Washington Steps Back From Policing Indian Lands, Even as Crime Rises

Timothy Williams, New York Times, November 12, 2012

The federal government has cut the size of its police force in Indian country, reduced financing for law enforcement and begun fewer investigations of violent felony crime, even as rates of murder and rape there have increased to more than 20 times the national average, according to data.

The data, much of it contained in recently released Justice Department reports, underscores a reputation for chronic lawlessness on Indian reservations, where unchecked crime has for years perplexed federal agencies, which are largely responsible for public safety on Indian lands.

As one illustration of the profound increase in violence in recent years—despite generally declining crime in much of the rest of the nation—F.B.I. crime data reports that the number of reported rapes on the Navajo reservation in the Southwest in the last several years has eclipsed those in nine of America’s 20 largest cities, even though there are only 180,000 people on the reservation.

The reservation’s 374 reported rapes in 2009, for example, outpaced even the total for Detroit, for decades among the nation’s most violent cities, which had 335 rapes that year.

President Obama has called violence on Indian lands “an affront to our shared humanity.” But according to federal figures, his administration has cut both the budget of the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs and spending on reservation law enforcement. Meanwhile, the Justice Department has opened fewer investigations of violent felonies committed in Indian country than under previous presidents, while pursuing violent crime in the rest of the nation far more aggressively than its predecessors.

From 2000 to 2010, for instance, as crime on some reservations surged by as much as 50 percent, the number of suspects on Indian lands being investigated for violent crime by United States attorneys declined by 3 percent, according to Justice Department figures.


During that time, homicides on Indian lands rose 41 percent to 133 in 2010 from 94 in 2000; rapes increased by nearly 55 percent, to 852 from 550; and arson and robbery rates doubled, according to the F.B.I.


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  • WmarkW

    Rape — what minority men do, and white men are blamed.

  • No policing of Indian lands. But we still must send them welfare.

    • pcmustgo

      Funny, I had a friend who was half Latina, half white and she grew up in a state with a heavy American Indian population. She said the reservations were really scary because American Indians knew they could commit a crime against you on the rez (or off) and not get prosecuted for it, seeing as how they have their own legal system, etc.

      • Liberalsuck

        Reminds me of that novel I read called White Apocalypse by Kyle Bristow. It’s a good book and all of our prowhite readers here should read the book and support this young man by buying a new copy of it.

    • StillModerated

      Not too many Popo go into the projects either. Smart move! And bantus get bookoo weffares, gibsmedats, WIC, Obamaphones, drug abuse counseling, medicaid, etc. Perhaps the projects can be called Afro reservations. Or bantustans.

  • NYB

    Crime is soaring on reserves because they are populated by youth who get into trouble. Births are soaring on reserves because natives have a lot of free time on their hands.

    One thing native reserves do not have is immigration.

    Not to go too far off topic, but the white birthrate would also take off
    if we had a slower pace of life. Instead, whites are working harder
    and longer hours because of the pressures placed on their workspace from continuous foreign migration.

    • pcmustgo

      Actually, they are overwhelmed by Mexicans crossing their territories along the border, using up all their reservation hospital resources, and Mexican men marrying native women (cultures ain’t too different) because they know these women are welfare-gold-mind benefits up the wazoo. Native Americans get more welfare than anyone- they don’t pay taxes and can sell discount cigarettes too.

      • Navajo lands are nowhere near the border, and are not on along Mexican migration routes since they are on the way to nowhere. What you say, however, may well be true of the Tohono O’Odham reservation, which is along the border. In fact, TO lands historically straddle the border.

    • JohnEngelman

      So what are what we whites supposed to do? Work less? Have more kids? Commit more cirmes?

  • In Detroit suburbs, murders have spiked after the police force was reduced.

    • OlderWoman

      also Chicago.

  • gibs_me_dat

    This story is a hate lie hoax.

    Indians are peaceful, earth loving, green tea drinking vegans. They don’t rape, because they are victims of the bloody Trail of Tears. Any school child can tell you how wonderful and authentic they are in their victimhood.

    Just like blacks, Indians cannot commit crime, and if they do something that our White privilege tells us is a crime, they were just acting out in uncontrollable frustration at internalized racist oppression.

    • pcmustgo

      Most “American Indians” today are really just white people (you know, with like 1/16th amer-indian blood in them). Plenty of whites on the reservations too. And blacks, Some reservations, like the one out on the tip of long island, are entirely black (mixed with amer-ind).

      • ATBOTL

        Indians on reservations in Western states are mostly real Indians. Eastern Indians tend to have heavy white ancestry.

  • The__Bobster

    And yet the media portray them as noble and us as evil exploiters.

    • Rob

      And black males are all-knowing, all-wise, etc.

  • ncpride

    I’m sure they won’t miss the lack of policing….. They’re too busy complaining and howling about racism and perceived insensitivity from Victoria’s Secret headdress model. What’s a few more rapes and murders when (gasp) RACISM is afoot?!

  • TheCogitator

    Wow! I would not have thought it was possible to out rape the Detroit blacks. Navajos must be world champion rapists. Some distinction.

    • StillModerated

      I met a Navajo who became Christian. He went to Mongolia on a mission trip. He understood their language and they understood him pretty well, too. So much for “native Americans.” Just a bloody Mongol horde!

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Navajo and Apache and Inuits speak mutually intelligible languages, so it does not suprise me at all that Chukchis and Mongols are completely lost with the same tongue.

      • dhs

        The etymological connection between Mongolian and Amerind languages intrigued me. So I did a google search on it. My results did not confirm this connection. In fact, one flatly discredits it. See http://www.native-languages.org/iaq3.htm

        • StillModerated

          That’s a pretty dubious site, if you don’t mind me saying.

  • pcmustgo

    Yes, and Amer-Indian Honduras is more violent than South Africa. THE CULTURE ON THESE RESERVATIONS IS PURE WELFARE AND PURE IMITATING BLACKS/HIP HOP CULTURE…. What do we expect. It’s not all genetics (normally, amer-indian/mestizo Latinos, are, on average LESS VIOLENT THAN BLACKS). But culture plays it’s role. Native Americans have even more babies born out of wedlock than blacks!!!!

    • StillModerated

      That’s only because blacks don’t work as hard at crime as Central American “indios.”

  • Rob

    Last month NPR did a segment on Kennewick Man, they put on the website an artist’s depiction of KM, and he looked like a BLACK TONGAN. As opposed to the one done by the scientists who were the first to study him and that work looked like PATRICK STEWART, who played Jean Luc Picard on Startrek the Next Generation.

    As reported in National Review at the time Clinton had the Army Corps of Engineers BURY the site where KM was found with 500 tons of rock and gravel and then 300 tons of dirt and logs, finally they planted thousands of trees on top of the site, you could not tell it was the same landscape.

    Frankly WHITES are the real Native Americans, and every single archaeological site that has proven it has been vandalized BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

    I have noted that American Indians are accepted into Mexican gangs. One fellow shot at a state trooper with an AR-15, he was an American Indian 100% and was a full member of Mexican street gang. To me he looked almost oriental.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      As a side note hopefully not too far removed from this subject. In Vancouver, WA downriver from Kennewick, there is a large mural on a building along the boulevard that runs from the historical airfield where three Russian fliers landed in 1936, completing the first over the North Pole flight. Incidentally, they were hosted by George C. Marshall who was the commander of the army airfield at the time. Anyway, the mural depicts the three fliers as either Mexicans or Amerinds (perhaps Mongolians), but certainly NOT whites as the many photos of the three men make more than entirely clear.

  • JDInSanDiego

    Kind of makes you wonder how much worse it was before we got here.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      I bring this up just about every time there is an article on Amerinds on Amren; get the book “A Fate Worse than Death,” by Michno. It is the recorded history of white captivity during the 19th century. Reading the well documented cases will convince anyone that the Amerinds were often capable of the most cruel and heartless tortures and murders as any ever recorded in history – and most often of women and children. (Men were killed outright but scalped and mutilated). The husband and wife historian team also make criticisms of the current PC historic revisionism picking out a number of published works on American Indians and picking them apart piece by piece.

      • Lorin

        I have never read this book, but I have read several other politically incorrect books on the subject. The truth of Native American Indian tribes would make the average American sick to their stomach.
        “To the victor goes the spoils and the right to rewrite history”. The white race is in deep decline, more fragmented and disassociated with each other than at any other time in recorded history. I fear for all white descendants.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        If you don’t show any fear, they’ll think you’re crazy and won’t mess with you. This works with sharks that are about my own size as well. Of course, I am always totally honest in my dealings with other people, so perhaps that got me a few points in the hoosgow with the Amerinds. It did even with the blacks, and that is saying something, as it was federal prison.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          It’s true that confidence and beyond that fierceness is a good defense. A guy I know just proved it two nights ago when he got a rap on the door at 3:00am. He went to his window and saw another guy in a car. He yelled at them, went out side with his cell phone and took a shot of the auto license plate, the guy who was confronting him and shot it off to 911. The guys sped off but were arrested within a half hour. He was not armed and is 5’6.”

          He told me he had a black belt. I told him that that wouldn’t stop bullets and even though he acknowledged this, it was clear that his self-confidence and aggressiveness had worked in this instance.

  • StillModerated

    I guess the reservations can employ mohammedans and negroes to be their security guards. The Federal Government does it.

  • jay11

    I visited the Navajo reservation in Arizona some years back. Beautiful, desolate country. I also went to the smaller Hopi reservation there. The people were nice, though distant, and I don’t blame them because I was the outsider.

    I took one of those buggy tours where they take groups around on 4x4s to see the sites. The narrator of the trip spent most of the time narrating how the evil invaders did this or that massacre against his people. Do you know who those invaders were? The Spanish. From what the narrator said, the Spanish went all over the place killing and raping on the natives.

    I know the Indians out east and the ones on the west coast were treated very bady, but the ones in the southwest did much better. Have you seen the size of the Navajo/Hopi reservation on a map? Huge. Bigger than some states. And it’s their original land to boot.

    Why are they having such troubles now as opposed to earlier on? Hip Hop/Gangsta Rap. It literally infects all brown and black people all over the world. Mauri youth in New Zealand all act like ghetto thugs outta Compton now. Latino youth have picked it up. African immigrants pick it up. I’ve seen it all over the place.

    What are the parameters of this ‘lifestyle’? Drugs, bravado, gangs, lack of honor, disdain for learning, speaking broken language, slapping the ho’s around and living a fast and flashy life based on crass and rude behavior. When whites (and now asians) try to ape that lifestyle, it looks sad and pathetic.

    • Liberalssuck

      The hip hop/gangsta rap is always poisoning more of our younger whites as well. I think it is very toxic of a lifestyle for any race of people to embrace.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      There was a Korean guy in prison who spoke “gangsta-ese”. I broke him of the habit by pretending not to understand him except when he spoke Network Standard English.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    I spent plenty of time on Navajo territory in New Mexico and Arizona when I was single, and usually camped out of my car in appropriate areas. I never once felt in the least threatened. They were different, but peaceful enough.

    That said, I haven’t been there in about 15 years, and the more recent methamphetamines tidal wave has hit Amerinds fairly hard. Mexican drug gangs have deliberately penetrated reservations as far north as Wyoming, Montana and probably into Canada, just to get young Amerind women hooked on meth while sexually exploiting them.

    I was locked up with a pair of convicted murderers for a while: one Jicarilla Apache and one Navajo and I still didn’t feel threatened by them, though aside from my wits, I was quite unarmed in prison. I’m a fair tailor and used to patch up their clothes in exchange for postage stamps, cigarettes, coffee or books. I was also great at repairing shoes. They never hurt me or even tried bullying me.

    Felonies committed on any US Indian Reservation are always federal, and I think President Oogabooga’s de-policing of the reservations is a deliberate attempt to make conditions worse in parts of “Red States”.

  • Does this mean the Cherokees can now proceed with the expulsion of blacks from their tribe as they voted for a few years ago?

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I sure hope so.

  • JohnEngelman

    Blacks and American Indians have much higher rates of crime than whites and Orientals because they are closer in number of generations to a paleolithic existence. During the paleolithic era warfare was much more common and more lethal than it has been among civilized people. The best warriors had the the most wives, so the best killers had the largest number of sons who inherited their violent tendencies and talents.

    Civilization breeds civilized people. Over a period of centuries and thousands of years the criminal justice systems of civilized nations remove those with criminal inclinations from the gene pool. The emphasis of a criminal justice system ought to be on the frequent use of capital punishment, and on long prison sentences at hard labor enforced by corporeal punishment. Unfortunately, we whites have become too civilized for out own good. We have difficulty understanding the mentalities of those who are less evolved.

    Hispanics are a hybrid race of whites, American Indians, and blacks. That is why their crime rate is higher than that of whites, and lower than that of American Indians and blacks.

  • south dakota

    They should have never left Asia 1500 yrs ago and crossed over the Bering land bridge to cover the entire western hemisphere. Why did they leave Asia as red yellow mongoloids anyway ? Before 1500 yrs ago there was nothing in the western hemisphere except animals and no humans although they warred against each others tribes killing each other.
    How were they better off to come over the land ice bridge and migrate on foot as far as 10,000 miles south setting up shop at all points in between practicing pagan ritual like human sacrifice, bestiality, cannibalism, etc etc.
    They should have all stayed in Asia.

  • WR_the_elder

    In my view Indians should police their own lands. They shouldn’t be under the thumb of the federal government, but they shouldn’t live in a state of anarchy either.

  • Ed

    The reason for the high number of rapes is because many White men visit these reservations and raped young native american girls and in some cases, impregnae them..