Birmingham Accountant Slaps City with Federal Lawsuit Claiming Pattern of Racial Discrimination Toward Whites

Joseph D. Bryant, Alabama, January 12, 2013

The Birmingham city accountant fired twice on allegations of racism and incompetence today slapped the city with a federal lawsuit saying it was Mayor William Bell’s administration that was the true perpetrator of racial discrimination.

Virginia Spidle’s federal lawsuit alleges that the city has a pattern of discrimination and retaliation against white employees.

Much of the 49-page lawsuit recounts the testimony heard in days of hearings at the Jefferson County Personnel Board, where Spidle was ultimately cleared of her initial firing charge.

“We are celebrating 50 years of progress in civil rights. In the year we are celebrating that, good people of Birmingham would not approve of mistreating a person because of their race,”  Spidle’s lawyer, Gayle Gear told Birmingham News in an interview. “The foot soldiers—those who have worked diligently on behalf of race relations for this city—what happened in 2010, 2011 and 2012 is not a step forward in race relations. It is a step backwards. And that is why the lawsuit had to be filed.”


“The city instigated and condoned a race-based hostile work environment in the city’s finance department,” the lawsuit reads. “The discriminatory animus was severe and pervasive altering the terms and conditions of employment.”


The city’s protracted legal fight with Spidle began in July 2010, when the 24-year employee was fired after accusations of racial discrimination against black subordinates. Spidle is white.

She returned to work after the Jefferson County Personnel Board, after days of hearings cleared her of those charges and ordered her reinstated with back pay. But Spidle’s return was short-lived when the city fired her again in January 2012—after one week back on the job—on new charges of incompetence.

In a separate proceeding in Jefferson County Circuit Court, a three-judge panel also ordered Spidle back to work, clearing her of the original charges and ordering that she receive back pay from the time of her first termination.

The city last month sent a letter telling her to return to work, just before the beginning of another hearing before the Jefferson County Personnel Board was set to begin. Spidle is back at City Hall, but in a different department.

Spidle’s newly filed lawsuit claims her firings were retaliation for her participation in an earlier complaint filed by a white employee who complained of mistreatment based on her race.

“The city also ignored the Personnel Board’s factual findings that exonerated plaintiff of all charges including the scurrilous charge of racism instigated by (Jarvis) Patton weeks after his appointment as Chief of Operations,” the lawsuit states. “The actions of the city were the result of intentional race discrimination and retaliation . . . ”


“Despite protestations by plaintiff and other Caucasian employees, a racially charged hostile work environment was instigated, encouraged and condoned by top city officials, specifically Mayor Bell and Chief of Operations, Jarvis Patton,” the lawsuit states.

Spidle claims the entire process that resulted in her termination was biased and part of a culture of hostility toward a white minority in her department at City Hall.

“During the period that plaintiff was being subjected to race-based discrimination, other supervisors, who are Caucasian, were reporting similar discriminatory treatment altering the terms and conditions of their employment.”

The lawsuit lists several examples of alleged mistreatment of white employees in the finance department.

While a majority of employees in the department are black, the office is headed by Tom Barnett, who is white. However the lawsuit focuses on Patton, who is black and Bell’s most senior aide.

Spidle in her lawsuit cites the number of black employees who were promoted under her supervision as well as her clean employment history.

But that record was not taken into consideration by Patton when he led the effort to fire her, the lawsuit claims.


Though she is now back at work, Gear said her client has been given minor duties in another department well below her job classification.


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  • Robert Binion

    If I won a new car in a raffle and had to stand in line for a title all the way out of the courthouse into Birmingham’s Linn Park, I would probably opt for a good walking stick, instead. That is how impaired this city is.

  • Pelagian

    “We are celebrating 50 years of progress in civil rights. ”

    ^Of course that is 50 years of unmitigated joy, and riches beyond counting.

  • Pelagian

    “We are celebrating 50 years of progress in civil rights. ”

    ^Of course that is 50 years of unmitigated joy, and riches beyond counting.

    • Liberalsuck

      When people say “black had it back then.” I respond sarcastically by saying, “Yes, they did. It was so horrible back then They had to hold jobs, be law abiding, not dress like losers, take care of their children, be responsible parents. Now they can get jobs just because they’re black, taxpayers pay for their babies, they get loans just because they’re black and they can scream racism just so they can get off criminal charges or not get fired from their jobs for malfeasance or incompetence or unprofessionalism. To top it off, their neighborhoods are filled with gangs and crime and the only response is to feel sorry for them and make more excuses and throw more money at the problems.”

  • Triarius

    That’s just how backs treats whites whenever they outnumber them, workplace or not. She should be lucky she wan’t raped, although I am sure advances were made.

    Funny that sexual harassment wasn’t reported. I’m willing to bet that is part of the lawsuit.

    • Ron

      I would say that is a pretty safe bet.

  • ArmenianWN

    Birmingham is in Alabama, which is in the southern part f your country, meaning every white person who lives here is a racist and deserves getting sued

    • GB101

      We know where Birmingham is. Thank you. I do not know where you are from, but it seems from outside the United States, as you refer to “your” country as you address Americans. So, wherever you are from, we know one thing about that place: it contains at least one bigoted ignoramus.

      • ArmenianWN

        Well first off, I’m from Armenia, as it says in my name. secondly the reply was in a sarcastic tone. thirdly, if you call anyone who stands up against racism and genocide against whites a “bigoted ignoramus”, it says more about yourself than i could ever say about me. thank you for your thoughtful reply.

        • GB101

          I misunderstood your comment. I did not realize you were being facetious. Sorry.

        • Well ArmenianWN, I got your sarcasm. Not everybody is good at spotting it.

      • Pat

        You might be interested in the original Birmingham (U.K.). Population just over a million, estimated that by 2024 the white population will be below 50%. The largest immigrant group – Pakistani Muslims. This article could apply over here then.

  • RaymondWalnuts

    A common cause of not enough blacks in a workplace. *Sarcasm*

  • The__Bobster

    The city’s protracted legal fight with Spidle began
    in July 2010, when the 24-year employee was fired after accusations of
    racial discrimination against black subordinates. Spidle is white.

    It looks like she actually expected some work out of them. Naturally, they all got together and concocted a lie. This is what every White government worker in a supervisory position fears most of all.

  • falsedawn

    this’ll go nowhere in fedgov courts. faughettaboudit. praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

  • bigone4u

    Expecting work out of a black government employee is like expecting blood out of a turnip. Her errror was in assuming that she could expect a fair day’s work for a day’s pay. Another mistake was in assuming a colorblind environment. In my experience minorities will lie about a white in order to replace him with a minority of the same group. Mexicans are as guilty as blacks.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    I’m sure Birmingham will find a way to Welsh on any pension she is due to receive. (as they did in Prichard, Alabama).

  • Matt

    The only racial group that is willing to treat other racial groups fairly are white people. Every other racial group – blacks, south Asians, east Asians, hispanics, aboriginals… they look out only for their own. Non-whites only care about making sure that their respective racial group takes over and controls things. I talked to one aboriginal here in Canada about the recent aboriginal protests over ‘more rights’, and he actually said that they had to do it now while whites were still the majority in Canada. Without going into any more detail than that, it was patently obvious that he knew that Somalis, for example, would never care about such matters as native rights.

    • IstvanIN

      I believe that Maori groups in NZ have protested against non-white/non-British immigration since the treaties were signed by HM’s Governments when those governments consisted of HM’s people and don’t trust the new comers to honor those treaties.

    • Liberalsuck

      Where’s our buddy Tim Wise on this matter? He is saying blacks are powerless and we control all the systems that oppress them. Hello, Timmy? Are you there, Tim?

  • IKantunderstand

    Bill Clinton gives a speech talking about the fact that Whites will become a minority in this country. He is met by thunderous applause, by White people. Seriously, what the hell is the matter with White people that they applaud their demise? Once again, I don’t care who is responsible. We need to fight back! Let’s take to the streets and object to amnesty! Let’s recreate 1776! LIVE FREE OR DIE.

    • Pelagian

      I hear you. But unless we get Religion right, we’re going nowhere as a race. United behind the One True Religion, we can do anything.

      • IKantunderstand

        I agree, God gave us our rights, God was the genesis of our Republic.

      • liberalsuck

        Lots of the mainline churches this day are caving into political correctness. Lots of them side with illegal immigrants. Lots of them are placing blacks in positions of power. Lots of them are ‘atoning’ for their ‘racist’ past. Whites will need to make their race a religion and not put our ‘faith’ if you will into a preacher or priest. That’s not to say I have a problem with Christianity or Mormonism, etc. It’s just that they have been hijacked by PC.

    • Liberalsuck

      The whites who live in predominately white nations and white neighborhoods don’t see a problem with a nonwhite majority, be it a city, town, state or country. Ask whites who live in South Africa or in multicultural Europe or mixed race areas here in the US what they think about it.

  • LHathaway

    I expected better, more incisive comments than this. After all, most of us have been through it. Where have all the old-timers gone? The only miracle is, they didn’t charge HER with racism. The wrongdoing in this case must be monumental even by african standards.

  • This is merely another example of the fact that blacks don’t want equality—but, retribution and ‘payback’ for claimed injustices.

    It’s about time Whites stop being complacent and aggressively defend their rights.

  • Barrack Osama

    This needs to be front page news.

  • steve1red

    If blacks are in charge of city finances, then you know there’s a lot of embezzling and theft going on. They’re probably funneling city money to their own bank accounts or maybe even non-profits they control. They’re probably spending city money lavishly on trips, hotels, and restaurants. That’s what goes on in black-ruled governments.
    Having a black mayor is an invitation to disaster. Blacks like to hire other blacks when they get into positions of power.

  • guest

    And white liberals celebrate the eventual minority status of whites…

  • anonymous

    My dad had a business when I was growing up in the 90s (I’m a post 1965 white person). He once had a black woman work for him who was stealing money from his company. As customers would pay, she would pocket the money. My dad fired her and had the proof (documentation) that she was, indeed, stealing from him. Guess who came to investigate him after he fired the black woman (justifiably) for what she did? A black man from the EEOC. But to my dad’s surprise, the black investigator told my dad he sided with my father and he (the black guy) knew the black woman was pulling a “discrimination” suit just to get out of trouble and con my father out of money. I wish most blacks were like the investigator that visited my dad and punish blacks who falsely pull the race card just to get money or out of trouble.

  • me

    Blacks never wanted equality with Whites–they want to wipe us off the face of the earth! If the brainwashed among us were ever to find out how much blacks hate ‘Whitey’, they would be sickened by it. All they have to do is watch that filthy movie “Django Unchained” to get a clue…

  • bubo

    All you need to know about Birmingham is that that the University of Alabama no longer plays any games there because of the state of old Legion Field. It used to be the de facto home of the Crimson Tide. Now it’s a great analogy for the city it resides in. Falling apart, surrounded by a dangerous black slum and no tax base to pay for it’s upkeep.