Marriage or Rape? 90-Year-Old Saudi Weds 15-Year-Old Girl

Reem Hanbazazah, Al Arabiya News, January 7, 2013

The recent marriage of a 90-year-old Saudi man to a 15-year-old girl has sparked condemnation from human rights and social media activists in the kingdom.

On Twitter especially, activists criticized the parents of the girl for giving her to a man decades older than her.

In an interview, the groom insisted that his marriage was “legal and correct,” and that he paid a $17,500 (SAR 65,000) dowry to marry the girl, who is the daughter of a Yemeni father and Saudi mother.

The 90-year-old told the story of his first night with the bride. He said she entered the bedroom before him, and she locked the door from inside so he could not enter. This, he said, made him “suspicious about some kind of conspiracy” by the girl and her mother.

He vowed to sue his in-laws to give him back the girl or return him the expensive dowry.

Close friends of the bride’s family said she was frightened on the wedding night, and locked herself in the room for two successive days before fleeing back to her parents’ home.

The member of the Saudi National Association for Human Rights (NSHR), Suhaila Zein al-Abedin, urged authorities to intervene “as soon as possible to save this child from tragedy.”

Abedin noted that marriage in Islam must be based on mutual consent, and this was not satisfied, as demonstrated by the girl’s move to lock herself in the room.

She said the girl’s parents were also to be held responsible for marrying their daughter to a man the age of her great grandfather.

Abedin urged the establishment of a minimum age of 18 for marrying girls, saying this would pave the way for punishing violators, according to a report by al-Hayat newspaper.

Jamal al-Toueiki, a psychologist, said forced marriage may subject girls to abuse and violence, and this could lead to their suicide if nothing is done to save them.

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  • Tim

    “We must not make values about other cultures”… On our last Vegas go round we saw an 86 year old man with a 19 year old girlfriend. I told my girl, “In San Antonio, he`d be flagged as a sex pervert. At the Bellagio, they consider him a “High Roller”….

    • Nathanwartooth

      Good for him.

      If I live to 86 I would love to be wealthy enough to have a 19 year old girlfriend. She gets money when I die and the rest of my life is awesome. Good trade.

      • The__Bobster

        You want to have sex with her five times on your wedding night? That could be fatal!

        Well, if she dies, she dies.

        • IstvanIN

          That is a VERY old joke.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            And still VERY funny.

      • hello

        I doubt if she actually lets that old man touch her.

    • At least the girl is of age. In Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries, girls as young as 9 can marry. In fact, In Iran, the age of consent for females is 9.

      • M’boro

        Total bull. Amazing how otherwise sane people will believe the most insane anti-Muslim propaganda. Please link to some reputable source if you want to be believed.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          The age of consent in Iran is 16… unless the girl is married, which can be at age nine.

          • Bill

            To M’boro….And WHAT is the difference please? In those laudable cultures you seem to think are wonderful female rape victims are stoned for “allowing” it to happen. WHAT sane culture would allow a 9 year old to be married to anybody? And I’m SURE you’d be the FIRST to scream bloody murder about men in THIS country doing what you seem fine with if it’s a satanic muslim follower. Where in hell do people like you COME from?

          • John

            The legal minimum age of marriage for females in Iran is 16.
            There is no difference between age of consent and age of marriage. Sex outside of marriage is forbidden in Islam.

            Muhammed the Prophet of Islam established he minimum age of marriage and thus consent at 9 years for females. The MINIMUM. There are no Islamic nations today that allow for marriage and thus consent at 9 years in legal code, all have laws added on top of the guidelines set forth by Quran.

            Don’t get me wrong, there are still cases of children being sold into marriage, but that generally occurs outside any modern legal framework.

            In the classical world, arranging marriages for daughters at a young age was common because people did not live long and the healthiest civilizations were those that were the most populous — generally, females were expected to raise a large family as soon as they were able.

      • HamletsGhost

        The Prophet Mohammed married and consummated his marriage to a girl at the age of 9. If it’s good enough for the Prophet, it’s good enough for anyone.

    • dave

      u mean hugh hefner?

  • jay11

    What about Hugh Heffner? His young bimbo is at least 40-50 years younger than him. At least the girl wouldn’t have to wait long for her inheritance!

    • pcmustgo

      There’s more wealthy men that engage in this than you think. Apparently 40+ year old men rarely want to date women their own age.

      • pcmustgo

        I am a woman and I will say, I rarely find men more than 10 years my senior attractive.

        • Stealthmodeon

          Google – “Hypergamy”

          I am 6’2″ (185cm), in my healthy weight range, some muscle definition, no paunch, 35 yo, Middle management at 50% average wage, full head of hair.. But I bet my next years income that Danny DeVito (short, fat, balding and RICH!) is sleeping with women far younger and hotter that I ever will

    • kjh64

      Those “bimbos” aren’t stupid, the only reason they give Hef the time of day is for his money.

      • David Ashton

        I saw a photo of some of his playmates, five blondes and an Indian. One of our UK journalists named them Randi, Brandi, Candi, Shandi, Mandi and – Gandhi.

    • shmo123

      Actually Hefner’s new “wife” is 60 years younger than he is. She’s 26, he’s 86.

    • Diamond_Lil

      I’m sure she has to put a Leonardo DiCaprio bag on that old tortoise’s head before bed.

  • star

    Let me guess, all feminists in this world will respond with a deafening silence.

    • The__Bobster

      They always do unless it involves a straight White conservative male.

  • WmarkW

    And Saudi Arabia is on the United Nations Human Rights Council?

  • pcmustgo

    The gypsies have child marriage too. Found out yesterday.

    Well, the age difference is horrifying- that being said, 13 year old girls and above are not “children”. Being attracted to them and acting out that attraction is illegal , but not “unnatural”. In the past, 100 years ago or less, even white middle class people wed and had children at age 13.

    Adolescence and even childhood is a white invention and a very recent western invention.

    I’m a woman btw, and I wouldn’t want my child, when I have one, dating any older man until she’s at least in her late 20’s… but yeah..

    • Diamond_Lil

      Medical science has discovered that there is a significant increase in the risk of cervical cancer for women engaging in intercourse before age 18. Again, modern white people get it right.

      • harold

        Why 18? And show me these studies and how they came to the number 18.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          They had to pick some number.

        • Diamond_Lil

          You can google cervical cancer risks. This one is from

          Young age at the first full-term pregnancy

          Women who were younger than 17 years when they had their first full-term pregnancy are almost 2 times more likely to get cervical cancer later in life than women who waited to get pregnant until they were 25 years or older.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I can tell you why that is. Cervical cancer is caused by the human papiloma (sp?) virus, which causes venereal warts. The same group of viruses also cause warts on one’s hands and feet. By the time a person is 18, one has generally already been exposed to the usual gamut of these viruses, with nothing more serious than temporary lesions on one’s extremities which can be frozen off (I used to cut them off with an X-acto hobby knife or remove them with toenail clippers, but then I’ve never been very squeamish). At any rate, by the time one is an adult, a substantial resistance has been developed.

        On the other hand, a child isn’t as resistant, because their autoimmune system is what might be called “naive”. Additionally, wart-like lesions on the cervix are impossible to spot the way one can notice them on one’s hands. Finally, when a warty growth does turn cancerous, the same body hormones that make children sexually develop and grow quickly in their teens also make cancers grow quickly.

  • The only reason that this so called “marriage” took place was because of the dowry paid by “groom”. Would there have been any other reason?

  • PesachPatriot

    Whatever they want to do in their sandbox, let them do…i’m also pretty sure the 90 year old saudi gentleman is probably one of the worlds last living slave owners, seeing as how it was open and legal there until 1962(and is pretty much tolerated there behind closed doors until today). In this part of florida it is pretty common to see wealthy old men with hot barely legal girlfriends. I guess the joke was on him for shelling out 17K to get locked out of his bedroom on the wedding night.

    • Luca

      And probably another 2 grand on Viagra.

  • Where’s that troll with her “Morality is whatever you want it to be”?

    • OlderWoman

      I noticed her absence. Believe her moniker was ‘rosebud’…like the sleigh.

  • bigone4u

    In America it used to be common for 14 and 15 year old girls to marry, sometimes even to older men. My grandmother was a poverty stricken 14 year old when she married a farmer in his 50s or 60s. He died not long after and his family, not her, got the property. She was left destitute with 3 young children before her 20th birthday. If this old guy (corrected news reports say he is 70) can provide for her, I see nothing wrong with this. On the other hand, if the line of inheritance in Saudi Arabia excludes her from his wealth, then the marriage is going to create future problems for her. Of course, it appears that she does not want him as her husband anyway, which is another issue.
    More generally, I see society as prejudiced against intergenerational marriages. Unjustifiably prejudiced, given the history of men and women of the Bible and natural sexual instincts. A lot of younger women are attracted to older men and some young men are attracted to older women. When cupid shoots his arrow, it can land anywhere.

    • I doubt if the girl had any choice in the matter. The deal was made between the man and her father. She became his “bride” after the dowry was paid.

  • Evette

    Your knuckleheads. If he is 90 sex is not happening. This is more likely a financial arrangement.

    • That is the case. She is probably not his only wife. Muslim men are allowed to have 4 wives at one time. Osama Bin Laden’s father had 30 wives but no more than 4 at a time.

    • Pelayo

      His sugar is up. His triglycerides are up, His blood pressure and cholesterol are up. Everything is up except what he WANTS to be up. Oi vey is mir! These mishuggenah Arabs!!!

  • Diamond_Lil

    These mooslim creeps sell their girl children. Napalm the dad and his mullah.

  • NeoconsNailed

    Go Alex go! Maybe he was merely showing a representative media leftist what it’s like — the treatment they normally give conservative spokesmen: shouting them down with arguments not always equally sound. Every one of them needs an earful of this with cameras rolling.

    If Britain does have that many fewer gun deaths than ameriKa proportionately, it’s interesting, but still a factoid yanked out of context. What other factors are at play here, those psychoactive prescription drugs leftist that (as Alex points out) talking heads never get around to addressing? And the question isn’t where it stands at this moment, period, but which way figures are going in both countries. But Alex didn’t even use his ace in the hole — a pattern among cities HERE of more gun restrictions, more crime, and vice versa. NYC vs. Kennesaw GA where ever family is required to keep a gun and know how to use it. Then there are race factors that Alex is, alas, too polite and too close to PC himself to exploit. Well, they’d probably throw him off the set then and there if he did.

  • media whores

    Not much different than 88 yr old dirty old white scumbag liberal Hugh “kardashian” Hefner media whore marying young blondes in their 20s.

    • OlderWoman

      I saw Hefner one time in L.A. in the late 70’s. He literally looked like a snake. He was with Bill Cosby.

      • Pelayo

        Two snakes sharing the same pit. Cosby was noted for his inappropriate touching of women after sedating them.

    • Pelayo

      Help me out here. I don’t get the “Kardashian”thing. He doesn’t look Armenian.

  • Whirlwinder

    So, what is newsworthy about this? Since the beginning of Islam, men have been free to marry up to 4 women and by Mohammeds example, can marry pre-pubescent girls.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Thing is, I bet even cavemen knew better than to try to have sex with a girl before she’s had her menses. Muslims think it’s the thing to do, so they get a “good wife” that they can “train”.

  • Simonetta

    When a man gets to be older than 70, sex becomes more about theater than about plumbing.
    What’s a 90-year-old fool gonna do with a 15-year-old bride anyway? Whatever it is, he probably isn’t going to be around to be doing it for very long. At worse, he will make it really hard for this young woman to actually get a real husband after he passes into the great henhouse in the sky. Such are the disadvantages of being a backward society.
    At least in Saudi Arabia a girl is (relatively) unlikely to get her clit carved off. Which is a crime that is done to ALL girls in Egypt and Muslim Saharian Africa, but is uncommon in the rest of the Islamic world.
    At least this old fool didn’t marry an 8-year-old, like the so-called great prophet did.
    Some day, we’ll say, … it was just another day on Earth… – Brian Eno

    • Pelayo

      She should cut off his nuts and pecker while he’s asleep. Honey I don’t know what your name is, Call Lorena Bobbitt and she’l tell you what to do. I’m sorry but my Arabic is very rusty. Oh by the way in case Lorena forgets, use a rusty knife, You can finish him off with Tetanus.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    I’m 46 and my wife is 31, but 90 and 15?!?

    If I were a 90 year-old Saudi man, I’d probably be looking for someone to play chess and backgammon with, because by the time a fellow is 90, his friends have mostly died off.

  • Bill

    Well, gee. Mohammed was a renowned pedophile. Makes sense his followers would be.
    After all, when the females in a culture have NO say as to whom their marriage partner is, and the heathen religion supports this kind of thing, no wonder. By the way, the LDS splinter groups in THIS country do the same thing. Not a justification, just saying give dirty old men license and they will behave like dirty old men. In the culture of Islam, however, the “prophet” was far worse as to child molestation and victimization.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Frankly, I’d love to send all the polygamist Mormons of Bountiful BC to Saudi Arabia. I think both types of jerks would get on like gangbusters.

  • Pelayo

    Parents? They should be stood up against the firing wall.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Oh, yes, that’s common over there, they sell their daughter to the highest bidder, because all she’s worth is what money they can get for selling her off for sex slavery.

    And the Left wants us to be tolerant of this crap?


  • BAW

    This reminds me of the movie Harold and Maude when the priest says…”I would be remiss in my duties if I did not tell you that the idea of…your firm young…body…co-mingling with…the withered…sagging…flesh…makes me want to vomit!”