Racial Tensions Flare at Meeting over Belle Isle Lease: “White Whores Can’t Save Us.”

Steve Neavling, Motor City Muckraker, January 28, 2013

A public hearing over leasing Belle Isle to the state turned ugly today when opponents heckled supporters and suggested the deal was a racist takeover.

“White whores can’t save us,” one resident said during a boisterous, two-hour period of public comments.

At issue is whether the city should lease the island park to the state for 30 years.

Supporters say the island has been neglected because the city can’t afford to maintain it. Opponents counter the state can’t be trusted with the unique gem, which has a rich history of racial integration.

Rowdy council meetings have been routine since the state announced last year that it would begin intervening in the city’s budget decisions. But not before today have supporters of some state intervention—in this case, Belle Isle—spoke out at council meetings.

And many in the crowd were not pleased.

“Get out of here,” one Detroiter yelled at supporters, most of whom were white and lived in the suburbs.

“You should be ashamed of yourself, telling us what to do,” another cried out.


Police officers stepped in when speakers got out of control or refused to sit down.


Here’s a sampling of today’s comments to the council:

“Get rid of the invaders!”

“You’re selling us out.”

“You’re saying we’re too incompetent and ignorant to run our own land.”


“I am ashamed to be white because … it’s a racist takeover.”

“This would never have happened before the city became black.”


The deal would save the cash-strapped city $6 million a year. If it’s rejected, the state likely would appoint an emergency manager, sources told me today.

“I don’t deal with guns to my head,” Councilman Kwame Kenyatta said .



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  • Oil Can Harry

    Black protesters :”You’re saying we’re too incompetent and ignorant to run our own land. …
    This would never have happened before the city became black.”

    That’s about the size of it.

    And shame on these white buffoons for trying to bail them out! Let them go the way of Zimbabwe.

    • HadEnough

      Does Detroit even has as much as the $217 left in Zimbabwe’s bank account? I doubt it.

  • bigone4u

    I think the blacks were saying they don’t want white help. Thanks, blacks. Now we can cut off all financial support, i.e., welfare, with your blessing. Glad you don’t need us. Whites, let’s go home. The blacks don’t need us anymore.

    • ed91

      in your dreams

    • Jeff

      But if they cut us off, what would we do without all those black scientists? On TV the honest smart guys are always the black guys, helping defeat the bumbling white crooks. Our society would collapse without their wisdom and deep moral sense. Our space program would be grounded without a black administrator and the Black Eye Peas (or whatever it was) to play music from Mars.


      White whores can’t save us

      Amazing, I agree, and I wish white whores would stop trying!

  • RHG

    Gee, what happened to “tolerance” and “diversity”?

  • Let them keep their park. Give it time and they will be begging the state to take it over because it will be overgrown with thugs if it is not already.

  • Ulick

    LaQueefah is correct. They can’t be saved. So why waste so much time, energy, money, and lives trying?

    • Persona Non Grovel

      Kwame Kenyatta- I think that is the name of a dinner dish under the Caribbean features on the menu @ your local Red Lobster. Or as we call it up here in the inner ring suburbs of Cleveland “Dred Lobster” ( all the blacks with braids and Dred locks.)

      But I would agree. White whores can’t save Belle Isle. Sorry to disappoint the low IQers but inevitably there will be some wiggers and bleeding hearts who will try to save you. And your brothers will rob and assault them. And they will still say it’s their White privilege. And those Whites should go away, for they are not making their community a better place. And the vicious cycle will continue

      • tarczan

        If you’re from Cleveland you are aware of what’s happening with the Lakefront parks. Years ago, maybe 20, the State of Ohio took over the two inner city lakefront parks because the blacks naturally couldn’t maintian them. Now everyone is crying for the local county park system to take them over, for the same reason, crime disrepair, the usual black pathologies. Being a bunch of libs, the Metropark folks will probably takeover the parks. The metroparks are a very well run park system, clean, safe, very well maintained. This is no doubt due to the fact that the parks are in white areas.It will be painful to watch one more white institution destroyed.

  • The__Bobster

    “White whores can’t save us,” one resident said during a boisterous, two-hour period of public comments.

    I suppose that rant is partially true. YT will end up getting screwed…..but won’t get paid for the service.

    • Daisy

      YT means what…

      • “Whitey.”

        • SintiriNikos

          I get confused sometimes, because people use YT as shorthand for youtube too, but the context usually clears that up 😉

  • Svigor

    I doubt anyone’s trying to save anyone here. And I doubt the blacks have any real objection to the lease, if the price is right. The black antics are probably at the behest of interested (black) parties trying to run up the price.

  • 48224

    I lived in Detroit 27 years, the metro area for 48 years.

    Let me tell you a few things.

    Belle Isle is a beautiful island in the middle of the Detroit River. It would be a gem of a park except for the blacks….which turned it into Haiti North.

    Black leftist dressed in African garb sit on city council, openly consort with members of the Black Panther Party and accuse whites of various nonsens……like trying to “steal our island” by turning it into a state park.

    “Steal our island”……let’s examine that. Belle Isle was a wilderness until whites took it from the Indians. Whites cleared the brush, built roads, canals, parks, golf course, beach, aquarium, zoo and other things. Whites made the island park that blacks accuse them of stealing!
    Like everything else, blacks find they cannot maintain the island, not enough know-how, money, motivation……whatever. So, whites try to help and are again accused of being racist blue-eyed devils.
    And a white guy named Mike Dugan is thinking of running for mayor of Detroit? Hell, they can’t stand the thought of whites fixing the island park and Mike Dugan thinks they will vote for him??? LOL Fat chance.

    • Triarius

      They actually think that whitey will take the island away and physically move it. Like that black politician that thought the island was going to tip over.

      Have you been listening to the radio? Massa Snyder, lol.

      I wish the rest of Wayne County would split off from Detroit, they’d collapse in a week.

    • StillModerated

      Nuh uh! Africans built Belle Isle, just like they built the pyramids and the USSA. Not to mention that blacks have invented tons of other stuff already patented by YT. The North American African sub-species has succeeded in deluding white liberal race traitors, who should be ashamed of themselves.


      • Triarius

        Ask them what specifically blacks built. Shortest debate ever.

        • Non Humans

          I happen to disagree: Excessively disproportionate high crime rates, Mountains of lies that have been propagated throughout all corners of our culture, holes from nearly all of our great cities, Dangerous ghettos of staggering proportions, Foundations of some of the funniest race jokes ever, Welfare culture that is the most prevalent in the world, Treasure troves of the stupidest things ever said and most repulsive behaviors ever glorified… I could continue.

  • alas

    I read this story on National Review, no mention of race though, of course everyone reading it would know automatically.

    • SintiriNikos

      That’s how NR and the neocons roll.

  • brengunn

    You’re saying we’re too incompetent and ignorant to run our own land.

    These people must be blind to their own failings. Seeing the same results over and over and never a mea culpa or any recognition that they share a considerable portion of the blame.

    The park will be taken over and ran much better, there will be no recognition of that either.

    • IstvanIN

      Actually white “liberals” are the insane ones, blacks are just dumb.

    • StillModerated

      Negro failure is regarded as success. Look at the Congolese space program:


  • Triarius

    I’ve been listening to this all week at work, it’s too funny. A person called in to 97.1 and said “If you don’t want help from whitey let’s see you all get off of welfare”. I almost fell out of my chair laughing.

    Let them keep it. I’ve been there, it’s dangerous and nothing more. I’ve met people from the deep south that moved up here and commented that the Detroit metro area is the most racially hostile, segregated place they have ever been to. After moving around a little after grad school, I agree and this is why.

    Nowhere do whites hate blacks and vice versa more than the Detroit area.

    • NM156

      Except for Ann Arbor, which really is a reserve for SWPL mental patients.

      • Triarius

        Don’t get me started on the Peoples’ Republic of Ann Arbor, I went to grad school there. It’ a different planet, the townies at least. Worst 2 years of my life, socially speaking. Good thing I had friends 1/2 hour away.

        • Mark

          Agree 100%. I went U of M – Ann Arbor. Lasted 1 year and switched to the Dearborn campus. Dealing with Dearborn muslims at least i knew who my enemies were.

    • Luis

      Not when it comes to the Bantus on Detroit’s sports teams. Whites love them. If these Bantus had stabbed their mothers, they would do no less.

  • MobyWhite

    We agree. White whores shouldn’t even try to save them. Don’t White whores have better things to do than try to save Detroit from the Diversity Outcome? I’m beginning to lose respect for White whores.

  • brengunn

    It’s a very interesting question that has been brought up here, what would a North American black state look like with complete fiscal and political autonomy? No federal help at all.

    Would it be nightmarish? Would it be empty within a few years as the people move to whiter areas? That is one social experiment I’d like to see.

    • tarczan


      • tremendouscoast

        You could take the people of Haiti and put them in Iceland and most would be dead in ten years. Reverse the population shift and you would have a first class tropical paradise in the same amount of time.

    • Sam

      If it’s in a place like Detroit, it would be devoid of life, because no one would be able to survive the winter, because they couldn’t build adequate shelters and couldn’t generate enough foreign exchange to buy fuel for heating. If it’s somewhere where food can grow and it’s not freezing in the winter, it would look like other countries in Africa, but without the giraffes.

  • HamletsGhost

    Like the proverbial dog in the manger. Blacks just can’t seem to understand that control comes from money. They demand more money from whitey, and then indignantly insist that whitey stay out and leave them to it.

  • jay11

    How did white people in Detroit react to blacks coming in 50 years ago? The protests and actions of the white majority in Detroit are labeled racist today, but blacks who ethnically cleansed whites out of a city they (the whites) built, can walk around with signs calling whites ‘whores’ and telling them to stay out.

  • kjh64

    Whites needed to have blunted stated to the Blacks that they have destroyed Detroit and as such, it has become necesssary to lease the island.

  • Opponents counter the state can’t be trusted with the unique gem, which has a rich history of racial integration.

    I’ll assume that ‘rich history of racial integration’ means it’s a majority black neighborhood.

    As I’ve said before, an historically white neighborhood must be destroyed. An historically black neighborhood must be preserved at all costs.

  • RileyDeWiley

    The state is basically bailing out the city by offering to pay it and take over maintenance on a park that is within city limits and patronized entirely by city residents. The state is offering to pay Detroit’s bills and do Detroit’s laundry for free – and Detroit is refusing.
    IQ 85 indeed.

  • Vanessa

    Detroit is unsustainable!

  • MekongDelta69

    Councilman Kwame Kenyatta = DIE-Troit.

    ‘Nuff said…

  • APaige

    “You’re saying we’re too incompetent and ignorant to run our own land.” Land…, family, neighborhood, state,school, business, company,city, nation, etc. The only thing the black race can run is a foot race.

  • LHathaway

    “Glad you don’t need us. Whites, let’s go home. The blacks don’t need us anymore”.

    That’s what blacks have been saying for 50 years. Get out whitey. We’re proud. We don’t need you. You’re the source of all of our woes. Sometimes they even say get out with fists and knives. Unfortunately, whitey still supports them. Even on AmRen whitey will argue about what is best for blacks.

  • “This would’ve never happened before the city turned black.”

    Bankruptcy… Rampant crime… Physical devastation of properties… Yes… I guess so.

  • Just Mike

    The blacks know that the whites will crowd one side of the island and make it tip over. Just like Guam.

    • SintiriNikos

      Sure regular, ignorant people might believe that capsizing stuff, but not people we elect like our Congressmen. /sarcasm

  • black whores

    Your black whores or black whore hoppers cant save you either.

  • StillModerated

    Belle Isle is home to a casino, which will remove more disposable income from Det-riot’s largely black population. The city already has a money-losing casino in Greektown. So, sell the island to Canada and remove the bridge to Hell.

  • NeanderthalDNA

    Talk about telling the truth…

    “Supporters say the island has been neglected because the city can’t afford to maintain it. Opponents counter the state can’t be trusted with the unique gem, which has a rich history of racial integration.”

    How many whites have been killed, raped, robbed there by poor good black folk? Ah, integration!

    “You’re saying we’re too incompetent and ignorant to run our own land.” Well, not saying it, just thinking it because that’s precisely how it appears. You know, you can call a turd something else or spray paint it with glitterdust, perfume it to high heaven but…it’s still a turd.

    ““This would never have happened before the city became black.” That is the truest statement ever uttered!!!!!!!

    And finally, to properly wrap this up in a typical “blame whitey” flourish…

    “I don’t deal with guns to my head,” Councilman Kwame Kenyatta said . Well, living and working in Black Detroit, dealing with guns to the head is a skill this guy might want to brush up on…

    • SintiriNikos

      How did people named Kwame Kenyatta and Kwame Kilpatrick become councilman and mayor of what was once the Paris of the West, the Arsenal of democracy? This is the end of our civilization. Detroit is the end in fast forward. Elsewhere, we have time to hit the pause button, rewind, take out the trash, go to the can, and do things right.

    • Luis

      Like that Bantu state senator, Jimmy Womack, I think his name was. Wasn’t he held up at a gas station in Detroit, in the district he represents?

  • SintiriNikos

    Check out the Detroit in Ruins video on AmRen’s archives. The douche neocon narrator goes out of his way to blame Detroit’s demise on liberals and unions. The only picture of any mayor he shows is Cavanagh, the LAST WHITE MAYOR. Coward and scumbag. But hey, he’s a conservative so he gets some airtime for his BS.

  • SintiriNikos

    Detoilet. Deadrot. Detriot. Destroyed. We’ve come a long way from the Paris of the West.

  • odious liberal

    Let the negroes have it so they can turn it into a zimbabawe theme park.

  • Mike

    The incredibly patient, tightly clenched, white-knuckled fist of tolerance will come down with unfathomable force onto these vile, disgusting people and pulverize them into oblivion. The only relevant question is, when?

  • Unperson

    “White whores can’t save us”

    Really? I’m sure they’ve saved lots of black pimps.

    • dhs

      That was my impression when I read the headline. I thought it was a complaint that Detroit’s white prostitutes could not generate sufficient revenue to buoy up the city.

  • Luis

    A few weeks ago, the Kresge Foundation coughed up $ 150 million to give Detroit. I’m thinking that white-run foundations have some sort of a learning disability.

  • Fed Up

    ““You’re saying we’re too incompetent and ignorant to run our own land.”
    Which pretty well sums up WHY Whites need to get involved.

  • Civil War II will be so much fun.

  • seanpatriot

    God can we have a freakin race war already so we can move on as a nation

  • mutt3003

    Only reason the council opposes the “lease” (and this goes for the city as a whole) is because once whitey gets a look at the books there will be a need for a larger prison to house all of these so-called public servants. Along the same line, this explains why Governor Snyder is waiting for a miracle from God to save him from having to take over Detroit. Can you imagine the outrage – a white Republican going after all of the ‘roids.
    Actually this may be a good thing. Maybe it will finally be the catalyst for the new revolution. Let the games begin.

  • PesachPatriot

    What a shocker…more classy, civilized, respectful behavior from the ruins of detroit. I’m shocked that such eloquent statesman have trouble attracting foreign capital and investment. Things got pretty heated a few times in my small towns town hall meetings when I lived in the north but I don’t recall the police getting involved or anyone making references to the world’s oldest profession.