London Mothers Should Move to Outer Hebrides to Find Happiness

London Evening Standard, November 20, 2012

British mothers living in the UK’s most remote spots should be among the happiest people in the country, a think-tank revealed as the Government prepared to release its first report on public quality of life.

The study showed women were generally more content than men but appeared to experience more anxiety.

It also identified geographical “hotspots” where people could expect to enjoy a better life, singling out the Outer Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland.

Those based in London, Luton and Reading were deemed to have the lowest wellbeing in the UK, the new economics foundation (nef) found.

The think-tank examined recent data from the Office for National Statistics and released its findings as the Government prepared to publish the first set of figures designed to offer an insight into quality of life in Briton.

Prime Minister David Cameron launched the Measuring National Wellbeing programme in November 2010 after deciding that the Government needed to be informed not only on economic progress but also on public wellbeing.

This will be measured alongside gross domestic product as a means of determining whether Government policies are making Britain a better place to live.

According to the nef analysis, quality of life is highest among older people and the retired.

The study offered an optimistic picture of life in rural Britain which, it concluded, was significantly better than in the UK’s urban areas.

It also identified greater contentment among older and retired people but revealed something of a mid-life crisis, with those between the ages of 40 and 59 experiencing the lowest quality of living.

It found parents tended to be happier than those without children, as were married people and those who live with a partner.

Saamah Abdallah, senior researcher at the new economics foundation, said: “When it comes to retirement, Britain is doing something right.

“The high levels of wellbeing reported by the over-60s are not a global phenomenon, in many countries older age groups have the lowest wellbeing.

“But there are also high levels of inequality in wellbeing amongst the elderly in the UK.

“Of particular concern to policy makers are the low levels of wellbeing most disabled people report. It suggests a need for further research and intervention.”

The nef analysis drew on the responses of 160,000 people to the ONS Annual Population Survey.

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  • Puggg

    “Outer Hebrides”

    As in Star Trek?

    It might come to that.

  • IstvanIN

    the Government needed to be informed not only on economic progress but also on public wellbeing…… a means of determining whether Government policies are making Britain a better place to live.

    I have never been to the UK but I know for a fact that HM’s government has done a remarkably lousy job of increasing public well-being and making Britain a better place to live. How much worse a job could they do?

  • David Ashton

    Sverige’s Homeland for White Nations found at last?

  • Knowing this country, and given that they cite Luton as part of the study, it is probably some sort of wheeze to encourage or give the idea to Blacks and Pakistanis to move out to white homogeneous areas.

    No doubt the “worst” places were ethnic hell-holes and mixed population sink-estates throughout London (often insultingly code worded ‘deprived’) – for all the usual reasons they are the worst.

    The best places are no doubt going to be areas that still look and feel like the 1940’s and early 1950’s, where it still actually looks and feels like Britain and has a community to match.

    With various ‘relocation’ strategies bubbling (seeing as housing shortages and immigration never ceasing is pushing up renting prices and costing the councils fortunes in the packed parts of London, and it is cheaper elsewhere around the nation), it would not surprise me for them to be ‘spreading the love’ of diversity so that we all get wiped out evenly, and NO pockets of survival can easily be found or established.

    I also hope they aren’t basing the figures on GDP gross, when it should be per-capita. The Labour government and pro-immigration stalwarts pulled that trick for years. Growth on its own is not the true measure, it is wealth per person that matters.

    I guess I am just too cynical. I am probably being paranoid. You get that way living here.

    “It found parents tended to be happier than those without children, as were married people”….

    …..well, at least that bit definitely goes against the ‘liberal’ grain. Motherhood? Marriage? Aren’t they fascist, patriarchal and misogynist institutions that are ‘outdated’ in these “21st century” pro-feminist, self indulgent, free-loving times?……

    Next thing you know, they will be telling us living amongst your own people is better for you, that we need a manufacturing base again, that we need to renationalise various key industries, buy back loads of gold that was mis-sold, that grammar schools are a good idea, that immigration will be controlled, and how we need more ‘bobbies on the beat’.

    But I await that lot to come out a couple of months before a general election. Then the new government can ignore it all again like all the predecessors.

    Headline should read “Decent White London Mothers should move to Outer Hebrides”. The rest should stay put, or find happiness in another country.

    • Teuchter

      Decent White London Mothers should stay in their own country instead of over running the Highlands.

    • British Activism

      Someone from America could least tell you what should be done based upon our headlong rush into certain oblivion. But we can comiserate. Our governments both share the same death wish, to diversify the white populations into a brown morass, to “liberate” the wealth of hard-working citizens and pour it into the pockets of the slothful, and to deny us any means of protest by refusal. What lone difference there is between us may perhaps be the land area of the United States. There may be a hundred years of space for white peoples to find solace but the arm of government has a long reach. One finds it hard to picture the hordes of Mexicans that are spilling over the Southern border finding their way into Alaska, although nothing should be considered beyond the nature of a good communist government. From where I sit, the only way out is a deconstructive one, our desire to govern locally or at least through the division of our states. What lies further down the road we are on is nothing less than civil war. Then that other difference between us, the private ownership of firearms creates aother option for people that don’t wish to become diversified out of existence.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

        I am sorry to tell you that Mexican gangs have been in Anchorage, Alaska for years now.

      • Pat

        You are right about ‘good communist governments’, even northern Scandinavia is up to scratch on diversity.

    • Pat

      I can believe your first paragraph. I seem to remember some Government/Council schemes to remove council tenants (public housing in US?) out of London to make way for even more arrivals. Recently Newham Council tried to offload hundreds to Stoke on Trent in the north. On the Southwark website – Moving Home – there is an offer to older tenants to re-locate from London to the ‘coast or countryside’. I believe they get a substantial lump sum to help with this. As I live in the South West I can confirm this happens. In the suburb where I live, still mostly white, in the last few years, we have acquired quite a few elderly black people who all have London accents. Two birds with one stone – they have the empty council property and have also improved our ‘diversity’.

      • David Brims

        ” Black neighbours .” You must be ” thrilled.” Watch the crime rate go up and civilisation go over a cliff.

  • Teuchter

    Londoners are the worst people to be moving to the Hebrides, bringing their South of England arrogance and unearned money with them, refusing to learn Gaelic and acting as if it’s their country.

    • Howard W. Campbell

      Here in the US, our equivalent is people from NYC or California moving to a new place and then demanding that things run as they did in their former locales. Out west it is called Californication. Maybe it was those polices that made the place unlivable in the first place (along with diversity, et al).

      • Blaak Obongo

        You are describing Vermont to a tee.

  • JackKrak

    Headline should be “London Mothers Should Move to Outer Hebrides to Find Someone Who Speaks English and Respects Their Right to Drive a Car”

    • Teuchter

      The Outer Hebrides is Gaelic speaking – and welcomes tourists, not colonists.

      • JackKrak

        Ok, fair enough – but I doubt very much that anyone speaks only Gaelic and not English.

  • libertarian1234

    “The study showed women were generally more content than men but appeared to experience more anxiety.”

    How can any group be more content if it experiences more anxiety?

    The men must be emotional basket cases.

    • Cesare

      It’s yet another media contradiction. my all time favorite contradiction of theirs is ,”we are all the same, so let’s celebrate our differences”.

  • The__Bobster

    Saamah Abdallah, senior researcher at the new economics foundation, said: “When it comes to retirement, Britain is doing something right.

    They’re doing something wrong when someone named Saamah Abdallah can become a senior anything in Britain.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

      Well, what he is really saying is that there is no need for alarm, the takeover is going over just fine.

  • The study offered an optimistic picture of life in rural Britain which,
    it concluded, was significantly better than in the UK’s urban areas.

    As in the US, there will be initiatives to move the urbanites to rural communities.

    • Yes, it has already begun. The UN Agenda 21 dictates at its core seeks to compile the population into the easily controlled urban lockdown. There it will become a Sci-Fi type of existence for most of us. The elite of all societies will have the rural areas, the food and energy producing areas under their control. It will be similar to the old Soviet system where the party elite owned their Dachas and lived like royalty, consuming goods of infinitely higher quality than what was available to the people.

      • David Ashton

        The fact that this is realized by people across the old political left to right spectrum could be an advantage to us in conscious rebellion. Secure the heritage, don’t forgo children, master the internet.

  • David Brims

    Unlike England which has been destroyed by Third World immigrants, Scotland is still white, 60,000 muslims in the entire country and until very recently, no black people.

    Africans immigrants started to appear ( unfortunately ) in Scotland in 2003, the Labour governments dispersal policy, and according to Tony Blair’s spin doctor Andrew Nether ” to make the whole of Britain truly multicultural and rub the Right wing noses in diversity.”

    The Labour party is quite evil.

    • David Ashton

      This may explain a subconscious wish for “independence” but the SNP is a professedly “anti-racist” and “multicultural” party which wants membership of the ditto EU. The joke: Sikhs turbans have (fake) clan tartans. It is not so much a culturally Scottish movement as a territorial platform for regional state-socialists. White flight from England to Wales or Scotland, however, is not always well appreciated by the equally white locals.

      • David Brims

        The further away whites live from blacks, the more ignorant and naive they are about black behaviour, once they get African mass immigration, then it’s too late. The genie is out of the bottle.

        • That is the endless problem with this situation.

          The ones who are well off in little market towns and ‘away’ from it all (aside a upper middle class hand full of them, if that) tend to be smug self righteous ‘right on’ “anti-racists” – or those who really don’t give it all a thought past some momentary headline in the Daily Mail.

          The ones who end up inundated get brow beaten down, keep their heads down, get on with it. It is too late for them all too soon.

          Some (or many) who remain in those areas then suffer some kind of Stockholm syndrome of flinging themselves into ethnic activities (charity work for Muslim mothers, street-pastors for blacks, that sort of thing).

          They are perhaps “blotting it out” by showing to themselves they aren’t bothered by it, or have already come to terms of how it will be, so decide to “get on with it” and forget a racial consciousness. Many even imitate black ways of speaking and acting. It is nauseating.

          In the ethnic areas it is often rapidly “too late”. In the far-removed places they don’t tend to care.

          I don’t know how to bridge the gap, into which falls everything from cardboard cut-out style neo-nazis to UKIP sorts who screw up their face at any suggestion of race being a problem.

          The DUPES and IDIOTS in the less affected areas who still vote for Labour believing they are for the ‘working man’ simply need their heads testing.

          They will be voting for the donkey in the red-rosette soon enough, as though they have been in a coma throughout the Blair/Brown era or have suffered severe amnesia. Either that, or they are masochists.

          We seem to have a nation of various masochists. They are uneducated, unprepared for what is coming, light years behind what ‘race realists’ are discussing and what the implications are likely to be.

          There was some muppet on the radio today (white, British) suggesting UKIP was “racist” because it mentioned Eastern Europeans all the time. That Eastern Europeans are, well, European, like the British, seems to escape people. The word he might have been looking for was “xenophobic” – but like millions of other plebs in this country, they can’t even grasp the differences.

          • David Ashton

            I am afraid you two have a point. But remember that relatives talk, visitors travel, and people can read (also between the lines) and watch TV images (however PC-framed). It is not all over yet.

  • rightrightright

    London, Luton and Reading are all enriched, diverse and “edgy” (it is supposed to be cool to live in an edgy area). I hope for Scotland’s sake the plan isn’t to ship the third world colonisers up North although as an Englishwoman, the less third world down here, the better.

  • Jeff

    I’m sure if we did did a correlation between happiness of white women and lack of diversity in a zipcode, we would find the same pattern. Duh.