Video: Maniac Cop Knees Kid in Head, Screams “Move So I Can Kick Your Ass and F*** You Up”

Steve Watson, Infowars, November 26, 2012

A disturbing video of an arrest that took place in Hurst, Texas shows a deranged police officer sprinting into a park and thrusting a knee into the back of a teenager’s head, then screaming “move and die” repeatedly, before identifying himself on camera.

The video commences with the kid being held on the ground by another officer as he states “you just won’t leave me alone and let me call my mom.”

The officer calls for back up claiming that the kid is resisting arrest, then puts him in a headlock, and says “this is not going to work out for you buddy.”

As the kid complains that he can’t breathe, the officer appears to have the situation under control, and convinces the kid to lay face down and put his hands behind his back.

Then another officer comes tearing in from out of shot and throws his knee into the kid’s head.

“MOVE AND DIE. MOVE AND F***ING DIE. YOU GONNA MOVE AGAIN? F***ING MOVE AGAIN. F***ING MOVE AGAIN.” the cop yells, before also yelling at the person videoing the incident.

“MOVE SO I CAN KICK YOUR ASS. MOVE SO I CAN F*** YOU UP… Give me a reason to f*** you up” the officer states.

“When the police are talking to you, you be quiet and shut up.” the cop yells while slapping the kid on the back of the head.

The cop then admits that he “sure did” knee the kid in the back of the head before marching up to the camera and yelling his name and badge number.


The officer then yells “blink wrong”, repeatedly as he escorts the kid to the patrol car.

In response to the video and multiple comments posted to its Facebook page, The Hurst Police Department posted the following statement on Saturday:

REGARDING THE VIDEO—Obviously, this is not behavior that the City of Hurst and the Hurst Police Department promotes or condones in any way. We strive to build a stronger, safer community through our work around the city and will continue to do so through appropriate action. The incident is being investigated internally.

Local news reports on the incident identified the kid as seventeen year old Andrew Rodriguez, who was charged with resisting arrest and spent three days in jail.

The officer has been identified as Disraeli Arnold, a 4-year-veteran of the department. He has been placed on administrative leave.



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  • Michael_C_Scott

    Will someone please shoot this cop?

  • A multiracial individual

    If this behavior disgusts you, then it should discuss you if the races were reversed right?

    • A multiracial individual


      • So CAL Snowman

        What race do you primarily identify with, multiracial individual?

        • indoctrination_FAIL

          Ditto to So CAL snowman, Mr. “Multiracial”. Step up, pal. Please enlighten us with your, uh, wisdom. We’re all ears.

          • A multiracial individual

            If you approve of policemen thrashing troublemakers, and have a small sense of fairplay, you will not switch sides at convenience.

          • Morris Thecat

            we approve of policemen safeguarding the public. Whites are safer when there aren’t negroes around. Most negroes in white neighborhoods are there to cause trouble or they are casing the area to find places to cause trouble in the future. I am concerned with what protects my people. Don’t talk to us about switching sides for convenience. Negroes ALWAYS side with the black perpetrators, so they believe justice depends on race.

          • A Multiracial Individual

            I never said Black people do not consider race over everything. However, it is a bit amusing to me if people get infuriated by this behavior in others, while they themselves practice it.

    • Bill

      Nah, if the races were reversed the kid probably deserved it. Mouthy and attitude characterize the entire black race. Black cops very often abuse their positions just as blacks do in ANY position or authority or responsibility and it’s usual very racial when they do. What’s the most famous “abuse” done by white cops? Birmingham. And it turns out they were RIGHT to want to keep blacks under control and out of their town, doesn’t it? Well, maybe YOU’D disagree. But more whites are seeing the elephant in the room all the time.

      • Not Politcally Correct

        Wrong. White cops are more likely to abuse their power than Black cops. Male cops are more likely to abuse thier power than female cops.

        • Link please for verification that shows the statistics for your claim that white cops are more likely to abuse their power than black cops. You REALLY expect us to believe that white cops are more corrupt/abusive than black cops?. Check out the behavior of black cops in NOLO before/after hurricane Katrina!. Provide a verifiable link or please quit making such absurd claims.

        • Morris Thecat

          Wrong, black people abuse any little amount of power they get.

          • Not Politcally Correct

            You are being intellectually dishonest.

      • Vijay Prozak

        Wow, you are one big dicksucker, Bill! Congratulations! 🙂

      • A multiracial individual

        You’re dodging the question. If all things were equal except the race would it bother you?

    • If the races were reversed, it would be a Hispanic cop and a black teenager.

    • IanJMacDonald


    • 48224

      If the races were reversed, it would be just another day.

      • A multiracial individual

        So…..Black cop thrashing white troublemaker= Bad
        White cop thrashing black troublemaker= Good

    • Tedmuff


    • Joseph

      Sure would. Here they had a (white) cop shoot a (black guy) in the BACK and kill him then the claim was that *thought* the guy running away had a gun -which they did not find. The vehicle camera – which the police demanded and campaigned vigorously for when an officer was killed several years earlier, was conveniently malfunctioning during the entire incident. A grand jury had to look into the incident and when they started to question elements leading to the death the officer was so distraught by the whole “ordeal” that he had to retire on permanent disability at thirty-something and that made the problem go away. He collects a check now every month for murder.

      The police are dead-set against any type of civilian review board for misconduct which proposals come up every few years because no one outside of the police internal affairs department is “qualified” to pass judgment on police operations. We have a couple of universities with criminal-justice departments who have suggested that part of the review board could be comprised of faculty as well as others from the city but no dice- cops won’t have it and the firefighters union and police are like Siamese twins here both campaigning for whatever the other wants. It is like so many other government rackets.

      I don’t approve of assault or murder by ANY race, and particularly when performed by government or quasi-governmental agents.

    • not necessarily, because if a black attacks a mexican as in this case, or a mexican attacks a black, we win, doubly so if the cop gets fired

  • Joseph

    They’ll find that “the officer perceived a threat and acted within accepted departmental procedures”.

    Or, in the worst case “This was a rare and highly unusual incident in a long and distinguished career of a highly decorated veteran officer responding to a highly stressful situation.” He will then be “counseled” on community relations and put back to work assaulting people ASAP.

  • MekongDelta69

    Wait… I thought NoBama’s peeps LOVED brown peeps too.
    Boy, was I sadly mistaken.

    NoBama’s peeps don’t like ANYBODY.

  • jay11

    Well, police brutality is not a racial thing. I’ve been mistreated by both white and black cops for no reason at all. (The white cop went ballistic on me during a speeding ticket stop. I did nothing to provoke it, and two black traffic cops once chased me down and gave me a ticket for something I did not do, and they knew it, but I knew I couldn’t win so I wound up paying the ticket.) I have relatives who retired from police work, and I can surely say that professionalism among the modern police force is on the wane.

    • The__Bobster
    • pcmustgo

      I’m a from an educated, upper middle class white background and I’ve had white cops behave unethically in my home when called about domestic disputes involving roommates and neighbors. They often “pick a side”. , play favorites, refuse to give badge #’s/police reports, have an attitude, threaten to respond to 911 calls…I’ve only dealt with a few black and latino and asian cops… they can be rude too… what to say, the Police force draws a lot of macho men (and women ) to it’s ranks. That being said, they have a super stressful job, are the targets of blacks racial/criminal rage, etc… Good cops and bad cops.

      • pcmustgo

        Whenever people mention police brutality , I mention that police are also the targets of brutality (being gunned down by criminals).

    • dave

      Yes and all that diversity stuff made them dumb down the test.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      So true unfortunately. Cops these days are so brainwashed by diversity and afraid of losing their pensions for the slightest accusation that they only recognize two colors now…the thin blue line and the green in their wallets. Cops are NOT your friend. Most will tragically become stormtroopers for Obama in the coming cataclysm..

  • 48224

    I don’t think officer black did a darn thing wrong. He was obviously dealing with MWA’s and they needed what they got.

    • Joseph

      “Attitude” is still not a criminal offense and police are not authorized to mete out punishment even if it were. The typical screaming and threats demonstrate the high emotional and low rational content of the encounter. The police are employed to protect the rights of the public from whom they derive their just authority but when they are on the clock they are to act as officers of the LAW and leave their personal sensitivities and judgments at home. If they cannot act impartially they need to enter another line of work where personal opinions are called for like black civil-rights leader or AmRen commenter.

      People (in theory) are not paid to act out their own sense of right and wrong under color of law. This is how we get crap like indefinite detentions, “enhanced interrogation” and “signing statements”. When these are applied capriciously against someone important to you it will suddenly be very different. This is one of the defining differences between white civilization and so many others.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I am very, very glad you wrote that. In the nations we Europeans have established, individuals possess rights that may never be disposed of without decisions by first our elected representatives and then the courts.

        I hope you stick around Joseph.

  • Anon

    I’m actually quite disturbed by the lack of control these officers had at the scene….might as well, have a big sign on their heads saying “shoot me”. The guy with the camera was not some random passerby but was obviously involved and with the guy being arrested. At the bear minimum, he should have been 1) frisked, 2) handcuffed, and 3) sat on the ground.

    I found the lack of control of the suspect VERY disturbing and was the cause of the incident. Clearly, this is a risk situation. This kid also should have been 1) frisked, 2) handcuffed and probably prone. He was not cooperating with that. Minimum response….mace and/or taser to force compliance. Instead, they wrestled around on the floor with him and then got mad when they had to up the level of force to get compliance.

    Lacking mace or a taser, what they SHOULD have done was produced a steel or wooden baton and gave the kid one last chance to cooperate. If he didn’t, a dozen or so strikes to the head, elbows, knees and groin would have left him a limp noodle, easily tagged and bagged. Resistance by the other guy after witnessing that would have been….unlikely.

    My point is, these guys used relatively impotent rage in a use of less than deadly force situation. It looks bad and put everyone at risk. It seems brutal but it’s not. It’s the alternative to putting a bullet in the kids head…something the kid clearly does not think he is at risk for and the officer repeatedly tries to make him understand. Pain…not words, is what is useful here. The realities of any interaction with the criminal or potentially criminal element.

  • Andy

    I have a feeling this would be bigger news if the races were reversed.

    • Zack

      Probably not given all the stop and frisk searches of Black and Hispanic teenagers that have taken place in New York City and other cities by predomiantely White police officers. There has pretty much been silence on the issue.

      • Gail

        In the New York Times today there was a story discussing how the “stop and frisk” law you are talking about was found unconstitutional by a federal judge.court. This could be the beginning of the end of this law.

        • Samantha

          This is good to hear.

      • If there is “silence” on the issue, relatively speaking, it’s only because stop-and-frisk in the New York City sense is designed to protect the Top 0.01% (mainly Bloomberg buddies, Obama buddies and Democrat bundlers) from the kind of people they all want to foist on us.

        Meanwhile, in other news we’re not supposed to notice, 84% of the people on that island that hosts the “evil” Wall Street voted Obama.

        • TeutonicKnight67

          “Silence”? You guys have got to be joking. In the NYC area the drumbeat in the media against stop and frisk has been incessant! The Bantu NEVER stop crying about it. On a slow news day it’s on page 1. On a busy day page 4. Either way, the subject is complained about CONSTANTLY!

          • TeutonicKnight67

            The diversity cult hates stop and frisk because it works.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            You have to cast your nets where the fish are.

  • Dude

    Why is this of interest to Amren?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      This incident was of a black cop holding an English-speaker in a submissive sexual position and threatening him while the sexually-molesting cop probably had an erection.

      When you ask questions, sometimes you receive answers you do not like.

    • George

      This is a handy video to tuck away whenever people talk about how terribly racist white cops are. How white cops abuse blacks and/or hispanics.

      There’s a discussion on Slate at the moment about what it’s like to be black in America. The writer talks about he and his two friends being accosted coming out of a mall where another group of blacks had just beaten someone. They were stopped and asked questions. They were asked to show their hands (for bruises). They were sent on their way without apology. How horrible the oppressive white police in America are.

      The discussion I’ve been having concerned blacks & crime. All the stats we know about but which liberals deny. Profiling. Affirmative action. All the usual chestnuts come out.

      I’ve just used this video as a zinger.

      My post there is as follows:


      Here’s a very recent video showing another police takedown.

      The cop is racist, uses anti-homosexual slurs, and is abusive on many levels.

      His victim is hispanic


      My favourite quote from the video is ‘Move so I can kick your (expletive!)
      Move so I can (expletive) you up! Shut up! Move! Stupid (expletive.)
      When the police are talking to you, you sit down and down up! This ain’t
      no game!’ (at 1:56).

      The look on the cop’s face as he gives his name and badge number at 2:34 is priceless.


      Now imagine the surprise the liberals get when they see that the evil racist cop is (*gasp*) black!

      That, dude, is why this video is of interest to AmRem. At least, one reason.

      • There is no link to any video here.

        • George

          Do you mean video links offsite aren’t allowed, or that I should include one?

          • If you have a direct YouTube link, just put the YouTube URL somewhere in the body of your comment, and it will automatically appear at the end of a post as a popup box video. And yes, you should include it.

          • George
          • George

            Incidentally, Slate has removed the article where I posted that comment. The facts presented and the data did NOT agree with the poster’s hypothesis that blacks are subjected to undue hardship.

            You can’t find it on their website anymore, nor anything by the author.

            He who controls the present controls the past. He who controls the past controls the future. (George Orwell, 1984)

      • Dude

        At first I thought knew be of the Homo Hate-the-white-man-for-oppressing-us-and-raising-our-life-expectancy-past-30 species.

        Then I read the first comment and thought they’d only write “police brutality is not a racial thing” if trying to defend the race of the brutalizer, so I thought “White cop.”

  • The__Bobster

    The officer has been identified as Disraeli Arnold, a 4-year-veteran of
    the department. He has been placed on administrative leave.

    Disraeli? Really?

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      Da Israeli?

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    All cops are mentally ill. The 1 or 2 that are not are just flukes, and if it was scientific data those 1 or 2 would usually be discarded from the experiment.

    When I was younger, I got harassed mostly by Black and Mexican cops. White and Asians cops were usually fair. Now with Affirmative Action the white cops have become more violent towards whites than the black or mexican cops. They seem to have to attack other whites to prove to their superiors that they are not raciss.

    • bluffcreek1967

      “All cops are mentally ill” just like all people who say such things are looney!

  • JohnEngelman

    In January 1978 two white policemen in downtown San Jose, California threw me into an alley and beat me up so badly I had to go to the emergency room of a nearby hospital. When I reported the incident to the San Jose Police Department nothing was done that I was told about.

    I had not been doing anything illegal, immoral, or even impolite. I never learned why they did it, but I think they mistook me for someone else. When they saw my out of state driver’s license they left the area. They had taken off their badges. There were no witnesses. There was nothing I could do.

    I have also been robbed at gun point and mugged several times. Every time blacks did it. The crimes I suffered by blacks changed my opinion of blacks. I still think the police are on my side.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Geez John, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been “robbed at gunpoint and mugged several times.” Forgive me, but were you just REPEATEDLY in the wrong area at the wrong time?? To be robbed and mugged once is one thing, but to have had it occur “several times” is quite another! Anyways, if I were you I would seriously try to obtain a CCW!

      • JohnEngelman

        It is difficult and expensive for me to get a permit to carry a concealed hand gun in my city. I have thought about it, and done all the paper work. I always carry pepper foam with me. I have used it to thwart three mugging attempts.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Perhaps you should stop voting dumb-o-crat if you don’t like your local gun laws.

          • JohnEngelman

            I would like for the Second Amendment to be repealed, and for gun ownership to be treated the way automobile ownership is treated: as a privilege granted by the government, rather than as a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

          • Non sequitur. You can own a car in theory without involving yourself in any level of government at all, save paying sales tax on the purchase price. But to drive it in public roads, you have to get title and registration, and for you actually to drive the car, you need your own personal license. CCW is the rough equivalent of driving in public, and in almost all places where CCW is available, it is a matter of state license, which is way harder to get than a drivers’ license.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            The same Constitution that used to recognize my right to own firearms also used to recognize your right to live.

            Tell you what; I’ll trade with you.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            I’ll pass on the raping thing but you’re right…he ALMOST had me sympathizing with him.

          • PesachPatriot

            John, you are a good, idealistic person and I probably would enjoy having a beer with you in the real world, but be very careful what you wish for with the 2nd amendment, it might just happen. The founders made it number 2 right behind freedom of speech for a reason. That reason has nothing to do with hunting or crime. If the government treated it like a car license the only people who would be legally allowed to own firearms would be those with the “correct” ideas and beliefs…anyone who questioned government(which we all know is always right about everything sarc) would be denied the basic human right of self-defense.

            Let’s say you got your way…law abiding people would get their gun licenses…criminals wouldn’t care and would simply steal guns from legal gun owners homes or maybe buy illegla guns smuggled in from mexico or canada. Making things illegal doesn’t make them disappear…drugs have been illegal for decades yet they are all pretty much available all across america. When you advocate gun control you are on the same side as some failed painter who ran into trouble at Stalingrad.

          • JohnEngelman

            John, you are a good, idealistic person and I probably would enjoy having a beer with you in the real world.

            – PesachPatriot

            Thank you for the offer. I will have Cabernet Sauvignon, Charles Krug if they have it.

            Other affluent democracies get along fine without anything equivalent to the Second Amendment.

          • PesachPatriot

            You may have a point about places like Canada, Switzerland, the UK or a few other places in the EU….If you dislike the 2nd amendment why not move to one of those places? I have also mentioned previously that the USA is a very big place. People like yourself who desire strict gun control laws can live in NYC, DC, San Francisco, LA, Chicago or any other place with severe restrictions on firearms ownership. Persons like myself and many others on this board who enjoy and appreciate the 2nd can live in Florida, Georgia, Montana, Wyoming, Texas or any other number of states with no gun control. The gun control laws in DC allowed you to be mugged repeatedly with no means to defend yourself.

            I’m not so sure I would characterize the US as an affluent democracy these days…maybe 50 years ago…today we are almost a first world failed state…affluent democracies do not have “youths” throwing rocks at buses in the national capital. The other affluent democracies you speak of are nowhere near as large as the US, and they do not have our level of violent crime. It is always better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6…people get out of jail….no one gets out of the cemetery. Despite all the flak people here give you I still think you’re ok…but just like those you admire among my people, you are an incorrigible, recidivist idealist dreamer.

          • JohnEngelman

            I’m not so sure I would characterize the US as an affluent democracy these days…maybe 50 years ago…today we are almost a first world failed state…affluent democracies do not have “youths” throwing rocks at buses in the national capital.

            – PesachPatriot

            In the United States the over all crime rate has declined since 1980. The rate of violent crime has declined since 1991.


            Unfortunately, what has also declined has been the standard of living for most Americans, while the rich are getting richer.


            The top tax rate has declined since 1980.


            Nevertheless, for reasons of personal psychology most whites who are angry because of shrinking paychecks choose to direct their anger horizontally and downward at non whites, rather than upward at the white plutocracy that is getting richer by shrinking their paychecks.

            When I tell them their employers are getting richer at their expense with the help of the Republican Party they either do not understand what I am talking about, or they get angry at me. 🙁

          • Sherman_McCoy
          • JohnEngelman

            I read this far and lost interest: “at one point, Russia was one of the most heavily armed societies on earth. This was, of course, when we were free under the Tsar.”

            I don’t think Russians were free under the Tsar.

          • PesachPatriot

            Mr. Engelman…my ancestors all come from russia, ukraine and romania…czarist possesions in the days of the romanovs…Czar Alexander II I believe emancipated the serfs in 1864, which was roughly the same thing as Lincoln’s emancipation proclamation…peasants were no longer the chattel property attached to the lands of various boyars…they were free to work their own plots of land and sell their labor to people other than the closest immediate nobleman…Life in 19th century russia was cold, harsh and difficult, but they were free, just like the american settlers of minnesota, wyoming and montana, Few modern people would choose to live their lifestyle, but they were not slaves without rights….

            My ancestors who were technically non-russian aliens according to czarist laws were free enough to buy train tickets out of russia and on to a boat which is why I am in america. Most dictatorships like cuba and north korea do not allow their subjects to leave. The early 20th century economy was backwards and underdeveloped compared to western societies like Germany, England and the US because the Czar saw russia as primarily an agricultural nation and was not really interested in the rapid industrialization that was going in on the other 3 big global powers of the day.

          • JohnEngelman

            Under the Czarist autocracy there was no freedom of political debate. Those who criticized the government, and those who agitated for socialism – even if peacefully achieved – were arrested and usually impassioned.

            I believe, although I am not sure, that books had to be approved of by the government before they could be published.

          • PesachPatriot

            There was censorship of books, but it was pretty much not necessary as few non-jewish russian peasants had the time or money to purchase books or read in the 19th century…like most absolute monarchs across all lands, races and historical epochs they did not tolerate opposition to their family rule. They were practically as wealthy as the modern day saudi royals….no one gives up that lifestyle to sing kumbuya with the peasants….

            Also maybe the czars knew socialism was a bad idea from day one…I actually don’t have a problem with small scale voluntary socialism…if 20 hippies want to live together in a commune in vermont and grow organic vegetables and share all profits evenly be my guest. I object to forced socialism on the national level which will bring this country to the same ruin as recently seen in Greece….its all fun and games until people are pushing wheelbarrows to the grocery store and the international media shows up to cover the riots on the 6 o’clock news.

          • Morris Thecat

            Families are socialist entities. From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs. Family ties, and family members, are of utmost importance to people, this is the only instance where socialism works. State socialism forces people to take from their family members and give to strangers.

          • Morris Thecat

            those who make a fetish of democracy are very short sighted. Personal freedom is not the same thing as political freedom. There have been times in history when people had much personal freedom but very little political freedom. It is an old axiom that the best form of government is that of a benevolent monarchy. Political freedom is not necessary for personal freedom. It is seen that it is necessary to preserve personal freedom because benevolent monarchies don’t last very long. We have much much less personal freedom today than we did 100 years ago and yet we have political freedom.

            Your posts all show signs that at heart, you are a collectivist. Your position that guns ownership should be determined by the state is a good example. Like all collectivists, you think that all society should be organized around a common good. The problem with that is that “common good” is a vague concept, everyone has a different idea of what it is. In a free society people are allowed to follow their own values and prefernces. Defending ones life, and therefore owning firearms is fundamental to freedom. It is fundamental for the good of the individual. to place the “common good” above that of the individual is to destroy freedom.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            There was political debate of a sort. An anarchist blew up Czar Alexandr with a bomb.

          • JohnEngelman

            Unless you consider terrorism to be symbolic speech, and even the ACLU does not, you will need to agree with me that that kind of violence happened because there was no freedom of debate under the Czar.

          • Tim

            Wow!! Are you for real?!?!? I heard other people call you a dolt on here and I thought they were being unkind and unfair. Now , I get it though…

          • JohnEngelman

            I deserve a rational rebuttal, or at least a more elegant insult.

          • Morris Thecat

            no, accuracy is always best

          • Morris Thecat

            why don’t you just buy a car and move to a safe suburb. The rent is always cheaper when one is far removed from public transportation anyways.

          • CharlesFinley

            Someday, a couple of groids are going to show up to cause harm to you and your boyfriend. You’ll feel differently then. Good luck! (-:

          • Gracchus123

            Self defense is the fundamental human right.

            To give the right to self defense to the discretion of the government is to give all of our fundamental rights to the government to dole out at its discretion.

            I fear all-powerful government. So do all people who love individual liberty.

          • Morris Thecat

            you said it much better than I did.

          • Morris Thecat

            One is a weapon, one is transportation. They are apples and oranges and can not be compared as if they are the same thing. A government that decides who has a right to protect themselves and who doesn’t is not a government that respects individual freedom. WE all have the right to protect ourselves, our lives, our properties. There is another difference between cars and guns and that is the obvious- size. You can conceal a weapon, you can’t conceal a car. An unregistered car is almost impossible to operate for any length of time without getting caught.An unregistered gun can be carried all over the city, country, without detection. So to tell some people they can not possess firearms is to tell those people they are at the mercy of those that obtain them illegally. IT is unlikely that someone will ram their car into your house and drive it up the stairs to kill you. It is also unlikely that you would not have any clue that something is about to happen until the tire smashes your head. NO criminals will always have guns or other weapons and people have the right to defend themselves with equal or greater force.

        • gemjunior

          Wow. Where do you live? Several muggings and robbed at gun point? And then thwarted three mugging ATTEMPTS? How many altogether – too damn many. You need to get out of there, and soon.

          • JohnEngelman

            No one lives in a black neighborhood if they can help it. As soon as blacks can afford to leave they move to white neighborhoods, because they know they will be safe.

            If there was a low rent part of town full of poor Orientals I would move there. I have lived with poor Orientals before, and was safe there. Unfortunately, my city does not have a Chinatown.

          • Vijay Prozak

            But what about when the white cops beat your ass sensless. Do you not hate them for that? It sucks you hold a double standard in favor of whites and not blacks.

          • JohnEngelman

            What happened to me with those two police officers was so aberrant that it did not change my attitude about the police.

            Police hardly ever behave that way. Ghetto thugs rob people all the time.

          • Joseph

            “Unfortunately, my city does not have a Chinatown.”

            Sounds like you’re the guy to start one.

          • Morris Thecat

            I thought you were a member of a high IQ, high earning group?

    • Tom in MI

      Were you being a cheeky monkey?

      • JohnEngelman

        At about 10:00 pm on a week night I left a bar in San Jose, California and heard a man yelling obscene insults at some Hispanic women who had left a Mexican restaurant. Because I did not think he should have been doing that I walked over to talk to him. I did not threaten him. I did not touch him. I did give the Hispanic women time to get into their car and leave the area.

        When the two police officers threw me into an alley and started beating me I said, “I’m not resisting officers. Why are you doing this?”

        One of them said, “You were making abusive remarks toward women and harassing winos.”

        They may have thought that I was yelling the obscene insults toward the Hispanic woman, and that I was trying to pick a fight with the man who was.

        • Morris Thecat

          who do you think you are? Who did you think you were? Hope you learned your lesson.

    • Clifford

      Mr. Engleman, I had similar situation happen to me, although I was younger and it took place in the 1960s in Philadelphia, 1965 to be exact. I was 16 years old and a friend and I were walking back from a movie ” A Patch of Blue” starring Sidney Poitier and Shelley Winters. Both performers were major stars during this time. We were headed to the local chicken and waffle Out of nowhere a police car rolls up. Two police officers get out of the car with pistols pointing directly at us. They order both of us to get down on the ground with our hands behind our heads and ordered us not to move. One of the officers placed his foot on the back on my friend’s neck. They made us lie there for at least 20 minutes. I remember hearing him say something about two Negro boys to his partner. After the better part of an hour , they let us go. They did not even apologize. It was like nothing ever happened. Needless to say,we were truamatized. It was not until the late 1980s that I was able to successfully bury this experience.

      • Robert

        I can emphathize with your situation Clifford. I am White, but I grew up in midwestern town in the 1960s. We are probably aobut the same age. There were very few Blacks and Hispanics where I grew up, but the police treated them horribly.

        • Morris Thecat

          the police knew that they had to.

          • Denise


      • Angry White Woman

        Boys and young men aren’t the only ones victimized by out of control police. It happens to girls too. Especially before dash cams.The girls are not beaten, they are propositioned, felt up, brushed against, held full body contact, and sometimes worse. Told to put out or spend the night in jail (terrifying idea to a 16 or 17 year old little white girl) etc. If you or your parents tried to lodge a complaint, guess where that went? It takes years to get over an incident like that.

        • Clifford

          You are correct. No one should have to endure such degradation and humiliation regardless of race or gender.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    This is one of many reasons why I don’t talk with cops. My friends don’t talk with cops, especially the one who was beaten nearly to death by cops for resisting being beaten nearly to death by cops (no charges other than “resisting” being killed were filed), my mother and sister don’t talk with cops and my wife doesn’t talk with cops.

    Normal people hate cops and this video shows why.

    The last time I called cops was when a construction company was running heavy machinery next door 24/7. The CSPD cops refused to take my noise complaint and then retaliated using the BATF as a cat’spaw after I called their shift manager to complain.

    I hate cops. I hope I get to sit on an accused cop-killer’s jury someday, just so I can vote to acquit. This will at least hang the jury.

    • Anders

      Cops are people too…that’s why they cannot be trusted.

    • 1Forced_Registration

      My policy for police officers I don’t have a personal relationship with is to “avoid, avoid, avoid” if at all possible. I got my ass kicked by Breckenridge Hills for simply walking to the gas station to buy a pack of cigarettes when I was a kid (back when they would sell cigarettes to anyone with the cash to put on the counter). I had no smart mounted them, or resisted in any way. They still handcuffed me, kicked me, punched me, and banged my head repeatedly into their patrol car. The only bright side was they didn’t arrest me. They made darn sure to move me out of sight of the video cameras of the gas station before they did the worst of it… I considered suing, but I thought better of it as I knew it would just make me a target in a neighborhood I could not avoid venturing into to get anywhere useful.

      As an adult — I have not been mistreated as such, but as a teenager …several cops felt I was fair game for harassment. However, only Breckenridge Hills police actually delivered a beating — while handcuffed on top of — to show their force.

      The police officers involved recently committed suicide, and I didn’t exactly shed a tear. Its been 20+ years since that event took place, but I darn well know I wasn’t the only one to receive such treatment. I’ve told my kids to dial home on their cell phones when encountering cops — if they get the answering machine so much the better.. I make them keep their hair short, as I’m sure long hair drew the attention of the police. Its no guarantee against this kind of treatment, but blending in absolutely helps. I’ve also tried to instill in them some simple virtues for life…:

      #1 Always use a condom, even if she says she is on birth control..

      #2 Don’t talk to the police any more than is absolutely necessary

      #3 Don’t talk to school counselors. Request another adult to be present as a witness if they force you into a session.
      #4 Don’t open the door for any government employee without a warrant.
      #5 If pulled over, keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times unless the officer asks for iD, then explain you have to reach for the ID and insurance information ….do it slowly.
      #6 Don’t talk back to cops, even if they are clearly in the wrong. Always call home during any encounter with the police. Its not as good as video, but audio can tell a story as well. Especially when police threaten you ..
      #7 “Are you the king of England?” if the answer is no, they don’t come in the house when I’m not present.

      One of them is too young to understand, the other is old enough, and has had a bad encounter with the police — so he gets it. It didn’t elevate to the level of criminal charges, but they did several things that would be considered unconstitutional in any court of law. All he was doing was riding his scooter on the block. If not for several witnesses being present, he might have ended up like this fellow.

      Police are not your friends. They are a last resort when all else has failed, and the profession tends to attract those with the need to exercise power over others with force, even when its truly not justified. In my own experiences I had a cop that tried with all of his will to pick a fight with me, and if not for several witnesses I may have ended up in the same place this kid did, but worse. There were no witnesses to the Breckenridge Hills incident, and my parents were not helpful at the time… “You must have done something to provoke them”…Having long hair,and a military shirt that had a peace symbol on it was enough to get my tail kicked by them. All I wanted was a pack of Pall Mall; instead I got my *** kicked.

      • Morris Thecat

        “#1 Always use a condom, even if she says she is on birth control.”.—-well, this one needs to be reformulated. The development of antibiotic resistant syphilis means that people need to be chaste again until married, and then remain monogamous. Syphilis can be spread just by kissing is the infected person has the chancre in their mouth. Monogamy is a sort of hermetically sealed sexuality.

        • IstvanIN

          I have been told that I should remarry, my wife passed many years ago, but the whole STD really scares the begebes out of me,

          • Morris Thecat

            you know, at some point in life you should just forget about sex. There is nothing more horrifying than old people getting frisky, believe me, I know, I’ve seen the movie “Cocoon”.

    • Gracchus123

      Many cops are an example of “small minds with big authority”. Never works out well.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Rodriguez undoubtedly deserved it, but Arnold seemed to relish his role as “enforcer” just a little too much…

    • IstvanIN

      Once the kid is down, not resisting, the cop has no right what so ever to abuse the suspect. Cops are not judge, jury and executioner. This was not Rodney King. The cop should be fired and thrown in jail for a long time.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        “The cop should be fired…”

        The cop should be fired upon…

        There; I fixed it.

      • Saul

        You are right. Rodney King was grossly mistreated by both law enforcement and the judicial system.

  • RHG

    Well, it’s obvious he feels safe in the knowledge he won’t be held to the same standards a white cop would be held to if he acted this way, especially if the abuse were directed to a non white suspect.

    • Andrew

      Depending on the jurisdiction, he might be terminated from his position quicker.

  • bigone4u

    This cop probably abuses everyone, black, white, Mexican, men, women, teens. In the old days blacks were not allowed to be cops because of their lack of self control.

    • Seth

      “This cop probably abuses everyone, black, white, Mexican, men, women, teens”
      If that is the case, then he should not be a police offficer. Period. No police officer should harrass or target any group of people for harrassment. It is unaccpetable.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Ah, you refer to the time-honored practice of “chimping-out.”

  • obammy fone

    because of affirmative action the physical fitness and strength standards have been lowered so the out of shape cops cannot even control even teenage subjects now let alone read and write or do basic math. “blink wrong” tells the whole story he must have been drunk to say that.

    • Hank

      One of the cops looked in pretty good shape. I agree that the other one was overweight and should be required to get in better shape if he wants to keep his job or otherwise be assigned to desk duty.

      • I love black guys

        The black one was in shape. The white/hispanic one wasn’t.

  • StillModerated

    I saw a white cop cuff a stroppy white perp. Once the situation was under control a brave negro pig came in and acted tough. This video should make people miss an all-Irish police force. But, sadly, Arnold 654 was an EEOC hire and will remain on the force being brave after the threat is over. I hope he gets greased by the crips for being an uncle tom.

  • tickyul

    Couple this kind of c*** with a very corrupt and insane Federal Government doing a gun grab……and you could very likely have a shooting war within the USA.

  • Paul

    cops did nothing wrong, kid was a smart ass moron.

  • Diana

    There was a case in Boston in 2010 where a 19 year old Black man was running from a White police officer. The young man managed to get to his older sisters house. The cop caught up to him. His sister heard commotion going on outsdie her door and asked who it was. She recognized her brothers voice as he was yelling. She opened the door and saw the police officer handcuffing her brother. When he saw how attractive the young guy’s sister was, he told her that he would let her brother go if she would give him oral sex. Given the fact that her brother already had a criminal record, she gave in.

    When I heard about this, I was disgusted. Some police officers should be behind bars themselves.

    • Paul

      I agree. This was a terrible vioaltion of police behavior.

    • Neil

      I agree totally. Actually, Whitey Herzog wrote a book about how Boston police officers were notorious for blackmailing women (and in some cases, men) for sexual favors. No doubt such odious behavior happens in other cities as well.

    • Token Finn

      A white man using coercion to get interracial sex (especially from a black) is a freak of highest order, usually restricted to Hollywood movies. There’s two things to be disgusted of here.

      • Robert

        So using coercion to get oral sex from a white woman whose brother is about to go to jail is not wrong? What kind of sick, twisted stuff runs through your mind on a daily basis?

      • Oliver

        Actually, this has happended frequently throughout history. It is more commonplace than you may think.

  • George

    Someone asked why this video is of interest to AmRen.

    This is a handy video to tuck away whenever people talk about how terribly racist white cops are. How white cops abuse blacks and/or hispanics.

    There’s a discussion on Slate at the moment about what it’s like to be black in America. The writer talks about he and his two friends being accosted coming out of a mall where another group of blacks had just beaten someone. They were stopped and asked questions. They were asked to show their hands (for bruises). They were sent on their way without apology. How horrible the oppressive white police in America are. Typical ‘racism. woebetide me’ drivel.

    The discussion in which I’ve been engaging concerns blacks & crime. All the stats we know about but which liberals deny. Profiling. Affirmative action. White privilege. All the usual chestnuts come out.

    I’ve just used this video as a zinger.

    My post there is as follows:


    Here’s a very recent video showing another police takedown.

    The cop is racist, uses anti-homosexual slurs, and is abusive on many levels.

    His victim is hispanic

    -Link to WFAA news item-
    -Link to video on Youtube- NSFW

    My favourite quote from the video is ‘Move so I can kick your (expletive!) Move so I can (expletive) you up! Shut up! Move! Stupid (expletive.) When the police are talking to you, you sit down and down up! This ain’t no game!’ (at 1:56).

    The look on the cop’s face as he gives his name and badge number at 2:34 is priceless.


    Now imagine the surprise the liberals get when they see that the evil racist cop is (*gasp*) black!

    That, dude, is why this video is of interest to AmRen.

  • NorthernAmerican-Nationalist

    I’m glad the folks who put together American Renaissance are perusing sites like Infowars. Sometimes I worry that although this community is on the ball more or less with the anti-White, anti-racialist, anti-nationalist conspiracy/convenient-conflation of interest, they are unaware or uninterested in the other (although related) conspiracies/convenient-conflation of interests that threaten our other liberties.

    • George

      I’ve said it below, but it bears repeating in response to your post, that this isn’t just a matter of mutual interests with other aspects of race realism.

      This video is a good demonstration that police over-stepping their bounds is not, contrary to liberals’ and blacks’ belief, a white-on-black issue. It happens. Surprise, surprise, black cops do it, too. Black cops are capable of using inflammatory language and unreasonable force during the course of their duties.

      Here are a few more details taken from local media reports:

      The hispanic kid who was arrested was charged with resisting arrest. The cop approached a group of three teens in a park mid-afternoon, ran their names, and found that one of them had a four-year-old outstanding warrant (from when he was 13 or 14) for trespassing on school grounds. Oddly enough, the kid has been attending school the whole while, so the local constabulary hasn’t been particularly keen to apprehend him, it would seem. The whole while they’ve had his home and school addresses, and schools do keep fairly regular hours, I’m led to believe. The teen began to call his mother (who wouldn’t, in a similar situation?) when the cop became aggresive and the recording began.

      After the video, when the teen was in the cruiser (being invited repeatedly to ‘blink wrong’), the videographer was approached by the two cops. He was subsequently charged with minor in possession of tobacco and paraphenilia. For, you know, having a pack of smokes and a lighter — and having the audacity to exercise First and Fourth Amendment Rights.

      This black cop clearly escalated a situation way out of hand, and as other posters have mentioned, did NOT exercise good control of a potentially lethal situation. Had these been true thugs, rather than not-yet-criminal hispanic teens, his actions would have placed himself at grave risk. Leaving two others unattended whilst grappling with one perp is an invitation to find one’s name on a blue line memorial.

      Disraeli Arnold, 634, was clearly grasping at straws to charge the kid recording for minor-in-possession tobacco. He was trying to deescalate the situation, but…the cop had to lay additional charges to maintain his dignity and credibility. Or whatever passes for his dignity and credibility.

  • robinbishop34

    A few years ago I worked for a consulting firm where I became friends with a retired St. Louis City cop (city, not county). He was a very nice man with no ideological axe to grind but he would tell us of his daily adventures, and they would make your hair curl. In all reality it’s sickening what these guys have to deal with.

  • Guest

    Leave a message…

  • Django

    lamest police brutality video everrrr.

    • Garrett Brown

      Leave please. No need for bad trolls on this site.

  • CharlesFinley

    Is that a phucking JOKE?! A misprint?
    Niggurz, I swear.
    America is circling the bowl.

    • George

      If he’s named for Benjamin Disraeli, there’s good cause for a black woman to choose the name. Over-the-top black given names for Greek & Roman gods, heroes and historical paragons of virtue were one nice legacy of slavery. Besides, before his father Isaac changed it in 1820, the family name was D’Israeli. Does *that* format ring any bells?

      Benjamin Disraeli (Later the 1st Earl of Beaconsfield: 1804-1881) drafted and passed the 1867 Reform Act that extended the franchise to about 1,500,000 men — male householders in a borrough constituency and those lodgers paying £10 (then $40, mule not included) rent or more.

      He also passed the Climbing Boys Act (1875). Read in to that what you will.

      Of course, I’m fairly confident his mother had no clue who Disraeli was. Her son clearly did not have the benefit of a classical education.

  • David Ashton

    Some whites on this site appear to have much the same opinion of “the cops” as some blacks, nome sane.

  • StillModerated

    Black policemen also do this: shag underage girls they pick up at church. This wanker gets my Black Cop Of The Month Award.

  • Dean

    It has been my experience that cops were the bullies and stupid jocks in high school who were jealous and resentful of the smart and well adjusted athletic kids. Becoming police officers is a way for them to maintain some degree of power.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Ohoho, in my experience, jocks never had a problem with athletic kids. It was the bookish “nerds” they had a problem with.

      Maybe the white kid looked like a nerd to these black jocks.

      • Dean

        I said well adjusted athletic kids, those who were scholar athletes.

  • mark hodgson

    “Disraeli” Arnold……..?
    Probable jew.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Um,. what was that about white police brutality against blacks again?

    I have never had a problem with fellow whites who are rcmp officers, even though I honestly think they could have had a big problem with me if they really wanted to, no matter how polite to officers I am.