Ironically, a Man’s Face Can Tell You If He’s Likely to Act Racist

Austin Considine, Motherboard, February 20, 2013

What can we tell about a person from his or her face? Quite a bit, it seems. Psychological experiments since the turn of the millennium have indicated we do a good job judging people’s sexual orientation, reproductive fitness, criminal proclivities, and even whether they’re Mormon or not, all based on their faces. A new study suggests there’s another trait we can add to the list: a man’s willingness to express racist beliefs.

There’s an obvious irony to a study that says we can tell if a man will act bigoted based on the shape of his face. But the logic underpinning the study, conducted by researchers at the University of Delaware and soon to be published in the journal Psychological Science, is a circuitous and unexpected one, and makes a persuasive case.

Turns out it’s all about the testosterone.

Recent research indicates that men with high levels of testosterone have certain facial characteristics that set them apart from men with less testosterone. In particular, they have what researchers call a higher facial Width-to-Height Ratio (fWHR) which compares the distance between cheekbones to the distance between the upper lip and midbrow. Men with a higher ratio have faces that appear a bit wider horizontally and bit compressed vertically (see below). {snip}



Not all men’s faces change equally because not all men have the same levels of testosterone. And here’s the other thing past research suggests about men with high testosterone: They want to dominate. What’s more, we don’t want to stand in their way because, for starters, we probably find men with high fWHRs more physically imposing.

As it’s written the study:

… it may be more accurate to say that testosterone promotes the search for and maintenance of social dominance. Therefore, to the extent that a greater fWHR is associated with increased testosterone, fWHR may be a physical manifestation of dominance motives in males and may be best described as an inclination toward interpersonal social dominance and related behaviors [embedded references removed].

Among the ways men exercise dominant behavior is by breaking society’s rules. {snip} And we, in turn, assume they’ll break them. Whether we know it or not, we know which men will break the rules because we know by the shapes of their faces which ones have more testosterone.

In the world outside your local Tea Party Rally, of course, society says it’s bad to openly express racist opinions. So the Delaware researchers, led by psychology and brain science professor, Eric Hehman (now at Dartmouth), wondered if men with a higher fWHR might feel more comfortable expressing explicitly racist opinions because their high testosterone made them feel less socially inhibited. After gathering and testing 70 white males, researchers found that, relative to the others, they did.

The researchers also wondered if observers looking at photographs of those same 70 men would more often assume the men with wider, shorter faces were more racist. They did. What’s more, their assessments fell right in line with what the 70 men had revealed about themselves: Those men whom the observers believed to be racist were also much more likely to have explicitly expressed racist views.

In the course of several email exchanges, Hehman pointed out that he and his colleagues also tested the 70 men in the study on expressions of “implicit” racial prejudice, which he described as “an automatic association of other races with ‘bad things’”—a kind of unconscious response “that people are less able to control.” When it came to these implicit expressions of prejudice, they had no correlation with a person’s face shape. In that sense, we are bad judges.

The other conclusion to draw is that we don’t have to be testosterone-charged to be racist. Implicit racism, Hehman noted, is just another kind of racism with its own subtle effects. {snip}


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  • Alexandra

    What about us women who are realists?

    • toldev

      I was thinking the same thing. Some of the most racially aware people I know happen to be female.

      • Egalitarian Paradiso

        I hope that’s not true because I want to see more white women mix with black and brown like it should be.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I hope I never see it again after we have finished Civil War Two.

          It’s OK if you’re evil; we know just what to do with you.

        • David Ashton

          Why should the elimination of white children from the world be a desirable objective?

        • John Smith

          troll or shitskin detected

    • 48224

      We just call them smart.

    • NM156

      You are “implicit” racists.

  • pcmustgo

    In particular, they have what researchers call a higher facial Width-to-Height Ratio (fWHR) which compares the distance between cheekbones to the distance between the upper lip and midbrow. Men with a higher ratio have faces that appear a bit wider horizontally and bit compressed vertically (see below). {snip}

    So what does such a mans face look like?


    • Unperson

      It looks White.

    • StillModerated

      long face=lefty!

      • mistermark123

        So, now were supposed to be against white people with long faces too?

    • Diamond_Lil


  • pcmustgo

    Ironically, a person’s skin color can tell you if their likely to act racist. The darker it is , the higher the chance.

    • a multiracial individual

      Are subcontinentals less racist than mestizos?

    • Room101

      Color of skin telegraphs content of character, if any.

    • Jefferson

      A person’s hair texture can tell you if their likely to act racist. The nappier it is, the higher the chance.

    • Felix_M

      In other words, higher testosterone levels make a man less likely to act like a pussy. Gee, imagine that?
      (sarcasm off)

  • Major

    Count me in…I’ve been getting free testosterone shots from my Doctor….so I have an ample supply. We’ll all need what we have when the time comes to push back.

  • David Ashton

    The English satirist Michael Wharton, “Peter Simple”, invented a device called a Prejudometer like a Geiger counter which could detect degrees of “racism” in its subjects. The next thing is an anti-racist chip to be implanted in the brains of suspects.

  • Eagle_Eyed

    Logic 101 for the good liberal who wrote this:

    1) men with high amounts of testerone are more likely to be “racist” than men with lower amounts of testerone. (From the article’s supposed findings)

    2) Black men have, on average, more testerone than White men. (From medical research)

    3) on average, black men are more likely to be “racist” than white men.

    • Anon

      What he implies heavily is that, normal, healthy, virile men are normally racist.

      What he doesn’t dare say is that, were white men to increase our health and our virility, almost all of us would become racists….because that’s normal, healthy and virile.

      I would suggest that if white men were to embrace a life style that made most of us healthy and virile, that anti-racism would quickly be exterminated, if not figuratively than literally.

      What they turned us into:

      What we normally are:

      Why was that movie so popular? It’s because white men long to be free to be what we normally are…..but lack the knowledge for the most part.

    • PBL

      A corollary to the testosterone causes racism interpretation is needed. I propose this:Testosterone promotes mental health. That solves the dilemna. White men with higher vitamin T levels are more rational.

      • R.D. Smith

        I am not so sure about this study, however, as a gay White man who has had a number of partners (including straight,bisexual and married men), it has been my experience that southern White men tend to have larger penises than most other men. I remember one guy,a suburban dad from Raleigh whose d*ick was so large I could barely get in my mouth.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          That’s a Celtic trait. Girlfriends and I wondered about that for years. One learns or confirms all sorts of things here!

          • Guest

            How interesting for AR readers! Circumference or depth?
            Have you tried West Africans? Do the wives join in? Do the felching flavors differ from person to person? Are you a barebacker? What is your opinion of the age of consent? Do you like daisy chains? What lubes or drugs do you use to widen the anal aperture? Do you rim before or after your partners dump? Has your fist ever got stuck? Are there regional preferences to lavatory cruising? Does white homosexuality help to preserve the propagation of the white race or of STD hospital costs?
            Or are you just a troll in the hole?

          • Michael_C_Scott

            How about you ask the gay guy who established the matter as a point of discussion in the first place?

            Normal men don’t hate gays because we don’t feel threatened by them.

          • David Ashton

            Moderator, this is a version of my reply to R.D.Smith presented erroneously to Michael C Scott and should be deleted.

          • R.D. Smith

            You seem to know lot about anal and gay sex. You have even taught me some new things. From one gay to another. Thanks!

          • Wicksteed

            Whats your source for believing it’s a celtic trait?

          • R.D. Smith

            Thanks for informing me about this.

        • Edward

          This is not a porn site you freak! Disgusting!

        • David Ashton

          Circumference or depth? Have you tried Africans?

          Do the wives participate?

          Your views on the age of consent, bare-backing, daisy-chains, rimming and fisting before and after dumping, felching flavors, lubricant and drug use, STD spread, cruising site nuisance, New Left/Cultural Marxist use of sexual minority “communities” to undermine western “bourgeois” family values such as fidelity and raising decent children, heterosexual cultural hegemony as a framework for propagating the white race?

          If these subjects are unsuitable for this site, then I suggest the Moderators delete your contribution.

        • White and Proud

          You are sick and perverted!

        • newscomments70

          He is a troll, ignore him or her, or it. Flag for the moderator, don’t waste your time with idiots. They want you start hurling homophobic insults, etc. That’s usually the point of these trolls.

          • Pete

            Actually, according to Jared Taylor, there are a large number of Gays who are subscribers to American Renaissance. That being said,this person may very well be a troll.

          • David Ashton

            Many gays and lesbians are born that way. Homosexuality is neither an “illness” nor a “sin” in the usual sense of those words, but it is a sort of reproductive disability explained largely by prenatal hormone dosage plus in some cases a genetic factor. There are only two serious problems: (1) some negative medical and social consequences of certain specific gay behaviors, and (2) the exploitation of the so-called LGBTI “community” by leftist revolutionaries who have the traditional family as their political target.

          • Daisy

            David where have you seen that prenatal hormone dosage issues cause lesbianism? I have only sensed this in a very small number of lesbians; the majority appear and act no less feminine than their straight peers and I’ve known quite a few in my lifetime.

          • David Ashton

            Yes, there may be a statistical difference. Male and female same-gender affection are dissimilar in many respects, not least because of the different biological equipment. Lesbians I have known mainly in the teaching profession have always seemed less feminine in looks and manner than other women, but the “lipstick lesbian” trends seem to have spread in recent years. My main original source for the hormone/gene aspect was a book by a BBC geneticist Anne Moir called “Brain-Sex”; I do not have it to hand at the moment, but will edit this reply accordingly if and when I find it.

          • Daisy

            ‘Feminine’ is a moving target it seems to me. Many to most lesbians are less into long hair, make up, etc. but to me do not seem less feminine in their actual bare bones looks or personalities, just less high maintenance and fake and indirect. So I’ve been inclined to ignore the rap that they’re hormonally different, especially when you consider how many femme ones there are out there. I’m going to look it up.

          • David Ashton

            Well, this is not a subject that greatly interests me one way or another. Younger lesbians I have known at work looked very boyish and mostly not at all sexually appealing to me; the “tennis player” types, we called them. Older ones still had a masculine appearance, not always emphasized by the haircut, trousers and boots uniform. There were none I disliked, and some I admired for their intellect and teaching gifts; friendship but no “chemistry” for me (though I have always been rather fussy – my “ideal” type would be Naomi Watts, despite the lesbian role she was given in a movie); I was lucky with beautiful girlfriends, and my wife, all white of course.
            Lesbians currently held up on British TV as role models are “very nice” but not particularly “femme”. There is sisterly affection between women that is a factor absent in the male same-gender partnership (except possibly where both “gays” themselves are extremely “feminine”) and this enables females to take up lesbian relationships through initial friendship, or cultural fashion, or lack of male companions, but which does not derive from a strong biological predisposition.
            Women can relax with male homosexuals because they are not likely to be sexually surveyed, “hit on”, and often share similar interests – from cooking to cushion-covers.

          • Daisy

            Well what I’m seeing is a lot about polycystic ovarian syndrome, which results usually from hyperandrogenism. But that comes from being fat, and especially fat in the middle as trunk fat causes more hormonal problems, like excess cortisol which then affects the androgens. So what if the issue is that lesbians are just fatter? Lesbians may be fatter due to stress. First, gender-non-conforming kids get targeted at higher rates for abuse, including sexual. A lesbian prof in NYC wrote part of a textbook’s treatment of this issue. So the fat comes out of stress. Gay people generally are fatter than straights because of that. Also, lesbians in their young adolescent years may get fatter to ward off males and then develop pcos. Last, a person’s mental attitude affects their hormones. Lesbians may be more likely to get angry at being abused, which may release more cortisol. Often their sexual abuse after childhood happens outside of romantic contexts and they then get angrier because of the relative lack of consent (straight females may be consenting at least to some degree in many of these sexual assaults so their anger level may be lower).

        • Robert

          How can you verify this? Did you travel across the nation having sex with men from different regions of the country? You are a sex addicted pervert

      • Dude

        They’re less conformist. They’re less prone to feeling guilt. They don’t like being insulted, as we constantly are.

    • George

      That’s why they deliberately target whites, hispanics & asians.

      That’s why there’s a code of conduct that discourages robbing from a ‘brother’.

    • Felix_M

      Black men have, on average, more testerone than White men. (From medical research)

      Minus fully developed frontal lobes to hold impulsivity in check.

      • robinbishop34

        In other words, white males are more evolved.

      • Daisy

        Is there any real evidence for this, or is this some stat taken from some hyper-aggressive demographic of say, prison inmates guilty of violent crimes whose levels may be raised environmentally?

    • Karl

      You are wrong on your last point.

    • Sean

      I don’t understand where this idea that blacks have more testosterone is coming from. According to any sources I have seen is appears they have more estrogen, testosterone levels are the same.

      On a side note I have read that it is much easier for blacks to be transsexuals due to their lack of brow ridge and strong jaw-line (this is anecdotal, a story that was related on a message board.)

  • John

    Racism is one of the healthiest and most natural realities in the world. It helps us in so many ways. Frankly, I cannot think of a single negative aspect of racism. Of course, the egalitarians lament racism (and racists, except non-White racists, of course) as pure evil. Their crazy rantings aside, no one has ever produced one iota of evidence that indicates that racism is “bad”, per se. I’ve been waiting for decades, yet no one has ever successfully argued the leftist position on “racism” to my knowledge.
    Aside from that, the egalitarians insist that race is merely a social construct and doesn’t exist, yet they do everything in their power (and more) to focus every aspect of society on the “disadvantages” associated with — race! In summary, egalitarians are insane. No sane person would ever assert, “Race doesn’t exist, but the negroid race is at a disadvantage because of racism.” It’s an insane, illogical position, but it is their constant pillar of inanity in their insane minds.

    • Robert Binion

      To paraphrase Malvolio: Some are born racist, some achieve racism, and some have racism thrust upon ’em.

    • brengunn

      Frankly, I cannot think of a single negative aspect of racism.

      What? Even if you’re the recipient of it?

      • Wayne

        Nope! Perfectly natural. Like they say for the sodomites, we were just born this way, dont try to change us!

      • Bill

        Duh. We ARE the recipient of it, and have been for years, by Federal fiat. I have NO problem with the sort of racism that keeps the races separated from one another whether it be in a town, or a country. Works to the benefit of the individual AND the race. But that is NOT what is going on now in this country. What is going on now is a deliberate program to discriminate against whites in every way, while elevating the LEAST productive, intelligent, and law abiding racial group at the expense of all other races. I’d have NO problem with a national law that demanded my white daughter could not date nor marry a black man. Would YOU? (I’m betting I know the answer).

        • brengunn


          My sentiments, exactly.

          I’d have NO problem with a national law that demanded my white daughter could not date nor marry a black man. Would YOU?

          Yes, I would have a problem with that law.

          (I’m betting I know the answer).

          Of course you did! I bet you can smell liberals and race traitors from a hundred yards.

          • John

            Your views are disgusting and appalling. I have no idea what your race is, but if you are White, I cannot begin to imagine what happened to you that caused you to hate yourself and your family to the point that you would embrace the idea of your White daughter dating and marrying a Black man.
            Again, if you are White, you are far from alone in your views, quite obviously, which is why the United States of America has completely collapsed as a healthy and vibrant society.
            If, on the other hand, you are Black or Brown, I can easily understand your position and your hatred of yourself and family.

          • brengunn

            Your views are disgusting and appalling.

            I don’t want the state making laws on who my daughter or anyone else, can and can’t marry. People should have the freedom to choose for themselves. What is so appalling in that?

          • John

            I don’t want the state making laws on who my daughter or anyone else, can and can’t marry. People should have the freedom to choose for themselves. What is so appalling in that?

            Since the only alternative is to live in anarchy, I’ll take my chances with a law that actively prohibits miscegenation and the almagamation of my race.
            Otherwise, if you are willing to do away with all laws, let me know.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I have a half-Japanese, 3/32nds Amrerind, 13/32nds white daughter, and she will never date an African’t. If she ever does it as an adult, Sayaka and I will sit her down and explain how we don’t have a daughter anymore.

            “People” should have the ability to make uninvited invaders extinct when they demand access to our daughters. I don’t mind it, and you can always blame me when I’m finished.

          • brengunn

            If she ever does it as an adult, Sayaka and I will sit her down and explain how we don’t have a daughter anymore.

            You’d sacrifice your love and relationship with your daughter because of a black boyfriend? That seems callous in the extreme, and surely cheapens any love you have now, knowing it can be so easily revoked.

            Besides, is it not a little hypocritical of you to be married to an Asian and also pontificating on access to daughters across racial lines?

            But, it is your daughters choice to love whomever she pleases and it is your choice to banish her, should she go against your will. Both are rights that should be respected in the law.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            You seemed to have missed one of my earlier points, years ago: Japanese and African’ts are not equal. Nothing I do is hypocritical. I am 3/16 northeast woodlands Amerindian, so I have politely relieved your families of the odious duty of providing me with a wife.

            I believe the intermarriage between Japanese and second-class “whites” like me is not a tragedy between the way a similar matter exists between white – or even Oriental women – and Africant’s.

          • brengunn

            If you don’t mind me asking, does the semi-equality between whites and Asians extend to your daughter taking an Asian husband, if she so chooses?

            I can certainly see why someone would make a distinction between Asians and Africans, I do myself.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            If Ariadne married another Japanese or a Korean, a Chinese a Russian Nivkt, a Chukchi or an Inuit, I would accept him if he treated her properly. No Afriacan’ts in this family.

          • Intrepid

            That’s a bad excuse and hedging to the extreme. You want both worlds. To think yourself as being white as far as possible (or in your words, a “second-class white”), but ultimately not finding white women attractive, hence Asian women instead. This has nothing to do with “sparing” the white community from providing you with a wife. You’re not Asian, so you’re in an interracial marriage. If your daughter does date someone black, your hypocrisy is going to come shining through, and she’ll know it.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I don’t believe our enemies are really people.

            Since I don’t feel up to the job of walking back to Siberia, and you’d hate me more if I had married a white woman, perhaps I deserve a free pass on this matter.

            It could be worse. I accept you folks as my allies, and don’t want you to go back to Europe.

            Perhaps you could use co-nationals that would not want to mix with you.

            All I want is that the law treat us as individuals.

          • Waynr

            Yep, and store owners should have the right to serve who they please, bar owners should have the right to serve who they like, clubs and neighborhoods should be able to exclude who they like. Fair enough?

          • brengunn

            That happens anyway.

          • Wayne

            Try it sometime and see what the leftist government really think about freedom.

      • John

        As a heteorosexual White male, I have never perceived myself as the victim of racism. If Blacks and Browns want to avoid me because of my race, I applaud their sentiments and wish them well.

        Although Whites are not victims of racism, per se, most of us are victims of a radical and tyranical government that is owned and operated by those who also own and operate the world’s central banks.

        We are living in very dark times, and it will become much, much worse as those at the very top of the world order actively pursue a policy of global White genocide. We all know who they are. They’ve been pulling the strings since the dawn of time, predating even Biblical times. They have a new agenda now; no Whites.

        • brengunn

          We are living in very dark times

          These are the best of times. These are the almost best of times.

          The West may have taken a slight dip lately but overall we’re living the best lives of any humans to have ever lived. We live longer, we’re better off, we have better health, and relatively more freedom. What’s so dark about that?

          You’re just another one of those doomsayers, endlessly fantasizing about impending doom. Relax, it might never happen!

          You’re probably right about the banks though, they probably are f**king us over. I just don’t think it can be pinned on the you know who’s.

          • Wayne

            Won’t be so good for our white Posterity, though, as hated minorities and second class citizens on the very lands their father built, settled and defended FOR THEM.

    • Ralph

      Absolutely right. Instead of running from being racist or reading articles like this and weakly saying “Well, Blacks are more racist,” we should be happy that some of us have this so called “racist gene,” which is really a survival gene. Those Whites with the racist gene may be the Adams and Eves of any Whites in future generations after those Whites with the weak sister gene have miscegenated themselves into extinction.

  • The__Bobster

    So, since pinkheel males have the highest level of testosterone of all races, did the study find them to be the most racist? (Crickets chirping)

  • sbuffalonative

    “Recent research indicates that men with high levels of testosterone have certain facial characteristics that set them apart from men with less testosterone.”
    Hasn’t it been established that black men have higher levels of testosterone? If true, wouldn’t it make them more racist?

  • Francis Galton

    In other words, physiognomy and other forms of anthropometry are considered “pseudosciences” whenever they’re used to dehumanize non-Whites (think 18th-19th centuries), but they’re considered groundbreaking whenever they’re used to show how evil Whites are. Got it.

    • 5n4k33y35


    • scottpett

      Yes, Mr. Galton. If people were awake, this would be huge. I’m awake but I’m drunk.

      • Robert Binion

        Drink it straight! I got a big, Choctaw liver just gettin’ into second gear. If living together has made us whole, why are all so desperately lonely?

    • Like the German cephalic index or phrenology. I always thought there was something in them.

    • Daisy

      I notice that white guys often look more like the high testosterone/racist subject and that the longer faced man looks ethnically different, like maybe jewish or middle eastern so it seems to me that there may be a correlation that’s culturally-induced as opposed to biologically unless white men really test for higher testosterone. Maybe mainland and northern/northwestern european men just have more reason to resent diversity to begin with, as they are it’s main targets (along with northwestern european women).

      • mistermark123

        The Dutch have long been known for their long faces. And I don’t know anyone who thinks the Dutch are not white people.

  • MobyWhite

    What about the faces of the blacks? Doesn’t that persisent scowl and angry visage give away their constant hatred for Whiteness?

    The black face is an index to the black character. Trust your eyes.

  • Professor Eric Hehman of Dartmouth
    You can get his email link there, plus see a picture of this guy who just graduated LESS THAN A YEAR AGO!
    Ask him to sample 70 black males, and 70 asian males, etc, and let’s see what conclusions can be drawn.

    • torshammar

      yes, other, ahem, research with his name on it:

      this about blacks and whites facial recognition. You paid for it (via NSF). What’s the first paragraph doing in this article in my link? That’s called social activism, folks. Paid for mostly by white conservative middle class schmucks like you and me.

      This is not deep stuff. He sets up a roughshod experiment, slips in some second semester statistical analysis, and draws a few tenuous conclusions. What passes for science today is garbage.

  • Puggg

    Where is there “racism” in your local T-Party rallies? The only blacks at T-Party rallies are speakers.

  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    What they’re trying to link here is that men (white men as usual and study carried out by other whites), who would be classified with mesomorphic physical traits, are predisposed for racist tendencies. In essence what they were attempting to correlate is those ” white men” who exhibit masculine qualities i.e. muscular, square built, square jaw, extroverted, aggressive etc., are the most likely group to be racist.

    There might actually be an element of truth to this. But what ticks me off though is that women and non- whites probably weren’t included in the study on purpose. First, to play pin the tail on the white man. An second, so they themselves don’t appear racist.

    This study was not only a waste of time and money but obviously biased.

    • Barrack Osama

      Makes sense. Unfortunately for them, white mesomorphs are both intelligent and ambitious. Not people you want to make enemies of.

      • liberalsuck

        Considering we’ve defeated much larger enemies and armies throughout history, even without firearms and even with all the odds stacked against us and came out on top, don’t underestimate us.

  • Tom Iron

    My wife says people can read the way I look at them. She calls it frogmouth.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      My mother and my wife each say they can tell what I am thinking when either of them looks at my eyes. My irises are dark grey with gold flecks, except the gold bits apparently enlarge or contract, and I can’t control that.

  • Gomes

    Then the anti-racism is a result of deficiency in the testicles!

    • StillModerated

      Or it can be learned/brainwashed behavior. As in altruistic punishment.!

    • George White

      Tim Wise is living proof…

      • He is jewish and his people just went and lined up to be slaughtered like little lemmings. They want us to do like wise.

        • JohnEngelman

          Jews struggled against enormous odds to create and maintain the state of Israel. The Israeli Army is considered to be one of the best in the world.

          • Libealsuck

            yeah it’s the best army in the world, provided they get billions of dollars from US taxpayers every year to keep it afloat. They’ve been kicked out of 100 countries throughout history. They work incessantly against white people, against our traditions, they want others to fight their wars, etc.

          • JohnEngelman

            Israelis fight their own wars.

          • David Ashton

            Israel’s friends in the US government had nothing at all to do with the Iraq war?

          • JohnEngelman

            If so it was a bad calculation. The destruction of Saddam’s dictatorship strengthened Iran. Al Qaeda was more of a threat to Saddam than the United States. A more clever policy would have been to create the clandestine alliance the U.S. achieved with Saddam after his invasion of Iran and before the Iran Hostage crises.

            It is in the interest of the United States and Israel for Muslims to fight each other.

          • David Ashton

            Many anti-Zionists would agree with your first paragraph.
            The “Arab Spring” and the Sunni-Shi’ite conflict are more a bonus than a threat to Little Ole Israel, which is why nasty minds think there were “hidden hands” there too.
            “Jews can be financially stereoscopic, but politically myopic” (Oswald Mosley).

      • Dude

        Tim Wise is teeming with anti-White hatred, and it’s not self-hatred.

        • liberalsuck

          He’s another leftist parasite. He can’t make a dime doing anything else.

          • D. H. Andrews

            He’s the epitome of a leftist hebe. I’ve run into a few of them on college campuses in my academic pursuits. We were gracious enough to let them into America, and now it seems some of all their waking hours are spent trying to destroy the Whites who created the country – one of the few throughout history – that let them in. They know well why they’ve been kicked out of all those countries. It’s their BEHAVIOR. The same behavior that we’re seeing now.
            Some things never change.

  • Fredrik_H

    And all this time I’ve been reassured the science of measuring the skulls of people and determining their characteristics is faux science and went out of fashion with the nazis.

    • Dude

      These people doing it to us now are the truly genocidal ones.

  • libertarian 1234

    “White men with higher testosterone are more likely to express “racist” sentiments.”

    And the reason for that is because they’re not afraid to tell the truth and refuse to be intimidated with buzz words designed to supress valid criticism.

    • Room101

      The esteemed sainted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’tavious would likely agree.

      Blacks mean to “get even”, no matter how long it takes.

      • AutomaticSlim

        “Get even” for what?
        Slavery was the luckiest thing that ever happened to them.
        They won the lottery. Welfare, Food stamps, public housing, head start, school lunch, medicaid, WIC, etc.. They are taken care of (by us fools) from cradle to grave. Really, they have the “Life of Reilly”.

        Had they stayed in Africa, they would be starving, dying from AIDS, and getting their body parts hacked off by the henchman of tribal warlords.
        They have no gratitude. In fact they only expect this and then want more.

        And we are the idiots for continuing to fund the gravy train for them.
        Only one solution. End all entitlements and go back to socioeconomic survival of the fittest. Yes, there will be great pain and unrest for a while, but it is the only solution, other than partitioning, which would also be a period of great pain and unrest.

        • Ed_NY

          You are absolutely right. I just want to know, who started this and who are the ones who continue to perpetuate this nightmare?

        • edie

          we know that, but they don’t seem to get it……………… or the scam is going so good, why look any deeper?

        • anarchyst

          As a matter of fact, Cassius Clay once remarked that he was glad “his grandpappy got on that boat”.

      • Sunshine

        They learned this trait from Whites.

    • Liberalsuck

      More ways to neuter our white males by equating being a man with ‘racism.’ By their logic, shouldn’t black males be more likely to be racist? I mean, afterall, black males have more testosterone than white men.

    • Anna Tree

      It’s not that those whites with more testosterone are racists, it is that those whites with more testosterone are more comfortable to express their opinions in general. Maybe those with less testosterone have the same opinions, but will remain silent and politically correct. So the research may be erring from some fallacy (a mix of faulty generalizations, fallacy of
      the single cause, irrelevant conclusion, coincidental correlation, false
      dilemma, correlation proves causation, circular cause and consequence

  • bigone4u

    If the men being called racist are white, I would characterize them as honest about the role that race plays in society. If the men are nonwhite, I would characterize them as haters, jealous of the superior civilization that whites have always been able to create.

  • MobyWhite

    I aimed my racist face at my Diverse TV and just saw a Target ad:

    Lots of good looking slender girls, none thick and full blooded black, lots of mocha, and the two hottest blondes, of course, sat at the picnic table with only two black buck mulattos dressed all preppy an sheeet all up en heeah. We’s dress jast like dems White folks, cuz we’s be on divers’tee scholarships en sheeet all up en heeah, and we’s keep’em fooled ’bout how crayzee we’s be cuz dey beliefs dat if we’s be dressed likes dems, we’s just like dems en errry possibly way, sho’ nuff. We be gett’n dat White sump’n sump’n, sho ‘nuf, ain’t no White privilege left round heeah no how, cuz we’s done eradicated it. White boys always be runn’n second behinds us, sho’nuff.

  • brengunn

    Christopher Dorner had one of the fattest heads I’ve ever seen.

  • Extropico

    Pure, unadulterated, pseudoscience, racist filth against Whites. Interesting that us “racist” Whites have the world’s most diverse countries. All those low-testosterone and crime-free Africans and Asians are just begging to be rendered a minority in Africa and Asia…. Preposterous.

  • StillModerated

    And to think these same girly men called Phillipe Rushton “a lunatic head-measurer.”

  • NorthernWind

    Stereotyping! Not all men with a high fWHR are more racist. OMG THIS ARTICLE IS SO fWHR-ist. It’s sexist too! Guys have higher testosterone than women. Suggesting that men and women differ in any behavioral way is VERY sexist.

  • Jefferson

    This study would NEVER be able to tell I am a “racist” just by looking at my face, because I do not fit the stereotype of what a White “racist” is suppose to look like. I have a very a nerdy appearance. I look like I came straight out of the cast of “The Big Bang Theory” or “Revenge Of The Nerds”.

    When liberals imagine what a White “racist” is suppose to look like, I am sure images of skinheads like Edward Norton’s character in “American History X” and fat hillbilly rednecks like Larry The Cable Guy pop into their head.

    • Dude

      The implication we’re supposed to take for granted is that White “racism” is motivated by a desire for White dominance or “White supremacy,” whereas my racial politics are motivated by compassion.

      I also look more like the guy on the left. I know what they’d have to screen for to predict my “racism”: rationality.

    • robinbishop34

      Yes. They’ve been artificially conditioned since birth to believe Hollywood contrived stereotypes of those who don’t act out their well rehearsed, politically correct routines. I think I’ve heard of this referred to as a ‘consensus trance,’ meaning that people will simply accept anything idea or notion if it is continuously suggested to them, regardless of overwhelming evidence that proves it wrong. However I would use the term leftist as opposed to liberal. A true classical liberal, as is a true paleo conservative, is objective and fair minded.

  • MekongDelta69

    “Blabbity, blab, blabbity, harumph, straight white males, yaddity, yadda, yaddity, Tea Party racists, harumphity, we’re morally superior to you low-lives, blah, blah, blah, blabbity, blab, blab.”

    Researchers at the University of Delaware

    That’s about as far as I got. As with all ‘university studies,’ that’s about as far as ANYONE needs to get.

  • Luca

    ironically, the amount of common sense a person has can tell you whether they are likely to be a liberal. Turns out it’s all about common sense and liberals have none.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Why the hell was it necessary to mention ‘The Tea Party’ in the article? To the Leftist, the ‘Tea Party’ represents the worst of America; the ‘racist’ America and everything that stands in the way of progress. Yet, ironically, ‘Tea Party’ members (aside from their political views) would probably agree with much of the anti-white rhetoric and guilt that liberals try to promote. ‘Tea Party’ folks go out of their way to show to the world how non-racist they are! They love the Herman Cain types and will rally behind them in no time – just to show to others how ‘tolerant’ and non-racist they are. Actually, I like the ‘Tea Party,’ but they have got to stop all this pandering to blacks or Hispanics to show how ‘diverse’ they are.

    • Jefferson

      You damn well know why The Tea Party is seen as racist in the eyes of leftists. If you are a White person who does not like Hussein Obama, you are automatically branded a racist.

      Liberals hate the fact that White people do not vote over 95 percent Democrat, just like Blacks.

      Liberals believe there is something morally wrong with White people who do not worship Hussein Obama like he is the greatest thing to happen to mankind since the birth of baby Jesus.

      Liberals take their worship of Hussein Obama to a Jim Jones level. Obama worshipers are a cult, which makes them no different than The People’s Temple.

      • Liberalsuck

        Liberals are an insecure bunch of people. They troll the Facebook conservative/gun rights pages I belong to and tell us how “stupid and racist” we are. They feel a need to bring up their politics or social views at every angle, even when it has nothing to do with the topic at hand or without considering not everyone in the world shares their views. They assume another white person they meet is in favor of gun control or they assume this white person is liberal or they assume the white person has white guilt. They are often shocked when I tell them, “I don’t share your views.” They look at me like I just farted in their face.

  • Ralph

    Genes are us, so there should be no surprise that they are reflected externally. Furthermore this is just a further indication of the possible existence of what some have called the “racist gene,” which is probably several or more genes; that give the lucky ones who have it or them a survival advantage.

    Now, if more of us White “racists” would marry and produce more children, we might have our lucky racist gene spread in the White population to eradicate the weak sister gene that seems to have infected so many of our people.

  • guest

    To these self-proclaimed “experts”, having white skin alone makes you racist. This is no different from that Newsweek article about white babies being racist.

  • Glickstein44

    Got as far as “soon to be published in the journal “psychological science”…and that is as far as i needed to go to know who is funding and promoting this anti-White rubbish.

  • George White

    I’m not surprised by this study. Liberals tend to be pansies, for the most part.

  • NBY

    The conclusions appear flawed. The study equates racism with ‘breaking society’s rules’.

    What if a man lived in a nationalist society (like the U.S. before 1955)? ‘Breaking society’s rules’ would mean being a Marxist liberal.

    The men naturally in favor of multiculturalism are more often intellectually effeminate, and would not display high-testosterone characteristics.

    • Liberalsuck

      No sane man of any race would welcome becoming a minority, losing his power, and letting other races have his resources to use against him and his family.

  • Ralph

    I’ve been very happy since I’ve come out as a person who likes being White and who prefers to be around Whites and who doesn’t give a damn about anyone who is not White. Finally, I can be the person I was born to be and not have any pretenses.

  • Tom in MI

    This sounds like a modern version of phrenology.

  • NYB

    This documentary from Norway equates long skull shape with leadership.

  • Diamond_Lil

    So, based on the photos – girlie-men are not racists – got it.

  • IKantunderstand

    Are you f’ing kidding me? This was without a doubt the worst case study ever done in the history of the world. Seventy men? OOH, they are correlating face shape with racism, as expressed by Tea Party members? Those nice and polite White grandmas and grandpas and polite middle aged White taxpayers, those racists? Newsflash, University of Delaware: Why don’t you save all of us a lot of taxpayer money, and your time, by just coming out and saying what all this bogus science is leading to: ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACIST. Oh wait, that’s right, y’all have to string these pseudo studies together to maximize your traitorous pay from the White majority. Shakespeare, as it turns out was wrong, on at least one count. The academics should be first.

  • George

    It is well worth noting that most studies indicate that black men have higher testosterone levels than do whites, and Asiatics lower still.

    When black criminals’ pictures are posted on AmRen, they often seem to exhibit the very indicators suggested in this study.

    We know exactly what percentage of inter-racial crime is black-on-white.

    Could this, perhaps, be the proof needed to show just how dangerous blacks are?

    Incidentally, the link I provided shows that (a) the differential is statistically significant, and (b) genetic in origin.

  • freddy_hills

    Big bad whitey is at it again… oppressing sweet, innocent people of color with his testosterone and high fWHRs.

    The article fails to mention blacks have the highest testosterone and fWHRs of any race. Does that make them more racister than everyone else?

  • AutomaticSlim

    This article seems pretty absurd to me.
    What does the author mean when he says “expressed racists views”?
    Telling the truth?

    If facial features and testosterone/physical strength play into liberal vs. conservative views,
    then how would the author explain Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Robert DeNiro, and a large percentage of White guys in the NFL and NBA, like former Miami Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas, who allowed a black on the team to date and then marry his sister?

  • All the zionist squids are trying to sell ‘the problem’ that is is when a white male has testoserone! Amazing.

  • Andy

    I have some serious doubts about the “implicit association” tests. They tell me that I am a “high-grade non-homophobe” and entirely non-racist. It’s just a way for people to “identify” that elusive white racism.

  • rebelcelt

    A man with more testosterone is less scared of being physically attacked for his beliefs.

  • sbuffalonative
  • Hahahah..pop-science. Quack, quack ,…..

  • Fed Up

    Of course, intelligent people (those born with the ability to take in data, reason it out and think for themselves) are also likely to be “racist.” It might be noted the term “racist” is not necessarily an insult but the liberals’ way of expressing outrage at anyone who managed to slough off the liberal brainwashing received during their educational years. To see and assimilate facts. . . and realize that what they were “supposed to think” being an utter falsehood disseminated by liberal teachers and professors.

  • Glen

    This neanderthal is interested in Professor Eric Hehman’s facial Width-to-Height Ratio (fWHR). Let’s see:

    “In addition to [Eric] Hehman, authors on the study include doctoral students Jordan B. Leitner and Matthew P. Deegan and Prof. Samuel L. Gaertner, all of UD’s Department of Psychology.”

    Photo of Eric Hehman, here:

    and here:

    Hmmm, just as I thought!

    • Liebralsuck

      Of course, the leftist “white” males all look like pansy asses. The leftist “white” women are either fat, lesbians or have a chip on their shoulder because they never fit in or were bullied when they were young and haven’t gotten over it.

      • Andy

        I’d have to disagree with you there. Most liberals are normal people. Our country has spent the last fifty years brainwashing our people. People have to be reasonably smart, somewhat detached, and decently secure in themselves to doubt something held so sacred as racial sameness. And unless a specific experience causes them to think about race critically, their thoughts are likely to be elsewhere.

        And all the cool kids are liberals. 🙂

  • newscomments70

    Here is food for thought: alcohol signficantly lowers your testosterone. That is why some overweight males have female-looking breasts. This is called gynecomastia. It is caused by estrogen boosts brought on by high sugar intake. Age also is a factor, but it happens to young men as well. My point is, if you want to take your countries back, you must be strong. Deep sixing booze will increase your strength, virulity, and it will uncloud your mind.

  • JoePatriot12345

    Ok, so this is ‘science’, but if we dare look at a mans face, notice that he is black, and then are more likely to believe that person is a violent threat, and based on statistics are right, well this isn’t real.

    Ok whatever.

  • Truthteller

    The majority of Whites, especially White men are gentically racist.

    • Andy

      All races are genetically racist. The closer your biological relation to a living thing the stronger your natural tendency to care for it. I love my nephews more than other children, not because I rationally think they are superior, but because I’m hard-wired to do so. I feel a stronger attachment when I see white children than black children because I am more closely related to them. My gut instincts tell me to choose a human over a monkey, a monkey over a rat, and a rat over a snake.

    • Andy

      Or, to use a *marvelously* logical liberal argument: “I was born this way, God makes no mistakes, I’m on the right track, baby, I was born this way.”

    • Intrepid

      Especially white men? That’s stupid. What about white women do you think would be – less – racist?

  • anarchyst

    What is (mis)perceived as “racism” is actually racial self-interest in action and is natural and healthy for ALL races. The sad part is that all other races are encouraged to promote their “cultural pride” except us white males who are expected to bury ours. To other races’ chagrin, a white awakening IS taking place.

  • Token Finn

    Masculine men dare say what others think. Only strong men are capable of withstanding the dangerous chimp out that inevitably occurs when a spade is called by name,

  • Fr. John+

    OK, this is so duplicitous on soooo many levels. First, why only two WHITE subjects? Isn’t it a known fact that Black males have, by far, the greatest testosterone of all racial groups? Why are we stigmatizing only MALES? What about ‘butch’ lesbians? Ok, ok, that was a little ‘fey’ for inclusion, I’ll admit. But isn’t the lumping of one group an overt sign of ‘racism’? Or are only Whites up for being called, named, blamed as racists? Oh yeah, I forgot. “Tolerance and inclusivity’ only apply if you are non-White, or non-heterosexual.

  • Orion_Blue

    My only question is, why did they only look at white males? Are there no racist white females, or no racist black males or for that matter, no racist black females? I find this all very confusing, I must say!

  • Joe WEbb

    “When it came to these implicit expressions of prejudice, they had no correlation with a person’s face shape.” So, the wimpier males are no less perceptive than the stronger faces, they just have less willingness to get in someone’s face…less testosterone.

    Male Conservatives probably have wider faces than Democrats. What about women and their faces? Is there an intelligence difference in wide v. narrow faces?

    It is possible that overall the more intelligent folks, men and women, are more liberal than the less intelligent. The difference is probably not great. But more intelligent folks go to college where they receive massive doses of propaganda.

    It would also be interesting to test “neuroticism” between racialists and anti-racists. I suspect that the high testosterone types are less neurotic. Which is why so many racialists just laugh , rather than argue with fools.

  • Hal K

    Tim Wise and Mark Potok both appear to have exceptionally high fWHRs.

  • tgb

    you mean men might actually act like men? oh the horrors…next women might act like women,it’s a slippery slope.

  • tgb

    I don’t mean it in a bad way. I wouldn’t hold my breath for some effeminate low testosterone level sissy to save me from an African attacker