New Data: Whites Twice as Likely to Own Guns

Alex Seitz-Wald, Salon, February 20, 2013

White Americans are more than twice as likely to own guns as blacks or Latinos, and more likely to oppose gun safety reforms, according to previously unreleased data from Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health researchers.

The survey, conducted by the Center for Gun Policy and Research and initially released without racial breakdowns in late January, showed strong support overall for many of the proposals being discussed in Congress to limit gun violence. But the researchers broke down the numbers by race this week and shared the results with Salon.

Overall, 22 percent of Americans were found to own guns, while another 11 percent live in homes with someone else who owns guns. Among whites, the number of gun owners is slightly higher, at 26 percent, with an additional 13 percent who live in gun-owning households.

But only 12 percent of African-Americans and 13 percent of Latinos own guns. Just 5 and 7 percent of each ethnic group, respectively, lives in a household with someone else who owns a gun.

Not surprisingly, this translates to a disparity in support for gun control measures, with whites being consistently more opposed to gun control than the other groups. For instance, support for reinstating the assault weapon ban is about 10 percentage points higher among blacks than whites. And 72 percent of blacks support banning possession of assault weapons entirely through a mandatory buyback program, compared to just 54 percent of whites.

African-Americans are also more supportive of laws promoting safe use, such as requiring people to keep their guns locked in a safe while at home, and of proposals to restrict access, such as making people acquire a license from the local police before being able to buy a gun.


Hispanics, meanwhile, fall somewhere in between, despite their lower gun ownership levels.



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  • The__Bobster

    Well, we need them for hunting and shooting vermin. Ghetto dwellers hunt using EBT cards.

  • MekongDelta69

    NoBama wants complete background checks, taxes and registration of the sale of all guns and ammo to law abiding citizens (mostly whites), but doesn’t want to allow any employer to do background checks of felons (mostly blacks).

    Anything else anyone needs to know?

    • Felix_M

      He also wants people to take him seriously…

      …but that also ain’t gonna happen.

    • Pelayo

      Ammo? What ammo? We cain GET no steeking ammo!

      • Tim

        Did my deal a box at a time. First the clerk was annoyed, then familar, and finally friendly…

      • sarah3723

        If we really need ammo, DHS has quite a bit.

      • liberalsuck

        That’s why I bought a case of 7.62×39 ammo last summer and a case for my handgun. I’m ready in case the SHTF.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Try another few cases of rifle fodder. I’d think 30 to 50 thousand rounds. The last big mistake everyone made with ammo requirements was in 1914, when that war was supposed to be over by Christmas.

          • liberalsuck

            If a war broke out and you had a gun and used it on a few attackers, all you would need to do is take their weapons. Which brings up another topic; have you noticed on action movies they never pick up weapons off of the bad guys after they have a shootout with them?

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Since firearms are forbidden to me, I made an electromagnetic coilgun. It produces 6100 FPS at the muzzle. Unlike the guys who use capacitors, I used a Faraday wheel.

            As it doesn’t have to eject empty cases, cyclic rate is very high.

            If war broke out, it would be “run what ya brung” night at the drag strip, and there are no points for running a close second.

            We have three tons of steel flechettes, and at 100 yards I successfully tested the coilgun against 50 mm RHA (rolled homogenous armor), which makes it good for troop carriers. An M-113 would certainly never survive, and I doubt a Bradly would, either.

          • Joseph

            Just how big is this Jules Verne death machine of yours?

          • Michael_C_Scott

            The weapon itself is the size of an ordinary rifle. Power is from sodium-sulfur batteries I mounted on mil-surplus pack frame. It is heavy, and I’d prefer my old FN-49s back.

            I made the furniture out of walnut, and really took my time with the wood. I cyanide-blued the coil casing and other steel parts. It looks like something Enfield might have produced.

            Selector settings are P, which parks the homopolar generator, S for safe, and 1, 4, 10 and E. E is for “everything”.

            I hadn’t thought of Jules Verne when I was working on it. Thank you!

          • Joseph

            Sodium-sulfur? So does this have some big major heater? You could never use such a thing without some big start-up delay to get such batteries up to operating temp.

            “What I would like to do next is produce a weapon which would use an
            ultraviolet CO2 laser to ionize an air tunnel to the target, and then
            dump an electron beam down the now-conductive pathway. A lightning gun!
            Sadly, I suspect this will never work.”

            This has already been on done a limited basis.

            Assuming that you are not pushing our leg, you must have a lot more money and time than the rest of us.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            More time.

          • Morris Thecat

            no need for all this, make your own machine gun


          • Non Humans

            Nice, very nice. Don’t forget your 12g OO Buck landmines too, man.

          • Non Humans

            Why would they? The guns in movies never run out of ammo or jam. They do tend to be terribly inaccurate, though.

  • African-Americans are also more supportive of laws promoting safe use,
    such as requiring people to keep their guns locked in a safe while at
    home, and of proposals to restrict access, such as making people acquire
    a license from the local police before being able to buy a gun.

    That’s because at the fundamental subconscious level, to many blacks, firearms have negative totemistic qualities.

    • Morris Thecat

      it’s because blacks have no intention of following the laws, and they want a homeowners gun locked in a safe, out of reach, when they break in

      • jambi19

        Interesting point. Anyone else notice that whenever some thug is dropped by lead while breaking into a house there is always a Shontavious or a Dommanequia saying something along the lines, “dey dent hadda shoot em, das anotha brotha we jus loss.” Many states and countries have laws that don’t allow you to use a firearm as protection in your own home. A gun bought and paid for legally. Interesting the games the leftist lawmakers play isn’t it?

        • Alex

          I got into an argument with a black guy I worked with on this subject. He just couldn’t get it through his head that if you break into someone’s house you deserve whatever happens to you. In his mind (and I’m guessing most blacks) it is not that big of a deal and doesn’t merit being shot and killed (if it is a White individual’s home). You just wanted what they have and that’s okay to go and take it.
          I was surprised at the time because this guy seemed to be fairly educated, but the potential effect of violating the property of others was a completely alien concept. But maybe I am wrong and he was playing a mind game. I suspect that if he had been talking to another black that this would not have been his attitude at all. They are scared of the armed White man who will fight and want to get him to disarm. Blacks know how each other are and I bet few would have any hesitations about shooting a black intruder in their home. And if that was the case there would be no Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton crying their crocodile tears.

          • Joseph

            I also know a black guy like this. I think it is just the same as the black Africans who time and again have been shown (according to interviews and other research) to have no remorse for raping or otherwise injuring people. It is as if the anterior insular cortex simply functions at some low level in Africans. They simply do not empathize with victims as we do. Curiously, they DO find the possibility of injury to themselves undertaking such activities as being wrong -as if the VICTIM should have some sense of respecting THEIR welfare. They just do not seem to be able to reciprocate the empathy or respect for rights that they believe another should have. This seems very bizarre.

            I wonder too if this is part of the reason that blacks always see themselves as victims despite any independent facts presented from outside.

            “If you attack me or want something of mine I am being wronged. If I want something from you and you resist me or injure me, I am being wronged.”

            On the whole, they really seem to be mentally impaired.

          • Melanie

            I really believe that they are some sort of evolutionary dead end.

          • Liberalsuck

            Why would be shocked to hear a black male say that? Many black ‘men’ act like overgrown children or teenagers if that. Of course they’d think they were entitled to be criminals or owed something because they’re black. The state of their neighborhoods and countries (were they are the majority in) reflect the kind of people they are as a race.

          • Morris Thecat

            every single one of them is our enemy, some just hide it better. There are always ways to make them flush themselves out. This topic seems like a good one till they get wise to it.

          • Melanie

            Screw that. Too many instances in these home invasions, robberies, whatever, the black perps aren’t satisfied to just steal your stuff and leave (as if that weren’t bad enough). They can’t resist raping and/or murdering whoever happens to be in the house. I read an article just recently about a home invasion-dad and two daughters at home while mom went to get milk or something-the daughters were under 15 (don’t remember the actual ages, they were young). The dad owned a gun but didn’t have it within reach when the invasion occurred. The invaders tied the dad up and proceeded with their thievery. When they were finished, they held a debate amongst themselves as to whether they had time to rape the two young girls. The only thing which stopped them was the sound of the mom pulling into the garage, at which they hauled azz. IIRC, they were caught not long after. Imagine that father sitting there tied up while a pack of negros discuss whether they have time to rape his young daughters. Just discussing if there’s time, because why not, since they’ve finished the the theft they came to commit! The only wonder is that they didn’t murder them all! If the mom hadn’t pulled up then, there’s no doubt in my mind that they would have raped the daughters and then murdered everyone before leaving.

        • Morris Thecat

          shoot first, face a jury later if you have to. The kid who defended his parents and their home in Texas —

          Will not be charged with anything! Don’t even take a second to think what may happen, legally, defend your life and property first.

    • GerónimoAnónimo

      Yes! They want law abiding citizens to keep their guns in a safe so that when they pull a home invasion, the victim wont be able to access their firearms in time to save their lives and their wives and daughters from being raped and murdered.
      Justice for Channon and Chris and all the thousands of other dead White victims.

  • Tom Iron

    Yes, we’ll own the guns, but just everything White people do, we will be very, very good with those weapons.

  • Daveinva

    What black person is going to admit to owning a firearm given that more than likely he has prior convictions barring him from owning one? While I trust the legitimacy of many racial statistic studies that can be researched or verified through the reader, I highly doubt that you are going to get an honest answer from a Black or Mexican considering that they cannot legally own one for being a convicted felon or that they came into this country shoved in a pickup trucks bed.

    • My thoughts exactly!

    • Non Humans

      Not only that, but if they don’t have a criminal record (yet) barring them from ownership, the gun/s that they have are most likely stolen.
      My baby, a Taurus .44 mag., was stolen when my house was burglarized when I lived in A T Hell. The only thing that got me through that rough patch was the likelihood that it was used to off other nonhumans. At least it likely served its’ purpose.

    • Joseph

      Remember that the Supreme Court ruled 9-1 years ago that ex-convicts can’t be required to report or register firearms because it would violate their rights under 5th am. (US vs. Haynes, 1968)

      “We hold that a proper claim of the constitutional privilege against
      self-incrimination provides a full defense to prosecutions either for
      failure to register a firearm under sec.5841 or for possession of an
      unregistered firearm under sec.5851.”

      So the question is: Who are they *really* trying to control?

  • So CAL Snowman

    New Data : Whites TWICE as likely to own firearms, Blacks SEVEN TIMES more likely to murder your neighbor.

    • Jaytee

      Blacks don’t own guns, they obtain them illegally.

    • Morris Thecat

      here is a website where a white guy, British, developed a submachine gun made with off the shelf parts, no boring tools are necessary, the plans are available for free at this website

    • Salon is the kind of wrag that cannot say such things, it goes against thier liberal street cred.

  • concernedcollegekid

    OMG! You guys, this data totally matches up with whites’ uniquely high rate of murder and violence, and the fact that whites are always raping and murdering minorities instead of the other way around! It’s in stark contrast with those peaceful African-Americans, who are always supporting gun control and committing almost no crime. Oh wait…

    • You got to be kidding me

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      That is exactly the facts! I watch TV just like everyone else! 😉

  • NYB

    I own guns. I also own a house, a gun storage locker, multiple systems of locks and locking devices, a shooting bag with items I need on the range, optical sights, ammunition, tools, and literature on shooting. My guns are mine for life, not something I will pawn when I need credit.

    I believe this demonstrates a uniquely white approach to guns.

    • Robert Binion

      I have never owned a gun or been religious, but am glad that I live among armed, white Christians.

      • Strider73

        Unfortunately there might not be an armed white Christian around when you need one. Get a gun ASAP and learn how to use it. Then get a CCW card unless your state doesn’t require one.

        • anonymous

          Get a firearm even if you don’t have a CCW. Once the SHTF are you going to make sure you have a CCW on you as there are roving black and brown and muslim gangs in your area?

          • Non Humans

            Get a good shotgun as well. Pistols are difficult to use for crowd control. A shotgun sends a not-subtle message to multiple threats. You don’t need to be a marksman or very experienced with any guns to send that message with a shotgun either. I’m a Browning kind of guy myself.

      • Joseph

        “I have never owned a gun or been religious, but am glad that I live among armed, white Christians.”

        Well, if you have to face a Bantu plague during a power-failure or bad court verdict, you’d better get at least one or the other.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        Go to one of those gun byback days the watch the newly “Born Again” whites come forward to surrender their arms.

    • Morris Thecat

      I need a neighbor like you

    • Tim

      You can pawn and redeem. I used to do this as an ineffecient way to raise money to buy a new gun…

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I surrendered all of my firearms to a retired Green Beret. He knows I liked rare prototypes,

  • pcmustgo

    Blacks less likely to honestly report owning guns. Whites more likely to be hunters and live out in the country and suburbs where that is possible. I’ve never heard of a black person hunting….animals I mean. Sometimes they fish.

    Blacks more likely to shoot/murder someone…. take that Slate!

    • Felix_M

      Same with mountain climbing, hike or camp…but those North Face jackets are now real popular in da ‘hood.

    • ye ol’ swampyankee

      In the southern states it’s not uncommon for blacks to hunt because of rural backgrounds. But outside this region your almost more likely to encounter bigfoot that a black hunter. Being from the northeast my experiences confirm the same,- blacks rarely hunt, but some fish. The northern black/west coaster, is a byproduct of an urban environment which explains why.

      • Joseph

        I have wondered about the reasoning for the disinterest in hunting among blacks -aside from most of them living in urban areas. I think a major *part* is the fact that so many black women are terrified of guns and pass this on to their children (since they primarily or exclusively raise them). Connected to this is the superstition attached to guns as “evil” objects -like the bad is in the gun itself. Further, a large percentage of blacks are simply ineligible to buy guns lawfully so either have lower accessibility or simply deny owning them. Finally, hunting is a relatively large expenditure of effort, planning and money and I just don’t think that most blacks are up to the task. Except for occasional “polar bear hunting” by da yoofs, they play baksetbawl -it’s simpler.

        • Don’t you know anything? Food comes from an EBT card.

        • Tucker

          I have a feeling that it is connected to the same mentality that keeps blacks from participating in outdoor sports such as camping, hiking, or backpacking – the idea of having to ‘rough it’ a little, having to endure activities which separate them from their 72″ wide screen TVs, their air conditioners or furnaces and which might take them too far away from their favorite fast food chicken or burger joints.

          Blacks in America truly have become seriously addicted to all of the White European inventions and technology – and if the ‘collapse’ that we keep hearing about ever does arrive, blacks will be the least capable to survive it, especially if the collapse results in a prolonged downturn and the grid goes down for any length of time.

          • Joseph

            Agreed. They are now just slaves on a different kind of plantation. But then, so are most of us whites.

  • bigone4u

    Obviously, blacks and browns aren’t going to tell a poll taker that they possess a gun when that gun was stolen. Surveys like this depend on people telling the truth to be accurate. Among the Stuff Black People Don’t Like is the truth. Conclusions: Inaccurate survey, so don’t be lulled into a false sense of security.

  • Luca

    We now have new data, with a recent poll showing that a large majority of foxes believe there should be fewer locks on hen houses.

  • Daisy


  • Felix_M

    White Americans are more than twice as likely to own guns as blacks or Latinos, and more likely to oppose gun safety reforms…

    When you live among feral predators, you have to protect yourself.

  • NorthernWind

    So we own more guns than everyone else but we don’t murder more than the average? I thought that the mere presence of guns made people murder. That’s why we supposedly need our super trustworthy government to take them. Oh well.

    By the way, why is it that the group which supposedly supports gun control measures the most is also the group which shoots the most people? Guys, if you can’t own a guy without shooting people with it then turn it in and leave us responsible gun owners alone. Thank you.

    Hahaha. Leave us alone? In my dreams…

  • Lypsig seven

    I cut my teeth on a Daisy Red Ryder at age seven then graduated to a Crossman 760. Been hooked ever since. I can shoot the left leg off a grasshopper at 50 yards.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I used to dearly love 7.92mm X 57. The Remington 185 grain PSPCL – I called them “Popsicles” in front of 45 grains of H-4895 shot like it had eyes. I think it did about 2650 FPS, but I never chronographed it. It was very, very accurate.

      • Joseph

        I have two of those, a 1915 German (DWM) version and a 1939 Polish carbine. I shoot steel-jacket surplus stuff.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Reload, reload, reload!

      • Luis

        My dad bought my brother and me a Daisy BB gun for Christmas, when John Kennedy was still alive, and that’s where I cut my teeth on gun usage, and safety. Later (1995), I bought a Ruger .357 Magnum SP101, and a Ruger Redhawk .44 magnum.

        My nickname for my .357 is “The Holy Spirit”, and my nickname for the Redhawk is “The Speaker of the House”.

  • Jss

    I think whites are just more likely to legally own a gun. MS13 and the west side Zulus or whatever have plenty as well, they just don’t buy or own them legally. How much “gun violence” is there in Chicago? Yet technically owning anything there is pretty much illegal.

    I think that’s why the feds want all the new gun laws. They know diversity will never follow them so they end up only hurting law abiding white suckers. Everything is just about state control and hurting Whites.

    • guest

      That seems to be all that gun control is about – disarming good white people. Meanwhile, non-white criminals somehow still have access to firearms.

  • Bill

    AND whites are at least a factor of 20 times LESS likely to use guns for crimes than our blacks and browns. Removing guns from US won’t drop crime. Removing BLACKS from us would overnight drop crime by 75% and that is the elephant in the room our traitors in the media and Washington refuse to discuss.

    • Could it be race?

      • Nah! Couldn’t be! We’re all equal after all, right?

        • liberalsuck

          Right, because I know tons of whites who will shoot another white person for wearing the wrong colors or not getting invited to a shower party or for looking at them wrong or for ‘disrespecting them’ or because someone belongs to a racial group whose members 1000 years ago harmed a member of their race. (Sarcasm off)

  • Blacks that are convicted felons can’t admit they own a gun.

  • BannerRWB

    “White Americans …more likely to oppose gun safety reforms” – This is a play on words, in that Whites obviously already practice gun safety to a greater extent then all other groups. As such, we oppose any reform or change in the current model which we understand would bring about greater gun violence against us. A more corrent phrasing would be that we oppose the implementation of gun confiscation.

    • Joseph

      “White Americans …more likely to oppose gun safety reforms”

      This is more wordcrafting by Bloomberg’s pet researchers here as we would expect. This is to suggest that these irresponsible white gun owners -you know, the ones who are responsible for all of the mass killings in our schools, are opposed to safe use of these dangerous and unnecessary guns.

      All that the reasonable liberals want is “common-sense” laws to protect the children. Is that to much to ask?

      • Liberalsuck

        Of course Bloomberg would make us look bad. Look at the type of last name he has. His ‘tribe’ is against us and uses whatever means and people to destroying us.

  • Jenna Kerr

    The percentage of white gun ownership seems a little low to me. Everyone I know owns at least one gun. I always carry one on me when I leave the house.

    • If a poll taker asks me about guns … My response? Not in this house!

      • josh

        yep! I hate guns…and I voted for our dear father Barrack Obama!!(NOTE:Sarcasm in effect.)

    • Liberalsuck

      There are even whites who own guns and who won’t tell you about it. Have you seen this video on Youtube about owning guns in Switzerland? They randomly knocked on Swiss doors and asked if they owned guns, to which one Swiss man said, “I’m not about to answer that question.”

    • Tucker

      I agree. I think they are trying to deliberately reduce the percentages to make it seem like only a tiny radical fringe element still supports the Second Amendment.

      Come on, now. These record shattering gun sales since this Communist took office are not being made by a puny 22% and the left knows it.

  • Gunrunner1

    The first thing Obama thought when he saw this study was; “How do we get those guns away from the 22% of Whites.”

  • Matt

    Here in Canada last year we finally got rid of that stupid long-gun registry, heralded by gun-control proponents as the solution to all crimes. The long-gun registry was the handiwork of white liberal women and white male liberal politicians. But it was reported that aboriginals consistently refused to register their rifles, and the government did nothing about it. The guy who shot up the campus of Montreal’s Dawson College in 2006 had registered his gun (and that did NOT prevent him from using his gun to kill), and he was of south Asian descent. A police officer I talked to told me off the record that non-whites committed the most gun-related crime. Bottom line is that whites are really the only people who do anything to promote gun control, whereas non-whites are the ones who ignore gun control and commit the most gun-related crimes.

  • Amused

    Watch this: One admits that whites are 1.) better shots, 2.) Better armed, and 3.) More likely to NOT hit an innocent bystander.

    • jambi19

      Here is more recent proof to reinforce your claim.

      • sarah3723

        LOL, “the gun accidentally went off.” Talking heads are such idiots.

      • Joseph

        Did you see the OTHER clip at that same news site of the nasty sheboon legislator in Louisiana who wants to hold gun owners as accomplices if a gun is stolen and used to commit a crime? She says it is “to protect the children”. Yeah, like the 20 year old “children” beating old ladies to death for $5 then raping their corpse. These black legislators are all just detestable low-functioning parasites.

        To top it off, there was some British-sounding broad interviewed on the sidewalk who said something like “…I was thinking that if I owned a gun and it was stolen and it was used to hurt a child I would WANT to be punished.” Refreshingly, her male companion said he didn’t see how it was right to punish someone for having their gun stolen from their home. He apparently hadn’t been neutered by her yet.

    • Tom Iron

      That’s about as well spoken as anyone can get – very clear and to the point…

    • sbuffalonative

      Such language! You’re going to have to give us a heads up before posting such crude and vulgar content! I mean, ‘n*gg*’, ‘cr*ck*’, ‘MFer’! So much anger and hate! My ears are burning! My delicate sensibilities have been rattled!

      • Michael_C_Scott

        The speaker in the video couldn’t help himself. He was obviously in stark terror of the way white men shoot, as well as the way we teach our families to do the same.

    • liberalsuck

      If only we could get those loudmouth blacks like him to fear us enough to stay away from us, to not look at our white daughters, to not sue us for not giving them jobs, etc. I want blacks and browns and muslims to fear whites so much that they avoid us.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      He says we’re “spitting” on them, but we aren’t. Speaking only for myself, I only want them to leave us alone.

  • Skipper

    An unstated goal of gun control advocates is to protect blacks and other minorities who commit a disproportionate amount of crimes from the defensive actions of whites who would be armed. They are also against “stand your ground” and “castle” type laws for the same reason. Therefore, whites just become defenseless prey in the game of demographic warfare.

  • guest

    I’ve been saying all along, this push for gun control is a push to disarm whites and facilitate Detroit-style ethnic cleansing.

    I would imagine that 95% of the buyers of AR-15s at gun shops are whites. That’s why it’s top of their ban list.

    Blacks are afraid of guns, and the blacks who do want guns often get them through “informal channels”. Gun laws don’t apply to blacks. Gun laws only apply to whites. Ethnic cleansing always involves extended and widespread street-level violence against the target ethnic group. If that target ethnic group can shoot back, ethnic cleansing is not going to happen. Blacks understand this at an intuitive level. Obama and the Democratic leadership might understand this at a conscious level. Some NRA members probably understand this also.

    The reason why there is such an emphasis on mental health is because mental health evaluations only apply to whites, and the evaluations are likely to be performed by government social workers and psychologists who hate conservative whites.

    Stopping gun violence would be easy to do within existing laws. People (of any race) who commit crimes like felon-in-possession, or possessing drugs and guns at the same time, or drugs for sale, or guns within a school zone (without CCW), should be prosecuted vigorously and given real prison terms, Federally if possible. Do that, and crime will plunge. But the Democrats don’t want that because it means a lot of Democratic voters, or their sons / cousins / grandsons will spend their adulthood in prison. If you really want to stop crime, pull over unregistered vehicles and impound them, and arrest (and deport if needed) unlicensed drivers. They would prefer to talk about bans on AR-15s (white guy guns) and mental health (only applies to white guys).

    This future astrophycist named “Chief Kief” is 17 years old, already has a child, got into a shoot-out with Chicago PD, and somehow didn’t get any real prison term. He will murder someone sooner or later. Getting into a shootout with Chicago PD should put him away for decades, but no, he’s out. If there were any serious desire to stop gun violence, types like Chief Kief would need to be locked up for clear violations of existing laws.

    But no… gun control is not about stopping gun violence. It’s about facilitating ethnic cleansing.

    • It’s worse than that. After he pointed the gun at the Chicago cop (I could swear that he also fired the gun at the cop), that only created enough publicity for himself and his few amateur rap songs that he’s made, and he was able to parlay that into a record deal with a major label. Now every wannabe aspiring rapper is going to fire at a cop.

      • Anonymous #3

        Wow, you know a lot about hip-hop, “Question”. It makes me wonder who and what you really are. Considering white nationalists hate blacks, they sure are infatuated with black culture. Do you want to be black?

    • Joseph

      Jeez, they had one of their ridiculous eye-wash “gun amnesty” days here recently. They got something like 60 guns “off the streets” which really means “out of grammy’s closet”. They showed a clip of this on TV briefly and there were a bunch of BB guns -like the old spring-lever guns etc. some .22 rifles, shotguns in the pile of crap that they displayed. It would be laughable but for the liberal political mileage the jackass mayor tries to get out of these sideshows -another member of misnamed “Mayors against Illegal Guns”. Their purpose is to disarm the people who *really* fight crime in the city by not becoming passive victims and stealing the politicians and police chiefs thunder. Feeling all important by kissing the @$$ of Bloomberg is an added benefit they receive from membership.

      • Always assume that when cops show off seized guns or “bought back” guns, that it’s a Potemkin affair. Reporters in Chicago caught Garry McBlameThePilgrims trotting out the exact same seized firearms over and over and over again at various displays of “recently seized” guns for the media.

        • Melanie

          The wonder is that they reported that information.

          • Joseph

            They may have had some agenda other than simply honest reporting to promote so I wouldn’t be too generous with the media until there is some other info justifying their apparent honesty in news reporting.

    • Liberalsuck

      When I hear my conservative/libertarian friends trying to defend their gun rights by saying, “It’s constitutional” or “An AR-15 is not an assault weapon” or they say they support gun rights “but background checks” and all that, I respond, “You don’t get it. The people in suit and ties pushing for gun control know exactly what the negative consequences are of banning firearms from the public. They know genocides have always followed after disarming the people, sooner or later. Furthermore, how can you say you support the 2nd Amendment but then turn around and say ‘well, felons shouldn’t be allowed to own guns’ or ‘well, the ‘mentally disturbed’ shouldn’t be allowed to own guns?” You don’t need to explain why you want firearms just as you don’t need to explain why you don’t like certain foods. I’m also against this idea of ‘barring mentally disturbed people from owning firearms’ because how and who defines ‘mentally disturbed’? You know, in the Soviet Union anyone who didn’t agree with the communist agenda was labelled ‘mentally disturbed’ by the people in charge.

      You think those same deceitful liberals that control our government who arbitrarily take away white people’s rights by calling us ‘haters’ or ‘racists’ won’t arbitrarily define ‘mentally disturbed’ as conservative whites or patriotic Americans or people who don’t want their socialistic agenda they’re pushing? We all should own guns and a good amount of ammo, not explain why we want it and resist turning them over by any means necessary. These people are not nice and fair and they will not play nice or fair with us. Never forget that.

  • Garrett Brown

    No reason to support gun control when your people hardly commit the crimes(20 times less likely) and you know what kind does(blacks).

  • blight14

    Needless to say the comments after the original Salon article are predictable…..

  • RIN0Huner

    There is a reason why a lot of whites disproportionately own firearms over non-whites. It’s because a sizeable contingency of whites are awake to what is going on in this country. Bottomline….anyone who is white in this coming society and unarmed…………is probably as good as dead.
    Lock and load while you still can. The protection of you and your family probably depends on it.

    • liberalsuck

      Some of the ‘extremists’, as the liberals call them, say if a civil war does break out, it will mostly and at first be fought between whites. The whites on one side will be white nationalist types, conservative/Republican, patriotic, Tea Party, 2nd Amendment types who are tired of diversity, tired of the anti-white agenda out there and don’t want amnesty for illegal aliens. The other side will consist of the liberal whites and the whites in positions of authority who have sold their people and country out for a paycheck and perks. Think about this: Why do you think the DHS just bought 1.6 billion rounds of ammo and why their shooting targets are normal (white) Americans?

  • rebelcelt

    In almost every home where there is a husband /wife and 3 kids you can bet the father is the only one who actually owns the firearms.But, the whole family supports the use. Soooo only 20% own a gun. These statistics skew the overall real picture of gun support. And how many blacks are going to affirm they own weapons? Many are not for go
    od reasons.How many have illegal guns? Trust this article at your own risk.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      When I still had firearms, I owned 82, all of them old military pieces, almost all of them rifles.

  • sickandtired

    White Americans are more than twice as likely to own guns as blacks or Latinos,

    White Americans are more than twice as likely to LEGALLY own guns…..there, I fixed it.

    But only 12 percent of African-Americans and 13 percent of Latinos own guns

    You definately don’t live in the part of the country I do. This article is pure hogwash and presents statements as facts where there is no proof, no proof at all that they are true.

    African-Americans are also more supportive of laws promoting safe use, such as requiring people to keep their guns locked in a safe while at home, and of proposals to restrict access, such as making people acquire a license from the local police before being able to buy a gun.

    This is so far out in the ozone that I really shouldn’t waste my time acknowledging it.
    I live in a mostly black part of the country in the deep south and I have been in and around black people my whole life and I can honestly tell you that I know very very few that do not own a weapon and even carry that weapon on their person. We have incident after incident of young kids, babies almost, that die because they found a gun under the couch cushion or laid out in plain sight and that gun was fired accidentally or it was played with.
    The author of this peice needs to apoligize to all readers here because he sure told a big one this time!!

    • liberalsuck

      This is the problem with statistics or conducting surveys. You don’t know how many people they surveyed, where they surveyed them at, if the subjects volunteering were being honest with their answers, etc. There’s a joke, “99% of all statistics are made up.”

  • a multiracial individual

    “The vast majority of the guns in the U.S. are sold to white people who live in the suburbs or the country”

    – Michael Moore

    Michael, why would you put yourself in harms way and live in the suburbs were all those scary guns are at?

    • sbuffalonative

      The suburbs and the country settings also seem to have the lowest incidents of gun violence. More guns, less gun violence? (at least when it concerns whites)

      • Joseph

        At least twice I have seen clips of black “experts” saying that there is actually more crime in rural areas where whites are! The apparent discrepancy is because there are more *people* in urban areas and blacks also happen to live more in urban areas so naturally, where there are more people more crimes will be committed.

        There is no dissuading these morons no matter what sort of reason or math are presented by an opponent or interviewer. They are clearly not capable of understanding things like crime *rates* or something but are hailed as experts and given Ph.D.’s and a well paying job somewhere to propagate the error professionally.

        • At least twice I have seen clips of black “experts” saying that there is actually more crime in rural areas where whites are

          How do they convince themselves of that? They’re convinced that every suburban white car accident is really a secret mob hit. I’ve heard black talk radio hosts say that outright.

          • liberalsuck

            Black “experts”? What were they? Affirmative action journalists? The network was threatened with a lawsuit if they didn’t hire enough blacks?

        • liberalsuck

          There’s no point having debates with liberals and the majority of blacks. They don’t think on the same level as your ordinary white nonliberal would. Just a waste of time. Don’t bother.

    • Liberalsuck

      He’s like Tim Wise. Has nothing good to say about white people or capitalism, yet finds himself living amongst those upper class/rich white people he claims to have such disdain for.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    The article says that whites oppose “gun safety” reforms. Very good example of using language to deceive. The intention is to plant into the reader’s mind, the notion that whites are careless gun handlers, not that they are against unconstitutional gun control measures. Most white gun owners have attended gun safety classes and reviewed safe gun handling rules than anyone else, I have no doubt.

    • liberalsuck

      Think about this: 60% of whites in the 2012 election voted for Romney (basically against socialism), 40% voted for socialism and some millions more whites didn’t vote (not knowing if many of them lean more left vs right) and of course many nonwhites voted for socialism. Basically, half of this country doesn’t like how things are going and that divide is growing everyday. I have never seen such hatred and division along racial, political and cultural lines as I am seeing today. I hear it on the media, on comment blogs, on talk shows, in biased leftist ‘mainstream’ publications, etc. The people in power know we are clearly divided on the gun debate and that many of Americans don’t want the illegals here and more whites are growing tired of the anti-white agendas. Things don’t look good.

  • jay11

    It is precisely because of the rise in diversity (and all the joy it brings) that I plan to apply for my permits. Unfortunately, I live in a city with very difficult licensing procedures, and I am wondering if I might not be denied at the end, even though I’ve never been in trouble and am an upstanding law abiding citizen.
    Quick alert on the ‘we are being replaced’ line. If you’ve noticed any Walgreenes commercials lately (a drugstore chain), then you will notice blatant white-man-is-clueless, women-minorities-young-hipsters-are-the-future themes. I just was forced to watch the latest one on the internet to get to a video I wanted to see and it showed a white couple with twins and their uses for Walgreene’s to make their lives easier.
    The white male was presented as a clueless bufoon under the guidance of his smart and smirking wife in one scene after another. At the pharmacy, the black female pharmacist was also patiently explaining some little bottle of medicine and its uses to said clueless male. The commercial ended with the woman taking a picture of the man in between his two twins, and the man was made to look as unformed and goofy as the babies, while the woman, who was clearly the boos in the family, smirked again.
    The next video I watched was preceeded by a Verizon wireless commercial that was just as bad, only it was a hipsterish teen boy and his chinese best friend who made the older white male look like a freakin’ dinosaur of an idiot. Why is the emaculating of the american male never studied or addressed in a serious way? Oh yeah, because us older white males are too busy keeping this economy going to defend ourselves. It’s so sad that the ‘new’ America we keep hearing about exists only because of the prosperity that the ‘old’ America created. The illusion won’t last much longer. The newer generations don’t have any work ethic, the feminist man-haters are having few to no children and the foreigners want to take and not give back as they flood all across the land like locusts.

    • Joseph

      These commercials MUST be under some sort of overall direction or all made by the same ad agency or something. I get furious every day watching crap like the wise and suave insurance “person” explaining something to the helpless white guy. Then we have the handsome, intelligent, athletic black or usually mulatto accompanied by the blonde white woman in the presence of the jackass dopey white loser. Of course, let’s not forget the very realistic typical black woman physician explaining to the ignorant white man about some new drug or the black financial planner or broker directing the helpless white family to save their pittance for retirement. Even if you see the roles reversed, where the white guy is doing say, the insurance gig, he is clearly shown subserviently waiting on the black man and listening to his direction whereas in the opposite roles case, the black man is “advising” the white guy from a position of superior knowledge. In each case the white guy is shaking his head like “Oh yes, uh huh, I see what you mean.” The white guy is typically having something explained to him by superior black people.

  • UK people have been beaten

    This is about control of your complete life not the safety of schoolchildren they need taxpaying mules who can be treated as a never ending cash machine .
    It is what they have done in Britain made complete mugs out of hardworking people with tax after tax and less and less rights .
    America fight for your rights.

    • Joseph

      The fun part is that most of the posters from UK on any forum seem(?) thrilled with their advanced civilization. They apparently love being talked down to, spy cameras every few yards -or *meters* since the English no longer use the *English* system. They like Moslems dictating everything and raping their girls and an occasional terror bombing just to spice things up every now and again. They appear to think a 700 pound fine for leaving the “dustbin” out on the wrong day is acceptable along with random police stops. Another advance they have recently made is that the “Digital Economy Bill” has passed the HOC so that the gov’t can filter any website “not suitable for public consumption” which will likely mean sites like AmRen or other “hate” sites.

      We will follow them into a disarmed diversity hell like every other English speaking country. Our billionaire collectivist rulers have decided.

    • liberalsuck

      You don’t have to tell us that. The 60% of whites who voted for Romney and the countless libertarian/small-government minded whites know this is about controlling us and not about safety. It’s the knee-jerk liberal voters that think it’s for safety. The politicians that are pushing for gun control know exactly what they’re doing.

  • Jefferson

    If Whites are are twice as likely to own guns, that must mean that vibrantly diverse cities like Oakland, New Orleans, Baltimore, Chicago, Atlanta, and Detroit are some of the safest cities in America to live in. Because almost nobody there owns a gun and they do not have to worry about crazy violent White male Tea Party members shooting everybody.

    Cities like Provo, Utah and Fargo, North Dakota for example, must be violent war zones because White male gun owners in those cities vastly outnumber vibrantly diverse yoofs.

    • liberalsuck

      Shhh! Those are ‘hate’ facts. You are a ‘crazed right winger’ and ‘out of touch’ and are ‘going to lose’ say those intelligent, honest leftist thinkers!

  • Joseph

    A federal appeals court upheld the decision of the three judge panel that Illinois MUST make some provision for concealed carry in the state. They were given 6 mos. (I think) initially for the legislature to codify it and of course, the state appealed, BUT LOST on appeal. The original panel was pretty pointed in their instructions too, that 2nd am. clearly means that people have a fundamental right to be secure and bear arms OUTSIDE OF THEIR HOMES and without some capricious, arbitrary or needlessly cumbersome procedure whereby this may be effected by the citizens of Illinois. Thank God that there are a few judges who still have some sense of liberty under the law.


    I heard also today on the news that Florida legislature has/had some “task force” or whatever to study the necessity or wisdom of the state’s “stand you ground” statute.

    Sadly for the “sons of Obama” the verdict was that it is a useful and needed law so this is the recommendation to the Florida legislature.

    “…and goodnight Mr. Zimmerman, wherever you are.”

  • Morris Thecat

    Whites are also probably twenty times more likely to be able to make their own submachine guns- with off the shelf parts- nor boring tools necessary- the free plans are here:

  • Troy

    This latest gun control push isn’t about safety or violence prevention. It’s an all-in attempt by the multicultural/socialist left to disarm white Americans and render them powerless to resist the lecherous, homicidal ambitions of an increasingly alien, hostile government and the third world hoards the same government has loosed upon them.

  • Luis

    Although this article tries to make it seem like whites are uncaring, in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shootings, it falls flat on its face because most whites recognize – or at least are starting to recognize – that the Obama regime is merely using the Sandy Hook shootings as a pretext for its ulterior goal of disarming Americans; and THAT’s why they are resisting. White American gun-owners know that the Obama regime needed a “white moment” to try to peddle its gun control schemes, and so did the Danse Macabre on the corpses at Sandy Hook. The Obama regime knew that a shootout between Bantus Marcellus Washington and Jamal Kasavubu at Martin Luther King High School in Gary Indiana wouldn’t matter one iota to the vast majority of gun-owners. No more so than the Mexican drug cartels shooting at one another.

    Fortunately for American gun owners, NRA predicted around a year ago, that if Obama were re-elected, this was going to happen; that Obama would take off the gloves and come after our guns, since he’d never have to face the electorate again. The Obama regime didn’t count on Christopher Dorner either. That episode should have spoken loudly to white people – “don’t get rid of your guns”.

    Not surprising that Bantrus supposedly favor stricter gun laws – provided it’s the federal government trying to do the diarming. After all, they have more faith in the federal government than a saint has in Christ. They have little use for the NRA’s Eddie Eagle safety program for young children, which says – if a child finds a gun – ‘Stop! Don’t touch! Leave the area and tell an adult”. Such behavior is too complicated for a Bantu child. If Bantus want to give away their guns, then so be it. It doesn’t mean that white gunowners should do the same.

    Most whites are also cognizant of the fact that Bantus and mestizos are the ones committing most of the homicides in America – especially in the urban areas – and this has Bantus foaming at the mouth. They can’t STAND to hear the TRUTH, and that’s why they cry “racism” every chance they get.

    Then, there’s the matter of the 2014 mid-term elections. Of the 34 Senate seats up for election, Democrats hold 20 of them. If they vote for any gun-control scheme put forth by Obama, they could well be running for cover.

    • They have little use for the NRA’s Eddie Eagle safety program for young
      children, which says – if a child finds a gun – ‘Stop! Don’t touch!
      Leave the area and tell an adult”.

      They have little use for this program because a “found” gun in the ghetto is almost likely a “community” piece intended for a lot of members of one given gang or set to use as they need it then drop off, so its “ownership” can’t so easily be linked to one individual if an honest cop or ATF agent shows up.

  • BellaCosa

    I mean, just how current is this study? Because from what I’ve been able to gather from recent news reports, President Obama is a big-time gun fanatic…just look at the pictures of him shooting that shotgun of his…