Jamie Foxx Jokes About Killing ‘All the White People’ in His New Movie

Noel Sheppard, Newsbusters, December 10, 2012

Two weeks ago, Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx made national headlines when he called President Obama “Our lord and savior.”

While hosting NBC’s Saturday Night Live this weekend, Foxx joked about how in his new film “Django Unchained,” “I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that?” {snip}


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  • Puggg

    Ironically, Jamie Foxx is a George Strait fan.

    • You Are Now Enriched

      Just marketing lies. He does that to make White blue collars think he’s “just like us”.

      • Neil Diamond

        Jamie Foxx is awesome. Great actor, great person and above all an awesome musician too 🙂

        • Wayne

          He, like all actors, is no more than an overpaid whore. Prostitution and acting are sister professions.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Politics too.

          • Luis

            Wayne, funny you mention that. The silent screen actress Anna Mae Wong (born in Los Angeles’ Chinatown district) was reviled by people in that community, because they felt that acting WAS prostitution.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Equating acting with prostitution is a very old part of Chinese culture.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Jamie Foxx is also a fan of mass murderer Stanley “Tookie” Williams.

      Williams was convicted of murdering a convenience store clerk and, days later, three people at a motel. He denied committing the crimes.

      “Stan, it’s Jamie! How are you, my brother?” Foxx, who once portrayed the death-row inmate, said into the receiver. He then held the phone to a microphone so Williams, scheduled to die by lethal injection Dec. 13, could address the crowd.

      “I’d like to thank all you youngsters,” Williams said. “I am honored, truly honored, and regardless of what happens to me, whether I am alive or executed, I know you all will remember me.”

      Foxx gave the phone back and turned to the crowd.

      “If that don’t move you, I don’t know what it takes,” the Oscar-winning actor said.


      Fortunately, Williams was executed by lethal injection in California, Schwarzenegger denied clemency.


  • Bobbala

    Morbo: There were no survivors.
    Linda: [Chuckles] Takes all kinds.

  • I guess it’s the comic geek still lingering inside me, but I am irritated that Jamie Foxx is going to be Spider-Man super villain Electro, who has been white since he first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #9 around 50 years ago.

    • So CAL Snowman

      I was angry when they made Nick Fury black.

      • They have done that with a ‘loosely’ based on events movie. The main character of the real event was white but in the film he was latino. The s.it of it was that the first antagonists he encountered were two white guys, when in reality it was a black guy.

        Sure, later in the movie the antagonists were black but that was only after his black best friend was murdered by them….

      • Johnny Clay

        The same thing happened in the “Thor” movie, where a Norse god was depicted as black.

        • Laughably ridiculous, that.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I don’t have a problem with Hollywood producing this dreck, as they have not yet come up with a way to force me to pay to see it.

    • Yes, I’ve raised my own amount of hell over casting Foxx as Electro. Fortunately, this most recent Spider-Man series got a terrible start, so I’ve no interest in seeing any more of it anyway…although I might have paid to see a proper (white) Electro.

  • If you are white and if you go see this movie or ever watch a Jamie Foxx movie again you are an idiot and a traitor to your race. Stop giving money to support your own destruction.

    • ncpride

      Exactly. The same can be said about other so called comedians such as George Lopez. They make foul jokes and insult Whites constantly,and all the while the clueless White auidence laugh and clap thinking it’s all in good fun. It’s not, YT! They mean every word of it and it’s past time to wake up and realize it.

      • The Verdict of History

        Thunderous applause and exuberant elation in the face of RACIAL SUICIDE and VOLUNTARY SURRENDER!

      • Johnny Clay

        Whenever a black or hispanic comedian makes a joke about Whites, I cringe and wonder if the Whites in the audience will be targeted after the show.

      • mobilebay

        You’re right about George Lopez. I get the same gut reaction when I see him as I do when Congressman Luis Guiterrez appears on TV. Both make me want to throw up.


        Believe it or not, I was a stand up comic for 12 years.

        I toured with Sam Kenison, Bill Hicks, and even Carrot Top.

        All real good comedy is based on truth. Real Truth. The type you can not say in “polite company”. Listen to these non-whites comics and you will see how their “community” really feels about Whites.

        They hate us and want us dead, Well, they want the White Man dead but they want the White woman alive and on her back.

        • C_C_Conrad

          I don’t recall ANY white comics ever making jokes like this, MAYBE that’s our problem?!


          Jack’s War

      • kathey

        I am tired of hearing nationalities joked about, keep this out of the spot light, and any one who says anything about a nationality is harboring prejudice against that nationality

    • Libearlsuck

      The only whites that willingly pay money to a black are liberal ones. They already get enough of my tax dollars to pay for their babies and their incarceration and for their affirmative action federal jobs.

      • kathey

        Good one Libearlsuck

    • guest

      I’ve never really watched anything with Jamie Foxx, but after this, I can honestly say that I hate him and I will never watch anything that has him in it. The white audience members who laughed at that disgusting “joke” are obviously white leftists who voted for Obama. Only a white leftist finds humor in their own destruction.
      The sad thing is that the entertainment industry has become anti-white these days. That’s one reason why I don’t like today’s movies and TV shows.

      • 5n4k33y35

        It has been this way for years, worse every year. Don’t worry about it. The pendulum is moving the other way now.

      • Johnny Clay

        I see a lot of “black guy-white girl” couples on TV and it’s not what the story is about. Even dating site commercials are doing this.

        • Pelayo

          In more and more commercials there are quick lighting like shots of B male and W women.

          • 5n4k33y35

            Yep, even when they’re not in the same frame, they’re juxtaposed temporally and sequentially. This is done as much as they think they can get away with. And then a little bit more after that.

        • Makes my skin crawl. Don’t believe the hype. Most of us find the thought of a black-white relationship disgusting.

          • ebonytheboss

            wow realy well thats a rude and dumb thing to say . I think interracicle coupls are great and black girls with white are better. Stop being a racits jerk!!

          • GregHood

            Leaving this up purely as a representative sentiment of anti “racitsm”

        • Pelayo

          That’s another thing that freaks me out. There’s another commercial with a White woman and her two obviously mulatto children. No husband/father appears.
          THe most revolting one is the ad for the alarm system. It’s been referenced several times here on AMREN. It makes my skin crawl to mention the details.

      • Wait ’til you see The Paperboy

      • kathey

        How right you are !!!!

      • Pelayo

        The only movie I saw in which FOXX played was the movie version of Miami Vice. Compared to the series as campy as it was, the movie sucked. Colin Farrell also couldn’t hold a candle to Don Johnson. The only person who made it worthwhile was “eye candy” Gong Li.
        Foxx appeared on Letterman’s show two nights ago. I also cannot stand Letterman. He is a total sleazy, nauseating Progressive.

        • ebonytheboss

          Umum gong li was ugly

      • ebonytheboss

        Well not all tv and movies are bad but jamie fox is a dumbass

    • The__Bobster

      If a White man booed the PM, you could bet that the libtards in that audience would go after him.

      • Pelayo

        I wouldn’t refer to them as retarded. They were smarter than we were. They’ve launched THEIR agenda. WE’RE the “retards” for falling asleep at the switch. We were too preoccupied with our creature comforts and sports and TV. and of course working to support our families and Blacks while the progressives went about their diabolical program. Does anyone have a figure re. the number of White men and women who have been murdered by Blacks in the last ten years?

        Now we’re rending our garments and wailing about what we should do. We didn’t start this war but we sure as Hell better finish it. It’s all about what we’re willing to do and what risks we’re willing to take to end this horror. Are we willing to do things that would normally be abhorrent to us due to our civilized upbringing? Vietnam was the beginning of it all. They played us like
        Itzhak Perlman on a Stradivarius except that THEIR music was ugly.

        • Pelayo

          After some pondering I arrived at the idea of a total boycott of everything that has to do with the Progressive puppeteers and their Black acolytes. How many of you are willing to stop supporting sports; particularly NFL & NBA? How many of you are willing to write letters to companies whose advertising demeans Whites and supports “romantic” relationships between Blacks and Whites? How many of you are willing to boycott any entertainment media that showcases Blacks? How many of you can practically “home school’ your kids? (I realize THAT’s a tough one financially and logistically. ) Your weapon will be your money and how you use it.

          • WHITE HORSE

            We need a Pro White organization with these concepts but there is not even one.

            Not one. Not a single White man is willing to start a national pro-White organization.

          • Gracchus123

            Don’t mean to brag, but I and my family have been doing all of the above for well over 15 years to include home-schooling our 4 children. Sometimes it is hard to do, but it is VERY do-able. Try it, you will derive great pride over time.

          • Denise

            Pride for what? keeping your kids away from reality so you can ‘control’ their minds? what will they do when they get into real society? say something racist and get their due? People like you should not be allowed to have kids!

          • Denise

            What a racist thing to say; it’s sad that the most racist people don’t realize it; what business is it of your’s who dates who? and if they are dating why not show them in commercials? should they only show same race couples? that’s not realistic!

          • C_C_Conrad

            It is better to concentrate all of your efforts on one target at a time. We are to few otherwise.

            Jack’s War

        • C_C_Conrad

          This reminds me of the Quakers in 1755… Wilderness Empire…


      The Jews in Germany could not bring themselves to accept that the Nazis wanted them all dead. Even when being packed into box cars they were still in denial. I am really worried that whites are not taking Obama and these blacks seriously.

      • Pelayo

        I’m concerned about the same thing. What do we do? Do we start a terror war against them? Car bombs? Snioing? Regarding the Jews in Germany, they were in denial because Hitler never announced publicly his “Final Solution” program although Jews were more than aware of the hostility following Kristal Nacht. We have already had the NBPP calling for our genocide while the Presidente and his AGOTUS gave it what amounted to a wink and a nod,

        • Pelayo

          I meant to say “sniping” above. Forgot the “p”

        • anarchyst

          The “hostility” shown the jews in Germany was largely of their own making. Look up “jewish economic boycotts of Germany” and “Judea declares war on Germany”. You will not view WW2 the same way ever again.

          • eduard

            Good book to read is Witness to History compiled by Michael Walsh. Them jews don’t want you to read this book. You will be blown away by what really happened. Another book has just appeared on the horizon and will probably be boycotted. It is Bleeding Germany Dry written by South African born Claus Nordbruch.
            When Germany became prosperous then that miserable scumbag Churchill said: “We have to stop Germany!”. Hence the second WW.

        • john

          Before Hitler,the Germans were starving, eating out of garbage dumps,spending their life savings for a loaf of bread,the jews,it was said,laughingly putting glass into rolls thrown away.;When Hitler took power what happened? Germany rose to quickly become the worlds wealthiest nation. The bigger the jews,the smaller the people. the smaller the jews,the bigger the people. When your bloodstaream is swarming with parasites,you dont so so well;when the parasites are eliminated you get better.

        • C_C_Conrad

          It will fail if the little people are the targets. Always go for the head of the snake.

      • john

        How DARE you compare US to jews!!!!!!!! The jews are behind all of this! They were attacking the Germans just as they are destroying us.

        • Bobbala

          The analogy is correct. Truth is supposed to be our ally.

      • kathey

        Well put Aunti Occupy

    • Keep Honkin I’m Reloading

      Wife and I were at another movie last month, this trailer ran by and the wife asks…”think we’ll come see that one?”

      I said, you can… right after the in dries on the divorce papers.

      • Tim

        I tell my better half I only “demand” you do something if I think you or I or both of us are in immediate physical danger…” This might just be the case.

    • Bison

      Race traitor for watching a movie while all that the White elites seem to care about is their own greed at the expense everything else [includes interests of Whites] and we rarely if at all see any protests [peaceful and well behaved of course but public and loud] by the likes of you? I am not trying to be provocative but just questioning the rationale of your statement. Now, having said that I’d still think not-watching/watching a movie makes zilch difference, even to white interests. Also, a lot of stand-up comedians of other races do this – picking at their own as well other races/ethnicities. Maybe in bad taste for some, sure. What’s really of concern is the largely-white audience cheering ! That is something to think about. In a different world where Whites and Blacks live in completely race based nations Jamie could still be playing the same ‘how black is that’ joke and some Whites might still watch, even laugh at it. Because IT IS A JOKE. I am neither White nor Black, nor do I hate Whites [as that’s the automatic assumption in amren kind of circles about non-whites nor am I a fan of Black culture.

      • Wayne

        Yes, a traitor, regardless of what elite do or do not do. Giving credence to hate against your own mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children by giving your time and money to this anti-white propaganda is treason.
        Change “white” to “jew” and tell me how funny and what a joke it is.

        • Bison

          I didn’t specifically mention ‘Jew’ but wasn’t that implied in my post anyway ? When I talked about comedians in general and this being a joke. If it wasn’t I am saying it now. Though in bad taste, I would still consider using ‘Jew’ there as a legitimate joke. Of course, you can dislike and protest against it, fair enough for me.

          • Wayne

            Sure…try it sometime. But we all know that’s baloney. You are cowardly and will only choose Whites and White Christians for your humor.

      • Bison in an earlier time I would agree with you but this is no longer the America of my youth in the 70s. Movies and television matter. The propaganda worked into them by the enemies of white America have over the course of my lifetime completely turned our traditional morality and culture on its head. Up is down, bad is good. Given the high levels of black on white violence in this country and the increasingly sadistic and horrific nature of black attacks on whites there is absolutely nothing funny or harmless in a black movie star/comedian making a “joke” about killing all the white people in the movie. I am from Georgia an in the past couple of months four young whites were murdered in Savannah Georgia by young black men for no reason other than racial hatred. One foolish girl who made the mistake of treating a black man like an equal was locked in the trunk of her car and burned alive by him. A white fireman was shot in the back of the head by a black for no reason at all and with no warning. Two whites driving in a car near a heavy black area of Savannah were shot and killed, again for no reason other than they were white. There is a low level race war going on in America and only the whites are too stupid or too civilized to notice and react appropriately. Say what you want about evil Southerners and Jim Crow but in my grandfathers day four whites had been murdered by blacks in one city in the course of a few weeks white men would have reacted rapidly, violently and decisively.

        • Bison

          Jesse, I see your point. I am aware of the trend. In isolation this might just be a bad joke but I acknowledge the cumulative affect, somewhat of a prelude to SA’s ‘kill the boer’ song I guess if an analogy could be drawn. I think it would be fair to say this joke can be ignored if a similar joke on Blacks is acceptable in public today. That’s basically how I saw the whole thing.

          • Fredrik_H

            A joke like that would never fly, you know that. A white person who made a joke like that would be reviled and would have to give up any notion of having a career. Ever.

          • Bill Burr is one of my favorite comideans, he makes fun of black people. his career is fine.

        • C_C_Conrad

          Do any of you remember the phrase, tit for tat? Or am I just giving my age away. Also, in our grandfather’s day, a white man had the support of his community. Things are going to change eventually.
          Jack’s War

        • Pelayo

          Now we have the f–k nut White males acting out by killing innocent little White kids in Kindergarten and first grade classes. Kids that won’t grow up and marry and produce more Whites. The perpetrator of the incident in the Oregon Mall didn’t appear to be White. Why do these crazed shooters always choose predominantly White targets? Don’t misunderstand that statement. I in no way condone such violence against the innocent of any race. It’s just that between the violent Blacks who murder White people AND their children on a daily basis and the psycho Whites mass shooters, our chances of our racial survival are rapidly being reduced to a very low order of probability. Add to that the ever increasing possibility that there will be total confiscation of firearms leaving us totally defenseless. “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” said Rom Emmanuel.

          Instead of “gun control” we need “NUT control”. Our POTUS was on thr gun issue like the proverbial “White on rice”. I personally have for years witnessed so much educational time wasted on dealing with the constant disruptions by these kids with so called “personality disorders” . They were lined up outside the school nurse’s office for their RItalin. Weren’t Klebold and Harris on Ritalin?
          There are more and more people out there who are convinced that these psychotics are being programmed by some government entity to spread terror throughout the country.I used to think that they were off the wall.
          Not so much any more.
          How many parents are scared to death to send their kids to school tomorrow-Monday Dec 17th?
          Martial law will be next.

          I apologize for the disorganized rant. I just needed to blow off steam. The Newtown massacre has really rocked me and seriously damaged my “faith”. Where was God when those little ones and their devoted teachers needed him? Why didn’t he strike down Adam Lanza? Clergy would opine that he was “testing us”. Testing us for WHAT? I definitely flunked that test!!

        • Pelayo

          To Jesse James, Those “evil Southerners” acted the way they did because they knew all about those with whom they were dealing. I just wish that someone in Knoxville had dealt with those sons of bitches who murdered Channon and Christopher. They’re in the process of a new trial.

      • gemjunior

        Stifle yourself, Edith.

        • Bison

          Well, I wasn’t entertained by his joke to stifle anything, if that’s what you meant.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Just blew away his CD “Ray” as target practice

      –comment from the original article.


    • Dr. X

      I have seen one — ONE — Hollywood flick in about the past 20 years. Gran Torino. That’s IT. I refuse to give those Hollywood scum my money, and I am not “entertained” by the anti-American, anti-male, anti-White, sexually perverse and violent films they produce. A patriotic American white male paying money to see a Hollywood flick makes about as much sense as a Jew paying money to see a Leni Reifenstahl film in Nazi Germany.

      • Pelayo

        We have a male Leni Riefenstahl. His name is Steven Speilberg.

        • john

          So agree!(Except thats an insult to Riefenstahl,who had talent!And was on the right side!)Speilberg is the absolute scum of the earth.

      • kathey

        Thank You Dr. X

      • ed

        perhaps off subject………but the barbershop scene in gran torino was odd…………… I know the banter Eastwood was trying to imitate but it came off all wrong and absurd I thought. and I like Eastwood ..but…. not sure what happened.

      • Sector 19

        Unfortunately, most of the Nazi propaganda films were a direct response to the anti-German / anti-male / anti-‘gun toting rural Bavarian’, anti-patriot, pro gay/interracial films and books of the bankrupt Wiemar Republic. Sounding familiar yet?

    • refocus

      A few years ago I was in the audience at a small time jazz rock concert.

      From the stage, the well respected black vocalist made some negative remarks and poked fun at “white people”.

      During the pause just before the expected laughter…

      I asked him, in my mean voice, “What did you say about White People?”

      He practically soiled his britches… right there in front of everyone.

      Ha ha ha

      • Pelayo

        Do you care to share the identity of this vocalist so that we can boycott his B A?

      • Denise

        I don’t think ANY race should be targeted in comedy or otherwise

    • Le Gaulois

      Yes, but Foxx is just a useful puppet. Guess who produces SNL and writes all the skits, the monologues on those “idiot cards”, and of course flashes “applause” right on cue ?

      That’s the real enemy here…

      • john

        Tell me whom you cant criticize,and I’ll tell you who is your Master.The Master keeps kosher!

    • jeffaral

      A propos, who owns Hollywood? Surely not the Blacks!

      • john

        In fact the blacks have a huge lawsuit claiming they have been kept out of management of talent and relegated to small roles. The Hollywood people use blacks as they use anyone else

    • kathey

      You have that one strait, do not support Jamie Foxx, black list him, excuse the pun What do you think if some one white made a statement about killing all the blacks, I would call it a hate crime or speech, so it is the same way with whites, what is this world coming to. Has all of his work to keep us United gone to hell in a hand basket?

    • C_C_Conrad

      OK! HOW WHITE IS THIS… Buy copies of JACK’S WAR and mail a copy to every stupid ass white race traitor person inn that crowd!

    • Ron Cheaters

      Anyone else see a wannabe O.J?

    • DeRosset

      Traitor to my race, huh? Well, unlike some people, I don’t let my “race” define me. I plan to give Django Unchained” a rental when it comes out on video, and if you think that makes me a race traitor, then I guess I’m a race traitor in your eyes. Having said that, I don’t much like comedians such as Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence, or Bernie Mac who constantly put race into their stand-up routines, especially when there’s such a double standard. I consider myself a liberal, but not a self-hating one.

      • Sorry it took me awhile to notice your comment. Yes race traitor is a harsh accusation to hurl about and about forty years out of date now. I think your take on it that you don’t define yourself by your race is indicative of what may be the major split in American society today. My view is from a traditionalist perspective with a big dose of paleo-conservative populism.

        I think the cult of the individual serves the interests of the global corporate government elites who are seeking to destroy all competing sources of group loyalty. This is why the traditional family, white racial identity, religion, social organizations (Boy Scouts), white American history, any representation of Southern culture are so under assault by the progressive triad of the government, education and global corporations. I even understand the impulse to not allow yourself to be defined by race.

        Stop for a minute though and ask yourself why is it that the powers that be encourage all ethnic and racial groups other than whites (Europeans) to organize, identify and pursue racial political agendas. The current American government is sponsoring an openly racist spoils system the prefers in terms of welfare, hiring, educations scholarships and promotions within government employment all races over white Americans. Yet we are both the founding stock of this country and still the majority. Would the Chinese, Nigerians, Japanese or Indonesians put in place a similar system of racial preference that penalizes their own people for the benefit of other races or ethnic groups?

        Finally I understand that you wish to view yourself as an individual and stand on your own merit. Yet we don’t have the power to force others to do the same. Try riding a bus in Baltimore or go shopping at one of the hundreds of malls in this country that have been overrun by aggressive blacks. No matter if you like it or not you are white and in a nation that has decided you and any children you have are second class citizens you can expect that your government will classify you as an undesirable white and you will be forced through taxation to support the breeding and prosperity of a horde of hostile non-whites. If you are unfortunate enough to get caught up in one of the whirling negro flash mobs you will find that nobody cares what your personal morality, political stance or past actions are they will only see the color of your white skin.

  • David Ashton

    Pity he couldn’t kill all the whites who cheered and clapped his remark.

    • They laugh and clap because they’re scared. They know to show any anger at such a remark will ruin them. Once people get past the fear of ruin, they will go after a bum like that. But not yet. The time is coming though.

      • storibund

        Those guys? They’re not scared. They’re thoroughly, thoroughly brainwashed, and think it’s funny to wish degradation and humiliation on whites.

        I used to be one of them – I know.

        • Right. They believe that they’re getting “roasted” like a “celebrity roast”.

      • You Are Now Enriched

        Right. Soldiers in the military have learned that whenever the latest announcement of Gay Acceptance is made, they jump to their feet and cheer. They know they are being watched…

    • MekongDelta69

      Pity those whites were too stupid to exist.

      Pity he didn’t say that to a group of whites the way they(we) used to be (and some of us still are) and they didn’t kill him.

      • David Ashton

        My comment was a bit hyperbolic.
        The guilt-driven liberals are worse than the blacks who play them like fish.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    The White community is accused of intolerance and hatred fuled by racist unearned White privilege, but our lack of action proves we are tolerant to the point of extinction.

    That’s our privilege- suffering genocide so that the lowest, ugliest, most hideously dangerous humanoid n’gro species can have everything we created.

    The White race seems insistent on shouting to God the challenge that, “We don’t deserve all you’ve done for us, so please, wipe us out, and use the worst of your creations to do the dirty work”.

    How else can you explain our plight of accelerating minoritization?

    • Liberalsuck

      I think it’s going to take whites being rounded up and executed to wake them up. Then again, even that might be too optimistic.

      • CharlesFinley

        “Well, the slaves were treated HORRibly by our ancestors. We deserve this.”

        • Josey Wales

          well maybe treated HORRibly by YOUR ancestors, d-bag, but not mine. Mine didnt come to this country until the 20’s so my ancestors NEVER owned any slaves so, NO, I do NOT deserve this. Not only that, I am a veteran, my father was a veteran, my brother was a veteran, and my uncle was a veteran. I REFUSE to give in to the demands that I sit down and shut up because I am white. This IS MY COUNTRY. I fought for it and when the time comes, I WILL fight for it again. And it will NOT be pretty for there will be no pity or remorse given to the enemy.

        • Wayne

          Actually that’s baloney. They were treated well, probably the best of any slaves in history. Free health care, free housing, free food–same as today except they had to.work.

          • CharlesFinley

            I know that…and YOU know that, but the DWLs?
            No, they’re very sorry for being white.

    • Most of them are immoral hedonists – their lives revolve around drinking and fornicating, which by God’s grace mine does not.

  • david

    Nothing, not even being in the “top one percent” will ever release him from the slavery of the color of his skin.

  • Smeagol2

    People CHEERING for their own genocide. How white is that?

  • Germanacus

    “Django Unchained” from the morally ill mind of freak Quentin Terintino. Just in time for Christmas! Make sure your children get to see it! White man weak and evil. Black man brave, strong, a role model.

  • Kevin W. Cornell

    I don’t think any topic should be off-bounds to comedians. That being said, this particular joke failed on comedic grounds: it wasn’t funny at all, just really awkward.

    • KingKenton

      I don’t think it was meant to be funny. More like a warning.

  • MekongDelta69

    I saw the trailer on TV and I knew right then and there, I would never see this movie, even if they paid me to go.

    But then again, I can’t remember the last decade I’ve gone to see any movie – for the above reason and other reasons.

    When it comes out on DVD, I won’t buy it. When it comes on cable, I won’t watch it.

    In this day and age of the African regime, that’s pretty much all you can do – unless you feel like taking the time to send an email to the movie company and producers (which I always do – for everything). However, I realize not that many people have the time to do that, so make it simple on yourselves. Don’t go to see the movie and email your friends and tell them not to go too – and make sure you tell them why.

    • Fredrik_H

      I’m planning to see “The Hobbit”. It should be free of diversity, more or less..

      • NorthernWind

        Me too. That’s the only movie I plan to see this year. I will certainly not be seeing Django.

      • So CAL Snowman

        What are you talking about? “The Hobbit” is chock full of diversity. There are elves, hobbits, dwarves, and White men/women. They all seem to be European in nature though.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Well there’s also orcs, who look and behave as one would expect.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      If I see black, I walk back. I see a negro, I head for the window. If I see color, I look for another.

      How am I doing? Just don’t patronize black anything.

      • The__Bobster

        You rhyme as badly as a crapper. I see stardom in your future.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          Thank you, my white bro. It’s all in how well you utilize the ebonic style. But I’ll have to wear a big, blonde Afro wig.

      • john

        If I see a no good #@#@#,I’ll leave,I figger!

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          Let the competition for cracker crapper king commence! 2

          If I hear fancy names, I suspect @igger games.

          • ebonytheboss

            Shut up white faggot

  • Sean

    I just watched a George Lincoln Rockwell speech to get historical reference on the 60’s for an essay. Then I see this. Once again, on a cold afternoon, my anger keeps me warm.

  • Apologies to Michael Richards.

    Richards, you’ll recall, is the comedian publicly shamed for blurting the ‘n’ word at Aframericans in his audience during a live show. The blacks were heckling Richards, disrupting both the comic and the entire audience. Richards said his outburst was part of his routine, intended to counter the obnoxious disruption caused by boisterous blacks.

    Richards suffered the consequences. He was publicly humiliated, punished with lost income, and suffered emotional distress.

    Enter Jamie Foxx.

    The black comedian has drawn ire from thinking people for making a lurid racist remark that transcends the indignities of a racial slur. Foxx has demanded that all white people should be killed. Not to worry, it was part of his comedy routine. And everyone’s buying it.

    There are differences.

    Richards was provoked.
    Foxx’s racist rant is part of a premeditated script.

    Richards addressed a handful of blacks.
    Foxx addresses all white people, not a just few.

    Richards admitted he make a mistake.
    Foxx is arrogantly ignoring those he offended.

    • guest

      It always makes me so sick how when a white celebrity says something that offends non-whites, they’re always so quick to apologize and insisting they aren’t racist. Yet when Jamie Foxx makes a clearly racist comment about whites, it’s seen as hilarious. That’s why I didn’t care about what Michael Richards had said that time. Because there are so many non-white celebs talking crap about whites and always getting away with it. Things like that are what make a white person become callous about any problems that non-whites either actually have or are making up.

      • How can a person, any person, from one group continue to care for the plight of another group if that other group is bent on intimidating, embarrassing, harassing or wishing ill will? It’s insane to think that people are supposed to stand by and allow themselves to be degraded. No, I refuse that idea. No one is better than me due to the colour of their skin. That is ridiculous!

    • That’s because people have been made to feel entitled. Jamie Foxx is entitled to be racist because he is black, and somehow that is not a part of the definition of racism. See racism has been redefined as anything white people say that contradicts any other race’s opinions, views or beliefs no matter how absurd or rude. If you are black than anything you say is allowed. It is ‘impossible’ for a black person to be racist.

    • You Are Now Enriched

      Today’s Progress:

      What children read in school matters. Latino students, whose numbers are growing, need to encounter books featuring Latinos.


      Yesterday’s Hate:

      What children read in school matters. White students, whose numbers are shrinking, need to encounter books featuring Whites.

    • Todd

      I am White and I will say this. Richard’s comments were mean spirited, racial hatred. Nothing more nothing less. Mr.Foxx was being humorous. He never busted out in nasty racila slurs. The two situations are not even comparable.

      • Johnny Clay

        The problem is that whites, basically, ignored what Michael Richards said, while blacks will laugh about, or even act on, what Jamie Foxx said.

      • CharlesFinley

        “MISTER Foxx…”
        Suck it, douchebag. Suck it long, and suck it hard.
        And after you are done sucking it, get a clue.
        But first…suck it. Yeah?

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    I’m forced to recall Michael Richards and how he still has yet to be welcomed back from obscurity after he used the “N” word back about what, a decade ago?

    • The__Bobster

      I saw a review of his new show the other day. The media are still trashing him. His mistake was groveling. It made him look weak and accomplished nothing.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        Oh, he’s got a new show? They’ve actually given him probation? I haven’t seen anything on it, but no longer subscribe to cable or satellite tv.

  • RebelliousTreecko

    I love news articles like this, when anti-racists show their true colors.

    When we complain about films glorifying the deaths of our people, and about films that have notable White people replaced by Blacks (such as Dolphin Tale), we are told to settle down, as it’s “just entertainment”.

    You know they wouldn’t say those things if there was a movie that had the killing of non-whites, or a movie that replaced MLK jr. with a White man.

    “Revisionism and propaganda through the media!” they’d scream.

    I’m all for hate speech, especially anti-white hate speech. (although they don’t call it hate speech)
    Their hypocritical hatred towards our people empowers me, and awakens many other Whites.

  • Mike Lane

    Another “marvelous” Quinton Tarantino film I presume. It’s interesting how much fame he obtained after making Pulp Fiction. Not too long ago I rented it (when Block Buster was just beginning to fall off its horse) after I had seen the spectacular views it received from the “professional” movie critics. Long story short, it was an aweful movie (except for a few dimwitted remarks by Hollywood’s monkeyboy Sammy L.) portraying whites as cowards and homosexuals in front of black men, not to mention Uma Thurman as the cocaine addict wife of a black mobster.

    The only reason that slime is famous is because he brownnoses with the Weinstein brothers and directs whatever post-modern garbage they want him to make.

  • Maurice

    I can imagine a time when there might be negative
    consequences for making the kind of expressions that Mr. Foxx seems to relish.
    Perhaps he lacks forward thought processes or maybe he has poor impulse

    • Neil Diamond

      I must admit, I sure admire your wishful fantasy, even though even in the future, it will remain just that, a wishful fantasy confined to infertile wild imaginations within the psyche. Meanwhile Jamie Foxx will continue to make films & live his life with wealth, fame & success. Snap out of it, its just a movie. Don’t like it? Simple, don’t watch it! Invest your hard earned money on something more fruitful for your life. Peace 🙂

      • Wayne

        It’s not just a movie, it’s pure propaganda and whites are justifiably angry about it. If similar remarks were made about any group besides whites of Christians, you’d be condemning it.
        Also, you stupid sign out of “peace” means nothing after an entire race has been vilified, so shove it!

      • bluffcreek1967

        “Snap out of it, its just a movie” – I doubt very much you would be saying this if it was a White actor saying such a thing about Blacks or about Jews. But when it’s Whites, we just need to all calm down and “snap out of it.” The double-standard in all of this is simply amazing!

      • CharlesFinley

        When you finally understand…it will be too late, Skrote.

        Good luck!

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Even worse than whites mindlessly clapping and cheering at these tasteless “jokes” is actually going to see this new film “Django Unchained,” now that we have even the slightest inkling of what it contains. The sad thing is that many whites will! If whites refused to support movies like this with their hard-earned money, they would all flop.

    • fsagas

      “If whites refused to support movies like this with their hard-earned money, they would all flop.”

      Um…did you not see the white audience laughing and clapping as well as the white musicians in the background laughing?

      I mean really?

      • Tim_in_Indiana

        Uh, yes, that was my whole point. Whites are the ones supporting hate speech like this. That’s why it’s so sad.

  • Aaron

    Who ever made this movie should be dealt with.

  • KingKenton

    Even during Jim Crow, I doubt if Whites made “jokes” about killing black people at public events or entertainment venues.

    • Benjamin

      Yes , a number of them did.

  • bigone4u

    “Black is the new white.” No, black is the old black: stupid, parasitic, immoral, angry, lacking self control, and incapable of governing itself, but quite capable of inflicting itself on whites. Same old blacks, nothing white about them. What has changed is that our owners give them the Oscars, grammies, and turns on TV shows so they can show how superior they are. Are blacks superior in reality or only in fiction? The answer is obvious.

  • jimboob

    I feel sorry for people like him.

    • bluffcreek1967

      I understand what you mean jimboob, but I don’t “feel sorry” for Jamie or people like him at all. Why should I have empathy or sorrow for such a fool? No one forced him to utter such trash, did they? Whites need to stop “feeling sorry’ for Blacks, Hispanics and every other ‘minority.’ This sort of emotional, feel-good, touchy stuff has got Whites into more trouble in the past 50 years than anything else!

  • scott81

    The anti-white stuff in the media use to be subtle, now days they don’t even bother hiding it because there are never any repercussions. If a white person had made a public statement about killing black people in a movie there career would be over. White people have gotten so stupid they even think it’s funny, the best think you can do is not ever support hollywood again, don’t see movies they are garbage.

  • I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Once you’ve realized that Hollywood is 99.9% uncreative trash, you just automatically tune out this stuff. Jamie Foxx is probably very talented in a world of talentless people, but I really wouldn’t know because I have higher standards. Quinton Tarrantino? I thought the guy died a few years ago. I guess I’ve had better things to do over the past decade to actually notice.

    – I don’t watch movies with blacks cast as lead actors or even supporting actors. Want to ensure I won’t watch a movie? Put a black person in it. That sucker is DOA as far as I’m concerned.

    – I immediately remove merchandise from my “buy list” when they pass a certain threshold of negrofication in their advertising. If you make quality products — and you are White — I’ll buy, promote, and sell your stuff all day long.

    There is a nice little list of many other DOs and DON’Ts of mine when it comes to dealing with the stuff the media and hollywood tries to sell us.

    • GSJ

      What are some movies which are acceptable for viewing which lack the multiculturalism and black is good which is so endorsed these days?

      • I’m really not trying to be obtuse or evasive, but I might not be the best person to answer that. My criteria that would be acceptable for viewing is probably much broader than the majority of normal pro-White people. If you look up the word eclectic, I’m probably in there somewhere. I can tolerate themes with social stigmas, mild social engineering, and an array of other narratives…. I just don’t want to see black people or watch movies with actors who have “gone black.”

      • ncpride

        You’ll have to go back 40 years or more. There are a ton of classics worth watching. TCM is a great channel if you have it..

        • GSJ

          Sadly I don’t think I do. It’s worth it though, I’m not interested in seeing black protagonists getting the white girl, it is a sign that our society has completely turned its views upside down. I’m not really looking for white nationalist films or anything, just movies free of “diversity”.

          I will watch The Searchers when I have some time after exams.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Wayne called it his best and favorite film. Note especially how the Indians are dealt with.

            I was hoping people would put up suggestions too.


      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        John Wayne in The Searchers

      • Gracchus123

        Subscribe to Netflix for $7.00/mo. There you can watch all the movies you want for that $7.00. We often watch the British-made dramas. Some are very, very good..

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Read the novel “Tigana” by Guy Gavriel Kay. It’s special, and you’ll probably like it.

    • ebonytheboss

      Your wrong jamie fox is not talented at all

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Foxx is feeling high and mighty now that his “lord and savior” has been reelected for 4 more years to finish wrecking this country.

    This was a racist attack meant to stir up a violent response from blacks and ratchet up the knockout game. What’s even worse were the idiots who were applauding and laughing like murdering a whole race of people is hilariously funny.

    It isn’t. It’s sick.

    Yeah, let’s ask these recent victims of black-on-White assaults — or the loved ones of those who didn’t survive –just how funny it is to joke about blacks killing Whites.

    *New York: An elderly, 85-year old woman was brutally attacked in her Greenwich Village apartment building. The suspect was caught on tape waiting for the moment to strike.


    *Pennsylvania: Three black teenagers shoot Kayla Peterson, then pose with guns on Facebook.


    *Minnesota: Teen is accused of deadly knock-out punch in St. Cloud alley.


    Rabid racism against Whites is just a laugh riot.

    I play a slave

    You are a slave, Jaime. You are also a POS.


  • Not Politically Correct

    If he was just joking than what is the problem? Sometimes all of us need to learn how to laugh at ourselves.

    • Adam

      I agree, he was pretty funny. No big deal here.

      • If you want to see something really funny, take a gander at the test scores from most black schools. Juxtapose those astonishing reading, math and science skills with the label of First World Country.

      • Beloved Comrade

        Wise-ass street punks like Foxx who gain media access and sneer at and taunt and threaten the innocent don’t have anything to do with what happens on the streets of our cities and towns, right?

        That’s why your nation and the world around you is in such dandy shape, right? How lucky you are to live in it.

        Here’s a new one for you: bet this kid has never listened to Jamie Foxx or, for that matter, Eric Holder or Barack Obama, right?


        What I am doing is taking your smug, self-satisfied words and rubbing your face in them.

    • Taking even a brief look at the destruction, mayhem and death caused by black people isn’t something to laugh at. Maybe you think the millions of black-on-White rapes, robberies, assaults and murders is a funny thing, but it’s comforting to know there are other people who understand the seriousness of dealing with black people and their underdeveloped brains.

      • Not Politcally Correct

        Oh please! Don’t be ridiculous! He was being funny. I highy doubt that he has a desire to go out and kill all White people or any Whitye person for that matter.

        • SLCain

          No, but how many black people will see his movie, and get just that idea? Probably a few.

          • Excellent point. The more violent and lawless black viewers will leave with one theme in their ugly little heads: KILL WHITEY.

          • Johnny Clay

            I predict there will be violence in the theaters that show this movie.

        • Beloved Comrade

          I can tell you with some assurance that the friends and relatives of those murdered/slaughtered by blacks would love to learn your secrets about seeing the humor in offing white people. I know I don’t.

          Hard to get your heroic message across to those who have been raped, slaughtered and tortured by black, you know?

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome could not be reached for comment.

        • Johnny Clay

          Probably not, but there are plenty of people in da hood who will act on what he said.

      • Not Politcally Correct

        I would argue that there are that there are many,many White people (rednecks) in particular, who have underdeveloped brains.

    • bluffcreek1967

      I’m sure he was just joking. But the amazing double-standard here is that Jamie can say such things publicly against Whites and everyone laughs. However, if a White actor were to say the same sort of thing against Blacks, it would NOT be laughed at. It would NOT been seen as merely comedic humor or joking. It would be seen as ‘insensitive against an entire race,’ ‘racist,’ and as a ‘reflection of deeply-rooted racism.’ The White actor would start to lose job offers, his career would be threatened, he would have to publicly apologize and give to a ‘Black charity,’ the network who hosted him would also have to publicly apologize and make amends, and on and on it would go.

      I didn’t particularly like what Jamie said. I expect these types of expressions from him and other so-called ‘minorities.’ However, I don’t lose any sleep over it. I just want Whites to be able to publicly say the same sort of things, if they are inclined to do so, and not be persecuted for it. In other words, I don’t want there to be a double-standard. But I know this will never happen in the ‘new America.’

      • Beloved Comrade

        Jamie Foxx wasn’t joking about offing whites. He meant every word of it.

        • bluffcreek1967

          If you believe that Jamie Foxx was truly threatening to publicly kill Whites, you’re entitled to it – but not me. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying he likes White people, but his words at the time need to be understood in their context and setting as given on SNL (namely, his escape as a slave who gets revenge on his White slave owners, etc.). What I find troublesome is the double-standard in all of this, and the Whites in the audience who laughed and clapped about it.

          • Beloved Comrade

            Imagine a White comedian stating the following, as a joke, of course:

            “I kill Jews”

            “I kill blacks”

            “I kill Hispanics”

            Think the audience would dare laugh or Jews, blacks or HIspanics believe killing of their people to be a “joke” or “needed to understood in context” or brushed off as “just on SNL?” There would be immediate, 24/7 national outrage and denouncements as there was after Michael Richard’s or Dom Imus’ racial gaffes.

            If it is wrong to joke about killing Jews, blacks or Hispanics, then it is wrong to joke about killing Whites.

    • Beloved Comrade

      How magnanimous of you. Maybe you ought to take your wisdom out on the road and explain to the family members in the stories linked below how idiotic it is to believe that threats and taunts against people never contribute to actual violence:

      NORTHSIDE, OH (FOX19) –

      Bond was set Wednesday morning for a (black) man who is accused of murdering a (white)young mother in Northside.

      Carlos Richardson, 44, was arrested and charged Tuesday with the murder of Candace DeMoss, 20, in the area of 3400 Beech Hill Avenue on Nov. 18.

      “He took the of my niece. She still had her whole life ahead of her,” said Amanda Abrams, DeMoss’ aunt.



      11-year old white girl raped, murdered by black:


      It’s all pretty funny, though. Pretty funny to joke about offing white people.

  • SLCain
    • SLCain

      Apologies, Mr. Foxx. I had originally thought that this might be some kind of Zebra-like killing. But apparently it was just yet another instance of one black man killing another, probably over some criminal enterprise or trivial slight. And I no longer care when you black people kill each other.

      • Luis

        Neither do I.

      • CharlesFinley

        I rejoice! They are “offing” eachother at a marvelously-high rate!

        It warms the cockles of my heart. (-:

        “The victim’s name was LaQuandre’ Jankins, 26 years of age.

        He was an entrepreneur.”

  • gemjunior

    All the stupid, disgusting white IDIOTS clapping when he says it too. Unfathomable. This is so unbelievably gross it’s hard to describe. The double standard and lies in this country need to be exposed to the light of day in the most outrageous way possible. I will never watch this sickening asshole again as long as I live, and I intend to boycott TV. It’s high time, because every commercial is blacks, blacks, blacks. It’s as if we are already wiped out. We whites need to get really angry and make sure we say it loudly and don’t hush our voices like we might do at work or wherever in the interest of avoiding termination. This has really gone way too far now.

  • HES TOAST………………………….

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    If you choose to “joke” about the genocide of my people then I feel compelled to “joke” about the good graces of Jim Crowe.

    • Dean

      Actually, a number of White comedians like Jim Norton, Nick DePaulo, Lisa Lampanelli, Don Rickles and Judy Gold have made jokes about Jim Crow and slavery and Black people in general. In fact, many Black pele have laughed out loud at their commments.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Yes, some of the older comedians (e.g., Don Rickles) could get away with rather mild humor about Blacks, but this is rarely the case today. Even Lisa Lampanelli’s Black jokes are more or less crude sexual ones about the prowess and size of Black men. She also talks about how she likes to “do them,” etc. Further, she immediately makes it clear that she’s ‘only kidding’ after saying such things. As a woman, she can get away with this sort of thing more than a White male can because she’s considered one of the ‘protected class.’ Often, though, when Black comedians make anti-White jokes in the show, they rarely if ever apologize or take back what they’ve said. They just keep going on to the next joke because Blacks are not expected by society to ever have to apologize for their overt anti-White comments. Society, more or less, condones it. Truth is, Whites are afraid to speak out against it, and Blacks know it.

  • Mark Green

    Thank God he didn’t say “killing all the J-ws”. That would be a crime.

    • BAW

      Unless you are Muslim…notice how overt anti-Semitism from Muslims is virtually ignored, while white Gentiles can’t even say something like “There are a lot of Jewish people in the media.”

      • Luis

        Paisan, you need to qualify the term “Muslims being anti-Semitic”. For example, Arab Muslims are themselves Semites. Jews and Arabs are opposite sides of the same Semitic coin.
        Why do you think Muslims in the Middle East share the same revulsion towards pigs (Sus scrofa) that Jews do?

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I suspect the reason is that pigs are natural scavengers. In Europe, pigs ate acorns and dug up roots, while in the Middle East, bereft of oak trees, they ate carrion, offal and feces. The result was that the same animals had a much lower parasite load in Europe, and were safe to eat. Of course in the developed West, hogs are fed on corn and soybean and in the US the only people who get trichinosis are hunters who eat bear.

          Kosher Jews also do not eat rabbit, and the reason was also valid from a human health standpoint: tularemia. One doesn’t find out that a rabbit is sick until one sees the liver, and spots on the liver mean the animal is inedible. Of course in the days before rubber gloves, one already had blood from a diseased animal on one’s hands before seeing the liver. I don’t think Muslims avoid rabbit.

          Fish without scales (forbidden in the Old Testament) tend to be bottom-feeders, like eels and catfish, and one must be more thorough when cooking them. The anago – eel – served at sushi restaurants is always smoked, never raw. Crabs and lobsters are also bottom-feeders.

  • ageofknowledge

    Har Har Jaime. It’s OK for you to advocate white genocide but if someone advocates burning a cross on your front lawn they go to prison? Seems like a double-standard is in effect.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Well, on a happier note, I have only recently learned that Eric Clapton is an unrepentant “racist” who supported Enoch Powell. i always knew he was a guitar god, but now I am going to spend a little more time learning his songs. And before anyone calls him a hypocrite for making a name playing blues-inspired rock, just remember, just because you might like to play Ragtime, it doesn’t mean you want to emulate the syphilis-ridden Scott Joplin.

  • longing4abetterworld

    The Real problem & blame here, of course, goes to wacky ol’ Quentin Tarantino & his producers, the Jewish Weinstein brothers. All 3 get a kick out of making this kind of sh!t.

  • Jefferson

    If Jamie Foxx was not a famous multi-millionaire actor, he probably would have ended up being a thug just like Stanley Tookie Williams.

  • Jefferson

    If Jamie Foxx was not a famous multi-millionaire actor, he probably would have ended up being a thug just like Stanley Tookie Williams.

    • toldev

      Just give it time. While some blacks might be able to maintain some respectability for a while, sooner or later their inherent thug nature comes out. O.J. Simpson was the most famous example, but there are plenty of others.

  • Johnny Clay

    The new Jamie Foxx movie “Django” is nothing like the original “Django.” In the original, Franco Nero played a character similar to Clint Eastwood’s in the “Dollar” westerns. It was also an Italian western with a European cast. Foxx’s movie is nothing close to that, and only uses the title and the character’s name.

  • CharlesFinley

    Not long ago, some groid on Last Comic Standing did a “joke” about how he loved white women, so he couldn’t very well hate white MEN.
    “We need y’all for BREEDING!”
    The white people in the audience ate it up.

  • Time to stop seeing anything Jamie Foxx is in. Not another dime from me.

  • guest

    Even in biblical times, only 10% of the Jews followed Moses out of Egypt. The rest of the fools stayed as slaves.

    Do not expect a great white awakening. A small percentage of people will have to do all the work. The majority will continue laughing & clapping as they are lowered into the pot.

    The Russian Revolution was “accomplished” by a tiny percentage of people. If your mindset is that you need a majority, you will lose.

    One focused person could seriously damage Jamie Foxx’s career right now. He is not immune to pressure & ridicule.

    For example: Kayla Peterson was murdered by black people yesterday.

    “You happy now, Jamie Foxx?”

    Put the question out on social media or go old school & hang pictures on a telephone pole.

  • rebelcelt

    hehehehehe …he made a joke abboutr killing all of us…hehehehe. Its just a joke he does not really mean it.hehhehe

  • SLCain

    While we’re heaping condemnation on Jamie Foxx (and he deserves it, too), let’s not forget that foul, immoral little squid, Quentin Tarantino, who wrote and directed this movie. Nor indeed every actor who agreed to be in it. Don’t patronize anything they do again.

    • I agree. Mr. Foxx is simply a prostitute (ie, actor). As with most actors, they pimp themselves out to anyone who pays their price. Then they go out and are paid to promote the film. While Mr. Foxx may truly believe in the validity of this role, other actors simply repeat what they’re told to say to promote the movie regardless of what they may really believe. If they don’t toe the line, they won’t be hired for future projects.

      Mr. Foxx is only reading lines that were written for a black male actor (any black actor would do). The progenitors of this and other such nonsense are the writers, directors, producers, and studios. Mr. Foxx is merely the proverbial tool.

  • saxonsun

    Just saw a book called “Blackwards” by a black man about the obama agenda and what’s happening with race in the USA–he had the guts to tell the truth.

  • bitch bitch bitch, whine whine whine. That’s all I see on the comment boards here.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Hypocrite! Perhaps you should write something other than an infantile attempt at ridicule. You could also try actually doing something violent and see where that lands you.

      Write us from the hoosgow and tell us how your husband Darnell treats you.

  • anarchyst

    Those of the “tribe” that push this crap are laughing all the way to the bank.

  • john

    Any chance James Holmes can be let out for a bit?

  • i am
    • LaSantaHermandad

      Screw that bastard too. He’s no funnier than any other mayate buffoon in the streets of any city.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Eddie Murphy also was caught several times with transvestite male hookers. Hardly anyone to emulate.

  • fsagas

    I get overtly racial jokes (even though the whole idea of race spoken ideas is stupid).

    The audience makes me really angry. White people being killed is “great?”

    I wouldn’t mind the white people in the audience clapping and laughing about “white people being killed” actually dying themselves.

    I want idiot whites to have a taste of their own medicine. How can any white person just laugh at a “joke” like that?

    If any “joke was given the opposite this would be world media with screaming of racism from every person.

    • fsagas

      My point being is that “truth” is often said in jest.

      The audience must have not truly gotten the joke.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    I don’t get to kill anyone, but I get to decide what I spend my money on. How great is that? Let’s see; movie tickets at the late afternoon show for two people here are ten dollars and a babysitter more than that. Instead, I could buy components to tie dozens of fishing flies for the same money, and Foxx can go bark at the moon.

    This is not what we call a difficult decision.

  • 5Sardonicus

    Jamie Foxx could be funny, if the reality he mocks wasn’t so
    grim. Blacks commit a disparate among of crimes against whites, and yet the MSM
    never discuses this troubling phenomenon. Until we can have an honest dialog about
    race, things can only deteriorate. In addition, there is something wrong with
    Tarantino. He seems to hate his own people and idolize black thug culture.
    Maybe, he has feelings of inadequacy, I don’t know. In any case, he is either
    indifferent or hostile to his Italian European heritage, which is reflected in his overly violent films.

  • jaundiced1

    On a positive note these racist statements made by Foxx that were broadcast to millions should wake up thousands of people to the realities of anti-white racism. Same goes for Harry Belafonte’s remarks.

    They’re overplaying their card.

  • LastBastionOfHope

    Nothing like our own people cheering in an almost orgasmic fashion for the annihilation of our race. I don’t even recognize America anymore.

  • Urik

    someone should tell him that the lower button on a suit should always be unbutton.

  • Chicken George

    Remember Jamie Foxx didn’t write nor direct the movie Django Unchained a white man did.

  • ebonytheboss

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