The Ugly Side of the Southern Belle

Blain Roberts, New York Times, January 15, 2013

For many people, the most interesting thing about last weekend’s winner of the Miss America Pageant, Mallory Hagan, is that she lives in Brooklyn. It seemed so incongruous: a beauty queen from the epicenter of all things ironic and progressive. Newspapers have hailed her as the city’s first winner since Bess Myerson took the crown in 1945.

But, in fact, Ms. Hagan, who won the state crown in June, is not the New Yorker reporters have made her out to be. Born in Tennessee and raised in Alabama, she moved to the borough only a few years ago, to attend school.

And that, for me at least, is the more interesting part—and not only because I am the daughter of the 1961 Soil Conservation Queen of Marion and Cass Counties, Tex. Next to winning college football titles, beauty contests seem to be something young Southerners do particularly well. “The modern Southern belle,” the sportswriter Frank Deford once said, has “long been the Pageant ideal.” But why?

From 1921, when the contest began in Atlantic City, through World War II, only one woman representing a former Confederate state won the competition. Then, beginning in 1947, when a woman from Memphis earned the top honor, the fortunes of Southern contestants rose precipitously. From 1950 to 1963, seven southerners were crowned (each served the following year), including back-to-back wins by Mississippians in 1958 and 1959—though southerners made up only one-fifth of the possible winners.

These were, of course, the years when black Southerners opened a full-scale campaign against Jim Crow, prompting a bitter backlash by white Southerners. White resistance began in earnest in 1954, when the Supreme Court issued Brown v. Board of Education, its decision to desegregate public schools.

This wasn’t a coincidence. Images of white Southerners spitting on black students, and news of white lynch mobs killing children like Emmett Till, shocked the world. Other whites, many of them pro-segregation themselves but fearful of the national reaction brought on by anti-civil rights violence, understood that Southern beauty queens could serve as persuasive public relations agents, a genteel veneer to cover up the region’s unsavory behavior.

It is impossible to overstate the effect of the positive press both Miss Americas from Mississippi, Mary Ann Mobley and Lynda Mead, garnered for their state. An editor of a small-town Mississippi newspaper came to this conclusion during a 1959 trip to New York City, where an acquaintance told him that the state’s first Miss America was “worth millions in good value to Mississippi.”

At times, this good-will campaign sounded more like outright defiance. On a homecoming tour to Jackson, Miss., Ms. Mead announced that she had never apologized for her state. “And I won’t,” she insisted. “We have nothing to apologize for.”


The Southern Miss Americas of the 1950s and ‘60s embodied the Southern “way of life” and justified its defense, however strident. “The winner always carries the ideals of her city and state throughout the world,” Miss South Carolina, Marian McKnight, announced during the 1956 finals (she won the crown). She added that those of her home state were “the finest ideals there are.”

It makes sense that white Southerners would celebrate these ideals, but the rest of the nation was also complicit in the South’s Miss America reign. After all, the region’s strong showing at the pageant post-Brown coincided with the contest’s television debut, and during much of this period, the Miss America Pageant annually rated as the first- or second-most-popular show on television. In the national racial tumult of the 1950s and ‘60s, it’s likely that Americans in California and Illinois were happy to see pretty white faces on their TV screens, too.


Mallory Hagan

Mallory Hagan

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  • OlderWoman
    • Stentorian_Commentator

      Ugh. But the headline prompts me to ask, What’s the ugly side of the New York Times, or New York, for that matter? Trick question! All ugly!

    • Marc B.


    • So CAL Snowman

      Now we know WHY Mallory Hagan won the pageant.

      • Faith Cathren Cougill

        Mallory Hagan won the beauty contest because she is gorgeous, beautiful and intelligent. And, her boyfriend is a well educated, wealthy & successful decent young man who happens to be African American. He is no pimp nor gang-banger. So how exactly is he disgusting? Do I smell envy & insecurity?

        • JJDKII

          Spare us the pop psychology. The reason she’s now damaged goods is because she’s a beautiful white girl with blond hair and blue eyes, but she’s decided to contribute to white genocide. Any children she has with this guy will be mullatoes with brown hair and skin and nappy black hair. It’s a high price to pay for the joy of riding the black snake.

          • Faith Cathren Cougill

            That is called Freedom of Association and personal liberty – something you conservatives seem to fanatically espouse! If you choose to have a relationship with a person of your race than good for you, likewise, I choose to nurture my blissful relationship with my attractive, intelligent & well to do pre-Med Asian Indian boyfriend and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! Even my conservative white Evangelical parents & brothers have accepted & blessed my relationship.


            So, what gives you the right to decry my choice? What if I were to say that conservative racist men like you are a bunch of sorry, resentful, paranoid, unaccomplished, insignificant epic losers, would you accept such an opinion with stride? I highly doubt it! Stop being so bitter & learn to accept & embrace change. Life is too short, so cheer up & make the best of it!
            Mallory is a smart, intelligent & independent girl who consciously has the ability to make her own choice. I’m sure that if she needs your “expert” counselling, she would not hesitate to ask!
            Have a great evening!

          • JJDKII

            I’m not a loser by a long shot. I’m retired now, but I can point to a significant number of accomplishments. And there is a huge difference between blacks and call-center Indians. Nor do I support any bar to miscegination; I do believe in freedom of choice in such circumstances. I just believe she’s damaged goods and contributing to the looming white minority.

          • Faith Cathren Cougill

            “Call center Indians”? Ha ha, I’m afraid you are using outdated stereotypes! It should be more like “Indian doctors”! Go to any hospital or health clinic in the United States and what do you see? Indian doctors & surgeons. I think that as of today there seem to be more call centers in the Philippines & South America. Thanks for your feedback. By the way, I did not imply that you were a loser, I was just trying to draw an analogy. I’m sorry to have offended you. Peace & God Bless!

          • IstvanIN

            Yes, it is scary to see Indian doctors in American hospitals. Like everything else in this country that goes brown the quality goes down.

          • Dezlad

            Fact Check: Indian Doctors are some of the finest in America. A few examples and there is much more.

            Some Famous Indian doctors in USA:
            Sanjay Gupta, Neurosurgeon & CNN chief medical correspondent, nominated for U.S. Surgeon General by President Barack Obama.

            Yellapragada Subbarao, Harvard doctor & scientist – discovered folic acid.
            Balamurali Ambati, physician, world’s youngest doctor at age 17.

            Paul Antony, MD, MPH is the Chief Medical Officer for the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA).

            E. Premkumar Reddy, World Famous Oncologist and Director of Fels institute of cancer research and molecular biology at Temple University.

            Atul Gawande, General and endocrine surgeon, professor, medical author, and National Book Award finalist.

            Amit Patel, Cardiovascular Surgeon and Stem Cell Researcher – First person to inject stem cells directly into the heart.

            Sangeeta Bhatia, Harvard-MIT doctor & scientist – engineer of artificial liver cells.

            Siddhartha Mukherjee Physician, scientist and writer, Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction (2011).

            Anita Goel, is a Harvard-MIT Physicist, Physician, Globally recognized expert in Nanobiophysics and Nanotechnology; Chairman & CEO, Nanobiosym; Inventor of the Gene-RADAR technology

            With this “brown”, the quality goes UP!

          • Tyrfing

            “Fact Check: Indian Doctors are some of the finest in America. ”

            Everybody does better in a white country.

          • Krpt

            Wrong. Many of them, did well in their fields in their own country and then got invited to universities and hospitals for further research in their fields. Not all professionals who go to White countries do well. They just do their research and then they go back to their own nation. I’ve heard some are given honorary citizenship regarding their contributions in particular field. If you’re better in those fields, then you’ll also be invited for post-doctoral research to those places.

          • robinbishop34

            “It’s only your knowledge and skill based services they’re looking for and not ethnicity.”

            If you truly believe that statement you are exceedingly naive.

          • Guest

            Ok, I have yet to see an Asian quota in any of these institutions, that they need to hire an Asian over a White, Black or Hispanic. It’s vice versa, I don’t see a White quota in institutions in Asian countries. You do know it’s more expensive to hire a foreign national than a citizen of that country (regardless of race) right? If you believe otherwise, I’d like to be enlightened on this.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            You are only furthering evidence for robinbishop34’s speculation on how naive you are. Of course Asian countries don’t have quotas for whites, but it should be obvious that the reasoning for that has nothing to do with your point.

          • Guest

            I’m naive and yet no counter-argument. Alright, moving along then.

          • Dave4088

            Really. Where are the award winning Indian doctors in India? They emigrate to white nations, learn medicine from white doctors then brag about how brilliant they are. No doubt there are excellent Indian doctors, but they and their kinsmen seem to forget how white society was behind their arrival at notoriety.

          • Guest

            There are award winning doctors in India, all you have do is search. Sure, we may not have the similar numbers as white people have, nevertheless, there has been contributions in the field of medicine. Learn medicine from white doctors? The mere fact that many medicines and techniques were seen in past non-white civilizations in some form or other proves the fallacy of your statement. White people in the past two hundred years, just used the already known information to perfect these techniques to further develop the understanding of human body. There were open-heart surgeries done in ancient civilizations. My point is, with or without white people or their inventions, there still would be progress and development, because someone else will eventually figure it out. I remember, reading statements akin to yours, when nuclear bomb was first developed. The creators thought no non-white nation would ever figure it out to make one but we all know how it turned out to be. Any curious being will always have the quest to know more about their origin and surroundings. The only credit I can give you is, your people were recorded first in history to invent or prove many things and I have no problem admitting that. It’s a shame, that you have to take advantage of those greatly revered white people and their contributions to promote your superiority narrative.

          • saxonsun

            “Someone else will eventually figure it out.” And that is a problem. It has to be “figured out” before “eventually.”

          • Guest

            I’ll take the peaceful “eventually” than oppressed “figured out.”

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            You make it sound as if it was only during the past 200 years whites have been working with medicine.

          • Guest

            No they did in the past, but they weren’t successful back then comparing to the recent times.

          • Dave4088

            Modern medicine and ancient medicine are two entirely different subjects and the white race is unmistakably the author of the former. This is simply a fact and not some superiority narrative. Indians would have no qualms beating their chests if they were to beat us to the punch in some medical breakthrough.

            As far as the nuclear bomb is concerned, it was white and, I hate to admit, Jewish scientists who discovered nuclear fission and weaponized the techonology. Asians have historically been copycats and the fact that India has a nuclear program, albeit decades after the technology was invented by whites & Jews simply means you have the intellectual wherewithal to copy, but not conceive and develop, that which was invented by whites.

            The claim that there would be progess and development without the white race is highly debatable.

          • odious liberal

            Wher would they be without EO ,AF and US government handouts, I may have paid more attention until you mentioned the Gupta moron, he is a hack.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            We are still allowing these Asian worshipping trolls on here? It is not that I don’t think we can take them on and refute them (I am barely out of my twenties and spent far too much of my previous existence on here tearing apart their arguments easily). It is the fact that they spout the same irrelevant stuff over and over.

            Just because several exceptional Indian doctors exist in the West, this hardly proves that Indians overall are as smart as whites. Just because the Chinese had an ancient civilization, that hardly means they have ever equalled whites in inventiveness.

            These pro Asian arguments are getting tiresome, and I am tired of how we even have whites in this movement going along with it.

          • Krpt

            Look, all arguments aside, the relevant thing for you is to curb immigration from your end. If that fails, well, then you and the other like-minded people can start a movement to secede and form an all White country. Sure it ain’t going to be easy, but it’s possible. The irrelevant stuff for you is to debate about Asians and their culture and history. It’s bad enough you don’t value it and top of that you have to denigrate it.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            I was agreeing with your post until the last sentence. It is not my job as a white person to walk on egg shells when talking about Asia’s history, making sure everything I say is respectful and positive. I care about speaking the truth for the sake of my own people. The fact of the matter is that, how things currently stand, the achievements of Asians are constantly inflated while those of whites are constantly denigrated. That seems to be the fashionable thing to do right now, not the most factually based route to go by. I am on here to stand up for my race by presenting actual facts.

          • Krpt

            Actual facts about what? Are you implying that people of Asian origin, didn’t contribute or bring investments to your country? You don’t have to be respectful of the Asian community to be honest, but what you could do is stop blaming us for your current issues. What has been done previously regarding immigration by your forebears can’t be changed but the current set of immigration policies can be reversed definitely. Our achievements are inflated while yours are belittled? In what way? Is there some kind of media bias for Asians going on that I’m oblivious of? There are so many exemplary White role models out there that the whole world looks upon and benefited from and I don’t think that’s ever going to change. As far as I see, it’s still a fair and open playground and we all are competing to create or come up with new ideas and solutions to tackle the problems of the 21st century. I believe immigration is one of them.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            Where in any of my points above did I blame Asians for something? I would never give Asians that much credit. Why are you on a website like this dictating to me what I can and can’t say? Why does it matter to you? You would never find any of the white people on here on a pro Asian website. We have better things to worry about. And where above did I say Asians have never contributed? I said they haven’t contributed nearly as much as whites. Get over it.

          • Krpt

            I wasn’t dictating to you but I’m just questioning your overall conclusion of how Whites contributed more? Is it a particular time frame that you’ve considered while coming to this conclusion, say, for e.g. last two to three hundred years? I’m going to agree with you if it’s the last two hundred years, but If you consider the time when civilization started to the period now, then I’m afraid I’ll have to disagree. “Why does it matter to me?” Well it’s a public forum, so once you make your thoughts public, it’s likely that somebody will respond. You’ve made it well clear, that my opinions didn’t matter to you, but yours do to me. See in our culture, respect and integrity are greatly valued. So, if a person or a group, dislikes us, then we think of two possibilities, either there is fault with us mainly or the accuser is mentally sick. If it’s our fault, we correct ourselves and if it’s not, we try to stay away from that person or community.

            If there are pro-Asian websites, please do let me know because I haven’t come across one. But I did find some Asian (English speaking) websites, forums to be exact, where there are discussions about culture, art, food, languages and achievements. I’ve yet to find an Asian website, where they blatantly exert their superiority over other races, but I’ve found a few White and Black ones. And yes, there are Whites, atleast that’s what they claim to be, in those Asian forums engaging in debates. I can’t verify if they’re race realists, but they do engage in negative exchanges from time to time. It’s not that easy to prove a persons identity over the internet. The reason I’m here is simple, availability of unbiased news, well to an extent, and engage in occasional debate if the topic is regarding me or my kind. I don’t find this kind of factual reporting in the mainstream media, and hence I depend on blogs like these (not all are White oriented) for my daily dose of news-age. I’m certain to an extent, that you’re also here for the same reason. I also like to read and understand various perspectives about race and possibly research about it. Again, it’s just curiosity and not to interfere with your opinions or infringe on your rights.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            Even if you go back to ancient Greece, whites are responsible for most achievements leading to the modern world. I said most and not all. Whether India or China was more advanced than Europe was during such and such time is irrelevant. I am talking about comparing actual achievements that have lead to the modern world collectively.

            Furthermore, you claim you are on here to be civil, but in your writing you exhibit a blatant superiority, making statements about how your people are more civil than mine, and how your people don’t have superiority websites. You have got to be joking. Perhaps neither Asians nor blacks need a website of this specific nature (alarming everyone about our genocide) because perhaps your countries aren’t getting over run by immigrants against your will like ours’ . How dare you make such a comparison.

          • Krpt

            Whatever that was found in ancient Greece was already existing in some form or another in ancient India and China, for e.g., management principles, sculptures, architecture (different in designs of course) mathematics, metallurgy, theater, astronomy, university etc. The only contributions from Greeks that stood out was democracy, Pythagoras theorem, Archimede’s principle and Euclids Elements. Do you think all these so-called “actual achievements” that you brag about would’ve worked if it wasn’t for the knowledge of number system (base-10), early mathematical notations, helio-centric theory, astronomical devices to determine time and find the distance between the stars, concept of atom, algebra, value of Pi, printing, compass, paper, gunpowder, sewage systems, plstic surgery etc.. These are not Greek or Roman inventions. Now there are others also, but if you decide to dig deeper into this, then you will come to find that, those inventions existed before or during the Greek period. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle. Every civilization had its own pieces (contributions) to the puzzle. That collective knowledge is what paved the way to what we call today as modern science. If our inventions are “irrelevant”, then why is it mentioned in biographies of some modern white and Jewish inventors about their ideas and inspiration from inventions of ancient Asian civilzations? Many questions are raised about the origins of some inventions because of the archaelogical findings in the last hundred years excavated from various historic sites in Asia and Middle-East. Sometimes, its difficult to trace the origins of some inventions because there wasn’t a patent system before and also because of the invasions that existed back then, which made it difficult to determine whether the creation was originally of the winning team or the losing team.

            Honestly, I don’t have a definite answer to the question “who contributed more?,” and that’s why it baffles me, the way you are so certain about this, in fact, anybody for that matter. It’s like somebody saying “I’ve seen God.” Everyone has their own interpretation to fit their narrative, but no factual evidence. Now on the other hand, Asian contributions are comparatively less in modern science and that’s based on the empirical evidence and patents, and so we have to catch up.

            I wasn’t joking but just stating the truth about those cultural values (which applies universally for any fair-minded individual) and also about not finding any pro-Asian websites. Whenever I googled it, the only responses I got was about Asian dating, insipid jokes and stereotypes, and some blogs mentioning Asian racism towards other fellow Asians. I apologize if I exhibited any kind of superiority in my statements, that wasn’t my intention.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            Are you posting under two different names? The second half of your post is identical to Guest’s, whose post I responded to above.

            As for the part of your post dealing with past inventions, you seem to be just like every pro-Asian who I have dealt with on here in the past, that I was complaining about in my first post. You, like the others, present me with this long list of ancient achievements that occured outside of Europe. Most of these are achievements that Western historians are already aware of, but it still doesn’t change the premise that MOST, not all, of the roots of modern science and technology reside in Europe.

            The way in which you are lecturing me above, you are assuming, as your type always does, that I am on here saying Asia produced no civilization at all, and I never said such a thing, nor has any Western historian. Some of the things you listed are obvious and matter of fact: sculpture, music, architecture, government, math,……of course,….no historian has ever denied that just about every civilization has had those basic elements.

            Now let’s move on to more specific things you listed. No Western historian has ever denied that India contributed to math. However, I think you are being quite over confident by only giving Greece credit for four or five things in that area. Whenever I read a book on the history of math, Greece is usually given an equal IF NOT LARGER section of page space compared to India when listing past achievements in math (although the section speaking of European achievements from 1400 AD onward is 20 times as long as either). Are you aware that India learned from Greece in ancient times just like Greece learned from India? But it was because of Greece and Rome that this back and forth passing of knowledge took place in the first place. Then Muslims took over a region in which most of the knowledge was already produced by Indo European Greeks, Persians, as well as Hindus. When Muslims are given credit for producing Algebra that is quite a dubious speculation at best. Furthermore, if you look at the Middle East today, about a third of the people look white, and they are being held back by Islam. There is a lot of speculation as to what the actual race of these Middle Easterners in the past really was. It is already proven that Persians were white.

            As for China, again, nobody denies their ancient contributions to technology (which, when looking at history as a whole were quite minor). You see, what sets Europe apart from everyone else is the creation of science. Sure all civilizations had to have some form of technology and math, even the most primitive, but what set Europe apart from the rest is science, starting with the ancient Greeks. When you try to tell me that astronomy was equal in India to that in Greece, you are speaking of a different form of astronomy that was based on magic and superstition. You speak of plastic surgery, but how primitive was it?

            At some point you need to accept that there was a reason Europe created the modern world and not others. You want to try to tell me that other parts of the world had the same elements in place as Europe when that clearly isn’t the case. Most books I read on the history of science spend most of their page space talking talking about achievements in Ancient Greece as well as Europe after the Renaissance. They mention the important contributions from China and India as well, but they still make up a fraction, a small fraction compared to achievements from Europe. You would probably like to blame Western imperialism, but if that were the case, why weren’t your people smart enough and powerful enough to keep us away? Sorry but the excuses don’t hold water anymore.

          • Guest

            “Perhaps neither Asians nor blacks need a website of this specific nature
            (alarming everyone about our genocide) because perhaps your countries
            aren’t getting over run by immigrants against your will like ours’ .”

            We were overrun by immigrants in the past, the only difference was they weren’t called immigrants back then, just “Colonials.” But almost all of us moved on without blaming the past. The good thing is, majority of the Colonials left after their reign ended. The bad thing is, our countries were in the most deplorable conditions ever. The people had no recovery plan back then. Yes, we’re not being bombarded with immigrants at the moment, but in the future, we can expect these issues. The only thing standing against immigration to our countries is language.

            Today’s immigration issue however, is a bit complex. Politicians, law makers and media personalities who promote these pro-immigration ideologies are to blame for this and these cretins are rampant in your country as well as mine. It’s like they’re all playing a game of Chess, while we the ordinary middle-class citizens are their pawns and experiments. I was taken aback to find minority institutions and programs that helped Asian-Americans to secure small business loans more easily than Whites. I thought only Blacks and Hispanics benefited from these organizations but apparently I’m proven wrong. Look I have no sympathy for able-minded Asian individuals who gets preferential treatment. Heck, I don’t have sympathy for people (skilled or not) who leave their country in bad economic times. That’s not our culture and I’m sorry you have to tolerate this injustice. To be honest, things like these infuriate me to go against my own people.

            The developed nations and U.N. body thinks they can solve world hunger and poverty by taking a few of these (fifty thousand to one million to be exact) impoverished people every year from extremely poor or developing nations. That’s the greatest misconception ever. They’re not taking the impoverished people from these countries, but more like the educated middle-class ones. Not only that, when the highly educated ones leave these poverty-stricken nations, there is a void in skilled people, who can solve the actual problems of their own countries. People like you can change the laws that promote immigration and diversity in your nations and we’ll work on reducing the motivation factor (like greed, lack of integrity or cultural values etc.) of these people to leave for successful nations from our end. Ultimately it will benefit both our societies. If your countries want to help any nation, then help them by donating the things required for survival and not by taking in refugees or increasing immigration. In closing, your battle is with your own people (elites) and ours is with the restoration of our cultural morals and tradition which is being destroyed by the western media and immigration as we speak.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            I agreed with most of this except for the sentence about your people “moving on””. In today’s world the white man seems to get blamed for just about everything both internationally as well as in our own countries. Yet, we never get thanked for all the good we have done. Seems hypocritical to me. I also don’t agree with your point about the language barrier. Most immigrants choose to go to white countries because the living standards are so much better than their home countries or most nonwhite countries, unless you are speaking of Japan.

          • Dart

            Moot point. There definitely are some fine Indian doctors, no doubt, but that’s true about everything and everyone. But most good ones are in India firstly, secondly they just like the quality Americans in America belong to certain ethnic groups. Not a whole lot of fine Indian docs in the US for various reasons. Primarily because there are lots of opportunities for goods one in terms of making money, also maybe because I suspect they may have to spend a lot more years in school if they come here after studying in a good univ there, unlike Engineering, which doesn’t make sense for the brighter ones if some of these years of study is either repetitive or redundant because of whatever requirements. The ones that I generally hear coming to the west to practice are either those [students] who have money to invest here and/or couldn’t clear competition in India or those[established docs already] who are extremely good and are on a visiting basis. These are facts. I am Indian.

        • tickyul

          Fair enough……..let’s just hope that she does not have any children with her Urban American boyfriend.

        • Ulick

          Actually, Mallory won because she answered her question in the manner the politically correct, Liberal judges wanted to hear and promote. Mallory was asked about the recent gun debate and whether she agrees or disagrees with having armed guards at schools. Mallory gave the anti-gun answer that the pageant’s handlers wanted to hear. Rest assured, had Mallory given a pro-guard, pro-gun answer she would not be Ms. America today.

          If you doubt that conclusion just look back few years when Carrie Prejean was decidely the better looking finalist, but when posed a question regarding gay marriage said that she believes marriage is between a man and a woman. The judge, Perez Hilton, flipped out at the un-PC answer and Prejean promptly lost her chance at the crown.

          Just look at the tone of this article. It’s all about politicizing these pageants in the way the Liberal media desires.

        • Gerónimo Anónimo

          Any envy and insecurity has been force fed to White males K-12! I taught for almost a half century and saw it’s progression. The marketing of White female/ Black male relationships has exploded onto the TV commercials. It goes from subtle; almost subliminal to directly “in your face” ubiquity. White males have been degraded and guilted to the point where they’re totally insecure. I’v seen the resentment of White HS students as they watch their White girls lip locking with corned rowed, droopy pants disgusting Blacks in the school corridors.
          Many of them are attracted more to Asian- American girls who are not inclined toward Blacks and many of whom are much more feminine than the increasingly foul mouthed White girls. Very depressing to see the DEgeneration of this generation of young White women.
          George Carlin said that if you put six Blacks in an all White school, within six months you’ll have all the White kids acting and talking like the Blacks.

          • As an Asian myself. I can tell you that Asian women are more attracted to white men than black men. Even the most conservative Asian parents have started to accept their daughter’s choice to get involved with or marry a white man.

          • pcmustgo

            Yes, but I knew MANY Asian women, surprising numbers of them, that did indeed date black or latino men. Yes… I live in NYC and mostly had non-white friends, so I would know. About as many as white girls who did such things.

            Surprising numbers of Asian women have dated Black men.

          • pcmustgo

            White males chose to get into the hip-hop thing just as white women did… younger whites are more prone to this.

          • pcmustgo

            YOUNG ASIANS ARE WIGGERS NOW TOO… remember the Alexandra whatever girl with “Asians in the Library Scandal”… ? All the Asians who posted video responses to her were all hip hop wiggers.

            Black Youth Culture has dominated America now since the 1920’s….

            Black Music has dominated America since the 20s’.

            Please don’t under-estimate this.

            Blacks have been viewed as the epitome of “cool” for a long time… jazz, rock, etc…. now hip hop.

      • Dart

        Well, no matter what the politics of judges is, she is beautiful. You can’t deny that.

    • The__Bobster

      Hagan defeated several other notable sob-story competitors who grabbed headlines this year because of their backstories.

      Miss District of Columbia plans to undergo a preventive double mastectomy to reduce her risk of breast cancer, which killed her mother and grandmother.

      Miss Montana was the pageant’s first autistic contestant.

      Miss Iowa has Tourette’s syndrome.

      And Miss Maine lost more than 50 pounds before winning her state crown.

      And now we know why!

    • pcmustgo

      “Mallory Hagan’s 28-year-old boyfriend said he thinks that pageants are dismissed by some, but Maynard hopes Hagan’s willingness to take on the sexual abuse issue will lend legitimacy to her new role.”

      SOUNDS LIKE SHE WAS SEXUALLY ABUSED AS A KID… perhaps a reason she dislikes (subconsciously) white men?

      • OlderWoman

        That’s just an excuse. Even if a white male sexually abused someone that doesn’t mean others will. I’d say she hates her father and is doing what she can to rebel against him.

    • Ulick

      Here is Miss Ireland 2011 with her boyfriend.

      I’m seeing a pattern with these beauty pageant winners from historically white nations. Perhaps those controlling these contests are trying to promote something.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Cure girl. Ugly pet monkey, though.

      • Tim

        Zingo! I saw a picture of supermodel Rachel Hunter arriving at a charity event with a Marine honor guard at the entrance. They posed her in between the two Black Marines and left the third White Marine standing to the side with egg on his face. Ms.Hunter had a look of business as usual on her face as in doing as she was directed. The one White Marine had a look of egg on his. He was just in the picture enough to show us he wan`t “in the picture”, if you know what I mean. Judging by the sullen and disappointed look on his face, I would bet the look on his face was in answer to the photographer “steering” MS. Hunter in between the two Black guys verbally and away from the White guy…..

      • OlderWoman

        Yuck! What would she see in THAT? I wouldn’t want to have to look at THAT every day.

        • Krpt

          Some people don’t go for the looks, I guess or maybe it’s a publicity stunt. I’ve seen girls who marry basketball and football players just for their money and once the divorce settlement is over, they settle with someone from their own race. I’ve noticed those patterns for years.

    • me

      LOL! You mean ‘the dark side’….

    • Tim

      You just poured salt in my cereal but maybe I needed some.

    • Dave4088

      Sick, and Southerners always claim they are so much more race conscious than whites in other regions of the country. The sad part is that young, impressionable white girls see this and will attempt to emulate Ms. Hagan by dating a black boy.

      • OlderWoman

        Southerners more race conscious? I’m a Southerner and I live among whites who are completely mind-controlled when it comes to blacks. Our white landlady lets blacks in our building destroy property, break rules, ask for handouts and for six months allowed a black guys two thug daughters live with him in a one bedroom apartment. She makes excuses for them. When whites break rules they’re kicked out with no recourse.

      • CourtneyfromAlabama

        Overall Southerners are more racially conscious. The fact that people in this movement overreact to lone stories like this that involve a Southern woman speaks volumes, as if we are held to a higher standard down here.

        • White Southerners have their problems, for sure. I could start there, make my way there, and end there, and still have plenty of material left over for tomorrow.

          However, if the name of the game is overt white racial thinking and organization, there has only been one group of people in the lifetime of many people reading these words who have engaged in anything close to a sustained multi-generational political and social effort in that stead — White Southerners.

          Sure, you can cite examples of the same thing happening outside the South — The Boston anti-deseg fights of the 1970s, among many. And I am proud of our people for them. But as soon as they flee the problem, they forget about the problem, then go back to voting for Deval Patrick for Governor.

  • Tim

    When ever I see the byline New York Times I remember the time they ragged on The Alamo. I believe it was by asserting that Davy Crockett surrendered. Although I do believe this may have some merit. But it was the response printed in their own newspaper in which a Texas Republic descendant quipped, “TEXAS, will need a more reliable and credible source than a NEW YORK publication…” I don`t believe that the NYT had an answer to that one at the time…And I`M saying this also goes for Southern Belles as well.

  • Ok, now I know the real reason why “they” chose Mallory to be the winner. She does indeed have a black boyfriend. It’s either pick another minority winner, but slip even lower in the ratings again, or choose a white girl this time, who has a black boyfriend. I saw my last Miss America pageant over 25 years ago. The boycott continues…

    • mobilebay

      I saw a picture of the two of them together and the caption said he was from Trinidad, althought some posters say India – anyone know for sure?

  • I thought that Miss South Carolina did better than Miss New York.

    • Meredith

      I liked Miss Wyoming. She was 3rd runner up

  • gemjunior

    Of all the fine, handsome white men she can’t locate one that sparks her interest? So along comes “Charmel” ? Sometimes I think that these girls know what’s going on – that as Jamie Foxx postulates – “black is the new white!”. I think they know that coalburning will grant them instant attention and acceptance into the more elite circles where snobs sit around and talk about the lowlives who are “racist”. All the good-looking white men and THIS is her choice? The most horrendous looking white man is worth more than the most handsome black man. Who would be fine for a black girl. Mallory is a slutty beauty queen.

    • pcmustgo

      He’s not a very good looking black guy either, I’ve seen better.

      • Jefferson

        You have seen good looking Black men before ? I thought racially aware White women like yourself were not suppose to find any Black men to be physically attractive.

        • Winter Rain

          Would you say that Denzel Washington, Gary Washburn, Shemar Moore, Harold Ford Jr. , Ian Crossings, Paul Nebbetts, Kevin Marks etc… are ugly men? You need glasses if you do.

          • Harold Ford, Jr is an attractive light skinned black man.

          • CharlesFinley

            Yeah, that nappy hair makes him a really attractive, almost-white man.
            Give us a break.

          • George

            I’m a white guy and I would say Nicki Minaj, Halle Berry and all the other “attractive” black women out there are ugly as wild boars, except for the few that are mostly Caucasian, or some of the Ethiopians who are mostly Arab. I can’t get over the hair weave thing. Some of the mostly-Arab Ethiopians have naturally wavy hair and lighter, finer features, and they can be ok.

          • mobilebay

            Halle Berry is a beauty, but her mother is white, I think. I really didn’t know Minaj, but recently saw a picture – no way!

          • Todd

            Nonsense! I am White and I would say that Halle Berry , Vanessa Williams, Lela Rochon , Gabrielle Union, Angela Bassett, Stacey Dash, Nia Long, Debbye Turner, Cynda Williams, Paula Patton just to name a few and others are very atracitve Black women.

          • Kurt

            Same with Rick Fox.

        • IstvanIN

          I think we can all determine degrees of attractiveness in races other than our own. A black male that has more Caucasion like features will appear better looking than one with more primate-like features.

        • Krpt

          I’m racially aware and stick to my type only, but outside of my kind, I find Turkish girls and dark haired tanned Mediterranean types attractive. But that’s just me. I guess, some of us are naturally wired in a way that we find some people outside of our race to be attractive and some not, but it’s just the conscience of race, genes that restricts ourselves from doing it.

          • mrcan

            turkey in biblical times was occupied by the Galatians…. who are Celtic. That strain still exists in Turkey.

        • pcmustgo

          I was not always so racially aware. I am capable of admitting other groups can be physically attractive- even Black women… Asian women, etc…

          Doesn’t mean the groups can really co-exist in any meaningful way.
          Blacks who are mixed heavily with white look best.

          I never claimed to be some racial purist. I am also half jewish (which makes me “mixed” according to most on this website). I’m just angry about anti-white racism and all too aware of the stats out there.

          There are good looking people of all races.

          Is it ok for white males on this site to find Asian or Latina women attractive? Does it mean they are going to marry one or love everything about their culture?

          • Jefferson

            I do not consider you to be mixed, I consider you to be White if that is how you self identified yourself as in the census.

      • Piper

        He is certainly not bad looking.

        • pcmustgo

          Seal is awful looking. This guy is no hot black guy either…

      • OlderWoman

        I’ve never seen a good looking black ‘guy’ in my life. I don’t look at black ‘guys’ period.

    • Daniel

      The most horrendous looking white man is worth more than the most handsome black man. Who would be fine for a black girl.
      Nah! I think you overexaggerate here.

      • Darlene

        I find some black men to be very attractive but I would NEVER date them. I care too much about my race and the direction we’re headed in this country. Besides, I’m happily married to a white man with two beautiful children. To each their own, I’ll stick with whitey.

        • Agreed. He is a better investment.

        • Kblankenship7

          What do you find attractive about them?

          • Sherman_McCoy

            At their best, if they have enough white DNA, they might look like a bit like a white man with a dark tan.

        • Daniel

          I certainly understandand agree with what you are saying. I was responding to Gem Junior’s either over the top or intellectually dishonest post.

      • CharlesFinley

        Because mere exaggeration just doesn’t cut it.

    • Sam

      I’m a successful single white guy (own over one million dollars worth of investment equity). I see white women all the time here with their black boyfriends, who will turn into the invisible man when she gets pregnant. I have a hard time finding a date with a white woman, especially once she finds out that I’m pro-white, it’s game over for me. I will have to end up marrying Asian, or else get aggressive about finding an Eastern European woman.

      I see so many white women here with black males, I can’t even believe it. They don’t know what the end-game of it is: either being beaten, a single mom, murdered, or all of the above (Nicole Simpson).

      • She is right. BTW, don’t get involved in any of those Eastern European mail order bride sites, they are a fraud. Many of those women on those sites have boyfriends and they use American and other Western men for money.

        • Sam

          I know that about the Eastern European dating sites. There are some great Eastern European women out there but it’s easier to find an Asian woman, due to the trust issued you mentioned. Oh well! At least I know my tax dollars are going to go to support a bunch of halfrican children from these white women who rejected me in favor of aspiring rap artists.

          I’m reasonably good looking, in good shape, tall, and fairly successful and confident, but none of this makes me as desirable as an unemployed smooth-talking aspiring rap artist. White women will look at me with suspicion when I try to talk with them, but will give long and tender hugs to their black male “friends”. I see this in bars here all the time.

          In some ways I can understand. Women go for winners and it is obvious that, collectively, white guys are total losers, paying for our own women to have halfrican babies, paying African women to have a dozen babies, and freely sharing everything we have with the whole Spanish-speaking third world. That’s what losers do.

          It’s so painful to watch collective slow-motion suicide in action. We invented all of science, split the atom and also fused it, landed on the moon and all that, and yet we can’t stop importing third worlders and we fill our women with propaganda about how great black males are and then we pay for their mistakes. Why why why.

          • Kblankenship7

            Have you tried going to church to find a wife? How about visiting Eastern Europe for an extended amony of time, so you could get to know someone there? I have a friend who married a Polish woman and they seem quite happy. They went to Poland last year to stay with her family and had a great time.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Sort of echoes my experiences. I had to jump through some hoops, including winning over Mama, getting Papa’s permission to court his daughter, and proving that I was not a typical American scumbag on a sex vacation. (Actually, it was a business trip/training course). And, my angel is pretty strong-willed, demanding to be treated like a lady. I suppose if I had been looking for someone to dominate and remain quietly respectful I could have gone to the internet to find a girl from Thailand. Trouble is, the kids would not look like me.

          • Boston
          • Sam

            Those are good suggestions. I think I will try the idea of going to Eastern Europe for an extended trip. I love it there. I have to figure out how to arrange my work there. That’s probably the best idea. Eastern European women are the most beautiful, including Polish. I could learn Russian if I stayed an extended time somewhere there.

            I’ve thought about going to church but I’m Jewish and it doesn’t make sense for me to go to church looking for a date. You would not believe the ultra-liberal PCness of a typical Jewish temple, and it kills any romantic mood I might have, but I would also be very out of place at a church. I like to be honest with my intentions, and showing up at a church to meet girls is a misleading thing to do, which can’t have a good result.

            It’s so frustrating. If I wanted to date women here I should have gone on welfare and been an aspiring musician. It’s refreshing that in Eastern Europe they have such contempt for the feckless and the non-white, while here in the US we hold those flaws as ideals.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            No, he wants to take the easy way out and settle for an Asian

          • rebelcelt

            You would have a little better chance in the south. Southern women are more racially aware. Still plenty of white girls dating blacks. But, there are still pockets of white women that will not date the african menace.What kills me is the dumb white loser that dates a white woman with a black baby. Ooohhh you have a blck baby and the father is gone?Who would have thought such a thing.I will save you because you are pretty and otherwise I do not have a chance with pretty white women.Let the other white women see their miserable lot and beware the danger.

          • OlderWoman

            Occasionally I go to a restaurant in my community. Numerous times I’ve noticed white women with black men. Interesting thing is the women pay the tab. Some of them are borderline attractive while others are obese. I get the impression the women are the aggressors while the black males are the ‘magical charm’.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            I hardly ever see white women in the South with blacks or anywhere for that matter.

          • Disgusted

            I do.

          • shmo123

            They’re young, naive, lack experience and education. It’s a pity some will have to learn the hard way and regret it for the rest of their lives.

          • mrcan

            what you are describing is Toronto to a tee. while i am past that stage i know several guys who have met decent girls simply doing things
            they like to do, Hobbies such as joining a running club, hiking, windsurfing, health club,
            church…etc..etc.. the club scene is toxic. change your focus…do a lot of things….squasth, tennis, racketball, camping…boxing, karate….golf….take a course in cooking….women are also attracted to men with interests.
            be busy….be busy all the time!

          • USER

            Sam writes:

            “I’m reasonably good looking, in good shape, tall, and fairly successful and confident, but none of this makes me as desirable as an unemployed smooth-talking aspiring rap artist. White women will look at me with suspicion when I try to talk with them, but will give long and tender hugs to their black male “friends”. I see this in bars here all the time.”

            If what you claim about yourself is true, then you shouldn’t have a problem finding a white woman. Perhaps the problem is YOU and not white women. Do you come off as creepy, weird, awkward to women you talk to?

            But keep looking for that one white woman. Stay away from Asian girls; Asian girls are too good for you anyway and you, being white, can’t give her cute Asian babies.

            -from a Chinese guy, very handsome I might say, who has been loved by quite a number of white girls but none I deem physically beautiful enough for me to consider.

          • CourtneyfromAlabama

            I have been following this dispicable excuse for a discussion on a pro white website of all places. Unbelievable. We have white men on here labeling most if not all white women as trash who date blacks, while in the mean time promoting marriage with Asians. Sounds to me like you are the problem; not white women. You think it is easy for us white women to find white men who are racially conscious? It isn’t. I am far more racially conscious than my white boyfriend but I still really like him. Again, it is people like you who are the problem; not most white women or most white men for that matter.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          Wrong again, Crystal. My Russian wife and I have been together for 14 years, have two beautiful children, and she is the light of my life, and the best thing to ever happen to me, I especially love her loathing of non-whites, including muslims, Turks, etc.

          Now, the unluckiest “mail-order bride” customer I know is a guy who married a Filipina, who took him to the cleaners. Does that mean that they are all gold-diggers and cons?

          And BTW, I prefer tall, blond, blue-eyed and buxom women to short, dark, flat-chested boyish looking Asians. So take your anti-white BS and shove it. Envy does not become you.

      • shmo123

        Where is “here”? I see the occasional white woman with a black guy, but invariably, they always appear to be lower class, with much to be desired in the looks department. When you’re overweight, homely, and already have a few kids there aren’t many potential suitors that will come around, and they usually end up with the bottom of the barrel. In my experience and opinion, seeing what appears to be (from all outward appearances), an intelligent, sophisticated, classy white woman with a black guy is extremely rare.

      • mrcan

        its so trendy right now! but the attractive DWF’s know that they can get a solid white male provider to raise her bi-racial progeny…beating them all the while over the head with political correctness. the question is can you and your family listen to her tales of ‘life with leroy’ for the next 25+ years.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          No, they can’t.

          If something happened to Sayaka, I would never raise a mulatto. Mudsharks are the new “untouchables”.

    • Guest

      That’s because too many White men are too busy chasing Asian women.

  • A Southerner

    I remember reading in Chronicles Magazine an article in which the author recorded an old colleague’s (Sam Francis’?) indifference to flag-burning: “It’s not my country, it’s not my flag.”

    When surveying the hostility and contempt many of my “fellow countrymen” feel for my region, I, too, am inclined to say: “It’s not my country, it’s not my flag.”

    • Der Typ

      I’ve been preaching that one for a long time. On Christmas day I went to NYC with some family from down south. They wanted to go, so that was that. We went to where the towers were, and I just couldn’t hold it in anymore, “It amazes me the reverence that southerners feel for 9/11. The people and the city that were attacked that day, they hated your guts before”, I said, “and they still hate your guts, yet you stand in reverence at this spot as if you were standing before Ft. Sumter in Charleston.” If NYC is America, then I’m from Moscow, the USSR or Havana, Cuba even for crying out loud!

      Besides life become more enjoyable when you reach the conclusion I am not an American after watching 6 hours of MTV or MSNBC. Once you reach that conclusion, you then begin to realize that you don’t have to rescue America. And thus the weights fall from your shoulders. It might even allow one to find the humor in the news during these dark days.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        True. There is no more America, therefore no need to be patriotic about it.

  • enough already

    What a disappointment this woman is ,sickening.They won’t be happy till we have disappeared.

  • The__Bobster

    But, in fact, Ms. Hagan, who won the state crown in June, is not the New
    Yorker reporters have made her out to be. Born in Tennessee and raised
    in Alabama, she moved to the borough only a few years ago, to attend school.

    What do they call a pretty girl in NYC?

    A tourist.

    • falsedawn

      C’mon, Just go down to the battery and watch the women getting off the Staten Island ferry in the spring. Each one more beautiful than the last and that one was great – all White girls of course. Let’s not get nuts here.

    • Stan

      The “Big Apple”, Los Angeles & Miami have been voted as the top 3 cities in the United States for the most beautiful women per square mile.

      • shmo123

        I agree with LA and NY, but I doubt Miami–too much south American influence. With some Cuban exceptions, too many women in Miami are over the top in the looks department and will do anything to stay that way. Vain, phonier than three dollar bills, filled with silicon; aging gracefully is an unknown concept down here.

      • OlderWoman

        Depends on who sponsored the poll.
        As for L.A. I lived there. Botox ‘beauties’ are everywhere. They have botox parties in restaurants, bars and hotels. A good majority wear massive amounts of cosmetics. Also, Los Angeleno women (and men) are materialists.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Or, in this case, a coal-burner.

  • falsedawn

    Seems some Southern girls are real good people. Make you very proud of them. As for this poor young woman, Mallory Hagen, what can anyone say? She’s done.

  • The__Bobster

    This wasn’t a coincidence. Images of white Southerners spitting on black
    students, and news of white lynch mobs killing children like Emmett
    Till, shocked the world. Other whites, many of them pro-segregation
    themselves but fearful of the national reaction brought on by anti-civil
    rights violence, understood that Southern beauty queens could serve as
    persuasive public relations agents, a genteel veneer to cover up the
    region’s unsavory behavior.

    The rag isn’t called the NY Slimes for nothing. The usual suspects never miss a chance to inject their poison.

    • Mary Allison

      I am racially conscious White person and proud of my southern heritage, But I would like to think that you (like myself) or any other decent human being, would denounce any person of any race spittng on children, let alone lynching them or other adults for that matter! I must admit, I am troubled by your post.

      • Jason

        I agree with you on this one.

    • Dean

      Bobster. You are not saying it was okay to spit mistreat or attack small children are you? At least I hope not.

  • pcmustgo

    “The modern Southern belle,” the sportswriter Frank Deford once said, has “long been the Pageant ideal.” But why?


    A lot of “Toddlers and Tiaras” down there, Honey Boo Boo Childs…

    It’s the same reason they do poorly in terms academia.

  • StillModerated

    At least Miss Alabama has enough sense to date the Tide’s White quarterback. New York has a way of poisoning people.

  • joesolargenius

    As children grow up they are programmed by observation and social input to pursue a path that will lead them to where they believe they will be viewed with respect by others.Just as some boys wanted to grow up to be a gangster instead of the cops so did girls grow up wishing to be the gangster moll ( prostitute/girlfriend) . There are a lot more black criminals whom will let a girl be as sleazy and dishonest as she wants to be than there are white ones ! Also television programming caters their output to suit the egoistical appetites of their main supporters which are mostly women and minorities as white men spend more time on computers than watching TV.
    We are now portrayed as the bad role model and many shows allow debasement of white heterosexual males so that blacks and female homosexuals will watch them. I have sympathy for the young white males of today as they are having their true identity (HERO) stolen from them!

  • Snowhitey

    Obviously, the beauty pageant is all about ailments, afflictions, and mudsharks. Miss South Carolina should have won. But then again, maybe she is a mudshark, too! They’re a dime a dozen these days. I though the black guy always got the fat, ugly white girl? Boy, how times have changed.

    Perhaps it has something to do with more and more white men doing girly things under the guise of coolness or enlightenment….. earrings, highlights, waxes, manicures, pedicures, nail polish, eyeliner, tweezing, giving away your country with barely a whimper???

  • Tacitus

    “We have nothing to apologize for”…. Me neither ! I’m very proud to be from where I am from. I wonder if any of the New York Slimes writers can even find Mississippi on a map ?

  • Hannah

    Like Mallory Hagan,I had a Black boyfriend. He is now my husband of 7 years and he is the most kindest, sweetest man I have ever known.

    • IstvanIN

      So what is your problem? No father? Alcoholic mother? Please explain.

      • Hannah

        No. My father is an entertainment lawyer and my mother is a successful childrens author. I am a recently tenured college professor.

        • Chris

          That’s cool. I respect that, and I’m sure that he’s a great husband and father. I don’t dislike all blacks, I just dislike what the statistics and anecdotal evidence revail about trends and averages among blacks in comparison to other races. Obviously, that doesn’t mean your husband or his family members contrivbute to those higher averages.

          Would you agree that statistics show that blacks (not your husband or his family, but on the whole) have a far higher rate of murder, rape, burglary, and lower IQ? Once again, answering this question honestly doesn’t mean that your husband contributes to those higher rates.

          Do you also agree that those higher rates tend to be universal such that they hold true wherever blacks are on the globe? Once again, not impugning your husband. Just speaking as a collective.

          Would you also agree that the cause of these higher rates is largely genetic?

          • Michael_C_Scott

            If my daughter hooked up with that… thing, he’d be dead. We don’t do that here.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            If my daughter hooked up with an ape like that, she would be dead to me. Her brother would inherit all I leave behind.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            If Ariadne brought home someone who wasn’t white or Japanese or a combination of the two, we would sit her down and have a serious talk about how we don’t have a daughter anymore before we curbed all of her property and changed the locks on the doors.

            I *might* be willing to accept a Chinese or Korean (or Eurasian mix thereof) son-in-law if he was of good moral character, but my wife hates Chinese and Koreans.

            My will expressly states that nobody involved with a (racial slur) gets any of my property or money. My will also has ironclad severability clauses, which means each part of it someone decides they don’t like must be separately challenged. It also says anyone challenging the will gets nothing at all.

          • Hannah

            Thank you for your comment. For some reason the moderator deleted my post. I take issue with much of your argument, but I defend your right to believe them.

        • StillModerated

          That explains it! You’re a third generation holoco$t survivor.

    • bigone4u

      You deserve a medal.

  • bigone4u

    There are two issues here. The story is about the beauty, charm, and femininity of white southern women as opposed to the lack thereof from women in certain other regions of the USA. The second issue is about Hagan’s black boyfriend, a story that was trumpeted through the liberal media last week. The posting of that story of ebony and ivory gave the deluded diversity and mutlicultural types the chance to gush about what a fabulous woman she is and what a handsome, fab boyfriend she has. All of it is just more liberal media intent on denigrating white racial consciousness. I may be mistaken but I think I may have posted a comment on a liberal website suggesting she would change her dating habits after her boyfriend pulled an OJ on her. Naughty, ain’t I?

  • MekongDelta69

    This should be titled:
    “The Ugly Side of Blain Roberts”

    Btw, Park Slope is where all the hipsters move to (like LIC, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Astoria – wherever is near to the East River).

    It’s the same kind of thing in the article yesterday on AmRen about Queens. I grew up in Queens -and- Brooklyn and lived there for a long time – when it was WHITE.
    (I’m not counting the neighborhoods which had been black for a much longer time – i.e when Haarlem became Harlem and Bed-Stuy went from Jewish to black, and other examples such as those.)

    From 1965 onwards, you would not believe what has happened to all my old neighborhoods. On the very rare times I go back for whatever reason, I swear to God, I don’t even know what planet I’m on. If you grew up there when I did, then you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

    Anyway, I digress. The NYT has always been Red. They could turn an argument about a tuna fish sandwich into something about race and how the ‘evil’ Solid WHITE tuna is ‘oppressing’ the ‘impoverished’ Chunky ‘darker’ tuna.

    Don’t laugh – it’ll happen. Every other perverted, degenerate and insane thing has happened since 1964.

    • OlderWoman

      ‘…Bed-Stuy went from Jewish to black…’

      Hahaha…they vote for blacks but they move out of the neighborhood when they move in
      This is hilarious.

  • odious liberal

    She is pretty homely.

    • shmo123

      If you’re referring to Blaine Roberts, yes sir. A good looking woman in academia is as rare as a unicorn. Most range from plain Jane to outright butt ugly, with no attempts to make themselves look even the slightest bit attractive. Unfortunately, most are uglier on the inside as well–poisoned by years of left wing propaganda all filtered through the prism of race, class and sex.

  • Tyrfing

    Like John Wayne said in The Searchers, she’s not white any more.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    They’re nice-looking, but their smiles are not real. There is no smile that lights up a woman’s eyes the way she smiles when she thinks of the man she loves.

  • LHathaway

    “White women will look at me with suspicion when I try to talk with them, but will give long and tender hugs to their black male “friends”. I see this in bars here all the time.”

    No doubt this has been going on for a long time. I think some of what you see, some white women do this, as a means of getting white men jealous. Some women who do this are really doing this to get a white man. Or get more out of him. Apparently this works on some white men. I know it seems crazy. . . And it is crazy. And I don’t think their efforts always get the end result they seek.

    • OlderWoman

      Those women are probably loose women. I’d question their reputation.

    • Dennis

      This would be a strange way to go about getting a White man.

  • Mentious

    There is no beauty in a race traitoress.

  • puffdaddy

    Doesn’t the New York Times ever get bored with its tired, over used memes? If you can’t see racism, you can count on them to figure out some angle on it, and write a ten part Pulitzer prize winning series about it.

  • Joobag

    and who IS Blaine Roberts? – A self hating white woman from the south

    • OlderWoman

      She’ll be admired by leftists.

  • She’s a mudshark pig. Why is that not in your story?

  • done deal

    The superior supreme South where it all began 500 years ago and who wrote all the founding documents has risen although it never went down. You can kill the flesh but not the soul. Too many filthy crass scummy liberal hater racists perverts are in denial of reality as they spew their dirty lies in newspapers and media print desperately hoping it will stick and that the South is dead. Ah contraire monsieur. You are all misguided morons.

    The South will win in the end and already has won. The South never lost. Get your stupid ostrich heads out of the sand. Its been over for 500 years. The 100 million dead southerners in their southern graves would never allow that to occur to their real America. Half of the north and west now live in the South. Its a done deal. We Won.

  • mrcan

    the hollywood set are leading the way with interacial marraige and adoption. DWF’s think they will have the next Obama….and not be the next white trash baby momma. Ironic, while the economy is sinking they are making race the primary issue. its like rearranging the furniture on the titanic. in this case her bf is obviously a mulatto…meaning her children will be quadroons. …. You never know….if her children are fortunate to marry an off the boat liberal Swede…her grandchildren might be white….or whitish!

  • Not Politically Correct

    I wonder how many of you posters who seem so quick to refer to other people (especially Blacks, and Whites in interracial relationships as ugly) are Helen of Troy’s or male adonisis yourselves?

    • Paul

      I agree with you on this one.