DOE: School Suspensions of Boys, Blacks, Disabled May Violate Civil Rights Laws

Melanie Hunter, CNS News, December 13, 2012

“Students of color, students with disabilities and male students” are suspended at a disproportionate rate to their peers, in “potential violation of civil rights laws,” an official from the U.S. Department of Education said at a congressional hearing Wednesday on the so-called school-to-prison pipeline.

“We are alarmed by the disparities in disciplinary sanctions, particularly for students of color, students with disabilities, and male students,” said Deborah Delisle, assistant secretary for the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education at the Education Department.

In written testimony, Delisle said such disparities are a “potential violation of civil rights laws.”

“When African-American students are more than 3 ½ times as likely to be suspended or expelled as their white peers, or students with disabilities are more than twice as likely to receive out-of-school suspensions as their non-disabled peers, as they are today—it raises substantial concerns,” Delisle told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“These concerns are reflected in our department’s enforcement efforts and in the stories we’ve heard from the field, which demonstrate too often that students face disciplinary actions on the basis of their race,” she said.


Rep. Danny Davis (D-Ill.), a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, said at the hearing that he and the CBC have “advocated vigorously for over a decade that the federal government should lead the effort to address the over-disciplining of youth—a key factor involved in the educational crisis of African-Americans and especially African-American men.”


“We must focus on the early years as well. It is unacceptable that African-American male preschoolers are expelled at almost nine times the rate of African-American girls with white preschool boys being expelled at almost four times the rate of their female peers,” Davis added.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Mich.) also cited statistics on the disparities in discipline in the nation’s schools. He said African-Americans are three times more likely to be suspended and four times more likely to be expelled than their white peers. Also, more than 70 percent of students arrested in schools are African-American or Latino.


“Suspensions, expulsions, and in-school arrests lead to kids being out of the classroom and a troubling increase in the number of people in the juvenile justice system,” Durbin said.

“This school-to-prison pipeline has moved scores of young people from classrooms to courtroom. A schoolyard fight that used to warrant a trip to the principal’s office can now lead to a trip to the booking station and a judge,” Durbin said.

“Sadly, there are schools that look more like prison than places for children to learn and grow. Students pass through metal detectors, and police roam the halls. Suspensions, expulsions, and in-school arrests lead to kids being out of the classroom and a troubling increase in the number of people in the juvenile justice system,” Durbin added.

To make sure all students are “treated equitably as a nation,” Delisle called for “a multi-prong strategy that encourages educators to pro-actively monitor their discipline practices for disproportionality, assess for root causes where disproportionality exists, and engage in a broad-based community effort to develop an action plan to root out discrimination in the administration of discipline.”

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  • Puggg

    A lot of these suspensions are for violations where a suspension or expulsion is mandatory, such as guns and drugs on school property.

    “Sadly, there are schools that look more like prison than places for
    children to learn and grow. Students pass through metal detectors, and
    police roam the halls.

    Jared Taylor noticed that in Paved With Good Intentions. Architecture can be a form of communication.

    • The__Bobster

      There was a moolie “honors” high school across the street from my college. The gym, which was on the top floor, had bars on its windows so that students or teachers couldn’t be tossed 40 feet to their death.

      • MekongDelta69

        You know how you can tell the difference between black ‘honors’ high schools and black ‘non-honors’ high schools?

        The ‘non-honors’ black high schools all have bars on the FIRST floor.


      • Gym on the top floor? I would hate to be directly underneath it during gym class.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      When I started high school, I was wearing the broken leg I earned myself in the summer of 1981. I had already signed up for archery, and made a crossbow at home after realizing I couldn’t stand up to shoot.

      The teacher let me use it, and it was kept at the school’s main office.

      I made more crossbow bolts at home out of arrows the class broke.

      There is no way that would have been allowed here only 31 years later. As Gianrico Carofiglio once wrote, “The Past is a Foreign Country”. They do things differently there.

      It is a shame.

      • Puggg

        I get your point, I wish rifle and archery were still staples of high school athletics.

        The point this pup is trying to make is that the left is simultaneously demanding mandatory zero tolerance in schools for gun possession, i.e. automatic suspension or expulsion, then turning around and moaning when too many blacks are suspended.

        Also, this nonsense line, “school-to-prison pipeline,” is a dumb phrase I’m reading more and more from the left and the media and civil rights excuse makers, along the same lines of “prison-industrial complex.” It’s as if they all thing black students and black people in general don’t do anything wrong, that some big ugly system just sucks up black men like a super giant Oreck vacuum cleaner just because someone wants to.

  • MekongDelta69

    This article (like all the rest like it), is so ridiculous, it’s not worth the keystrokes refuting the inanely obvious.

    One thing which cracked me up though:
    I’m sure that all those youfs in wheelchairs are mugging people left and right in school.

    Deborah Delisle is an idiot. So is the DOE. So is the entire NoBama regime.

    • The__Bobster

      That’s not the disabilty they’re referring to. Welfare mammies can collect about $700 per piece of crotch fruit by having them declared disabled.

      • dukem1

        Exactly. They’ve probably been diagnosed as “learning disabled” , probably Attention Deficit Disorder (essentially young boys acting like young boys) which then “entitles” them to a monthly stipend via Social Security…the NYT had an article on Sunday which illustrated how parents resist solutions so as to not lose the cash flow…
        What this article illustrates, in “spades” so to speak, is that not only is the DOE a bad idea in general, but also that it is populated by imbeciles..
        Good God a’mighty!!!!!

        • Don’t they medicate these kids with Ritalin that these kids sell to other kids to get high?

      • Joseph

        More importantly, most school districts are given “multipliers” whereby “special needs” or “disabilities” students are credited to the district or school for significantly more money/pupil if they can be so classified. The school benefits, parent/guardian benefits, property owners get screwed, (but who cares?) so there is every reason to have as many as possible “disabled” in the classroom.

        Everybody is ADHD, ASD, a visual-learner, dyslexic, obese, at-risk, left-handed or something else from the lexicon of childhood intervention specialists.

    • Lou406

      That is good. Rarely do I make it to the end of these sort of articles. My brain usually shuts down about 1/3 of the way through, sort of an involuntary defense mechanism designed to keep my head from exploding.

    • shmo123

      I couldn’t agree more. What a load of rhetorical manure. I especially like the, “broad-based community effort to develop an action plan to root out discrimination in the administration of discipline.’” Sounds like it was taken from the Jessie Jackson (if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bs) school of oratory.

    • It is not the feminazis that go to college and major in education. It is the black, most female below average student that majors in education.

    • OlderWoman

      Translation: It says nothing but bull shite.

    • Andy

      When schools talk about “handicapped” children being disproportionately disciplined, they mean they have some kind of “behavior disorder”. Any student who misbehaves enough to require many detentions, suspension, or expulsion is diagnosed with a “behavior disorder”, classified with autistic and blind children, and given special privileges such as leniency and the right to roam the halls at will. In addition, many desperate teachers press for problem students to be labeled disabled in hopes they will be medicated, given an aide, or removed from the class. And as The_Bobster said, parents may press for false diagnoses to collect extra money.

  • The problem is that most educational institutions are geared towards girls. Girls usually are more advanced than boys at a young age. A five year old girl is ready for school but a five year old boy often is not. Parents that realize this , will keep their sons out of school until age 6 when they are on par with five year old girls. Girls are usually more sedate and present fewer behavior problems than boys. Boys on the other hand, want more of hands on learning than girls do. Teachers need to be sensitive to the differences between the genders and teach appropriately.

    • The__Bobster

      I remember when the feminists were bitching that schools were geared toward boys, and girls were ignored.

      • Feminists will continue being angry until they’ve castrated every man…or have, themselves, grown d***s…whichever comes first. It doesn’t matter.

    • Even with all the feminist nonsense going on, White boys are still smarter than everyone else. What isn’t recognized is that they can sense the malarkey from a very young age and they just opt out. What is seen with all this nonsense of girls/women getting all these college degrees is just an illusion of success. White men still run everything that matters in the world and always will.

      • I am

        Most people think Carly Fiorina destroyed Hewlett Packard.

        • Diamond_Lil

          Countless men have been mega failures in the business and political arena as well. Let’s not go down this road.

      • Diamond_Lil

        “White boys are still smarter than everyone else.”
        I imagine you are including yourself in this generalization and I’d wager my teenage daughter is much, much smarter than you and she’s still in high school. White men who claim to be white nationalists really need to rethink these overly-generalized insults at white women. We’ll never get the population growth we need with an attitude such as yours. There are plenty of educated women who are not feminists. Receiving a college education is not nonsense. Smart women produce smart children. And there are plenty of smart white women and men. Hopefully, they will meet and produce plenty of smart children. The dumb ones always seem find each other.

        • I’m not apologizing Dianmond_Lil. I just want to clarify what I’ve said. Sure there have been zillions of men who’ve loused up Everyone knows that. It’s interesting that such a thing would even enter into a conversation.. As far as smart, I’d wager a retarded Cocker Spaniel could give me an intellectual challenge. But that isn’t the point either. The point remains that boys are generally smarter than girls. It’s not anything to crow about or get angry about. It’s just one of the differences in men and women. As you say, the smart (not necessarily educated) people find each other and the dumb find each other. Should we feel sorrry for Charles Lindbergh, Chuch Yeager, Albert Einstein (HS dropout), Harry Truman, etc? because they didn’t graduate college. We’ve gone way. way overboard on this education kick. Another uneducated (never went past 3rd grade) guy said, “I never let my schooling get in the way of my education” – Mark Twain. We White people are in this together. It does us or our movement no good to nitpick on such differences that don’t amount to a hill of beans. Take care Madam and have a good day.

          • Jesse_from_Sweden

            Actually, men and women score equal on IQ tests.

            Although there are indications that this might be artificial, and that they remove questions where men traditionally score higher.

            But what is more important, is that when you talk about smart people, you aren’t talking about averages.

            And men have a higher “diversity” in their score, or rather, they have a larger standard deviation.

            Which means that men and women might have the same average score, but there will be more intelligent men than there are intelligent women (which is counterbalanced by there being more stupid men than there are stupid women as well).

            Same thing goes for whites, they also have a higher standard deviation than other population groups.

            Which is why it isn’t that hard to find whites who are as stupid as blacks.

            Whites simply have a higher ratio of highly intelligent people as well as a higher ratio of dumb people.

            This is something that has been said is what gives whites an edge over east-asians.

            While east asians have a higher average, they have a lower spread.

            And since progress is created by the highly intelligent, whites have more highly intelligent people than asians.

            But asians instead have the advantage of having much fewer stupid people, which tend to be a drain on society. Both because of a higher average score and a lower standard deviation, which is one big reason for the low crime rate in these countries (there is a clear correlation between low intelligence and crime).

          • Svigor

            I agree with most of what you said about sex differences, I should point out that last I heard, there was no evidence for the “yellows have a lower spread” thing.

          • Sounds good to me…

          • Diamond_Lil

            “The point remains that boys are generally smarter than girls. It’s not anything to crow about or get angry about.”

            Perhaps in your generation, not seeing it in mine or currently. If you define the boundaries of your argument, I might agree – for instance, in math and science and jobs that required upper body strength, men do typically excel. Other than those fields at this time, I don’t see much difference.

            I’m not angry or crowing, I’m just sighing. My eyes have been opened fully, for the past few years to the pride of my loving husband and Mr. Taylor’s books and this website have been instrumental as well as TOO.

        • Svigor

          I would like to introduce to you the concept of deception. In this case, knowing that women fall short of men in many intellectual endeavors, while smiling to their faces and pretending “of course women are the intellectual equals of men” vis-a-vis interpersonal relationships with women. Thus, we get to have our cake, and eat it too; know reality, and avoid bruising the notoriously fragile female ego.

          • Diamond_Lil

            Well, by continuing to date those women that study Advanced Theoretical Pole Dancing, I can understand your conclusion.

      • As fathers, grandfathers, uncles and older brothers we need to let them know that they’re right when they sense it’s malarkey and to take a lot of what their teachers say with a big grain of salt.

      • The reason that girls excel in school is that girls mature earlier than boys. White boys who do not go to college tend to go to vocational schools or the military.

      • OlderWoman

        ‘White men still run everything that matters in the world and always will.’

        But what they earn goes to pay entitlements of the most willingly unemployable race in America….

    • In this case, that’s irrelevant, because the tone of this article is race, not gender.

    • Diamond_Lil

      You are so right about the educational institutions being geared toward girls. My girls are perfectly behaved angels and doing quite well. My son has been kicked out of preschool and suspended on several occasions for his inability to sit and complete a worksheet when there is a perfectly good playground just outside unoccupied. At home, my son is learning his times tables while dribbling a basketball or riding a scooter. My method seems to be working better than the school’s.

      • GeneticsareDestiny

        If I ever have a son, I plan to either send him to a proper private school geared towards boys, or homeschool him if I can’t afford private school. Of course, I would also keep any future daughters away from Diversity and in nice schools as well.

  • JohnEngelman

    “When African-American students are more than 3 ½ times as likely to be suspended or
    expelled as their white peers, or students with disabilities are more than twice as likely to receive out-of-school suspensions as their non-disabled peers, as they are today—it raises substantial concerns,” Delisle told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    – Melanie Hunter, CNS News, December 13, 2012

    It raises substantial concerns for white parents whose children attend public schools with large black populations. Because the black murder rate is nearly eight times the white murder rate, I suspect that African-American students are treated more leniently than white students.

    Liberals pressure public schools to reduce the expulsion rate for blacks. They ought to be pressuring black students to stop causing problems.

    • So CAL Snowman

      When you’re not beating the drum for Asian dispossession of White homelands, you make some damn fine points Mr. Engelman.

      • shut up you racist idiot

        • You Are Now Enriched

          So many of our public school teachers are Obama voter White liberals who readily confess that their White privilege harms “students of color” and “perpetuates the achievement gap”.

          More than anything, we hope these non disciplined bantus get to stay in these teachers’ classrooms.

        • So CAL Snowman

          I will take that as a compliment, thank you.

      • JohnEngelman

        Thank you. Orientals tend to be superior to whites the same way that whites tend to be superior to blacks.

        This is how Professor J. Philippe Rushton explained it in his essay, “RACE, EVOLUTION, AND BEHAVIOR,”

        “Orientals are slower to mature, less fertile, less sexually active, less aggressive, and have larger brains and higher IQ scores. Blacks are at the other pole. Whites fall in the middle, but closer to Orientals than to Blacks…

        “In the U.S., Blacks are less than 13% of the population but have 50% of all arrests for assault and murder and 67% of all arrests for robbery. Fifty percent of all crime victims also report their assailants are Black, so the arrest statistics cannot be due to police bias. Blacks make up a large share of those arrested for white-collar crimes. About 33% of persons arrested for fraud, forgery, counterfeiting, and receiving stolen property, and about 25% of those arrested
        for embezzlement are Black. Blacks are under-represented only in offenses, such as tax fraud and securities violations, that are committed by individuals in high status occupations. On the other hand, Orientals are under-represented in U.S. crime statistics.”

        Professor Rushton spoke at six American Renaissance conferences. He spent his career telling the truth about racial differences, and suffering the consequences.

        • So CAL Snowman

          I am aware of Professor Rushton’s work. However, if Asians are all that you and Rushton claim, WHY do they have to immigrate to WHITE MAJORITY countries for a better life? Why is Silicon Valley in the USA and not Japan or China? Why instead of innovating, do the Chinese rely on STEALING Western technology? Why are more than half of the Chinese poor, rural, peasants? What is the collective IQ of the poor, rural, Chinese peasants?

          • JohnEngelman

            You do not see a lot of Japanese moving to the United States. The lower standard of living in China is an accident of history that is being corrected as I write.

          • i am

            With white people’s money: Not their own.

          • bubo

            Most of China is rural and incredibly poor. The cities are marginally better but still third world at best in Western standards. They’ve got a lot of correcting to do to become equivalent to first world states like South Korea or Japan. Probably 100 years or so at least.

          • JH

            Japanese do not move here, nor do they want us to us to move there. Our best equals or exceeds their best but the bottom half? It is no contest – they far exceed us. That is how they are overtaking us. Their bottom 50% is hard working and law abiding and ours?…. They also have the ability to defer gratification, a trait we have lost.

          • bursinfur

            They have discipline, we do not. That is their advantage over us.

          • Joseph

            There are much more group oriented, like social ants. Just a little too regimented and “hive-ish” for most Americans. We would not tolerate random police questioning and home inspections for “public safety” as they do in Japan. This is why, I hypothesize, that despite their personal ethics and industry, they typically support Democrats in the U.S. They believe that the individual is inferior to the government and exists to serve the group. Well, that probably works okay where you have a homogenous society of like-minded people but when you mix them with a bunch of lethargic mud-hutters, it ain’t gonna go so well for the peaceable, industrious element.

          • WhiteGuyInJapan

            Good points here. I notice some WN types really romanticize the Japanese, largely for their sense of ethnic identity and their lack of diversity. I have been in Japan for ten years now and I wonder if these WN types really understand what these people are like.

            Generally well-behaved, obedient to be sure, but also stunningly lacking in initiative, creativity and curiosity. They view the world in a simple. binary manner and are terrified of change and variation.

            Now they are being eclipsed by China because the Japanese refuse to take chances and try anything new. The Koreans are starting to beat the Japanese in the electronics industry.

          • Is this true even among the young people? I think the reason for this is the fear of failure and shame that it would bring to one’s family.

          • WhiteGuyInJapan

            You’re on the right track there. Saving face is crucial in Japanese society. Westerners are more likely to take a chance and risk failure whereas Japanese often prefer to stay quiet than risk making a mistake.

            And I see it among the young people as well. I work with teenagers and many simply sit there quietly and write down anything I say. I ask a question and get a stunning silence.

            Young adults also display a hesitation about trying new things. They simply wait for a leader (the oldest in the room) to tell them what to do.

            This is not necessarily a complaint on my part, merely an observation.

          • The only reason Japanese immigrated to the US in the early 1900’s is that Japan was experiencing a population boom and the nation was getting crowded. So when Hawaii sugar plantations and other interests on the West Coast came calling and offering contracts to relocate, many did.

          • Bill

            Yes, it’s being “corrected”. With stolen technology from white nations. With jobs and industry transferred to China through Walmart type corporations. They still have a one child policy, and will jail you if you have more than one. They still leave female babies to die, more so even now, since they can only have ONE child by law and they want a boy child. They still have a sentence of summary execution with a bullet to the head. They are persecuting and murdering or imprisoning Christians wherever they find them. They are perhaps the biggest polluter on the planet. They have one of the most oppressive regimes on the planet. And they are the biggest threat to the free, white world ON the planet. As to Japan? They are the pirates of the seas, ignoring every sea treaty and convention as to harvesting species. They are driving various sea life to extinction. They encourage various forms of black market sales of endangered species so they can get a woodie. They are very much in to the sex slave trade for young girls, particularly white young girls. They, like the Chinese, don’t so much innovate as copy things developed from western nations. They don’t make it necessarily better, but they do make it cheaper due to a rigid system of indentured servitude to the corporations. They chinese are a little more thuggish in their approach to wages and labor – complain and you get thrown in prison or a work camp. Yes, the Asians are SO much better than whites. IQ isn’t everything. Culture and honor and integrity and innovativeness matter too. A respect for freedom for the individual is important too. A love of family and respect for the family structure is important too. Whites dominated the planet not by accident. They had ALL those things as well as high IQ. They only reason whites do NOT dominate every venue around the world these days is because liberal marxist socialist ideological idiots have done all they can to pit the third world against the white world. And because some perhaps well meaning, or perhaps blind, whites keep lauding the third world creatures as if they are something to emulate more so than white, european, christian culture.

          • As far as one child policy in China, there are exceptions to that policy. A couple can have a second child if both parents were the only children in their families. Rural couples can have a second child if the first child is a girl. In order to have a child in China, a couple has to file an application for a birth permit. These permits are given to married couples only and single parenting is highly frowned upon.Once the permit has been granted, the parents can begin to try to conceive a child. The birth will include in the number of planned births allowed by the government. After birth, the baby can then be registered with the government. This would then allow the child to access education and health care and other state benefits.

          • OlderWoman

            Japanese have seen their one-child policy cause problems. There are more males than females. Consequently there is a shortage of women for them to marry. They acknowlege this could cause a significant drop in their population.

          • Japanese have a very low birthrate. It is estimated that by 2020, there could be more elderly than young people. The reason for this is that young Japanese women are career oriented and Japanese men are more interested in gaming than sex.

          • WhiteGuyInJapan

            I will challenge part of this post. Some Japanese women have become more career oriented, but a large percentage of young adult women don’t want to get married and stay with the parents and spend their money on Gucci handbags or they get married and don’t want to work (yet still expect hubby to support them).

            The low birth rate is partially due to the high costs of raising children in Japan (school fees, piano lessons, etc.), but I also see rampant consumerism as a culprit as well.

            Generally low frequency of sexual activity doesn’t help, either. Many young men prefer video games and young women prefer shopping.

          • Svigor

            Lol, an “accident of history” involving 1.3 billion Chinamen. That is one hell of a statistical blip.

          • Nathanwartooth

            Oh yes I see them getting rid of communism right now. Yup. Oh wait, they never will. The Chinese historically put up with HORRIBLE living conditions for generations. They just don’t have the rabble rousing power that other races have.

          • This is true of the older generation but not those who were born in the 1990’s when China began to adopt a form of capitalism. This generation does not know what it means to go without. This generation has protested at Chinese factories for better working conditions and higher pay. This is something their parents and grandparents would never do.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Japanese didn’t kill their entire country, and all of Japan is a volcanic, geogolically fault-ridden, complex plate boundry. Hydroelectric dams in a land prone to earthquakes would be a greater risk in Japan, but they have those as well.

            I suspect the nori (pressed, dried kelp) will be inedible for some time to come.

            This is what obtains from an industrial nation of 120 million people packed into an area the size of California, who want electric lights.

          • John Bonham

            Should have just stayed quiet ..

        • Michael_C_Scott

          “Orientals tend to be superior to whites in the same way that whites tend to be superior to blacks.”

          No they don’t.

          I’ve been married to one for the last six-and-a-half years, and I’ve worked closely with them and lived in the Far East. They’re different, which in some respects is good and in others bad.

          On a Japanese train recently, an adult male local passenger escorted a local young woman passenger by force into a train restroom, where he raped her. In spite of her hysterical crying while being abused, nobody on the car went to force him to stop it. If I’d been in that car, I’d have put the rapist out of the train at 120 mph. I think 200 mph would be better, but the shinkasen trains there don’t always go that fast.

          Any three of the men in that train car could have easily stopped the rape without badly hurting the perp, but they reckoned that was not their responsibility, even when they could all hear her sobbing.


        • APaige

          That middle where whites are must be the place where 98% of what makes the modern world is found. When you and others say that Asians are smart at math and science what you really are saying is that they are smart at WESTERN math and science. If it was Oriental math and science they would be reading a compass and sticking needles into the sick. In its entirety Western Civilization (white) is far superior-do you agree?

          • JohnEngelman

            Not “far superior,” moderately superior, but why quibble?

            Modern mathematics and IQ tests originated in the West. Orientals tend to be better at both than most whites. Negroes and Orientals are trying to learn Western civilization. Most Negroes can’t do it. Most Orientals can do it better than most white Gentiles.

          • Svigor

            Slightly inferior, actually. That’s why yellow societies are inferior to white societies. That’s why yellows are all dying to move to white societies, and whites aren’t interested in moving to yellow societies.

            This is so simple, even an Aspie can understand…

          • JohnEngelman

            The Washington Post

            After a year in Abu Dhabi, Jackson did a second job search in the United States. Once again, no bites. She’s now happily employed as a tenure-track assistant professor in Hong Kong, and her husband is a science instructor at the same university…

            Sean Love, 27, traded a job as a medical research assistant in an “understaffed and underfunded” lab at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore for a similar job in Singapore. But the new position comes with better funding, happier co-workers, twice the number of vacation days, nearly free health care and a much higher quality of life…

            “Asia is without a doubt the new land of opportunity for those brave enough to buy a plane ticket,” Love says…

            There are more opportunities in Asia “simply because of the higher growth rate,” explains Megan Fitzgerald, an international career coach based in Singapore, who says young Americans are drawn to the money and the sense of possibility in the Eastern Hemisphere…

            Anxious as my husband and I were about moving abroad, we consider ourselves lucky. Hong Kong has been quite an adventure…

            Emily Matchar, author of “Homeward Bound: The New Cult of Domesticity,” is a freelance writer in Hong Kong.


          • JohnEngelman

            China becoming scientific superpower

            Centuries after it led the world in technological prowess, China has barged back into the ranks of the great powers in science.

            By John Pomfret

            The Washington Post

            SHENZHEN, China — Last year, Zhao Bowen was part of a team that cracked the genetic code of the cucumber. These days, he’s probing the genetic basis for human IQ.

            Zhao is 17.

            Centuries after it led the world in technological prowess — think gunpowder, irrigation and the printed word — China has barged back into the ranks of the great powers in science. With the brashness of a teenager, China’s scientists and inventors are driving a resurgence in potentially world-changing research…

            A decade ago, no one considered China a scientific competitor. Its best and brightest agreed and fled China in a massive brain drain to university research labs at Harvard, Stanford and MIT.

            But over the past five years, Western-educated scientists and gutsy entrepreneurs have conducted a rear-guard action, battling China’s hidebound bureaucracy to establish research institutes and companies. Those have lured home scores of Western-trained Chinese researchers dedicated to transforming the People’s Republic of China into a scientific superpower…

            In May, for example, a supercomputer produced in China was ranked as the world’s second-fastest machine at an international conference in Germany. China is now in fourth place, tied with Germany, with the most supercomputers. China has jumped to second place — up from 14th in 1995 — behind the United States in the number of research articles published in scientific and technical journals worldwide…

            In 2007, Chinese geneticists discovered vast differences in the genetic makeup of Africans, Asians and Caucasians.

          • Nathanwartooth

            “In 2007, Chinese geneticists discovered vast differences in the genetic makeup of Africans, Asians and Caucasians. ”

            Hate to tell you think but the USA genetic scientists figured this out way before hand. They just can’t talk about it.

            At least the Chinese will talk about it, that should be fun.

          • SLCain

            “Centuries after it led the world in technological prowess, China has barged back into the ranks of the great powers in science.”

            China could not “barge back” into those ranks, because it was not, historically, in them. Imperial China had lots of clever inventors, but it did not have science. Science is an entirely western invention.

          • JohnEngelman

            The Western contribution to science was to test assertions experimentally. Aristotle claimed that a ten pound weight fell ten times faster than a one pound weight. Galileo tested that assertion at the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and found that it was false.

            The experimental method began during the Italian Renaissance. Nevertheless, by then mathematics, which is considered the king of science, had been developed at different times by different civilizations. Mayan mathematicians understood the use of zero before Western mathematicians adopted Arabic numbers, which had actually been invented in India.

            Mayan astronomers were also able to accurately predict eclipses of the sun and the moon.

            Neolithic farmers learned enough about biology to breed domestic plants and animals.

            Everything Western scientists discovered Orientals are learning. They are learning quickly because of their superior intelligence.

          • SLCain

            Mayans noticing a few things about the sky was not science. The scientific method was developed in the early modern era in Europe. Full stop. Anything short of that was not science (including the ancient Greeks). What you blathered on about only served to make my point.

            Don’t lecture me, you vapid ninny. I’ve forgotten more about science than you’ll ever know.

          • JohnEngelman

            Your insulting comments indicate that you are unsure of your beliefs. I do not post comments like that.

          • SLCain

            No, I am quite sure of my beliefs. My insulting comments indicate that I find you contemptuous.

          • JohnEngelman

            The word you meant to use was “contemptible.” It is what you are.

          • SLCain

            Why, thank you. Yes you are right, I meant contemptible. But contemptuous fits you too.

            You are both contemptible and contemptuous.


          • JohnEngelman

            Is that all you can do? Is your mind completely empty of intriguing facts and original insights?

          • Nathanwartooth

            If you think the Asians are superior to Whites I would like you to meet a group of people who outshine both so hard that they literally run the world.

            Except they are mostly a group of parasites, living off of other civilizations until they are removed from the host.

            But the fact that they have a higher IQ and control more wealth must make you concede that they are superior to your precious Asians, correct?

          • UK Expat

            US Asians are smarter than the average Caucasian American, of course they are, only the elite of those countries could EVER afford to come to the west for an education. I just wonder how balanced Rushton’s work was; as a physical scientist who reads AmRen (etc.) frequently, and who reads any linked publications, it is very very easy to poke big holes in social science research methods. I suspect Rushton’s work is relatively good though.

            As an STEM, UK “Ivy” educated student, then Ph.D. student, then PostDoc, and now US Professor, I have had the opportunity to meet all kinds of individuals. While I have found these golden spooned Asians to be particularly bright and hardworking, they do lack in the areas of originality (generating scientific ideas) and creativity (solving problems). What I have found is that they make fantastic grad students and postdocs, because they work very hard, but they do not bring ideas to the table, they will not step out to try anything unless it has already been set in stone. They have a narrow view and field of experience … i.e. trained to do something specific like meet a test mark.

            Something amusing! There is a faculty in our dept. who brings
            visiting faculty and students over from Chinese universities all the
            time, sometimes to stay for months. Many times I have visited my labs
            and seen them in there asking about what we do, how and why.

            On the other hand, I despair of American grad students … they don’t want to work to achieve something; education has become a childhood extension rather than a training for scientific inquiry and a career! In some ways I cannot blame them, why the hell would they go through 6-10 years of grad school when they can (or could, a few years ago) achieve a similar standard of living with a degree; or even, if they are good enough to excel in Chemistry/Physics, they might as well go on to medicine and do much better for themselves. Somehow we all became coddled and relaxed…

          • k8

            I think that it’s a false stereotype that Asians aren’t creative. They’ve been writing poetry and music for thousands of years after all. In general, I think most Asian people just aren’t comfortable with the idea of standing out in a crowd, hence they don’t voice any radical new ideas. Even if they think of new ways to do things, they tend to keep them to themselves and follow the rules as to not appear shameless. I’m sure as their culture becomes more individualistic, we’ll start to see inventions coming out from that part of the world.

          • Svigor

            Boring poetry and music. You don’t have to be particularly creative to write a boring, crappy poem or piece of music.

          • Joseph

            Lesser individual creativity and uniformity is in their genes as surely as risk-taking among black Africans. It is not an all-or-none deal, just more and less. Even in Japan, Korea and China they want to hear American music and see American movies. Many excel at western (European) classical music and even American folk -as musicians, but not composers.

            The world does not spend much time or money to hear performances of the shamisen or the koto, zheng, sitar or conga -because they are not that complex or interesting. They *mostly* like European and American music.


          • Wytcats

            “American” movies are really mostly “Jewish” movies, made by Jews living in America with (mostly) white brainwashed Euro Gentile people acting out Jewish scripts.

          • WhiteGuyInJapan

            But even their creativity is within narrow parameters. Westerners often use the cliche “think outside the box” whereas I find Japanese creativity is figuring out new ways to fit into the box as it were.

            Their poetry is extremely rigid and narrow. Haiku is a form of poetry that has three lines of 5-7-5 syllables. The Japanese created a large body of poetry based on that very strict pattern.

            Even their home heating technology is essentially modern versions of heating devices they used in the 17th century. They don’t heat the whole room, merely a small space in the room. New technology, old paradigm.

            Side note: I don’t see the East Asians becoming more individualistic. Like going into a Chinese kitchen and trying to make pizza, the ingredients just aren’t there.

          • Luca

            I think culture has a lot to do with what you’ve explained. What good is intelligence in a society where you are taught you cannot speak out of turn, cannot be disrespectful and cannot bring shame upon your family (and ancestors) if you break any rules. In school they are taught to study vigorously, listen to the teachers, and have strict discipline. The same with the business atmosphere and political structure in these countries. This is one of the reasons entrepreneurs migrate to the US (used to anyway). In the mother countries they can’t get ahead. They are stifled by taxes, regulations, layers of middlemen, payoffs and difficulties getting their ideas and products to market unless they happen to work for a major company who then owns that idea. Some of these Asian countries also instill employees with a sense of tribalism and discourage individuals from thinking of themselves but to think of what is good for the company and the country. Hence, the individual is confronted with a series of brick walls in the home, in school and in the workplace.

          • JH

            I have found Israeli (not Jewish Americans) grad students in the hard sciences to be the best, of the foreign grad students. They combine the hard work of Asians, with the creativity of Americans. They are also very mature, perhaps due to army service.

          • American students who go to grad school for 6-10 years would incur a lot of student loan debt and they fear that they would not be able to repay the loans. Most medical students come out of medical school owing 100k or more in student loan debt. They know that they will be able to repay the loans.

          • Asians in America also know “celebrate diversity” is a cruel joke, albeit whites are fast catching on.

          • Svigor

            Well said. Yellows are so conformist, they just let problems fester. “Not their problem.” This is why yellow societies are so backward in terms of freedom, rights, transparency, corruption, etc., and why white societies are superior.

            But try explaining that to a guy who thinks IQ and other psychometrics and lines from a racial balance sheet somehow trump the simple fact that white societies are superior to yellow societies, and yellows and whites act accordingly (with the former doing everything they can to get into the latter’s countries, and the latter staying well away from the former’s countries).

          • The reason why Asian students excel in math and science is that these subjects do not require language skills to succeed. Math and science require formulas that have to be memorized, which Asians are good at.

          • WhiteGuyInJapan

            Based on my own experience teaching a foreign language in Japan, I certainly see that pattern. The Japanese do well at “right answer” subjects such as math, but really struggle with “fuzzy” subjects such as languages.

            In short, memorizing multiplication tables does build math skills whereas memorizing grammar does not always equate to proficiency in speaking a language.

      • Yorkshireman.

        Apartheid is the obvious and only answer and would be better all round.

      • SLCain

        He voted for Obama.

      • SLCain

        Engelman voted for Obama. He voted to empower the (so-called) Justice Department to penalize schools when they try to impose some discipline among their pupils by punishing trouble makers. Engleman voted FOR the dispossesion of whites in their own nation.

  • JohnEngelman

    “Sadly, there are schools that look more like prison than places for children to learn and grow.”

    – Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Mich.)

    If they would transfer the criminals in those schools to real prisons they could make the schools look like schools.

    • The__Bobster

      Why not? They’ll end up there anyway.

      • JohnEngelman

        The sooner they get there and the longer they stay the better it will be for decent people.

    • Robert Binion

      If schools were built larger to hold more larnin’, it would be harder for Whites and Asians to hoard it.

      • i am

        There is a large high school in a city near here called James Logan High School. They have one school for the whole city. It was designed that way so they could have the best sports team in the area. They import a lot of blacks from Oakland and San francisco. There are also a lot of Asian and Mexican gangs that go to that school. It is a small city and some students go the entire 4 years without meeting all the other student. Their academic scores are poor. Their sports scores are nothing special.

        Here is their demographics: Logan’s ethnic demographics for the previous year consisted of 5% Pacific Islander, 23% Asian, 20% Filipino, 30% Hispanic, 10% African American, 10% White and 3% Other.

        • StillModerated

          What’s the 3% other, Martian?

          • Luca

            It’s probably the new rising star in the minority protected class… Muslims.

          • Probably mixed race kids who do not claim any other race.

    • Joseph

      Durbin should just look at it this way: the schools are like early vocational training, conditioning the kids for their future careers as wards of the justice system. For his ilk, this would normally be considered a feature, not a bug.

  • In this day and age ( I love that phrase), this isn’t a problem. Just set up a quota. Every time a black or other minority is suspended/expelled/or otherwise punished, just suspend/expell/or otherwise punish a White male student without regard to whether he’s done anything wrong or not. The lesson for the White boy being “Life isn’t fair.” But at the same time, tell the boy and his parents he’s being punished to fulfil the quota. That ought to add a few people to the White Nationalist cause I’d think

    • The__Bobster

      I remember one school trying this and it backfired on them. Because they couldn’t expel enough White kids to meet the quota, they wound up arresting the Bantus.

    • JohnEngelman

      They will end up expelling whites for whispering in class, and blacks for shooting people. That is known as “race norming.”

      • sounds good to me…

      • Howard W. Campbell

        Where I grew up, this was not far from the reality in the newly integrated schools of the 1970’s. For the first couple of years the schools tried holding blacks to white standards. When they shamed into changing their ways by the local media and others, we suddenly went to a system known as “Discipline quotas”. Tyrone could punch out his teacher while little Mary could drop her pencil on the floor and both would be sent to the principals office. My elementary school was approximately 60 W/ 40 B in the mid to late 1970’s. It is now 95+% black with a few Hispanics to make up the difference.

        • JohnEngelman

          What you are talking about is what American Renaissance should be talking more about. By condemning Abraham Lincoln, praising the secession movement, and condemning miscegenation it loses credibility,

          • SLCain

            This website loses credibility everytime you open your yap.

          • Bill

            Apparently John thinks we should NOT frown upon race mixing. One wonders why he’s here at all. When Sammy Davis Junior married a white woman, NOBODY from Hollywood attended the wedding. Saner times. NOW Hollywood encourages race mixing in every movie. John would approve, it seems.

          • JohnEngelman

            Frown all you want. Fewer people are frowning with you.

            When Clarence Thomas was appointed for the Supreme Court the fact that he had a white wife was not an issue, even among conservatives.

          • Nathanwartooth

            I’m not for making it illegal but I would be for people having more information about it.

            Women should know that having a kid with a Black will result on average with a child that has a lower IQ, is more aggressive, achieves less and has less of a chance of growing up with a dad than if she had a child with a White.

            I know a woman who had a child with a Black and she regrets it to this day. The Black kid reached 11 years old and she just had another kid with a White guy. This is because the Black kid has a really low IQ (it’s really sad talking to someone with a low IQ), is aggressive and is failing in school.

            She wanted to have a kid that wasn’t going to fail at life so she had to start over.

          • OlderWoman

            I spoke with a former nurse in my building. She told me there are problems with mulatto children. Something about them having a blood disorder and their having to make special vaccines that will treat them. There are medical problems connected to mixed race children.

          • Joseph

            I think Clarence Thomas has done a good job. Having said that however, it was pretty clear back *then* even, that the Depublicans were doing their damnedest to find the elusive “conservative black” to show off, just as they tried with Powell and some others. It is not that they could have found no statistically more likely white guy to populate this job. He is/was part of the window dressing so of course they looked the other way on this issue.

          • SLCain

            “When Clarence Thomas was appointed for the Supreme Court in 1991 the fact that he had a white wife was not an issue, even among conservatives.”

            It was an issue among many blacks. But then, you get so many things wrong.

          • JohnEngelman

            I wrote “conservatives,” not “blacks.” Pay attention.

            Also, what have I posted about anything that is factually incorrect? I am careful to document my assertions. Frequently I document them from articles that appeared on this website.

          • SLCain

            “I wrote “conservatives,” not “blacks.” Pay attention.”

            You said “even conservatives”, which implies something else in english grammar (perhas a non-native language, as you seem to hail from unicorn-fairy land).

            “Also, what have I posted about anything that is factually incorrect?”

            You cut and paste crap from Wikipedia. That isn’t erudition. It’s high-school debate-team tactics. Don’t delude yourself that you are intelligent or have anything interesting to say.

            You aren’t and you don’t.


          • JohnEngelman

            I do not engage in childish insults and name calling.

            I substantiate factual assertions with links to many credible sources in addition to Wikipedia, including American Renaissance, Jared Taylor, and men who have spoken at American Renaissance conferences.

            In order to find information on the internet one one must know where to look.

          • SLCain

            No, you promiscuously cite anything that makes your case, regardless of whether it is right. Perhaps sometimes it is. Often it is not. In any case, you don’t seem to care. You also often ignore what other people post in response to you, rather than address their criticisms – you just move on to your next little novella.

            Perhaps you have the time to be such a loquacious blog warrior. Myself, I have a life. And you’re not worth wasting much time on. Mainly, I just wished that you would go away and befoul some other site with your worthless commentary.

          • JohnEngelman

            If you have a life, live it. When I clicked on your nickname I found that half of your comments were insults directed at me. If you had a life, I would not be such an obsession of yours.

            If you had a mind you would post debatable assertions that advanced the discussion.

            The reason I usually ignore your comments is because they do not merit a response.

          • SLCain

            I don’t actually spend much time insulting you; I type quickly, and you’re not worth much effort. But since you have attempted to hijack nearly every thread on this board, it is almost impossible not to reply to you. I just want others to be aware of what a bad-faith actor you are here. You brag about voting for Obama, about how we should all welcome being racially replaced, about how we are doomed anachronisms who have no future, about how our people, our traditions, our culture is just so much trash, and how we should all just – essentially – drop dead. I posted at this board long before you ever showed up with your idiot rantings and tried to take it over with views that are hostile to almost everyone here. I could listen to Rachel Maddow for what you’re peddling.

            Just go away, you smug, pedantic, simpering, juvenile ass. You don’t belong here.

          • JohnEngelman

            Logical Fallacies.

            Description of Personal Attack

            A personal attack is committed when a person substitutes abusive remarks for evidence when attacking another person’s claim or claims. This line of “reasoning” is fallacious because the attack is directed at the person making the claim and not the claim itself.


            Description of Straw Man

            The Straw Man fallacy is committed when a person simply ignores a person’s actual position and substitutes a distorted, exaggerated or misrepresented version of that position. This sort of “reasoning” has the following pattern:

            Person A has position X.

            Person B presents position Y (which is a distorted version of X).

            Person B attacks position Y.

            Therefore X is false/incorrect/flawed.

            This sort of “reasoning” is fallacious because attacking a distorted version of a position simply does not constitute an attack on the position itself. One might as well expect an attack on a poor drawing of a person to hurt the person.

            Examples of Straw Man

          • SLCain

            Cut and paste away, nitwit. It doesn’t make you smart.

            If you don’t want people to think you are stupid, here’s some advice: don’t talk. Them thinking ill of you is the inevitable result of you opening your idiot yap.

          • JohnEngelman

            I was drawing attention to two of your logical fallacies.

            The reason I anger you is because I express my admiration for Jews and Orientals. Let me say this for emphasis: I have an enormous admiration for Jews and Orientals for reasons I have clearly explained.Let me explain again. I admire intelligence. I admire obedience to the law. I admire sexual responsibility.

            If my high regard for Jews and Orientals bothers you, compose rational, civil arguments why I should not feel that way, or ignore my comments.

            The only reason I give you far more attention than you deserve is that you keep following me around and posting your silly insults.

          • SLCain

            The reason you anger me is because you are a lying commie pig.

            Go away, you POS. You are not wanted here.

          • Yowser

            Credibility to do what? Sit around and lose?

          • Michael_C_Scott

            Credibility with whom? I do not need the admiration of people for whom I have no respect whatever, and that includes persons on the right who think the Apollo landings were faked, the earth is hollow, and that Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to church.

          • OlderWoman

            That last one is new on me.

          • OlderWoman

            Amren is fine the way it is. Why don’t YOU be the one to make positive changes to fit in for a change?

          • JohnEngelman

            You and others seem to dislike having your opinions challenged.

          • SLCain

            No, we dislike your opinions.

          • JohnEngelman

            My opinions are fact based and logical. Yours are based on the fear and hatred of those who look and sound differently than you do.

          • SLCain

            No, your opinions are not based on facts, nor logic, but on you own silly delusions and perculiar, and distorted, view of the world.

            As to my opinions, I neither fear nor hate those who are different than me. But I do recognize that they are different from me.

            By the way, how do you get along at those Obama rallies – with your fellow Obama supporters – talking about the distressingly high black crime rate, and the poor showing of blacks on IQ exams? Do you talk to them – your fellow Obama voters – about those things? Or do you shut up about those opinions among that audience because you are a coward?

          • 5n4k33y35

            Variable, measured disapproval and condemnation are different. I consider each miscegenation on a case-by-case basis. Some pairings I approve of and some I do not.

            Regardless, nobody is debating the question of whether or not it ought to be legal, so it is a moot point. You make yourself look like a progressive for defending it so repetitiously.

        • If Joseph Conrad were writing The Heart of Darkness today, he couldn’t do any better if he set it in an urban school swarming with youf’s.

      • SLCain

        Stop complaining, idiot. YOU voted for it.

    • Svigor

      Did the diversitards ever actually get around to naming the laws that were being violated?

      • Joseph

        Vouchers are like kryptonite to the educrats and will never be allowed on any widespread basis. They also know that the races will spontaneously segregate and this will spoil the program. They don’t want the nightmare to end because then we would not require their “help”.

        • Vouchers are like kryptonite to the good white parents who pay good money to send their kids to private schools in order avoid the heavily black and increasingly Hispanic public fool systems, only to see the same black and Hispanic morons who turned the once good public schools of the area into blackboard hells come armed with vouchers (and probably also a Tec-9) into the private schools.

          • OlderWoman

            There’s no sure way of escaping blacks is there? No matter how you try to control your life and environment, liberals find a way to disrupt it. Meanwhile, they escape to their white communities. Tim Wise comes to mind. He lives 20 mins. away from me in Brentwood.

          • Joseph

            I can tell you that as one of those parents I tired of paying double for my kids to go to school to stay out of the public system. Vouchers would have been a good deal for me and the people I know. Private schools can still set their own standards for admission and retention so if people are a demonstrated problem -they go.

          • But…with the private school taking Federal or state money, eventually they wouldn’t be allowed to set their own admission and retention or expulsion standards.

          • rebellisMMXII

            You are correct QD. Once a voucher system is in place, private schools will not be safe places lacking diversity. If the school accepts money, the government owns them…if they don’t, then in short order they will be forced to accept the cash through federal discrimination lawsuits. Then standards will be dictated, discipline monitored etc. I don’t have children but I know the voucher options are poison.

          • Catholic schools in St. Louis that accepted what little voucher programs were available from the Feds for what few educational services they provided (mainly summer school for “tubbled yoots”) had to cover up their religious statues in the schools. That’s just one small example.

  • Francis Galton

    Of course, the impression the da-pa’tmint uv ejookayshun wants to give hand-wringing DWLs is that all the precious black dears are just chewing gum, quietly whispering to their desk neighbor, or sleeping in class–all minor rule violations at worst. It’s just that all those meany RAYCISS! school administrators are picking on “students of color” at 3.5 times the rate that they are picking on Whites.

    Reality check: a larger percentage of blacks break the rules, AND the rules that they break tend to be more serious–like, worthy-of-prosecution-and-prison-time serious. Sorry, but black students as a group do NOT behave nearly as well as White students as a group–which is exactly the same racial pattern you see in the wider society. Take it from a White man who attended a nearly 70% black high school for four years (with the other 30% being White).

    Just as an aside, this fact was quite vividly (and awkwardly) illustrated during graduation practice, when the entire graduating class realized that there was only one black honor graduate in the graduating class of 200+ people (nearly all the other 20+ honor graduates were White).

    • You Are Now Enriched

      Rules are written by the dominant culture to keep their hands on the reins of institutionalized White privilege.

      Change the rules, change the culture, UnDo White privilege.

      • Sean

        When people say that all I hear is, “Kill the Boer, kill the Boer”.

      • Whitey

        And why shouldn’t the dominant culture keep their hands on the reins? If they fail to do so, someone else’s culture will become dominant, and they they will *really* keep their hands on the reins of “black/brown/red/whatever privilege”

      • Wytcats

        Rules are written by the race of people who formed their civilization. No race on earth, except for the white race, is expected to create a society that is hostile to themselves, so that minority, alien races living among them can be comfortable at the expense of the dominant host population. And once the aliens are “accommodated”, they show no propensity to return the court-ordered “favor.”

    • Joseph

      That this occurs in a predominantly black school shows just how deeply entrenched white privilege is.

  • Lou406

    The DOE’s goal is to further lower the standards for our Students of Color. Realizing that this will open the doors to some uncomfortable questions they decided to throw in males and the handicapped so as to give themselves deniability.

    • dukem1

      Certainly the DOE will continue to lower the standards for “students of color”. The tragedy is that they will also drag whites down along with them….But i guess it’s some kind of step forward – into some heretofore undiscovered circle of hell – that they have discovered that young girls should be disciplined much more than they have been.

      It’s not that the insane have taken over the asylum, it’s that the criminally insane have taken over the asylum.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      The “handicapped” are those who are so anti-social and disruptive they have been labeled ADHD. That’s a good way to get them all in one classroom.

      • That’s a point crucial to understanding this article. Most people read “disabled” and think wheelchair or severe mental retardation. In reality, many “disabled” public school students have one of the vanity “disorders” that the quack shrinks have dreamed up. School districts have a financial incentive to classify as many students as possible as being “disabled,” because they get extra money.

      • Lou406

        I guess violent, hair triggered, anti social narcissists will now become our new protected group. I’m sure many tax dollars will be wasted, and many white children victimized, while we figure out how best to accommodate their needs.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I am violent and have a hair-trigger. For this reason.I avoid people I do not know. My instinct is to leave women and children alone, but to kill adult men. This probably can be cured in my case with a series of 147 grain lead injections.

          The reason I don’t need my cranial mineral deficiency immediately cured is because I avoid other people.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Keeping these students in class is an “urgent social mandate,” because nothing says “the end of White privilege” like forcing violent Diversity upon White children.
    Wiping out White privilege is the new American Religion. Look around. Where did all these foreigners come from?

    • No it is called babysitting. That is what a teacher does with a classroom filled with students that do not want to learn.

  • mike

    First, Dick Durbin is going to be surprised he is no longer a Senator from Illinois. Second I don’t care if the Department of Education keeps all those gang banging black “youfs” in school or not, as long as they stay in their mostly all black schools and beat on each other.

  • George

    Government of Ontario passed the Safe Schools Act back in the 1990s.
    It mandated automatic expulsion for any student who committed an act of
    violence against another student or member of staff.

    The Act was repealed in 2007. The reason? Blacks were, oddly
    enough, many times more likely to run afoul of the zero tolerance
    policy. This prompted appeals to the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

    So. A school should be a safe place. Students and teachers should
    not be afraid of violence. I think this is a very basic expectation.

    The problem wasn’t with the policy. The problem was with black
    criminality. With blacks themselves. It doesn’t just magically and
    mysteriously happen.

    Other posters have noted the differential between white and black
    crime rates. I won’t bother adding the facts about differences in white
    and black achievement at all grade levels, except to point out that
    every single experiment of any meaningful scale to improve black
    achievement fails. Integration in to white schools? Failure. Hiring
    qualified black teachers to be ‘role models’? Failure. Desparately
    hiring under- or un-qualified blacks as teachers to reflect the local
    demographic neighbourhood? Failure. Eliminate allegedly
    culturally-biased testing? Failure. Celebrating copycat ‘inventions’
    by a long-dead black man during the 28 days of February? Failure.
    Enriched learning programmes? The skills gap *increases*.

    Ms Delisle and the Left need to stop peddling their soft soap and
    snake oil. Blacks are violent. Blacks are, on average, far less able
    to achieve academic standards which are considered acceptable
    requirements for whites or asians.

    The movement now is for blacks to be taught in all-black schools.
    You know, the ones that were declared illegal in Brown v. Board of

    That’s the Left for you. Not only constantly running in circles, but this time coming full circle.

    • I know black elementary school children who’ll slam a school for being “ghetto.” Even they know the truth.

    • Aren’t there all black and all Hispanic schools because of neighborhood segregation?

  • i am

    ““When African-American students are more than 3 ½ times as likely to be suspended or expelled as their white peers,”

    Because they are 200 times more likely to do something that deserves suspension.

    So what is the solution; increase the amount of whites that are suspended?

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Some schools are already doing that. They won’t suspend Jamal for beating a kid half to death, but they will suspend Mary for bringing an asprin to school. It helps them keep their black/white suspension rates closer together.

      • The main question we need to ask is where are the parents? They should be disciplining their kids, not the school. One thing that the school does with these kids, especially boys is to put them on Ritalin and other similar drugs because they have not developed adequate teaching methods to help boys learn.

        • And also, a Ritalin taker is by definition an “ADD” “sufferer,” which means presto, another “disabled” student and more Federal money.

  • bubo

    Once again, Asians are left off of the “people of color” victim pyramid. I suspect they are suspended in rates even lower than whites. If it’s said once it’s said a thousand times. This dynamic is seen in every school across the nation. Blacks suspended most, followed by Hispanics, followed by Whites then finally Asians. Amazingly enough this also follows the distribution of mean IQ. Groundbreaking stuff I know.

    • GeneticsareDestiny

      Yep. No matter what it is that is being measured, you can know before even reading the article/study/etc that it will go Asians > Whites > Hispanics > Blacks. This pattern is like a force of nature; it cannot be stopped.

    • If an Asian kid was suspended, the kid would be punished at home, which is worse than what the school could do and they know it. Their parents expect more from them than the schools do.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        My parents used to try punishing me by taking my books away.

  • Luca

    And alcoholics are 9 times more likely to to be arrested for drunk driving than non-alcoholics. Clearly the police are discriminating against alcoholics. This is disturbing.

  • StillModerated

    Born in Connecticut in September 1953, Delisle earned a B.S. in Education at Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts, and an M.Ed. in Special Education at Kent State University in 1986. Delisle began her career as an elementary teacher in Connecticut in the 1970s, relocated to [Cleveland Heights/University Heights] Ohio in 1983, and has served in many roles over the years at the school district level, including as School Principal, Director of Academic Services, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development, and Coordinator of Gifted and Talented Programs.

    In other words: a guilty white disingenuous libtard.

    • I’ll bet she sent her own children to private school.

  • bubo

    “This school-to-prison pipeline has moved scores of young people from classrooms to courtroom. A schoolyard fight that used to warrant a trip to the principal’s office can now lead to a trip to the booking station and a judge,” Durbin said.

    Schoolyard fight (liberal definition) an 18 year old black football player beating a frail freshman so badly he’s permanently disfigured. Just a trip to the black principal and all is forgiven.

    Meanwhile a white student brings an allergy tablet or an aspirin to class and is expelled.

  • GeneticsareDestiny

    I went to a “diverse” high school. Black students, both male and female, are treated with FAR more leniency than white students. Hispanic students are as well, though not quite to the same degree.

    I remember one time in Algebra, two black males were trading drugs in the back of the class. The teacher noticed and simply told them to put it away and do that after school. Had they been white students, an infraction like that would have meant instant suspension, if not a transfer to another school.

    Anyone who did not attend school within the last~15 years, and with diversity, cannot imagine what it is like to attempt to get a proper education in that type of environment. If your class has more than one average black male (there were some who were quite obviously on the far right of their bell curve and acted civilly and properly), the teacher is guaranteed to spend at least 1/4 of the class time on discipline. If there’s 3 or more average black males, that time will be raised to 1/2 of the class time.

    There’s not nearly enough suspensions and expulsions going on, and the ones paying for it are (as usual) the working class white children whose parents can’t afford private school.

    • Those black males probably came from two parent homes and had a strong father who would not put up with nonsense.

  • StillModerated

    Is having a genetically low IQ considered “disabled.”

    • After the fake welfare reform bill of 1996, SSI was the fastest growing Federal budget line item between then and 9/11, and has been quickly growing again in the Obama era. What obviously happened is that many households time limited out of the replacement for AFDC made the lateral move to SSI, based on some “disability” with themselves or their kids. And yes, low IQ was sometimes used as grounds, but more often, it was one of the designer quack psych disorders. In the cases of low IQ being used, I would like to know how it was proven: Public schools generally haven’t done IQ tests in a long time, because they don’t like the results.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        It is actually illegal to give a negro an IQ test in at least one state: California. The elites just didn’t like the results of the tests.

  • The only way to protect the civil rights of white, and Asian, students is by separating them from black/Hispanic students. In other words, we need segregation. Unfortunately, the powers that be care nothing about the civil rights of whites or Asians.

  • Diamond_Lil

    It’s been my experience that most white boys and any Asians, vastly outnumbered in urban, minority-dominated schools, keep to themselves, are quite subdued and rarely act out so as to stay under the radar. If they are caught doing something wrong, it’s because they were sleeping in class, and in suspension cases, they get caught smoking pot or dealing drugs. Suspension cases for Blacks and Latinos, on the other hand, are more often a result of destruction of school property, or getting in teacher’s faces cursing and calling them various offensive names, acting in a belligerent manner by hitting the desk, wall or throwing down a textbook and completely shutting down the lesson or by threatening bodily harm, beating or sexually harassing another student or staff.

  • IKantunderstand

    And, after we have addressed this problem, let’s move on to the fact that Jewish men have garnered a disproportionate amount of Nobel prizes.

  • Peter Lamoureux

    Here we go again. Looking for equal outcome, not equal opportunity.

    • And since you can’t raise the latinos and blacks up, you have to bring the whites and asians down. Is there anyone left who still doesn’t understand why intelligent white Americans now distrust their government so much?

  • fsagas

    Do disparities on men and women suspensions a call for “civil rights?”


  • Joseph

    So now, I guess the solution should be to have a white, female “whipping boy” in each class to take the punishment instead of the offender to keep the numbers on par with the desirable race/gender statistics.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Instead of suspending the hard-core problems, the schools should just call 911 and let the police handle things. A thorough pepper-spraying followed by a beat-down with batons is so much fairer to N’DeShawntavious than a week at home, after all.

    The other edge to the sword the Department ob de Edumacation is brandishing is that some states (California) have made home-schooling illegal. The result is that unless you are wealthy enough to afford private school tuition, your child will be sent to a public school that the African Occupation Government is deliberately making unsafe.

    • I have seen ads on tv for free online public school education. At least your kid can avoid interaction with blacks and HIspanics.

  • SLCain

    To the editors:

    This site also loses credibility when you delete quite reasonable posts. I said that the credibility of this site is damaged whenever John Engelman posts. That happens to be true. If I wanted to look at a site that gives undo deference to Obama voters, I could just go browse Huffpo.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I disagree. He shames himself whenever he posts. For instance, he seems to find Oriental women attractive, but would never actually marry one.

  • Jeff

    This “problem” is the genesis of zero tolerance policies. If they bust Sally for having an aspirin, that’s a drug bust, the same as Dontavius with a rock of crack. Devandre, caught with a gun, is no more guilty than Page, caught with nail clippers.

    Yet more reason for white parents to pull their children out of schools. Unfortunately many white parents don’t see the next logical step, which is to vote for white interests, which include defunding public education at this point.

  • freddy_hills

    “When African-American students are more than 3 ½ times as likely to be
    suspended or expelled as their white peers (…) as they are today—it raises
    substantial concerns,” Delisle told the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    That’s true. I’ve been concerned about black misbehavior for quite some time.

    that the hustlers always cast things in terms of the white rate so as to imply
    racism. As if there aren’t other groups who have
    similarly lower rates of disciplinary problems.