America Nears El Tipping Pointo

Ann Coulter, WND, December 5, 2012

I apologize to America’s young people, whose dashed dreams and dim employment prospects I had laughed at, believing these to be a direct result of their voting for Obama.

On closer examination, it turns out that young voters, aged 18-29, overwhelmingly supported Romney. But only the white ones.

According to Pew Research, 54 percent of white voters under 30 voted for Romney and only 41 percent for Obama. That’s the same percentage Reagan got from the entire white population in 1980. Even the Lena Dunham demographic—white women under 30—slightly favored Romney.

Reagan got just 43 percent of young voters in 1980—and that was when whites were 88 percent of the electorate. Only 58 percent of today’s under-30 vote is white, and it’s shrinking daily.

What the youth vote shows is not that young people are nitwits who deserve lives of misery and joblessness, as I had previously believed, but that America is hitting the tipping point on our immigration policy.

The youth vote is a snapshot of elections to come if nothing is done to reverse the deluge of unskilled immigrants pouring into the country as a result of Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration act. Eighty-five percent of legal immigrants since 1968 have come from the Third World. A majority of them are in need of government assistance.

Whites are 76 percent of the electorate over the age of 30 and only 58 percent of the electorate under 30. Obama won the “youth vote” because it is the knife’s edge of a demographic shift, not because he offered the kids free tuition and contraception (which they don’t need because it’s hard to have sex when you’re living with your parents at 27).

In 1980, Hispanics were only 2 percent of the population, and they tended to be educated, skilled workers who got married, raised their children in two-parent families and sent their kids to college before they, too, got married and had kids (in that order).

That profile has nothing to do with recent Hispanic immigrants, who—because of phony “family reunification” rules—are the poorest of the world’s poor.

More than half of all babies born to Hispanic women today are illegitimate. As Heather MacDonald has shown, the birthrate of Hispanic women is twice that of the rest of the population, and their unwed birthrate is one and a half times that of blacks.

That’s a lot of government dependents coming down the pike. No amount of “reaching out” to the Hispanic community, effective “messaging” or Reagan’s “optimism” is going to turn Mexico’s underclass into Republicans.


Charles Murray recently pointed out that—contrary to stereotype—Hispanics are less likely to be married, less likely to go to church, more supportive of gay marriage and less likely to call themselves “conservative” than other Americans.

Rather than being more hardworking than Americans, Hispanics actually work about the same as others, or, in the case of Hispanic women, less.


An article by Nate Cohn in the current New Republic argues, as the title puts it: “The GOP Has Problems With White Voters, Too.” As proof, Cohn cites Jefferson County, Colo.; Loudoun County, Va.; Wake County, N.C.; and Somerset County, N.J., all of which went Republican in presidential elections from 1968 through 2004, but which Romney lost in 2012.

Smelling a rat, I checked the demographic shifts in these counties from the 2000 to the 2010 census. In each one, there has been a noticeable influx of Hispanics (and Asians, who also vote Democrat), diminishing “the white vote” Cohn claims Republicans are losing.


These were the counties chosen by Cohn, not me, to show that Republicans are losing “the white vote.” Except they’re not so white, anymore. With blacks, Asians and Hispanics voting 93 percent, 73 percent and 71 percent for Obama, Republicans have to do more than just win the white vote. They have to run the table.

Romney got a larger percentage of the white vote than Reagan did in 1980. That’s just not enough anymore.


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  • pcmustgo

    Yeah, will send to my republican friend who wants me to just shut up about “race” all the time…

    ” Reagan got just 43 percent of young voters in 1980—and that was when whites were 88 percent of the electorate.”

    Yeah, whites have actually gotten MORE conservative then their baby-boomer parents… The young millenial generations are actually, overall, more conservative than their hippie parents or Generation.

    • Liberalsuck

      Lots of white conservatives still don’t get it. They say “oh, blacks are that way because they don’t have a dad in the house” or “Oh, we need to outreach to our Hispanic friends.” These people aren’t white people. They will never be white people. They hate white people. They will never embrace our laws, our culture or our values. What will it take for most whites to ‘get it’? Do we need a South Africa genocide? Do we need to be marched off to death camps or having brown and black ‘soldiers’ line white people against the wall and shoot them? It frustrates me how naive and self-hating most white people have gotten.

      • saxonsun

        I’m afraid that’s what it will take.

  • MekongDelta69

    Black and brown IQ & thug dysfunctional culture has been so far gone since 1965, that we’re never going to get our country back.

    Self loathing, guilt ridden idiot white leftists have overseen this for 50 years.

    The black, Muslim Marxist dictator is the pinnacle of their success.

    • Perhaps a White Ghengis Khan is needed ? Strange things happen under the midnight sun ?

      • Richard Williams

        Very interesting observation. In fact, for a century our national/racial interests will require a militarized society much along the lines of Genghis Khan. In his imperial state, every man between 16 and 55 was required to be in the army in one capacity or another. A state in which every grown man is a soldier will be required to advance our interests. It will be one aspect of the next iteration of our national identity, and you are the first commenter I have seen to realize this.

        Somehow we reward theorizing with recognized leadership, but the real leadership will rest with a heavily militarized society. That does not mean constant warfare or even any wars, but it does mean that all healthy men will hold rank in the military….a little like the Swiss people.

        On that same note, the diverse white Americans must join anti-war organizations in order to end their murders on killing fields in Africa, Europe, and Asia. If we want to take over North & South America as a co-dominion, that sounds like a new iteration of the Monroe Doctrine and a good idea for a lot of reasons.

        • Liberalsuck

          The average white male everywhere has lost their will to fight and survive over the past 50 years now. It’s going to take the same amount of time to reverse the process and whites will have to really REALLY be pushed with their back against the wall before they strike back. White people tend to avoid trouble, confrontation and violence there is no other choice.

        • 1gravity


  • You Are Now Enriched

    I predict that America’s suffering White youth will come down with a massive attack of Stokholm Derangement Syndrome.

    “Even though times are tough for us right now, we know that the Amnesty Dreamers who struggled for the rights that Thomas Jefferson and George Washington promised them, but were delayed by unearned racist White privilege, are making America better and stronger in every way, because they enrich us with Diversity. We deplore that it took too long for our country to do the right thing and give them the citizenship they’ve always deserved.”

  • So CAL Snowman

    Ann Coulter again huh? Couldn’t find anything from Glenn Beck?

    • It’s still a good article, no matter who wrote it. You won’t hear the Republican leadership say anything like this.

      • So CAL Snowman

        There’s Republican leadership?

        • David Ashton

          Quote Coulter’s best, ignore the rest.

        • Our American senators are now just like the Senators of Rome when the barbarians were at their gates: They thought they could buy the Goths off with bribes, and we all no how well that worked.

          America’s “leaders” are now as useless as those Roman senators were. NOTHING effective will be done until America’s citizens realize that their “leaders” are not the solution but, more often than not, part of the problem. In short, America’s “leaders,” (of both parties), are as useless as teats on a bull.

          Stop wasting time expecting anything substantive to be done by Washington or your “leaders” in state government. They’re too busy trying to rescue their own feckless asses by selling you out. Stop pretending it is ever going to change. Not until you do that can you take steps effective for the future health and safety of your family and the other people you love.

        • There’s Republican leadership?
          It’s an oxymoron.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    “I apologize to America’s [white] young people, whose dashed dreams and dim employment prospects I had laughed at, believing these to be a direct result of their voting for Obama . . . [but] 54 percent of white voters under 30 voted for Romney and only 41 percent for Obama.


    That speaks volumes about the quality of young whites, subjected to indoctrination in “diversity,” multiculturalism and white guilt for all of their young lives — from the K-12, university and media-entertainment industries.

    And so it is with the famous “gender gap.”

    Romney bested Obama 56 to 42 among white women. Where did the “gender gap” come from? 96 percent of black women and 76 percent of Hispanic women voted for Obama. (Apparently the sample size for Asian-American and Muslim-American women voters was too small for a reliable estimate, but it was at least as lop-sidedly anti-Romney as that of Hispanic women voters.

    But the bottom line — the heartening news — is that white women, by a large margin — did not swallow the “war on women” narrative relentlessly pushed by the Democrats and the media.

    Bravo to the young and to the women.

    • Doppleganger

      It doesn’t mean much. Many of those young whites are the ones who voted for Obama last time. They became disappointed with the results of his presidency, so more voted for Romney this time. That’s all. It has nothing to do with indoctrination etc.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        Why weren’t young blacks, Latinos, Asians, Muslims likewise “disappointed with the results of his [Obama’s] presidency,” Doppleganger? And who can possibly blame “many of those young whites” for giving Obama a chance in ’08 — given that the other candidate was the unbalanced warmonger and amnesty fanatic John McCain?

        • pcmustgo

          Because Obama doesn’t hate blacks, latinos, asians and muslims… and these non-whites only care about seeing more their fellow co-ethnics on the TV… they desperately, desperately want more “people like them” everywhere. Most will vote according to what’s best for their group. Even Asians are like this…

      • David Ashton

        Maybe, maybe not. However, it is good not bad news that young whites didn’t automatically go for Obama, and something to work on.

      • Liberalsuck

        I love how liberals boast, “Oh, the whites of this generation are progressive, fresh, etc.” Most whites tend to get more conservative with age and, besides, every generation they say is ‘hip’ and ‘fresh.’ Even lots of the aging white baby boomers are starting to question all the tripe they were taught.

        • pcmustgo

          I’m an ex-liberal myself… with a lot of experience with diversity, including being friends with tons of people of other races… by my mid to late-20’s, it was over…

    • I am glad that finally someone has shattered the myth that Hispanics are hard working, family oriented people that share our values. This is true among the educated and high income groups such as Cuban Americans but not among low skilled and uneducated illegals that flood our borders. Among this group, they have anchor babies so that they can have access to government benefits.

      • Liberalsuck

        Not all Hispanic groups are alike; there are Cubans which are more Republican with their voting (after living through Communist Cuba), but the mestizos are more socialistic.

        • Anon12

          You mean like Marco Rubio? I cannot stand that guy! He is as anti-White and pro amnesty as so many are nowadays on the right! I do not want any nonwhite as Potus or in our government. Cubans are NOT like we are in any way.

    • KD_Did

      I believe that single women voted for o, while married women voted R. There still is a difference with single, and or gay women.

  • Remember, the emaciated barbie doll that wrote this article wanted Krispy Christie to run for President, and he’s amnesty and open borders all the way. And when he didn’t run, she shilled for Romney, and at least while she was doing it, Romney was pretending to be an immigration restrictionist. Little did anyone know it was a play act on Romney’s part — He used Kris Kobach and played him like a cheap fiddle to give Romney “street cred” on the issue long enough to get just enough votes to win the nomination. And once he had that in the bag, it was sayonara Kris.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Finding it difficult to say you were wrong about her, huh?

      • No I’m not, because I’m not wrong about her, because she, like most lamestream conservatives, are unreliable at best and treacherous at worst on the immigration issue. If Jim DeMint turned race traitor on us, then which lamestream conservative Republican wouldn’t? Plus…someone like the emaciated barbie doll in question who has ever only really been to my state from 30,000 feet above it ought not be running her mouth about our politics.

        • Pelayo

          Not only that but isn’t she dating Jimmy (Dynomiiite!) Walker?

    • AngryWhiteMan

      Sayonara? If only we were so lucky as to have hundreds of thousands of immigrants pouring into our country annually from one of the most peaceful and industrious countries in the world.

      Unfortunately we don’t so “adios pinche guero” would be more appropriate than “sayonara”

      • It’s that Romney said Sayonara to Kobach, in essence, by not having a conversation about immigration with him or really anything else with him since early March. If you don’t have a conversation about immigration with your supposed chief adviser on the immigration issue for six months, then that only shows that you never intended to take Kobach seriously.

        And me telling how I know that…well, that’s for another time.

        • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

          My guess is that it was one or a collection of Romney’s high-salaried, incompetent GOP campaign advisers that got him to ditch/ignore Kobach.

          Romney was obviously criminally unprepared to account for himself on immigration issues. He wilted when confronted by Obama on his association with Kobach and on his support for the highly popular Arizona law SB 1070, which Kobach authored. And Romney cringed at having to defend his support for self-deportation. He was probably told he had to get such and such a percentage of the Latino vote and therefore not to defend his positions.

          It’s almost unbelievable how unprepared he was — unless he was surrounded by extreme incompetence.

          • Exoplanet Finder

            Right- Romney is a flake and a traitor. He has [had] a good heart, but who cares? Because he lied on his immigration stance, and embraced Kobach before denigrating him and ignoring him, he deserved to lose. No one with a sane mind would have thought Romney the ideal president. Obama we know is a moron, but an obvious one. Romney was a swindler, double-faced, and maybe next election, if there is one, a true leader will step to the podium.

        • 1gravity

          It was so exciting to not vote for Romney.

      • maxonepercent

        I agree, but I actually think Ann Coulter has had an epiphany about the real dynamics shaping this country because over the last few months some of her columns have been the most bluntly stated truths about the plight of white america that I have seen from any conservative “talking head”.

        • pcmustgo

          Good, LET THE CONVERSATION BEGIN…. and it will. Stuffs going to get out of control around here real soon and a “white party” more angry than the repubs will emerge. MAINSTREAM, moderate people speaking out for white interests. Starting with “we”re fed up with denied/excused away non-white hostility towards us. We’re fed up with the endless identity politics. We’re sick of being blamed for slavery, and by the way, why are we when most of our ancestors didn’t own slaves? Why not blame the “muslim-american” immigrant, why just us? We want violent hate crimes against whites, and just hatefulness towards whites exposed. We want our needs addressed. We’re sick of the entire paradigm where it’s assumed non-whites are always the victim.”

          • pcmustgo


        • StillModerated

          Ann Coulter has “shocked” the college-aged audience at the (so-called) Conservative (so-called) Political Action Committee on more than one occasion. I was there in 2007 when I heard the audience draw a collective gasp while I laughed out loud and completely misread what was going on. We are not quite ready for for any meaningful change, nor are we ready to water Jefferson’s Tree of Liberty. The current extent of conservative political action is to whine and complain.

    • mobilebay

      Hopefully not. I’m praying for Kris Kobach to run for President in 2016. I’ll back him all the way.

      • Really, for Kobach to get Presidential chops, he’d have to win Governor or Senate first. Brownback and Roberts are both up in 2014, and both are indicating that they’ll run for re-election, so those doors are pretty much closed at that time.

        • mobilebay

          Not necessarily. The only requirements are: Candidate must be 35 years old, have resided in the US for fourteen years and be a native born US citizens (and that one’s pretty much up for grabs now, isn’t it). Maybe it would be better to have someone not tainted by being in Washington. Someone with fresh ideas and mainly, someone who would put the people of this country first.

          • Formal requirements. However, every person elected President for a very long time going back has had at least one of these things on his resume:

            1. Elected Vice-President
            2. Elected State Governor
            3. Elected U.S. Senator
            4. Presidential Cabinet Secretary
            5. Four or Five Star Military General

  • Ethnic war in 10 years max.

    • Doppleganger

      Nope. Maybe when there’s no majority culture. But white people will still be more than half of the American population for another one or two generations (i.e., 25 to 50 years).

      • Liberalsuck

        Whites better hold onto their weapons, store up more ammo, stay in good physical shape, save their resources and plan ahead. It will not be pretty in the future.

        • Nero

          yeah just like the ethnic war in south africa….. get real.

  • Jefferson

    Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee believes that the GOP can win the majority of the Hispanic vote by simply being the party of anti-Homosexuals, pro-prayers in school, anti-contraceptives, anti-sex before marriage, and anti-abortion.

    Mike Huckabee foolishly believes that most Hispanics are just as equally prudish and conservative on social issues as he is. But the truth is, Latin American culture is the extreme opposite of prudish when it comes to social issues regarding sex. Which is why most Hispanic females start having sex at a young age.

    Just like Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee never was a very bright man.

    • America First

      The illegitimacy rate among Puerto Ricans (and probably Dominicans, also), the two largest Hispanic groups in my area of the country are as high as that of the blacks, i.e., 75-80%, and both cultures start having multiple babies in high school (or at high school age). The men appear to be rampant adulterers, can’t say for the women.

      • These Latin cultures tend to be machismo which allows men sexual freedom to do as they please but women have to stay home and take care of the kids and put up with domestic violence.

      • And their “family values” will do for this country what they did for the ones they left.

        Wanna know why Latino countries are dysfunctional? Short answer: Latinos. I like spicy food and salsa music as much as the next guy, but a great culture and a great country can never be built on them.

        • David Ashton

          I don’t even like spicy foods or salsa music (and I’ve got black hair)!

      • ATBOTL

        The women are very promiscuous and often target white men. Dominicans especially are mostly black, but from a negro-phobic culture where whiteness is prized. There is a stereo type in NYC that Dominican women chase blonde, blue eyed men.

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      “Mike Huckabee foolishly believes that most Hispanics are just as . . . conservative on social issues as he is.”


      In the pantheon of to GOP panderers to Hispanic open borders types, it’s hard to top Mike Huckabee:

      “’Pretty soon, Southern white guys like me may be in the minority,’ Huckabee said jokingly as the [LULAC] crowd roared in laughter.” (“Huckabee promotes ‘open door’ policy at LULAC convention,” Arkansas News Bureau, Jun 30, 2005)

    • i am

      “Mike Huckabee foolishly believes that most Hispanics are just as equally prudish and conservative on social issues as he is.”

      Most Mexicans around northern California have Israeli flags hanging in front of their house and an Israeli flag sticker in their back window just like Mike. Once we get all the blacks, browns, and yellows to devote their lives to Israel’s survival, the United States will turn around. This is all punishment for Israel’s woes.

      OK I’m putting down the pipe.

    • StillModerated

      As someone else once mentioned on these pages, Huckabee plays bass guitar. Enough said.

  • NYB

    In summary, don’t write off today’s youth when it comes to political awareness.

    In the decade or more that the internet has been ubiquitous, I’ve been heartened by signs that subversive free thought is stirring in the parallel universe which youth inhabit.

    Unlike ‘Generation X’, the teens and twenty-somethings of Generation Y are critiqueing the status quo, and are finding it wanting.

    • pcmustgo

      Yeah, and they’re unemployed/under-employed and angry…

  • JohnEngelman

    Because Jews and Orientals tend to be more intelligent than white Gentiles they tend to make more money. One would think they would fear tax increases more than the caprices of capitalism, and that this would incline them to vote Republican. Nevertheless, they vote Democrat at about the same rates as Hispanics.

    Unless the Republican Party is able to win the votes of most Jews and Orientals, I think it is going to go the way of the Federalists and Whigs.

    • DudeWheresMyCountry?

      Everything you say is about your capitulation to Asians. Do you ever notice that? What is that like constantly feeling inferior to second and third world peoples? We here at AR don’t capitulate to anyone. We, unlike you don’t capitulate to foreign people and cultures. We, unlike you believe (know) we are better off without the input of outsiders who don’t have our best interest at heart.

    • i am

      John, are you a computer program that just randomly cycles through the same old posts over and over again.

      • JohnEngelman

        The truth does not change.

        • David Ashton

          Nor do you.

    • AutomaticSlim

      Depends what you mean by “more intelligent”.

      Slightly higher IQ and SAT scores…I’ll give you that.

      But please understand that East Asians LIVE for studying and pleasing their parents. It is the foremost thing in their lives. So perhaps those very small differences are attributable to that.

      On the other hand, 96% of all technological innovations have come from White Men. The overwhelming majority of whom were Western Europeans Christians.

      What good is getting an A+ in calculus if you can’t lead a project. Yes, East Asians make good technicians when given direction, but they are not creative and they are not leaders.

      As for the Jews, yes they are financially successful, but would they even exist as a people or nation without the support of White Christians? They are quite ungrateful, given the way many of them rant against Christmas and other things Christian.

      As far as Republicans needing to win their votes, that is simply ridiculous. It is Asians and Jews who choose to vote against their own self interests, similar to White Liberals.

      Jews vote for Democrats because they believe Conservatives are “anti semites”.

      Asians vote for Democrats because (1) they go to liberals colleges and are brainwashed, or (2) they got called “ching chong” in high school by some idiot White jock and this is their way of getting back at him. Jews and Asians are cutting off their noses to spite their face by supporting the party of the blacks. There will come a time, very soon, when Jews learn who the REAL anti semites are, and Asians realize that being called “Ching Chong” in high school is NOTHING compared to what the DeShawns, Jamals, and Tyrells have in store for them.

      • Anonymous2

        Your views of Asians are really dated now. High tech industry that requires merit and skill is increasingly outsourced to sane East Asian countries. Asian American overachievers are increasingly hitting enough critical mass in many areas to start imposing their will.

        Jews have the healthiest nation in the world now, from their point of view, and that’s the point of view that matters!

        • AutomaticSlim

          I have worked in the IT area of the financial industry for over 25 years. My opinions are formed by what I have experienced and am still experiencing.
          Asians are good to excellent workers when given direction by White American male leaders, but not innovative and not “take charge” types.

          I generally have a very favorable opinion of North East Asians, including the “Americanized” ones, but they are completely and totally spiting themselves by supporting the party of blacks. The blacks HATE Asians. Simply hate them. And to support this ultra militant and completely incompetent black racist in the White House is an act of total idiocy on the part of these people.
          Not only are they supporting the blacks, who are against them, they are driving a wedge between themselves and Whites like myself who would otherwise be supportive of them.

          As for Jews, who cares what they think of themselves. Israel would disappear overnight if us “Goyim” left them alone. Everything they have has been built on the backs of White Christians.

        • David Ashton

          Now, just possibly. They face a demographic problem tomorrow. Even the extermination of the Arabs won’t stop that.

    • Tom in MI

      It’s not the Republican Party that most people on this website are concerned about, but rather the survival of white people. We prefer that Asians (the term Oriental is considered insulting by many Asians) do not come to this country in the first place.

      I think that most Asians vote Democratic for the same reason as Latinos–the Democrats will allow much more immigration.

      Also, China has over a billion people, the Jewish State has nowhere near that many.

      • JohnEngelman

        The survival of intelligent white people is not endangered. The survival of whites of average and below average intelligence is. The human species is entering what geneticists call a “bottleneck.” I would also call it a “genetic shakeout.”

        Those with the ability to learn complex professional skills quickly and well will survive and reproduce. Those without this ability will not. Race does not matter. Indeed, the rate of miscegenation is increasing. I expect the increase to accelerate.

        This has happened before in human evolution. The result has been a better species. Because I am a history buff, and a natural history buff, it is easy for me to think in terms of hundreds of years, thousands of years, and millions of years.

        In the short term I think the Republican Party is doomed, unless it can win the votes of most Jews and Orientals. Because I am a Democrat, I hope the Republican party is doomed, and that I live long enough to celebrate its demise.

        • David Ashton

          The evolutionary process has been one of differentiation not amalgamation, from species – to subspecies – to new species.

          Apart from your references to Lynn and Rushton about some IQ differences, there is hardly a statement you have made or repeated on anything, and there have been more than enough of them, that does not put you at complete variance or in opposition to the supporters of the AR site, despite patient refutation and documentation against their “Truth”.

          • JohnEngelman

            Other species have not increased their ability to travel as they have evolved. We have. If this had not happened the existing races would have eventually lost the ability to mate across racial lines have offspring who were fertile.

            Because of the use of horses, camels, ships, and more recently trains, cars, and planes humans can travel around the world in a single day. Because the races look similar enough males and females are often attractive to each other across racial boundaries.

            Consequently, miscegenation is increasing. Opposition to it, among those who do not practice it, is declining.

            According to a Wall Street Journal article article that was published February 16, 2012, and which appeared in American Renaissance that same day, “Marriage across racial and ethnic lines has reached an all-time high in the U.S. amid fading social taboos and a more diverse society.

            “About 15% of all new marriages in the U.S. in 2010 were between individuals of a different race or ethnicity, more than double the share in 1980,”

            According to a Gallup Survey released September 12, 20011 86 percent of Americans approve of interracial marriage. In 1958 that had been 4 percent.


            When the races amalgamate into one the human species will have more genetic diversity. This will make it easier for homo futurus to evolve in response to environmental changes on this planes.

          • David Ashton

            Your last point is misleading. There is already climatic adaptation with the existing races. Complete panmixia (not at all likely without coercion) would amalgamate the traits in a hodge-podge and gradually eliminate the specializations. Panmixia and selection are contradiction in terms.
            Cultural recognition of these implications could strengthen assortative mating and reverse casual miscegenation.

          • JohnEngelman

            The collapse of civilization, and the beginning of a new dark age is always possible. If this happens the human species will again differentiate. If it does not happen the races will amalgamate into one at the same time that homo futurus is selected for superior intelligence.

            Keep in mind that I am looking hundreds and thousands of years into the future.

            Far from being a “defeatist” I look forward to this future with optimism. The most significant factor in human evolution has been the development of superior intelligence. The dysgenics that some have worried about has been a temporary phenomenon, which is coming to an end.

          • David Ashton

            “In the long run, we are all dead” (Keynes). You are welcome to look forward with optimism to thousands of years in the future!! So do the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Your recommendation of Chinese world rule in the short term and the lives of our white grandchildren is another matter, and very much so since the Chinese are among the most ethnocentric and endogamous populations on earth.
            Please explain exactly and in more detail your view that only high-IQ whites will (deserve to) survive.
            Global amalgamation is extremely unlikely for various reasons, but it would work against the selection from the mass of high-IQ types. On the other hand, the early introduction of eugenic selection in the white/western world by a high-IQ elite would reduce the multiplication of low-IQ people, AND also point out the adverse consequences of black x white crossing.

            As high-IQ is NOT the only consideration, but other aspects of culture, I prefer an intelligent white government for white nations, not a clever alien one. In this respect you may differ from other AmRen supporters.

          • JohnEngelman

            As far as being “in opposition to the supporters of the AR site,” I would like to ask, “What is a supporter?” I have contributed financially to American Renaissance. I would contribute more and attend American Conferences if I could afford to. I subscribed to the magazine. I frequently contribute news stories, which occasionally are posted here. I contribute comments practically every day. As you mention, my refutation of those “in opposition” to me are patient, and well documented.

            When asked to I submitted an essay on my experiences with black crime. Jared Taylor considered it, but did not publish it. His essay “The Color of Crime” is what attracted me to this site to begin with. I recommend it to those who have not read it.


            I was a race realist before I was introduced to the term here. I believe that racial differences are significant, genetic, and that they have legitimate political implications, which countries harm themselves by ignoring.

          • David Ashton

            Jared Taylor must be pleased to receive funds and free copy from someone actually so relaxed about black x white miscegenation and looking forward to the Chinese populating north America and dominating the entire world (except Israel from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates, as G’d wanted).

          • JohnEngelman

            I am sure that Jared Taylor agrees with me that it has always been immoral for white slave owners and employers to force themselves on their black slaves and employees. That has always been the most frequent kind of “black x white miscegenation.”

            It is Mr. Taylor, rather than I, who appears to be relaxed about the prospect of secession in these United States. Secession will hasten the Chinese domination of the world, if it comes.

            An Israeli occupation of Syria would be more humane than the existing dictatorship has been.

          • David Ashton

            1. You are relaxed about black x white crossing today which Jared Taylor is not, quite rightly in my view. Theoretically this would lead to a reduction in the highest levels of intelligence in the resultant mixture (Dyer, Huxley, Gates).

            2. I didn’t raise secession. I am not an American but I would not support the fragmentation of the USA. If you think JT is pro-secession, why give him money?

            3. You seem equally relaxed about “Chinese domination” whatever the internal situation of the USA. I am not, nor I should think is JT.

            4. You appear to have justified the existence of the State of Israel by reference to the instruction of an imagined Hebrew tribal deity thousands of years ago, who placed its eastern boundary in what is now Iraq. Your answer seems to imply that this Jewish empire should be restored and include Syria in its path. Your view of Israeli humanity towards Arabs is not universally shared, even among Israelis, but I am not interested in pressing any speculation one way or another.

            5. “There are not enough Jews” – altogether. The demographic problem facing Israel is serious. The risk is that NATO will be encouraged to reduce the comparative population discrepancy with the Arabs with bombs and bullets on behalf of your Chosen Herrenvolk.

          • JohnEngelman

            I doubt Jared Taylor thinks secession is a serious possibility, or that he seriously favors it. He does seem encouraged by the popularity of the secession movement. I am not. I just see the secession movement as a temper tantrum by angry white men who are upset that President Obama was reelected.

            Since the white working class left the Democratic Party during the late 1960s and began voting Republican, the GOP has had the wind at its back. Now that the percentage of the population that is white seems fated to decline the wind is changing.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Orientals DO NOT make more $ than whites: compare the average annual salaries of Asians and Europeans.

      Now it may be that Asians living in the US and Canada have higher average salaries than their white counterparts. That doesn’t prove they’re smarter than whites but it suggests they’re smarter than the Asians back in their home countries.

      • JohnEngelman

        That is a chart for per capita gross domestic product. In the United States Orientals do tend to make more money than whites.

        That is because they tend to be more intelligent than whites.

        According to Richard Lynn, who has spoken at American Renaissance conferences, Orientals do have higher average IQs in their home countries than whites in their home countries.

        The higher standard of living in the United States than in China is due to a number of historical accidents that are coming to an end. In addition, China is over populated, and depleted of natural resources. Nevertheless, China is rising, the United States is in decline, and may not even remain united.

        However, secession, if it comes, will not be what its advocates hope for.

        • Oil Can Harry

          Richard Lynn’s IQ stats are incomplete by his own admission, given that many in the establishment don’t want to study this issue. While Lynn claims the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans are smarter than whites he also states that Southeast Asians (Thais, Cambodians, Laotians, Vietnamese) are below the white average for intelligence.

          So it would not surprise me if Orientals have roughly the same smarts as whites overall. Problem is, they lack our creativity and that’s why their countries are not as prosperous as ours.

          As for Asian Americans slightly outperforming US whites in test scores and salaries please recall that these Asian immigrants are somewhat smarter than the ones who stayed back home.

        • ZB

          Mr. Engleman, I think you have things somewhat inverted. While it is true that Asians, taken collectively, score some points higher than Whites on standardized IQ tests, I think you would have to advert to the fact that when it comes to innovation, ingenuity, and progress—technological and cultural alike— these are almost exclusively the domain of Whites—and whites, alone.

          Whereas the Asians improve on existing inventions, but for the brain power of some “nerdy” White, there would be no invention of which to discuss to improve upon.

          With respect to the Jews, some might argue that they are “White”, in which case, the point would be moot; others, conversely, would postulate that they are not smarter—per se—but, rather, more “clever”. This latter is not an instance of mere semantics I would argue; but, historically, at least, certain cultural and social mores held by White Gentiles—which were prohibitive, reinforced by Mother Church (i.e. charging interest on loans in the Middle Ages), were not part of an overall Jewish philosophy of life. This lack of prohibition on their cultural/religious philosophy might give them a leg-up, as it were, when it comes to things bearing on matters financial….the world of “high finance”, if you will. (And, I definitely wish I could dabble in that once or twice!)

          Bear in mind that I am half black, and I realize these things. I think that to be an honest person is to make objectivity—how things are—-no matter what that means—a real factor in one’s existence. Part of that realization is the virtue of humility whereby one acknowledges one’s abilities—or one’s lack of them. This is in part dictated by your environment, yes; but considering the role of genetics, background and race cannot honestly be discounted. I’m just being truthful; don’t kill the messenger, please!

          This is to say that although there are some exceptions, it is generally true—generally—that, taken collectively, the White race, is more intelligent than the Asians, who, are in turn, more intelligent than the Blacks (myself included).

          One’s wishing that it were not so; one’s marching that it cannot be so; or preaching from the pulpits, the classrooms, and the halls of Congress that it must not be so, hasn’t changed the slightest reality of what everyone can see before their very eyes. And no “tests” need be conducted to establish this empirical reality…

          It is what it is…

      • Neil Diamond

        Wrong! Asians make more $ than whites. In fact, according to the 2010 U.S. Census, Indian Americans (Asian Indians) had the highest household income of all ethnic groups in the United States.

        Furthermore, Asian Indians contribute disproportionately to the US economy and have founded more technology & engineering companies more than any other ethnic group in recent years!

    • Brown-Eyed Devil

      JE..I think you’re the most elegant and thoughtful troll I’ve ever come across-and that IS a compliment, believe it or don’t. Your persistence, in spite of the relentless opposition you encounter is almost touching. The trouble is, more than a few of us have no desire to cater to or defer to Orientals, semitic or otherwise, and believe that two-pawty Dimorcrazy is not worth saving. The Republican party is shot-it as been for at least four decades and I believe that Republicans themselves are complicit in the destruction of the GOP. Let them cater to every non-white “minority”, encourage them to grovel before the orcs while they tell us the p*** in our faces is the morning dew. The sooner a majority of me and mine become competely disenchanted with the regime the better, and hopefully less bloody, things will be.

      Re: IQ. Does it occur to you that the white race endured the destruction of about 100 million of the best of our kin in the last century? Two world wars, the genocidal “Russian” revolution, the ongoing cultural genocide being waged in every Western nation.., I could go on but there’s only so much mental energy I can summon up for it all before I collapse into a psychic heap. Unlike you, I cannot invest hope in the “intelligent” races letting me live so long as I am useful to them as they suck my country dry. It is only because of our genius and alas, our foolishness that your favorite others have anything at all. Let them be separate from us, and see what they have then. As the saying goes, vampires cannot feed on other vampires.

      In the meantime, you might want to consider giving your tone arm a nudge, even you must be tired of the same racket over and over again.

      • JohnEngelman

        Brown-Eyed Devil,

        Those of your persuasion say that white Gentiles built the United States, but that Orientals and Jews somehow suck it dry. How does what they do differ from what whites do, and have done? It only differs in terms of quality. The great majority of Orientals and Jews obey the law, and work legally at productive occupations. Indeed, because of their superior intelligence, most of them are more productive than most white Gentiles.

        • David Ashton

          How much “money” did our greatest European scientists, musicians, poets, artists, philosophers and war heroes “make”?

    • maxonepercent

      They vote Democrat because they know that the Democrat party is the anti-white party, it is as simple as that. The Jews and “Orientals” (PC-classified offensive term actually, try calling the next Asian you meet an “Oriental” and see how that goes) are not hamstrung by self-hating indoctrination like most white Americans are so they are able to be honest about what is in their best interests. They vote for the affirmative action, special-interest, “diversity” party that will always create some loophole for them to cut in line in front of white people. They are smart enough to realize that paying a little more in taxes is a small price to pay to enjoy the privileged status of “minority” in America.

      • JohnEngelman

        I have never been criticized by an Oriental person for using the term “Oriental.” I use that term in order to distinguish between Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Tibetans, and Mongolians, and others who are Mongoloid, but not of the same general culture. In addition, the term “Asian” can refer to Caucasians.

        Also, Orientals do not use or need affirmative actions programs. Those programs work against them.

        • maxonepercent

          Perhaps this is true in a couple of places (such as Cal Berkley where they are a majority of the student body), but they still qualify for Department of Labor minority business owner loans and many other programs that were originally intended to help blacks but which have been subverted to hand taxpayer dollars to anyone who isn’t white. Moreover, there are more colleges around the country for whom Asians are a minority who enjoy race-based selection advantages over whites.

          • JohnEngelman

            You do not seem to have clicked on the article that appeared on this website, so I will copy and paste it for you.


            For years, many Asian-Americans have been convinced that it’s harder for them to gain admission to the nation’s top colleges.

            Studies show that Asian-Americans meet these colleges’ admissions standards far out of proportion to their 6 percent representation in the U.S. population, and that they often need test scores hundreds of points higher than applicants from other ethnic groups to have an equal chance of admission. Critics say these numbers, along with the fact that some top colleges with race-blind admissions have double the Asian percentage of Ivy League schools, prove the existence of discrimination.

        • Steve

          Jews are not anti-white. They are congregated in the northeast where the prevailing ideology is liberalism. Jews in the South vote for the GOP. And liberal Jews are not having children but the conservative religious Jews have many children. In 25 years Jews will vote like Mormons. The richest Jews in America, by far, the founders of Google, Facebook, Oracle, Dell, Intel – are they adding to or detracting from the national wealth? Did the founders of Home Depot and Starbucks and MGM get wealthy by taking it from gentiles? Did Salk and Sabin, the inventors of the polio vaccine, harm the country? If you think they are “sucking the wealth out of America” this is economic illiteracy. We need more like this, not less. They are creating our wealth.

          • JohnEngelman

            The argument that Jews somehow suck the life blood out of a country is an argument that appeals to those who resent Jews for their success. The average IQ of an Ashkenazi Jew is at least 112.

            Every country benefits from Jewish immigration. The problem is that there are not enough Jews to go around. Fortunately, in the United States we have more than our fair share of those wonderful people.

          • Steve

            Apologies – my comment was directed at Brown Eyed Devil. Re: Jews. I was just listening to Unchained Melody from the righteous Brothers. It was written by two Jews. Can anyone really think Jews have not utterly become Americans? Try to imagine two children of Pakistani immigrants writing this song. It is impossible.

          • David Ashton

            What do you think of Karl Marx’s “insights” in this respect?

          • JohnEngelman

            I have not studied Karl Marx’s writings on Jews. What he said that is critical I would be prone to disagree with.

    • Nobody

      I hope it does. The Republican party needs to die. There will be no reform.

      Eventually, non-whites in the U.S. will have sufficient numbers to dispense with white traitors, too.

      That will be a doubly good day.

  • KingKenton

    Even the Lena Dunham demographic—white women under 30—slightly favored Romney.

    Well, that’s good news. I think one of the top priorities for our cause is to reach out to women. We need some female versions of Jared Taylor to step forward and be very visible. In my opinion it is absolutely critical that we reach White women with our message. Without them, we lose.

    • KD_Did

      I couldn’t agree more. White men are pretty much the only constituency that Romney had a solid lead on. IF we can get white women to join us it would be very helpful. The gay women are a different story, but they are a small percentage.

  • Maurice

    The reality is that European-descended humans contain the capacity of self-government, and that tropically-descended humans do not. The evolutionary hoop that differentiates the two groups was the challenge of surviving winters through the filter of discipline which demanded agriculture, food storage, and resulted in survival.

    As non-self governing peoples are currently politically empowered and growing in number, our democratic government will reflect their desires, until it collapses. The central banker types believe they will be able to manage the chaos and then come out on top. History teaches us however that this particular group always overplays their hand and things end up poorly for them. They are simply too arrogant and self-centered. Many people are already figuring them out.

    In my opinion, we are facing a new evolutionary period from which will emerge an America, or some similar political entity, that is stronger, less tolerant, and whiter. It really all boils down to Mathematics.

    • pcmustgo

      Wait, those Native American Eskimos in the artic and Native Americans in general survived many a harsh winter…. yet they have pretty low iqs… you sure?

      • adplatt126

        Actually they’re really not that low, relatively speaking. Inuit mean IQ, circa 90. They are somewhat higher than the related indigenous North American ethnic groups who inhabited the tropics. And these groups also never advanced enough to completely dominate their environment, because they never “got there” genetically or as a group, functioning as a highly successful cohesive system, like the Chinese or the Europeans.

        • pcmustgo

          North American Native Americans/Indians mostly did not inhabit the tropics- plenty in the Northwest, Canada, North East etc… they had cold winters too! They lived that way for 40,000 years or so. Guns , Germs and Steel makes this point.

          • adplatt126

            You’re making an irrelevant point. Where did I say such groups mostly inhabited the tropics? They did however inhabit the tropics in Southern Mexico, the Caribbean, southern North America (known alternatively as central America, although it’s really part of North America). The fact is, there is a clinal relationship from North to South between these groups. It’s not as strong as elsewhere on the planet, but it’s there.

    • JH

      Ashkenazi Jews did not originate in Europe -DNA evidence proves it – and they have very high IQs. I dont see anything special about the Lapps, although they live in the cold and in Europe. The Incas had a highly advanced civilization etc. This theory has many outliers if true. Of course the snide line about central bankers is absurd conspiracy theory. Central banker types – you mean like the ones running the Chinese central bank? If anyone will emerge from the upcoming absolute mess, it will be the Chinese. They are intelligent, agressive, hard working, have zero political correctness and they are confident.

    • Neil Diamond

      “In my opinion, we are facing a new evolutionary period from which will emerge an America, or some similar political entity, that is stronger, less tolerant, and whiter. It really all boils down to Mathematics.”

      Mathematics and facts will easily disprove your unlettered view. Good luck with the wishful fantasies and day dreaming!

      And as far as debunking the utter nonsense of the desperate for attention has been hag, Ann Coulter, here is what conservatives on the conservative Huffington Post have to say about her retarded views on the subject.

      Ann Coulter is more of an attention seeker than an actual conservative pundit serious about her views. I mean, if she truly had an iota of conservative race conscious beliefs instilled in her, she would have gotten married to a white man and produced white children, instead of having sexual relations with many men including liberal and non white men. She was once engaged to the Asian Indian conservative pundit Dinesh D’Souza.

      Last but not least, even if 56% of whites below the age of 30 voted for Romney, you still forgot to mention the rather significant amount of whites (42%) who voted President Obama back to the white house. How on earth can your seriously manage to get that large a percentage on your side of the fence.
      Lets face it: the white conservative movement is finished! The “Tea Party” and the “race conscious white movement” is finished except maybe on the blogosphere ( that is until the government bans these sites). In the brave new world, you have to live in a multicultural set up and nature will favor the most intelligent and skilled of the lot. If the whites can maintain a lead over high IQ and highly skilled Asians ( Chinese, Indians, Koreans, Japanese etc) and Jews, they still stand a chance. So not all is lost! There is still a chance.

  • DudeWheresMyCountry?

    Well at least Ann is acknowledging the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Demographics matter.

  • AutomaticSlim

    Miss Coulter’s best column ever. As simple as that.

    Now all she has to do is stop touting the civil rights act as a “good thing” and we may actually have something here.

  • Anand

    The simplest solution for all your problems is to ensure that third world countries get rich. There is a 100 percent correlation between a poor country becoming richer, and the birth rate in that country going down rapidly. Is happening in Mexico, China, India, and even the Muslim world believe it or not. Sub-saharan Africa is seeing the slowest such trend, but it is also happening there. Vast majority of women in those countries never want more than two children, but poverty, limited rights, ignorance, lack of birth control etc… leave them with little choice. You can accelerate this positive development by helping your worst race get richer.

    So, the solution for you guys is to pick the developing country with dark skin or Asian skin or Arab skin that you like the least (Mexico, India, Nigeria, China, Indonesia, Egypt whatever). Make an all out effort to ensure that your least favorite country gets a portion of your money or some of your government’s money via aid or investment or imports/FTAs or outsourcing. Also make an all out effort to make sure the women in that country get more educated and more feminist (e.g., Oprah’s school in SA).

    Very very simple solution, but most of you guys are unlikely to even consider this idea. Your typical response will be “why should I lose my money.” Your ancestors hopped from continent to continent because of poverty or persecution, and other races will do the same unless you help them get rich in their own country. If you think 1 billion plus Indians or Chinese or Blacks should be able to figure out how to get rich themselves in their own land without immigrating, you are forgetting that your ancestors could not figure it out and therefore immigrated and multiplied in virtually all continents. If you think that us lower IQ dark races will figure out something your anglo saxon/slavic ancestors could not, you are acting like a lower IQ darkie yourself. Not happening.

    If you wait for other options such as the proliferation of numerous Golden Dawns, or your government suddenly becoming libertarian, you are fighting a guaranteed loosing battle. Half your people do not think like you and will never think like you. Every race/nationality on earth has this issue — half liberal, half conservative populace. You can’t fight that. The bottom 10 percent of your race (in terms of success, looks, health, any other such measure) probably even despise their own race because they think the 90 percent treat them like garbage. Again, same problem in all countries. Half your populace is too obese to fight, and again, this problem is now global too.

    Every current first world country saw a drastic decline in birth rates after becoming rich, and you should learn from that phenomenon. You do not want a 10 billion person world with 9 billion non Anglo-Saxons and non Slavs, and my obvious solution is the only clear cut immediately effective way to prevent this.

    I have no ulterior motives. Wealth means little to me, so I am not posting this to make my country/race/religion/myself rich at your expense. I feel like I am suggesting a solution that kills 2 birds with 1 stone. Benefits me and you, us and them, black and white, men and women (in spite of many men disagreeing that feminism benefits them).

    This strategy is also far less violent and uncontroversial than starting to cull non whites who come to your country illegally via sea, land or air.

    Why do I never see this strategy discussed here?

    If I hated one particular race a lot, I would go all out to make them rich and have their women get more freedom. I would buy any product that came from the country that was home to that despicable race. Instead of Danish cookies, I would buy Nigerian cookies or Egyptian cookies or Indian cookies or Congoan cookies. If those cookies were unavailable at Walgreen’s or Wal Mart or Costco, I would find a cookie manufacturers in that country and help him export cookies to America.

    Weird how it works….make my enemy rich, and destroy him in the process, or at least reduce his numbers.

    Time to make a wonderful world for all.


    • IstvanIN

      Make sure other countries become rich? How, by buying cookies and making their women “liberated”? At gun point, perhaps? It would be cheaper to just bring our troops home, put them on our border and use them to hunt down and deport the illegals. We can continue normal trade with the third world, buying oil from Venezuela and sugar from Brazil without interfering in their internal policies. We can stop illegal immigration by making immigration non-survivable. We can legislate away legal immigration, which we have too much of and revoke the green cards and naturalization papers.

      • Anand

        The point is not to make Nigeria into Norway. The point is to make Nigeria into Indonesia. Indonesia into Spain/any poorer European country. A poor developing country is not going to turn into Norway, but can turn into a middle income country and that is enough to give their women more freedom (no need to go in with guns).

        Also, my whole ramble was about what I feel is the fastest most likely to succeed method.

        Good luck with trying to succeed with your methodology IstvanIN. Even your Republican Bush family is pro illegals, your great hope Rand Paul will go to Israel soon, your Brad Pitts will adopt other races, your Murdoch’s will marry other races and I can go on.

        With your method, you will have to also cull half your own people every generation since you won’t be able to make them hate nonwhites. You will fight internally all the time with the other half.

        My method is better.

        • Nigeria will never be Indonesia because of the Nigerians. Indonesia will never be Spain because of the Indonesians. Don’t waste time trying. We can’t reinvent countries through military intervention and economic intervention will also never work.

          Istvan’s way makes more sense to cure our problem.

          Even your argument requires we assume control of variables most of which we won’t ever have control over and few of which we actually understand or even know exist.

          In short, Ockham’s razor once again bites you on your backside.

          • Anand

            Felix, That is what they said about South Korea and China decades ago. Yet the former is now right up there with the best of the developed world, and the latter is doing amazing considering its massive population. Mexico is also doing much better than the extreme right wing media would have you believe.


            “whereas in the 1960s the average Mexican woman had seven children, she
            now has two. Within a decade Mexico’s fertility rate will fall below

          • That’s because soon there will be nothing left to eat in Mexico.

            And who cares anyway? That’s beside the point. Let the illegals go back to their own countries and sink or prosper on their own. I’m tired of them trashing my country.

        • Tom in MI

          Did I say I hate nonwhites? What I hate is the thought of white people becoming a minority in America. Does Japan “hate” non-Asians because it puts the survival of its Asian population above the utopian idea of a rainbow paradise?
          I don’t hate drunk drivers either, but I don’t want to share the road with them.

          • Anand

            Just like the 50/50 or thereabouts divide in the left/right views ratio in the overall white populace, there also seems to be a 50/50 divide in the white right populace when it comes to hatred for the other races, versus just “go away from me, I do not want you near me, but do not hate you either.”

        • Our “great hope” Rand Paul will go back to his eye surgery practice soon, not Israel.

          • Anand
          • Not news to me. Rand’s political career has always been about trying to split the uprights between his father and lamestream conservatism.

            As a Todd Akin campaign staffer, I was plugged into the gossip pipeline. Until election day, the consensus was that Rand was not going to run for President in 2016 (the assumption is that Romney/Ryan would be running for re-election that year) or for re-election to the Senate (he is grooming newly elected Congressman Thomas Massie for that job), and wants to return to his eye surgery practice which he misses.

            I still think he’ll do that, but the noise about him running for President is getting more and more back channel credibility. So what has changed? The answer is that Romney didn’t win, ergo the field is open in 2016 for a “what have I got to lose” try. Still, I still think it’s more likely that he doesn’t even try and goes back to private life.

            Projecting out, always a dangerous thing to do this far out, if there is no Mormon in the Republican field, I think Rand can do well and in fact win in a lot of intermountain western states, but he’ll win few others outside of there save his home state.

        • David Ashton

          You don’t hate anyone because you don’t want the USA turned into China, or Britain into Pakistan, or Australia into Indonesia. So a different “methodology” might work, after all.

        • D. Bag

          You just don’t get it. It is exactly as Question Diversity stated. If you simply give money to someone who has not earned it and who is incapable of generating future resources and is only capable of consuming, they would require continual subsistence from that time on. Very few people cannot be “reconditioned” into something completely foreign to their true nature. Expecting to turn a savage into a productive, law-abiding and productive person is a fool’s folly, a complete fantasy and not worth believing in.

    • Tom in MI

      Question. How many American tax dollars would it take to turn Nigeria into Norway?

    • IKantunderstand

      Kofi? Is that you? Misspelling your last name is not fooling anyone.

    • When I was a kid growing up, one of the many clever sayings that was drummed into my head was that “poor people have poor ways.” It took me awhile to grok what that really meant, but I did eventually do so. What it means is that most poor people (or countries) are that way for a reason, because of the bad habits or intellectual deficiency or criminality of the person or citizenry.

      Your strategy will fail in its intended purpose because the citizens of the third world country you think we should transfer money and wealth to will somehow squander it. However, you might have an ulterior motive, because you personally might be in a position to benefit personally from these wealth transfers. Therefore, if my theory is right, it will succeed no matter how much it seems to fail.

      Why do you think many a successful black athlete winds up going broke not long after their playing careers are over? Because poor people have poor ways, and just because the poor people were temporarily rich doesn’t mitigate their poor ways, and those poor ways eventually result in them being monetarily poor once again. Ryan Leaf, for the jerk that he is and the low level thug that he has been after his short NFL career, still has most of the money he earned in the NFL.

      Same deal for a lot of lottery winners (of all races). Lotteries are basically a tax on people who are unable to grasp simple probability and statistics, and giving such a person a nine figure fortune is like giving a loaded gun to an infant. Albert Einstein is rumored to have said (but probably didn’t really say) that compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe. But many slightly less intelligent people than ole Al E. do agree that the ability to grok the concept of compound interest is an important line of demarcation between people who will probably have something in life and amount to something and people who will eke out an existence hand to mouth if that. I also think that avoiding the temptation to pay $300 for a pair of shoes that costs $2 to make in China also helps.

      For as problematic as he is, Rush Limbaugh stumbled onto a great point recently when he, in trying to rebuke the concept of redistribution of wealth for its own sake, said that if you take $100,000 away from a man who has it and give it to a man who doesn’t have it, the most likely course of events is that eventually, the man from whom it was taken away will find a way to earn it back, and the man to whom it was given will squander it and be as broke as he was before. Poor people have poor ways.

      One more thing: I think increasing wealth in third world countries will result in far increased fecundity, not reduced.

      • Anand

        Dear Question Diversity, please look at the birth rates of every poor country that has seen > 3 percent economic growth per year in the last decade or in other decades. Birth rates are down in all. I hope you are not doubting my sincerity in this solution.

        I hear the cry of African countries can never be helped by aid, all the time, but the fact is that in the last ten years, African countries have become richer and birth rates have gone down. They are slowly learning to distribute aid better, elect fewer dictators etc…. Instead of squandering 100%, they now squander 70 percent and soon it will be 50 percent.

        Yes its still terrible compared to the US, but my whole point has been about rapid improvement in demographics in your favor and not perfection.

        Or we can wait for your solution with all white people on the same page to come in another 50 years when it is too late.

        • Even if you are right in a universal sense that economic growth will always beget fewer begattings (corny, I know), the problem is that wealth transfers qua wealth transfers isn’t the same thing as real economic growth or real sustainable economic activity.

        • IKantunderstand

          Kofi, pouring money into “poor countries” has not worked. May I direct your attention to Detroit, MI.? Birmingham, AL.? Camden, NJ.? This financial support you claim will help thirld world countries to become rich, has not helped THE POOR BLACKS OF THIS COUNTRY! If we are unable to pull up Blacks from impoverishment in this country, what makes you think, by any stretch of the imagination it will work in Africa, or wherever else? We have free education! Affirmative Action! A new state religion based on not saying anything negative about Blacks! They are allowed to rape, rob, and pillage to their heart’s content, and still they are BACKWARDS AND POOR!

        • Skincognito

          The “global community” of Victorian England, fin de siecle America, Third Republic France, Tsarist Russia and Kaiserreich Germany represented the apex of Western man’s geopitical hegemony (do we include Restoration Japan?), while also maintaining above-replacement birthrates. These societies also did more for the great unwashed (both at home and abroad) than any neoliberal extortion racket. Now we Whites are endangered and in the process of being dispossessd. We need to learn from 15th century China and take care of our people, defend our homelands. It’s a traumatic experience but more reasonable than praying that our mongelization and impoverishment can produce a global utopia for racial aliens. Thanks for the advice though, as well as maintaining a reasonable tone.

      • gulf shores

        make no mistake. its all genetics.

    • maxonepercent

      I think your theory is based on some bad assumptions. First, in order for a nation to become “wealthy” enough to make significant alterations to the social structure there must exist a certain egalitarian mentality among the vast majority of the populace that allows the wealth to be spread around enough for it to improve the lives of all citizens. Look at Mexico for a good example of a nation that is “wealthier” on average than the vast majority of the world (14th largest GDP in the world) but that still experiences a miserable standard of living because the wealth is concentrated in the hands of a small elite. There is no reason to assume that an increase in overall national wealth will automatically result in a better standard of living for the average Mexican as history has already shown that it will more likely to just further enrich the elites. My point is that many of the biggest third world countries (India, Brazil, Mexico, ect.) are actually quite rich, but the wealth is not being distributed in a fair manner, therefore what good will it do to further “enrich” them (as if it is even that simple) when they are already unable to use their current wealth effectively today?

      Secondly, and more importantly, I also think it is a faulty assumption to equate the population plateau the west is experiencing with a “wealthy standard of living”. The slow rate of population expansion in the west is almost entirely the result of a very active abortion campaign. In fact, one could argue, and many have, that the higher standard of living the average western citizen enjoys is somewhat related to the decrease in population pressure that has been brought about by 50+ years of “family planning” policy. Needless to say, it is absurd to think that other nations will be willing to engage in the same suicidal practices. Once again, Mexico and Brazil are good examples of this.

      • Anand

        maxonepercent, have you seen the latest stats on Mexican fertility (Amrenhad an article on that)? As Mexico has risen in the global GDP rankings to number 14 like your claim, fertility has declined to an unprecedented low. So that is exactly what I am getting at regarding other countries that are at a stage where Mexico was 20 years ago prior to NAFTA. You turn per capita incomes in Africa and developing parts of Asia to Mexican levels…and you will have fertility dropping to 2.0 per woman or less.

        I highly doubt your second point. Abortion has not caused the decline in Western fertility as much as increasing wealth combined with womens’ freedom, women working instead of marrying early, people becoming more selfish since they do not need 10 kids to run the farm etc…. If anything, abortion has hurt poor blacks the most disproportionately in the demographic race/war from what I have read.

        • Sean

          The problem that many people have with what you are saying is that internal change is necessary to allow for a higher per capita income. We cannot fix problems other nations are having from the inside.

          Besides, many of these third world nations are becoming rich simply because the wealthier whites have screwed over their less well off counterparts.

          On another note, I find it hilarious that you are advocating the White Man’s Burden.

          I would be happy to begin a new colonial era, that really is the best for everyone..

          • Anand

            Yes it is a bit hilarious that I am advocating the white man’s burden, but my solution is going to benefit all races in my opinion and not just whites via lower birth rates amongst other races. I am also sick of whites being killed in South Africa and in their own nations by blacks, so some of us nonwhites do see this obvious crime and are not fooled by the MSM. You will find support for whites amongst the liberals of all races.

          • Sean

            May I ask what race you are sir/ma’am?

            You seem not to understand that whites are being actively attacked by liberals of all races. There is almost no support (I’m saying almost because you seem to be at least sympathetic) from any non-white group.

            Rudyard Kipling is a must read, namely “The Awakened Saxon”. You see this entire website is dedicated to reawakening white consciousness, merely the first step.

            The more I think about it whites are living the white man’s burden. We subsidize way more non-whites than the rest of the noticeably world and whites are still denigrated instead of celebrated even though the planet is a much better place because of our race.

            Blacks and browns celebrate and march against us even though they are unknowingly dooming themselves to a much worse future.

        • I’m glad your posts are long. It makes them easier to recognize and just skip.

        • One big factor that is hurting white fertility in the white world is that it’s less and less affordable to start a family over time.

          • David Ashton

            But feckless non-white breeders can count on white welfare aid!

          • Anand

            Well then learn how to tackle this problem from the Duggars, or from welfare mommas in the hood. Welfare is not only for blacks.

        • maxonepercent

          In regards to Abortion, you will need to argue with the experts:

          “No nation desirous of reducing its growth rate to 1% or less can expect to do so without the widespread use of abortion. This observational study, based on the experience of 116 of the world’s largest countries, supports the contention that abortion is essential to any national population growth control effort”

          • Anand

            You provide one article from 1986 maxonepercent, and call that expertize? Women in almost all countries are much smarter and richer now, and there were no cell or smart phones and few tvs in 1986 in poor countries. I travel to several countries each year, and almost everyone on here would be amazed to see how the women are acting similarly all over the world. Poor women have less kids as they get richer and less religious, and abortion is a minor part of this equation in comparison to women just making their own choices. Even the muslim world is seeing this, which I found shocking:


        • David Ashton

          Well, let the successful third world get on with it -raising their own standards and cutting their own birth-rates. There is no need to multiculturalize our world at all. We could return unwelcome immigrants along with free contraceptives.

    • tampabay

      Sounds like some long winded lying white homo lib pos on welfare. Go to a scummy white lib forum. Africans have produced nothing to date worthy to normal whites. You are dumb as hell. Be happy slavery existed otherwise they would all be in Africa eating spoiled monkey brains living in a straw huts dodging crocks and lions. Whites are engineers behind western civilization taking a nothing and making a something out of it.
      Never casting their pearls before swine was a major mistake made 500 years ago and cant take it back as much as they wish they could.

      • Anand

        I was trying not to reply to all the posters who can not write legibly, curse, insult, think that I am a black relative of Kofi Annnan, and focus only on blacks despite my global argument.

        However, it is worth repeating one of my key points here:

        You will not be able to get rid of your 50 percent liberals/race traitors no matter how hard you try. 10 percent will always hate their own race because of some experienced injustice or being ostracized, 10 percent will be attracted to other races no matter what kind of media exists, 10 percent will want to adopt other races, 10 percent will just do it for the sake for love and 10 percent will have warranted or unwarranted logical or illogical compassion for the poor dark and yellow masses! I am estimating of course, but my 50/50 point is valid for all races. Even the Jews have self-haters such as Bobby Fischer! Good luck trying to convert that 50 percent and growing among the young masses.

        And when critiquing my solution, why do the posters here only point towards African failure governments, and not towards successes such as South Korea or Singapore, or even Mexico minus the drug wars? Seems like most only want to talk about blacks.

        • David Ashton

          How much aid did the west need to give to South Korea or Singapore?

          Fertility control in Africa would increase the available food supply per capita.

    • David Ashton

      “The larger danger that we face is not just a two-fold increase in population, but of a much larger increase in human impact if the Third World’s population succeeds in attaining a First World living standard.” “China’s achievement of First World standards will approximately double the entire world’s human resource use…. But it is doubtful whether even the world’s current resource use and impact can be sustained.” – From Jared Diamond, “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Survive” (2005). The author is a member of John Engelman’s chosen master race.

      • Anand

        The other option is to keep poor people poor, have their populations therefore double, then have twice as many people trying to get rich in 2050 or twice as many people trying to immigrate to white majority lands in 2050. China is already on its way to becoming a lot richer, with Brazil, India, Indonesia etc… next. Best to help this trend occur faster and as a consequence prevent 100s of millions of births to poor uneducated women living in villages.

    • pcmustgo

      I agree with this….

  • Tom Adams

    The important thing is not what the current system of whole-hog democracy “shows” us but
    the system itself. This whole-hog democracy has no root in our traditiion of representative
    democracy. Obama would never have been elected by state legislatures nor certainly by
    electors. We need to temper the ballot box with the constraints of a leadership principle.

    • David Ashton

      James Fenimore Cooper is worth re-reading.
      Trouble is that the left exploit “conservatism” to defend the liberal status quo and the current leadership is the real enemy of the people!

  • Snowhitey

    Although Ted Kennedy was a co-sponsor, it was Emanuel Celler and Jacob Javits who created the legislation for The Immigration Reform Act of 1965. Kennedy was urged to sign onto it by Celler. I mean, let’s put the blame where it all belongs although Kennedy is by no means off the hook! Shame on Coulter for blurring the lines here.

    • David Ashton

      Celler has quite a record, if my memory serves me correctly. I’m pretty sure he was identified with a number of Communist Front causes and the British Social Crediter C.H.Douglas claimed he was one of the US people pressing the British Government to intern opponents of WW2.

    • Anon12

      I am glad you mentioned that! Far too many Whites “think” it was Teddy boy that created that dastardly act! Teddy was an Irish Catholic and most that came here acted and think more like nonwhites than they did White anyway. They wanted to “punish” White Americans for being prejudiced against them. Maybe White Americans at that time had good reason to be.

    • ATBOTL

      Kennedy was a gentile front man for a piece of legislation that was Jewish written and and backed mainly by Jewish interests.

  • maxonepercent

    There is a silver-lining to all the bad news white america has had to deal with in recent years: white people are waking up and beginning to move together politically in a way that has never occurred before. That fact that 50% of white Americans under 30 voted for a Republican is unprecedented in modern history, and it is easy to see why the MSM wants to ignore it. The re-election of Obama is only going to intensify this effect. No matter what, we still make up a sizable majority of the population and we will continue to do so for some time to come, what this means is that there is a “critical mass” that will occur when a certain percentage of whites all vote for the same party in every election that we will be unstoppable. Undoubtedly, it is the knowledge of this fact that is driving the massive push toward amnesty that started the day after the election.

  • SoCal LoCal

    You will never get such a mea-culpa from the left. They will merely invent a new conspiracy theory to account for their failures.
    I wonder why this story isn’t front page news in the MSM yet. 😡

  • David Ashton

    Given Romney’s mistakes and unfortunate timings, this is good news rather than bad. But the Republican and some of the Democrat electorate must press for a real American future, which must be a predominantly white one, with a few acceptably sensible and far-sighted non-white folk following suit. Pandering to Mexican and other immigrants must be stopped.

  • When I was in the grocery store the other day, there was a gaggle of Juana, Lupitas and Marias, none of whom looked to be above 25, and their children, each of them having at least two. What was most frightening, however, was that all the women were gravid.

    In a time when America taxpayers are told they must embrace austerity and our war veterans are being told they must accept cuts to the care they need and which they earned, there is NOTHING compassionate about letting more low-skilled immigrants into this country. There is NOTHING compassionate about amnestying the ones here illegally as the GOP is talking about doing.

    Charity begins at home. When a private individual gives charity, he does not give it to the home invader, poor as he might be, from the family grocery money. He does not let his own children go without food, clothing or medical care to take care of a stranger or the children of strangers. He takes care of his own family first.

    Our country must do the same. No more amnesties for illegal aliens. Kick the ones here out. If they think it’s hard-hearted breaking up families, let them take their children with them. It’s time for them to get out. There’s nothing hard-hearted about that. It’s realizing that scarce resources have to be rationed.

    End 3rd world immigration now. End this continuous string of dependents coming from every 3rd world rathole before our country ends by looking like the places they left.

    • David Ashton

      Chain migration, with the chain round the white neck.

  • Pelayo

    I can testify to the veracity of these posts that challenge this myth of
    “family values” vis a vis Hispanics. It’s all a question of class and
    not ethnicity. Many young girls get pregnant before they finish High
    School and as for the “Baby Daddy” he stays around for a while. The
    mother is then considered to be “acompañada ” until the sperm donor
    finds someone else who strikes his fancy thus rendering the new mother

    • Pelayo

      I actually felt sorry for some of these girls who showed real promise as students. They were caught up in this cultural trap. Sadly it seems to be a trend that transcends race and ethnicity.

    • David Ashton

      Similar to black behavior in the UK.

      • JohnEngelman

        I have been trying to find data about how in the UK black rates of crime and illegitimacy, and average intelligence compare with that of whites living in the UK. Because the constraints of political correctness seem more constraining in the UK than the US I have had difficulty. Could you post websites that document these comparisons?

        I would also like to know how in Australia crime, illegitimacy, and IQs compare between whites and Australian Aborigines. My guess, which is more of an hypothesis based on my reading of “The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution,” is that Australian Aborigines have higher rates of crime, illegitimacy, and lower average IQs than Negroes.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Ann Coulter:

    The damage to America has been done. The only “immigration reform” we are going to see is blanket amnesty which equals more democrat voters and which the Republicans will aid and abet.

    You supported Christie which may well have cost Romney the election.

    Nothing you have to say to me is of interest, you have already proved yourself as a whore for the ruling elite.

    Go back to ignorant, White-hating Mahar — that is if he will take you back.


    • Angry White Woman

      Isn’t this the same Ann Coulter that is shacked up with Jimmy “Din-O-MYYYTE” Walker? Why should we listen to and/or believe anything she has to say on the subject of race? She obviously doesn’t practice what she preaches.

  • MikeofAges

    All this statistic shows is that we have been fed a political myth for a long period of time. We are told that young adults and women vote some particular way. But we never see the breakdown that would allow us to know that these segments of the electorate have the same divisions as the rest of the vote. The large margins among these two segments of the electorate must have a great deal to do with the minority vote. What percentage of the single women in the American electorate are minority women? I have to think more than among married women. Same with the 18 to 30 year olds. The MSM would have us believe that the issue is alienated white youth and upper income housewives in the suburbs. But not so. What you have is some large blocs of voters who have learned that if they all vote one way, they can play to control the political system.

  • If the GOP offers an amnesty to the illegals, their party is finished. By helping to grant an amnesty to illegals, the GOP would win millions of new voters for the democrats and lose their already rapidly dwindling base.

    The only real chance the republicans have is to stick to principle:Start working for the American middle class and oppose amnesty. Do it on the grounds of fairness. Is it right to give away benefits to illegals when Americans are being told they’re going to have to embrace austerity?

    If they do that and fight very hard, the GOP may win another national election. If they support amnesty, they’ll lose their already angry base and never win another one.

  • When it comes to the pinch, the question of all questions is the racial one.

  • Anon12

    Whites have lost our own government, just as we have lost our schools, our neighborhoods and whole cities and towns. The POTUS and Congress will soon be “hispanic” and black and Muslim. Yet not one White soul on TV or radio will HONESTLY talk about the take over of White America. They are ALL cowards and race traitors because their job and “reputation” would be in jeopardy if they ever told the racial truths and who was behind the demise of the White race all over the world. How can we fight back when we are NOT allowed to do so nor are we allowed to hear or read the real truth?

  • JohnEngelman

    When it comes to immigration the Republican Party faces a conundrum. According to a Gallup survey released December 9, 2012 35 percent of Americans would like for immigration to be decreased. 42 percent want it to remain at its present level. 21 percent would like more immigration.

    In the last election President Obama won 69 percent of the Jewish vote,

    73 percent of the Asian vote,

    and 71 percent of the Hispanic vote.

    With their eye on the Hispanic vote Republican leaders are proposing that the United States ease restriction on immigration. Nevertheless, there is little reason to suppose that Hispanics will start voting Republican in large numbers.

    Because their average intelligence is lower than that of whites they tend to make less money. This is not likely to change. Consequently, they benefit from a government that gives them more than they can get in the marketplace. Their social conservatism is largely imaginary. They have higher rates of crime and illegitimacy than whites. They are even less likely to attend church on Sunday.

    Because Asians and Jews tend to be more intelligent than whites they tend to make more money. Consequently one would expect them to fear tax increases more than the caprices of capitalism. It would make more sense for the Republican Party to try to win their votes than those of Hispanics.

  • Charles Lufkin

    I notice that since the election Fox News has been bombarding us with pro-amnesty propaganda.Rupert Murdoch has spoken and the peons–Hannity,Kristol and Krauthammer are the most blatant, march to obey their master.Fox is a disgusting neo-con network(more wars and immigration)