A Petition to ‘Stop White Genocide’?

Jonathan Capehart, Washington Post, January 18, 2013


Someone named Albert D. petitioned the Obama administration on Jan. 11 to “STOP WHITE GENOCIDE: Halt MASSIVE third world immigration and FORCED assimilation in White countries!”

Albert’s not kidding.

“Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for EVERYBODY?” he writes. “White countries are being flooded with third world non-whites, and Whites are required by law to integrate with them so as to ‘assimilate,’ i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.”

He says that this is a violation of the United Nations Convention against genocide. Thus, he is petitioning President Obama to “end White Genocide in the United States, and to call for the end of White Genocide in Europe, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.”

And Albert ends with this. “Supporting White Genocide is not anti-racist. It’s anti-white!”

I don’t know where to begin. Frankly, there’s no use trying to understand the mind that would form such twisted views, let alone one that would share them on the Web site of the president of the United States. But know this, Albert is not alone. When I first clicked on the petition, he had 388 co-signers from all over the country, including from unlikely places such as New York City, New Haven, Conn., Silver Spring, Md., and Berkeley, Calif. {snip}

[Editor’s Note: As of this posting, the petition has gathered 769 signatures.]

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  • JustaWhiteMom

    People DO NOT poison the well. Scroll through the comments to learn how to use the mantra before sounding off over there!

  • David Ashton

    Twisted mind, eh?

  • Critic_of_Leviathan

    Twisted views? Right, we are supposed to say nothing while they turn every American city into Mogadishu. The handwriting was on the wall a long time ago. Blacks and Hispanics have no business in a first-world country.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      I have an article, several years old that discusses the impact of 5,000+ Somalis settled in Finland. All sorts of violent crime went up, especially rape. In one case, a youhg Finnish woman was raped with a pair of scissors. The article is titled, “Changed Overnight: Race in Finland,” by Edward Dutton. It might still be possible to find it online.

      • LaShaniqua Jones

        Same thing happened in Minnesota . . .

      • David Ashton

        And publish it here?

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          David, look up at the Moderator’s link. It is apparently held in Amren’s own archives.

      • jmcaul

        Only a twisted, psychotic, murderous mind would think any significant number of non-Whites belong in a country like Finland.

      • That’s the real reason why Zionists push for massive immigration. They are hoping that we’ll be persecuted by these immigrants. It’s also worth mentioning that Zionists also choose the worst immigrants imaginable. Why didn’t they bring 5,000 Japanese? Why didn’t they bring 5,000 Macedonians? or 5,000 Serbs? WHY SOMALIS??? And, WHY Muslims? Doesn’t that tell you something? Zionists are at war against us. AND, they’re also waging war against ALL Women of this world. It’s ironic that Jews are helping spread Radical Islam.

    • Diversity is BAD

      “Blacks and Hispanics have no business in a first-world country”.

      And neither do arabs, indians AND orientals. It’s not about “a first world country”, it’s about a WHITE country period. Our land is our land and our race is our race:

      “Diversity is bad for America because people of different races often don’t
      get along with each other and because if this diversity keeps up it will make
      White people a minority, probably a hated minority in the country their
      ancestors built” (Jared Taylor, 2013)


      • ourcountry


        • Nonsense, native indians had nothing much to offer worth stealing. Europeans brought their own civilization and technology with them.

  • MekongDelta69

    Albert’s not kidding.

    Neither are we, Mr. ‘I write for the WaPo, so I have to include a sentence like the following in my article’:

    I don’t know where to begin. Frankly, there’s no use trying to understand the mind that would form such twisted views, let alone one that would share them on the Web site of the president of the United States.

    This weenie Jonathan -either- couldn’t POSSIBLY understand what Albert’s thinking -or- (what I really think all Leftists think), he UNDERSTANDS very well what Albert’s thinking, but he’d rather die in a pool of his own blood before he could ever admit it.

    • OlderWoman

      He thinks the petition is an insult to obama. He’s afraid obama’s “widdle feewings” are gonna get hurt.

      Blacks are the dumbest and most irrational people I’ve ever met/read.

      • “He thinks the petition is an insult to Obama.”
        Well, TOO damn bad!!

  • Ulick

    The author sounds both shocked and horrified to discover that there are clear thinking whites in Liberal bastions filled with diversity like New York City and New Haven, CY. What the author needs to understand is that it’s exposure to diversity that most often wakes white people up.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Here’s a pic of Jonathon Capehart and his white buttfriend Dick.

      Uh, I mean his white boyfriend Nick…

      • bigone4u

        Lovely couple. Have to remember to send them a wedding gift and pick something up for the baby shower.

      • David Brims

        I found that photograph some what disagreeable.

        • Sloppo

          Only somewhat?

      • Sloppo

        He appears to personify some very twisted views, so I’m not surprised that he consider our views to be “twisted”. Perhaps he could give us no better endorsement without changing who he is.

      • Garrett Brown


      • OlderWoman

        Capehart looks like a wimp.

        • NM156

          He’s queer.

      • NM156


    • Sherman_McCoy

      Looks like he be likin’ dat deh diVERsity!

    • Jefferson

      I became more conservative and racially aware after being robbed at gunpoint by a Black thug 11 years ago, at a subway BART station in the very “vibrantly diverse” liberal bastion known as Oakland.

      • Ed_NY

        Oakland is one of the largest cess pools on the left coast.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    Yes, put that thought out of your little mind! (until it’s too late to do anything about it)

  • guest

    The only ones who have “twisted views” are those who enforce this anti-white integration on whites. They’re also afraid of the white people who are now waking up and fighting for the rights, well-being, and best interests of whites.

    • Liberalsuck

      Don’t you love how liberals are horrified when they find out that most of the ‘fringe white people’ make up a sizable number and that many of us are just ordinary people with jobs and lives? Liberals live in their own delusional world. The joke’s on them.

      • There’s nothing ‘liberal’ about liberals. It’s either their way or no way! These so-called liberals, many of them, are nothing but white-hating cultural marxists. But then I repeat myself.

    • There is no waking up of whites, not this generation of mushed brains who grew up watching the brain rot of the Kardashians, Sponge Bob, and playing video game football instead of actually playing it- even if it’s just in the backyard.

      Even most of you Amreners use poor strategy. You want to go after the Jesse Jackson, Ray Nagin, and Clinton types; yet won’t go after the ones who are arguably more damaging. Yes, I’m talking about the Bushes, Dole, McCain, and Romney types.

      You will not boycott companies that air commercials featuring a bumbling white guy being helped by the magic negro.

      You do not demand police and fire departments release test scores of applicants so we can all see for ourselves if there really was discrimination against minorities.

      If you don’t want your country (continent?), then there are plenty of other people who will gladly take it from you, then follow you to wherever you try to flee.

      • brengunn

        Whoa!! What’s wrong with Sponge Bob?

      • Mike Lane

        I agree. We need a game plan. Too many of us sit around on our computers and complain (with good reason), but that is it. As for me, I look toward the enemy. How did the Marxists take over this country? For starters the Frankfurt school started it when they took over the universities, then the media, government, then the grade schools, and now the gene pool. We should do the same.
        The Northwest Republic theory also seems quite possible as well.

        • With all due respect, Mike Lane … while you are “calling for a game plan”, we are actually executing one in real time. Check out the comments on the WaPo article, at the site itself.

          It all begins with the proper use of WORDS. The proper well-crafted words, honed into an effective talking point, are deadly to the anti-White system.

          Stop complaining about the cockroaches; start cleaning up the kitchen.

          • Mike Lane

            What I’m trying to convey is that we need to find ways to make race realist (and other racialist based theories and ideas) more accessible to the rest of the white population. Perhaps we are doing just that, and I have not noticed a great increase. Perhaps I just live around too many useful idiots or conservatives who miss the target.

            While I understand we have had an increase in followers due to the internet, we need more in order to start a nationwide movement that will force the Left to acknowledge our movement in mainstream spotlight.

          • Mike, forget disordered categorical polarities like “the left” (vs ‘the right’).

            Also, forget the “masses”. You will never “wake them up” because they don’t think in the first place. They will follow whoever is “popular”, and “popular” is determined by a very small fraction of people who put out effective talking points …. talking points that subvert the anti-White system.

            This is not a “left vs right” or “repub vs democrat” thing. Those disordered bipolar verbal disorders are only there to DISTRACT and keep you from seeing the real game (war) that’ going on.

            So-called “America”, the one you were “taught about” in school, is gone, and probably never existed except as a mediated fantasy-world, in the first place.

            Who is the “we” who “had an increase in followers”? What is this “thing” you seem to think “we” are going to “take back”? Just a set of words, words that someone else ‘imposed’ on “us”.

            The only way to get “out of this” is to go “beyond this”, and stop using the terminology our enemies have imposed on us. This leads to a rather interesting situation:

            “We” can be whatever “we” want to be. It’s an ‘open systems” thing, once we jump outside of enemy-imposed terminology like “racist”, “Our Country”, and many more terms.

            There will be no ‘nationwide movement”! Why not? Because there is no longer a “nation” in existence, except in fantasyland. The only thing which will change this is a change in consciousness, and of course a process of bereavement over the loss of our cherished fantasies ….

          • jmcaul

            This analysis is outstanding. I am going to have to copy and save it for future reference. Yes, the realization that OUR nation is gone (and perhaps was nothing more than a shared fantasy all along,) is a HARD realization to make and we fight it with all of our might at first. Finally allowing the truth to sink in however, is freeing beyond words. It allows us to start to dream about and then create NEW worlds and systems. Ones which do not require our repeating the mistakes of the past. Ones in which we will not so easily be conned into forfeiting our true identity.

          • ourcountry

            what nation/ hope you aint referring to north america. that aint your nation to begin with crooks!

          • refocus
          • Mike Lane

            I must say, I have been thinking the same thing, though perhaps I haven’t given a great explanation. I wasn’t speaking in as literal of a sense with the use of my terminology.

            I agree, this so-called “nation” is not a nation in the true sense of the word. The WASP population is extremely rare, as well as a true understanding of the true America. Not too long ago I was speaking with a conservative friend who contrasted America to the European countries (say Germany in the Bismarck era) regarding the notion that while Europe looked at countryhood (yes, I did invent a word) in terms of blood and soil, America looked at an individual based on their ideals, which, simply put, is not true. Our Founding Fathers were very conscience about WHERE immigrants should come from.

          • Greg_Deane

            Frankie, you sound like a deconstructing (to use a specious Marxist term) liberal troll to me, trying to destroy a sense of knowing and confidence in an identity that Amren readers hope to preserve. You insidiously pretend to sympathise with them, in an attempt to disarm them. I hope I am not the only one who sees through you.

          • Joe Mama

            You’re talking about the idiots that post on Breitbart or the Blaze ..
            They ALL claim to be “Conservative republicans” but fall in love with magic negros like Herman Cain and Allen West.. Those people are sitting on the fence, but will NEVER leap over to our side for fear of being labeled a racist.. Therefore, I don’t bother with them or their sites, because they just don’t get it.. I know what you are talking about..

          • Mike Lane


          • jmcaul

            Yes Joe Mama, ‘respectable conservatives’ are utterly useless cowards.

          • “Those people are sitting on the fence, but will NEVER leap over to our side for fear of being labeled a racist.”
            Then these cowards will lose their country and will perish at the hands of non-whites who I can assure you will not have any mercy or pity towards them.
            Call me a “racist” and I will fire right back and say: “Yes, I am for my race! Do YOU have a problem with that?!”

          • 1Forced_Registration

            I notice a ton more white men waking up to the realities of a rigged system, and stacked deck against them. Its white women that are the stumbling block; for the moment they get quite a few benefits out of this stacked deck, and don’t yet appreciate (or feel the full sting) of the costs.

            Its very hard to undo the years of schooling and indoctrination in victimology that far too many of our women have taken to heart. Aside from having a lesser interest in politics, many of our women are cued into the fuzzy and feel good things of the world; it is a simple reality of how they are wired. What do we have to tell them that is warm and fuzzy? Its very hard to turn the genocide of our people into a warm and fuzzy message. When we can figure a way out of that problem, we can figure a way out of the rest of it.

            The best I have been able to come up with would be a concerted campaign to put a ton of on emphasis black on white rape, black male on white female crimes, black male on white female sexual harassment (which is rampant). Unfortunately, the places where this would be most effective at reaching them have the worst censorship policies, and would simply delete that message before it reaches them. It doesn’t mean we can’t put the message out in other forums, and places though. I do rather like the $1 highway banners idea, as well as clandestinely dropping off flyers with the actual crime statistics in places women congregate. If the media wont cover the events; we need to find a way to bring attention to it in other ways.

            Something that struck me the other day was when Illinois Governor Ryan was doing his last official acts of office — the post dispatch ran a few profiles of the people he pardoned, but two of those listed didn’t have their crimes listed. There was a reason: the two men had savagely attacked, raped, hit over the head with a pipe, and dragged to death a woman from Jerseyville, Illinois — a few weeks before the incident in Jasper, Texas that received so much attention. Its no surprise to me that the post dispatch buried the story, and omitted their crimes. Now I know, just as you know — there is no way the current controlled media would pick up a story like that of the Jerseyville, Illinois woman and run with it nationally. Its nearly impossible to even find working links to it today, but just like with the Newsom muders — WE need to pick up the ball, and flood the forums when these type of events come to pass. We need something that is equivalent to a media watch like MANN (which is men’s rights focused news collection point) to run a focused campaign, and we need dedicated volunteers with multiple throwaway accounts to create our own truthful propaganda campaign. We also need some type of site (beyond the wonderful job Mr. Taylor does) beyond Amren to accomplish this. We don’t want (or need it) to be completely overt either. If it is too overt, it comes off as an easily dismissed “hate” site, even if its publishing the plain truth. It needs to be free of racial slurs, and free of anything that would turn it other than an advocacy site. We also need some brazen events, such as a march against black crime (and yes, this IS dangerous to do). Hal Turner may be a scum turn coat (and I had my suspicions at the time, but still useful for those of us completely within the law), but it took real guts to do a rally against black crime, and to call them out for it.

            This is going to take some severe finesse, and is likely not possible with a single site to do. However, its the only way of reaching that demographic that I can think it. We also need lots of warm fuzzy stories about what whites are doing, as warm and fuzzy reaches that audience. If it all sounds a bit contradictory: some of it is, but this approach has reached women in the past. The only difference is the truth about who they need to be afraid of, why, and a warm & fuzzy alternative illustrating the best that white men have to offer.

            If something like this type of plan doesn’t come up at the next Amren conference — then we aren’t really using are thinking caps, and playing to win. Women aren’t going to line up to join the CoCC in droves; face it, it is the reality. Women aren’t going to join up to view Amren in droves (there are exceptions, but they are by definition exceptions). “Our” (and I use that term very loosely) political parties are doing us no favors by alienating women on issues they truly have no intention of changing (such as abortion), or even help with the realities of women in the workforce. As much as it pains me as a conservative, I have to accept reality as it is at some point; not just how I would like it to be.

          • Mike Lane

            I agree with you wholeheartedly. Most women do have the inclination (if not instinct) to let their emotions take the driver seat over reason. One thing women are attracted to are images of babies. If we could start funding billboards, posters, commercials, etc. to show the images of little roundfaced, blue eyed babies with labels such as “Save the White Race” and simple facts concerning the decline in birth rates we will attract their attention.

          • kjh64

            I disagree with you wholeheartedly and to say that women let their emotions take the driver seat over reason is ridiculous. Last time I checked, it wasn’t women going around shooting up schools etc. Some of the men on here are hilarious. They insult women frequently, then complain that women aren’t in the movement. Can’t imagine why.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            We don’t want certain types of women, and we know who you are. You are reacting to Mike Lane’s post, not replying intelligently. You show that you are polarized against men. I am not surprised that there aren’t more of these deranged young men, given the environment they have grown up in. These shooters are typically raised by a woman with no man around. Think being raised by a woman alone might have something to do with it? How about how boys are made unwelcomed in school and academia? How about how often boys are drugged due to their difference from how girls act ?

            I’m going to recommend two books to you and Daisy; don’t worry, women wrote them!

            “The New Thought Police,” Tammy Bruce (former president of the L.A. Chapter of NOW)

            “The War Against Boys,” Christina Hoff Sommers

            You two really need to get up to speed on these issues and undo the Feminist brain-washing you have had.

            BTW; I am married and my wife has no desire to be a Feminist, knows the issues and likes being a lady and wife to me. She isn’t constantly trying to prove something to me, like most women I have ever known. We’re happy as a result.

          • Can I play a little bit of devil’s advocate relating to the Bruce-Sommers worldview?

            The actual brutal enforcement these two women and others describe in their books and writings only happens to white boys, but the problems and social ills they describe as proof of a feminist “war against boys” are almost always a function of race, not gender. IOW, because of the misbehavior and low IQ of black boys, that’s supposed to be proof that feminists have it out for all boys, and to the extent feminists have power, they enforce their insane feminist mandates against white boys only.

            I’m not denying that feminism is a problem, especially in its second and third waves. I happen to think that most modern feminists are basically man-hating lesbians who form their worldview around that.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Hmmmm, not sure of what you’re driving at. Tammy Bruce IS a lesbian that none-the-less became disgruntled with NOW because of the extreme injustice that they were openly applying against males in power in order to take that power for not so much women as themselves. She doesn’t get into race much. Christina Hoff Sommers’ book is almost all about what happens to white boys in school. So I am not very clear on what you are saying, except that as black boys are males they are included, but Feminists have enlisted the black male for the purpose of destroying white men and the white race as A DECLARED POLICY. So the rest is subjective opining.

          • Here’s what I’m driving at:

            Bruce/Sommers, I’ll call them “neo-feminists” to keep things simple, always cite how bad “boys” are doing because of their low education and high crime, and they say that’s the fault of regular feminists. I’m trying to say that back out black and Hispanic boys, the source of the low educational attainment and high crime, and white boys really aren’t doing that badly.

            Just like we found out here on AR earlier this week that the much ballyhooed gender pay gap is mostly a disguised race gap. The official stat is that a woman makes 77% of what a man makes, but at least in Chicago, a black woman makes only 65% of what a white man makes. Ergo, much of the 77% are racial factors, not gender factors. Race norm the data, and I’m sure that there is only a very minor gender pay gap that can be explained logically.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            I’m not sure if you’ve read Sommers or Bruce from what you say here. What’s a New Wave Feminist in your book? Bruce was one of the original 60s Women’s Movement radicals and Sommers doesn’t even represent herself as a Feminist. In her book, The New Thought Police, Bruce gives the history of the Feminist Movement from there on, illustrating the long list of tactics NOW used, including the use of epithets for political clout. They understood the same thing that the Civil Rights Movement had been doing, only took it to a new height. Labels such as, Sexist, Chauvinist, Male Chauvinist Pig, Sexist Pig, etc. “Macho” became a bad word and all this was married to organizations like The Black Panthers that used variations on them; White Pig, Racist, Racist Pig, Bigot, and more were not only inter-related and freely exchanged between these groups but led to at least a loose alliance. Later announcements from NOW included the espousing of ideas like the lack of need of a father in raising children, especially boys and pronouncement in the early 80s that White Men were inherently evil and must be eliminated through White Women rejecting them and refusing to bear White Children.

            Maybe you missed that part of American social history? I lived through it and saw it up close,since I lived and worked in the SF Bay region. Tammy Bruce does a great expose in that particular book and shows how forbidden words, PC consciousness was implanted not only into our culture and society, but made into power words. Now, we are in the so-called Post Feminist period, or third wave feminism. These things are no given and dealt with as a matter of fact. Young women in this model feel that part of their freedom as feminists is to be anything they want from a porn star, prostitute to the President of the United States and it all goes under the heading of PC feminism. The ethics of early Feminism, the type that existed in the early part of the 20th century or even in the 50s and early 60s via Betty Friedan’s book “The Feminine Mystique, was transported by the late 60s radical Feminists like Gloria Steinem, into something that Betty Friedan is noted to have found objection to. She commented int he early 70s that she regretted having every helped spark what became such a regrettable state of affairs. But the Pandora’s Box was opened.

            It is also interesting to note that both Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem had problems due to an absent father. Betty Friedan was also Jewish, while Steinem had a Jewish father that deserted her mother and her at a young age. In fact, most of these feminist radicals are Jewish Women, including Tammy Bruce.

            As for your claim that white boys are doing fine, I just don’t agree. They are typically raised to be effeminate, or at least androgynous in their character and behaviors. This is what Sommers points out among other things. White boys are taught that as white males they are inherently evil or bad and most of them try to fix that by going black culturally or some other escape. Sommers also shows how Ritalin and other behavior modifying drugs are used to suppress the young male and ADD diagnosis is part of a predominant tendency in education and the choice of increasinly lazy parents, but also a pharmaceutical plot to increase sales through the promotion of chemical correctors for children, mostly boys, and mostly white boys.

            Further, the educational system has been noted to have long become unfriendly toward boys and if you’ve been anywhere around any level of college or university, you cannot miss that women rule by a long way. Everyone is prioritized by Protected Groups rules and the only one they are being protected from is white males. This is due to the early dominance of academia by Leftists like Herbert Marcuse (Frankfurt School< "Eros and Civilization, Critical Theory), that welcomed the take over of Feminists in from the 70s on.

            This isn't something to explain away through conversational rationalizations, but to KNOW ABOUT FACTUALLY. I can't believe that any White Race Realist could be much of one without this knowledge because the Feminist Movement has been one of, if not the main SUCCESSFUL forces against the White Male.

          • Mike Lane

            I’m not insulting women. Nor am I saying all let their emotions take over. Just a considerable majority. As for those shooting up schools, you will find most possess autism (or some variation) which is the lack of emotion, but without social abilities that allow proper reasoning

            The hormones found in women allow them to have a maternal instinct for nuturing, sympathizing with emotions, etc. Men, on the other hand, have a psychology designed for making decisions, orders, and discipline.

            Throughout a human being’s developement their brain developes as well. Simple enough. There is a membrane (called the anterior commissure I believe) connecting the two hemispheres of the human brain. What it does is causes the two to rely on each other, thus decision making is considerably harder. In men (at least heterosexual) the testosterone disolves this, causing men to make quicker decisions. For Women this is the contrary.

          • Daisy

            This is an amazing post and comes right at a point where I was losing all hope that AmRen could be a channel for actual change. You hit on a lot of great points even as some seem ‘off’ to me. But who cares? You want change, you’re willing to rack your own and the collective intelligence of pro-white people to come up with compromises and concrete innovative strategies. The goal is the important thing.

            Making pro-white camps less hostile to white women seems key to me to growing the movement.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            But when one arrives packed full of the very feminist ideas and attitudes that have contributed so greatly to the oppression of whites, especially white men and expect us to follow you because you say so, and you think your resume is enhanced by anything a woman does while telling us to toss out anything a man (Freud, for example) may have said because he is a man, etc., is not going to make a place for you or women among us. The very idea that a feminist oriented woman would be appropriate for any leadership position in a pro-white, pro-male movement is a non-starter. It may take you a while to get this, but you will eventually.

          • Daisy

            I actually have enough respect for the stronger, more well-adjusted and non-paranoid white men to think they can make up their minds for themselves as to who can contribute to an overall pro-white movement. It doesn’t appear that you do.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            This is nothing more than a bratty comeback to a dismissal from me.

            I will not be answering anymore of your posts or replies to me. You are a feminist and they have no place here.

            As for your dreams of being a Joan of Arc for the white race, know that some of us have already organized ourselves and some of us have wives, but they know that this is something that men have to be in charge of while they support it. Had a small meeting at my home Sunday night. Things are happening without your interference.

            I’ve been posting here for many years. One thing I think I understand about Amren is that they like things as they are and they have seen enough cage rattling cases come through the matrix. They have no reason to change things as far as their function goes and you will likely only continue to encounter silence from them and eventually most of the more experienced and wary posters like me.

          • Daisy

            Ultimately there are the boards here that I guess ‘speak’ for AmRen and then there are the people who run the website. That would be Jared Taylor and some other folks and I haven’t noticed them ignoring me, but it you need to try to scare off all sorts of new blood coming into the movement (and that hardly means just me) then by all means keep playing the cranky, rigid old white guy who’s terrified of progress. White men come in all ages and you certainly don’t speak for all of an older generation. Plenty are wise, seasoned veterans of the ever-changing pageant called life who have lots to offer and who have spent their lives helping white people. Some of my best friends are old white guys. Alas, cranks can be cranks…

          • Daisy

            And just for the record, I have not initiated dialogue with you personally on this site. It’s been quite the tedious reverse, hopefully you’ll keep to one interpretation of your promise and cease following me around this website.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Your problem is that you are already imbued with feminist, egalitarian style values, the very ones that have been used to undermine white men and make them feeble and powerless in culture and everyday life. Making women “partners” is the same as allowing blacks “equality;” what it really mean is let them take over, which is what has happened and why we are where we are today. Perhaps you and some others here have forgotten the history of the Feminist movement in the past 50 years?

            The fact is that no real man wants to be dominated by a woman and women don’t really respect men that can be dominated. Up to recently, men dominated society because it naturally unfolded that way. When we became too well, off, with too much luxury, the natural states of human relationship change, but if we had to live the way most people did until the later 19th and early 20th century, the roles of the sexes would be re-enforced and clear because survival would depend upon it.

            We are in a terminal era that features all the extremes of human perversity in both act and mind possible. Perceiving one aspect of it as useful to the white races, or particularly to the survival of white men is simply a mistaken notion. It isn’t going to happen and would not succeed.

          • kjh64

            There are plenty of people here that do not agree with your views on women,myself included, so speak for yourself . You seem to be threatened by women as equals or partners. Having women equals/partners doesn’t mean men are being made inferior nor have women “undermined and made men feel feeble”. I find it ridiculous that some guys on here blame women for the problems of the White race. Wake up, much of these problems have been caused by men, Teddy Kennedy, congressMEN, businessMEN etc. I know plenty of confident White men who can accept women as equals and partners and not be threatened by that or give it a thought. Too bad you don’t seem to be one of them.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            So, you took a poll, eh?

            It is a sure sign of success of the Left and Feminism when someone
            can actually imagine they are race realists or anything like it and
            carry with them brainwashing from Leftist special interest groups. But
            let me remind you and Daisy and whoever else thinks that Feminism has a
            place in the issue that it was Feminism and Feminists the called on
            white men to be exterminated through racial mixing. It was a very loud
            campaign and is so inprinted into in Western Culture now that it could
            be said to be on auto-pilot, no need to publicly flog it when it is at
            work quietly, but obviously. But I will NEVER support anyone, male of
            female that is ignorant of this and obviously partly motivated or bought
            into that realm of cultural/political

            I don’t care if “plenty” of people disagree with me. I am not and never have been posting here to assuage or support the modern views of women as “equals” or any feminist values, chiefly because it has been Feminism all along that has intentionally created discrimination against men, especially white men. You are doing the exact thing, even using the same charged slogans like “threatened by equality of women,” etc. People like this have a huge amount of domain in society and culture these days. Will some of them mix with half-ignorance, thinking they might also be race-realists, sure. I have also seen plenty of people post here in the past and now that can’t trace the origin of their thought and attitude process.

            I have news for you, men and women are not equal. We are different. As a retired doctor that practiced over 26 years, I can attest to that, anatomically, physiologically, psychologically, and in many other ways. Men and women are held to different standards in many way. The military combat issue is a good example. In the recent debate, the last forum I watched was last weekend on Face the Nation. A female general said in reply to the question of whether physical standards would be lowered said in the most remarkably illustrative reply; “We’re not going to lower standards, but it may be necessary to question why they are so high.” Myself; I want to see a few full all-female platoons go out into the field, without males and do operations like all male groups have done in Afghanistan, or better yet, Vietnam. This would end the debate. But such amazing hypocritical statements by this female general is not an isolated case. In a previous debate i watched on PBS, a female colonel debating a male major combat trainer, questioned his listing of the physical demands of training such as picking up and carrying another soldier with a averyage weight of 22o lbs. 1,000 yards. He invited her to come to any number of combat training bases in the U.S. So she somehow got to be colonel in the Army without knowing this? This is what AA and Feminism in the military has been doing. That’s aside from things like prostitution on ship in the Navy (my nephew reported that to me years ago).

            I was not and am not saying that ONLY women or ALL women have caused problems for whites and men. In fact, white men are the only group that are so divided over the Left/Right issues, everyone else, except for some conservative women, have taken part in much of the creation of policies that have hurt men, but inadvertently, whereas Feminism made and makes it there policy by intentional choice and announcement.

            I was around Berkeley in the late 60s when the current Feminist Movement was starting in the late 60s. I was around it most of my life. I know what they are all about. I don’t think you or even Daisy does fully, but she is full of the Feminist assumptions and delusions.

            Feminism insinuating itself into race realism or the act of a feminist attempting to assert herself into the issues by arguing her qualifications to lead race realism or men’s groups due to her sex is something to resist and ignore. Which I am going to do.

          • ourcountry

            you white illegals have caused the most atrocities in our land GET OUT! WE DONT WANT YOU IN NORTH AMERICA STINKY PIGGLET!GO HOME TO MOMMY AND CRY NOW! WAH UH WAHHHHHH!!!!

        • ourcountry

          you have no arguable cause this land was taken and christopher columbus brought venereal diseases as well pox besides syphillis killing natives and bloodshedding whites are responsible for the global world of problems you people destroyed third world countries ruined its infrastructure then call it a shithole after leaving the indigenous people in famine you people are responsible for kkk,ira,jim crows law,apartheid segragation in south africa, looting and colonizing 90% of the planet and will pay dearly for your repercussions you face .you people created fascism ,classism,sexism,are the biggest bigots in the world from any race handsdown and are eurocentric liars changing and rewriting other nations history in order to suit the white mans attire you people are the most xenophobic people on earth and should have stayed in your cave i dont blame anyone for wanting you gone and i know it will happen good riddance! thats what you get for sticking your nose in vietnam india during 1849-1850 invasion and qings dynasty era of china being invaded to force an unequal treaty towards them humilliating them and killing africans and natives in north america africa pacific oceana. inventing concentration camps and capitalism.good for you! im glad the dawning of a new era wont have white colonial imperial thieves around much more for very long you people are FINISHED!

          • Mike Lane

            Looks like somebody has had the blinders on a little too long.

            First off, you don’t need to call names to get your point across. Speaking diplomatically will work just fine. Otherwise you lose all credibility and look like a doped up useful idiot.
            The last time I checked, I wasn’t alive during Jim Crow, the creation of fascism, nor have I ever been a member of the KKK. Quit stereotyping.

            In case you haven’t noticed, almost every history book and history course in the mainstream American education structure is from a quasi-Marxist, egalitarian standpoint. Finding a genuine history book that doesn’t portray white/Western/Christian civilization as imperialistic/aggressive/etc. is really hard to do these days. If you can show me a mainstream (taught in the classroom) textbook that is “eurocentric” please show me. I would be delighted.
            I’m pretty sure Europeans never sat around and thought “Hey we carry a disease, which we have yet hundreds of years to detect, that we will kill these people with.” They just showed up looking for new homelands due to increasing populations. Also, every tribe, civilization, and culture has forced itself on others (Ottoman Empire, Soviet Union, African tribes, Aztecs, Incas, etc.)
            Finally, you say the West looks down upon the third world for no good reason. Can you name any major scientific, medical, cultural, technological, or any other type of significant achievement the Third World has brought forth to world history before colonization?

      • kjh64

        “Yes, I’m talking about the Bushes, Dole, McCain, and Romney types.”
        I agree with this. The republicans have been almost as bad or as bad as the democrats. Dubya tried to push full amnesty until Americans raised hell. Obama is just more sneaky with it, that’s all. The republicans often want these illegals because they’re in bed with business interests who want the cheap labor. Republicans also want the “Latino vote” but don’t care about the “White vote”. Even now, the republicans are caving in and going along with Obama.

        • François

          Then, you need a new party. Something like what Ross Perot started in 1992, perhaps. Too bad it ended the way it did.

      • To change anything, you need to alter the way you think. This petition is doing precisely that – it’s changing the way people think. It’s showing folks that White people are also a race, and its asking them to think about why only White people and White countries must become racial melting pots (becase no countries in Africa, Asia or anywhere else are!)

        You complain that nothing is working when progress is being made (this petition is progress – even if it only gets 40 votes – because it was designed to make people think). The term “Anti-White” already allows White people to defend themselves from ridiculous claims of “racism”. And the term “White genocide” – although anathema to some – is forcing people to look at White people as a race. Once people can do that they can easily see White people are the only race on earth heading down a one-way street to disempowerment and racial destruction.

        When our language changes, things immediately start to change (anti-racist, anti-White, white genocide, etc.) – look at the results. The Anti-Whites want, and expect, White people to act like helpless victims. It’s very annoying for them when, instead of complaining, you start demanding to know why they are consistently targetting your race for harm, disempowerment and elimination.

        When enough people start doing just that (and they have already started, believe me) the whole world will start to change – far quicker than you imagine.

        Don’t be negative, Mr Cooper. The dam already has some major cracks – and they’re only going to get bigger.

        • George White

          I use the term “anti-white” at least a dozen times each and every day. I repeat it on every forum. I raise hell constantly. Yes, get the word out. Preach that we are being wiped out, because it’s TRUE.

          • Triarius

            Saying “anti-racist is code for anti-white”, “Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, White countries for everyone!”, etc. is counter-productive. Yelling slogans make us look like kkk Chicken Littles regardless of how true it is.

          • Daisy

            I have been exhorting people to do more than just comment on the internet. My mantra: legal action is the best route to take to change public opinion. As we’re ‘raising awareness,’ educating, and reviving white pride (we are still a significant part of the population and inhabit key strategic areas in the electoral college), we need to be flexing our legal might. Donate to the few organizations who are fighting anti-white battles in the courts, particularly in the area of employment/education discrimination. Link with local supporters and start new organizations. There’s power in numbers.

            I’ve seen ‘grassroots’ organizations of like, three people, wield significant influence in NJ when they’re linked to a larger movement and political agenda. The one I’m thinking of was a pro-trans group. Organize locally and think nationally, and even globally.

            I have nagged AmRen’s moderators or whoever runs the site numerous times to see if we could start private messaging between posters and linking with local supporters over email and in-person to organize. Unfortunately I’m told that Disqus does not offer this feature, which to me is really a problem. I’m quite frustrated at the lack of momentum we have as a movement. I don’t have that much time in my life at middle age and our ‘race’ (I prefer ethnicity) is running out of time too.

          • plaintruthforidiots

            The “pro-trans” group was supported by the same JEWS who are responsible for mass immigration, THAT is why it had any success.

            Until you all ‘name the Jew’, this problem is never going to be fixed, since the Jew IS the problem.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            That’s all we need, a boisterous, bossy, feminazi “race realist” organizing whties and telling white men what to do.

          • Daisy

            Or, we could keep hurling epithets while waiting for anarchy and armageddon, which is the only alternative you’ve suggested.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            As you wrote to me the other day; I’m not interested. I am certainly not interested in you or your agenda and self image as a mover and shaker.

            From the way you have written and answered me, represented yourself, your ambitions, etc., I am convinced you are filled with delusions of grandeur and only time will possible reveal the reality of things to you.

          • Daisy

            I suspect only a comparatively small, hard-core group of malcontents is interested in your personal obsession with me. Get over it.

          • Pelayo

            I’ve said that before. It may be cathartic to rant and rave about this issue but a total downer when so many people end their comments with total negativity.
            TRUE STORY. Several years ago a group of Australian guys went fishing in their boat. One of them fell overboard and was taken by a Great White. His friends were frantically trying to locate him when suddenly the Shark breached the surface with the guy in his mouth. The guy called out to his friends and said ” Well mates, looks like I’ve bought it”. The Shark dove again and that was the last they saw of him. The victim had resigned himself to his fate.
            Too many people here have that “we’re doomed” attitude. We still outnumber the enemy and so many of US are armed and skilled in the use of firearms. The Warsaw Jews had hidden weapons and gave the Nazis quite a fight sending quite a few of them to Valhalla before they were defeated.

            I agree with you that if we could communicate with each other we could organize but this is too big a country to form any kind of national organization especially one whose raison d’etre is to fight a Civil War. History has shown that during a disaster White people tend to work together while Blacks victimize other Blacks and any other convenient targets. I’m reasonably confident that the French Resistance didn’t hold organization meetings right under the noses of the Nazis. I have faith that Whites will know what to do when the time comes. Even in the forcibly integrated urban areas there are still neighborhoods that are predominantly White and they’ll become like separate entities but each operating with the same mission- to destroy the enemy. Another advantage would be the ease of identifying the enemy .

            Did you ever think that we’d be discussing a scenario like this? This enemy doesn’t repeatedly SAY that he’s going to kill you, he’s already started. It’s time to start believing them. They’ll come as a mob, not as a trained army. I’d hope that with a lot of our troops coming back home we’ll also have some well trained people.

            Before this get to the reality point there is still a lot that we could do to get the message to the people who have had their heads in their butts for years now. I can’t believe that there are people who DON’T believe that there is an agenda against Whites.

          • François

            But by whom are we being wiped out and why? The Blacks and Hispanics wouldn’t have the brains for it. Politicians like Mitt Romney are puppets. Who is pulling the strings…?

          • NM156

            Washington DC is pulling the strings. Immigration is the problem. What makes immigration so insufferable is that it’s completely pointless. It’s a net negative for the US economy.

          • “Washington DC is pulling the strings. Immigration is the problem.”
            ILLEGAL immigration is the problem. Not that legal immigration isn’t too. We need a moratorium of five years (or more) then a true reform back to pre-1965 immigration standards.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            Ooooooohh, I feel a new conspiracy theory about to be exposed!

            Look, if you know the history of it, how it happened and is happening is plain. As for blacks and Hispanics being manipulated, that is untrue. I have articles from 2011 where a Phoenix Hispanic rights group discusses the probability of a racial civil war against whites within 5 years. And I have a related article on the 1915 San Diego Plan that called for all White males over 16 to be killed (throughout the Southwest). That information was being actively taught a Spanish only schools for Hispanic kids in Arizona. Blacks also have plenty of history and discussion about wiping out whites from the 60s at least. The Black Panther Party, Nation of Islam, books like “Soul on Ice,” etc.

            The big problem with many posters is that they present ideas and opinions without any usable historical knowledge of their subject.

        • Well, I’m delighted I can name another poster that can spot the foundation cracks breaking out all over in the Marxist Liberal/Zionist anti-White genocide powerhouse as I pointed out on the BNP website yesterday.
          Yes, it’s true, the Marxist multicultural and diversity choo choo has lost contact with the tracks and is progressively careering out of control towards the end of the line, to our great relief.
          There is no point in wasting good energy on the current Zionist-controlled political system and its media and fiscal paymasters, in which the mainstream parties have been forced to sing from the same hymn sheet long since. No, it is far more productive to push hard for more secession, nonstop if it takes it. This approach is even more imperative whilst White Americans are still in the majority albeit narrowly at the present time. Once in the minority, it’ll be too late.

      • “There is no waking up of whites, not this generation of mushed brains who grew up watching the brain rot of the Kardashians, Sponge Bob, and playing video game football instead of actually playing it- even if it’s just in the backyard.”
        I disagree. As more and more whites are forced to partake of the bitter fruit of “diversity”, they can’t help but “waking up” to racial reality. Sure, some will never wake up and will always make excuse for the NW’s (non-whites) hostility, but more than not. are. I’ve noticed that in the level of anger, frustration and outrage both online and in the streets vs. that of ten years ago or even half that.

  • The__Bobster

    I signed it a few days ago. The libtards at PMSNBC seem to be getting big kick out of it.


    • veritas_lux_mea

      I also signed it a few days ago. MSNBC seems to get blacker every time I watch it (which isn’t often). The light skinned mulatto woman is a descendant of Robert E. Lee, but has nothing but contempt for him, the South, and whites.

      • OlderWoman

        I signed it as well.

        • Older Woman (from an “older man” … I respectfully request you not to use the term “racism” when fighting against the anti-White bigots. Why not?

          ‘Racism” is a term created by anti-Whites, and it’s always used AGAINST Whites.

          It’s more effective just to CALL them; anti-Whites!

          Of course there are “reasons’ for using this terminology, and avoiding the “R” word in any discourse. Ask around, and you’ll find out …

          • OlderWoman

            Thank you. I’ll try to use anti-Whites. It sounds better.

          • Make my day, “Older Woman” … but be prepared for some fireworks when you deply “anti-White”: It really “gets them”. Have fun!

    • OlderWoman

      I signed it as well.

  • My strategy would be to reach out to the clueless whites under 25. Let them know about what’s ahead for them: racial quotas, crime, increased taxes to pay for the third world. SENSATIONALIZE every Channon Christianson type story, which won’t be hard. I’m sure there will be a new one tonight.

    • bigone4u

      Start by sending everyone you know to Amren. That’s what I do.

    • Daisy

      I’ve wondered about that age group; or any under even 35. Growing up in the 70’s, I was not told how hateful many blacks and democrats were to whites, yet I still had some awareness of racial unrest. I didn’t see inner city blacks being romanticized and mythologized, or lionized in the main stream media. But for people who came of age even 5 years after I did, I see an almost total repression of even questioning the left’s propaganda. It’s like they’ve been brainwashed, and can’t even formulate questions of the anti-white status quo.

      I’ve also wondered if Christina Eilman suffered from not only emotional issues but a profound ignorance about both inner city and black people; she seemed to have some concrete grasp of her situation, but no sense whatsoever of the obvious dangers. And since when is it appropriate to go into any stranger’s apartment? That case baffles me, but it does appear that Eilman was a victim not only of the predators around her (including some of the cops) but of the media’s lies. Had the MSM been truthful about black-on-white crimes and ‘ghetto’ black culture in general, she might have avoided such a tragic fate.

  • Lewis33

    MSNBC commentator…all we need to know.

  • Lewis33

    Brought to the authors attention by…”Andrew Kaczynski of Buzzfeed sent out an intriguing tweet yesterday with a link that I couldn’t resist clicking.”

  • Tom_in_Miami

    “…Whites are required by law to integrate with them so as to ‘assimilate,’ [so far so good] i.e. intermarry [wait a minute!] and be blended out of existence.” Let’s be fair and accurate here; nobody white is being forced to marry out of the white race. Some do, but that’s their own preference or mistake.

    • JustaWhiteMom

      If you go read the comments you will see numerous responses to that objection, namely:
      (1) white children taught to hate themselves and eachother with anti-white history and devaluing white culture (demoralizing a race (i.e. “mental harm”) is genocide under the UN Convention
      (2) Whites allowed no social space to get together.
      (3) diagnosis and drug therapies to eliminate “racism” (thereby reducing white families) under research (“preventing births” in a group is genocide).
      Please understand, the point of the mantra is not to be “fair and accurate”. It is to get peoples’ attention so that we can save our race. Are we serious about this or not?

      Seriously, I encourage you to go over there and read the threads. You cannot understand the mantra just by reading it. You have to actually see it in action.

      • kjh64

        “But if you can get your enemies to start ENCOURAGING you to be pro-white rather than calling you racist for it, its a whole new ballgame folks. ”
        That will never happen because screaming “racism” is their weapon and so far it has worked quite well. They don’t want anyone to be “pro-White”.

        • JustaWhiteMom

          That’s why I said go read the comments. I got an anti-white to say, verbatim:

          “To maintain those things you value, simply marry among yourself , have larger families, locate to specific areas, buy up property there…without breaking the law. Encourage social [sic] I assure you, you will be around for a long to come.”
          This is the power of the mantra. Anti-whites are so busy explaining to you why the global anihilation of white people is not technically genocide that they don’t have time to call you racist. Moreover, they actually affirm “your right to be white” as “cover” from appearing to support white genocide.
          This is what our enemies have been doing to us for fifty years. We will get nowhere until we turn the tables. We need to let them explain to us why they’re not “anti-white” rather than putting us on the defensive and demanding we explain why we’re not “white supremacist” merely for wanting a future for white children.
          Go read the comment thread.

          • JustaWhiteMom — I want to give you AMAZING KUDOS for your WORK in that WaPo thread. I’ve been in there, right behind you, under a different nom-de-plume.

            Folks reading this: If you want to SEE HOW IT’S DONE … just go to that thread and see what JustaWhiteMom does.

            She is intelligent, resourceful, relentless … and wickedly effective in smashing all the anti-Whites that lurked there.

            Luv ya!

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Yes, kudos to JAWM — (I’m also using a nom de guerre on that thread — but many of my posts have been taken down).

            Notice all those anti-Whites can give us is ad hominem sputtering and marxist sloganeering, one after the other: “Because of history” blah, blah, blah– to justify their hateful genocidal agenda against the White race.

            Everyone here should take a look at that thread — it gives a good view as to the depth of brainwashing and absolute hatred these anti-Whites have for the White Race.

            Rabid anti-Whites honestly believe we Whites do not have a right to exist

            Their genocidal, sick, twisted anti-White agenda needs to be exposed


          • Bon, I sat all through the night until turned 7am reading 900 or so of the contributions on that web page and recall the post referred to by JustaWhiteMom, made by a female called Alisha somebody or some such name.

            I could see the revised pro-White semantics strategy at work.

            The trick is not to let oneself get distracted by the mentally retarded anti-White brigade’s typical Marxist Liberal wordplay and attack prowse.

            Keep on track by asking them to prove they are not anti-White and that they don’t advocate genocide of the White race whilst simtaneously, the same anti-White race-haters will all readily admit they support the human rights of non-Whites to be free from alien invasion, forced integration and racial/cultural dilution in their respective non-White territories.

            I’ve been using a similar approach on YouTube and Microsoft for about 7 years now, causing a few Leftists to remark that I was deadly to debate with. One Lefty, not the worst of them as it happens, said steer clear of ‘Octal’ because she’ll bury you.

            I go into their every remark and take them apart with ready source of info at my fingertips. It can take hours sat at your computer and days after that to send them scurrying back into their rat holes, but I always refuse to stop until I send them there often up to five of them. On one occasion, it took me 9 days because these particular irritating Leftards just wouldn’t admit defeat. They did in the end, though.

        • kjh64;

          You are laying the ground for “all hope is lost” with your schpiel above.

          You are doing the “devil’s work” with this attitude.

          This is a type of line often seen from anti-Whites.

          Are you afraid of a 6-letter word? Are you telling others that “we’ve lost” because some anti-White utters a 6-letter word at us.

          What a pussy!

          Man up and DO something rather than bitch and whine.

          Stop complaining about the cockroaches and clean your kitchen.

          • kjh64

            Not sure what schpiel you are talking about. I’ve never said in any of my posts above that we’ve lost. I simply told the truth that Whites will be genocided out of existence IF THINGS DO NOT CHANGE, which is true.( If things change, ie. Whites rise up etc., then we can save things.)

        • Ralph

          I don’t care what “they” want. I am as indifferent to them as I am to any other organism that is different from me.

          • kjh64

            I was bringing up the hypocrisy of non-Whites not allowing immigration but anti-Whites demanding that Whites allow it. It doesn’t mean I care one iota about what “they” want, because trust me, I don’t. However, this can be used as an effective arguement against anti-Whites who demand only Whites allow it.

          • Ralph

            I’m as interested in arguing something with non-Whites as I am in arguing philosophy with a muskrat in a swamp. I’m completely indifferent to them. They are not my kind. They mean nothing to me. Their opinions mean nothing to me.

    • Tom in MI

      I noticed that too. They focus on that questionable statement and ignore the stunning fact that white people are becoming a minority in America; a fact that cannot be disputed.

    • David Ashton

      We have a right to say that a decline in the numbers of whites available for marriage and for sustaining our own culture is undesirable. No-one forces me to take hard drugs (and I have never done so, nor ever will) but I would rather not live in a society where a majority of other people do it by preference or mistake.

  • Ben

    Asian countries are not flooding their populations with non-Asians. South Korea is 99.9% ethnic South Korean. Japan has virtually the same numbers. They do not believe in unbridled multiculturalism in practice. Unless it involves them in a formerly white dominant country, perhaps.

    The entertaining part of this, is that Johnathan has absolutely no response to the petition’s reasoning at all. Johnathan merely feigns shock and disgust that whites just might have the audacity to assert their own self interest, as a group. But surely he won’t hold ANY other ethnic group to that standard. I have no question of that.

    • ed91

      well sure, they’re not stupid.

    • Yes Ben. And moreover, no other anti-White, like Johnathan, will EVER, EVER tell us exactly WHICH other non-White countries or homelands SHOULD be …

      1. Flooded with tens of millions of people very unlike them.
      2. Force-integrated with these “others”, and
      3. Assimilated (read:misegenated) until the original peoples are blended out of existence.

      I have NEVER seen any anti-White tell us exactly which non-White country or homeland should receive this sort of treatment.

      Of course, they call us all sorts of names when we point out that this is exactly what they are doing to ALL White countries and ONLY White countries.

      Their anti-White bigotry is out of control …

    • François

      “They do not believe in unbridled multiculturalism in practice.”

      Because they are smart, and wise.

  • Enar_Larsson

    —I don’t know where to begin.—

    Exactly. You have no premises, no evidence, no argument. Just a conclusion: whites are evil and must not become aware of what’s happening to them.

  • David Brims

    Nadine Gordimer, a 90 year old South African, ANC, jewish, marxist was being interviewed on BBC’s Hard Talk show by Stephen Sacker. She said ” to get rid of the evils of racism, whites should mix and marry blacks.”

    Stephen Sacker was gushing towards her, he’s a white liberal married to a Arab muslm. You can find the clip on YouTube.

    • Bill

      One of the prongs of the attack to eliminate the white race, surely. That’s been going on since Sidney Poitier movies long, long ago encouraging whites to mix. They are beyond that, though they continue it. NOW they are engaged in direct violent action against us, supported by the hateful Obama and his AG Holder and the black encrusted DOJ. They are being coordinated now by social media. Soon it won’t be just Knockout King and 100’s of blacks storming through down town. It will be 100’s of blacks shooting, raping and killing while Obama and Holder remain mute. Somebody on this site asked why whites, and many here, aren’t fighting back. We are waiting for that overt over-confidence by the blacks trying their mass mob attack just ONCE, and then the fight’s on.

    • bigone4u

      Movie: Guess who’s coming to dinner. Black man and white girl fall in love and seek her parent’s permission to marry. Sidney Poitier, K. Hepburn, Spencer Tracey. Idiot propaganda film that failed. 1965 I think it was.

      • OlderWoman

        Just like “To Sir With Love” these movies were maudlin. Pure racial sentiment…which is dishonest. Poitier has never been a great actor. He’s had parts just because leftist Hollywood were practicing ‘tokenism’.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    For five decades, the white population has been soften up for race replacement by what the nation’s foremost education historian Diane Ravitch terms “warts-and-failings” history, a history that emphasizes the perfidy and racism of the nation (and thus its dominant white population) and “diminishes its [the nation’s] genuine accomplishments.” (“Ex Uno Plures,” Education Next, Fall, 2001) http://tinyurl.com/9wg6xpj

    Ravitch was certainly not arguing that dispossession of whites was the goal of this long stretch of “miserabilis historiography” (Theodore Dalyrmple’s term for warts-and-failings history), but white dispossession becomes a radically increased possibility as a result.

    This is just one more piece in the puzzle as to how the news media, entertainment industry, schools and universities — all the major culture-transmitting institutions — were able to do so much damage to white population of this nation.

    Indeed, status systems within those institutions are based on embrace of the warts-and-failings narrative. The ideology of “diversity” is supreme. Each immigrant is encouraged to define himself or herself in opposition to and as a victim of, the majority. In Congress alone there is the Congressional Black Caucus, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, the Congressional Asian Pacific-American Caucus, each pursuing specific ethnic interests against the majority.

    Such identity politics makes voting for the party of the Left, the Democratic Party, inevitable.

  • Mike Lane

    If this Albert fellow is so “twisted” then why doesn’t Jonathan Capehart explain why? I get sick and tired of these clowns making their strong opinions against an honest proposition without giving an alternative or logical rebuttal. My high school teachers would have never let me make such claims without good reason for having them.

    • Phil

      Right. And, creeps like Capehart often will take an assertion or opinion that is very innocent and surround it with comments such as: “How racist can you be?” When the original assertion or comment was nothing of the sort. The idea is to have a reader accept the twisted negative comments as reality even though if they had read the original assertion or opinion without the negative terms, the reader would come to a different conclusion.

      • Mike Lane

        And what an efficient technique it is. The masses are more likely to believe a big lie than a small one.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        What else would you expect from a Bantu?

    • gemjunior

      They attack the person without any rebuttal because the implication is that anyone who needs an explanation is also stupid; consequently the real stupid people follow without asking questions or explanation – they wouldn’t want to appear stupid in the eyes of someone like this. After all if he writes for a paper he must be smarter then they are? To be subjected to the withering glance of a gay black leftist is more than a dumbass could bear when surrounded by other dumbasses and be out of the loop. Of dumbasses.

  • TheCogitator

    People are like paint. Add any other color to white paint, and it is no longer white. With any paint that is not white, mixing them may alter the original color, but it is still a colored paint.

    • Phil

      Yup. It takes 46 “White” chromosomes–23 from a White mother and 23 from a White father to make a new White child. Miscegenation is evil and is nothing more than bedroom genocide.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Add a teaspoon of sewage to a barrel of wine, and do you get?


  • Phil

    Has anyone noticed that this Capehart creep is Black? His column just promotes more anti-White bigotry.

    • Phil, anti-Whites come in all colors. Those of us fighting the ongoing program of White Genocide aren’t concerned about the color or religion of an anti-White.

      We insist on calling them out for BEING anti-White. Doesn’t matter what race or religion they identify with.

      Stop complaining about the cockroaches; start cleaning up your kitchen.

      • Phil

        It is always good form to point out the race and/or religion of those attacking us, when they are of a different race and perhaps of a religion/world view. Otherwise they get to hide. Shine light on them.

        • Sorry Phil, but it’s NOT “good form” to “point out the race and religion”. We don’t need to call anti-Whites by their own preferred identity namings … that just opens us up to the charge of being (fill in the blank).

          We OWN “Anti-White”. All you have to do is pin that label on them. After all, if they were NOT attacking us as Whites, would you really care what color or religion they were? I don’t hate other people for being what they “are” and wish to call themselves, but only so long as they don’t go all anti-White on me.

          If someone attacks me and my people/culture as White, it’s obvious they are anti-White.

          So I call them that.

          What could be simpler!

          • Sherman_McCoy

            What would you call the bucks seeking to breed with white women?

          • EversonGParks


            The same as we call all whites who engage in or approve of miscegenation anti-white

          • Sherman_McCoy

            You are correct sir!

          • OlderWoman


          • Rapists. LOL

          • Ralph

            Your argument is similar to the PC one libs make all the time about crime: “What difference does it make what race the killer and the victim are? A murder is a murder.”

            I don’t buy that. It makes all the difference in the world. Same with anti-Whites. When one studies any organisms–including humans–it helps to correctly identify them by their characteristics.

            By correctly identifying anti-Whites and seeing and reporting patterns, we can help other Whites who are simply conditioned to go along with the so called anti-racists to realize that attacking their fellow Whites is not the way to go.

          • EversonGParks

            You want to see the politically effective words anti-white diluted with extra non-effective ones contrary to the considerable experience of those who use the effective version day in day out?

            The more times a pro-white`s arguments help the aims of anti-whites the more suspicious his comrades will naturally get.

            Just saying.

          • Ralph

            Why hide the race of those attacking Whites? That serves no purpose at all.

            In fact, when it can be shown that this or that attack comes from a non-White, we help the cause if we phrase it in the correct terms–which means we phrase it matter of factly.

          • EversonGParks

            There are subtleties in in the use of the white genocide mantra consistent message.

            We don`t hide from anything, we choose to emphasize our effective terminology.

          • Ralph

            Of course we shouldn’t say “You are a negro anti-white.” However, we might say, “You’re not White, but you’re attacking Whites based on their Whiteness.Are you anti-White?”

          • “What difference does it make what race the killer and the victim are? A murder is a murder.”
            Ask the anti-white ‘mainstream’ press that question.

        • Phil says … “Shine light on them”.

          I agree with you Phil, but not the way you want to do it.

          I don’t “shine the light on them” for the accident of their birth characteristics, or their religion.

          I “shine the light on them” for being anti-White and promoting White Genocide.

          If they don’t promote the anti-White “thing”, why should I have a problem?

          • Ralph

            There is no “accident of birth characteristics.” One is created in the womb from the chromosomes one receives from a male and a female. One’s characteristics are not accidental as though that very same person, who is, say, Black, could have been born of two White parents. “Ooops, golly, by accident I was just born Black.” Thinking that way leads to the lefty false ideas that we are all the same except for different paint jobs

      • Garbage Man

        Amen, time to take out the trash!!!

    • bubo

      Meh, I would imagine 95% of Conservative Inc. shares his view on this topic. The editors of the National Review would say the same thing.

    • George White

      Gee, what a surprise. A black who is anti-white. Who’d a thunk?

    • Yes, I clocked that straight away.

      Let’s save this article of his for future reference because the legal wings of our budding Human Rights organistations across the world will have a pretty strong case against this Black on charges of racism and the aiding and abetting of genocide.

    • Anti-White is too mild…just call this limp-wristed ‘fella’ what he truly is: a black bigot whose anti-white attitudes are the result of his cultural marxist indoctrination.

  • kjh64

    “I don’t know where to begin. Frankly, there’s no use trying to understand the mind that would form such twisted views, let alone one that would share them on the Web site of the president of the United States.”
    What is twisted? NO non-White countries allow mass immigration of people of different races or foreigners of the same race. NONE. Imagine if we told Mexicans that they must allow mass immigration of Whites to the point that Mexicans were a minority in their own country? Imagine if we told the Chinese to do this?Imagine if we told African nations to allow Whites and Asians to pour in so that Blacks are no longer a majority in sub-saharan African nations? Suppose we told muslims to allow christians to pour in so that muslims were no longer a majority? Suppose we called these above groups twisted, racist, haters for not doing this. They would laugh in your face. THEY would see if for what it is, colonization of THEIR people. They would never do this. Yet Whites, who created the USA, made up 90 something percent of the populace until recently are told that they must accept all foreigners and people of different races against their will. These races allowed to come in, form large demanding groups and change OUR culture and politics and the way we run the country. We will become a minority if things don’t change. THAT is forced colonization and ultimately GENOCIDE.

    • Joe Mama

      Yeah, you can thank the dead Ted Kennedy for all this … He also said, it would NEVER be a problem to whites .. How can a white man do this to his own people for a few votes?? I’m amazed ..

      • George White

        Uh…he was just the front man…

      • kjh64

        Also, thank senators Hart/Cellar.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          I don’t think Emanuel Cellar as a Congressman. But he did write the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 and he was a member of the Frankfurt School with Herbert Marcuse and they have been the driving force behind all the moves to get everything from non-white immigration established to beginning the Civil Rights Movement in the late 1950s.

      • OlderWoman

        I think Dead Teddy the drunk was a tool for his priest who has said he spent every day at his church. I believe he was receiving instruction on how to implement Black Liberation Theology.
        Dead Teddy has now been sober for three years.

      • Ted was nothing more than the shabbos goy for organized Jewry who was pushing for immigration ‘reform’ (to favor non-whites) since the 1920’s. Prof. Kevin McDonald writes:

        “Most important for the content of immigration reform, the driving force at the core of the movement, reaching back to the 1920s, were Jewish organizations long active in opposing racial and ethnic quotas Following the shock of the Holocaust, Jewish leaders had been especially active in Washington in furthering immigration reform. To the public, the most visible evidence of the immigration reform drive was played by Jewish legislative leaders, such as Representative [Emmanuel] Celler and Senator Jacob Javits of New York. Less visible, but equally important, were the efforts of key advisers on presidential and agency staffs. These included senior policy advisers such as Julius Edelson and Harry Rosenfield in the Truman administration, Maxwell Rabb in the Eisenhower White House, and presidential aide Myer Feldman, assistant secretary of state Abba Schwartz, and deputy attorney general Norbert Schlei in the Kennedy-Johnson administration.”
        Thanks Jews…a LOT!

        • Jewish Involvement in Shaping American
          Immigration Policy, 1881-1965: A Historical
          Review by Kevin MacDonald


        • “Following the shock of the Holocaust,”
          Sorry, that’s NO excuse to wreck our country!

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            The problem is that the fascists and communists have made America a battle ground since before the First Word War.

  • potato78

    Help me argue this statement: So what if white people disappear.

    ‘If there are no White Farmers, then who is going to feed the third world?

    Even China and North Korea must depend on White Farmers to feed their peasants.”


    • “So what if white people disappear.”

      That is what a SOCIOPATH would say.

      Call him a SOCIOPATH.

      • Bob, better yet, call him an ANTI-WHITE SOCIOPATH.

        I will admit, however, that anti-White and Sociopath are synonyms … 🙂

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      So what if white people disappear.


      So you admit that you’re looking forward to the genocide of the White Race?

      That is exactly what a SOCIOPATH would say.

      Genocide against my people, White People, is exactly the same thing as genocide against Jews. You anti-Whites want a world with no White people in it.

      You are no different to a Hitler that wanted a world with no Jews.


      • razorrare

        Hitler wanted a Germany with no jewish power or influence.

        anti-racist is a code word for jewish collaborators…


        A clever person can use the truth to create a monstrous lie–Dr.William Pierce

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          He was also against Central Banks — with good reason.

          Look at what the Federal Reserve has done to debase the American dollar.


          • potato78

            Federal Reserve has done nothing wrong at this point.

            However, a lot of politicians in Congress were stupid. They decided on why, how, how much to spend. I didn’t see any sign they were really trying hard to save little money for the country. But they were trying hard to spend all money we have for their own political reasons. That is why we have 16 trillion dollars debt.

          • Uh, hello?

            The metric known colloquially as M-Zero (M0), officially as something else, which is the sum total of all currency and coin in circulation, was $800 billion before the financial crash in September 2008, and is $2.7 trillion today. And that’s BEFORE the trillion dollar coins with The Oprah’s images start rolling around the system on the back end.

      • potato78

        I have to make clear here, I am not an anti white person and white supporter.

        LOL for “SOCIOPATH”.

        I am pondering that if Hitler won WWII, you still say the same thing, you would be hero.

        That is just a pure question (from that website) to see how “white” people response here.

        People came here, they are sort of anti anything. anti here/there, anti any “mission possible” and pro any “mission impossible”.
        Hitler was a very brave man because he sent his troop to Africa, attacked Russia (you know, Russia is the coldest place in the world), he tried hard to bother UK. Anyway. At first, from retrospect point view, He should digest and assimilate west Europe all small countries he occupied. So he lost WWII with those reasons.

        First practical thing white people need to do is producing white babies.

        you couldn’t settle down until you are 36.

        you couldn’t have babies until you are 40.

        you couldn’t have 4-6 white babies, how could you blame blacks and hispanics, etc. I stop here. too much to talk about “white”.

        Gibson: “Make more babies” because in “[t]wenty-five years … the majority of the population is Hispanic”.


        • Sam

          If Germany had won WW2 we would all be better off. Communism would’ve been dealt a death blow and America would’ve went on as usual. There would’ve been no German occupation.America would be 90%+ white and we would not be on the verge of national ruin. The post WW2 trials would’ve been of bankers.

  • Phil

    The best way to stop the genocide of Whites is for Whites to start breeding as we once did.

    • Japan and North Korea have lower birthrates than any White country, and yet Japan is 97% Japanese and Korea is 98% Korean and will always remain so.

      How can this be?

      There are no anti-Japanese or anti-Koreans, demanding massive immigration and forced integration of unending millions of third worlders into Japan and Korea.

      ie No one is trying to commit GENOCIDE against the Japanese or Koreans.

      Anti-Whites ONLY make these Demands where White people live. Only White children are affected by it. They want White GENOCIDE.

      You want to stop White GENOCIDE? Tell everyone about the anti-White genocidal criminals attacking our people.

      • Diversity is BAD

        “There are no anti-Japanese or anti-Koreans, demanding massive immigration and forced integration of unending millions of third worlders into Japan and Korea.”

        Very simple. The Japanese and Koreans did not conquer the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, India, Asia, Oceania AND you know who in Europe. Only us Whites did and could do it.

        This whole thing is about nothing but REVENGE for being INFERIOR. Hispanics want revenge for losing the Southwest, blacks want revenge for slavery, arabs, indians and asians want revenge for colonialism, and you know who want revenge for WW2.

        They’re all in this together in their hatred of Whites. The smartest group has even successfully brainwashed our White youth to feel guilty and support White genocide. Nothing will change until, WE start being PROUD again of our White heritage and conquests.

        The worst enemy as of today is MISCEGENATION. Our last chance is to preserve the homogeneity of our race at all costs. If we can still do that, we will rise again and take it all back no matter how many more non-Whites there will be on the planet.

        • kjh64

          “Very simple. The Japanese and Koreans did not conquer the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, India, Asia, Oceania ”

          Non-Whites in past history, all over the world, DID conquer others, invade, slaughter, rape and were just as brutal if not more than Whites were.

        • EversonGParks

          White genocide is only made possible by white anti-white traitors.

    • Phil, are you carrying water for anti-Whites?

      After all, this is a “line” often used by them. Anti-Whites say that “our problem” is that “we aren’t having enough kids”, and use that as an excuse for the ongoing program of Genocide against MY people, the White Race.

      Before Whites feel comfortable and secure in their own environment, an environment free of anti-White genocidal aggression via massive flooding of non-white immigrants and FORCED integration, not to mention massive anti-White PROPAGANDA in the schools, government and media …

      It’s just SILLY to say that “Whites need to start breeding more”. That’s blaming the victim for the crime committed against them, dammit!

      I’m surprised that this anti-White “line” is being surfaced on this site.

      • Ralph

        Frankie, huh? The fact is that we are not having enough White children and my saying this is not blaming the victim.

        Sure, we need to keep putting the message of anti-Whitism out there, but it is just a message. Where are our genes in that message?

        Having more White children is a concrete action that will help fill our lands with our kind–our genes–and if we have enough of our kind there will be no room for others.

        This gene war we are in is long term, thanks to modern communication, modern medicine and modern mass transportation.

        Just as nature abhors a vacuum in non-organic terms, it also abhors a vacuum in organic terms. A people that does not fully occupy its land with its own kind, will soon find other kinds filling it for them. And, today, those unlike us are kept alive with modern medicine and they can learn about more comfortable places to live (our lands), and they can quickly move there. This is what is happening.

        • EversonGParks

          How is it possible to have a positive birth rate when you`re being eliminated with mass immigration and “assimilation” and all the indirect effects of the white genocide program?

          Frankie`s right, repeating anti-white arguments that are used to justify white genocide is not an acceptable response to the genocide assault on our people.

          • Ralph

            Ah, so you agree with Frankie that it is anti-White to say that Whites need to have more White children? Is that what you really think?

            Also, you ask how it is possible to have a positive [White] birth rate…. The answer is to just do it. Just have White children. If other Whites don’t have children, well, then that’s their loss and they’ll go extinct, but if you have children, you have a better chance of your line surviving. With no children, you have no chance.

            Some of the well meaning folks with this mantra stuff seem to focus too much on talk and semantics, and while these are important, they are no substitute for simply having more White children.

          • Ralph, don’t be silly. I didn’t say “… it is anti-White to say that Whites need to have more White children…”.

            Either learn to read, and interpret correctly; or realize that your distortions can easily be seen as a form of trolling.

            Too much focus on Talk and Semantics? Next time someone calls you “racist” or “white supremacist”, and you go hide in a corner for fear of your reputation being ruined … you just got slammed with “Talk and Semantics”.

            Silly people just don’t realize the power of “talk and semantics”, when weaponized.

          • Ralph

            Frankie, you wrote: ‘It’s just SILLY to say that “Whites need to start breeding more”. ‘

            It sounds like you don’t think Whites should have more children. Is that your position?

          • EversonGParks

            Right because people actively oppoing white genocide are secretly anti-white LOLZ

            Back to the drawing board ralphy

          • Ralph

            Ah, Frankie, you don’t know who I am. I never “hide in a corner” when someone calls me a “racist” or a “white supremacist.”

            And, why are you silent on my question to you about whether or not you think it is important for Whites to have more children? You do realize, I hope, that the ultimate defense against genocide and going extinct is to have more of our kind, not fewer.

          • EversonGParks

            You “refused to answer” my question, just like the anti-whites.

          • Ralph

            EGP wrote: “Why are you carrying water for anti-whites by ignoring global white GENOCIDE policy and focusing on individuals instead?”


            You know, some of you folks who are pushing the mantra are doing a good job, so I hate to criticize any of you, however, if you’ll look at nature and nature’s ways, you’ll realize that the way to stop our genocide as White people is for us to make more like us.

            It will do us no good several centuries from now if all Whites are extinct, but someone sees a video of someone promoting the mantra. Where are we in the mantra? Where are our genes in there? Our genes are within us and they expand as we expand our kind.

            Again, keep up the good work with the mantra, but realize that it should help serve the purpose of actually expanding our kind, and not just spreading the mantra.

  • Greg Thomas

    Where do I sign!

  • Tom in MI

    “I don’t know where to begin.” How about with the fact that every major American city has a non-white majority. How about the fact that Democrats are helping millions of non-white illegal aliens to become citizens in order to help their Party win elections. Another hateful fact is that the Republican Party (supposedly the party of white people) doesn’t mind massive non-white immigration because it provides cheap labor and drives down wages.

    These are facts, not twisted views. For white people, diversity is genocide.

  • Any kind of identity has been atheistized out of the young people. A meaningless, artless people have arisen made after the image of their Communist Fathers. No wonder then that they integrate and miscegenize themselves into non-existence.

    Uncreated Light

  • “I don’t know where to begin. Frankly, there’s no use trying to
    understand the mind that would form such twisted views, let alone one
    that would share them on the Web site of the president of the United

    I always wondered how the establishment Left would respond to our claims of white genocide. Now I know: Our views are “twisted”. It’s certainly a lot easier to fling insults than to respond rationally to arguments.


  • Meme: “Things go better with Coke” (remember that?, you can’t forget it, right?)

    Meme: “That’s Racist!” (remember that?, you can’t forget the sting of being called that, right?)

    Meme: “In your OPINION I’m “racist”. You JUST say that because I’m White” (remember that? You won’t forget it, will you? They won’t, if you SAY it.)

    Meme “Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-White” (if you say it, they’ll never forget it. If everyone SAYS it … the world changes)

    For the future of White People — Things go better when you say “Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-White”

    Got it?

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Funny how the Indians were seen as “good for them” trying to fight the European invaders, but when illegal Mexicans, Africans, etc. pour into our country, it’s seen as “whites are mean, so let them all in to get even”. It’s such a ridiculous notion so easily dispelled, yet it’s the mainstream belief somehow. At first glance, the average white person will see “genocide” and think “hah…how ridiculous” assuming that genocide has to be violent and war-like. Little do they know that genocide can be done deliberately, or in code (as a sugar pill). The sugar pill is diversity. The sugar coating designed to have most whites swallow easily is “diversity is good”. The bitter taste when the sugar coating melts away is the realities of diversity. 99% of Americans hear the word “diversity” and automatically think “no harm” or “positive”. If anyone actually thinks about it for more than 30 seconds, you realize it does WAY more harm than good.

  • bigone4u

    My fear is that White House petitions were created so that the government can know who the dissendents are and more easily track them down when the evil one orders dissendents to be rounded up, given a mock trial, and then executed. Does that make me paranoid?

    • Harumphty_Dumpty

      I guess not, since you left out being tortured in the dungeon below the Lincoln Bedroom. 🙂

    • EversonGParks

      The authorities already know what is said and by whom. Posting on white and normal sites already marks you out as a white dissident of the anti-white regime.

  • s shadow

    I don’t know where to begin. Frankly, there’s no use trying to understand the mind that would form such twisted’ moronic, subhuman, tripish, low IQ, barely simian, un thought out, cultural marxist template drivel. If you can believe it, this guy is essentially alone when you view the comment section. Even Saul Alinsky would be disappointed at this inept attempt to bring in more useful idiots to further an empty and criminal cause.

  • LHathaway

    Perhaps it’s an exaggeration to call it ‘white genocide’ now. But in the words of the late, great Enoch Powell, it’s not a bad idea to think about preventable evil’s before they happen.

    This article, by posting so much of what Albert says, is almost an advertisement for common sense. Jonathan Capehart is giving us free advertising instead of just ignoring us. He’s doing more than what we are.

    • Ralph

      LHathaway, I have to kindly disagree with you. It is White genocide now. It really is. The form this genocide is taking is to convince Whites to blend themselves away into the dark masses of humanity from which we evolved not too many thousands of years ago.

      We Whites are a subspecies (that’s a better term than race), and as with all subspecies, we are on our way to full specieshood, which will be stopped if we mate with those who are not our kind.

      In fact, I’d go even further and say that most of us who post here and on similar sites may be a deme of the White subspecies and perhaps we are the ones lucky enough to have that so-called “racist gene” which is really just a survival gene since it tends to give us a heightened sense of us and not us.

  • LHathaway

    “What I’m trying to convey is that we need to find ways to make race realist (and other racialist based theories and ideas) more accessible to the rest of the white population”.

    Start by not calling it race realism.

    • Hathaway, I’m not sure what you’re getting at with this term “race realism”. The “rest of the white population” isn’t interested in crime statistics and IQ bell curves: what they’re seeing is that there’s a WAR being waged against them BECAUSE they are Whites.

      This war is taking place in schools (against their children), in the media (lies about white history, anti-white memes in music and cinema) and in the government (anti-white laws like forced integration and affirmative action).

      “Race realism” is a meaningless term when you are at war.

      When you are dying of thirst, you don’t need a pile of words and theories, YOU NEED WATER!

      White people who are suffering this attack, and being prevented from having an OPEN PUBLIC DISCUSSION of this GENOCIDAL PROGRAM directed at them as a group; want to force this discussion into the public realm.

      “Race Realism” is talking about non-Whites. We want a discussion about our interests, and a cessation of the anti-White genocidal war against our people.

  • LHathaway

    I’m reading the posts on the original article. Regular Washington Post readers sound as angry as AmRen readers. They sound a bit too crazed and fanatical, actually.

    • Yes, I know what you mean!
      However, it is important to sound indignant and repetative in order to undermine the Left’s arrogance and misplaced sense of superiority, keeping in mind they really do possess a deep-seated hatred and sense of vengence against the White race.
      What I believe we should steer clear of is profane language which tends to downgrade the integrity of the poster. However, it’s perfectly in order to call the Marxist Liberal enemy Leftard, demented, hate-filled, sick, twisted, debase, degenerate and mentally deranged/retarded, etc, etc, etc.

  • LHathaway

    “Racism” is a term created by anti-Whites, and it’s always used AGAINST Whites. It’s more effective just to CALL them; anti-Whites”

    Just don’t use the word ‘anti-white’ over and over. It’s better to show someone something than to just say ‘anti-white’. What does the word even mean, to the uninitiated? When yer debate is to just use the word ‘anti-white’, as if simply using that word is a victory might fall a little short. anti-white is not quite as well know as ‘racism’. I like the term anti-white. .

  • LHathaway

    i’m saying i don’t like the term ‘race realism’, probably because phonetically it sounds very much like the word ‘racism’. That’s just my opinion.

    • I have always maintained the word ‘racism’ must become owned by the White race at some point which can only be when Whites recover their self-rule and freedoms.
      The word has got to be redefined to mean racial survival and all methods required to achieve and maintain that goal. Failure to take the word away from the Communist bloc, means it will remain in their domain to be resurrected should they ever again attain the upperhand as a result of a future generation of any White ethnicity making the dreadful error of letting their guard down.

  • gemjunior

    On the article, the comment section seems to be filled with more pro white than anti white comments. The fact is, people are starting to notice that this is not the domain of nutty people with swastikas on their neck and skinned heads and jackboots…. it’s normal whites wanting their people to live on. This is SCARING the libs, it has to be completely surprising to them because whites have been so inert for so long. So to see it discussed, and scoffed even, on liberal leftist junkyards like MSNBC is still amazing – that it’s discussed at all. Libs discuss it to reassure themselves that everyone is having the proper reaction but it seems they aren’t. And when other whites see it, they too start to say to themselves yes, this HAS been going on. Their eyes are opened.

  • Harumphty_Dumpty

    The group that did these three petitions will be doing a similar three every month for the next four years. We’re using Obama’s Free Billboard to turn our advertising into a phenomenon that the media can’t (or won’t!) ignore, and we’re calling this project the Million Name March on Washington, D.C. to STOP WHITE GENOCIDE! That march is scheduled for the month of December, 2016!

    This is all about getting the White GeNOcide message out (just read any one of the three petitions), and replacing the R-word in Whites’ brains with the phrases, “Anti-white,” “White GeNOcide,” and “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

    To register so that you can “sign,” there is no need to even give a name…the site is just an Obama publicity stunt (that we are using for our publicity stunt)…if you just enter two initials instead of a first and last name, you will be registered and able to “sign”.

    Once registered, it’s just a matter of a few seconds each month to click those initials onto the three new petitions, so please join our little game and enjoy watching the “scores” increase as we spread word of this game in all White homelands!

    Please register and click your initials onto our other two petitions for this month:


    That second petition is about a very short video by several young ladies that I think is going to define the beginning Era of Resistance to White Genocide. It’s excellent, and its short URL is in the petition.

    Thank you very much to those of you who have been signing!

    The main petition, in case you missed it:


  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    I guess the American experiment hasn’t worked out so well. Maybe, this wasn’t an experiment
    at all. Perhaps sabotage” was” the experiment all along.

    If the case, America has been systematically undermined for more than a century right under everyone’s nose. You don’t see the cumulative effects until the signs of implosion become obvious.

    Sustained by reinforced poison ideologies passed from one generation to the next in regards to a melting pot society, where race and ethnicity counts for nothing.

    Fissures and cracks are bound to form sooner or later with this kind of thinking.

    Now think Balkanization

  • rightrightright

    Are non-Americans permitted to sign? White genocide is being orchestrated across the entire West.

    • kjh64

      I don’t see why not. The petition doesn’t ask for nationality.

    • I signed it and I don’t live in the US.

  • DLR

    Only 811 signatures, what in the hell is wrong with whites today? Wake up before it’s too late!!!!!

  • Realist

    Not trying to kiss up to my white overlords, but I signed it and I’m half-asian. That’s how you celebrate diversity!

    And even though it has few signers, the very ability to express such sentiments in a quasi-public way can be uplifting.

  • Tom Bowie

    If you look at the original article’s comments you’ll notice something; a very few people are dominating the verbal arena within the Anti-White Media’s own Arena itself. Those few Pro-Whites are not defending, they don’t waste time playing the this-or-that game; they’re taking the verbal assault full speed ahead.
    The first comments were Anti-Whites but they swiftly lost the foot-hold they had and were pushed back. They didn’t talk about side issues or whatever Anti-Whites wanted, they talked about the main issue and nothing else and demanded an answer.
    The story only covers 1 petition but, there are 3 petitions; only the 1 they picked did not contain the word Anti-White. Since then MSNBC and others have taken up the story attempting to dismiss it. It does not even stop there http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAebOPGpp0k&feature=player_embedded
    Video after video, comment after comment, demanding an answer to the iron question; “Are you Pro-White or Pro-White GENOCIDE. (No side issues or slide-shows.)

  • Carlos

    It might be a good idea to sign this. The “Death Star” petition got enough signatures to get a response. This is so much more important. Amren.com must gett 200,000 readers per day. If each one signed that petition it would be a great demonstration of movement power. Why just complain on a website that already supports you? Show some courage!

  • amjor

    lol, US, Canada, and Australia are “white countries”? Oh please. go back to Europe, Whites.

    • EversonGParks

      You anti-whites are`nt advocating for all non-Indians to be deported from the US, so we can plainly see you`re only using the existence of pre-US Indians to justify GLOBAL WHITE GENOCIDE policy.

      “Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white”

  • Yet another riviting in-depth study by Frank Salter (in relation to Australia), but applying to all White-founded Western nations.

  • It’s an article focusing on Australia, but applies to the state of affairs in any Western nation today.

  • Syntec

    It’s an article focusing on Australia, but applies to the state of affairs in any Western nation today.


  • “I don’t know where to begin. Frankly, there’s no use trying to understand the mind that would form such twisted views, let alone one that would share them on the Web site of the president of the United States.”
    Uh, excuse ME, you sanctimonious, sarcastic, cultural marxist scumbag, there is, absolutely, positively NOTHING “twisted” about white folks wanting to preserve their country and culture that members of their race created, and are justified in resenting being overrun by people unlike them. Zero. Zip. Nada. Nothing wrong!
    Had this been a black or Hispanic with such “twisted views”, you would be praising them and giving them your full $upport. Luckily, your words are falling on more and more deaf ears, as more and more whites are coming to a rude awakening and realization that race, yes it most surely exists, DOES MATTER. It always has, still does, and always will.

  • baltasar almudárriz

    It’s getting harder to differentiate between The Onion and the WP. It’s got to be one of the most anti-white male newspapers in existence in the US- and seems to be getting more PC as time goes on.

  • pablo

    I signed it.

  • Scary, becoming the minority, isn’t it? Don’t worry, blacks survived it, you will too.

  • Ockechukwu

    Have you been paying attention to the Pistorius affair? Whites live like royalty in South Africa. Who do think cleans their mansions and cuts their lawns and performs security duties and sundry other dirty work so the whites can engage in their lavish lifestyles? You got it, the blacks. What the hell kind of genocide is that?

    Whites still exercise a vastly disproportionate influence on the SA economy. In fact they control it. Who ever heard of genocide like that?

    Get the F out of here with your genocide bullshit.

  • ourcountry

    get a life!!!!!! north america doesnt belong to white illegals, its asia which was the founder of north america crossing the berring strait you white people need to go back to europe.

    • John

      Using White technology to voice your Anti – White hatred is both hypocritical and sad. America became the greatness it was because of Whites. Before us it was nothing but wildernes. You are just an Anti – White trying to justify White – Genocide.

  • Jedi John

    Send Marines there…best way to stop this slaughter. Fight fire with fire.

  • williambraski

    White people come to north america, slaughter the natives, take their lands and then consider it theirs in perpetuity. Fascinating.

  • Jennifer Aldaz

    What a bunch of rAcist bullshit there’s no master race u fuckn idiot. Ur family isnt really from palo alto.