Columnist Who Inspired Bob Costas Drops New Bomb: ‘The NRA Is the New KKK’

Tim Graham, Newsbusters, December 3, 2012

Kansas City sportswriter Jason Whitlock loves to stoke controversy. So after he blamed Jovan Belcher’s murder-suicide on the “gun culture”—inspiring NBC Sports lecturer Bob Costas— in an interview with Roland Martin, he added fuel to the fire by claiming “the NRA is the new KKK.”

Apparently, black youths are “armed” by the NRA, and they’re also responsible for loading up black neighborhoods with drugs:

WHITLOCK: Sports gets so much attention, and people tune out the real world, that I try to take advantage of the opportunity to talk about the real world when sports lends itself to that and try to open people’s eyes. You know, I did not go as far as I’d like to go because my thoughts on the NRA and America’s gun culture—I believe the NRA is the new KKK. And that the arming of so many black youths, uh, and loading up our community with drugs, and then just having an open shooting gallery, is the work of people who obviously don’t have our best interests [at heart].

{snip} A gun turns some kids listening to music into a murder scene. And uh, you know, if you don’t have a gun, you drive home. You know, kids listening to some loud music, you don’t like it, you go home and complain to your wife. But when you have a gun, you open fire, potentially, and take the life of a child.


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  • Anan7

    The NRA is the new KKK because the NRA helps to push through CCW laws which help to curb black violence. How many defensive gun uses happen per day? Given the disparities between Whites and blacks in violent crime, CCW laws hurt blacks and help Whites a great deal.

    • Dr. X

      Exactly. The Bantus and the white liberals despise the NRA because gun ownership represents a willingness to not become a passive victim of black-on-white violence. Remember what a hero Bernie Goetz became by carrying a handgun illegally in New York after having been mugged several times and refusing to be a victim yet again? When guns are banned, Bantus will be able to attack elderly whites and rape white women (like your mothers and sisters and wives) and rob whites of wallets and purses with impunity. This is what the Left wants. They have already achieved it in Canada, Sweden, Denmark, England, and elsewhere, where the Left continues to import Third World criminals to prey on whites who are forbidden by law to defend themselves by force of arms.

      • ed91

        it almost sounds like a talking point sent out by axelfraud himself, from the castle where the winged ones live.

      • Ryan

        Not sure where you picked up that info about Canada. My friend just bought several rifles, and it was all legal.

        • Dr. X

          I didn’t say Canadians couldn’t own firearms. I said they are forbidden to use them in self-defense. There is NO concealed carry in Canada whatsoever. Handguns with barrels shorter than 4.25″ are illegal. Cops cannot even carry off-duty. All handguns are permitted and registered with the government and handgun ammo cannot be purchased without a permit. Handguns must be disassembled in storage. If you use ANY gun, long gun or handgun, in self-defense you’re going to have one hell of a problem. I had a friend who went hiking in Alaska along the Canadian border and he said the RCMP was flying around in helicopters to make sure no one was carrying guns on the Canadian side — even in bear country.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            He should have shot down a helo from the Alaskan side.

        • Joseph

          That may be; a number of long guns are permitted in Canada BUT if you use one in self defense, even in your home you will most likely be prosecuted for unlawful use of a firearm. This *may* vary somewhat with jurisdiction as the west is much more( Sask, Alb.) conservative than the east -but Texas, it ain’t.

          • Ryan

            This is simply not true. The same friend is an RCMP officer, and I talked with him about this issue at length. If someone breaks into your home and you feel threatened, you are allowed to use any means in self defense. This changed recently, like in the last ten years. It used to be specific as in, if they had a gun or knife, only then were you allowed to use a firearm or knife in self defense. Now it doesn’t matter. If anyone has a link to something that says otherwise, I will check it out and bring it up with my friend.

    • Svigor

      Naive Europeans like to talk about America’s “problem with gun violence.” I like to tell them, “no, America doesn’t have a problem with gun violence, blacks do,” or, “America doesn’t have a gun crime problem, we have a black and brown crime problem.”

      Blacks are, as a race, incapable of handling the responsibility of firearms. The assumption of human equality is the cause of America’s gun violence problem (such as it is).

  • The only thing that makes the NRA anything like the KKK is from what I have seen of my american rifleman magazines not a black,brown or yellow face can be seen.Even the History channel showed an asian teen who was a trap shooter.

    • ed91

      that is one reason the NRA gets heat from the left

      • The__Bobster

        And the Tea Party, too.

    • Joseph

      That is because it is so difficult to find a black who can legally handle a firearm.

  • MekongDelta69

    A gun turns some kids listening to music into a murder scene. And uh, you know, if you don’t have a gun, you drive home
    Uhh, no – If a black kid didn’t have a gun, he’d just run them over with his car.

    You know, kids listening to some loud music, you don’t like it, you go home and complain to your wife.
    Black “kids” don’t HAVE wives. They have “baby mommas.”

    But when you have a gun, you open fire, potentially, and take the life of a child.
    Why of COURSE. That’s ALWAYS what I do. I walk down Main Street; I hear music I don’t like coming from a record store; walk in… and shoot the owner. Don’t you???

    And btw – in Whitlock’s World – all black people under 30 are “children.”

    Whitlock has always been a black racist.

    • ed91

      whitlock is trying to become famous with his racist writing……..
      I’ve been aware of him for a least 2-3 years and most of his writing has some racial aspect to it.

      • Anders

        How did this ugly looking fellow get on the telly?
        Has he read any of those books on the shelf behind him, or are they for decoration?

        • Michael_C_Scott

          There are companies that sell fake books as window dressing for cretins like him. Real books are expensive.

        • i am

          “How did this ugly looking fellow get on the telly?”

          He is black and hates whites. That is all you need to be on the telly.

        • StillModerated

          Whitlock hides his money in books because — as Chris Rock said — books are like kryptonite to a bantu. Some of them look suspiciously like Reader’s Digest condensed collections.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      “All black people under 30 are children”.

      No, they call them “babies”.

      A negro under 30 is mentally and emotionally not a child,but an infant – a “baby”. The real difficulty is when dem babies gots to be twelbe-or-forteen and be habben dem sexural urges, gnome sayin?

      The sooner CW-2 starts, the happier I will be.

      • Tucker

        There really is no way we can continue share the same geographic territory with any of these non-white minorities OR with their self-hating, self-loathing White liberal enablers and excuse makers like Costas or Chris Matthews or pick-any-white-liberal-at-random.

        The divorce is going to be bloody and very nasty, but it should now be clear that it is unavoidable. There is no doubt whatsoever that liberalism and leftism are acronyms for totalitarianism and tyrants do not deserve to be allowed to live or prevail over freedom loving people.

        I’m with Michael as far as believing the sooner CW-2 arrives, the better it will be.

        • i am

          It is always white people’s fault blacks are stupid.

    • Svigor

      You touched on precisely the point I wanted to make after reading the quotes from Whitlock, except I’d go further. All blacks are children, mentally speaking. If they live long enough they mature physically, but not mentally. The exceptions compose a tiny minority.

      Whitlock seems to know this, as the implication that blacks are incapable of maturity is larded throughout.

      • i am

        Why do blacks hold their guns sideways?

        The idea of holding a gun sideways came from Israel. I think it first came out in the late 1980s or early 1990s. It was what some jewish martial arts person claimed was a punch and shoot method. You are suppose to yell Hyahhh, punch, and shoot. It never caught on with people who knew how to use a gun. Only idiots who can’t shoot use that hold. It is also suppose to stop the gun from recoiling upward, and make it recoil sideways. Obviously the jewish guy knew nothing about physics or shooting gun.

        • Liberalsuck

          What? Did you just accuse the ‘Chosen people’ of being stupid and irresponsible when it came to the handling of firearms? You will perish in flames! Oh, wait. They don’t believe in Hell, do they?

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Why would anyone want a pistol to recoil sideways instead of upward, unless they were shooting at a school bus instead of a vertically-oriented hostile biped? Turning the ejector port upward also increases the likelihood of a stovepipe jam, which is why all the most reliable machineguns have had the ejection port on the receiver bottom, where gravity can help get the empty cases clear of the receiver.

          I’m inclined to believe the reason for the sideways “gangsta” hold is because some idiot Hollywood director thought it looked “cool”.

      • Liberalsuck

        Most black adults are simply overgrown children or teenagers at best. Even middle aged black men act and say things that not even the wildest, immature white frat boy would.

    • >Uhh, no – If a black kid didn’t have a gun, he’d just run them over with his car.

      However, if I black kid did have a gun, he probably wouldn’t take it to school and use it to shoot a dozen or so of his classmates. Why is is that school shooters are disproportionately white males? Seems like such violent acts of thuggery would be limited to one of the allegedly inferior races.

      > I hear music I don’t like coming from a record store; walk in… and shoot the owner. Don’t you???

      Oddly enough I don’t, but there’s a guy in Florida who shares your sentiment. He’s in jail right now facing charges of murder and attempted murder for allegedly opening fire on a car full of black teenagers. This was after he pulled up next to their vehicle an asked them to turn down their music. Of course he felt threatened.

      • John Bonham

        Spoken like a true liberal .. Congratulations , they will accept you ..

      • MekongDelta69

        However, if a black kid did have a gun, he probably wouldn’t take it to school and use it to shoot a dozen or so of his classmates.
        Tell me something “Richard.” Exactly where in the article or my post do you see the word, “school“?

        Oddly enough I don’t, but there’s a guy in Florida who shares your sentiment.
        Why are leftists SO dense, they can’t even understand simple sarcasm?

        Thanks for playing “Richard.” Sorry you don’t win the Grand Prize, but we have some nice parting gifts for you backstage.

      • MekongDelta69

        However, if a black kid did have a gun, he probably wouldn’t take it to school and use it to shoot a dozen or so of his classmates.
        Tell me something “Richard.” Exactly where in the article or in my post was there any reference to the word, “school“?

        Oddly enough I don’t, but there’s a guy in Florida who shares your sentiment.
        Why is that leftists are SO dense, they can’t even comprehend the most simple of sarcasm?

        Thanks for playing “Richard.” I’m sorry you didn’t win the Grand Prize, but we have some nice parting gifts for you backstage.

      • Bernie

        They are not. They are disproportionately black males. Just like serial killers are disproportionately black males (21% as opposed to 6% of the population)..

        But when you see a serial killer or school shooter in the movies or in the headlines he is always white.

      • Bernie

        “Oddly enough I don’t, but there’s a guy in Florida who shares your
        sentiment. He’s in jail right now facing charges of murder and
        attempted murder for allegedly opening fire on a car full of black
        teenagers. This was after he pulled up next to their vehicle an asked
        them to turn down their music. Of course he felt threatened.”

        This is a lie. If such a thing happened it would be national news. Give us a link.

      • i am

        White kids that shoot up a school have usually been bullied to the breaking point. Blacks do it because they are the bully.

  • If this vast evil NRAKKK conspiracy would have dumped all these drugs and guns off in front of my house, the number of new violent crimes that would have been committed would number exactly zero.

    Can’t ignore racial differences and HBD.

    As for Jovan Belcher, I think it was Steroid Rage. “Oh, but they test!,” says the peanut gallery. “Ha ha,” I say. “What about the guns?,” ask the peanut gallery. An NFL linebacker can easily kill a person with his bare hands. While the roach motel nature of relationships with black men that presents here with Belcher is typical black behavior, his committing suicide after murdering a woman is atypical.

    So all that’s left is steroids and steroid rage.

  • You Are Now Enriched

    That’ll do it. Now the White privilege members of the NRA will be so shamed by this zulu bantu voodo Diversity by his linking them to the Ku Klux, that they will all turn surrender their guns en masse and sign petitions for stricter gun law measures.

    Whites can withstand much, but being held accountable for their Ku Kluxing isn’t something they’ll ever resist. Whatever blacks say about race is the gospel on race.

    • StillModerated

      Godwin’s Law is used for Hitlerian comparisons. Let’s dream up a Law/Corollary/Lemma for KKK comparisons. I recommend Wetlock’s Law.

  • Bernie

    Isn’t Jason Whitlock the ham & egger who made racist jokes about Jeremy Lin after the Asian lit up some all-black basketball team?

    • So CAL Snowman

      The very same, he made a joke about asians and genital size.

      • ed91

        witlock looks fat enough to be in that story last week about men who couldn’t see their genitals because of their stomach.

      • Greg Thomas

        Yeah, and he never lost his job. Had a White commentator cracked that joke, he would have been terminated before the game was over.

        • Eagle_Eyed

          In fact one was. An ESPN website editor had the unfortunate headline “Chink in the Armor” about Jeremy Lin (and for some reason was too naive to realize the “racist” connotations) and was fired for it.

      • Oil Can Harry

        Whitlock should have instead made a joke about blacks having a tiny brain size.

        Oh wait, that’s not a joke…

  • KD_Did

    I have to believe that this is being pushed into the media by Obummer. Somebody wants to make an issue of gun laws. They did it with contraception during the election. Airing it on NBC with Costas doesnt surprise me. BTW im not a conspiracy type guy. This just stinks to me

    • The__Bobster

      How does a Hobbit with dyed red hair become a sports announcer?

      • KD_Did

        Costas does look freaky but he is smart. Smart enough to know not to alienate a big portion of the SNF audience. That’s why i believe NBC is pushing an agenda….as Emanuel said “Never let a good tragedy go to waste” And we all know the media is in O’s pocket. Hell, NBC should have an office at the White house. The Batman theater shooting was shady and Fast and Furious failed horribly. Somebody wants 2nd amendment rights in the news. Do you ever hear of the crime that is halted by a CCW citizen? Ever?

  • Bernie

    I’m pretty sure Whitlock also said he was looking forward to a New England Patriots game last year against a mostly black team (the Ravens I think) because of the racial aspect (Pats started 9 whites on offense and the Ravens had one white on defense).

    The Patriots won, of course.

  • Puggg

    It’s clear that Jason Whitlock has become a whack job, or was one all along.

    What is also clear is that even “reasonable” blacks will inevitably let their minds devolve into kook conspiracy theories like “The NRA is the KKK and they’re all deliberately fueling ghettos with drugs and guns.” The mind that alters is the mind that alters all. When you won’t accept the simple, easy and obvious truth that there are race differences in intelligence and a lot of other things, and those differences are innate and inborn, what else are you to do but to contrive and contort increasingly stupid explanations to explain real world differences in racial outcomes?

    Black “conservatives” are just as bad, even if they’re a lot more sublime than the Jason Whitlocks and Louis Farrakhans of the world. Their minds usually wind up blaming some procedural failure in the execution of public policy, and it’s almost always the “fault” of “liberals.”

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    So, if he offed her and himself with a large kitchen knife, do we get to blame the Food and Cooking Channels?

    • Petronius

      I once worked with a black man whose daughter was murdered on her wedding night.

      The groom stabbed her to death with a big knife.

      The Jovan Belcher story (and tens of thousands of similar stories) has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with black pathologies.

      • Tucker

        Maybe when she asked for some ‘fo play’, he misunderstood and thought she said she wanted to be ‘fee-layed’?

        I have heard that there are more than one dialectic versions of ebonics within the African community, depending upon what region of the country a brotha or sista might hail from.

  • templeton

    What a fat slob piece of trash liar. Did Simpson use a gun or a knife ?

    • StillModerated

      The latter. Plus BO!

  • An old black radio talk show host used to make similar comments. He said he found it odd the black kids who couldn’t graduate high school knew how to get guns so someone must be providing them with the guns.

    Since black kids aren’t very smart, it proves guns in black neighborhoods is a racist conspiracy. QED.

    • ed91

      similar to the cia selling cocaine in central LA

  • templeton

    Banning only blacks from owning guns would be a good law. Whites made the laws and need guns to protect themselves from Whitlocks race. Whites invented guns and own the factories and businesses that sell them. Why are blacks concerned about whites owning guns anyway? Do whites murder blacks with guns?

    • Dr. X

      Actually, the Southern states banned blacks from owning guns for decades after the Civil War. One of the contemporary NRA’s main arguments is that “gun control is racist.” They backed Otis McDonald, a black man, when they successfully overturned the Chicago handgun ban in 2010.

      • Tucker

        The NRA is completely in the Cultural Marxist tank on the issue of race. I quit that useless outfit after Heston retired, as I have a very keen eye and immediately noticed that the NRA leadership and organization structure was being swarmed into by dozens and dozens of people who share lineage with Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Carl Levin, and Frank Lautenberg.

        Look, fellow White Second Amendment supporters. We need to hone our skills at recognizing (a) Who is behind 99% of all gun control legislation, and (b) Paying closer attention to when we see members of that gang making moves that suggest that they are taking over organizations or movements which we had previously been taught to trust to safeguard our Constitutional rights.

        For crying out loud, people. Am I the only White guy who stayed awake during World History class when the topic of the famous Trojan Horse was being discussed?

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Read more John Ross.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Whites also invented modern firearms.

    • whitney5158

      Are you kidding? Its happened at least twice, thats twice! in the last year alone!

  • So CAL Snowman

    Looks like all that stress about guns and Whitey is making Whitlock sweat off those pounds. If the NRA was the new KKK they would be doing everything possible to DISARM feral black youths so that the White Wizards could ethnically cleanse them without fear of reprisal.

  • matt

    Who ever knew all those gang bangers were NRA members? Funny how you never see any of them at the range, in a gun store, or at a NRA convention.

    • Dr. X

      Oddly enough, back in the 1960s the Black Panthers and Malcolm X actually joined the NRA because NRA members could get surplus M1 Carbines for next to nothing and FREE government surplus ammo. There’s a famous picture of Malcolm X holding an M1 Carbine with a 30-rd magazine while hiding from the cops. Back in the 1960s you could even mail-order surplus .45s and even anti-tank rifles and have them delivered to your door. All that stuff ended after the assassinations and race riots of the ’60s.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        And the resulting Gun Control Act of 1968.

    • Joseph

      I think Dim Whitlock is mistaking the NRA for the ATF. It is they who pass out the guns to “people of color” but then, those alphabetic abbreviations are so hard to keep straight when you’re a moron.

  • Realist

    If banning guns is such a great solution, why is Chicago one of the nation’s most violent cities? It has very strict gun laws yet these rocket scientists and brain surgeons still find ways to get them and kill each other.

    • StillModerated

      The crack and the AIDS don’t quite work as fast as the CIA had originally hoped.

      • Tucker

        Obviously, the crack and AIDs virus inventors were using a horribly underestimated data reference library consisting of flawed analytical measurements of black and mestizo sexual habits.

        An enterprising White man could probably strike a small fortune, selling T-shirts in the inner city with the slogan on them that read: “We be so horny, Mighty AIDs can’t even keep our population in check!”

    • Svigor

      When leftoids fail, they inevitably say the failure was due to their policies not being fully enacted, and offer doubling down as the “new” solution. In other words, Chicago’s gun laws are far too lax.

    • Tucker

      Its not about disarming dangerous, criminally prone and predatory blacks and mestizos, Realist. Gun control is about disarming law abiding White men who are hated and feared by our #1 enemy, who happens to have hijacked our nation and who lusts to finish resurrecting their beloved USSR, whereby they can pick up where their ethnic cousins left off and start murdering another 66 million White European people.

      On a related note: It is no innocent ‘coincidence’ that the vast majority of military combat veterans, who were illegally sent to fight unnecessary wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and elsewhere by our neocons, are having the Second Amendment rights-killing notation of “PTSD” entered into their military health records, along with detailed lists of all the psychotropic, anti-depressant, and mood-altering drugs that are being pumped into them. Over 75% of so of these combat vets are White men, Realist. This is how devious and diabolically evil our #1 enemies are – because these notations effectively make it illegal for a returning military combat vet to own or purchase a firearm through a licensed gun dealer, unless they lie on the forms and if they do that, they’ve committed a felony.

      This is an example of how the ‘conservative minded right’ have earned a reputation for being extremely stupid. While the right plays checkers, the enemy left plays chess.

      To defeat these evil totalitarians, our team has to scrape about 6 inches of rust off the portions of our brains that far too many of us seem to never use.

      • Liberalsuck

        Who is our #1 enemy? Oh, yeah. Those Irish Catholics? Those German Lutherans? (sarcasm)

  • Francis Galton

    Here’s what no one who’s ostensibly part of the “mainstream” commentariat ever recognizes or acknowledges: there are actually TWO different gun cultures in America today–the White one and the non-White one.

    1) The White gun culture is marked primarily by responsible gun ownership, fidelity to American Revolutionary principles and the Second Amendment, and a sense of responsibility to family and community. Crime rarely enters into the picture (the rare mass shooter or mugger not withstanding.)

    2) The non-White culture is marked primarily by reckless and criminal use of guns, robberies and muggings, brandishing and shooting at people who give you the wrong kind of look, and thuggery and gangsterism in general. High-falutin’ notions like controlling governmental tyranny and protecting the “co-moon-ity” are virtually non-existent.

    Someone could probably write an entire book comparing and contrasting these two different strains of the gun culture, but who would publish it? There’s the rub…

    • Petronius

      Yes, indeed. And I would add this: that political-economic-social systems designed by and for Anglo-Saxons may work beautifully for Western Europeans, but can never connect with other races and peoples. That is because culture is rooted in DNA.

      To explore this subject fully would take more than one book––it would take volumes.

      • The Verdict of History

        No THAT is what I call SOCIAL SCIENCE (dear neo-Marxist professors)…

      • GSJ

        Anyone who would dare to publish such a thing would face a witchhunt like Salman. Do you know why? The truth hurts.

    • First class excellent to make this distinction.

    • The Verdict of History

      European American gun use = civilized, principled defense of citizens’ liberties.
      Non-White use = murderous HOOLIGANISM and wanton destruction of life, limb and property, glorification in disorder, terror and intimidation…


    • haroldcrews

      Who needs a publisher when you can self-publish on Amazon.

  • ye ol’ swampyankee

    Bob Costas born in New York,NY. and grew up on Long Island and is a proponent of gun control

    It figures.

    Northeast and left coaster urbanites live in their own narrowly defined geographic spectrum. I mean, don’t you know that the entire country takes it’s marching orders and all other directives from these sanctimonious, self ordained and self appointed despotic mouthpieces who don’t know much else, nor care about differences beyond their own urban enclaves?

    And according to mindsets like Costas “EVERYONE ELSE” thinks just as New York types do and if they don’t, they are somehow personally endowed by the creator to mold others to their way of thinking.

    A typical brash, arrogant and pandering leftist New York area type, the kind many northerners don’t even like.

    • Dr. X

      And like most of the obnoxious New Yorkers and Long Islanders, he practically worships Negroes and mulattoes simply for being able to catch a football or a basketball.

    • KD_Did

      Very well stated Swampyankee!

    • Puggg

      Costas has lived in St. Louis and made it his home ever sine he got his first media job at KMOX, even though he has been a long time national media figure.

      The sense I get of the man is that there’s really not much going on upstairs, and that his initial rant on SNF halftime and his later doubling down is basically a function of his opening his mouth and someone else’s words coming out.

      • KD_Did

        Nope, he is being used as a talking head to advance Obamau;s agenda. Why do you think Chicago, and Illinois has no CCW ?

  • Ulick

    Per federal law you have to be 21 years old to purchase a handgun from a licensed dealer, Jason, and 18 years old to possess a handgun with parent/guardian consent. So there already is gun control for youth. If gun control is the answer to lessen youth crime, then how come it isn’t working, Jason?

    And why, Jason, are you only interested in black youth being armed and gunned downed and not all youth? Or are you acknowledging the obvious truth that gun violence is far more common in the black community than in other communities? If all communities have access to guns, though, and gun crime is far more common in the black community than in other communities, then that would suggest that guns aren’t the real problem for the disparate statistics, wouldn’t it Jason? For if the issue was guns and guns alone, then gun crime would be spread more evenly.

    You,Jason, like most black people, are uncomfortable admitting the truth about the inherent black tendency toward violence (as evidenced by all crime statistics in America and abroad). Instead you’re looking for a scapegoat rather than admitting the painful truth. Aren’t you, Jason?

    • dukem1

      I’m sure we’re all looking forward to Mr. Whitlocks’ insight into impulse control, and his tribes’ lack thereof.

      • KD_Did

        Costas mentioned impulse control today, but not in a racial way. He said something to the effect that young, rich NFL players lack self control.Although I’m at a loss to remember any White NFL player having gun issues.

  • elreyjones

    Bob Costas is a white Catholic bigot. And a yankee to boot. Ignore such dribble. If the NRA is the new KKK, then Costas is the new IRA.

    • The__Bobster

      I doubt that Bilbo Baggins can dribble.

    • haroldcrews

      I’ m a Southern white Catholic race realist. What does his Catholicism have to do with anything? He probably doesn’t even practice the Catholic faith. He’s probably a dissenter.

  • razorrare

    Witlock would call Mr.Reynolds a racist KKK’er for not allowing blacks to buy at his gun shop…its just another case of your darned if you do or darned if you dont…

    Gregory Gwyn-Williams Jr., CNS News, November 25, 2012

    Last week, the owner of an Arizona gun shop made national headlines after it was reported that he had posted a sign and taken out a full page ad in a local newspaper that banned Obama supporters from entering his store. One week later, Cope Reynolds is cashing in on the attention.

    Mr. Reynolds, owner of Southwest Shooting Authority says “business is booming” after his sign and newspaper ad caught the attention of various media outlets. The sign read: “If you voted for Barack Obama, your business is not welcome at Southwest Shooting Authority. You have proven you’re not responsible enough to own a firearm.”
    The full article can be found on this page…scroll down 3 or 4 days

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    That didn’t even make sense.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Perhaps it doesn’t belong to part of Canada’s self identity, but Canada’s elites have imported violent Muslim men who hate Western women and girls,and who believe it is their right to hurt them.

      You get a choice in Canada: a handgun culture or the expulsion of Muslims and Africans. I am sorry, as we seem to like one another’s posts, but one of us is being a tad unrealistic I don’t think we have a choice in the US anymore.

      I’m officially disarmed, and have no firearms, but I have a good machine shop in my basement and welding and plastic injection molding equipment in the garage. I have an electromagnetic coilgun I made here at home.

      I think the NRA was never radical enough for my taste, and that was why I quit them.. I didn’t want to read endless articles about skeet shooting while whey spend only some of their money promoting what really is a right. Perhaps this is why I write the very rare shooting post here as if someone very terrible was writing it from a long way away.

      For Canada, I would prefer mass expulsions of Muzzies and Africans. Here in the US, I would prefer another civil war, as we won’t expel them then, and we’ll be able to get rid of the Democrats as well. Funny, that; I used to be just a guy who shot old military rifles from WW-1 and WW-2 at the rifle range 100 miles north of here on weekends, along with the occasional old military pistol. That was back in 1989-2000.

      I’ve the coilgun apart again, as I can make it a bit better. The current work is more modular, as I was weary of doing the same machine and wiring work over and over again, so I made a slightly bigger new receiver that would accept most of the old sub-assemblies.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Re: NRA:
        Before President Obama signed into law the reauthorization of four key provisions of the USA Patriot Act on May 26, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) had introduced an amendment to protect law-abiding gun owners from some of the privacy invasions being carried out by the federal government under the Act. The amendment failed, so the fishing expeditions will continue.

        The National Rifle Association opposed the Paul amendment, helping ensure it went nowhere. Contrary to popular belief, the NRA’s political arm frequently takes stands that are at odds with the interests of its gun-owning members.

        An alternative pro-gun organization that takes a “no compromise” stance on Second Amendment rights is the National Association for Gun Rights (877-405-4570;


  • The Reconstruction Klan was a good outfit. They did what they had to do to get their country back. Whatever organization takes the klans place will do what has to be done to take this country back. This time though, it’ll be Yankee White joining our Southern Brothers and Sisters in a new Holy War to rid this country of the vermin who now infest it.

  • CoweringCoward

    Jesus, anyone who cannot see what happened is BLIND, blind I tell you. This man probably in the politest way possible asked these “yoots” to please turn the output of their infra-sonic assault vehicle down to a mere nauseating dull rumble and that was just more than the fragile little gutter apes could handle! Thank god he was armed. Why did he flee? Saint Trayvon© anyone?

  • The__Bobster

    {snip} A gun turns some kids listening to music into a murder scene. And uh, you know, if you don’t have a gun, you drive home. You know, kids listening to some loud music, you don’t like it, you go home and complain to your wife. But when you have a gun, you open fire, potentially, and take the life of a child.

    Want to guess the race of the perp?

    Two men shot in Staten Island apartment building for allegedly being too noisy
    Last Updated: 10:02 AM, November 30, 2012
    Posted: 9:23 AM, November 30, 2012

    One man is dead and another is fighting for his life this morning after they were shot in a Staten Island apartment building for being too noisy, police sources said.

    The victims, 20 and 21, were in a first floor apartment in a Bodine Street building drinking and being rowdy around 6 a.m. when the upstairs neighbor complained to her boyfriend, the source said.

    Tyrell Jackson has been charged with murder, attempted murder, burglary and criminal possession of a weapon in last week’s incident, police announced Monday.

  • Johnny Clay

    Mr. Whitlock should realize that it’s because of people like Jovan Butler that people have guns.

    • Johnny Clay

      Jovan Belcher, excuse me.

  • Chris

    How, exactly, is the NRA “arming of so many black youths, uh, and loading up our community with drugs?”
    The NRA actually helped blacks defend themselves from violent KKK Democrats in the south by advocating for black gun ownership rights. At the time, it might have seemed like a good idea, but in hindsight, not exactly their finest hour.

  • Cesare

    “Apparently, black youths are “armed” by the NRA, and they’re also responsible for loading up black neighborhoods with drugs:”

    Yes I can really see the NRA supplying blacks with guns so they can kill each other off. And I can also see the NRA in cahoots with the CIA in bringing drugs to black neighborhoods. All sarcasm aside, these people have to be serious mental defectives to believe this nonsenses.

    We have a whiny and overprivileged whinority that does absolutely nothing but destroy and wreak havoc. They get everything at the drop of a dime as cowardly politicians ( and Whites) shiver at the thought of being accused of ray-cism. But not once do they find one reason to never bitch and moan about something. Enough is enough !

    • Strider73

      Sounds like it’s time for AR to re-post its classic article “White Might, Black Fright,” which lists all the nutty paranoid things blacks believe (essentially, the entire federal govt. is a KKK front).

  • Michael_C_Scott

    If the responsible gun owners of what has recently been the “United” States are being driven farther right with every election and every new law, who exactly has done this, Jason?

    I had 82 legally-owned firearms and some 40,000 rounds of ammunition for them as of July 14, 2000. I don’t have any of that anymore, legally cannot, and you’re driving me farther to the right, even though I’ve been a regular AmRen poster for the nine years since my release from federal prison.

    How’s that Whitlock? What you are writing is radicalizing me and people like me ever farther with each moronic word you utter.

    Pease Whitlosh, STFU.

  • blight14

    This is the same, tired excuse-blacks insist on blaming EVERYTHING on someone/something else, they refuse to address personal responsibility….Collectively, they’re sure this rampant black-on-black mayhem will vanish if guns were somehow banned……Perhaps their herd mentality is to blame?

  • ni66ers……….

  • John Bonham

    You can’t make this crap, you actually have to hear it for yourself to believe that people are so stupid … WOW !!

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Jason Fatlock is a half-wit who should stick to what he knows, which is nothing

    Jovan Belcher, after a night of drinking and whoring,decided to kill the mother of his child when he entered her residence. He could have used his hands, a kitchen knife, scissors, a pillow or whatever other method he chose.

    If the woman Belcher decided to kill had kept a gun nearby and had known how to use it properly, she could have saved her own life.


  • ageofknowledge

    His brain is misfiring. The result is obvious. If you kept the camera rolling, I expect he would begin to talk about flying saucers and whatnot.

  • i am

    You don’t need an IQ test to prove blacks are stupid; you just have to listen to them.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Just try listening to that Hank Johnson ape explain in the November 30 section why the First Amendment needs to go. His stupid mouth automatically played when I clicked on the discussion board link, and my tolerance for that sort of drivel is exactly zero, which is why I took almost no part in that discussion.

      Some folks are bothered by fingernails screeching across a blackboard. My auditory pet hate is a missing link trying to speak as if he was an authority on some subject: I think the quote from one – who’s name I sadly forget – is: “I be intellectable on dis to dat.” The quote is buried somewhere in the book “The 776 Stupidest Things Ever Said”.

  • I’m glad that I have absolutely no interest in pro sports…People like Mr. Whitlock are part of the reason why… At least, I don’t have to read, watch, or listen to morons such as him !

    I am a passionate fan of sports car racing and am a “gearhead”. The American Le Mans Series, Rolex Daytona Series, the French LeMans, Grand-AM race, etc. are my favorites…NASCAR, not so much… I also like reading automotive magazines.

    The writers who cover these races are focused on the races, driver standings, etc. NOT POLITICS !

  • StillModerated

    Obviously Belcher’s demise didn’t affect the team, the Chiefs won without him.

  • MexinNam

    Note the sideways books on this dufuss’s bookcase; came from his holding handgun training

  • Dave4088

    Whitlock is just a fat Albert character and second rate, race baiting journalist. Black bigots like Jason are routinely lauded as great thinkers and “courageous” by the leftist loons and the other usual suspects who, through their ownership of most media outlets, promote black racists to positions of prominence.


    Any good gang-banger knows that the only way to get rid of that annoying bump that sits on top of the gun is to simply turn the gun sideways. Once this is done that nasty little bump is no longer in your face you can be assured of missing your target much easier.