Program Gives Minority Males Tools to Succeed

Cody Daniels and Karen Gavis, The Collegian, October 24, 2012

If the past is any indication, more than half the African-American and Hispanic males who enrolled at TCC [Tarrant County College] for the first time this semester won’t be back next year.

Joy Gates Black hopes a new program—the Men of Color Mentoring Program—will change all that.

Gates Black, vice chancellor for student success, spearheaded the implementation of the initiative.

“It is a creative and unique program that will give minorities with a need for a little extra help an equal chance at completing and excelling in college,” she said.

African-American and Hispanic males are the least successful demographic group at TCC in terms of grade-point average and course-completion percentage, Gates Black said. Data show that only 44 percent of first-time-in-college students from that group who enrolled in the fall of 2010 attended the following fall.

“These students had not graduated or transferred,” she said. “They had simply stopped attending.”

The program aims to increase retention and completion rates for African-American and Hispanic males in regards to their degree audit programs, increase the awareness and use of available support services by this group and provide opportunities for civic engagement through community projects.

Strategies include personal mentors, specialized tutoring, specific and specialized degree plans, extra curriculum, financial aid and close contact with area businesses and programs to help students stay involved in their community.

The program will be managed and funded through the current Title III federal grant aimed at increasing student success. {snip} 


Gates Black said faculty and staff are also invited to participate, and those who do so will receive specialized training on connecting with minority students and keeping them in school.

“Trinity River Campus ran a test trial of the program this past fall and spring,” she said, “and although we didn’t have a lot of participants, the data was clear that the African-Americans who participated had significantly higher grades and a lower dropout rate than the students that did not participate.”

The impetus for programs like the Men of Color Mentoring Initiative comes after the publicized success of similar programs at other large, urban community colleges, Gates Black said, including those in Dallas and Houston.


Gates Black said she hopes such programs will eventually prove themselves to the extent that they become mandatory for every college.


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  • This article tells us what we here already know:  in order to be even marginally successful and responsible, blacks require almost constant supervision and instruction. 
    Mentor could be a euphemism for probation officer.

    • anarchyst

      . . . or “corrections officer” . . .

    • The impact of education is diminished by the fewer people you educate.

      One teacher educating a classroom 0f 20 has a greater impact than one teacher educating a classroom of 10. With fewer students, the impact is diminished.

      I’m waiting for the day when every white person is assigned their own black person to mentor.  At that point, education will be pointless.

  • ed91

    all you have to do is give them the jobs that white males are qualified for.
    end of story…..

    competence doesn’t seem to matter anymore……..
    just put all the white males on the sex offender lists

  • dukem1

    “Head Start” for 18-year olds.   Good Luck.

  • Dan

    And here I thought the millions we dropped on midnight basketball would change these Black “youfs” into pillars of the community. We always seem to be a new program and just a few million away from success with this certain group – odd isn’t it?

  •  “Program Gives Minority Males Tools to Succeed”.

    Wow..quite the headline. For a moment I thought science made a breakthrough and we were looking at a pill or maybe an injection to fix the “low IQ- high entitlement-lazy gene” that seems to plague them.

  • Sloppo

    I wonder why so many east asians who immigrated to the US with poor english skills and nothing but their clothes have been very successful without a government program to give them special “tools”.  What sort of “tools” are these black and hispanic males lacking?

    • The__Bobster

      East Asians have plenty of entitlement programs that help them, so quit repeating misinformation. Why do you think 74% of them voted for Obongo?

      • Triarius

        Indeed. People should look into Asian-only tax breaks and incentives to start a small business or franchise. There is a reason even all the 7-11s in the Dakotas, Iowa, etc. are still owned by Idians and Arabs that landed here less than 2years ago.


    Ha, Ha, Ha.   So Truant
    County College has FINALLY found the key to unlocking the inner potential of African
    Americas – unlike the other previous 10,000,000 programs and schemes that have
    been tried?  


    I’m not betting on this charade.

  • Oh please the reason the VAST MAJORITY of mexicans and blacks go to CC is to get paid.  That is what they refer to financial aid – getting paid, because you know they worked SO hard for it!  And it’s not just limited to the males, the female hispanics are the worst.  That’s the main reason why California community colleges are under water is because blacks and mexicans flood them looking for an easy way to get paid for a few years – financial aid.


      In 1971 in California, I was selling a bitchin cherry pimped-out 49 Pontiac.   Three Mexican low-ridder guys showed up and said they would buy it “tommorow when we get paid.”

      The next day, I was walking across campus by the long line of Blacks and African Americans waiting to get into the Financial Aids office to pick up their education money.  I heard my name called, and turnned.   There were the 3 low-riders.  Their “pay check” was the University money they were given to attend college.   Later that afternoon they bought the car with that taxpayer-funded money.  Ha, Ha.

      For years, you could see that car “dragging the main”, back and forth on 1st St, filled with various assorted Mexicans.

  • crystal evans

    The only way for black and Hispanic males to have a desire to change is to get married and live with their children. By doing this, many of them will work hard to do better for their families. 

    • The__Bobster

      And this will raise their IQs how?

      • crystal evans

        It will force them to change their ways. Illegitimacy is the main problem in the black community. Over 70% of children are born out of wedlock with no father in the home.  Once a man takes responsibility for a family, he will do anything , including succeeding in school to provide for that family.

        • Triarius

          It is irrelevent. They will all still hate us and try to take everything whites have bult in the US. Integration does not work, simple as that.

          Furthermore, I do not consider them Americans and never will. Their culture is alien to ours.

          But your hypothesis is on the basis that their average IQ is high enough to build and sustain a 1st world civilization. Don’t hold your breath.

          The best minorities can hope for is what they were in the 40s and 50s, only possible with segregation and a 90+% white population. Look at out of wedlock rates, divorce, crime, etc. back then. It was better for all races.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            The IQs are high enough to do manual labor.  But not their level of motivation.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Low IQ and innate, psychopathic behavior are the main problems in the black community. 

          High black illegitimacy and irresponsibility are symptoms of this.

          See Here:  Richard Lynn’s Race and Psychopathic Personality

          For as long as official statistics have been kept, blacks in white societies have been overrepresented in all indices of social pathology: crime, illegitimacy, poverty, school failure, and long-term unemployment. The conventional liberal explanation for this is white “racism,” past and present, which has forced blacks into self-destructive choices. More clear-headed observers, however, have sought a partial explanation in the low average IQ of blacks 


        • When Allen Iverson went to Georgetown his mother implored John Thompson, the basketball coach there, to “please save my son”.


      70% of black births and 60% of Hispanic births are illegitmate (no father around).  But even for the few men who do marry they babby mommas, 80% leave within the first 5 yrs.   Only ~ 8% of Black children keep their true parents throughout childhood.  

      There has never been a more dysfunctional race, and no amount of “Hope and Change” will alter that.

      • GrowingAnnoyed

         Apparently most of Africa is matrilineal. That is kinship is determined by the mother rather than the father. White liberals assume this is because African cultures must be more matriarchal than linear (logical) patriarchal Western cultures. It’s fairly obvious, however, that it is merely because African males merely copulate with as many and any women they are able to (through various means, of course) without any regard for their offspring.

        Fathering illegitimate children is not a mark of shame among Africans. In fact, it is considered a sign of virility and masculinity.

        • crystal evans

          I guess that they never realized that you do only make a kid, they must take care of them as well. 

          • Sherman_McCoy

            That is a value judgement which one cannot make of another culture.  In Africa, some cultures cut the kids loose to be raised by other kids around 2-3 years old.  Unfortunately, they are not all in Africa where they belong.

        • It’s matrilineal because almost everyone knows who his mommy is. Who his daddy is remains open to serious question.

  • Biff_Maliboo


    *dusts hands*

    that’s that problem solved then.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    This one airs 24/7 out here in CA. The Hispanic College Fund.

  • Frank

    Guess whatt color she is?  No need. This school just received $2 million of our money to assist new students.

  • Michael_C_Scott

    Men of color “mentoring” each other sounds like “Garbage In, Garbage Out” writ large. 

  • StillModerated

    Ahhh! The bitter fruit of dumbing down high schools in order to boost self-esteem.  Does TCC offer classes in pushing brooms and cleaning motel rooms? Or just panhandling outside liquor stores?