Haiti’s Economic Minister Responds After Canada Reportedly Freezes Aid to Disaster-Struck Nation

Tristin Hopper, National Post, January 7, 2013

Canada’s reported freezing of aid money to Haiti has prompted the country’s economic minister to declare that “Canada is very bad.”

“I do not have one gourde [Haitian currency] from the Canadian government in my budget,” said minister of Economy and Finance Marie Carmelle Jean-Marie, according to a report published by the Haitian news website Defend Haiti.

Last week, Montreal’s La Presse newspaper quoted International Co-operation Minister Julian Fantino and insinuated that Canada was freezing aid to the Caribbean country, which is the largest recipient of Canadian foreign aid.

Mr. Fantino said he was disappointed at what he considered the lack of progress in Haiti witnessed during his November visit.

Ms. Jean-Marie also criticized Canadian government travel advisories against Haiti, which warn that the country is “particularly unstable and dangerous.”

“It’s as if every time you leave the water, they sink our head, preventing us from breathing,” she said.

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  • JackKrak

    Come on, Canada, it’s only been three years since the earthquake – you can’t expect Haiti to have already rebuilt stuff in such a short time! Just keep the money flowing, I’m sure the Haitians have a plan for making sure all of it goes where it’s supposed to & Haiti will be back and better than ever!

    • The__Bobster

      Say, how is Japan doing? Okay, I already know the answer.

      • Carl

        I was there recently. There’s rubble everywhere, starving children, collapsed buildings, rape day and night, thugs, gunshots all the time.

        Oh, sorry, I meant to type that in my other window where I’m describing a scene from Blackhawk Down. Anyway, back to Japan…

        The subways are cleaner than most peoples’ homes here in the US. Every street is safe to walk on day and night. They have earthquakes all the time, and yet their 30+ story buildings are completely safe. Everyone is polite. Shopping malls are beautiful, clean and have no “youths” hanging out. There are no homeless. They have among the longest life expectancy in the world. If you lose a wallet there, you’ll get the wallet back with the money still in it. They’re building a fusion reactor.

        That’s how Japan is doing.

        • dhs

          Japan is not doing very well in advancing Human Rights .

          • Berek Halfhand

            Eh? I’ve been to Japan and enjoyed the human right to walk around Tokyo in perfect safety at 4am in clean, well-kept streets. Are you referring to the Japanese having the gumption to execute child murderers? Or have I missed something in your post?

          • Carl

            Yeah, the human right to not be assaulted is widely available in Japan and it’s very nice.

            They do have a harsh, unfair criminal justice system. Suspects can be detained for a month (?) and usually sign a confession at the end of it. They’re enthusiastic about the death penalty. Most convictions are by confession. Foreigners are treated even worse, and African foreigners worst of all.

            There is no such thing as forced desegregation there. There are restaurants and other things there that have signs that say “Japanese only”, and that’s the way it is.

            The best thing to do in Japan is to not come to the attention of the police by not doing stupid things and staying away from the tiny criminal class that is there. You have to be actively looking for stupid to find stupid in Japan.

            One thing that upsets me is they have allowed in some Nigerian (or other African) immigrants there who work in Harajuku as “barkers”. I’m sure they rape Japanese girls. Makes me sick. They should not issue any visas to any black Africans except perhaps to diplomatic missions, and even then, as few as possible.

          • dhs

            Correction! I should have turned on the sarcasm tag, please read:

            Japan is not doing very well in advancing Human Rights .

          • Berek Halfhand


  • Ms. Jean-Marie also criticized Canadian government travel advisories
    against Haiti, which warn that the country is “particularly unstable and

    Particularly? How can you tell?

  • Nathanwartooth

    Their government probably just spends all of their money protecting themselves from the native population.

    Also telling your population that it is safe to travel to Haiti is a dangerous lie. Are you trying to get your people kidnapped and killed? Just watching one YouTube video of Haiti is enough to never, ever want to go there.

    • Andy

      She talks as if the Canadians are hurting Haiti if they don’t visit, as if they have an obligation to go there and spend money to help the natives. Maybe if they want tourism they should be a little more inviting.

      • Unperson

        Haiti, despite its tropical weather and beaches, has in recent decades seen its tourism industry dwindle to almost nothing, thanks to the danger involved. This was not always the case: some of North America’s more adventurous travelers used to visit Haiti for exotic kicks like watching Vodou ceremonies; and as recently as 1975, DC’s favorite fun couple Bill and Hillary Clinton actually chose the land of Papa Doc as their honeymoon spot!

        There are many other unsafe countries in the Caribbean (e.g. Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago) that still get plenty of tourists… despite the fact that visitors are strongly advised never to venture outside of their hotel or compound for fear of robbery and/or rape. But the danger level in Haiti is so great that it attracts virtually ZERO outsiders other than aid workers, NGOs, diplomatic officials, etc. In addition to the lack of safety, Haiti has other huge drawbacks as a vacation destination, such as the fact that there is almost nothing of historical interest for sightseeing; and that the overall poverty level of the place is so depressing that it would be no fun to walk around in even if it weren’t so dangerous to do so. Who wants to spend their limited vacation time looking at nothing but acres and acres of shantytowns full of dirty, disheveled poor people?

        Consequently, the Haitians have, within living memory, managed to destroy the ONE somewhat successful industry that they had going for them. They are truly the most hopeless nation on earth.

        • Laager

          Here is an opportunity for a travel entrepreneur. For do-gooder Canadians and Americans wanting to go on peace corps type trips to Africa they could save a lot of money by just going to Haiti which is on their front doorstep. The knock on affect on liberal attitudes this would have on North America would be interesting to monitor.

      • As a Canadian by BIRTH, I have the Human Right, not to give a (explenative of your choice) about haiti or negros to be blunt.

        I definately will be voting CONSERVATIVE again.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, white Canadians are hurting blacks by not getting diseased, raped, robbed, beat and killed by them.

  • Port-au-corruption

    It is Canada’s duty to forever supply Haitian leaders with money they can steal.

  • jay11

    I was just listening to an NPR interview of some liberal white woman who wrote a book called Farewell Fred Haiti or something like that. She wrote a whole book talking about her love affair with Haiti and how ‘free’ she felt there. When asked about the lack of development for the last 200 years (and I was surprised the liberal interviewer went there) she brought out all the usual excuses that it was the white man’s fault for not helping them enough over the centuries. She also did acknowledge the country was a basket case, but she expressed confidence that the Haitians were capable to do great things – if only they had a few more aid packages. I almost laughed when she actually dissed all the aid workers there now for acting like little power brokers by day and club-goers at night!

    • 48224

      I wish Kim Kardashian would move to Haiti, she’d love all the black “attention” there.

      • Laager

        Take a holiday to Zimbabwe. When you get back home I am sure you will ad it to your list.

    • Yorkshireman.

      I wonder if the Haitian government would kindly provide us with a list of all the black African countries who have given aid. They could also include donations from black organisations in USA and elsewhere, SPLC and NAACP for example.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    What, they haven’t rebuilt their mud huts yet?

    • The__Bobster

      Mud huts would’ve been far safer. They actually built concrete structures without rebars in an earthquake-prone area.

      • So CAL Snowman

        Yes cinder block dwellings with corrugated iron roofing are not exactly up to Western building standards regarding earthquakes, but then again Western standards are pretty damn racist. At least earthquakes don’t discriminate!

        • FourFooted_Messiah

          What kind of moron pours cement with no rebar? They even put that into SIDEWALKS and grain bin pads here.

  • WmarkW

    Some government leaders were depending on that money to live on, in a real country.

  • tarczan

    Most of the rebuild money has been diverted to the Haitian space program.

    • Triarius

      It’s probably two palm trees and a sling shot like in the cartoons.

    • StillModerated

      Most of the money was spent on alcohol so the dimwitted natives could forget their problems for a couple of hours. That, and prostitutes.

    • Non Humans

      Well to hear them and the libtards tell it, non-humans invented the moon.
      Haitian Space Program? No, not outer space. They mean that space between their ears encapsulated by that indestructible cranium.

  • So CAL Snowman

    Why is it Canada’s responsibility to pay for Haiti’s problems?

    • OlderWoman

      Why doesn’t the Domenican Republic help them?

      • IstvanIN

        The Dominican Republic is too busy throwing out Haitian illegals.

        • dave

          they know them thats why

  • kjh64

    I’m sure the leaders of Haiti and/or those that received the money just spent it on themselves and neglected the people, just like every African nation. Giving money to Black nations is like pouring money down a “black hole”, pun intened.

  • Morris Thecat

    Hey NEGOES!!! Feed and clothe yourselves!!!!!!

  • Andy

    “I don’t have one gourde from the Canadian government in my budget.” Does Canada have any gourdes from Haiti? Does she think that most governments’ budgets are composed of donations from other countries? Does she not understand that this is CHARITY? It is not an obligation. The people of Canada are not responsible for Haiti’s budget.

  • bigone4u

    Where are Papa Doc and Baby Doc now that Haiti needs them? They could use that old voodoo magic and get things fixed in no time, using zombie labor no less.

  • Luca

    A country run solely by blacks and mulattoes for over 200 years. The chief export is filth and the chief import is foreign aid. They are complete failures and beggars and have the nerve to insult their benefactors. Is it ever possible for them do anything productive for themselves..ever?

    • anonymous

      When liberals say blacks fail because of lack of opportunity or because of ‘white people’ I point out to them that there are areas where blacks are the majority, where they run things and where, in many cases, whites have not been there for 100 years or more. I say, “So what’s the excuse then?”

  • StillModerated

    The Hatey gubmint hired witch-doctors to voodoo all the collapsed buildings back together again. Big magic like this takes time, and of course; foreign money.

  • Unperson

    Canada’s reported freezing of aid money to Haiti has prompted the country’s economic minister to declare that “Canada is very bad.”

    Haiti has an economic minister? Other than talking like a Kindergartner — describing another nation as “very bad” doesn’t sound like diplomatic language to me — what exactly does a Haitian “economic minister” do all day? Return empty bottles and cans for the deposit?

    Also, you can insert your own joke here about the country’s currency being a “gourde.” Here’s mine: “They conduct their financial transactions in gourds now? Since when? I thought Haiti’s national currency was sea shells.”

  • Jefferson

    There are some neighborhoods in Oakland that look like Haiti. These neighborhoods have not yet been gentrified by White liberal hipsters.

    • anonymous

      I think those white liberals going to black areas should be forced to live there and should be forced to support those black people and their countries and neighborhoods on their own dime. That might just wake them up real quickly to being racially conscious white people!

  • Liberalsuck

    Thank God a Canadian had the balls to say that! Just say, “It’s not any country’s responsibility to see that another country is doing well.” I suspect as more white nations go broke and get tired of the diversity and anti-white bigotry that more and more leaders will start telling the third world that we don’t want them on our lands anymore and that we don’t want to send our money to them anymore.