A Chicago Divided by Killings

Mike Bostock et al., New York Times, January 3, 2012

A New York Times analysis of homicides and census data in Chicago compared areas near murders to those that were not. Residents living near homicides in the last 12 years were much more likely to be black, earn less money and lack a college degree.

Population 1.3 mil. 1.4 mil.
Income $38,318 $61,175
No high school 27% 15%
High school 28% 20%
Bachelor’s + 19% 43%
Pct. white 24% 61%
Pct. black 55% 14%
Pct. Asian 3% 8%
Under age 18 28% 20%

[Editor’s Note: An informative map illustrating the Times’ findings is available at the original article link below.]


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  • Residents living near homicides in the last 12 years were much more
    likely to be black, earn less money and lack a college degree.

    Residents committing homicides in Chicago in the last 12 years were almost entirely black.

    There, I fixed it.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      It’s funny how The Times tries to tiptoe around the obvious facts. Let me guess…the perps were X% more likely to have gold teeth.

      • OlderWoman

        …or grills.

        • Tom_in_Miami

          It’s amazing how kinky hair seems to contribute to homicide too.

          • Dutchman

            Since we are shooting fish in a barrel: There is a high correlation between homicides in Chicago and neighborhoods with a high concentration of chrome spinners on cars.

          • PatrickJane

            In other news that isn’t fit to print, journalists at the NY Times were unable to statistically corroborate any relationship between murders and community watermelon consumption

          • Svigor

            Wow, you guys are rough. Not that I’m complaining. 🙂

        • NM156

          That’s “grillz” ma’am.

        • Morris Thecat

          here’s another one….Neighborhoods where asian hair is purchased are also neighborhoods with high violent crime rates.

          • OlderWoman

            or where they drink 40 oz beer and ‘purple drank’.

      • Or be babydaddies.

    • Morris Thecat

      Good job.They will go to nay length to portray blacks as the victims.

  • “Residents living near homicides in the last 12 years were much more
    likely to be black, earn less money and lack a college degree.”

    Well, there’s our solution! Give them more money, a college degree, and make sure they’re not black!

    • The__Bobster

      Homeowners have a low crime rate, so the way to make Zulus law-abiding citizens is to give all of them houses.

      Oh, yeah. We tried that. Never mind.

      • StillModerated

        The next stunt is to Section 8 them into “safe, White neighborhoods.” But the police can tell anyone who cares to know which houses are Section 8.

        • NM156

          Next stunt? Scattered-site CHA housing and Sec. 8 renters throughout the city are decades old. Invariably, the kids in these households become stand-out neighborhood guttersnipes or outright criminal menaces, and the neighborhood conspires to excrete them as quickly as possible. I know. I have lived among them.

    • Oil Can Harry

      The poor black community! Every time they move somewhere they always end up living “near homicides”.

      What a string of bad luck!

      • Tom_in_Miami

        They also tend to move to neighborhoods that become “bad.”

      • So CAL Snowman

        Yup the po’ blacks are just innocent victims afflicted by violence and poverty, very similar to how North Dakota is afflicted by bad weather in December.

      • Morris Thecat

        they need to start “talkin’ to da man in da mirror”

    • CharlesFinley

      “Here’s your cash, this is your degree, and…ZAP!!! You’re no longer a groid!”

  • The__Bobster

    Residents living near homicides in the last 12 years were much more
    likely to be black, earn less money and lack a college degree.

    Errr, you forgot to mention that some of the poor, uneducated moolies living near homicides were also the perps.

  • Ulick

    That map is an excellent info-graphic of just how concentrated the murders are in black areas. I encourage everyone to click on the link to the original article.

  • rebelcelt

    The mental gymnastics these clowns go through to ignore the obvious.

    • George Orwell should have lived today. The dystopia he foresaw has come through.

    • Morris Thecat

      Well, they go through life with their heads up their rears so they are used to contorting themselves into al sorts of fantastic shapes.

  • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

    Criminality everywhere in America:

    Jews less than Asians
    Asian less than Whites
    Whites less than Hispanics
    Hispanics less than Blacks

    This pattern barely budges no matter what socioeconomic variables you wish to throw in.

    • Lewis33

      Don’t throw white collar crime in that list…might get alittle top heavy.

      • IstvanIN

        First thing I thought of when I saw the list.

      • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

        Is there data that shows that Jews and Asians commit large amounts of white collar crime? I believe in data, not stereotypes.

        • Here’s an interesting angle on that.

          Go to the average person on the street, and do this sort of informal Rorschach Test on him or her:

          You say the words “white collar crime” and ask him or her what his or her first mental image is. Inevitably, it will be a TV news report of some white man (often Jewish) being perp walked in handcuffs, and the voice over reporter in the background citing a dollar amount in the tens/hundreds of millions/billions. And if the only “white collar crime” you’re thinking about is certain white collar crimes with fancy names that involve very high dollar amounts, of course the universe of perps will be almost entirely white or Jewish, because as the Afrocentric mumbo jumbo people keep reminding us, blacks have extremely few chances to get access to that kind of money.

          (Exception: Franklin Raines.)

          However, “white collar crime” is a big universe. The reality is that there are lots and lots of black women in Federal prison on relatively low amount credit card fraud. The main reason why white collar crime isn’t blacker than it is is precisely for a lack of opportunity. It’s the only reason why there have been very few real black African genocidal maniacs, because of a lack of opportunity and the lack of an ability to plan. (As Jim Goad says, there’s a reason the third world came in third.)

          One of the first acts of the Democrat-run Congress after the blue wave elections of 2006 was to pass credit card reform. One of the unspoken reasons, from things I was able to piece together, why they did this, was because the civil rights industry was getting tired seeing one black woman after another be carted off to Federal prison for a few thousand dollars each worth of white collar crime, so the “reform” act was to do as much as possible to remove the ability for black women to commit credit card fraud. Because so it seems, you can’t trust a black woman with a line of revolving credit any more than you can trust a black man with a pistol.

        • Le Gaulois

          Looks like somebody is pretending that there isn’t way less jews and asians than Whites in the US in the first place and has never heard of Bernard Madoff, Wall Street, the Jewish mafia (aka Russian mafia), loan sharks and all those scoundrels who scam the elderly of their savings on a daily basis while being classified as “White” by law enforcement. Same goes with asians who are well known to commit all kinds of behind the scenes racketeering in California and NYC and are also more likely to be in street gangs than Whites.

          Here’s a little sample from the FBI:

          “Semion Mogilevich” (Top 10 most wanted)

          “Orit Tuil”:

          “Chaim Yehuda Reich”

          Asian criminal enterprise in the US:

          Next time do your homework and try a little harder ’cause your little pre-made list is starting to get real thin here…

          • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

            I’m not sure how these links help you. I never claimed there were NO Jewish and Asian criminals did I? Of course there are. So pointing out that there are some is a bit trivial. I am simply stating the obvious, In nearly all statistical tables in this country that catalog crime and race. Asians have lower rates of crime than non-Hispanic Whites. I’m not sure why this produces such a visceral reaction in people.

          • Svigor

            It doesn’t produce a visceral reaction in me. I’ve stated as much many times. On the other hand, I’ve also stated that European crime rates in Asian countries are lower than Asian crime rates in Asian countries, e.g., China.

          • KenelmDigby

            To put it bluntly, the point is this –
            Asians are generally very recent immigrants to the USA. They emigrated to the USA knowing full well the criminality rates of the long settled White majority.
            If they don’t like it, they are free to return home.
            That’s why I have no time for your silly little point scoring.

          • Morris Thecat

            In Lowell MA the Cambodians are notorious for their gang activity.

        • Luca

          The FBI does not keep statistics on religious affiliations and Jews are more likely to have better lawyers and not become a statistic.

          • Svigor

            And any crime having to do with corruption.

      • razorrare

        Better not throw in every type of vice racket you can name…which is exclusively run & controlled by the “Red Mafia”….and i am not speaking Italian.

      • Svigor

        Haha, exquisitely put.

    • So CAL Snowman

      Perhaps you are referring to violent crime, but when it comes to overall criminality we all know who is on top. Bernie Madoff anyone?

      • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

        Apparently when minority groups accuse Whites of being underhanded,
        white collar criminals everyone around here is able to see this claim is
        unfounded. However, when some Whites hurl the same charges toward
        Jews apparently the argument makes perfect sense. It is actually quite
        remarkable to be able to witness such vigorous cognitive dissonance.
        White median IQ is one full standard deviation above Black median IQ,
        Ashkenazi Jewish median IQ is one full standard deviation above White
        median IQ.


        • Major

          Maybe it’s much simpler? That many people are greedy and they figure Jews know more about making money that they do?

          They know that if you ask a Jewish accountant how much 2+2 is…he’ll say “How much do you want it to be”.

          • Speaking as a currently non-practicing member of that profession, almost ANY accountant will tell you what they think you want 2+2 to be for the right amount of money.

          • Major


        • Le Gaulois

          Huh, that would be because the biggest “white collar crimes” are disproportionally committed by Wall Street jews, kiddo, especially when those same jews are only a mere 2% of the US population, get it ?

          What is actually a remarkable “cognitive dissonance” here is to brag how jews and asians have supposedly higher IQs than Whites while using the English language, electricity, computer technology, the Internet and American Renaissance which were all exclusively invented and created by Whites…Oh the irony !

          Like I said, please try a little harder…

          • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

            Yes, since Jews have the highest IQ I would expect them to be disproportionately represented in white collar professions (and of course white collar crime as well). The point is once they are there, is a Jew more likely than a white guy in a similar circumstance to engage in securities fraud, etc.?

          • KenelmDigby

            Actually, blacks are far more likely to be fraudsters than Whites are.
            – This gives the lie to the oft-repeated assertion that somehow blacks are more overtly violent and Whites are somehow more cunning and underhand.
            If think it indicates that ‘bad character’ is more generally a black trait.

          • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

            The discussion we were having was if Jews are more likely to be frauds than Whites. I argued that there is little evidence that is the case. Of course I am more than willing to examine any data someone wishes to reveal to me.

          • Svigor

            You admit you haven’t read MacDonald’s work, and are thus ignorant of quite a bit of the evidence. So there’s definitely some data revealed to you, right there. Take a look at the “Russian” oligarchs, too. And the “Russian” mafia (last I checked the top guy was a Jew, for example), too.

          • Morris Thecat

            It was not until jews infiltrated the American Banking world that we had massive fraud on a scale that was unprecedented in previous times.

          • Morris Thecat

            Give us a list of all of the “disability” lawyers and then try to find one in the bunch who is not a jew. Jews agitate for laws that they then use to fleece honest people and businesses. The “American’s with Disabilities Act” is a prime example of that. The Affirmative Action laws are another. How about the “american civil liberties” scam where jews sue a town over a christmas tree or nativity, then a jew lawyer gets hired by the town to defend it and then the town loses to the jews who sued it. Like I said, they use the law to fleece people instead of making an honest living.
            Jews changed the culture of corporate banking and corporate America. When in the past, before jews were involved, did an executive walk away with hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses when at the same time a company went under? That NEVER happened before jews!!!!!Lehman anyone?

          • Luca

            A Jew is more likely to have a better lawyer and not become a statistic.

          • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

            If this is true, then it is feasible that Whites and Asians employ proficient attorneys in comparison to Blacks and Hispanics.

          • Luca

            It is feasible, especially when blacks want or can only afford the public to pay for their defense. You know that old saying, “You get what you pay for”. Not to mention that many of the low-level, high violence, stupid crimes that blacks commit are virtually indefensible, like robbing a liquor store at gunpoint while on camera.

          • I really have a lot of problem with that argument. Burden of proof is always on the prosecution in a criminal case. It’s like all the blacks in prison who claim they’re only there because they couldn’t afford the top notch defense lawyer. Every defense lawyer, good or bad, knows that their strategy is going to be muddying the credibility of the prosecution’s case and witnesses, and creating enough doubt in the mind of the jurors, and exposing any exculpatory evidence they can find.

          • Luca

            Well, there is another fact you are overlooking, sometimes when you have “enough” money you can buy a judge. That makes your legal defense so much easier. “I’m throwing this case out based on a technicality”.

          • Svigor

            I don’t know. Let’s get the gov’t to start breaking out the data for us, and see who screams “foul!” the loudest.

          • Svigor

            Also, I was just reading a few days ago about how Israel doesn’t have any laws against money laundering. The article was a few years old IIRC, and it mentioned how Israel’s historic first laws against money laundering were possibly in the works, so perhaps the situation has changed since then.

          • Luis

            Judaism has no usury laws either, Svigor. They could lend money at interest, and oh, the rates they charged!

          • Morris Thecat

            That is such a bogus argument. That is the same argument used about the fact that nearly all abortion doctors are jews.

          • Joseph

            The monniker “A Multiracial Ph.D. Student” is supposed to suggest to us, among other things: “If you don’t have a Ph.D. or better, your arguments have no validity unless I agree with them”.

        • NYB

          The charge is that Jewish morality is often shaped by self-interest. This includes influencing legislation to serve Jewish agendas, so that they can beat their chests and say the law is on their side. Sometimes they take advantage of grey areas of the law, which requires unscrupulous legal acumen. Sometimes they’re just hands-down fraudulent, which is especially eye-brow raising when they come from the orthodox-religious element.

          Jewish white collar criminals are unique in that some of their motivations and methods can be traced to Zionist roots.

          • robinbishop34

            I believe this is touched upon in the documentary ‘Ascent of Money.’

          • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

            This is an interesting hypothesis, but I need to see some strong evidence of this. Until them I must assume they are no different than any other high IQ businessmen.

          • Tucker

            For some baffling reason that I, personally, am completely unable to understand, people are apparently able to have a Ph.D bestowed upon them without being required to read Professor Kevin MacDonald’s book ‘Culture of Critique’ prior to graduation?

          • A Multiracial Ph. Student

            Given his radioactive reputation, it comes as no surprise to me.

          • Svigor

            Way to miss the humor there, brainiac. You should read MacDonald’s stuff, btw, rather than lead with your “credentials” and blather about reputations. AKA, critical thinking and making up your own mind.

          • Morris Thecat

            Those who try to use the “credentials” angle are just engaging in another mind control technique. It is an effort to intimidate people away from their common sense. One good example of this is how a devious, twisted person damaged a whole generation of Americans with his book “Baby and Child Care”, that person, again, is a jew-Dr. Spock. He could be said to be the one who is most responsible for the breakdown of the AMerican culture. The victims of his book grew up and created the hippie, counter culture movement.

          • Morris Thecat

            Given academias bias and hostility towards truth it is no surprise to me

          • Svigor

            Why would you assume “no difference” between Jew and non-Jew? I would think it safer to assume difference in different human groups.

          • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

            I thought criminality was correlated to IQ, not race, and the reason racial differences in crime occur is because they have different IQ. Of course, my initial comment in which I point out ethnic differences in criminality was removed for some reason. Very strange.

          • Morris Thecat

            You thought wrong. Criminality and IQ are both correlated to race.

          • A Multiracial Individual

            Where is the data that shows that a Black is more likely to commit crime than a White with an identical IQ?

          • Luca

            White collar crime usually involves a higher level of intelligence than say, robbing a mini-mart. But then, I shouldn’t have to point that out. I believe you are bored and just throw out these narrow-minded observations for the sake of attention.

          • kjh64

            I don’t think Jews are any different than non-Jews when it comes to self-interest or being unscrupulous. Jews also are White.

          • Luca

            Jews are genetically Caucasian but culturally different from European whites.

          • Svigor

            Jews aren’t European, though. Which is part of why I prefer “European” over “white” as my identity. I mean, Arabs and Persians are just as “white” as Jews. East Indians are “Caucasian” for that matter.

          • Morris Thecat

            Well, I would have to differ with you on this one. Todays Jews are so mixed that they are in fact a European People. Many groups in Europe can trace an origin to Asia, such as the Hungarians, the Finns, the Bulgarians. Even the Serbians and Sorbians are a people who have roots to the Cuacasus mountains- an area not really considered to be culturally part of Europe today. Then there have been other groups that swept into Europe from Asia and totally disappeared through assimilation, such as the Cumans.

          • Svigor

            Genetic assays show Ashkenazis halfway between European and Levantine groups. They’re roughly half European and half Semitic.

          • Morris Thecat

            with 72% of American jews marrying outside the group that figure will be changed to 25%, then 12.5%.

          • Luis

            Right, I consider Jews to be Asian in origin – Israel is on the Asian side of the world, with a Mediterranean seacoast. I also consider Turkey to be an Asian nation, not a European one.

            Jews in Europe (and elsewhere) wound up there, as a result of the Biblical diaspora.

          • Luca

            Generally, their DNA is the same as the Arabs. Through the ages they have mixed with Europeans. Don’t forget, anyone even an Ethiopian can be a Jew through conversion. Look at Sammy Davis Jr. Being a Jew is a mindset and a culture backed by a religion.

          • OBSERVER

            Jews are not White. They are Jewish.

            Israel is not a White Homeland. It is a Jewish Homeland.

          • Morris Thecat

            so how is a person with blonde hair and blue eyes, a narrow nose, a vertical facial slant, and other characteristics of the caucasian race, “not white”. We are talking racial differences, not ethnic differences. Speaking about race, arabs that are not of mixed arab african background are also white.

          • PesachPatriot

            Even if Israel invited every white gentile from around the world to move there it would be pretty crowded…i also doubt very many white americans, swiss, french, brits, canadians etc would want to live in a country in between muslim brotherhood ruled egypt and the weekly bloodbath of syria. I do wish that israel would take in some south african whites…maybe some of the south african jews there should take up that cause…i wonder what reuben h thinks about that…

          • Luca

            All groups are clannish to a degree, Jews take it to a higher level.

          • Svigor

            It’s also strongly influenced by their two most salient personality traits, ethnocentrism and psychological intensity. Their intensity translates into a culture of success by any means, often including extra-legal ones, and encourages high-risk behavior. Their ethnocentrism means they’re far more ready to exploit outgroup members, circle the wagons, perceive (or at least characterize) investigation as persecution, etc. The relationship between clannishness and organized crime is an old one.

          • EndTimesComing

            And do WE not want to influence legislation to serve White agendas and interests? If not, we damn well should want to. Right back to the kinds of laws we had prior to a SCOTUS which had become more interested in minority “rights” than founding principles and cognitive realities as to the races, thus preserving White national interests.

        • Svigor

          Notice how quickly “Jewish” becomes “Ashkenazi Jewish” when it serves philo-Semitic ends?

          No, Ashkenazi IQ is not a full standard deviation above the white mean (which would be 115). It’s more like 107, which is lower than the mean for Episcopalians, btw. Mean IQ of Ashkenazi Jews in the diaspora is around 109, and in Israel is 104. Thus, the global Ashkenazi mean is closer to 107.

          The worldwide Jewish mean is substantially lower, of course, because it includes non-Ashkenazis.

          • Morris Thecat

            Israel also includes many non-Ashkenazis. The Sephardic group has an IQ that is lower than whites.

          • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

            Average Ashkenazi IQ is between 112-115. That is nearly a full standard deviation above the European average. (page 3)


          • a multiracial

            Of course, I will read the Lynn study post haste.

        • EndTimesComing

          While I agree with your basic premise, your math is completely wrong. It is virtually impossible mathematically for Ashkenazi, or any other group, to be one full standard deviation above whites. As you go outward to the right on the statistical bell curve, it becomes an exponentially driven statistical value. It’s been decades since I was involved directly in such things, but I believe I have the sense of it correctly. The further you go out, the harder it is to be in the next grouping. And NO ethnic group has ALL it’s population falling in one specific statistical grouping. Not a math student I take it. Moreover, I believe somebody else down below has produced the true IQ value of Ashkenazi Jews and it is lower than the statistical average of whites.

          • Morris Thecat

            he is engaging in what jews do best- BSing. They invented the “advertising” industry after all.

          • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

            From page 3

            [Ashkenazi Jews have the highest average IQ of any ethnic group for which there are reliable data. They score 0.75 to 1.0 standard deviations above the general European average, corresponding to an IQ of 112-115.]


          • A Multiracial Individual

            In fairness, I have not read the Lynn study yet.

        • EndTimesComing

          Ashkenazi Jews are not genetic Jews. They are ethnically of a different stock than the Sephardic Jews, and both groups are probably not genetically of the same stock as the original people of Abraham. The Ashkenazi Jews were not pure European stock but had chosen Judaism as their religion. Therefore it is unlikely that their IQ relates to their religious affiliation but more to their actual genetic background, which makes sense of the other poster’s stating they have lesser average IQ value compared to European White genetic groups.

      • Sloppo

        I’m not sure that it’s a good idea to bring up the Bernie Madoff example when you could use the Ben Bernanke example instead. Ben has admitted that the Finnish-controlled organization he presides over caused the great depression. http://www.wnd.com/2008/03/59405/ That depression killed an estimated 12 million Americans. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_many_people_died_in_the_Great_Depression The Finns exacted a pretty impressive death toll in that one, but I suspect the one they’re steering us into now could easily be much deadlier.

        • Morris Thecat


      • Luis

        OK, so Bernie Madoff stole hundreds of millions of dollars – one way. He got caught and is now on the inside.

        There’s a whale of a diifference between Madoff stealing, and Shintavious Jackson walking into Jose’s Bodega with a sawed-off shotgun, and threatening to blow Jose’s “motherf*****g head off’, if he doesn’t hand over the money.

        Why in samhill do you think people are buying guns, left and right? They’d rather deal with crooks like Shintavious Jackson, who present a more clear and present danger, than Madoff ever did.

        • One is a long term Ponzi/Pyramid scheme and the other is a violent crime. When Shintavious jacks a bodega, if he’s successful in his intent, he’s going to rob whatever he robs materially right away. People like Madoff need to build some sort of public or private trust long enough to be successful enough for enough time, but like all pyramid schemes, they fall apart, and while there are plenty of people who invest in what turns out to be a pyramid scheme do see what seem to be legit returns, (in fact, a lot of people have to and give testimonials, in order for the Madoff type to continue the scheme), when the pyramid collapses, the very last group of investors are left without chairs to sit in when the music stops. And it is the aggregate amount of their investment losses which is said to be the “loss” in the pyramid scheme. However, the parts of the scheme which Madoff kept for himself is what is what he really “stole,” not the aggregate of the lost investment of the last conga line of duped investors.

          What made Madoff’s pyramid successful for awhile were the dot-com and then the housing bubbles. Meaning his pyramid was a mix between scam and reality. But when housing popped and there was no other possible bubble to blow to replace it, that ensured that Madoff’s pyramid would fall apart.

    • Jackryanvb

      And Jews, Asians, Hispanics and Gays all voted 80 percent plus for Obama. So what’s your point?

      • Tucker

        The unspoken point is that none of these non-white groups share the values, traditions, principles, customs, or appreciation for the bedrock foundations that our 100 percent White European Founding Fathers believed in when they created this rapidly decomposing, third world alien infested flop house of a once great and prosperous 90% White European nation.

        And, neither do the 39% of self-hating, self-loathing, nauseatingly deracinated White losers who betrayed their race on November 6, 2012 and voted to return an anti-White Communist to office where he and his Marxist cabal can spend another four years waging a full scale war of annihilation against what’s left of our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and who will finally grant amnesty to 40 million non-white illegal aliens and finish destroying what remains of White Western civilization.

    • Major

      And just how much did that little pearl of wisdom cost you? 100K?

      Get a job yet?

      • A Multiracial Ph.D Student

        Sir, I worked full time while attending school. I intend to maintain 30-40 hours a week of work in conjunction with earning my doctorate. Quite frankly, I am a bit surprised by your flippant reaction to my (accurate) comment.

        • Morris Thecat

          so you will get a certificate by repeating a higher level of brainwashing? Just what is your doctorate thesis on BTW. I was once at a Harvard University Doctoral Degree graduation ceremony. The list of the dissertation titles was quite revealing. They are handing those doctoral degrees out like they are candy. Seriously, a doctoral degree about “The nature of dinner conversation in a Korean Household”–written by a Korean no less. I witnessed the work my relative did on his dissertation- which was NOTHING for most of the sabbatical that the Cambridge Public School System gave him for him to write it, and then a frenzied effort to cobble something together near the end. What a load of BS is being turned out today and given a “Doctoral Degree”. So, go ahead, tell us what your dissertation is on boy wonder.

          • A Multiracial [blank] Student

            I just entered the program. I am not trying to be a show-off. I do not think people should listen to others simply because they do, or do not have certain credentials. What matters is the argument itself. If the argument is sound, it will withstand scrutiny even if it was given by a person with a 9th grade education. If an argument is flawed, it will eventually be torn down even if it was given by a highly educated/esteemed person. I reject cultural relativism because it is an outright lie (flawed argument). Of course it is a lie that is accepted by the immense majority of academia. So I guess I can appreciate your concerns about the academy. Thanks for letting me know that I have a special talent for attracting personal attacks.

          • Morris Thecat

            You state that the accusation that jews of committing more underhanded white collar crimes is “cognitive dissonance” . You claim this is so because blacks erroneously accuse whites of the same. Just because one is inaccurate doesn’t mean the other is inaccurate. I could claim that asians are committing the majority of violent crimes . An asian could then counter that blacks were the group guilty of committing the majority of violent crimes. There is no “cognitive dissonance” there. One statement is wrong and the other is right, that is all. When you say people have “cognitive dissonance” it is another way of saying they are stupid. You therefore attack people then play the victim when you in turn become their target. Also, your claim that Ashkenazi jews have an IQ one standard deviation above whites is also wrong as other posters have pointed out.

          • A Multiracial Individual

            [Also, your claim that Ashkenazi jews have an IQ one standard deviation above whites is also wrong as other posters have pointed out.]

            From Cambridge University Press, PG. 3

            [Ashkenazi Jews have the highest average IQ of any ethnic group for which there are reliable data. They score 0·75 to 1·0 standard deviations above the general European average, corresponding to an IQ of 112–115.]


          • Morris Thecat

            Different studies have found different results, but most have found above-average verbal and mathematical intelligence in Ashkenazi Jews, along with below-average spatial intelligence.-wiki

          • a multiracial student

            I see the Lynn study. I will of course read it.

          • Morris Thecat

            So you have “heard” of it but you never read it?

    • razorrare

      Jews & Hispanics are often counted as White in FBI & DOJ crime stats…

      Supression of crimes committed by Jews by printed & electronic MSM also would lead others to believe Jews commit a small % of violent crimes compared to other racial groups…much in the same way that black on White violent crime is suppressed by the MSM…the media excuse for this bias is often explained by MSM to avoid “anti-semetic” sentiment…of course the same media dosent mind reporting & misreporting stories of alleged White violent crime against other minority groups…a White youth who merely picks up a rock & throws it at a minority youth will receive international media attention even if the rock missed its intended target….Whites are also blamed for slavery…actually pretty much of anything…even though the institution of slavery throughout history has been by and large run and controlled exclusively by Jews…even today…it is estimated 500,000 White eastern european girls are forced to be sex slaves and this slave sex racket is run exclusively by the Red Mafiya which is not Russian but Jewish…In my other post on this thread i encourage you to watch the excellent video on such…White russian children in orphanages are usually targeted to be kidnapped and then most likely to be taken to Israel to serve as sex slaves for the elite in Israels govt & armed services,as are the slavic/ White children of Ukraine…much of this knowledge has been written about in books by noted Israeli historians as well as one x mossad agent named Victor Ostrovsky who with writer Claire Hoy produced a book by “Way of Deception.”…..back to the video link i posted…The creator of this video gives a few words concerning same and is as follows…

      This documentary defends Italians from a vicious and hypocritical Zionist-dominated media constantly associates Italians and Italian culture with organized crime when actually Italians have been a tiny fraction of the worldwide underworld of White slavery, drugs, loan-sharking, protection rackets, murder for hire, money-laundering and other kinds of criminal activity. The World Champions of organized crime for hundreds of years have been not Italians but Jews and they have constituted the leading criminal element in many nations all over the world. But Jewish extremism and tribalism in the mass media has covered up their own role in organized crime while at the same time exaggerating the Italian role in it. It is typical of the Zionists to point the finger at other people for their own evils. This is true even in the United States. The Jewish-dominated media has covered up the paramount Jewish role in organized crime while it has worked overtime to slander Italians and now “Russians” with the ethnic association of organized crime. This documentary lays out the undeniable facts. The biggest gangster of the 20th century was not the Italian Al Capone, it was the very Jewish, and very Zionist Meyer Lansky. The most horrific crime organization of the 2oth Century was Murder, Inc. an overwhelming Jewish organization. And the quote, “Russian” Mafia is neither Russian nor Mafia, it is run by Jewish mobsters from Russia and Eastern Europe. This video will show how the Zionist media manipulates us and reveals their ultimate hypocrisy and the great threat of a worldwide network of Jewish organized crime aided by their incredible influence in media and government.

      You have heard of Dutch Shultz havent you?….one is led to believe he is Dutch or German…not so…Dutch Shultz real name is Arthur Fengemheimer or something close to that…completely Jewish….watch the video…
      In my opinion only two Amren readers correctly gave a rating to your post that it deserves,especially on a site that is for racially aware White people.

      • razorrare

        even orthodox rabbis get involved in violent crime…did the media ever paste this story here in the U.S. and all over the world???

        The Kosher Nostra is Trapped at Last

        ‘The scale of corruption we’re seeing is simply beyond any pale’

        By Chris Stephen

        MONEY laundering, organ smuggling, racketeering and $97,000 hidden in a cornflakes box – all allegations levelled this week when the FBI announced one of its biggest-ever organised crime busts in New Jersey.

        But this bust came with a difference: the ring-leaders are orthodox rabbis.

        The five Sephardic rabbis, all from orthodox Syrian Jewish communities in New Jersey and Brooklyn, are accused of selling kidneys and laundering tens of millions of dollars through fake charities.

        “These complaints paint a disgraceful picture of religious leaders leading money-laundering crews, acting as crime bosses,” said federal prosecutor Ralph Marra.

        “These rings were international in scope, they trafficked in the cleaning of dirty money all across the world.”

        Mr Marra singled out Brooklyn Rabbi Levy Izhak Rosenbaum as operator of a kidney smuggling operation: “Mr Rosenbaum, who we refer to as our kidney salesman – his business was to entice vulnerable people to give up a kidney for $10,000 that he would sell for $160,000.”

        The arrests sent shockwaves across the orthodox Jewish community where the rabbis had a reputation for working hard for children and the elderly.

        “Shock and disbelief,” said Dov Hikind, a Brooklyn assemblyman. “People do not believe it.”

        More than 300 FBI agents fanned out across the state this week to make simultaneous arrests, in one case storming into a synagogue to arrest a rabbi in the middle of a service.

        The arrests came after the rabbi network was infiltrated by Solomon Dwek, a real estate developer and Sephardic Jew arrested in May 2006 on fraud charges.

        Facing a 30-year-sentence for attempting to bounce a cheque for $25 million (£15m), Mr Dwek turned informer, penetrating the rabbi network and recording hundreds of hours of tapes revealing the extent of an operation that seems lifted from the pages of The Godfather.

        “Solomon Dwek – isn’t that the government’s co-operator?” said Robert Stahl, an attorney for Rabbi Saul Kassin, 87, of Brooklyn, one of those arrested. Mr Stahl said it was a shame the rabbi had been “caught up in this misunderstanding” and that he “remained confident”.

        Michael Bachner, representing Brooklyn Rabbi Mordchai Fish, said: “Our belief is that Mr. Dwek used his closeness and the sterling reputation of his family to manipulate individuals who trusted that he would never be involved in illegal conduct.”

        Mr Marra said: “Parking lots, restaurants, luncheonettes, diners, offices, basement boiler rooms and bathrooms. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were paid in these places.

        “For these defendants, corruption was a way of life, they existed in an ethics-free zone.”

        The laundering case boomeranged when Mr Zwek found state officials attending the money drops, leading to three mayors and two public officials being among the 44 suspects – so many that they were taken to court not by squad cars but by bus.

        Others arrested included building and fire inspectors, city planning officials and utilities officials, all accused of using their positions to further the corruption by accepting bribes to pass consent on building projects.

        Prosecutors say Rabbi Rosenbaum was caught in a sting after an FBI officer posed as someone wanting a kidney for her uncle. “I’ve been doing this a long time,” Rosenbaum is alleged to say on tapes, adding that for $160,000 he could find a donor in Israel and smuggle the kidney to the United States. “I am what you call a match-maker,” he allegedly said. “I’ve never had a failure.”

        This is the second shock to New York’s Jewish community, still reeling from the arrest in January of financier Bernie Madoff who used his connections among Jewish philanthropists and investors to fleece them in a $50 billion scam.

        Prosecutors say the money was laundered from Switzerland, through Israel to New York in the guise of charity payments. Officials have yet to reveal where the money originated.

        Some of the allegations, meanwhile, seem lifted from The Sopranos, the TV series following the lives of a fictional New Jersey crime family. In one conversation presented by prosecutors, Zwek was given a box of Apple Jack cereal stuffed with $97,000.

        In another, the mayor of Hoboken, Peter Cammarano, allegedly says that corruption is so accepted in New Jersey that it would not harm his election chances if he was discovered. “Right now the Italians, the Hispanics, the seniors are locked down,” he says. “I could be, uh, indicted, and I’m still going to win 85 to 95 per cent of those people.”

        Not everyone agrees. Four years ago, Jon Corzine was elected New Jersey governor on the promise to be the sheriff sent to clean up Dodge, and his prosecutors have arrested more than 300 people in a chain of corruption investigations.

        “The scale of the corruption we’re seeing as this unfolds is simply beyond any pale,” he said. “I still believe that government can play a positive role in people’s lives, but our institutions must have people of integrity.”

        Serpent that lurks in the heart of the Garden State

        THE arrest of 44 suspects – including a clutch of state officials – for corruption seems to many Americans to cement New Jersey’s reputation as one of the worst states for corruption and cronyism.

        Over the past eight years, 130 state officials have been jailed for corruption, including three former mayors and a former state senator.

        It has led some from other states to joke that the state’s nickname, the Garden State, should be replaced with the Corruption State.

        The corruption dates from the 1930s, when New Jersey towns across the Hudson River from New York City became home to the Mafia, as depicted in the contemporary television drama series The Sopranos.

        “New Jersey’s corruption problem is one of the worst, if not the worst, in the nation,” said Ed Kahrer, who heads the FBI’s white-collar and public corruption division. “Corruption is a cancer that is destroying the core values of this state.”

        But many state residents say they are being unfairly tarnished by the corruption investigations in a few isolated cities.

        “They have the wrong idea about New Jersey,” Ed McLaughlin – owner of the Blue Sunsets property business in the coastal town of Spring Lake – told The Scotsman.

        “The character of New Jersey is of a state with good-hearted, hard-working people. We get painted with a brush because of the action in one of our largest cities.”

        • Joseph

          The Jews for exhibit the same sensibilities as the Moslems. Anything goes outside of your “religion”. Rape, theft, extortion, murder, lying, slavery -none of these count if only applied to the goyim -or infidels. The Shemites are all alike. Since we are not humans in their book (literally) anything is permissible when you are the chosen people subverting mere animals.

  • MekongDelta69

    I am HIGHLY ‘offended.’ They didn’t include brown people.
    The NYT is not being very ‘sensitive’ and ‘inclusive.’
    They are ‘racist.’

    Oh wait… this is the NYT. The keeper of all racial knowledge and arbiter of what is allowed to be spoken and unspoken.

  • tickyul

    COME NOW………correlation does not equal causation. We all know Urban Americans are delightful people to live around.

  • Luca

    Give the NYT some credit for not plastering the article with generous amounts of liberal explanations and excuses. Usually they try to convince readers that it is not the fault of the black/brown people living in these areas but rather, that jobs have left, gangs and drugs have moved in, there are too many liquor stores per block, and the schools are poorly performing due to lack of funding. I guess they think that their readers are already so well indoctrinated they can now arrive at those conclusions on their own.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    We’ve also forgotten that folks who dress like “afawetes” are likely to live near homicides. My proposal is that we ban the manufacture, marketing, sale and possession of “afawete” clothes.

  • JohnEngelman

    A number of years ago I read an article that appeared in The New York Times that said liberals and conservatives prefer reading news stories and political commentary that confirms what they already believe, and that both groups resist exposure to what would challenge their preconceptions.

    The article said that liberals do not want to be told bad things about blacks and homosexuals. That explains how The New York Times reports the news. Unlike Rush Limbaugh and FOX News The New York Times does not deliberately lie. Nevertheless, it refrains from reporting facts that do appear on American Renaissance.

    That is why it is a good idea to get news from various sources, and to be aware that what one does not want to believe is frequently true nevertheless. One should be aware of one’s prejudices.

    • Luca

      To the extreme right there is one opinion, to the extreme left there is another opinion. Somewhere in the middle lies the truth.

      • JohnEngelman

        Strong feelings interfere with the ability to perceive what is true and what is false.

        • Svigor

          My strong feelings naturally followed on after I dispassionately perceived what is true and false.

        • Morris Thecat

          talking from experience eh?

        • OBSERVER

          What is true creates strong feelings.

          FACTS: Blacks are dangerous and hate the White Race.

          Feelings: I want nothing to do with them.

          • JohnEngelman

            Every black person I know likes me. It is true that blacks as a race have a high crime rate, and that whites are more likely to be victims of black crime than are blacks to be victims of white crime.

          • Luis

            Good for you, paisan! They liked Albert Schweitzer too.

        • Morris Thecat

          so you think you are above this then? Your opinions are not affected by your strong feelings? You aren’t going to sell that one..

          • JohnEngelman

            I do not think I am above allowing my emotions to influence my judgment of what is true and false. I do make an effort to keep this from happening. I have lived long enough to learn that what I do not want to be true often is.

    • Svigor

      I’d rather share a foxhole with a man who believed the right things for perhaps flawed reasons than a man who believed the wrong things for perhaps sounder reasons.

    • Morris Thecat

      Rush Limbaugh does not deliberately lie. The pages of the NYT would be blank if they did not deliberately lie.

      • JohnEngelman

        When The New York Times makes a mistake it prints a retraction. The lies of Rush Limbaugh have been documented since 1994.


        • Morris Thecat

          “When The New York Times makes a mistake it prints a retraction.”–so now we know that YOU lie. They rarely print a retraction and when they do they bury it way way in the back.

          That link you gave was ridiculous. All you have is that he said that volcanoes contributed to holes in the ozone layer. The writer of that link is not a very knowledgeable source, and it is obviously someone who lets his emotions guide what he will listen to or not listen to . Other experts, even environmentlaists concede that yes, volcanoes do contribute

          “On the other hand, significant ozone loss was observed in the stratosphere after the devastating 1991 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo (Philippines), which produced a plume that rose to 34 km, well into the stratosphere. Although measurements found no increase in stratospheric chlorine, the eruption played an indirect role in reducing ozone levels.”

          So the BEST thing they could come up with was not a lie at all, it is actually true.

          Then we also have the fact that the whole theory of the ozone depletion is false to begin with


          so now are you going to say that it isn’t, because you let your emotions determine what you will listen to and acknowledge?


      I am prejudiced and racists.

      Both are based on Facts.

  • APaige

    According to the NY times, you want to live near people that have Bachelors degree, make over $60,000 a year, and are …..’dont want to say.’ How about blue or green eyes? That would be another way around the truth

  • JackKrak

    The NYT will no doubt be shocked at the results when they carry out similar examinations of the presence of tractors in areas close to farms and far from farms, the number of lifeguards near pools and far from pools and the amount of bail bondsman near jails are nowhere near jails.
    More black people in areas with high rates of violent crime – who knew?

  • Tom

    Heavy democrat areas too..Imagine that.

  • CharlesFinley

    “Near people with multiple apostrophes in their given names…”

  • scutum

    “Residents living near homicides in the last 12 years were much more likely to be black, earn less money and lack a college degree.’
    This is news?

  • Morris Thecat

    “Residents living near homicides in the last 12 years were much more
    likely to be black, earn less money and lack a college degree.”

    …. I think the left has definitely reached the point where they are a joke. I mean, who could read that and not burst out laughing?

  • Luis

    To my fellow Amrenners:

    Forget the gobbledygook statistics of the NY Times in the above article with their meaningless percentages. Here’s the real deal, presented in raw numbers by me, Luis (f/k/a Soprano Fan):

    The homicide tally for Chicago in 2012, now is 513, according to the free rag “RedEye”. Of that total:

    397 are Bantus, for a percentage of 77.4%

    86 are Hispanic-surnamed, for a total of 16.8% That’s a total of 94.2% for Bantus and mestizos.

    25 are Caucasians, for 4.9% One of these was a 16-year old white girl randomly shot while riding in a car in a coal-black neighborhood (Roseland). God only knows what TF ahe was doing there.

    5 are Orientals, for 1%. The rag refers to them as “Asians”.

    The above figures do NOT include perps shot by law enforcement, so the Bantu/mestizo figures are higher.

    Remember the article here on Amren, a few months ago, pointing out that 89% of the homicides in NYC are committed by Bantus and mestizos, there? What is the Times trying to achieve here, by brining up meaningless residency and education statistics? A Bantu who went to college is as capable of murder (Jovan Belcher and O.J. Simpson) as a Bantu who dropped out of high school – absolutely useless stats.

    To me, it seems they’re bleating the same old canard about throwing money at an unsolvable problem. Lyndon Johnson tried that some 47 years ago – his “Great Society” and ‘War on Poverty” programs, almost all of whom are still around today.

    That dog just won’t hunt nowadays.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      You forget that Democrats always double-down on their failures. In spite of our having spent a gazillion tax dollars to end poverty, it’s still here. The solution the left always offers is that we haven’t spent enough money yet, and they need more.

  • PesachPatriot

    Here’s my two cents on the whole jewish white collar crime thing. It obviously happens, as evidenced by madoff and mike miliken the junk bond king in the 1980’s…however, when the perps are caught and put on trial the rest of the community doesn’t start protesting unfair treatment and saying that Chaim or Yitzhak was good boy who was just turning his life around. Its usually weeping and wailing and how could he embarrass his community and family. When Madoff got caught my dad said that what he was doing was more or less the same thing as every respectable, legitimate bank and lending institution in the country was. However, the original ponzi schemer, Mr. Charles Ponzi was actually italian. Given the current state of things here I think perhaps Mr. Ponzi deserves a post humous Nobel Prize for economics.

    The reason white collar crime is not all over the media like brutal hood street crime is because it is far less visceral and impacting on people’s lives. You guys know the old saying “if it bleeds it leads”. Financial crime is incredibly dull and tedious to follow. Most people’s eyes start to glaze over if you mention ETF’s, high frequency trading, quote stuffing, insider trading, stock manipulation, misrepresentation of risk etc…The average wal mart shopper does not care that a multimillionaires net worth went from the princely sum of 300 million dollars to the pauper’s pittance of only 120 million dollars because of some nefarious ruffian with glasses and a good forex trading algorithm. People find stories about flash mobs, drive bys, carjackings, assault, rape, murder, arson and robbery much more exciting than listening to some guy from the SEC drone on about the white collar perp of the week.

    • High dollar white collar crimes are almost pure abstractions, while most people grok a bloody dead body on the pavement. When the media do the high dollar white collar crime, most people tune out upon hearing the first Wall Street-y or accountant-y acronym.

    • Luis

      Pesach, see my post above about comparing Madoff’s scheme with a Shintavious Jackson walking into Jose’s Bodega with a sawed-off shotgun, and threatening murder. Your first sentence in the 2nd paragraph sums it up, and explains why people are buying guns left and right.