Prof: ‘White Privilege’ Behind Many Mass Shootings, Parts of the Tea Party

Timothy Dionisopoulos, Campus Reform, January 18, 2013

A professor from a public university on Wednesday claimed mass shootings, such as those in Newtown Conn., and Aurora Colo., are often the effects of jilted “white privilege.”

Robert Jensen, who is a journalism professor at the University of Texas at Austin, also suggested race-based alienation is a motivating factor behind some parts of the conservative Tea Party movement.

Robert Jensen

Robert Jensen

“Why are the men who commit mass murder disproportionately white?” Jensen asked rhetorically. “My guess is that it has something to do with the sense of entitlement that most white people feel.”

“When the world doesn’t deliver what those men feel they deserve, violence is seen as a reasonable response,” continued Jensen.


In a separate interview with Campus Reform on Thursday, Jensen explained that while jilted privilege may not necessarily be the spark for massacres like Newton or Aurora, it can be part of a much deeper motivation.

“I wouldn’t even use the words causal or connected,” he said. “We’re talking about the underlying political moral framework within which people take certain kinds of actions.”


“Do people who have a sense of entitlement and feel that society is not delivering to them what they are entitled to ever react out of resentment and revenge?”Jensen asked. “A lot of the Tea Party rhetoric seems to have that tone to it.”


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  • Hirschibold

    Take all of the mass shootings performed in America by white men over the course of the last twenty-five years (and exclude all of those performed by black men like Lee Malvo or Omar Thornton), and the number of their victims would be less than 1/10th of the violent gun crimes committed by black men in one year, in the city of Chicago alone. The truth hurts, especially if you can do some basic math.

    • Absolute hatred for the truth is their main philosophy. There was no outcry against guns when that black ‘man’ gunned down whites and Asian on the Long Island Railroad a number of years ago.

      • Joseph

        Yes, there absolutely was a big stink and they began enacting the “high-capacity” magazine bans very soon thereafter.

      • White Nationalist

        Don’t be so concerned about those asian aliens who neither belong in, nor built America like your fellow Whites.

        Incidentally, it was of of these asian aliens named Seung-Hui Cho who committed the deadliest shooting incident by a single gunman in U.S. history by killing 32 people at the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007.

        There was no major outcry against that one either apart a bill mandating improvements of the NICS, and even AmReners here seem to not know or have completely forgot about it, unfortunately…

    • The__Bobster

      It’s hard to have a mass shooting at a Zulu school, as the securtiy is already as tight as a prison camp’s.

      • Hirschibold

        They are creative, though. I know this firsthand. If they can get a protractor or a compass through the metal detector, they can screw up your day when you have to leave class to go to the bathroom.

    • Nathanwartooth

      This guy didn’t bother to do math or look up statistics.

      He just looked at the headlines and declared that Whites go around killing people en mass constantly.

      Of course Blacks are over represented in serial killings. But who cares about statistics that don’t show what you want them to?

      • toldev

        The canard about serial killers being exclusively white is based on the fact that black serial killers generally are unable to rack up a high body count before they are caught, eg. Jeffery Dahmer or Ted Bundy. To rack up a high body count as a serial killer, a person needs to be intelligent in order to avoid police detection for a time. Most black serial killers simply are not intelligent enough to avoid police detection long enough to be a prolific serial killer. Of course you can not explain that to a liberal.

        • StillModerated

          The fact that an equal opportunity black police chief (Moose) was put on the job of solving the crime was the major contributing factor to prolonging the spree. “Look for white box trucks” he proclaimed boldly. It turns out the killers drove a POS hooptie!

          • toldev

            When the level of diversity is a police department goes up, the competence of that department goes down.

            There is also the example of the Detroit police department. The department now only solves about one out of every three homicides that occur in its jurisdiction.

          • MikeofAges

            Keep in mind also, the police received witness description of DC sniper car as a large, American-made sedan. Not unreasonable to imagine that the perp was a disgruntled white guy. No unreasonable to consider other ideas as well, including the possibility of Muslim terrorism, which is what it was, at least I would say. But investigators are supposed to follow leads and clues. In my opinion, Charles Moose goes down as the buffoon of the century, so far. His moose-headed stubbornness may have cost many lives.

        • Hirschibold

          You know what was pathetic about the entire Dahmer affair (aside from his actions)? He was being interviewed, and the interviewer wanted to know that since so many of his victims had been black, was Jeffrey Dahmer racist? Dahmer answered that he wasn’t racist, and the interviewer was relieved. That shows how inverted our society’s moral compass is. A man can be a mass murdering cannibal, but as long as he’s not racist he can be redeemed by the liberal priesthood.

          • Liberalscuk

            Exactly. Go onto Youtube and they’ll be a movie scene where a psycho kills 20 people, most of them white, only one black guy killed and someone will say, ‘Hey, he killed a black guy.’ I’m disgusted that so many white people have bought into this self hate and guilt that it is not even logical.

          • Luis

            If I remember correctly, at the time of the Columbine shootings, one of the dead students was a Bantu. Of course, Bantus decried Klebold and Harris as “racists” BECAUSE OF THAT ONE DEAD BANTU.

            Of course, they never mention that the other 12 victims were white – that wouldn’t fit their agenda.

        • Joseph

          That loonatron that strangled all of those kids in (Atlanta?) about 35 years ago did pretty well, something like 28 people thought not convicted of all.

          • The Atlanta child murders was an urban fable; they threw a bunch of unrelated but normal murders and tried to make it into an incident of a white serial killer at large. The whole thing was blown way out of proportion to serve an anti-white political agenda and in the end they caught a black guy who killed a few kids and it blew there entire narrative to hell. Like the Duke Lacross rape case and the Zimmerman affair. The press isn’t looking so much to report the news in terms of facts as they are in constant search of incidents that can be twisted to fit a modern parable of political correctness.

          • StillModerated

            I remember the joke: the police are looking for an alligator disguised as a watermelon.

            And Jesse had the green arm-band thing going on.

          • Joseph

            Okay, even at that, a WHITE guy who “killed a few kids” would surely get more negative press coverage than a black guy who killed a few kids no matter how few, convicted of 2 or 20. They frequently plea-bargain to get a conviction.

    • Dutchman

      I think blacks kill more people in one year than were lynched between 1865-1965.

      • Joseph

        You need to remember that a “lynching” is defined as a black criminal getting ultimate justice without benefit of SPLC lawyers.

      • Daisy

        Jim Webb in his book ‘Born Fighting’ claims that far more whites were lynched during this period than blacks.

  • Enar_Larsson

    —“We’re talking about the underlying political moral framework within which people take certain kinds of actions.”—

    Isn’t that the same framework in which black men disproportionately commit violent crimes, especially interracial ones? And the same framework in which the Tinley Park attack, the FRC shooting, and the Occupy Movement took place? Isn’t it the same environment in which Obama won reelection by fearmongering among minority voting blocs, asking some of those groups to punish their enemies and warning others that they were about to be enslaved once again? Does a frustrated sense of entitlement have anything to do with those events? And isn’t this framework created by journalists like Jensen?

  • MekongDelta69

    This clown was also in yesterday’s AmRen.

    Let’s put it this way – Robert Jensen has made millions of dollars by exerting his (self-proclaimed, hypocrital, so-called) ‘white privilege.’ He should immediately hand over all his money to all the ‘youts of color crayolas.’

    • jane johnson

      He’s a privilege pimp the same way Jackson and Sharpton are poverty pimps. A self-proclaimed radical and communist sympathizer, he uses his position as a college professor to advance an anti-American, anti-capitalist, anti-White agenda to a captive student audience, while profiting handsomely from the system he condemns. Jensen iis a despicable, traitorous hypocrite. Check out his website, and look for an essay titled “White Privilege Shapes the U.S.” Sorry, I don’t have the link, but his email is [email protected].

      • anonymous

        Let’s all flood his email with our complaints. Of course, when whites object he’ll claim it as ‘white supremacists emailing me.’ Very dishonest and deliberate manipulating our enemies are doing. By that logic, if Jews object to a neo nazi or muslims radical who hates jews, is their criticism then “Jewish supremacists objecting”? If blacks speak out against the KKK, then can we dismiss that as ‘black supremacists’?

        • C_C_Conrad

          It seems that the e-mail link is no longer in service.

          • MekongDelta69

            Try: [email protected] -or- [email protected]
            (See if one of those work.)

          • Liberalsuck

            Have you emailed him? Is he just another anti-white liberal whimp who can’t take criticism?

  • The__Bobster

    Robert Jensen, who is a journalism professor at the University of Texas
    at Austin, also suggested race-based alienation is a motivating factor
    behind some parts of the conservative Tea Party movement.

    There’s some truth to that statement. TP members are miffed at the redistribution of their assets to the 47%, and deep down they know where that money’s going.

    • Now the next trick is getting the TPM to admit this openly then politically organize and lobby on racial interests. Until then, their only real use, either as a potential third party or a quasi-third party, is to gum up the political works to keep bad legislation from happening.

    • ed91

      And deep down we have seen many examples of unimaginably wasteful methods of throwing taxpayer money away by the government….. and not just in Obama’s time but stretching back as far as the eye can see………… Obama just wastes more taxpayer money.

    • mavuso

      i bet you are one of those 47%. when was the last time you filed income tax

    • A journalism “professor”. That says it all.

    • tom in MI

      There is no truth in his conclusion, only propaganda.

  • storibund

    Y’know, maybe some people really aren’t into being *proud* of their race – that’s fine.

    But to loathe one’s own race so completely… that’s just mentally ill.

    • Stan_Mute

      When your race has created 99% of the science and technology which allows hundreds of millions of people to live longer, easier, and healthier lives, I’d say you are mentally ill not to be proud. Add everything else whites have given the world: farming technology that feeds the world, automation technology allowing elimination of slave and child labor, communication technology allowing families to remain close even in the remotest corners of the planet, warfighting technology that can eliminate the mass slaughter of civilians and reduce the horrible mutilations so common prior to the 20th century, art unparalleled by any other race, and charity to give all this away freely … Again, failing to have pride in all this is utterly insane, pathologically stupid, or both.

      I am absolutely PROUD of what my race has given this world and hope only that I am worthy of carrying my share of the load and that I pass on to the next generation the same pride and sense of responsibility.

      • mavuso

        not 99% maybe 30% but so did many africans in creating fire, tools that brought homo sapiens to the top of the food chain, survive and spread throughout the planet.

        • Dutchman

          Fire was first invented by Homo Erectus, not even a Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Caucasians=domestication of the horse and sheep, the wheel, metallurgy, the first cities (in what is now Turkey), agriculture, wool, linen, concrete, steam power, the water mill, heavy plows, the railroad, aircraft, computers, the telegraph, telephone, television, refrigeration, vaccines, almost all modern forms of surgery and medical care, insecticide…. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Let’s not forget the printing press….. If whites did not develop 99% of civilization than they are responsible for 90% I would hand the other 10% to the East Asians for paper money, rice cultivation, silk, and gunpowder (but not effective firearms!), among other things.

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

            Nobody invented fire. The first fires on this planet were either started by lightning or spontaneous combustion of an oily substance.

        • AutomaticSlim

          Are you joking? 99% is pretty much on the mark.

          Africans who have not been affected by colonization still live in mud and dung huts.

          Africans believe that raping virgin babies cures them of AIDS.

          Africans are completely responsible for the new world slave trade — and we are suffering the consequences, gravely, to this day.

          Africans STILL practice slavery.

          Africa is the infected boil of the planet earth.

          No Black African, in Africa or anywhere else, has contributed to anything positive in the history of this planet. Period.

        • And those Africans haven’t done much else since.

          • IBWHITE

            Unless you want to include car jacking and flash mobs.

        • Garrett Brown

          Is what what they teach at schools now?

        • Joe Mama

          Huh ?

        • josh

          You mustve been hit on the head a lot. Did you play football sans helmet? Blacks didnt invent a damn thing except for jenkem and the Watusi!

      • Joseph

        This is what *really* galls the vibrant races; whites CREATED their privilege.

        • NYB

          A better theory is that non-whites victimize whites because of a sense of jealous envy.

          • Sloppo

            There’s enough proof of that so we can stop calling it a “theory”.

      • White Libertarian

        Without whites, and their accomplishments, we’d still be stuck in the pre-industrial, Malthusian trap, in which everybody had to work their ass off 12 hours a day just to survive. And the planet, with that technology, could only support MAYBE a billion people, TOPS. It’s a harsh fact that if it weren’t for whitey, the VAST MAJORITY of non-whites wouldn’t even EXIST today. Most are too short-sighted to realize that by getting rid of whitey, they’re ultimately dooming their own races, as the evolutionary forces that allowed whitey to excel are LONG GONE.

        There will ultimately be MASS EXTINCTIONS, and having learned from his grave errors, whitey will rise from the ashes and rule again. ONLY THEN will you have full white nations run on sound, conservative principles.

        AND broke as hell non-white nations living off the private charities of whites. It’s a harsh world, folks.

        Believe it or not, many nations are much poorer today (per capita) because white charity, medicine, etc, allows far too many to reproduce, thereby reducing the wealth per person.

    • Joseph

      Thought and expression are nowhere so limited as in these bastions of “academic freedom”.

    • Where do you get that the professor loathes his race? He is just asking why a disproportionate amount of mass killings have been attributed to white males. Shouldn’t we all be asking the same?

      • storibund

        Lila, do you ever ask why a minority of the US population is responsible for the majority of its violence?

        • Yes absolutely. These are social questions which need answers. Many members of minority communities ask similar questions ; i.e. why are so many of our youth dropping out, committing crimes, ending up in prison. Yet not once are they viewed as loathing their race for asking these questions. These are social issues and they need to be discussed. I can even argue that it is out of love of my brothers and sisters which makes me question why they are engaged in such self destructive behaviors. Certainly, no one is questioned as a self loathing race traitor when they try to improve the medical condition of their community – so why start when they look into emotional issues as well?

          • C_C_Conrad

            “He is just asking why a disproportionate amount of mass killings have been attributed to white males.”
            His question is inaccurate from the start. It’s just a political ploy. See these two books.

            Jack’s War

          • Daisy

            Jensen uses rhetorical manipulation to speak out of both sides of his mouth. He balks at fully admitting he’s asserting there’s a ‘causal or connected’ relationship but then in the same sentence says the meme of white male mass shooters etiologizes in ‘the underlying moral and political framework.’ What the heck is the difference? And just what is the underlying framework? I’d say it’s capitalism more than any race issue. What’s odd about the left is that they constantly say its racist to believe in race but then assert there is such a thing, and that’s why they’ve lost credibility. Basically they are race realists but just won’t admit it, but in their view it is the white race that is biologically inferior.

            Years ago, before I woke up to the truth of the democratic party’s war against whites, I wrote to Jensen expressing admiration for some of his writings on gender. I hadn’t read much of the rest of his work at all…yuk.

          • BellaCosa

            Have you ever read anything by Robert Jensen? The guy has a pathological obsession with “white privilege”. His remarks on mass killings, read in a vacuum, maybe don’t belie a sense of self-loathing; but taken in the context of virtually all of his commentary on race, it is undeniably self-loathing.

          • Joseph

            I don’t know Robert Jensen’s writings but from others whom I have read, I don’t believe they loathe *themselves*. They truly do not believe that they are soiled as the rest of us common whites are. They are above all of that. They are obsessed with “white sin” because this enhances their self image of superiority. They have these few self-approved traits which they hammer at every opportunity to prove how much better they are than everyone else, mostly to themselves. If there is anything resembling self-loathing, I think it is more like self-hypnosis because they try to erase the innate sense that whites *really are* different than other races. If they find that they are having the same feelings about race as common rednecks, they cannot feel superior. This must be denied at all costs.

          • I’d bet that Robert Jensen does NOT live in a ‘diverse’ area to experience and reinforce HIS White privilege guilt…..

          • jane johnson

            You are absolutely correct about Jensen…White Privilege is pretty much his whole schtick, and he’s parlayed it into a career. oh, there is that teaching gig in Texas; Journalism, no less.

          • Luis

            Mass killings at one time and one place are much like airplane crashes – they attract attention because so many people are dead at one time, because of one incident. Airplane travel has the lowest fatality rate of any mode of transportation, based on miles traveled; certainly way less than automobile travel.

            So 26 people were killed in one incident at a Sandy Hook, CT school. Black people in Chicago or Detroit kill that many in the course of a week, sometimes.

            Somebody should tell this “mad professor” that not all the mass killings of late have been the exclusive domain of whites:

            Seung-hui Cho at VA Tech was Korean. The Ft. Hood shooter was a Muslim – Obama told us “not to rush to judgment” on that one. John Muhammad and Lee Malvo, the snipers were Bantus. Lovelle Mixon who killed four Oakland police officers, was also a Bantu.

            Holmes the shooter in Aurora, was a medical student. Hardly deprived of privilege, I’d say. Going back even further, Charles Whitman was an architecture student, at the U. of Texas, in 1966. Again, I don’t think he was lacking in “privilege”. These guys, like Adam Lanza were psychos, who finally snapped.

            Come to think of it, whenever Bantus riot and kill, don’t they do so, we are told, because of “the vestiges of slavery”, “society owes them something’. “lack of opportunity, education, self-esteem, positive role models”,”vicious cycle of poverty’, “being held down by whitey”, etc.,?

            This professor knows that Bantu murderous tendencies are so commonplace, from all the inner cities in the U.S., to Haiti, Jamaica and Brazil, all the way to the mother continent of Africa; that he doesn’t talk about that – that would be like mentioning the Sahara desert has sandstorms, or the South Pole is cold.

            In other words, “Ovambuwara Washington shot and killed Javarius Africa in a bloody gang reprisal’, isn’t news – but Adama Lanza shooting 26 people at a Sandy Hook, CT school is due to “jilted white privilege”.

          • Joseph

            Well that’s different. Ovambuwara and Javarius were not responsible. It was the “environment of gang violence” as if that were some living entity or irresistable mesmeric influence. Lanza was responsible for what he did because his issues were generated within himself with no justification of outside events.

          • Let me work with your transportation analogy. Let’s say that there are daily highway fatalities. Then one day a plane crashes and kills a few people – far less than what are killed on the roads. Do we want to know what happened to the plane and what could be done to prevent future accidents? Or do we point out that car accidents far outnumber plane crashes and that we don’t need to spend time looking into making air travel safer? If I am involved in the aviation industry, I want it to be the safest and most secure form of travel. I do care about how many automobile accidents occur, but that does not allow me to ignore the plane crash. So if a member of my family breaks down and causes injury, I want to know what are the issues and what can be done to avoid future breakdowns. I want to know what can be done to make my family as productive and safe as possible. Of course, as many here are wont to do, I can point to my neighbor and say “see, he has worse problems than I, I don’t have to uplift myself,” but this is an adolescent response.

            If a member of my community is so enraged, suicidal, and disturbed that they are going to go on a murderous rampage, I’d like to figure out and explain what is going on – irregardless of what is going on in another community.

            In other words, is it wise to define ourselves by the shortcomings of others?

          • Luis

            OF COURSE, we want to make air travel safer – everyone does. That’s why, whenever there’s a plane crash, there’s an automatic investigation by the FAA. It wants to find out what happened, why, and what can be done to prevent future crashes.

            My point was, airplane travel is safer than almost all other modes of transportation. When airplane crashes occur – which is (statistically) rare – they are given much press coverage, because it’s easier to sensationalize 300 dead bodies gone in an instant; than it is to visualize 100 people killed per day in auto accidents. spread out over a 50-state area.

            Adam Lanza killed 26 people in a few horrifying minutes in one day. Meanwhile, 40 people were killed during the month of January in 2012, in Chicago. Which is going to get sensationalized and reported about – Lanza’s homicides or Chicago’s January 2012 homicides?

          • OlderWoman

            MSM censors black crime in Chicago. Or at least they don’t dwell on it like they do when the shooter is White.

          • Daisy

            It’s interesting that you claim to want to know all of what happened in the Sandy Hook event yet on Professor James Tracy’s blog pro-Obama/anti-gunners are constantly claiming that we who believe in the constitution and the 2nd amendment aren’t allowed to ask questions about exactly how the event happened. Tracy became well-known for questioning the main stream media’s and federal government’s handling of the incident.

          • Michael Ryan

            true and i would agree this professor has a point which he admits is only likely a contributing. I doubt we would agree on what ought to be done about it LOL My daughter goes to the high school in that town and talking to my ex a liberal of course the day of the shooting i pointed out these shooters are nerdy white types and are obviously outraged at the lack of respect and dignity they get it today’s world my point was more along the results of feminism and would be a manosphere topic,but also it would apply to race white privilege unlike affirmative privilege is earned and not getting paid what one earns tend to piss people off. no doubt suburban kids are spoiled rotten.and the antidepressants they hand out to help us accept this is a huge factor i suspect, a are video games and nihilistic socialization. they found dozens of half used clips apparently a video game technique is to never enter a new area without a fresh clip

          • NM156

            Loughner and The Joker were paranoid schizophrenics tormented by hallucinations and delusions of violence and killing. Most mass killers have brain disorders such as paranoid schizophrenia. These killings have nothing to do with socialization or race or anything else to any significant degree. Violent psychotics kill in all cultures, in all socioeconomic backgrounds. They are unaffected by all but the alien overlord, or celebrity, or historical figure commanding them via radio waves or chips implanted in their brains or microwave transmissions from Zeta Reticuli.

          • MikeofAges

            Very clever. You have succeeded in culturally explaining why white privilege is a useful concept for the political left. If they describe non white violence as a response to historical oppression then they have to attribute white complaints and white misconduct to a sociocultural cause as well. But that cause has to be negative. Since they cannot, not quite yet anyway, simply call whitey evil they identify the seeking of an inchoate “white privilege” as the cause of white complaints — even those which are presented peacefully. The real fault of whites, of course, is that their failure to support the progressive, popular frontist agenda of the political left.

          • Daisy

            Have you perused the Grio or The Root? They are two online publications devoted to ‘black issues’ and they pretty much come out and call whites evil. Sure, they cloak it in fancier terms and theoretical constructs yada yada but if you read even a couple of articles in either you could lift various phrases that clearly define and depict whites as evil. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., founded The Root (he’s the Harvard prof who harassed Sgt. Crowley in the infamous Beer Summit farce); in his application to Yale he actually addressed the admissions officers as ‘whitey’ yet they admitted him. Crowley didn’t take too well to that approach…

          • OlderWoman

            I am not a good writer, but I can run circles around the quality of writing in the Grio or The Root. They sound uneducated, racist and call themselves Progressives. Surely these people who run those sites are near the 85% IQ.

          • MikeofAges


          • OlderWoman

            Black Panthers in Oakland were responsible for 71 white deaths.

          • PDK

            Liberal and black illusion pretend they believe blacks are losers because of whiteys racist mentality. The truth is the black gene pool produces a different sub-species of human than does the white gene pool.

            Blacks are losers in a white culture because their gene pool produces a physically smaller, lower IQ cerebrum that further evolved for the culture of tribalism, not for the higher culture of whites.

            They are the dysfunctional, “fish out of water” in a white, higher culture. Thanks

          • Joseph


            They’ll stand around at their “candlelight vigils”, rallies and community meetings talking about “asking questions” but when a black- Bill Cosby, certainly no conservative for example, actually gives an answer, he is denounced every time. He has plainly stated that they need to learn to speak English, get honest work, marry and support their children, educate themselves and he is sharply criticized by the usual suspects of the “black leadership” for his insensitivity. This has happened numerous times. Clarence Thomas AKA “Uncle Tom” who should be a source of pride for blacks, is reviled simply because he is a conservative.

            Like this white professor of fantasy, most blacks, at least the ones we hear from, do not want the solution. They want a continuing problem requiring perpetual custodial care at the expense of the rest of society.

          • And don’t you think we need more Cosby types – or less? Do you view Cosby as a race hater? Or is he trying to uplift?

          • Luis

            Cosby is a huckster, in my view; albeit an eccentric, wealthy one. He ACTUALLY believes that AIDS is a government plot to promulgate genocide among Bantus in America. In that sense, he’s little different from the Bantu gays in San Francisco who went around telling other gay Bantus they wouldn’t get AIDS if they didn’t have sex with white gays.

            Cosby’s wife blamed “racism” for the death of their son. That’s no different from Bantus who are shot and killed, not by other Bantus, but by a “gun”.

          • OlderWoman

            I lived in L.A.and learned Ennis Cosby was a social worker. There was a lot of resentment toward him that he drove a $40,000 car to work with people who had nothing. Word was it was this resentment was responsible for his killing.

          • Daisy

            Resentment from whom? Were people linked to his workplace also linked to his murder, which I thought happened at an unrelated gas station?

          • OlderWoman

            Clients, not co-workers. It wasn’t at a gas station. It was at Mulholland Drive (in the Sepulveda Pass) where he was fixing a flat tire.

          • LaSantaHermandad

            Wait. Wasn’t Cosby killed by a Ukrainian national?

          • OlderWoman

            Yes, I did more research and it seems what I heard had some errors in it. This teaches me I should do more research before I post something. Ennis was working in New York, while this happened across from the Skirball Center in Los Angeles. The Ukrainian didn’t like blacks. Maybe he lived among them and knew how they live. But, he was mistaken about Ennis I suppose. However, sporting a rolex watch while ministering to poor people seems a bit arrogant.

          • Joe Mama

            Spoken like a true liberal … You’re approved and excepted..Well, until they are done with you, then they’ll throw you out with the bath water ..

          • NM156

            Disproportionate? The US is still nearly 70% white. No question of the breakdown of the killers’ demographics is necessary. This inquisition is leftist, anti-white political propaganda.

      • He is just asking why a disproportionate amount of mass killings have been attributed to white males. Shouldn’t we all be asking the same?

        Sure, no problem. But show us the evidence. However, in the spirit of academic freedom, let’s also not hide the fact that blacks commit murders disproportionate to their race in the population and that the biggest killer of black males are other black males.

        Let’s also not hide the fact that 99% of the research shows that societies with racial heterogeneity don’t do as well as those which are racially more homogeneous.

        What’s sauce for the goose must also be sauce for the gander.

      • Joseph

        What the professor has done however, is swallowed a camel while straining at a gnat. He is concerned over the .1% of homicides and evidently ignores the 99.9% -a calculated diversion from any genuine solution to violence.

        Then rather that offer honest, verifiable research data , we get some speculative pronouncement which will be received as fact by his disciples.

        More of the usual intellectual junk-food for thought from the left.

      • PDK

        That is the illusion created by the LMSM, as said LMSM protects, defends and supports liberal ideology as its agenda. The big difference between white and black mass murderers is simply that the whites who do it are mentally ill, while the blacks who do it just suffer from the lower IQ that the black gene pool produces.
        Further, black mass murders are not spoken of by the LMSM, for example the black beer guy caught stealing beer from his company who was subsequently offer the choice of quitting or being fired and then killed a number of coworkers with a couple of semi-auto sidearms a fews years back, or the black on the train in NYC 10 years or so ago.
        Lasty, whites comprise 64% of America while blacks comprise 13% of America and from that perspective blacks are more inclined to mass murder than whites.
        Wake up and smell reality, to continue imbibing liberal and black illusion is the cause of America`s downfall. Thank you.

        • Daisy

          If Adam Lanza even had Asperger’s just an FYI that it is not classified in many-AmRen’s-posters’ bible, the DSM. The Norway shooter was deemed insane by the psychiatrists yet sane by five judges before he went to trial. Alex Teves’ father, who lost a son to Holmes in Aurora is speaking out that Holmes clearly knew what he was doing and while evil, is ‘sane.’

      • josh

        Well first,we have to ask:ARE a “disproportianate” number of mass killings committed by white males. The answer is uhm,NO. And why does it seem that all these pinheads(like you) have the answer as to why white males commit spree killing,but they cant seem to figure out why black males,chinese males,korean males,hispanic males,jewish males(Uhmmm the Columbine & Gabby Gifford shooters were Jews,sorry)and muslem males do so. “Well we dont know any of those,except for WHITE MALES,them we understand,theyre EASY! “Do you see what a nasty moron you are?

      • ralfphe

        The fact is that minorities, per capita, commit more “mass killings” than Whites by far. The professor is professing something that is factually incorrect.

    • SintiriNikos

      Liberalism is a mental disorder. This smug professor will be the first against a wall when the Other completely takes over.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      I loathe the white liberals.

  • Puggg

    “Why are the men who commit mass murder disproportionately white?” Jensen asked rhetorically.

    Because blacks largely don’t have the organization skill to do it. As my mother told me when I was just a little pup, if you had a brain, you’d be dangerous. I read today that the murder tally in Chicago in 2012 was higher than the number of American soldiers killed in Afghanistan in 2012. And, as a certain someone points out, a hostile relatively smart committed enemy hell bent on terrorism is actually trying in Afghanistan! Imagine how much worse blacks would me if they actually tried to be dangerous, for what they do now in Chicago and elsewhere is just a natural consequence of them being themselves.

    • Liberalsuck

      Liberals say blacks who commit crimes do so because they’re ‘disadvantaged and poor’, but when a white guy commits a violent crime, he does it because of his ‘privilege.’ So they’re saying if whites had less, they would commit less crimes basically. Funny, I thought we weren’t supposed to judge an entire group of people based on the actions of a few? Or does that not apply to whites, Christians, Mormons, etc?

      • Daisy

        Why are white people said to have privelege and yet if I used the term ‘jewish privelege’ I would get attacked as a bigot? The jews have the highest per capita income in the US, again from ‘Born Fighting’ by Jim Webb. Just for citing a comparison at the end of his book of various ethnicities’ per capita income he got called an ‘anti-semite,’ yet the stat is fact, and the jews were ahead by far and the majority scots-irish that he writes about were at the same level as blacks, when taken by region I think. Are we allowed to discuss the rates of homicides of palestinians by jews?

        • OlderWoman

          I go through the same thing where I live. One Christian told me I have a ‘critical spirit’…she accepts anything, defends everything that’s wrong with our society, even defending a pervert Muslim that lives in our building.

          • NM156

            Is this attitude attributable to some theology or just to herself?

          • OlderWoman

            I don’t know but, I believe she’s politically correct. But that can have nothing to do with Christianity.

    • Luis

      Not just in Chicago, Puggg: but in Haiti, Jamaica, U.S. Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Mali, Nigeria, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Niger, Sierra Leone, Equatoria Guinea, Central African Republic, Burundi, Chad, Benin, Tanzania, Madagascar, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Angola, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Gambia, Gabon, Senegal, Mauritania, Cameroons, Ghana, Swaliland, Lesotho, Botswana, Congo – Leopoldville, Congo- Brazzaville, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast and South Africa.

  • Non Humans

    Dude needs some toilet paper to cram in his mouth. He’s talking completely out of his ass (Where his head is crammed).
    The occasional white mass-shooter is statistically rare, deranged, and in need of psychiatric counseling, usually for long periods of time. If he wants to run his mouth about something, why not the mutliple mass shootings, rapes, robberies, and burglaries that occur everyday, in every major american city, and are disproportionately perpetrated by non-humans.
    I would think that as a college professor, research and data to support his “Entitlement Theory” would have at least been referenced or noted. Oh, but wait, “Professor of Journalism”. There it is, folks. We don’t need research, data, or other such mechanisms designed for study. A progenator of the “Ministry of Truth” says it is so, and therefore it is understood as fact, and shall never be questioned!!

    • liberalsuck

      I just pray that he and his ilk go into a wrong area late at night and get to ’embrace that diversity’ that they so claim they love. Let’s ask Robert Jensen where he lives and inform him that if it a predominately white neighborhood or city, then he is a hypocrite and needs to move to a black neighborhoods, donate his house to a native american, and leave all his money that he has worked for to a black organization.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    “White Privilege is a racist term because it supposes that the race of a people that founded, grew and have been the majority of a nation being a certain race ought to be at a disadvantaged by policy. This means that for example, the Japanese have racial privilege, when they don’t, they just happen to be the ones who founded and have been the majority in their nation. Being in the majority and members of the founding race is not a racial issue, race is incidental to the fact. I don’t expect to have the same advantages as a Japanese in Japan, or a Russian in Russia. Making cultural advantage a racial issue is … well, racist.

    This writer is ignoring that the policy of most educators and the laws in the past 40+ years have served the aim to destroy so-called “white privilege” and other advantages that feminists insist that males possess, etc. So the young white men of today are drugged in school, taught to hate what they are, bullied, and have the deck stacked against them by law. In that shotgun incident in California, a white boy went off after being taunted for who knows how long for having red hair. Let’s say the problem is “red haired, white boy privilege.”

    I guess that this author is saying that whites who cannot handle their oppression sometimes go psycho act out and that is unacceptable. Okay, no one wants to see it go that far. But he is blaming the predictable result of all this abuse of boys and particularly white boys on white privilege. It seems that his thinking is so badly inbred that any resistance to the abuse of whites is white privilege.

    • Daisy

      Many in England, where anti-redhead or as they say ‘ginger,’ attitudes have become common, are comparing the phenomenon to racism. There is a fair amount of dispute about it as one might imagine. Liberals find the sheer notion outrageous.

  • Joseph Franco

    Meanwhile, when black people get their welfare cut, they tear up their neighborhood and randomly kill people.

    … But that, in no way, is because of sense of entitlement.

    That’s “justice.”

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    These comments by Jensen seem to be best classified as “Leftist Quote of the Day,” type. They are short and make connections with trite, stereotypes of leftist opinions. He pronounces them as if he is the god of wisdom on the subject, when they are just his own bigoted political opinions.

  • David Ashton

    How would he demonstrate this observation by scientific methods?

    • So CAL Snowman

      The “scientific method” is for angry old White men. Hoping, feeling, and intuition are the principle players in our new Faustian Dystopia.

  • BannerRWB

    I find this statement to be true: “When the world doesn’t deliver what those men feel they deserve, violence is seen as a reasonable response,” – True I believe, in the sense for people when they are within their own culture, land, and most critically, race. There is always envy among humans, but when we add massive amounts of expensive (through wealth distribution) non-white diversity to White nations, we exacerbate any tensions which may already exist. A positive solution is to move populations toward ethnostates, whereas the negative solution is to continue our current path towards White genocide, and ensure ever higher levels of conflict until we reach total war and the dissolution of our nations. Still though, the Newtown and Aurora incidents were White-on-White killings, so I’m not sure why he made a connection to a loss of White priviledge.

  • falsedawn

    “I wouldn’t even use the words causal or connected,” he said. “We’re talking about the underlying political moral framework within which people take certain kinds of actions.”
    While I haven’t got any idea what he means by this, I do give it an 85. It’s got a good beat and it’s easy to dance to.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Robert Jenson
    You are agitating for the mass extermination of Native Born White American Christian Conservative Males…in your sick mind, the Tea Partiers are a proxy for Native Born White American Males:set the Tea Partiers up for extermination by the State…put the coin into the slot machine…bingo:a large percentage of the Native Born White Male Population is exterminated by the State.
    There is a reason that you are a unmarried-childless:because no psychologically healthy Native Born White American Female would breed with a nasty freak such as yourself…not even the lowly mixtec females of the mixtec species would do it either.
    Now keep this in mind Bob:If Mitt Romney had won the election this past Nov 4, the species known as young black males would have gone ape-apoplectic. And if you just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time…well, let me put it this way:these violent black youth would not have asked for your voter registration card…they would care less if you gave them the high five sign…”hey bros”…and bragged how you voted against Romney…you would have been torn to pieces…literally..not that any of us would care.
    You wanna pick a fight you goddam pansy go right ahead…Anquan,Pepe and Uga-buga will provide you the with shock therapy that you and other filthy White Liberals are long overdue for.
    There have been at least 100 violent attacks and rape on Native Born White Americans since Saint Patricks Day two years ago by young black males Tea Party attacks on nonwhites during the same period:0
    You are a sicko and a pervert..and you, and other filty degenerate White Liberals and Z Magazine reading White Leftists were very lucky that Romney lost the election.
    If there enough Lysol in America to disinfect America of White Liberal filth such as Robert Jensen?

  • anarchyst

    It’s the psychotropic drugs that young white males are subjected to to make it easier for “teachers” to handle them. Boys have been “feminized” in public schools (indoctrination centers) for a long time.
    ALL psychotropic drugs have side effects that include suicidal thoughts and violent tendencies.

  • guest

    Why don’t these clowns ever point out crimes done by non-whites? All these “experts” ever do is talk about how evil they find whites to be. That every crime in society is somehow the fault of white people, even the crimes that are not committed by whites. These self-proclaimed experts probably get paid a lot of money to talk so hatefully about whites for a living, and to me, no large amount of money will ever be worth betraying and hating my own race.

  • wattylersrevolt

    The late Dear Leader of North Korea once refered to Jorge W Bush as subhuman scum…well, that about describes Robert Jensen also.

  • wattylersrevolt

    Black and Hispanic Privilege is behind all of the eviscerations of Muslim Childen..over a hundred according to the most recent body count…in drone attacks ordered..with glee apparently…by their Dear Leader from know the one Robert “the pansy” Jensen voted for enthusiastically on two occasions.

    • Robert Binion

      Is that the same one who advocated extension of the evil “Bush/Cheney” tax cuts?

  • So CAL Snowman

    ““Why are the men who commit mass murder disproportionately white?””

    Really? Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Kim il Sun, Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe, Atilla the Hun, and Genghis Kahn are but a few examples of NON WHITE mass murderers. If White people are such killers then why is Chicago (with over 500 homicides in 2012 alone) the deadliest global city?

    • wattylersrevolt

      And don’t forget the 20 thousand years of exterminations that took place within Mezo-Ameridian Societies and North American Ameridian Society….and what ever did happen to the Salutrians from what is now present day France? And don’t forget Tojo and Manchuria…..and the Chinese in Tibet and in their Muslim Province..very nasty stuff.
      It is undersood these days by archaeologists that Chacon Canyon is a remnant of a genocide of one Ameridian tribe against another. There isn’t a North American Ameridian tribe in existence today that didn’t exterminate a earlier Ameridian Tribe that occupied that land for centuries.
      As I mentioned in the post that was deleted in this thread earlier on:Robert Jensen is agitating for state violence against Native Born White American Conservative Christian Males…he is effectively agitating for genocide. Of course, nonwhites will make no distinction between Native Born White Conservative Males and subhuman scum White Liberals such as Robert Jensen and Noam Chomsky.

      • OlderWoman

        ‘…that Chacon Canyon is a remnant of a genocide of one Ameridian tribe against another’
        I’ve been to CHACO Canyon and read it’s history. Actually, it is believed it was a holy ground as there are ancient worn paths leading to it from as far away as Mexico. It has thirteen kivas so, for lack of a better description it was a ‘convention center’ for the Anasazi. Archaeologists have failed to find any burial grounds near Chaco Canyon and unless some new information has come forward, Chaco was never an inhabited village.

        • wattylersrevolt

          Older Woman
          Well, you are most definitely not well read on things Chaco Canyon. The “gentle” Anasazi used to invite their neighboring Ameridian “friends” over for dinner..actually…they had them for dinner…including the children whose brains they bashed out and dined on. Start with:Christy Turner…Man Corn:Cannabalism and violece in the Prehistoric American Southwest. And since the Publication of this book, there have been much more archaeological evidence to back Turner up. The Hopis are the descendants of a Mezo American Ameridian tribe that ate its way up through Mexico into North America.
          I reckon that if Robert Jensen and Noam Chomsky were around back in the day of the Ameridian paradise…well, they probably would have ended up as desert for the ancestors of the Hopi.
          I highly recommend that Jared Taylor read Turners’ book.

          • OlderWoman

            It doesn’t take much to expose your rudeness, arrogance and general bad attitude.

          • OlderWoman

            Does this mean they have found burial grounds near Chaco?

    • StillModerated

      I think the deadliest city is Chihuahua Mexico with a murder ate of 111 per 100,000.

      • Joseph

        Yes, but that is the fault of WHITE NRA members who keep supplying Mexico with guns. You DO listen to the news, don’t you?

        • StillModerated

          No. I make it up like the big boys and girls on television do.

          • Joseph

            I guess it’s good work if you can get it. Sadly, I don’t think you are making it up this time.

    • rightrightright

      You missed out Mohamed.

  • Luca

    Blacks only kill one or two at a time because that’s all that’s usually behind the counter at the local mini-mart.

  • Angry White Woman

    “Why are the men who commit mass murder disproportionately white?”

    “Why are the men who commit rape disproportionately black?”

    • Liberalsuck

      “Why are the people who chide white people for being privileged usually privileged whites themselves?”

      • C_C_Conrad

        Often times they are actually Jews, pretending to be white.

      • Who Me?

        Because the “non-privileged whites” are too busy trying to earn a living to waste time putting down other white people for being privileged. (Besides most of them wouldn’t mind a bit of “privilege” themselves!)

    • Joseph

      The answer is always, 1. poverty, or 2. white privilege, 3. It was consensual (attorney speaking).

      • StillModerated

        Some scuzzy lawyer defending a jew in court once said,”my client is a second generation holocaust survivor.”

        It’s only a matter of time until another scum-bag barrister uses “my client is a survivor of white racism.”

        • anoynmous

          “my client is a survivor or illegal brown invasion and black violence.”

          • Joseph

            But the question every day is: “For how much longer?”

        • Anon-e-mouse

          Every race has been enslaved at some time in history. Every race has gotten over it and gone on with life in the following generations except one, blacks. ONLY blacks keep referring back to the slavery of their people that ended in this country 150 years ago. They keep the story alive as if it were they themselves who suffered the lash, the pain and the degradation of slavery. They also act as if modern, living, white Americans of today had some part in this enslavement. Most of us can prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that our ancestors weren’t even on this continent until after slavery was abolished. It’s time for them to catch up with the rest of the world and get over it like we did.
          African-Americans are at the most 19% of the population, yet they commit far more than 19% of all crimes, and that includes mass murders.

          • Daisy

            It’s actually not only blacks who keep referring back to the slavery of their ancestors… there’s another ethnic group who do the same thing and the irony is that their claim of having been enslaved is a myth.

          • PesachPatriot

            Daisy…none of my friends or relatives ever bitch about being slaves or building pyramids in ancient egypt…it may or may not have happened as described in the bible….I don’t know, I wasn’t there..the joke is that if it did happen it was probably the last time you saw jewish guys on a construction site. No one in Israel or the american jewish community is trying to sue egypt for back wages plus interest,penalties and late fees for some bronze age unpleasantness…

          • OlderWoman

            I bet if we had all the histories of blacks who are living in the US today, only a small percentage would have had ancestors in the US in the 1800’s. I distrust blacks more than any other race.

        • anarchyst

          Generations of jewish “holocaust ™” survivors is no joke. Those of the “tribe” are tattooing their ATM (oops, I mean “holocaust ™” numbers on their children and grandchildren. Kinda sick, huh??

          • PesachPatriot

            I’ve never seen any jewish person in america or israel under the age of 80 with blue numbers tattooed on their arms…most of the people who got numbers are already dead anyways. I have seen a few kids get the number of their ancestors as a memorial as tattoos become more common and socially acceptable in the secular jewish community…no one will think some 25 year old jewish kid who got numbers as a tribute to a relative was actually in one of the unpleasant places where those numbers were first applied

            Anyone who uses those unpleasant events as a payday is one sick puppy in my book. My still living grandmother was offered reparations by germany in the 80’s or 90’s(I can’t remember exactly) and she turned them down, saying having her own house and family in Israel was more than enough. You may find it interesting that in the Knesset left wingers and right wingers are constantly calling each other nazis, kapos and judenrat members…it really pissed off my dad when he lived there…way to cheapen historical tragedy Israeli politicians.

          • anarchyst

            “Never forget” I totally agree with. I do have one question for you. WHY is ANY questioning of ANY aspect of the jewish “holocaust” a CRIME in many European countries?? Mind you, NOT denial, but an accurate accounting and investigation of some dubious claims. I find it unconscionable that there are things, that if revealed, would cast a shadow on that historical event.
            I commend you for criticizing the “ATM payday” that some “holocaust” organizations and individuals subscribe to. Best regards,

          • PesachPatriot

            I don’t know is my honest answer. I have never lived in a European country, although I have visited a few…my guess would be there is still a lot of hurt feelings between the various european nations over that little dust up…I know lots of additional info and records on the eastern front became available after the fall of the soviet union. I honestly don’t care if someone wants to deny the unpleasantness, I’m not made out of butter…I believe more in free speech than people’s rights not to be offended….owning a pocket knife can also be considered a crime in the EU too…I remember our little talk on the thread about the hungarian farmland law too…best regards to you as well.

        • PesachPatriot

          I’m going to have to call shenanigans on this one. No jew in the american legal system should be allowed to get away with this. I don’t think of my family’s tragic history as a blank check to rob liquor stores at gunpoint, steal car stereo’s or commit senseless acts of vandalism…

    • josh

      But mass killers AINT proportionately white!!! Are peopleso stupid they cant figure out…theres a lot of white guys in America.Some of them are going to be psychotic. In truth,white men kill LESS than proportionate and have LESS psychotic probs than the OTHER folks. Geez why are people so stupid. And to think a POS like Jensen has one clue why white men or anybody does anything is beyond stupid. He is a talking head who is full of,uhm,smelly stuff.

      • Angry White Woman

        I KNOW that, Josh. I was merely quoting the posted article.

  • Robert Marchenoir

    “My guess is that…”

    This man is a university professor, and he builds a theory on a simple “guess”, plucked out of thin air ? What does he teach, again ? Journalism ? Rrrright…

    Nice spectacles, though.

    • StillModerated

      They look better when he’s wearing a ball gag and being soundly thrashed by a dominatrix.

  • I think if you consider the proportion of the population non-whites are over represented in mass shootings. Remember ferguson on the road island railroad,the Korean at virginia tech,the beltway sniper,the Hmong that shot six hunters in minnesota. Maybe its people who promote hatred of white people who are responsible like Quentin Tarantino or Robert Jensen.

  • shattered

    Idiots like this are created. That’s the scary part. Firstly, they are not disproportionally white. The largest single demographic for murder in the U.S. are gang affiliated African-American males murdering other gang affiliated African-American males. Street gang leaders like “Big Evil” are basically serial murderers.

    The largest single demographic for suicide is aging white males killing themselves (and no one else). I imagine this latter statistic would make this idiot happy if he were even aware of it.

    And when it is a white person, it’s usually a dysfunctional kid from a modern liberal dysfunctional home.

    • OlderWoman

      I’ve been curious about Adam Lanza’s mother’s politics. The MSM has been strangely silent about that. Surely they haven’t grown a conscience.

      • shattered

        Marxists are incapable of conscience.

        • David Ashton

          “Our morality is determined by the class struggle” (Lenin).

  • kjh64

    “Why are the men who commit mass murder disproportionately white?” Jensen asked rhetorically”
    Black men commit murder at 8 times the rate of White men and Latinos at about 3 times the rate. Yes, the reason spate of spree shootings have been committed by White guys but they aren’t doing it because of some “White privilege”. Plus when a White guy goes on a shooting rampage, it gets a lot more media attention, while Black/Brown crime is often covered up by the media.

  • A Swain

    The likes of Jensen are firstly degenerate products of the present Ashkenazim-engineered and orchestrated political system that’s been lording it over the West for nearly seven decades now. His ilk are obviously very well paid to keep up relentless hate speech attacks on their own White brethren in order to make sure the Ashmenazim-perscribed jackboot of oppression continues to press firmly on the necks of the White race. What better way to achieve this aim than getting the job done by members of the same race themselves.
    Secondly, from the dawning of man there has always been those who will display a ready willingness to join the enemy camp and turn on their own. However, history has also often revealed the fate of such traitors where the turn of events has taken a different direction and exposed these evildooers to their just desserts.

  • MartinBurgisser98204

    Stop the racist discrimination against whites and maybe it will stop.

  • Amren reader

    I can see that this professor is just another far-leftist and white self hater in the likes of Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and the late Ted Kennedy. Of course, if I had the money to make a bet, he most likely lives in a predominately white neighborhood rather than a non-white one– a total hypocrite if ever there was one. If he doesn’t get awards from each of the groups like the ADL, SPLC, NAACP, and La Raza altogether, then he will at least get an award from one of them. He will get an award for being a “Human Rights Activist”– typical of the modern day neo-Marxist professors that haunt our college campuses.

  • Amren reader

    I can see that this professor is just another far-leftist and white self hater in the likes of Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and the late Ted Kennedy. Of course, if I had the money to make a bet, he most likely lives in a predominately white neighborhood rather than a non-white one– a total hypocrite if ever there was one. If he doesn’t get awards from each of the groups like the ADL, SPLC, NAACP, and La Raza altogether, then he will at least get an award from one of them. He will get an award for being a “Human Rights Activist”– typical of the modern day neo-Marxist professors that haunt our college campuses.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    It takes some organizational skills to pull off the kind of killings done by the likes of Jeffrey Dahmer or Ted Bundy. Generally this is lacking in the undertow.

    • Luis

      “The criminal is the creative artist; the detective only the critic”…

      —G.K. Chesterton, from “The Blue Cross”

      Bantus are indeed lacking in organizational skills, when it comes to things like crime. Why do you think the Sicilian “mafia’ has flourished for centuries, when Bantu chieftains were still selling their enemies into slavery?

  • toldev

    “White people and their sense of entitlement” Just wow.

  • David Albert

    Just because I have a predilection for irrelevancy and flippancy I would say that this guy has a strong resemblance of Jared Taylor. It stops at the physical – the mental was long ago diminished by a steady diet of liberal indoctrination and frequent gulps of the single malt!

  • Joseph

    I expect that if the professor ever asked himself: “Why are career criminals and serial killers disproportionately black?” He would arrive at the same answer: “white privilege”.

  • Mark

    Europeans must create a culture of resistance against those who attack us, firstly by disarming our adversaries in their war of words, the good news is; we can now win war by simply creating a culture of resistance against the word White, we must battle the opposition who describe Europeans collectively or individually as white people, and even more importantly we must describe yourselves as European.

    We are Europeans.

    • liberalsuck

      I’m against all who attack us: browns, blacks, yellows, muslims and even those who are white (or look white).

    • Daisy

      Interesting strategy. I personally believe that it is necessary to reclaim the word white to win the war. White Is Beautiful. ‘European’ has already become a synonym for white in liberals’ – and many black militants’ – minds and idiom.

  • jay11

    Is this guy for real? How was Adam Lanza angry about not getting his white priviledge? His mom was gonna send him to a group home and he snapped.
    What about black people in Africa who mass murder all over the continent? What about Koney? Are those guys angry that they are not getting enough black priviledge in Africa? What about the men in China who seem to attack and kill kindergartners at least 2-3 times a year? Are they angry about losing chinese priviledge?
    America is majority white, so if there’s a few more white guys going off the deep end, it is statistically understandable – not the blame of that insidious, hard-to-quantify boogeyman of white ‘priviledge.’
    Oh snap! The majority of murders are actually commited by black guys in many locations al over the nation. So where’s his theory then?

  • Joseph

    How can I appropriate some of this “white privilege”. I’ve been working for a long time now and I’m getting tired.

  • Unperson

    It’s almost as if these profs are all trying to outdo each other with the outrageousness of their claims. A game of ideological oneupsmanship. “You think YOU can say horrible, insulting, borderline-genocidal things about white people, well I can say things even WORSE than you can! And that makes me a better scholar, too, cuz I can think up even MORE white atrocities than you can!”
    So Ward Churchill makes blood-libel-type accusations against white Americans… which Tim Wise feels don’t go far enough so Wise makes even wilder and more slanderous accusations… and then this Jensen twerps raises the stakes even higher… and so on and so on. We will reach the endgame, I suppose, when they are all in full agreement on the most extreme position imaginable: kill all whites, no exceptions, starting now.

    These sorts of schoolyard bully-boy behavior and p*ssing contests between Lefties would be laughable if its potential social consequences weren’t so horrifying.

    • liberalsuck

      Don’t worry, these anti-white people will get their comeuppance. They will either get physically attacked (if not killed) by the people they champion for or they will be at the beckon call of the very white people they claim they hate or their anti-white money making scheme will go belly up and they will be SOL. Either way, eventually their world will come crashing down on them. That is the best poetic justice. They won’t get their hands dirty to attack us. They know the armed white American population would overwhelm them in half a tick. That is why they demand their little pets they rile up do their dirty work for them. These liberals and anti-white bigots are cowards.

  • dhs

    When I read that Jensen is a journalism professor, I read no further. Unless they are discussing the mechanics of news presentation, professors of journalism are sources only of misinformation.

  • bigone4u

    Jensen is a hardcore America hating Marxist campus agitator on one of the most far left campuses and university systems in America. The eleven or so UT campuses are filled with Marxist administrators. Austin, El Paso, and San Antonio campuses are the worst. He’s in Austin.
    Jensen is a radical Marxist feminist who seeks to exterminate masculinity as well as heterosexuality, which is a “social construct” that oppresses the masses.
    I have been familiar with Jensen’s writings for almost 10 years now. He is a vile hateful individual, with a small campus following of students. Since he writes many anti-pornography articles and books, the campus joke, which is true, is that the school pays for his porn. Yes, the school pays for his porn, which he claims is a means that white men oppress black women, while ignoring all the anti-white interracial porn.
    His anti-porn activism is a means to radicalize students, not an expression of anti-sex morality. He was on this website a few months ago for his opposition to Thanksgiving. His opinions are written in bull**** and should be treated as such by all thinking peoples.

    • storibund

      How did the Texas University system get so… subverted???

      • David Ashton

        This insidious business started in the 1960s when the “Cultural Marxists” started to colonize western academia, promote their own publications and acolytes, and extend their influence through tenure, captive students, media and politics. Marcuse was one who set the ball rolling with his “no tolerance for the Right” policy now reflected in “hate speech”/PC criteria and “equality and diversity” legislation. Opponents of the process exist, have documented how it has happened, and have suggested methods of opposition, the problem being that we are dealing with secular religion, with its own establishment, indoctrination and heresy-hunting.

        • Luis

          David, I think it started WAY BEFORE Marcuse and his ilk – Michigan and Ohio State, Alabama and Auburn, Georgia and Georgia Tech, UCLA and USC. Of course, those are college football rivalries, but it does underscore the fact that colleges are incubators of hatred and intolerance. The hatreds that Michigan and Ohio State, and Alabama and Auburn have for each other, far outdistances the hatreds West and East Germany had, or North and South Korea have to this day.

    • Daisy

      Heterosexuality can’t be exterminated, neither can masculinity, unless of course the human race were to be in its entirety. This assertion seems over-wrought.

  • Tom in MI

    I hope this guy isn’t teaching brain surgery.

    • dhs

      He is performing defacto prefrontal lobotomies, and teaching others to perform this procedure.

  • Robert Jensen, just another progressive jackass in Austin.

  • Reggie

    He told it like it is! Right on!

  • LHathaway

    This seems like a catch – 22. He declares whites are privileged, and then says whites who feel underprivileged are acting out. Why do they feel privileged in the first place? Because this author and the general establishment tells them they are privileged. Buy apparently there are whites who are not privileged. Or are there privileged whites (redundant for me to say that perhaps) who have lost their privilege because they are dumb or don’t work hard enough or who are disabled or have just squandered it?

    The problem might be white men unconsciously feeling (after being exposed to types like him) privileged? People can be made to believe anything. In a world where their whiteness doesn’t really count (except as a negative factor such as in this article) and they are discriminated against by people of color and other whites and by public and private institutions as part of official policy, and are blamed (not given credit for the recompense) for the necessity of these very policies, Even in such a world whites still feel privileged.

    One supposes telling whites they are not privileged is considered hatred. Well, it just must be some whites who are not privileged. Well, obviously all whites are privileged, but some, apparently, don’t believe it. So should we jail all whites who don’t feel privileged? Sort of a homeland security step? Or do we need merely expose them, once again tell them how privileged they are, how they should really Feel for people of color and not themselves, and how bad they are for feeling the wrong way? Sounds like the old ‘sensitivity’ training to me.

  • go fig

    And this is a shock and not expected? Fact is the Newtown and other white shooters of high media profile were homosexual pedophile liberals and has allowed Obama to grandstand to take away white owned guns no different than other tyrants and dictators in the past have done including of course the Red coats in 1776.

    Some conspirators even believe Newtown was a rigged setup to do just that and how quickly Obama has moved to infringe on 2nd Amendment rights.

  • liberal feces

    Even looking at the shooting in this liberal lunatic views no different than the liberal media idiots who all try to outdo each other for stupidity and ignorance in this pc age trying to come up with something “cute” that noone has thought of yet, this moron mushbrain is failing to take into account that whites and blacks are different in mentality and actions.
    Blacks have a polar socialized group or race mentality as opposed to whites who are basically individualist and succeed or fail on their own accord without the group or race togetherness mentality.

    When say a Tiger Woods succeeds in a white sport like golf (even though he is half Asian) the entire black race applauds and feels they are a part of it. This black group racial mentality has been going on since they were sent to the west as slaves and of course they all collectively are a part of the slave issue that obviously is their main cash cow and will never die with their white liberal tool assistance.

    Bottom line is this idiot mushbrain is way out in left field and intentionally fails to mention the individualism of whites who do not stick together and never have.

    Furthurmore these liberal idiots in their own dream world fail to notate that only a small percentage of whites actually make it and succeed and this is why there has always been the caste class system of upper, middle and lower classes with highs and lows in each catagory that of coure their hero Karl Marx used for his Idiot Manifesto and socialism that is adhered too by all these ignoramus liberals both white and black.

    Also these mush brains fail to notate that they live a comfortable elitist lifestyle in mostly white residential upper middle class areas making them all nothing but stinking hypocrites as if that is not already known.

  • Bob

    I have a degree in journalism and was a newspaper reporter and editor. It’s a worthless degree, no matter how many of them you have. This guy proved this to me, once again.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    He is one of those guys who will jump through 50 hoops of fire just to try and prove he is not racist to black people…to no avail. If you are too nice to a black person, you are “just being nice because I’m black” and if you are a jerk, you are “just a jerk to me because I’m black”…give up…the negro does not want to be your friend just accept it.

  • In a separate interview with Campus Reform on Thursday, Jensen explained that while jilted privilege may not necessarily be the spark for massacres like Newton or Aurora, it can be part of a much deeper motivation.

    This is the sort of irresponsible merde now passed off as intelligent commentary. *gag*

  • archer

    What about Harris and Klebold at columbine, both Jews.

    • StillModerated

      Jews who hated racists and specifically targeted Christians to be precise.

  • NRA on target

    Why are sane whites not picking up on the rejection by liberal insane whites of the best proposal ever made by the NRA of armed guards in schools? How in the hell can these demonic bastards and bitches reject armed guard protection who could have stopped all the killers if only by intimidation even though 1/3 of all schools already have them?

    The NRA about Obamas 2 privileged offspring having armed guards along with the WH and his SS is 100% on the money although countered by these lying lame excuse liberal whites who bitch about using his kids who are special?
    Do Obamas 2 daughters go to private school alone? Are there not other 1500 other students in their private school who benefit and also protected by the armed guards already there? Who the hell are these liberal white lying bastards and bitches trying to kid who know full well the NRA answer was perfectly what was needed to prevent other liberal homosexual pedophile weirdo killers who love their video blood and gore.
    Obviously this is just an attempt to take away all whites guns in the end using a few crazed video game brainwashed liberal brainwashed whites who are deranged like all liberals.

    NRA on the money. Armed guards is the only answer to prevent more killings from deranged crazed brainwashed homosexual pedophile liberal scum. Clearly the Newtown liberal killer knew exactly what he was doing destroying his computers and killing himself when he saw the cops coming. Evil begats evil. Obama is ultimately the cause with the liberalim and pc atheist mindwash complexities of socialist engineering.

  • SintiriNikos

    He’s partly right, but stretches the truth. White males are oppressed in this feminist, multicult society. There is a sense of despair. We are blamed for everything. Some of us cannot cope with that burden. Thank God most of us are strong and stable, otherwise we’d be talking rivers of blood.

    The stretch is where he presumes we feel something is owed to us. Untrue. We just deserve a chance without having the world’s ills pinned on us, and discriminated against in a society our fathers built.

    • Daisy

      …and our mothers.

      There’s too much blame put on feminists on this site. They’ve vilified white males (although many of the worst offenders were jews), but it’s just perpetuating the vicious cycle when you respond in kind. I once considered myself a ‘feminist,’ although the one-sidedness of the word always sorta bugged me. But even as I left the Left (or realized that I was never truly part of it), I still believe in equal rights for women. Before the Great Recession 90% of the poor were female. There’s still plenty of misogyny in our culture. To foment and build a white rights movement we need to be hospitable to white women, and find a better middle ground than the black-and-white dichotomy of men vs. women. .

      • Dude

        I agree with equal rights for men and women. That’s just the Nordic in me. With that said, “feminism” is a codeword for female domination, and the sickest feminists are often male, like Robert Jensen.

      • SintiriNikos

        And mothers, absolutely!

        Daisy, the feminist movement was never looking after the best
        interests of women. Their intent is purely divisive and to bring men
        down, as well as to destroy the institutions that made our society
        great. Motherhood and staying at home to raise children is ridiculed in
        favor of the ‘freedom’ of work. Women were conned into believing they
        needed to go out and slave for strangers in order to be independent,
        happy, and free. In reality, the most original and creative and
        fulfilling role that ever existed for women was the stay-at-home mom and

        Nobody is disputing equal rights, even though I doubt
        the equality of the sexes in the first place. The rad-fems would have
        us all put aside tens of thousands of years of evolution and social
        roles, and believe we are all the same.

  • shmo123

    Another academic hack. This guy is a journalism “professor” and talks like he’s a clinical psychologist. He won’t get called on it either–not too many 18-22 year olds have the guts to stand up to their professors, no matter how drivel they espouse.

    • Liberlsuck

      that’s why I won’t go back to college. I am too biased to listen to liberal professors and I would tear these a–holes’ lectures apart in front of their classes. Shame that white parents and their kids waste valuable money to be taught tripe like this.

      • shmo123

        Like I said in my reply to David Ashton, one person in a class they’re teaching, or one thorn in the side, could do an immense amount of good in exposing these leftist moonbats.

        • Kblankenship7

          No, you need numbers. target a class and have enough like-minded there to support you. Don’t do it alone, because you may get shouted down or hissed down (do leftists still hiss?).

    • David Ashton

      Just as the “student rebellion” of the 1960s & 1970s ushered in the neo-marxian establishment, so we need to organize a student rebellion against that establishment.

      • shmo123

        I’ve been thinking along those lines for quite some time. If something could be organized where people on the right take specific courses taught by professors known to espouse leftists viewpoints, they could be exposed for the frauds they are in front of the students they are teaching. Of course it may not always work, and some may get tossed out of class, but the damage would already be done.

        • FourFooted_Messiah

          The problem is, every time a white or Western-civ advocate tries to speak at a university nowadays, they get shouted out, or trouble otherwise ensues from leftist students to stop the person from speaking.

          Sad, considering it was the Left, way back when, who used to be strong advocates of Free Speech. Now that they have the upper hand, they want to oppress all speech that contradicts their ideologies.

          I think that’s the most bizarre flip I’ve ever seen.

          • shmo123

            Not in a classroom setting. Based on my experiences no one is going to “get shouted out” or otherwise be unable to speak. In fact, I can’t think of a better place to call out professors’ remarks or statements in front of other people than a classroom.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Oh, sure, but white people are never attacked because they think whitey “owes them” something or simply out of racism. Sure. Not a word about non-white seria; killers/rapists, though he would just say some dribble about how sorry we should feel for _them_ feeling “oppressed” because of ancient history.

  • Snowhitey

    “not 99% maybe 30% but so did many africans in creating fire, tools that
    brought homo sapiens to the top of the food chain, survive and spread throughout
    the planet.”

    This response is typical of a public school education sprinkled with altruistic liberal thought.

    First of all, the “Out of Africa” theory is a theory. I, personally, do not buy into at all. And, the establishment changes historical beliefs and manipulates facts so frequently, one must consider the possibility that most of these changes are straight out of the Frankfort School. A well-known tool of Marxism is destroy the culture thereby destroying the nation. When you subjugate a belief system, you not only have conquered a nation, you have conquered an entire people. The best way to do this is to start with the children (a fresh start for fresh minds).

    The white race seldom gets recognition for its unequaled achievements but if often gets falsely blamed for things it is not guilty of. Getting the truth out is the most difficult undertaking of all.

    Rediscover our race by starting with the real problem. Both Antony Sutton and Eustace Mullins are two gentlemen who can get you going in the right direction when it comes to falsehoods directed at the white race. Look into these men, both now deceased, for yourself. They were totally vilified by the establishment and for good reason.



    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Hell, it doesn’t matter if our ape ancestors were from Africa or not (and Asia wouldn’t be a better choice, really, who wants to be aligned with a bunch of dog-eaters?)

      The fact is, the chimp is our closest living relative, and the chimp lives in Africa, and even gorillas are genetically closer to us than Asian orang-utans. And as mentioned above, I don’t see the Chinese as being much better than the black. Dog-eating barbarians!

      No matter where our species is ultimately from, it still doesn’t entitle _modern_ African humans to the fruits of _modern_ western labour.

  • C_C_Conrad

    It is almost impossible to deal with a statement like that. This nut takes a couple of situations where some mentally defective persons go out and shoot innocent people and then ties it to “white privilege” – a term concocted only for political purposes. I really have to doubt that people like this can form logical thoughts at all. He may be right about one thing however. As White people see their lives being stripped away from them by this ongoing process of genocide and national destruction they may do some shooting, only it won’t be at first graders sitting in a classroom.
    Jack’s War

  • Dunnyveg

    This nut has obviously convinced himself that it is immoral for whites to be in charge of the country their ancestors created and built. Only the sickest, dying animals, and liberal nuts, will turn on their own kind and foul their own nest. If this nut succeeds, he’s going down with the rest of us.

  • ThegameLord

    I’ve never been able to understand why these phony “Professors” are allowed to teach at our Universities. it’s also interesting to note that Jensen is a hardcore radical feminist. It’s funny how unrelated issues always apply. Oh, did I remember to say: there were NO mass shootings while I was growing up. But, after the media glorifies shootings, killings, terrorist attacks, & killers; they’ve become woven into the subculture.

  • Garrett Brown

    This man needs serious help

  • mike5586

    ““When the world doesn’t deliver what those men feel they deserve, violence is seen as a reasonable response,” continued Jensen.”

    I bet you he turns around and blames white people when blacks kill each other over $20 shoes or a bike.

  • Ulick

    ““My guess is that it has something to do with the sense of entitlement that most white people feel.”
    So black people must feel the most enitled because they commit the most murder. To reduce how entitled America’s most likely murderers feel we should reduce their entitlements.

  • dondiego

    “I wouldn’t even use the words causal or connected,” he said.

    Well, you just did. Intellectual retards such as this feminine self-loather should be added to the ‘rhetorical’ lamp-post list.

    When your country was great- citizens like he were unemployed. Or maybe doing the jobs Juan and Jose now do? [Apol’s if that sounds a bit rich/privileged coming from an exiled Kiwi in Australia]

  • close liberal arts education

    What a white liberal pos looking rogue sucking down undeserved tax dollars to pay his salary like the 10s of 1000s of other so called professors who are nothing but rodents and maggots. Why not eradicate liberalism at the root core by getting rid of all the useless scum Liberal Arts colleges and university programs that have added over a trillion to the national debt thanks to the muslim pos communist in the WH who was a leftist radical terrorist product yet noone is allowed to view his grades or anything about this mysterious tyrant trying to change everything in the white western world to accommodate his Marxist beliefs.

    Keep the real advanced training for the medical profession or others like engineering, architecture, etc but ditch the other trash and get rid of all minority colleges and universities as a waste of tens of billions.

  • Sloppo

    “Why are the men who commit mass murder disproportionately white?”

    Oops. Robert seems to have made a minor typographical error. Here’s what he probably meant to say:

    “Why do white murderers receive more coverage from the propaganda networks when blacks murder more people and have a murder rate seven times higher than whites in the US?”

  • josh

    I like the way these idiots just “seem” to “sense” whays going on. Hmm it COULD be SOME SORT OF type of reaction by white males who MIGHT JUST be SOMETHING or OTHER….vicious hate combined with effeminate thinking. Every feminist,every black,every civil rights clod,every YKW will immeditealy say:”By Jove hes got it! yes of course! Its so obvious! White men are doing this becauise of racism!!”

  • ThatOneEdgyGuy

    Funny how a tenured professor feels the urge to complain about “white entitlement”…

  • MartelC

    another tenured, six figure salary white male talking about white privilege . well mr. jensen if you are so concerned, then why don’t we start with you? Why not give up your position to a “wise latina women” or some worthy minority?

    This article is humorous in so many ways:
    a. the attempt to pin ANYTHING on whites and “white privilege” . Blacks commit more crime? white privilege. Whites commit a crime? white privilege.

    b. The attempt to pin the tea party to shootings mostly committed by lunitics who were, if anything left leaning.

    c. the attempt to demonize real alienation – which is the result of leftist policies like multiculturalism (Which according to putnam, makes EVERYONE feel more alienated).

    I would like an hour in a room with Mr. Jensen. I would like to ask him to explain South Africa, Detroit Zimbabwe I would like to know where he lives and the % of NAMs in that area. I would like to ask why he doesn’t live in a more diverse neighborhood.

    Oh we could all go on, But academics like this look like fools to US now, in few years they will look like fools to everyone, hopefully it won’t be too late.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I can tell you exactly why Jensen doesn’t live in a “diverse”, “vibrant” neighborhood: white privilege.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    Lets see if I got this straight. Blacks kill because of the legacy of slavery that ended over 140 years ago, and which no black has currently suffered in this country, but whites who have been oppressed for the last 50 years kill because of white privilege.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    I don’t know if “jilted privilege” even bears on the matter. If the Aurora movie theater shooter had worked half as hard in grad school as he did making preparations for his massacre, he wouldn’t have flunked out in the first place, and as someone else mentioned above, this theory not only doesn’t explain (black) Colin Ferghuson’s 1993 Long Island train massacre, that incident doesn’t even fit into it!

    What we have here is a hack journalism professor who has decided he is also an expert on social psychology. As little respect as I have for the reasoning and methodologies used by social psychologists, it IS a discipline separate from journalism.

  • Dude

    He looks like the kind of guy where if a woman told him to make her a sandwich, he’d make that sandwich.

    • Dude

      What this kind of guy can’t understand is White guys with self-respect. It irritates them.

  • ne pas subir

    In a society rightly built on what Robert Jensen calls “white privilege” mass murders like these would be non-existent because troubled individuals like Lanza or Holmes would always be surrounded and helped by other whites who would care about them more than about hispanic illegals or children in Africa. A homogeneous, responsible white community wouldn’t have hesitated either to alert authorities if the behaviour of some of its members became too erratic or dangerous. Instead, multiculturalism, by criminalizing whites’ preferential interest for their own race, has greatly encouraged selfishness and indifference to one’s own brethren.

    So in fact it’s not “white privilege” that is to blame for mass shootings, but on the very contrary, LACK of “white privilege”.

  • america is a pos

    America is fucked up. White liberals need to all be lined up and shot down like dogs.

  • america is a pos

    Non-whites succeed only on the backs of the white race who always underwrite them in the same way the south was underwriting the north thus Marxist Lincoln would not allow them escape and form their own nation to become prosperous free of 50-60% taxation.

    One look at black only nations in Africa or in the Caribbean or in white cities is solid proof that they always fall back into 3rd world poverty without the white man whom they mooch and pilfer from and have been doing this for 500 years since the catastrophic mistake of African slave introduction bought off tribal chiefs purging their ranks to get rid of their rejects.

  • Texan1st

    So this is one of those instructing journalism students? Well this certainly explains the pro-minority, anti-white slant so often seen in print media and newsrooms. Tar and feathers would be letting this guy off the hook.

  • scutum1

    This professor is an avowed marxist and his pronouncements on white privilege are right out of the marxist playbook for fomenting social chaos. This has been going on for the last 100 years with the progressives gradually subverting and taking over our institutions. I don’t know how we can counter their influence, as they have taken over both major political parties. Maybe if the tea party becomes a third political party we can gradually win our country back. Otherwise the future will be very bleak, with either a break-up of the country, or the imposition of a marxist dictatorship with everything that implies. Gulags, death camps, poverty for the majority, great wealth for the favored few, shortages of everything, mass starvation etc.

    ” If you put the federal government was in charge of the Sahara Desert, in five years there would be a shortage of sand.” MILTON FRIEDMAN

  • SmithandSmith

    I feel that these mass shootings are a set-up. It wouldn’t surprise me none to find out our Government brainwashed those people to do those shootings all so they can get the majority of people to go along with gun restrictions which will eventually lead to having no gun rights at all. And they need to get rid of the guns before they can get rid of us.

  • This is way too idiotic even for a liberal. No causation, no correlation….no nothing. And this guy is a “scientist” ? smh …

  • Enoch_Power

    This guy is a cock. I am sorry but there is no further exploration necessary. Another left-wing “academic” so up his own ass hole, he attempts to use victims as a weapon against his perceived enemy.

  • Elle

    of all, is there anything to be proud about in things you have no control of?
    Do you have control of what race do you belong? No. Therefore the chance that
    any particular individual was born into a race, country, ethnicity, etc,
    shouldn’t be something to be celebrated. Humans have long celebrated the
    inevitable, we act no different than animals do. We celebrate the beauty of a
    certain organism, whereas human or otherwise. Is beauty something that is
    chosen or inherited? Same goes with ‘accomplishments’. Trying to attribute accomplishments of a particular
    individual to race is like trying to say that because ‘certain’ person
    accomplished xyz, means that all individuals of that fit that particular category
    should also be seen in the same light as the one who actually made the
    accomplishment. Correlation DOES NOT
    equal causation. To add to that, many
    races across the thousands of years of human history, have made their own
    accomplishments. Europeans wouldn’t have
    been able to conquer the west without the invention of gun powder. Gun powder was invented by the Chinese. The Greeks took over the advances of
    mathematics and astronomy after the Egyptians, the Egyptians took over the
    advances of language after the Sumerians, etc, etc. To attribute the ultimate goal (civilization)
    to the last group of people that made it happen it is simply preposterous. Every group had their fair share (in the long
    span of time that our species has wandered this Earth) to contribute where we
    are now. Just look at the periodic
    table. Many of the properties were
    discovered by different people across different ethnicities/races. Please people before you speak, do your
    research, not the research that only validate your point, but also the complete
    research of our human history. Unless
    you are too naive to think that our Earth is 6,000 years old and that our
    history is only validated by the latest invention of human kind, then you will
    be able to see humanity as an orchestra.
    Where they may be a main violinist, there is also, second and third, all
    of them important to the piece being played, without one, the other wouldn’t be
    possible. Just think outside the small
    of that is your head.