Why Don’t People Vote?

Gwen Sharp, The Society Pages, November 5, 2012

Last week I posted about voter turnout patterns. In 2008, about 64% of eligible citizens voted. So what reasons do non-voters give for not taking part in the election? The Census Bureau asked. I created a chart of the data found on p. 14 of the report by Thom File and Sarah Crissey.

UPDATE: Please note this data is for registered non-voters; about 89% of this group votes, significantly higher than that for eligible citizens overall. I apologize that I didn’t make the distinction clearer in my initial post.

Here are the reasons registered non-voters gave:



These issues were not equally problematic for all racial/ethnic groups. {snip}

White non-Hispanics were more likely than other groups to say they didn’t vote because they didn’t like the candidates or issues:

The report also breaks responses down by age and education, so check out p. 14 if you’re interested in the patterns based on those demographics. It also includes data on why people don’t register, either—the most common being lack of interest or involvement in politics.


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  • I don’t vote.  Why?

    I will only vote for a candidate who will:

    1) Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank Corporation.
    2) Gold is our money and our money is Gold
    3) Abolish the Income Tax system
    4) Deport all non citizens,  legal, illegal and green card. All of them.

    Those are the big ones.  Other minor issue are: Shut down the Department of Housing,  Department of Education and remove ALL RACE BASED LAWS  (thus permitting “Jim Crow”,  deed restrictions, “discrimination in/on private property like restaurants, etc.).

    So, why don’t I vote ? Not a single thing I would vote for will ever happen….(.until AFTER the coming wars.)

    • What we have today is forced integration, as Mr. Hoppe wonderfully articulates in the following article.
      http://www.vdare.com/articles/libertarianism-conservatism-and-immigration-the-hoppe-solution (scroll down to section on Immigration)

    • The__Bobster

      Would you consider running?  😉

    • Dude, I agree with you that America ceased to be on April 5th, 1933:


      • It was earlier. January 25, 1925:

        “After all, the chief business of the American people is business.” Calvin Coolidge

        The chief business of the American people was originally life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  When the American people lost out to business, it was over.

        Of course, we can go back further to the War Between the States.

        AND if you want to know what the beginning of the end was, look no further than the importation of African slaves.

        • All fine points, but I’m going to say that whoever controls your gold, controls the nation. I’m watching the polls, guys, and I’m seeing that the n-word has a chance at winning again. Amazing.

        • The Worlds Scapegoat


          The end of America came at the beginning of the Civil War. That is when the agreements made between the States  in the constitution became null and void. 

        • MSNBC Derangement Syndrome

          It was earlier- first battle of Manasas.

          Ben Jealous of the NAACP is bragging about the push of black votes, brown votes, movements win incredible victories, winning gay marriage (marriage “equality”).

          I saw Michelle, Sasah, and Melia, all African Americans, on TV at the victory celebration. They all had straightened, glossy hair. 

          If I wore black face, I’d be brought up on hate crime charges. Why do black girls get to imitate White characteristics and just get more power?

          Who can explain to us how blacks became sacred? 

          Even if blacks are pushed as sarcred upon us, why are we the only ones who see them as voodoo?How long can this last? Will it just go on forever until we disappear?

    • Magnus Von Magnus

      What about White Europeans on green cards? There are many a great, proud Whites from Europe who are here but are not yet citizens.

      • You’ll have to get in line behind the illegal invading mexicans Magnus. They are a protected class now in this country.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

         We are full: Country closed – go away. There is really no reason to bring more people into this country. Absolutely no reason. In fact I would be willing to go back to Europe myself, and help you guys out,  if the US and Israel would remove all their filth and stink the imported over there.


        • Magnus Von Magnus

          I don’t understand. Are you saying that the US and Israel caused or in some way influenced Europe to import lots of immigrants? I think Europe has done a really good job of that without any outside help. Or am I missing something?

  • capnmorgan5150

    I didn’t vote today because I live in Illinois.  So my vote doesn’t count.  We need to get rid of the electoral college and go back to one person, one vote!

    • Direct Democracy is nothing but mob absolutism. It is incredibly unenlightened and doomed for failure. What we need is stateless society, where each individual is not forced to participate in anything and may associate/disassociate as he/she pleases. 


      • IstvanIN

         A stateless society is anarchy, sort of like Mexico, we certainly don’t want to become Mexico, do we?

        • Your view of anarchy is wrong. First of all, Mexico is nothing close to anarchy. It statist to the core and partly controlled by drug cartels to boot. A “Hobbesian” anarchy is not what I referred to. A society without rules is NOT a corollary of a society with a monopoly on force (rulers). 

          “A natural order is characterized by peaceful cooperation. Hence, to make a State appear necessary, any would-be State must first destroy the natural order and create a Hobbesian “anarchy” characterized by looting and vandalizing. Typically, this is accomplished by some members of the social elite inciting the propertyless masses (the tenants) to riot against the propertied class (their landlords). In the ensuing chaos, the would-be State then comes to the rescue of the landlords by offering to halt the tenant-rebellion and restore peace in return for recognition of its monopoly status as ultimate judge.”
          -Hans-Hermann Hoppe

    • gemjunior

      Yes I agree, one person one vote is the only fair method IMO.  The only reason I’m voting for Twit Romney is because it’s a vote against Obumbu.  And also because he’s white which is a plus.  The Negro President Experiment was a failure, as many of us knew would happen.   Whites who vote for him are beyond pathetic. 

      • Bantu_Education

        One moron one vote is not just a bad idea but about the most foolish thing imaginable, but its most subversive aspect is the marxist implication of innate equality.    Everyone should have a basic vote for being a “citizen” but should be able to qualify for additional votes based on several factors the most important of which would be “contribution”.  The others would be “conduct”, commitment”, and “comprehension” (of the issues).   Of course nothing as sensible as this is going to happen (except in a new country) because the lumpen proletariat wont willingly surrender their power.   

    • The__Bobster

      No, no, no!

      That’s a libtard idea.

      If you get rid of the electoral college, massive fraud in one large state can swing the election for the whole country.

      And what happens if the race is close? We’d have to have recounts in every state, with armies of lawyers and beady-eyed chosen ones squinting at chads.

  • Puggg

    We shouldn’t be in too much of a rush to insult people who don’t vote.

    Not voting is voting, if you think about it.

  • refocus

    The Founding Fathers, and many other well respected, accomplished people have observed that it is necessary for a vast number of intelligent, conscientious people, well versed and active in the political arts to be out front and leading the government  in order for our civilization to thrive.

    Those who do not vote, even for the third party candidates of which there are quite a few, have demonstrated that they are not conscientious enough to even walk across the street and make a symbolic gesture to the rest of us who have not given up.  In war time these are deserters.

    • Your sentiment is misguided. The problem is with Democracy itself. 

      • IstvanIN

         The problem is universal suffrage.  Letting people vote who have no real stake in the country success or haven’t the intelligence to understand the issues causes all sorts of mischief.   Think Obama cell phone woman or Obama gonna pay my mortgage woman.

        • Not once did the founding fathers advocate a direct democracy. They knew what the implications would be. However we are to far gone to pursue oligarchy, and must turn to different and better solutions, namely anarcho-capitalism/natural order.

          • IstvanIN

             Anarchy sounds like fun, not.  We need either to take our nation back or separation from the invaders, one or the other.

          • Like I said below, you have an incorrect view of anarchy. I used to believe anarchy was synonymous with chaos and suffering. I’m sure that’s how you feel about it. However, after looking extensively in anarcho-capitalism, I am convinced that not only is it the only moral and sustainable form of “government” but it is also will bring the most good to society. 

            Look into Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s work in this area if you are interested further.

          • Net_Drifter

            None of them seem likely to me tonight. 

    • MerlinV

      You are correct refocus. All the non-voters are defacto Obama supporters. See this for why you are right


      The defeatists are of no use to us. A couple of people here are actually Obama supporting traitors. No need to name them.

  • I HAD to vote here in CA against THREE Propositions that wanted to increase taxes and give more money to the schools.  

    • The__Bobster

      No propostions about sending the little invaders back to Mejico to ease the burden on the taxpayers?

      •  We tried that in the early 90’s with Prop 187.   It passed but the will of the people was overturned by an activist judge. 

        • The Worlds Scapegoat

           Was he one of them (the ones that must not be mentioned)?

    • Ditto Snowman! The state is bankrupt, yet the want to dig into our pockets to pay for
      the illegal invading squat monsters and anchor babies, which are colonizing
      this state. No a penny more for these corruptocrats until every illegal invader
      is deported!

    • MerlinV

      Here, this is for you. See if you can learn anything from this Obama supporter. Yes, I saw your posts over at SBPDL.


  • potato78

    Republicans like to talk about Abortions.

    Democratics like to talk about Welfares.

  • I was watching television a moment ago and they were talking about “Swing States,” States that have been Republican at times, and Democrat other times, and of course they are all majority-White States. I explained to my friends that is because only Whites give thought to what they do. I don’t need to see the exit polls in California. The would vote for Satan if he had a “D” next to his name. But Whites can think, and change their minds. I just wish we’d make up our minds.

  • bluffcreek1967

    If Obama loses this election, it will be one more proof that Blacks fail at everything. There are no great societies built by Blacks throughout human history. There are no esteemed Black nations that one can point to demonstrating their intelligence and success. They are unable to effectively run a city . . . . anywhere. And when the given the chance to serve in the highest office in the land, they can’t do that either! At every point, Blacks have proven to the entire world that, as a race of people, they are a miserable failure.

    C’mon America, let’s admit that we put aside our comm0n sense and got caught up in the moment when we voted for Obama in 2008 because we wanted to give the Black guy a chance. We wanted to tell our future grandchildren that we voted for Obama because we assumed that history will have proven him to have been a great President. We were filled with White-guilt and we didn’t want to be seen as ‘racist,’ so in spite of our better judgment, we voted for a good-looking Black (actually, half-White) candidate with a nice smile, all-the-while not knowing anything about him and his private plans to destroy us as a nation. But the foolish enthusiasm is over now and we’ve sobered up. So, now let’s go back to what we know is right: Voting for intelligent, experienced White candidates (particularly conservative right-wingers!) who really understand the role of the President and know what needs to be done to restore our strength.

    Let’s never forget that when any important job requires intelligence, forethought, serious planning and detailed organization, including diplomacy and wisdom, you NEVER hire the Black man. History and human experience proves it to be true every time.

  • Perhaps Whites are tired of having to vote for the lesser of two evils.

  • ed91

    not even 7PM where I am and Romney leads 33 – 3 in electoral votes…….

    keep it up!!

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

       Bad news. It’s 7am Wednesday, and Oboingo won.

  • I know in 2008, many white evangelicals stayed home because they did not like John McCain who they thought was too liberal.

    • mikebowen55

       He is too liberal.

  • I don’t vote for anyone because that would be an approval of the system. No matter who the person is or what they say they will or will not do, at the end of the day they are ALL part of the same system.

  • Ulick

    I’m watching ABC News’ coverage of the election.  They are currently saying how Republicans are losing more of the Hispanic vote than ever.  They then noted that Hispanics are the fasted growing group in America and whites will be a minority by midcentury.  The all white pundits said this in a gleeful, laughing manner.  It really is an illness.

    • If the GOP ever grows a pair and starts taking care of the middle class, they could lock up the white middle class vote.

      They could do this by: Ending expensive optional wars, which are only a drain on the economy, controlling the border, reversing outsourcing, (end this free trade k-rap), and curtailing all immigration.

    • Shawn_thefemale

       And the glaring truth is they’re right. The tipping point has been reached. This election showed there are officially now more hands out than working hands to feed them, and the disparity in the numbers will only grow larger every year. 

  • IstvanIN

    Food for thought: I thought Bush was a complete disaster so I voted Kerry, not because I liked Kerry but to get Bush out.  I voted McCain in 08 because I knew Obama would be a disaster.  I voted Romney tonight because Obama met my low expectations of him.  My point: if we made enough politicians one termers when they didn’t do what we wanted maybe more of them would do what we want.  It is called throw the bums out.  If all the disaffected whites actually voted we might have an easier time of retaking the country.  I know too many people who say my vote doesn’t count, or it won’t make a difference.  Baloney, the whole “silent majority” garbage has to stop.  The politicians don’t pay any attention to us because they do not have to.  So much of this is our fault.

  • IKantunderstand

    News Flash! Whites are not ever, ever, going to be the majority again! Take a page out of the Black handbook: BURN THE MF  DOWN! 

    • Shawn_thefemale

       Sadly, you’re right. Our numbers are going to be dwarfed more and more every year – we gave that proof – and momentum – last night.

  • s shadow

    You can thank the race traitor whites for O’s win tonite.  They constitute our fatal flaw.  We build the finest and greatest societies in the world.  This is objectively verified by the very fact that everyone in  the world wants to come here.  Then we proceed to give it all away, currently to an anti white black leader who is so lazy and corrupt and lacking in any deep critical thought that it should be obvious to anyone.  How disgusting was it to view smiling  whites clapping for their own demise.  Cheering for their enemies success.  That pathos will turn America into a third world hellhole. 

    • You can be sure of one thing, when whites are finally forced to turn against their own governments, the race traitor whites will have the most to fear because they will be the first to die.

      • Can everyone who says “Celebrate Diversity!” be next?

    • MerlinV

      You are correct shadow. Think about all those non-voters in Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, etc that had that “Romney isn’t very good so I’ll just stay home.” This crap attitude made the difference that rewarded the Kenyan with another (unhindered) term. These fools do not understand politics. You have to work with what you can get!

      Now, the Republican Party is dead. The sea of thrilled Whites (especially young White females) at Obamas HQ in Chicago was sickening! I can only see secession or a civil war in our future.

      • That’s right Merlin. It was absolutely sickening to see young White women, celebrating like star struck teenagers the victory of the White hating community organizer. 

        We are now ruled by illegal aliens, welfare blacks and White hating racists. It’s official.

        • Bantu_Education

          The same equalitarian indoctrination that made whites cheer for Mandela and their own dispossession.  

  • MerlinV

    Obamacare, massive immigration increases, more intense affirmitive action, an increase in anti-White attitudes, a move toward support for Islam, and a perceived mandate to move even further to the Left is upon us now.

    Never forget the White race traitors that made this happen!

  • Wil

    Whites dont vote. Blacks win.

    • s shadow

      Racial minorities made up 45% of Obama’s vote, which means that 55% of Obama’s votes were from whites.  72% of Hispanics voted for O.  I’m sure blacks were in the 90%.  40% of whites voted for O.  With no white solidarity, we can’t win.  We are still the majority, but we won’t stick together.
      …Or Was It Too Few ‘Angry White

      • Wil

        There is black solidarity and Mexican solidarity. Whites
        want a perfect candidate. Perfect candidates do not exist.  Anyway, even with an almost perfect candidate,
        the mainstream media destroys the American values and wins elections for the

        • Whites don’t want a perfect candidate: They’d just be glad to have one better than Romney, not another RINO like Bush. And the ONLY thing Romney was consistent on was his support for a war with Iran for Israel, our best “friend” in the Middle East that’s been the source of so much of our problems. On all other issues he was all over the field.

          If Romney had won, like Duh-byah, he’d co-opt the left-wing playbook, and members of the GOP wouldn’t know if they should oppose him because his schemes were so wildly to the left or to support them, instead, no matter how bad they were, because it was a member of the GOP pushing them.

          • Shawn_thefemale

             As much as I despise the idea, the only way the GOP can survive is, disgustingly, to become more inclusive of Hispanics. Right or wrong.  The Hispanics have been imported and supported and groomed to be lifelong Dems.  And they are reproducing at warp speed.  They’re outnumbering us and will continue to do so in even greater numbers. Unless the GOP makes inroads in that, they are doomed. The GOP (the white and/or conservative  party) is dwindling because of that.

            Having said that, the GOP and its supporters are doomed.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    I vote by absentee ballot, but I don’t fill in all the selections. I vote against any proposition that will raise taxes. If there isn’t a worthwhile candidate, I put my own name in the blank write-in spot.

  • Alexandra1973

    I voted Goode/Clymer (Constitution Party).  I am sick of the duopoly…not a dime’s worth of difference between the “two” major parties.  (So if anyone wants to tell me voting third party guarantees that {fill in blank here} will lose, save it.)

    I was discussing the election with my mom, who’s an Obama supporter…she tends to blame the country’s problems on “old white men.”  I said, why emphasize that they’re white?  I think she has some white guilt (even though we have a little bit of Cherokee ancestry).

    I have heard it said that whites are capable of the greatest good–and the greatest evil.  The greatest evil being The Powers That Be.

    • IstvanIN

       So your mom, who is mostly white, (if the Cherokee thing is real) thinks white genocide is OK?  Or is it that she doesn’t read and has no clue about how much worse things are in non-white run countries, especially black countries?  Sorry if I come across rude but I am so sick of race-traitors and single-issue voters.

    • Bantu_Education

      You can tell your mom that most of our problems can be dated from when women were given the vote – its been a downward spiral to leftism ever since.   (apologies to our loyal lady Amreners but its the truth and I think most of you suspect it even if you cant bring yourself to admit it).  

  • I voted. Not for Obama and not for Romney.

    My reasons for not voting for Obama are clear to most people here. I couldn’t vote for Romney because he surrounds himself with foreigners, (even if they do have an American passport), who work for the benefit of that foreign power over the interests of the United States.

  • Marc B.

    White’s don’t vote for the same reasons we scatter like flies as soon as blacks start moving into our neighborhoods: we don’t view other White’s as allies and feel we have each others backs, and that lack of unity translates into voting against our group interests and not voting at all. Most White’s are playing the game in the same manner we did under 1970 era demographics, and the non-whites are benefiting from our divided loyalties.      

  • IstvanIN

    Attention White non-voters: if everyone white, who failed to vote, had come out and voted for a third party candidate, even with Romney losing, it would have sent a message to the Republicans.  What if Merlin Miller had received 5 or 10% of the total vote because so many disaffected white voters came out and made their displeasure known?  Not voting is stupid and irresponsible.

  • The Republican Party needs to face the Future, and it is California.  Years ago the CA Republican Party accepted that it was a permanent minority, and the Democrats responded by gerrymandering all legislative districts into permanent Democrat and Republican districts (subject of course to change brought on by the changing demographics).  Now no incumbent has to waste money on political campaigns because the outcome is a foregone conclusion from the way the district was drawn.  Everybody’s happy.  Oh wait, the voters…..

  • Marcus

    I read from reliable sources that the states the required photo I.D., Romney Won. Those states
    that did not required photo I.D. went to Obama.
    The foreign Observers whom came from mostly socialist european countries, were surprised
    that voters were not asked for their photo I.D.
    This case is well documented, and you will not hear nor read this in the mainline newsmedia.

    • The problem with saying that is it confounds cause and effect.

      Those saying it are saying it with the mentality that Obama won blue states because the lack of photo ID laws meant that Obama stole those states, and the presence of photo ID precluded Obama from stealing those states.

      I think it’s as simple as this:  Obama tended to win no photo ID states and Romney tended to win photo ID states because blue states don’t enact photo ID laws and red states do.

      As a matter of fact, Missouri doesn’t have a photo ID law yet (got temptingly close in 2011 and 2012), but Romney won anyway.