Wanted: ‘Adventurous Woman’ to Give Birth to Neanderthal Man—Harvard Professor Seeks Mother for Cloned Cave Baby

Allan Hall and Fiona Macrae, Daily Mail (London), January 21, 2013

They’re usually thought of as a brutish, primitive species.

So what woman would want to give birth to a Neanderthal baby?

Yet this incredible scenario is the plan of one of the world’s leading geneticists, who is seeking a volunteer to help bring man’s long-extinct close relative back to life.

Professor George Church of Harvard Medical School believes he can reconstruct Neanderthal DNA and resurrect the species which became extinct 33,000 years ago.

His scheme is reminiscent of Jurassic Park but, while in the film dinosaurs were created in a laboratory, Professor Church’s ambitious plan requires a human volunteer.

He said his analysis of Neanderthal genetic code using samples from bones is complete enough to reconstruct their DNA.

He said: ‘Now I need an adventurous female human.

‘It depends on a hell of a lot of things, but I think it can be done.’

Professor Church’s plan would begin by artificially creating Neanderthal DNA based on genetic code found in fossil remains. He would put this DNA into stem cells.

These would be injected into cells from a human embryo in the early stages of life.

It is thought that the stem cells would steer the development of the hybrid embryo on Neanderthal lines, rather than human ones.

After growing in the lab for a few days, the ‘neo-Neanderthal’ embryo would be implanted in the womb of a surrogate mother – the volunteer. Professor Church, 58, is a pioneer in synthetic biology who helped initiate the Human Genome Project that mapped our DNA.

He says Neanderthals were not the lumbering brutes of the  stereotype, but highly intelligent. Their brains were roughly the same size as man’s, and they made primitive tools.

He believes his project could  benefit mankind.

He told German magazine Der Spiegel: ‘Neanderthals might think differently than we do. They could even be more intelligent than us.

‘When the time comes to deal with an epidemic or getting off the planet, it’s conceivable that their way of thinking could be beneficial.’

Scientists say that his plan is theoretically possible, although in Britain, like most countries, human reproductive cloning is a criminal offence.

But Professor Church’s proposal is so cutting-edge that it may not be covered by existing laws.

However, experts worry that neo-Neanderthals might lack the immunity to modern diseases to survive, and some fear that the process might lead to deformity.

There is also uncertainty over how they would fit into today’s world. Bioethicist Bernard Rollin of Colorado State University said: ‘I don’t think it’s fair to put people… into a circumstance where they are going to be mocked and possibly feared.’

In a scathing reaction, Philippa Taylor of the Christian Medical Fellowship said: ‘It is hard to know where to begin with the ethical and safety concerns.’

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  • Robert Binion

    This coupling would be unnecessary if the art of distillation had been perfected earlier.

    • Hal K

      What coupling?

      • Robert Binion

        OK, call me “romantic.” Cellular modification of the human embryo should occur naturally in the presence of wine and song. I am resolute about this.

  • Angry White Woman

    I read a novel about this once. It ended…badly. Logically, it would. There is a reason nature rejected that evolutionary trend.

  • storibund

    Somehow Prof. Church’s money quote didn’t get included here:

    “They could maybe even create a new neo-Neanderthal culture and become a
    political force. The main goal is to increase diversity. The one thing
    that is bad for society is low diversity.”


    Think about *that* one for a while.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      That quote was included in the Telegraph article here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/9814620/I-can-create-Neanderthal-baby-I-just-need-willing-woman.html and it’s being discussed over at VFR. It’s so over-the-top that I’m beginning to think that this entire story is a prank.

      • Nathanwartooth

        A professional openly mocking diversity?

        Too good to be true.

      • StillModerated

        I sincerely hope the Daily Mail is not so easily taken in. CNN and MSNBC on the other hand ….

      • Sam

        The entire idea is obviously contrary to all medical and human research ethics and would never be approved by any university human research approval boards. That’s indicator #1 that this article is a prank. DNA that’s 30,000 years old is probably unusable. That’s indicator #2. And that quote is so over the top that this has be a prank. We’ve been punked.

    • K..

      What if the Neanderthals turned out to be extremely hard-working, responsible people with zero patience for slackers and criminals, and were quite aggressive at permanently removing such individuals from society? What would the professor and the rest of the ‘diversity’ crowd do then? Oh dear!

      • Michael_C_Scott

        We already know from fossils that neanderthals recovered from serious bone breaks, which means they cared for their injured, and we also know they buried their own dead.

        • Daisy

          And made cave drawings and ‘art.’

  • We’ve still got homo erectus with us, so why not bring back neanderthals?

    • Ggggg

      I worry they’d wipe US out. If a bit of neaderthal dna is really all that separates us from bantus – a big if, for sure – the right what would that REALY mean?

      • Anglokraut

        If your equation of Africans + Neanderthals = Caucasian is true, it would mean I owe my devout ex-boyfriend an apology,as the proof of the existence of a god will have been found.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Or that Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny are all alive and well.

    • Les

      And to top it off why not BLACK neanderthals?
      The only problem is within a few years these neanderthals will be leaving the blacks behind just as everyone else has done.

  • The__Bobster

    Heidi Klum should volunteer. She has experience giving birth to primitive creatures.

    • IstvanIN

      And the Khardashians!

    • OlderWoman

      ding, ding, we have a winner.

    • bigone4u

      And Angelina Jolie could adopt one.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Several problems would obtain there: 1. A neanderthal would never be ugly enough. 2. Nobody deserves Jolie as his or her adopted mother. 3. Children – even from Africa – are not fashion accessories.

  • The__Bobster

    There is also uncertainty over how they would fit into today’s world.

    I saw the TV show. It didn’t turn out well. Neither did the TV show.

  • Dude

    Cloning shouldn’t be illegal. I’d like to clone old SS members. We’ll need such people in time to come.

  • Jaego

    They were far stronger and smarter than Whites today. We need more of this genotype. If it works, it should be implemented on a mass scale.

    • veritas_lux_mea

      They certainly were smarter than white liberals. If humans had been liberals 40,000 years ago, we would have allowed the Neanderthals to settle all our lands, gave them the best hunting grounds, and allowed them to out-breed and supplant us. We would have gone extinct, not them.

      • Bingo

        And that seems to be just what the neanderthal did. I is this the source of white pathology? What if they really are stronger, and smarter, and and more empathetic?

  • potato78

    Please Check this out with photo.

    Wanted: ‘Adventurous woman’ to give birth to Neanderthal man – Harvard professor seeks mother for cloned cave baby

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2265402/Adventurous-human-woman-wanted-birth-Neanderthal-man-Harvard-professor.html#ixzz2If28thsU

  • “They’re usually thought of as a brutish, primitive species. So what woman would want to give birth to a Neanderthal baby?”

    Considering today’s attitudes, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. But the males of certain ethnic groups would probably oppose this experiment because it would create unwanted competition for white females.


  • JohnEngelman

    Neanderthal brains were larger than the brains of the Cro Magnons who displaced them, but their brains were shaped differently. The parts that were larger than those of modern humans were parts determining coordination and reflexes. The frontal lobes, which determine conscious thought, were smaller.

    The Neanderthals had a smaller stone tool kid than the Cro Magnons. Unlike the Cro Magnons they did not seem to practice trade or plan for the future. These characteristics indicate lower intelligence.

    Even if Cro Magnons could be re created their IQs would be toward the left end of the bell curve. Triple digit IQs only began to evolve with the evolutionary pressures of urban civilization.

    This would be a fascinating experiment. I hope it is carried out. I hope it is successful.

    • K..

      The areas of their brains dealing with coordination and reflexes were bigger than ours? I bet they’d make awesome basketball and football players. Then blacks would have to create new civil rights legislation to keep the Cro-Mags from pushing them off sports teams, and so forth..

      • JohnEngelman

        Actually, it would be the Neanderthals that would push blacks off the sports teams. The blacks would complain that they were being discriminated against, and they would demand affirmative action policies.

        The skeletons of Neanderthals indicate that they were much stronger than modern humans. With superior strength, coordination, and reflexes they would make excellent boxers, football players, and baseball players. They would probably be good at basketball too, although they were shorter than modern humans.

        Because of their lower intelligence they would have had to listen carefully to their corner men and coaches.

        Superior strength might be considered an advantage in competing with the Cro Magnons. However, it required more calories and protein to sustain it, and made the Neanderthals more vulnerable to starvation. During human evolution there has been a tendency toward more intelligence and less strength.

    • Daisy

      They supposedly had similar *capacity* for language conceptually but neanderthals’ voice boxes were significantly higher up in their throats; they lacked the ability to make vowel sounds and the deficit severely limited verbal execution and communication. They also had metabolisms that were much higher, required like 3 times the amount of calories, but made tools that were less efficient.

    • David Ashton

      I do not. I think this is immoral in principle.
      Voluntary eugenics yes. Resurrecting hominids no.

      • JohnEngelman

        If scientists can recreate a Neanderthal, they can recreate a mastodon. Intact mastodon’s have been found in permafrost. Recreating a mastodon would give them skills and knowledge they could use later in recreating a Neanderthal.

        An unskillful recreation of a Neanderthal could create one with serious genetic problems.

  • Willowville

    “Into a stem-cell.” In other words, sacrifice an embryo for some wierd Frankenstein experiment. This stuff should be banned.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      That’s not necessary. Advances have been made that allow stem cells to be recovered from placental fluids. I believe returning normal tissue to stem cell nature has been done recently as well.

  • whiteyyyyy

    Forget the ethics, i just want to see what the baby pictures would look like. Make a few of them, if it does’nt work out they can always work for the govt when they grow up.

  • Dave4088

    I hope the professor pulls this off as there would be plenty of white women willing to throw themselves at this Neanderthal (assuming it’s a male) to prove how hip and progressive they are. There could even be a reality show called “Who wants to marry a Neanderthal” and I’m sure there would be hundreds of thousands of willing white female contestants.

    • soyer5

      You know something. Of all women who race mix, white women are the least likely to race mix. And when it comes to marriage there is almost zero difference in the percentage of white men who race mix and white women who race mix. The reason I’m explaining this is because your comment can easily be taken as an attack against all white females and that is just one thing that will make them close their minds to our views and rebel anyway they can. The media misses no opportunity to rub images of white women with black men in the faces of white men but actually white females who race mix are much more likely to mix with a Hispanic man than a black, but we don’t here about that nearly as often because it is not used as an in your face weapon against white men. Even so there are about the same number of white men betraying their race with Hispanic women as there are white women with Hispanic men.

      Our enemies want us to think that white women are stupid ape worshipers to make us angry and hateful which will further divide our race. At the same time they want white women to read things like what your posted and think that white men are hypocrites who sleep with Asians and Hispanics and then shame them for sleeping with anything that is not a white male. If you look at marriage statistics by race you can see that while many white females may date a black or Hispanic, most of them eventually learn that they are not suitable husbands or fathers. If we’re going to condemn white race mixers we need to also recognize those who are not race mixing or else we are driving people, especially women away from this movement.

      • Fredrik_H

        Great comment!

      • Dave4088

        I’m aware of your argument, but when white women do race mix they invariably choose the simian black man who’s arguably less advanced than a Neanderthal. What’s worse is that there are so few white women condemning the practice and some I’ve encountered are downright defiant in their defense of those women to choose a mate of any race. Also, stats don’t tell the whole story and there are many white females in the 17-24 age range who’ve dated or are dating black men. Stats may be one thing but my eyes and life experience are quite another.

        For the record I’m just as hard on white men when the subject comes up, but at least they aren’t bedding down with black women when they cross racial lines.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Most white women may not be ape-lovers, but they certainly were overrepresented among the Obama voters.

    • josh

      What about those Geico ads with the caveman? Always with the race mixing!!

  • He told German magazine Der Spiegel: ‘Neanderthals might think differently than we do. They could even be more intelligent than us.

    The guy is a f’ing idiot if he truly believes this.

    ‘When the time comes to deal with an epidemic or getting off the planet, it’s conceivable that their way of thinking could be beneficial.’

    Or it’s more probable that the creature will have no natural defense against 21st century diseases. So is he going to live in a bubble-boy jail cell?

    What are they going to do with if it does survive the first few years, and when it proves to be less intelligent than a sub-saharan african? And more prone to violence than an african-american?

    And what if it proves to be sterile? Because you know this sick f–k won’t be able to resist getting a sample ….

  • bigone4u

    I sent Amren the link to this article, although perhaps others did too. Anyway, when I read it the first thing I thought of was how long the professors and politicians would take before touting the wonderful benefits of mass immigration of the “Neanderthal community” to the USA. The usual plans would play out: affirmative action plans for Neanderthals, get out the Neaderthal vote campaigns, section 8 housing, job training, the liberal nonsense-spouting Neanderthal anchorperson on the evening news, magic Neanderthal heros in Hollywood movies and TV … oh wait, I forgot. Neaderthals are white. Never mind.

    • Yes, but suppose Neanderthals don’t need affirmative action. Suppose it turns out that they have a talent for science and love classical music. Perhaps humans might eventually lose in this evolutionary do-over.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        That’s OK as well.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Technology, including genetic engineering, appears to be advancing at an exponential rate, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if this scenario becomes feasible sooner than we think.

  • StillModerated

    I hope it will be a very successful cloning. Coaling all mudsharks!

  • Jaego

    I remind you all that the Higher Races have a good increment of Neanderthal Genes. The lower ones such as the Negro do not.

    • aj

      I am unconvinced that they were a lower species. Look who is most “successful” at breeding in our modern times. Homo Sapiens could have simply been stronger and more aggressive.

      • Daisy

        Jaego’s wrong, whites don’t have a ‘good’ increment of their genes; the amount or percentage is actually extremely small and statistically irrelevant, nor even present in all whites. Most anthropologists think that homo sapiens abducted some neanderthal females and quickly lost interest, as the races were truly distinct and h.s. didn’t find neanderthal females desirable. That’s why there’s a trace amount of DNA intersection but nothing approaching ‘good.’

        • Michael_C_Scott


          The neanderthal DNA in modern non-Africans is never on the Y-chromosome, but there is a mitochrondrial neanderthal component. It is possible that cross-fertility worked only one way, or that human men were simply not strong enough to force themselves onto neanderthal women.

          • Daisy

            Are you asserting that I’m wrong about the amount of neanderthal DNA in human DNA or about how it got there? I’m pretty sure I’m right about the amount; the scenario I submitted explaining how it entered the human genome is only one *theory* I’ve read. You seem to be suggesting that it was neanderthal men who did it with human females. What do you think the likelihood was that a species we so out-smarted and competed would be able to capture our females? And if they had yet the neanderthals died out then how would that theory explain why some of their DNA survived in *our* gene pool?

          • Michael_C_Scott

            I am not merely “suggesting” that neanderthal men did it with human females, but plainly stating that the DNA evidence not only proves this but shows also that it was close to a one-way street.

          • Daisy

            So do you have a cultural anthropological or sociobiological explanation/theory for how this went down? I suppose one is that human females got captured or raped by neanderthal males and then were reunited with their own group. Their children then could have been accepted and the DNA passed down, with each successive generation possessing fewer neanderthal traits. I don’t know enough about the accuracy of the mitochondrial DNA so who knows. I do know that playing games with statistics makes little sense.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            There is little explanation from the dead, who’s mouths are too full of dirt, and even less from those who leave no writing behind, so you and I have only guesswork about this aspect of neanderthal social practices.

            When I started posting to AmRen, the comparative anatomists were all saying that humans had multiple origins – even Orientals and Europeans share DIFFERENT archaic nonhuman traits, but the DNA guys said “no”. Now the DNA guys are admitting they were wrong.

            My best friend from high school is built like a gorilla. He’s white and very smart, with blue eyes and balding brown – going to grey – hair, but he looks exactly like a 350-pound shaved silverback gorilla with a human face and longer legs. He works as an IT database manager and has a human daughter who is as smart as he is, but who is also prone to “bigness”.

            I once saw him get out of his car after someone road-raged and followed us into a supermarket parking lot. Everyone got out of their respective vehicles, and then almost everyone ran back into said vehicles.

            I suspect that as “people” we constitute a related set of species and subspecies who never really finished differentiating from each other.

          • Daisy

            I learned in a very superficial study of evolution that body type had more to do with topography than geography. For eg. people like the Somalians who come from the desert tend to have long skinny bodies that release heat better; those who evolved in mountainous regions often have shorter, denser bodies that conserve heat better. I have always wondered why the Europeans, especially northern or what I term ‘indigenous’ people, tend to be taller, more square-bodied, etc., than, say, many mediterraneans or asians.

            My people’s fairness seems to offer an obvious advantage in colder, darker Europe as our skin absorbs Vitamin D so much more efficiently. Some things that happen culturally or biologically don’t have a linear reason.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            But like a *gorilla*?

          • 4% is irrelevant when it comes to culture or phenotype. It’s just there in the background. As for the drunk driving comment, I already assume that percentage or more are drunk at night. I’m always on guard.

    • JohnEngelman

      The first generation result of a Neanderthal – Cro Magnon union would have been less intelligent than a Cro Magnon. My guess is that most of these were killed or abandoned. Those that survived merged their genes with Cro Magnon genes.

      Some of the Neanderthal genes were beneficial. Most were not. Over time individuals with the beneficial genes survived and reproduced. Individuals with the harmful genes did not.

      It was only with the development of agriculture and urban civilization that the ancestors of whites and Orientals began to develop superior intelligence to the ancestors of Negroes. Until then evolution was moving faster in Africa because there were more humans there and a large gene poll is likely to evolve faster than a small gene pool.

    • fenway23

      Preliminary data shows that while all modern non-Negroids have some Neanderthal ancesrtry, it is Europeans and especially the Tuscans of Central Italy who have it the most. The non-Negroid population said to have the lowest amount of Neaderthals DNA is the Han Chinese.

  • Bob

    Advances in genetics has shown that non-African populations have from 1% to 5% Neanderthal DNA. The Neanderthals had bigger brains that we do (although more in the visual areas) and it’s also been found they had red and blond hair.

    • whitepony87

      Don’t quote me on this, but I read somewhere that they made crude musical instruments such as flutes. If they actually created music then they are far from savages in my mind.

      • Anglokraut

        That is completely possible; the flute family is one of the oldest instrument families in the world, along with percussive and stringed. As a player of nearly twenty years, it’s also a very fun instrument that is easy to learn.

    • Daisy

      As a redheaded human I feel the need to point out that their gene for red hair was different from ours.

      • Angry White Woman

        From another redhead, Thank you!

      • Bob

        I’m well aware of that. Still, Neanderthals had blond and red hair. They were not some subhuman dark-skinned race. They were different from us, but they were more advanced than blacks.

  • Dieversity

    “The one thing that is bad for society is low diversity.”

    Is it wrong to wish that Hell is a real place?

    • Hell is a real place. You’ll find it wherever the champions of diversity have succeeded. South Africa, Dee-troit, LA, Baltimore, Atlanta…

    • Fredrik_H

      Actually it is a small town in Norway.

  • Triarius

    I am going to laugh my butt off in 20 years when the headlines read “African American Kids Falling Behind Neanderthal Kids in the Classroom”.

    • LastBastionOfHope

      Clearly the reason is that the tests are made by Neanderthals, not because of the IQ difference! Besides, Neanderthals are racist towards blacks…it’s mean.

    • josh

      And the neanderthal will not take any guff from the blacketty blacks:They will whip they ASS!!

  • I’m calling ‘hoax’.

  • whitepony87

    I think they should do it. I am all for it. Resurrect any extinct thing that you possibly can. Just don’t let it get loose.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I would never have the heart to imprison a Neanderthal child, nor experiment upon it, or even try to explain how he or she is the last of an ancient subspecies. The problem is that such a child should probably would be wanted, would “fit in” rather well, aside from being a bit ugly, and if a bit good at moving furniture, be accepted in society so long as it did not set cats on fire.

      • whitepony87

        For some reason I think a Neanderthal child would fit into our society more than some other certain types of people do, not mentioning names of course.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I would also like to see this done with mammoths. We could use elephants as the surrogate mothers.

          • whitepony87

            I agree 100%, it would be fascinating to see long extinct creatures in the flesh. Just not the dinosaurs, we all saw Jurassic Park.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            The dinosaurs are not extinct. They’re birds now, but the South American hoatzin chick has usable fore claws. They use these to climb away from snakes in tree branches. Their arms later develop into wings.

            I have a small skull collection, the two that always sit side-by side are Velociraptor mongoliensis and Teratornis meriami. They are both museum quality, there’s no difference in size, and little difference in structure. One has teeth and the other has a hooked beak.

          • whitepony87

            How did you get a raptor skull?

  • Aaron

    “They’re usually thought of as a brutish, primitive species. So what woman would want to give birth to a[…]?”

    Well, that hasn’t stopped them for the past few decades.

  • Look at the picture in the original story. If you shaved him and dressed him up in a $100 polyester suit, you could pass him off as Alan Dershowitz’s good-looking younger brother.

  • Kaffirsmasher

    It’s wrong for several reasons. They died out once for a reason for one – maybe they couldn’t cut it in a modern environment? Also from an evolutionary/nationalistic viewpoint – the world is already struggling with so many races already, why re-introduce another one? We also need to consider whether Neanderthal genes are “dark” or might have tendencies toward violence – we don’t need more of that, and we DEFINITELY don’t need any more liberal white women mixing with dark genes.

    • whitepony87

      I’m pretty sure they weren’t dark, considering the fact that we are 1 to 5% Neanderthal ourselves. Blacks are actually the only group that do not have any of their genes whatsoever.

  • Fredrik_H

    There’s probably some PC group somewhere rubbing their hands together with glee at the prospect of yet another “protected” minority.

  • kjh64

    I went to Wal-mart recently. I think the “woman-giving-birth-to-a Neanderthal” thing has already been done, LOL.

    • whitepony87

      The only difference is that the creation of these Neanderthals would be beneficial in some way. The one you saw at Walmart is probably damn near useless, except for maybe filling up a future vacant prison cell when it turns 18.

  • As though we don’t have enough primitive, barbaric people running wild in our schools and in the streets. Wait…..on second thought, a Neanderthal man will be an improvement.

  • whitepony87

    If they really clone one of these things I want to wait until it grows up and then fight it. Not to the death or anything. I’ll shake it’s hand afterwards. I just got to know if I could take it.

    • Peter Lamoureux

      Maybe they could breed a group of them to play in the NFL.

      • whitepony87

        Hey I thought they did that already…

    • Michael_C_Scott

      We know enough about their bone density and muscle mass that you wouldn’t be able to. Also, why would you want to? If neanderthals are not people, you would be beating on a non-food animal, which is wrong except in cases of defense of self, family, home or food crops. If they are people, you would be beating on someone with whom the time might be better spent going fishing.

      • whitepony87

        More along the lines of a joke, but hey, I think I could take one. Maybe they can turn it into a pay-per-view type of match and I can make some money off this. Come check out the country white guy vs the cave man live. Two endangered species, but only room in this ring for one. $29.95!

  • scutum

    Why not? We already have homo-erectus running loose in all of our large cities.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Surely you mean “Bongopithicus oogabooga”.

  • Lou Jones

    Michelle Robinson Obama is my nominee. (They call it “The First Family” don’t they?)


    very scarey

    • Michael_C_Scott

      If I were a woman and 20 years younger, I would do it. I would also insist on keeping the child.

      • Daisy

        Uh, Mike, do you really want to squeeze out of your imaginary vagina a neanderthal infant’s cranium…?

        They always say if men had babies the species would die out.

        On the serious side, women died at an almost 50% rate of overall childbirths before the 20th century, so I’m thinking human women would have survived delivering their neaderthal half breed kids at a pretty low rate…

  • Max

    I have to agree with the person suggesting the race traitor Heidi Klum.
    But don’t LaTeesha, Moniqa, and her crowd do this all the time?

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Now Church is claiming he was mistranslated by Der Spiegel: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/no-harvard-geneticist-not-trying-clone-neanderthal-baby-213859546.html I still believe it was a prank.

  • Ella

    At least from Anthropological research, I thought European descent people have like 1-3% Neanderthal genetic material currently in our genotypes. They did no go fully extinct as theorized. I can imagine trying to get this past an ethics committee, LOL!