Exercise’s Anti-Cancer Benefits Vary by Race

Nick Tate, Newsmax, February 12, 2013

White men benefit more from exercise than blacks, when it comes to reducing the risk of developing prostate cancer, according to the findings of a surprising new study.

The research, published online in the American Cancer Society journal Cancer, found working out can markedly cut white men’s prostate cancer risks and the odds that they’ll contract more serious forms of the disease. But the results showed the benefits don’t to apply to African-American men, which may explain the racial disparity in prostate cancer between blacks and whites.

“These findings that African-American men may not benefit from exercise the way Caucasian men do could be a contributor to why . . . race is a risk factor for prostate cancer and aggressive prostate cancer,” said lead researcher Lionel L. Bañez, M.D., of the Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center. “Further studies are needed to investigate the mechanism behind this racial disparity in deriving cancer-related benefits from exercise which disfavors African-American men.”


Among whites, the results showed men who were moderately or highly active were 53 percent less likely to have biopsy results indicating they had prostate cancer, compared with men who were sedentary or mildly active. But among black men, there was no association between exercise levels and prostate cancer rates.

The results also showed that among men with cancer, those who exercised had a 13 percent reduced risk of having more aggressive tumors that were likely to grow and spread quickly. But researchers said that association was far more pronounced among whites than blacks.

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  • JackKrak

    Exercise be raciss……..

    • jtrsjtrs


      • wheres my comment you piece of


        • The__Bobster

          Your time is about up, troll.

  • Tom Iron

    For the most part, blacks have a short window of physical health. By their mid-twenties, they’re showing the first signs of wear and tear. Whereas, the Whites and Orientals don’t start that downward spiral for the most part until their mid to late thirties.

    • Morris Thecat

      The decline starts at age 40 for whites. Exercise can delay much of it for ten to twenty years. One very important method of delaying or slowing the decline is maintaining youthful levels of mitochondria in one’s cells. High intensity exercises such as weight lifting stimulate biogenesis of mitochondria. Supplements such as epicatechin, and acetyl-l-carnitine also help maintain youth by maintaining the mitochondria and causing the numbers of mitochondria to increase.


      • Gereng

        I am a few months away from 80 and I exercise every day with weights. Plus frequent walks of about 30 to 40 minutes duration. My weight is exactly what it was when I left the Marine Corps in 1958. I have no health issues, except some hearing loss. It must be the white rassist evil in me.

        • Richard from Vancouver

          You’re an inspiration to us all, Gereng! Thanks for sharing your health story.

        • Tom Iron

          It must be the white rassist evil in me.
          I must disagree Sir, It’s the Corps in you – SEMPER FI…

          • Gereng

            My Marine Corps org is still going. Marine Embassy Guard Association We still get together once a yr for a 3 or 4 day renion. This yr it is in Nashville.

        • Morris Thecat

          I salute you!

          • Gereng

            No need for a salute, but thank you. It was an honor to serve in the Marine Corps with men I admired and respected and a Corps that has been on the nation’s front line in every conflict. I do not agree with the strategy of non-stop warfare, seemingly everywhere…I remain a steadfast patriot and supporter of my service. Like everyone else I just wish we had smarter and better men leading from behind their desks in DC.

      • MarcusTrajanus

        Is there any evidence for that claim, or are you just trying to sell these supplements?

        • Morris Thecat

          do a search for yourself. There are plenty of pages that mention the studies that have been done. BTW, at present, there is no epicatechin supplement being sold. You need to eat dark, unsweetened chocolate. There are other studies that show that a ketogenic state also produces mitochondrial biogenesis- which is why fasting is so beneficial. Fasting not only stimulates biogenesis, it also promotes mitochondrial “uncoupling”. When eating a diet with carbs, your mitochondria produce ATP, which the cell uses for energy. When uncoupling happens, the mitochondria do not produce ATP but instead generate heat. This could be a source for the “metabolic advantage” that Dr. Atkins spoke about. When uncoupling occurs, respiration increases, at least in mice that are studied. They are burning up more fat just sitting still. When in Ketosis the mitochondria will burn ketone bodies, or fat. Eating unsweetened dark chocolate is not pleasant, but it is almost all fat. it does not disturb ketosis ,it does not provide enough carbs. Ketosis is a desirable state as far as longevity is concerned.

          No one can make a profit off of fasting, and chocolate is not being sold as a supplement. As for Acetyl-L-Carnitine, it is sold as a supplement,and it is best to take it with alpha lippoic acid-an antioxidant. There could indeed be a synergistic effect by combining Ketosis, epicatechin, Acetyl-l-carnitine and high intensity exercise. My one suggestion is that you also make sure you get enough magnesium, as most people are deficient in it.

          • rebelcelt

            I have noticed that when i fast for 3 days or so i feel like i have worked out. My breathing is stronger and i have more energy. So that is why!

  • Oil Can Harry

    Cancer be racist. It don’t be affecting da white boyz who be exercisin’.

    Dass white skin priv’lege! RIP Trayvon and Chris Dorner.

    • The__Bobster

      Yes, cancer be razzist, even though libtards insist there’s no such thing as race.


      • JohnEngelman

        There is no such thing as race until it is time to lower standards to admit more members of a certain non race whose low test scores are caused by white racism.

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  • JDInSanDiego

    Blacks facing cancer benefit from whites.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Blacks having cancer benefits whites.

  • Veritas_lux_mea

    Blacks’ worse health outcomes are mostly due to their own behavior, in that on average they eat worse, exercise less, have higher rates of obesity, sleep around more without protection etc. But for blacks in America and Europe, I also think it could have something to do with evolutionary biology. Lighter skin pigmentation obviously imparts some sort of an evolutionary advantage at northern latitudes (i.e. it made people healthier). Otherwise Europeans and Northeast Asians wouldn’t have developed it. Of course when Tim the Wise came and spoke at my med school, none of these things were allowed to be discussed. According to him (and those who set public policy), there’s absolutely no possible way racial health disparities can be explained by anything other than racism.

  • red_skull001

    Blacks respond differently because whites and blacks are not the same.

  • Token Finn

    Because supremacists don’t take kindly to the skin colour of african prostates.

  • Morris Thecat

    This must be why blacks don’t work- they instinctively know physical exertion does not benefit them

  • MarcusTrajanus

    Don’t these racist cancer cells know race is just a social construct without any biological basis at all?

  • Tired

    It is no surprise that different races will have to deal with the same illness differently. Biologically, we are different. This is a fact. I am curious what kind of health problems mixed race children will face in the future… I imagine more than we expect.

    • IstvanIN

      Latin America is a stew pot that might give us a hint.

  • Intrepid

    Prostate growth is driven by the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. So, the more testosterone a male has, the more at risk he is for BPH and prostate cancer. If black men on average have a greater amount of testosterone than white men, then it means they likely have higher rates of prostate cancer compared to white men, which is true. Exercise would then appear to have less benefit on black rates of prostate cancer, because they’re more susceptible to it anyways.

  • Art D

    This is but an aspect of how in recent years medicine has had realism pushed right against its
    professional nose, as it were. One of the early seminal commentaries about the profiling of
    biological differences vis a vis medical needs ( disease incidence, medication thresholds, etc) was by brilliant Sally Satel, M.D. . A review of the publications reveals several from the PC ward advocating prohibition of research along these lines. The war against realism in this
    domain is starkly revealing of the PC lunacy.

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