Mexican American Studies Arce Arrested for Domestic Violence

Arizona Daily Independent, December 27, 2012

The man who claims to have created “Barrio Pedagogy” which is the foundation of TUSD’s former Mexican American Studies classes was arrested for domestic violence this month. Sean Martin Arce, called by proponents a maestro of “authentic caring,” was arrested by Tucson Police who responded to two calls of Domestic Violence and “a break-in in progress.”

According to police reports, the string of violence began at La Cocina, in the 200 block of North Court when Arce approached his ex-wife; Essence Arce. Witnesses reported that Arce had grabbed Ms. Arce’s elbow, hyper extending her elbow. Arce was “forcibly pulling her away from her friend….. Unknown bar patrons intervened and separated” Arce from his ex-wife.” Once Ms. Arce “was free” of Arce, “the two (women) fled.” They drove to Ms. Arce’s home.

After a short while, the friend called Ms. Arce to advise her that she had seen Arce in the neighborhood walking toward Ms. Arce’s home. Immediately after she got the phone call, someone started banging loudly on the sliding glass door at the rear of the home. Ms. Arce “fled the home through the garage and left” in a friend’s car, while another friend called 911. Ms. Arce awaited the police at a friend’s home.

Prior to the arrival of the police a neighbor also reported a break-in in progress. The neighbor advised police that he had heard banging at his neighbor’s house and went to investigate. The neighbor found a man unknown to him inside the home. He appeared to be bleeding from his right hand. The neighbor yelled out and Arce responded, “Are you a cop?” Arce then fled down the hallway and exited out through the garage.


Arce was placed under arrest and taken to the Pima County Jail where he was booked for Domestic Violence Assault, Domestic Violence Damage, and Domestic Violence Trespassing.

Just this month, the Arizona Attorney General offered instances of harassment and intimidation used by the staff of TUSD’s Mexican American Studies program. A social science teacher, Ron Silverman, observed that the MAS Program curriculum employs brainwashing practices that results in marked changes in the students. While he was teaching at TUSD, he criticized the veracity of information disseminated in the MAS history class for failing to provide any primary source material and actual historically documented facts, as opposed to “feel good” information.

As a result of his criticism, some MAS history teachers, including Sean Arce and Curtis Acosta, called him a racist and openly encouraged their students to call him a racist as well. It has been reported that Arce, a former San Jose State football player, attempted to physically intimidate by chest bumping at least one teacher as well.

This past year, Arce “chest bumped” TUSD Governing Board member Michael Hicks during a recess in a school Board meeting. During the Governing Board takeover by Mexican American Studies proponents in the spring of 2011, Arce physically assaulted one woman twice. Both victims refused to press charges.

In April 2012, the TUSD Governing Board voted to not renew Arce’s contract with the district. Alexandre Sugiyama, who was defeated soundly in the November 2012 election, and Adelita Grijalva, whose term is up in 2014 voted to retain Arce.

Since being terminated by TUSD, Arce has travelled around the country visiting various colleges and universities promoting the barrio pedagogy’s version of “authentic caring” as well as Mexican American Studies. In October he gave a presentation at Brown University’s Annenberg School of Reform and won the 2012 Myles Horton Award for “Teaching People’s History” and, according to Zinn Education Project co-director Bill Bigelow, helping “students imagine themselves as promoters of justice.”


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  • I guess he showed us what “authentic caring” is.

  • falsedawn

    Interesting. I feel a tinge of sympathy for these “students” being taken to the cleaners by bums like this slob, arce, and all the rest of the bums on these campus’ playing the same game. Even though I do understand probably 90% of them don’t deserve to be referred to as students.

    • So CAL Snowman

      I don’t feel any sympathy at all, I feel horror because SOME of these morons will actually graduate and then go into the affirmative action state and federal government where they can screw Whitey even more. Besides many of these “students” are not paying a dime for their education, WE are paying for them.

    • SoCal LoCal

      No sympathy here, either. Mr. Arce and his students are the wrong color. Sympathy and charity across racial lines are wasted–always.

    • You can refer to them as drug dealers, gang members, murderers etc.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Typical Mexican behavior. Although I’m guessing Gloria Allred has NO problem when a brown mexican beats his estranged brown mexican ex-wife. After all they are just blessing us with the joys of their culture.

  • dukem1

    Hey! Whaddya tell a senorita with two black eyes? Nothing! You already told her twice!

    • Michael_C_Scott

      That isn’t really funny, and this Arce goon didn’t administer black eyes to women; he hyperextended one woman’s elbow. Apparently he’s a bully who picks only safe targets, as the “chest butting” thing would have left him trailing about 20 feet of his own intestines if he’d picked the wrong victim.

  • This man is DANGEROUS–as in the name of ‘diversity’, he spews his revisionist history and hate–backed by intimidation and threat of violence.

    No doubt this violent racist will intimidate some school district or college to give him a job to once again, spew his hate.

  • APaige

    “Barrio Pedalogy”? Public intimidation…domestic violence..breaking in…domestic damage..trespassing…the only things missing are the greasy hair and standing proudly in front of a car that does not run-that would be the complete barrio pedalogy for the young.

    • nexus

      you left out facial gang tattoos, and drinking beer from inside a paper bag.

  • lily-white

    you can hear mr. arce here in this video talking about “the racist” who have terminated his mexican american studies program and fired him… count how many times you hear him use word “raaaaaaacist”… not to mention “discriminatory”, “anti-immigrant”, “anti-mexican”, “anti-latino”,

    he starts speaking @48:50

    • Guest

      correction… he starts speaking @48:50

      • lily-white


  • lily-white

    you can hear mr. arce here in this video talking about “the racist” who
    have terminated his mexican american studies program and fired him… count how
    many times you hear him use word “raaaaaaacist”… not to mention
    “discriminatory”, “anti-immigrant”, “anti-mexican sentiment”, “anti-latino”, “dehumanized”

    you will hear him @50

  • rebelcelt

    Heydo not judge him and his culture you insensitvie white bigot. He has a right to his Machismo. He might be forced into an honor killing that is part of his culture too..

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Interesting. This will place the “women’s studies” types in the conundrum of having to defend Acre because he is a privileged minority or loathe him for being beating up women.

    Prediction: the nostril ring-wearing lesbian vegetarians will cut the Gordian Knot by coming up with an explanation as to why this is all my fault.

  • nexus

    typical latino.. big talk, and ethics of sewage.

  • Pat Kittle

    Come on, let’s cut these poor “Ethnic Studies” enthusiasts some slack.

    Academics more complex than “Whites Devils, Brown Gods” remains spectacularly beyond their comprehension.