of south american metal bands…i think when hispanics come here from south of the border the darker ones identify with black society and the lighter ones with white society…thats my guess

  • trayvon martin

    maybe these two low quality cultures will annihilate each other like a proton and an anti-proton.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    I am not completely certain the vatos need any advice about whether or whom to bop anyone down the boulevard when it comes to blacks. Warehouse work this weekend, and then cleaning up old military articles on Wikipedia this morning, followed by more warehouse work. I was actually offered a full-time job again. I don’t want one. The exercise is good for someone who survived a stroke, but I could never do this 40-60 hours a week.

    • liberalsuck

      I don’t have my CCW, but I do carry mace on me when I go jogging or when I go walking my dogs or just go for a walk in general.

  • Major

    So? Is anyone worried about what’s bound to happen…shall? it’s on…and this is what our “immigration” and acceptance of illegal illiterates has wrought.

    A society bordering on the lowest of IQ’s and ability. The scum of the earth is now vying to be in charge…on the streets…in the courts with the help of the scum on the courts…Beware.

    The incendiary charges have been laid…and they will be lit. Anyone who didn’t get a .223 when they had the chance will live to regret it. Sorry my white brothers but it’s perfectly clear that when the money runs out…when the freebies end….the opportunistic, criminal hordes will be mightily pissed off…..and looking for our butts.

    With 52% of the country on an unsustainable dole…and 50 years of BS “civil rights’ that have made the feral amongst us feel they’re privileged…we’re heading for a serious confrontation.

    Blacks and Latinos ( especially illegals ) have never cared about a nation of laws….and they will revolt. What will you do? Seriously…what will you do when a dembagger commie in San Franfreako ( Diane Feinstein ) dismantles the second amendment and this commie hag makes all of us criminals…instead of the filth that care less about our laws.

    • Liberalsuck

      I’m not turning in any of my firearms, regardless of the laws. If someone wants to come for mine–whoever that might be–they will be sorry they ever met me. To quote what Ted Nugent would do if they came for his firearms, “Lead first.”

  • odious liberal

    I for one encourage and support these types of interracial bonding.

  • IKantunderstand

    Oh, gosh, Amren. Don’t know why you are posting this story. I sincerely don’t care. Why are you? Are you guys goin’ lib on us? Is your moderator an illegal Mexican? Explain please. Enquiring minds and all that.

    • George

      Perhaps, just perhaps, mind you, it was posted because (a) the article is one of many that exposes a threat, but doesn’t identify blacks as the problem (at least in the headline), or (b) it’s an article that shows inter-racial violence, or (c) illustrates the hypocrisy of the mainstream media.

      There are millions of black-on-white crimes in the United States every year. When local media report on black mob attacks, they tend not to identify the race of the perpetrators, or discount it as irrelevant. Here’s an article where blacks are, at least tangentially, labelled as predatory thugs — and that police are actually working to warn and protect those higher up the social ladder from them.

      My hope is that the media posts more articles such as this one. Eventually, even the thickest-skulled of liberals will come to realise that their pets are always ready to bite the hands that feed them.

    • [Guest]

      >>>Oh, gosh, Amren. Don’t know why you are posting this story.

      If nothing else, it illustrates that blacks and Hispanics will operate as groups—sometimes opposing each other (as in warring in the streets), and sometimes in unity (as in voting).

      White people have conditioned themselves to be blind to white racial interests and don’t act in unity.

      • liberalsuck

        I have a feeling that in the next five years–ten years max–you will see the majority of whites acting and thinking as a race and will openly confront any anti-white program.

  • LHathaway

    “whenever a white person falls victim to a crime by non-whites, they don’t care”.

    They do care very much! This kind of stuff stirs the liberal heart and mind. They get upset about possible negative stereotyping, racial profiling, and white racism. They know white racism is the real root cause. For them, attacks on whites are just another chance, not to try and reduce violence committed against whites, but to condemn whites.

  • KenelmDigby

    The real question should be ‘which non-black group do blacks NOT physically attack when the opportunity arises?”.

    • JohnEngelman

      When no non black groups are available they attack each other.

      • Liberalsuck

        They will attack whites because whites don’t fight back (and to a lesser degree, Asians don’t fight back either). You don’t see blacks in large groups of Hispanics, because Hispanics don’t like them and they aren’t afraid to fight them.

        • JohnEngelman

          That is one thing I admire about Hispanics. They also have a lower crime rate than blacks, and higher average IQs.

          Every immigrant group views blacks with loathing and contempt. They don’t feel one bit guilty for black poverty. They don’t think it is their fault that blacks tend to do so poorly in school, that they have so many illegitimate children, and commit so many crimes.

          • Jefferson

            I don’t know why you admire Hispanics when Latin American countries have a per capita murder rate that is just as high if not higher than Sub Saharan African countries.

            Honduras currently has the highest per capita murder rate in the world.

            What do you think is the average I.Q of a Honduran ?

          • JohnEngelman

            What you say is true about the murder rate in Honduras. According to Richard Lynn, who has spoken at American Renassance conferences, the average IQ in Honduras is 81.


            My opinion of Hispanics is colored by the fact that, although I have been the victim of black crime, I have not (yet!) been the victim of Hispanic crime. In addition, in the largely black and very dangerous city where I live Hispanics are opening shops and restaurants in black neighborhoods in buildings that had previously been boarded up.

          • Jefferson

            All predominantly Hispanic school districts in the U.S perform poorly when it comes to math and science. They all score lower than the national average.

  • black and red dont mix

    it aint broke dont fix it

  • zionists are more concerned about destroying white peoples

    • David Ashton

      Explain why.

    • David Ashton

      Explain why and how. They are certainly not happy about Arab birth-rates.

  • rebelcelt

    This has been happening in Memfrica for years.

  • JohnEngelman

    Immigrants usually learn to dislike blacks. While riding with one of my Chinese girlfriends in Oakland, California I noticed that when we passed a young black man she pushed buttons to lock the car doors and roll up the windows. When blacks entered the gift store run by her family in Oakland’s Chinatown she scrutinized their behavior closely. I promise I did not teach her to do that.

    • David Ashton

      Blacks are not popular in China and looked down upon even more than Tibetans and Vietnamese.

    • Liberalsuck

      A friend of mine is Asian. We were leaving the shooting range, driving in his car, his phone rang, once he got off he said, “It was black man on phone. He can’t even pronounce (name of city) right.” Neither he nor I talk about race, even though obviously we are of different races, but I know he hates Obama and is conservative with his voting and very progun rights.

  • Vic

    Juan isn’t worried.
    He carries a fully loaded Asada Torta ( concealed)

  • David Ashton

    Another Message from Old England:

    “The American ‘supercop’ who could be Britain’s first foreign police chief has said officers should make fewer arrests and send fewer people to prison to achieve big falls in crime….
    [Bill] Bratton called for policing to be open to new ideas, and said…’What your country is experiencing tends to be about 10 to 20 years behind the experiences of the US, whether it’s on the issues of race or crime’.” – The Guardian, February 26, p.10

    Comments strongly invited from across the Pond.

    • dd121

      Few arrests, fall in crime? Huh?

  • Uh-Oh

    Where’s El Cid when you need him?

  • truth possum

    I think I have some black blood in my family tree. I just can’t get enough watermelon, fried chicken and white women! I also love menthol cigarettes malt liquor