Democrats Launch Plan to Turn Texas Blue

Alexander Burns, Politico, January 24, 2013

National Democrats are taking steps to create a large-scale independent group aimed at turning traditionally conservative Texas into a prime electoral battleground, crafting a new initiative to identify and mobilize progressive voters in the rapidly-changing state, strategists familiar with the plans told POLITICO.

The organization, dubbed “Battleground Texas,” plans to engage the state’s rapidly growing Latino population, as well as African-American voters and other Democratic-leaning constituencies that have been underrepresented at the ballot box in recent cycles. Two sources said the contemplated budget would run into the tens of millions of dollars over several years—a project Democrats hope has enough heft to help turn what has long been an electoral pipe dream into reality.

At the center of the effort is Jeremy Bird, formerly the national field director for President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign, who was in Austin last week to confer with local Democrats about the project.

In a statement to POLITICO, Bird said the group would be “a grass-roots organization that will make Texas a battleground state by treating it like one.”

“With its diversity and size, Texas should always be a battleground state where local elections are vigorously contested and anyone who wants to be our commander in chief has to compete and show they reflect Texas values. Yet for far too long, the state’s political leaders, both in Austin and in Washington, D.C., have failed to stand for Texans,” said Bird, who recently founded a consulting firm, 270 Strategies. “Over the next several years, Battleground Texas will focus on expanding the electorate by registering more voters—and as importantly, by mobilizing Texans who are already registered voters but who have not been engaged in the democratic process.”


Democrats have eyed Texas longingly for years, watching as the Republican bastion has transformed into a majority-minority state. The 2010 census found that 38 percent of Texans identified themselves as Latino or Hispanic; just under 45 percent were non-Hispanic whites.

But the Democratic infrastructure in Texas has decayed over two decades of GOP ascendancy. Congressional and legislative redistricting has undercut the party’s efforts to rebuild there. Republicans control every statewide office, and Obama lost to Mitt Romney in the state by 16 points in November. No exit poll was taken in Texas last November, but Latinos have typically made up a smaller share of the electorate than the overall population.

Still, Democrats buoyed by the breadth of their 2012 victories are looking to Texas as a political holy grail: a prize so spectacular that it might just be worth a big, sustained investment of money and energy. {snip}


Democratic Houston Mayor Annise Parker said her party couldn’t afford to wait passively for population change to turn Texas blue. Instead, they should dig in for a longer, harder campaign to make it a swing state.

“We have been waiting in Texas for a very long time for the Latino vote to come into its own and turn the tide. But many of us have decided that we can’t wait for that. We have to do the old-fashioned work of going out and talking to Texans,” said Parker, who didn’t rule out a statewide campaign “when I am done [being] mayor.”

“Do I think we’re going to turn Texas in two years? Probably not. Do I think we can turn Texas in four years? Absolutely, because I think the Republican Party in Texas is going to drive itself off a cliff,” Parker said. “You hear Republicans with rhetoric, literally talking about the jack-booted thugs coming and taking guns out of people’s homes, going door to door. You have legislators who will file, once again, virulently anti-immigrant legislation in the state House.”


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  • This land is going to burn

  • David Ashton

    The Demographic Party.

  • Eventually, it will happen. But the reason it will be a long hard slog for Democrats is because Texas whites are more Mississippiized than Californicated in their voting habits.

    • The__Bobster

      It will happen overnight if the squat monster invaders are amnestied.

      • liberalsuck

        How is TX going to do that if Gov Perry lets in all those New Yorkers who are tired of all the gun laws in NYC? I suspect there will be more pro-gun whites in TX if they move out to TX

        • KYTim89

          How many of the New Yorkers moving to Texas that might be pro-gun but pro-liberal in everything else? What is happening is that the die hard liberals from places like California, Illinois, and NY are moving from their homelands to escape the diversity wastelands that they helped create and are in the process of turning more conservative parts of the country to blue states. Texans should post signs on their border that say, “Dear any potential liberal outsider: Please leave your liberalism where you came from. I enjoy my gun rights and small government. Thank you!”

          • ye ol’ swampyankee

            I’ve often though about this myself. As you said pro- gun, but perhaps liberal on social issues. I’m at a semi- permanent impasse whether or not this is a good idea. Both NY and TX are in a pickle. NYC has a total liberal hold upon the entire state. While parts of Texas, Austin in particular, are being invaded by liberal Californians looking to take over. And then there’s the Hispanic thing who already vote Democrat. On the other hand how many pro- gun NY’s would actually make the move to Texas anyhow for that reason? Hundreds at best, not thousands, so their numbers would probably remain negligible.

          • MikeofAges

            Texas? Small government? Are you sure about that?

          • Svigor

            Mexico has small gov’t. Their oligarchs know to nip that welfare state crap in the bud and couldn’t care less about the peons; they see them as enemies who would take everything they have, given the opportunity. Insofar as the US comes to resemble Mexico demographically, smart money is it’ll come to resemble Mexico in every other way, too.

          • Tim

            Actually the bumper stickers they sell on Austin Hwy. say, “We don`t care how you do it up North…”

        • jay11

          Every state has conservative patriots. Don’t let the noise of ‘diversity’ and libtards make a whole state seem a bastion of liberalism. The big urban areas have outsized influence ffrom sea to shining sea.

      • John

        In all honesty, what difference does it make anymore if all of Texas’ electoral votes go to the Democratic candidate every 4 years? Seriously. What difference would it make? We are so far past that now that it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever.

        Would it have mattered one iota if Juan “Amnesty” Mcshame were elected in 2008? Would life in America be one shred better if Mitt “Romneycare” Romney were elected in 2012? Of course not. America has a debilitating demographics problem that is not going away. The problem is compounding by the day.

        Much of America resembles Africa and other third-world hellholes. We’ve all seen the images out of Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Detroit. The savages in those ruined cities live in squalor and filth of their own making. They live like sub-human miscreants rather than civilized human beings. I do not say that to be hateful or disrespectful, I am merely making an observation and that’s the most accurate analogy that comes to mind.

        Indeed, the scope of the problem in North America and Europe is on a much different scale now, my friends, and it is growing worse by the day.

        Simply put, the United States of America has not had enough non-Hispanic/non-Muslim Whites to mask the deleterious effects of Blacks and Browns for several decades now; and the problem becomes worse each and every day.

        Unfortunately, I think that many of us are living under the false illusion that America will miraculously heal in some manner.

        My Heavens! What happened to Anglos that we would allow this to happen to ourselves and our race?

        • Bill

          All the MORE reason to not give up any more territory, and to stand our ground by all means necessary.

          • Svigor

            An admirable sentiment. I wish you all the success in the world. Me? I’m making plans to leave the sinking ship.

            The writing’s on the wall as far as I’m concerned; Americans aren’t Americans any more – they’re becoming whatever the idiot box tells them to become. More power to them. People who don’t want liberty always lose it.

        • Hans

          People in the inner city are human beings like everyone else. A brain is a brain and what you put in determines what comes out. Some have self-initiated programs to grow their own healthy food (given the lack of supermarkets). Another thing needed is a change in the school system which are clearly failing their students in the inner city.

          • “People in the inner city are human beings like everyone else. ”

            That is NONSENSE!

      • The Verdict of History

        With all due respect, the cultural and ideological outcry of Traditional White American Conservatives against this sort of regressive development will be so utterly intense and gripping that a White Restoration Movement will inevitably swell, entering the national political landscape with vengeance and righteous fury.

        Prepare yourself against the Socialist Communist Utopian Marxists (SCUM).

    • Jefferson

      Texas is one of the few states in the U.S where less than 30 percent of White voters vote Democrat in a presidential election.

      The percentage of Whites in Texas who vote Democrat is similar to the percentage of Hispanics nationwide who vote Republican, meaning not very high at all.

  • The__Bobster

    Remember the Alamo.

    • Tim

      “Remember Goliad!!”

  • alas

    Did not know Texas was majority-minority. That’s just crazy. The GOP have no hope now.

  • Garrett Brown

    If Texas goes blue, there will be no chance to have another Republican president. Ohio and Virginia are blue pretty much every election now.

    • StillModerated

      As late as the 1980s there was no shortage of conservative democrats in Virginia. They tended to vote the way their great grandpappy shot — against the party of Lincoln. I’ve talked with the local Tea Party about running conservatives in Dem. primaries, but they’re wedded to the Stupid Party.

      • Garrett Brown

        It amazes me what my home state Virginia has turned into. From once the bastion of the Confederacy and the dismantler of close elections… To leave no doubt that the GOP would win if they won Virginia. Now it’s pro Obama and has been democratically run for nine years! And before Goodlate another six! Disgusting…

        • storibund

          Garrett, how much of Virginia electorate is weighted toward the DC crowd now?

          • Garrett Brown

            It’s still RATHER close compared to dominant states like Illinois or California. I believe it was about four percent for the presidential election but that is still a VERY large gap compared to the one to two percent Virginia was known for. Along with Ohio it was THE swing state…. Now that gap is growing larger and larger with the Democrats taking the lead.

          • ATBOTL

            The immigration sprawl from DC goes deep into Virginia now. It’s full of Asians, Indians, Hispanics etc. all the way down to Richmond.

        • Triarius

          I’ve done consulting in NoVa recently, for several months. It’s all Chinese and Indian, I don’t care what census says, they are at least 25% combined if you include the illegals. The irony of being in America’s capitol and seeing no Americans. And I told them that a lot.

          • Garrett Brown

            It is very shocking. Most of it happened only in the past 20 or so years. I was devastated to drive into Norfolk for a martial arts clinic and see what it had turned into… It really is heart breaking.

    • Barrack Osama

      Let the traitorous elephant die already.

  • MekongDelta69

    Notice how in EVERY single article about minorities (about 10 Trillion of them by now), they’re always depicted as ‘underrepresented‘ (not to mention every other so-called ‘tear-jerking’ words, e.g. ‘oppressed’, ‘poverty-stricken’, ‘disadvantaged’, etc., etc., ad infinitum)?

    • Whites are a minority worldwide. You will never see that mentioned anywhere.

      • The Verdict of History

        Au Contraire!

        SCUM (Socialist Communist Utopian Marxist) professors relish over the opportunity to highlight this fact – gleefully and relentlessly – to their white students when making the case for “social justice” volunteerism….

        ….Actually, the White-world minority claim is central to argument of Racial Globalism and “global thinking”…

    • If their here illegally, then they have no reason to demand they be “represented.” We could learn something from Mexico’s government; They don’t worry about offending people who entered their country illegally.

  • Enar_Larsson

    —“We have been waiting in Texas for a very long time for the Latino vote
    to come into its own and turn the tide. But many of us have decided that
    we can’t wait for that. We have to do the old-fashioned work of going
    out and talking to Texans,” said Parker, who didn’t rule out a statewide
    campaign “when I am done [being] mayor.”—

    This quotation is interesting for several reasons:
    1. It explicitly concedes that the Democrats have been using immigration as a political weapon meant to destroy their opponents.
    2. It implicitly concedes that the immigration weapon has not been as effective as they hoped. That’s the best news I’ve heard in a long time.

    3. When coupled with the quotation at the end of the Amren selection, implies that the Democrats may actually be afraid that the Republicans will be able to neutralize the immigration weapon in Texas.

    4. It implicitly claims that Latinos are inherently (perhaps too strong?) Democrats. When they “come into their own”–i.e., fully mature or realize their nature–they will turn the tide for Democrats.
    5. If you substitute “white” for “Latino” and “Americans, especially those in battleground states” for “Texans”, you have a statement that could easily be uttered by Republican strategists.

    • whitepony87

      What they don’t realize is that all of these hispanics they imported are no more interested in becoming Americans than their relatives are South of the border. In their relatively simple minds they are “reconquering” what is rightfully theirs. They have no interest in becoming Americans they want to turn part of America into Mexico, which is pretty stupid considering how poor, disease infested, and dangerous their home country is. Mexican logic: Hey, let’s escape our dangerous gang infested poverty stricken homeland, go to a new, richer, safer country, then make it as dangerous and stupid and gang infested as the place we risked our lives to escape. Yeah, sounds about right.

  • I live in Texas. NOW is the time for the Democratic Party to STRIKE! The weak, sissy, Republican Party is going to continue to do nothing about the changing demographics.
    Too many white texans still follow the “vote for the lesser of two evils” mantra, while one school after another, one neighborhood after another, one town after another, one city after another, and one county after another falls.

    AAAAAANNDD, Annise Parker just happens to be my mayor. She is right about the republican strategy. They fight a passive battle. They will support anti-immigration bills, yet will not get white people riled up about the effects on crime, schools, racial quotas, and how other races vote for their own kind.

    Democratic Party, you get my nod of approval. You are supposed to strike as hard as you can when your enemy shows weakness, and the Republican Party is weak. Yes, I will be voting democrat in mid terms. I want this Republican Party to just die already.

    • Garrett Brown

      Agreed. Voting for the lesser of two evils does nothing. Both are pro immigration/diversity.

      • StillModerated

        Evil is evil, you might as well go whole hog and vote for the greater!

      • JohnEngelman

        Immigration presents the Republican Party with a tricky dilemma. The Republican rank and file base wants less immigration, but the business community that provides most of the campaign contributions wants more immigrants so that employers can lower wages.

        The loss of Mitt Romney to Barack Obama gives the employer class cover. Republican employers can feign compassion for immigrants, while looking forward to the higher profits that come from being able to force wage cuts.

        • Garrett Brown

          Agreed. They want to have a piece of the massive pie that is hispanic immigration into this country but they don’t really know how to. Bush and Romney tried to appeal by also promising amnesty and a way to earn their green card if they were illegal but they still overwhelmingly voted Democratic… It’s pretty much a waste of time, they have sworn their allegiance to the left.

          • whitepony87

            I think they are just easily led by the media. Most of these hispanics hate white people and the media has convinced them that the right is the party of old white racists who hate the poor and has convinced them that the left cares about everyone especially if you are not white and it is the “people’s party” for the poor common man, although they are both out to take advantage of the poor just in different ways. Welfare for 3 or 4 generations isn’t helping out anybody, it really just sets you back, I guess they are too dumb to understand that.

    • C. C. Conrad

      “I want this Republican Party to just die already.”

      I think that you have the right idea. That’s why I voted a straight ‘D’ ticket in the last election.
      Jack’s War

      • Jefferson

        You voted for The Democratic Party, the party that is blatantly anti-White and unapologetic about it.

        If you hate GOP so much, you should have voted for a more conservative 3rd party like The Constitution Party for example or just stayed home and not voted at all.

        But you had to go out and vote for Obama. You are a traitor.

        • OlderWoman

          C.C. Conrad only comes here to push his book. His comments are always set up to sell. He reminds me of that blogger who is into conspiracy theories.

      • Garrett Brown

        Wrong way to go about it bud…

      • whitepony87

        Try a third party. Jesus.

    • Blaak Obongo

      “Yes, I will be voting democrat in mid terms. I want this Republican Party to just die already.”

      And what then? What do you intend to do when the Democratic party is the only party in town? Do you think things will improve under a permanent Democrat/Marxist rule?

      Voting against the lesser of two evils is even more foolish than voting for. If you want to stick it to the Republicans, vote for a third party that’s more to your taste. There’s nothing smart about helping the I-Hate-Whitey party gain even more power. You’re only ensuring that it’s White people who will “just die, already.”

  • Triarius

    The dems enacted this plan decades ago, unchecked immigration and the non enforcement of our immigration laws. Their plan is already almost completed, in fact.

    Texas will go blue possibly by 2016, especially if the RINOs run a hispanic for POTUS. That is why I say conservatives will never win another national election and voting is borderline useless now, unless on a local level.

    Secession, war, or death.

    • Sam

      conservatives will never win another national election

      That is my feeling at this point. It could only happen with a vigorous effort to get out the white vote, together with a vigorous effort to deport all illegal aliens, end birthright citizenship, and Mississippi-ize all other white voters in the US.

      I don’t see any of those things happening. Whites are doing the same controlled flight into terrain that they did in South Africa and many other places. Yippee!! 🙁

      • liberalsuck

        I see states where Republicans can win, but not on a national level and certainly not with a white male as their candidate. This country will break up at some point.

    • SintiriNikos

      I think you mean ‘Repugs’ will never win a national election. I can’t remember the last time conservatives won one.

    • whitepony87

      The problem with winning elections is that it doesn’t change anything. Reps and Dems have the same agenda at the end of the day with only minor differences. In my lifetime I have noticed that no matter who is in charge the same things happen, wars, the erosion of our rights bit by bit, and the expansion of the federal government. Doesn’t seem like much of a choice to me at all.

  • falsedawn

    The dems can launch any plan they want in Texas or anywhere else they want. The idiotic voting doesn’t mean anything anymore. The lines are drawn and there’s no stoping our spiral towards action against our enemies, wherever we find them in the nation.

    • Blaak Obongo

      You are correct. This is the 300-pound gorilla that “respectable” White nationalists dread to mention, even as it creeps inexorably nearer.

      • whitepony87

        The real 300 pound gorilla that no one wants to mention in reality wears a yarmulke and sticks his big nose in the Torah every night. But no one wants to talk about them, even here on AmRen.

  • wattylersrevolt

    If the Democratic Party was unable to import its voting block form mexico and central america, it wouldn’t be able to win too many elections in the US…it would be a minor party. What the Democratic Party is doing is this:a very open and very deliberate policy to politically and racially disenfranchise the majority racial group in the US. Not only that, the Democratic Party is forcing the Native Born White American Majority to subsidize its political and racial dispossession. What the Democratic Party is doing to the Native Born White American Majority may be unprecendented in human history.
    Of course, this is all over-the-top treason…but is is also much more than treason:it is a declaration of a race war against the Native Born White American Majority. The Democratic Party should be considered a totally illegitimate poltical party in the US. The Democratic Party effectively acts as a foreign agent of foreign goverments such as mexico,india,pakistan,india, and israel.
    Ecological Dimension:horrific scenes of drought devastation images this summer in the MSM…you should not underestimate how serious the water situation is in Texas. So the Democratic Party also has a open policy of promoting massive overpopulation and ecological destrucion in Texas via the importation of mexicans and central americans who have a breeding pattern that resembles a well known insect pest species. The Greedy White Liberal Cheating Class that presently holds the power at the core of the Democartic are truly a spiritually sick and diseased cabal of filthy degenerates…lowest life form in the Universe…known and unknown.
    The Jacquerie Move had the right idea in 1358 in France…Wat Tyler,Reverand Ball, and the English Peasant Army had the right idea in 1381…so did the French Women Fish Mongerers during the French Revolution…it was gruesome, and the French Peasant Women seemed to enjoy it all.
    But keep this in mind, and never forget this comrades:the race-replacement policy of both the Democratic and Republican Parties is a direct consequence of the low wage labor policy…very low wage of the..of the Republican and Democratic Parties..and the Mega-Corporations that own these two Parties. It is not very complicated.

    • George White

      I agree that the Dems are traitors. Despicable hate filled anti-white bigots. Just wait til whites figure this out.

      • wattylersrevolt

        When a critical number of Native Born White Americans do figure it out, all hell will brake lose…the Social Contract that keeps the peace will be seen as a big lie…and promptly torched. What the Democratic Party is doing..with their treasonous accomplices in the Republican Part…is nothing less than a blueprint for a race war….both parties have been pouring gasoline into the basement of America for decades… now only requires a lit matched tossed in to ignite it…we are very very close to ignition…if Romney had won on Nov 4…all hell would have broken lose…it would happened on Nov 8 2008 if John McCain had won the election.

      • SintiriNikos

        I think most Whites have known this for years. When will they realize that Repugs are of the same cloth?

        • whitepony87

          They are both in on it. The main goal of importing hordes of mexicans is driving down our wages to the level of mexico. That is what NAFTA and all of that garbage is about, dissolving our countries and kind of blending them together into one giant pile of crap that they can easily control. A giant country full of slave labor for them to exploit. Looking at it from their point of view it’s a good move, but from my point of view it is a bad one, because I refuse to comply with this garbage. I will escape this country if I have to, I will not be a slave to anyone.

          • anonymous

            Where are you going to go? All white countries are being taken over, even Russia might be on its way soon.

          • whitepony87

            I don’t care if it’s a white country or not, as long as I don’t have to become a boot licker. I would probably head on down to South America, where money talks and AKs are a dime a dozen.

  • Dave4088

    I assume this effort means voter fraud will be in full swing in the lone star state.

    • It’s going to be worse than that. Mark my words. Look at my post below. 270 Strategies website and office space is shared with a bogus science LEED engineering consulting firm (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). They are going to try to do the same thing to oil that they have done to coal.

      These people are going to kill Texas’s economy.

  • The WhoIs for

    Domain Name: 270STRATEGIES.COM
    Registrar: GODADDY.COM, LLC
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    Status: clientDeleteProhibited
    Status: clientRenewProhibited
    Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Status: clientUpdateProhibited
    Updated Date: 14-dec-2012
    Creation Date: 12-oct-2012
    Expiration Date: 12-oct-2013

    DNS service is provided by:

    Created on: 05-Mar-04
    Expires on: 05-Mar-13
    Last Updated on: 06-Mar-12

    Blue State Digital, LLC
    734 15th Street, NW
    Suite 1000
    Washington, District of Columbia 20005
    United States

    A search of 734 15th Street NW Suite 1000 gives us this from

    Ebert & Baumann Consltng Engr – Oliver Baumann Pe
    Not Rated734 15th St NW, Ste 1000, Washington, DC 20005

    So we do the same for

    Current Registrar:CRONON AGIP Address: (ARIN & RIPE IP search)Record Type:Domain NameServer Type:Apache 1Lock Status:okWebSite Status:Active

    Status: OK
    Registrant Name: Oliver Baumann
    Registrant Address: Keuslinstr. 7a
    Registrant Postal Code: 80798
    Registrant City: Muenchen
    Registrant Country: DE
    Registrant Phone: +49 1721039628
    Registrant Email: [email protected]
    Admin-C Name: Oliver Baumann
    Admin-C Address: Keuslinstr. 7a
    Admin-C Postal Code: 80798
    Admin-C City: Muenchen
    Admin-C Country: DE
    Admin-C Phone: +49 1721039628
    Admin-C Email: [email protected]
    Tech-C Name: Hostmaster Strato Rechenzentrum
    Tech-C Address: Cronon AG Professional IT-Services
    Tech-C Address: Emmy-Noether-Str. 10
    Tech-C Postal Code: 76131
    Tech-C City: Karlsruhe
    Tech-C Country: DE
    Tech-C Phone: +49 72166320305
    Tech-C Fax: +49 72166320303
    Tech-C Email: [email protected]
    Zone-C Name: Hostmaster Strato Rechenzentrum
    Zone-C Address: Cronon AG Professional IT-Services
    Zone-C Address: Emmy-Noether-Str. 10
    Zone-C Postal Code: 76131
    Zone-C City: Karlsruhe
    Zone-C Country: DE
    Zone-C Phone: +49 72166320305
    Zone-C Fax: +49 72166320303
    Zone-C Email: [email protected]

    Oliver Baumann is the president of EB Engineers.

    Oliver Baumann, President
    Diplom-Ingenieur, LEED APOliver holds a Diploma degree (MSc) in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Munich. He joined the Ebert-Group in 1996 where he first became leader of the Simulation Group and later head of the International Projects Group. In 2004, he visited Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) as a guest researcher in the field of Commissioning and Building Operation.

    His extensive and acknowledged experience comprises
    conceptual design, building simulations, building physics
    international projects (e.g. Europe, USA, Russia, Middle East, Africa)
    national and international research projects (e.g. IEA Annex 40/47 on Commissioning)
    project management for national and international projects (e.g. Complex Federation Moscow)
    Oliver Baumann, President
    Diplom-Ingenieur, LEED AP
    [email protected]
    Tel. +1.202.608.1334

    Why is hosted by a pro renewable energy consulting firm run by a German who in reality should be back in his own country rather than being given some BS Visa to come here and produce propaganda?

    Why does 270 Strategies have the same mailing address as this bogus science engineering firm?

    • Other Guest

      These are possibly more related to the issue in the same building since there is no listing for 270 Strategies at that address that I found –

      Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute Inc

      Nat’l Hispanic Council on Aging

  • guest

    And to think, the democrats have always claimed to be about freedom. This proves just how much they despise those who don’t share their views.

  • JohnEngelman

    FOX News

    Prominent Republican strategists have announced they are forming a super-PAC to help redefine the party’s immigration stance and to figure out ways to appeal to Latino voters.

    The super-PAC, called Republicans for Immigration Reform, also hopes to undercut those in the party rallying for strict immigration enforcement, many who became heroes to immigration hard-liners but who turned off Latinos voters.

    Carlos Gutierrez, who was Commerce Secretary under President George W. Bush, and Charlie Spies, a Washington lawyer, are the brainchild behind the organization. They told the Washington Post they wanted to help push immigration reform next year – and help push Republican lawmakers who were wavering on the issue…

    Gutierrez said Republicans for Immigration Reform is about people from all over the world, including Hispanics, Asians, West Africans and Ethiopians.

  • storibund

    Plllllleeeeeeeeeze conservative NY gun owners….

    Move to Texas.

  • When Texas goes blue, be sure to call Bush the lesser to thank him.

  • Jss

    The Democrates want the President to reflect “Texas values”? God I hate politicians. Just say what you mean. “We want Texas to reflect 3rd world non white values so we can stay in power forever”.

    • StillModerated

      “Texas values” means LBJ. Big mistake!

      • Jss

        would would say white Texans today are more Ron Paul then LBJ. And the dems don’t mean pro 2nd amendment Davey Crockett, Sam Houston values. They mean pure 3rd world values.

  • storibund

    Racial cleansing, in other words.

    They’ve just about succeeded in California. Time to move on to Texas.

    This just sickens me beyond belief.

    • Ulick

      “Ethnic cleansing”

      Nailed it. Yesterday we saw an article where the Liberal author was bemoaning a Hispanic attempt to ethnically cleanse blacks from a town. Albeit, it was through force, but the end result was to make it a Hispanic city.

      Here we read of an plan with different tactics (mass immigration instead of force), but the same end result — Hispanics overpowering another race (in this case whites) to control a territory politically. Essentially ethnic cleansing. No handwringing here, though. Instead, this should be seen as progress and celebrated. If they didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

      • The Celt

        Was it not a black area called compton,an area that went from white to black and then hispanic.

  • JohnEngelman

    Non Hispanic whites are 45.3 percent of the population of Texas.

    Because non whites overwhelmingly vote Democrat, and because many whites do too, it would seem that all the Democrats need to do is to is to get non more non whites registered to vote.

  • Do you people realize how important what I posted earlier is?

    I got 2 downs and no ups.

    The Liberals are coming to Texas to shut down the oil industry.

    They don’t give a crap about the Hispanics.

    I grew up in West Virginia.

    Mines shut down, chemical producers shut down, power plants shut down.

    I, as a youth, saw peoples’ lives destroyed. Fifty year old men were left with no chance of having another job that paid a decent income ever again, biding their time until they
    hit social security or pension collection age.

    And it only creates one thing: GOVERNMENT DEPENDENCE. Which is what they want. Because then you aretheir minions.


    • whitepony87

      In West Virginia the democrats have forced so much garbage on the coal industry that they will destroy it. Nothing is manufactured here, nothing at all is produced anymore, the coal industry is one of the last chances a young WV man has to provide a decent life for his family and a decent living for himself. Now they are going to take that away from us. The dems aren’t going to stop until every job here is at McDonald’s and more are on welfare than working. This isn’t the greatest place to live as it is, but now they take all of our jobs and outsource them and they build school buildings every year in L.A. or Chicago or NYC or Atlanta for one part of a city than they give my entire state for an entire year’s education budget. The ironic part about that is there are thousands of VERY VERY bright little white WV kids who could put a 20 million dollar school to good use, instead they build it for borderline retarded nonwhites who still can’t manage to pass 1/2 of their classes in a state of the art school with 2 or 3 times the budget of my entire state when it comes to education. Ridiculous. And people wonder why this country is going down the toilet.

      • I know all too well.

        • whitepony87

          Everything is backwards in this country. We could be great once again if we stopped throwing money at the nearly useless segments of society and instead invested it in the youth who actually have a future. But that is the way in this strange new America, when a problem pops up you just throw money at it indefinitely, neglecting to ever address to root causes of the problems here.

    • MikeofAges

      “I, as a youth, saw peoples’ lives destroyed. Fifty year old men were
      left with no chance of having another job that paid a decent income ever
      again … ”

      Job that paid a decent income? How about any job, even one that paid an indecent income? Anyone think jobs in fast food and retail are easy to get, they’re dreaming.

      • whitepony87

        America isn’t the same place it was 20 years ago. There are very few good jobs left. Now people like me are out here competing with skilled workers and college graduates for minimum wage entry-level positions which those people would have turned their nose up at a few years ago. If they pass this amnesty garbage it is going to get about ten times worse.

  • Or,

    Democrats counting on browns to turn Texas blue

  • Liberals do care about Hipanicss, they are heavily union members when they get a chance. In Houston they pushed to the janiors unionized. As for California, Hispanics are the left of whites, whites barely based prop 30 while hispanics supported it. In Orange County and San Diego whites voted Republican while minorties voted Democratic. You guys think all whites in Cal are liberals from La or the Bay area.

    • Jefferson

      Mitt Romney got a higher percentage of the California White vote than John McCain, but that still was not enough for him to carry California because over 80 percent of California Nonwhites voted for Hussein Obama and this is a majority Nonwhite state.

    • liberalsuck

      I know not all whites in Cali are libs, but the conservative ones should move to already white conservative red states.

  • I used to live in Orange County before I moved to Arizona and Pima where I’m at now has always voted Democratic while Orange County Ca before the Hispanics and Asians moved in vote mainly Republican. Its Republicans like those in Texas say this can’t happen to US but it did somewhat in Orange County Ca that they are less Republican thanks to Ronald Reagan and San Diego. Hispanics under the age of 18 are 48 percent of the population of Texas. Texas in 2030 the OC of the future.

  • bigone4u

    Whites in Texas may be less than 50 percent, but in San Antonio and the border cities, they are hugely outnumbered. Will the last white person to leave San Antonio please turn out the lights?

    • Tim

      Tell me where to drop off the keys…

      • whitepony87

        Be careful if you are the last white in San Antonio, that sounds potentially dangerous.

  • Skipper

    The Texas white elites always thought they could keep their cheap labor hispanic population under control and it worked for a long while until the demographic ratios started deteriorating to the point where it will become impossible. In 2010 of the total Texas population only 44% were non-hispanic whites, and the live births to this group were a pathetic 35%, or just about one out of three.

    The population of Texas grew a staggering 20.6% from 2000 to 2010 per the US Census and this growth was not from Norwegian immigration. This high growth trend is continuing in this decade.

    So it is just a matter of time before Texas flips “blue” and after that it will be mathematically impossible for a Republican to ever be elected president of the United States again.

    Of course the Texas Republican elites will hold out for cheap hispanic labor until the bitter end while ensconcing themselves in their gated, guarded communities and penthouses. However, for their less affluent brethren life will become more of a survival game as they have to move every few years to stay ahead of the invading hordes from the south.

  • If the Democrats go in with the Obama agenda to ban guns, there is going to be a backlash. They have already been warned by Bill Clinton not to do this. But gun control is one of their policies and they will do it anyway.

  • ThatOneEdgyGuy

    I’d like to welcome the democrats to Texas, the one state who has maintained it’s secessionist mindset through the decades.

    Hell boys, bring your friends and families (or civil unions, or what-have-you).

    That way, when the US federal government collapses from its financial profligacy in the next 7-10 years, we can pave the roads with the carpetbagging bast­ards’ skulls. A last hurrah of western culture in the face of the brown hordes.

    • storibund

      I gotta admit, this is one reason why I’ve been fearing this development.

      Texas was to be the leader in secession, paving the way for the mountain states and Dixie. Kind of the flagship, if you will.

      If Texas flips blue… well.

      • Garrett Brown

        It really is terrifying. Virginia/Texas were the work horses in the attempt of secession. I can’t imagine them both going blue. Very very sad.

      • libearlsuck

        Even if TX seceded now, the white Texans are going to battle the Hispanics there as they will want to make it a part of Mexico and might even send in the Mexican Army.

    • Tim

      I would argue that it is more of an independent “Republic of Texas” frame of mind than a Secessionist one…..Or that`s what Mrs. Whittles said in 7th grade Texas History class.

  • Jefferson

    All states in the U.S will eventually turn blue, after Brown illegals from south of the border start pouring into very White red states like North Dakota and Nebraska in large numbers and start breeding like cockroaches.

  • SintiriNikos

    I blame the likes of Bush and Bushlet for this. On the subject, has the old geezer bought it yet? Useless Repugs.

  • mobilebay

    Why do we keep electing those whose interests are not ours, but who are determined to finish us off as the nation our forefathers intended? We have become the dumping ground of the world and I no longer recognize this once proud country. I’m old enough to have seen the true America when our leaders worked for us rather than against us. I am a stranger in my own land.

  • cali

    This has been the plan all along, but not just Texas. If you pay attention you’ll see the whole idea is to get people reliant on the government. Minorities are the base. Blacks not only have no problem being a burden on society, they expect/demand it. Hispanics overall appear to have a better work ethic but want to come to our country without any hassle (their families as well). They will bring many to suck off the government tit, as well. We can’t afford it. The government knows this. What will this cause? A collapse of the entire American infrastructure. What will this also cause? Complete and full control of our power hungry government. Sorry, but we will/have lost America and minorities sped this process up by 100 fold. If you don’t believe in the new world order. You should do your research.

  • Joseph

    Don’t they mean “turning Texas brown”?

  • Joseph

    “You have legislators who will file, once again, virulently anti-immigrant legislation in the state House.”

    They’re called “patriots”.

  • Mariner33

    “Do I think we’re going to turn Texas in two years? Probably not. Do I think we can turn Texas in four years?”

    Turn it into a vampire, blood sucking state with multiple bloated state sponsored bureaucracies. Blueprint Illandnoise, New Yawk, Calfornicadia, and Massachewshits.

  • Once Texas turns blue the liberals will control the White House forever. Texas is the textbook example of “electing a new people”.

  • Bill

    Is it FINALLY clear NOW why our treasonous government allows open borders, and entices even more illegal aliens to invade with promises of amnesty, benefits, medical care, in state tuition, etc? It has been, is, and always will be about replacing the white American voting block with an alien, big government dependent voting block guaranteed to keep the Pelosis, Obamas, Reids, etc in power forever. It is part and parcel a huge part of their plan in “transforming” America into a socialist/marxist dictatorship. And that, my friends, can be called nothing BUT treason. They are bold enough now, and far enough along in their plans, to be open about it.

    • Now that it has been established that it is treason (for the umpteenth time), what is our next step? Complaining more? No! A solid game plan has to be devised and put into action! Talk is cheap! We are losing our country! Is this how it’s going to end for White America? Aren’t there any real patriots in the military? If so, do something to save us (and your childrens’ and grandchildrens’, etc.) from this nightmare!

  • DelmarJackson

    it was elected Texas republicans that have stood in the way of mandatory e verify and other legilation that would have lowed or stopped illgal aliens and illegal emplyers in texas,the Texas GOP, they are cutting their own throats.

  • Svigor

    Mexico is run by an oligarch class that funds very little in the way of welfare. The poor are on their own there.

    That’s the future of these “blue” states the Dems are so fond of creating, and ultimately, of the US as a whole.

    USA! USA! USA!

  • Jackryanvb

    This is the work of Karl Rove the “brains behind the George W. Bush Administration” (kind of like being the captain of the Titanic or the pilot of the Hindenberg).

    Rove pushed, pushes the standard Neo Conservative 3 policies of total White destruction.

    1) Invade the world for Israel – endless Neo Con wars against Iraq, Iran etc.

    2) invite the world, open borders immigration for the entire NW third world, including the Islamic third world.

    3) In hoc to the world to pay for 1 and 2.

    Somehow these anti White genocidal policies are spun some way as “Conservative” as targeting the Democrat base. With Fox News totally on board with the Neo Con program, smearing all opponents as Nazis, angry old White Men, they think we are beat. Time to fight folks and punish traitors like Rove and Fox News.

    • And Fox Noise Channel just dumped even more money on Karl Roverrated.

      I hardly think Roverrated invented “invade the world invite the world in hock to the world,” but he sure advocates it. After this past political season, I now realize that Rove is entirely in it for the money. Before, I merely dismissed him as a mere barnacle idiot, saying that Bush won two terms in spite of him and not because of him. Now I think he’s almost Satan incarnate.

    • Joseph

      “Compassionate conservatives”

      • Equals left wing race-denying egalitarians who advocate supply side economics.

  • matahairy

    why is it that pro-white sites like this one take the stance that the GOP is standing up for us whites? NewsFlash: the GOP only PRETENDS to stand up for whites. They mainly stand up for the upper class, which is what the Dems do, too, but just in a different way from how the GOP does it. The GOP have shown NO real action to stop affirmative action, race spoils, mass immigration, and anti-white propaganda. Yes, clearly the Democratic BASE is mostly anti-white. But the fact is that when it comes to ACTION (and not words) the GOP is not much better than the Dems when it comes to standing up for whites. In fact, I would argue that the Dems are the better choice for whites, even if you take into account the anti-white propaganda that emanates from the Dem base. I have switched over to voting for the Dems. Really, when it comes down to it, the Dems are a little bit better for the working class in general overall. The GOP does nothing but lip service for whites. And they love mass immigration just as much as the Dems.

    Yes, the Dems are anti-white in speech, more so than the GOP. But the GOP does nothing when it comes to ACTION except help the upper class. At least the Dems do some few things that help working class people in general.

  • Fran

    The hispanic Senator from New Jersey just got busted for having sex with underage prostitutes in a the Dominican Republic and his Latino constituents couldn’t care less. Just keep the food stamps flowing.

  • NorthernAmerican-Nationalist

    “You hear Republicans with rhetoric, literally talking about the jack-booted thugs coming and taking guns out of people’s homes, going door to door. You have legislators who will file, once again, virulently anti-immigrant legislation in the state House.”

    Can you blame them Mayor Parker?

    Can you blame them when earlier in the same article for the same interview you state, “We have been waiting in Texas for a very long time for the Latino vote to come into its own and turn the tide,” or “Democratic Houston Mayor Annise Parker said her party couldn’t afford to wait passively for population change to turn Texas blue.”

  • Stan Hess

    Eastern Europe and Mother Russia will be the next Ellis Island for world Eury beginning in the next 50 – 100 years.

  • Leon Haller

    And we call ourselves men? white men?!

    Have none heard of Thermopylae … Valley Forge … Rorke’s Drift …

    We are called upon to exert ourselves to the fullest, soldiers, in this political battle to preserve something of America! Can we at least mimic with words what our forebears achieved with arms?

    This amnesty is EASILY DEFEATABLE!

    This is no time for SHIRKERS!

    The GOP controls the House of Representatives! They number 45 in the Senate (meaning the evil Democrats do not have a filibuster-proof majority).

    If enough Republicans threaten their Reps with “Teabagging”, they will get the message, and they will vote against amnesty. Republican politicians are cowards, not “principled” haters of whites. What is so hard about this to grasp?! They really do think that if they just suck up to the Mexicans, the GOP will win more victories.

    It is up to us and no one else to let them know how wrong they are.

    There is no spirit, no heart, no fight left in the West … Just metapolitical musings and nostalgic whining …

    Man up, “men”!