Gun Store Owner Who Banned Obama Supporters Says ‘Business Is Booming’

Gregory Gwyn-Williams Jr., CNS News, November 25, 2012

Last week, the owner of an Arizona gun shop made national headlines after it was reported that he had posted a sign and taken out a full page ad in a local newspaper that banned Obama supporters from entering his store. One week later, Cope Reynolds is cashing in on the attention.

Mr. Reynolds, owner of Southwest Shooting Authority says “business is booming” after his sign and newspaper ad caught the attention of various media outlets. The sign read: “If you voted for Barack Obama, your business is not welcome at Southwest Shooting Authority. You have proven you’re not responsible enough to own a firearm.”

Reynolds says he has been inundated with hundreds of calls and emails from media types and supporters. {snip}

The Arizona Republic spoke with Mr. Reynolds about his sign and the effect it’s had on his business:

“People are saying that I’ve alienated half of our customers,” Reynolds said, laughing. “No, I haven’t. I haven’t alienated any of my customers, because the people who voted for Obama don’t buy guns here. They don’t come here at all. I haven’t alienated. I’ve improved things. I have packages sitting on my desk to be shipped to places like Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Idaho, Nevada and California.”


Mr. Reynolds admits that there haven’t been any serious attempts by the Obama administration to change America’s gun laws, but he suspects that is coming now that the president has been reelected.


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  • Tim

    The only way to “prove” you are not responsible enough to own a firearm is by either shooting someone on accident or leaving it out where someone else does. All the rest is just politics…


      GUNS are politics.

      Shouldn’t be, but the Anti-Gun people are making it political.

  • Katherine McChesney

    I believe Cope Reynolds is correct. If I could buy a firearm I would want to purchase it from someone like him. Besides what I’ve noticed on websites are that liberal commenters are too high-strung.

  • Puggg

    I doubt there were many Obama voters in or near Pinetop, Arizona, expect when you get into the Indian reservations.

    “Business is booming” — That might have happened anyway just because of the election results. That might not necessarily be because of his sign.

  • Strider73

    Not that many Obamaloons would be legitimate gun buyers anyway. The vast majority get theirs illegally at various big-city street corners, thus bypassing the instant background check.

    At any rate, no FFL accepts EBT cards for payment.

    Still, I must fault Mr. Reynolds for his claim that “there haven’t been any serious attempts by the Obama administration to change America’s gun laws.” More than anyone else, he should know that “Fast & Furious” was an obvious false-flag op against the 2nd Amendment, with the Mexican president as co-conspirator. For that matter, so was the theater shooting in Colorado, which was timed to coincide with debate on the UN gun-grab treaty.

    • nathan wartooth

      Hey I heard that if you tilt your tin foil hat just a little to the side you can pick up transmissions from the CIA.

      With Fast and Furious it just sounds like an inept government doing what inept governments do best. Mess up really badly. But if anything could be a false flag operation it would be that. But calling the Colorado shooting a false flag operation? You are out of your mind.

      The problem is conspiracy theories is that there are humans involved. A lot of people want to be heroes. What would make you a bigger hero than by exposing a government plot to murder people to try to influence policy? Just the deafening silence can tell you that it wasn’t a conspiracy.

      • Strider73

        You might want to do some research before launching smears. FYI, Obama assured the Brady Bunch early in his regime that he was working to implement gun control/confiscation “under the radar.” If you doubt that, do a search on “gun control under radar”. Then ask why ATF agents ordered gun shops to make straw-man sales as part of F&F, how many of the cartels’ guns were fully automatic (therefore not for sale in the US), and why Obama invited the president of Mexico to hector our Congress about our “lax” gun laws.

        As for the Colorado shooting, we already know how the killer, an unemployed college student, got the money to buy all that stuff — a federal grant. The clincher is his stock of tear gas. As someone pointed out here at the time, tear gas (like full-auto guns) is not available to the public. Only the government has access to it. That means someone in the government supplied it to the shooter, either directly or indirectly — likely the same person who opened the theater’s emergency exit for him. Meanwhile, the only “deafening silence” has been coming from the gun-grabbers, once the facts emerged and their carefully scripted narrative started falling apart.

        If you still can’t imagine the US government conspiring to commit murder for political reasons, a search on “Operation Northwoods” will be a major revelation.

        • WHITE DAWN

          There are those who think Government would NEVER do any sleazy thing.

          Ever hear of some government building “death camps”. What a conspiracy theory that was. Imagine rounding up people and shipping them hundreds of miles over open country and then gassing them at the rate of 10,000 a day and NOBODY noticed? Yeah right.

          I trust Bush, Nixon, Obama and Roosevelt. They lead us.

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          0bama has signed over 900 executive orders, to bypass congress and work ‘under the radar” — some of the most insidious ones were signed during “crises” such as Hurricane Sandy (“never let a crises go to waste”).

          0bama told his gun control plans to none other than Sara Brady:

          according to Sarah Brady, 0bama brought up the issue of gun control and said that it was very much on his agenda.

          I just want you to know that we are working on it, Brady recalled the president telling them. We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar.

          According to the HuffPo:

          “The Department of Justice reportedly is holding meetings discussing the White House’s options for enacting gun regulations on its own or through adjoining agencies and departments. Administration officials said talk of executive orders or agency action are among a host of options that President Barack Obama and his advisers are considering. “

          You are correct that the 0bama regime is working to implement GLOBAL gun control/confiscation.

          From Rand Paul:

          “Only hours after re-election, Barack Obama immediately made a move for gun control…

          On November 7th, his administration gleefully voted at the UN for a renewed effort to pass the “Small Arms Treaty.”

          the UN set March 18th-28th to meet to pass the final version of the treaty that will be sent to the Senate for ratification.”

          What does the “Small Arms Treaty” do??

          *** Enact tougher licensing requirements, making law-abiding Americans cut through even more bureaucratic red tape just to own a firearm legally;

          *** CONFISCATE and DESTROY ALL “unauthorized” civilian firearms (all firearms owned by the government are excluded, of course);

          *** Create an INTERNATIONAL gun registry, setting the stage for full-scale gun CONFISCATION.

          How much of any of this has been reported by the MSM?

          The USG has a LONG history of lying to the American people – I don’t believe a word the likes of the 0bama regime tell us.

          Also, there ARE a number of unanswered questions about the Batman Massacre like this one:

          “a bloody trail of footprints goes past Holmes’ car and a second gas mask is found discarded where the footprints end… The shooter didn’t realize that he had stepped in a pool of blood and inadvertently left an incriminating trail of blood, which goes nowhere near the door of Holmes’ car, but which ends by a road, where an additional accomplice had parked a getaway car.”


        • nathan wartooth

          I guess Clinton orchestrated Columbine then. I mean you can’t buy pipe bombs at the store so they had to be given to them by government agents!!!!! WHY DIDN’T I FIGURE THIS OUT BEFORE???

          You don’t need to create vast conspiracies when the public and inept government employees will create crises for you.

          You sound like the Blacks who claim that the CIA invited crack to destroy the inner city or AIDS to kill gays.

          It’s sad that you have to live in a fantasy world where Obama is some sort of super genius who orchestrates vast conspiracies that no one but a select few can figure out.

          Let me guess, we didn’t go to the moon ever, JFK was killed by reptiles posing as humans and 9/11 was just a big optical illusion. I know you believe in some of these conspiracy theories because that’s what people like you tend to do. You wont ever be swayed by evidence to the contrary so there is no point.

      • He never said the Colorado shooting was a false flag, he said Operation Fast and Furious was. Please read a post before commenting and looking like an idiot. Thank you


      How did the guy in “GUN FREE” Aurora, Colorado, get Tear Gas? I went down to my local gun shops and they said it was illegal. Also, the body armour? Where can I get some?

      I am so warm and fuzzy inside knowing that in the Aurora movie theater guns are PROHIBITED.

  • Tim

    I wouldn`t want to purchase a firearm from a guy like him. A bully, in the name of rightousness, is still a bully. Makes me wonder what objections he`d raise if I didn`t take his “suggestion” on which gun to buy. Sell me the gun and shut up. Reminds me of a dealer I used to know. When He started giving out pamphlets on the Book of Revelations with each purchase I went somewhere else. Sorry mister,but my mother taught me the sanctity of the secret ballot. Which leaves me wondering how this guy either broaches the subject or enforces the rule. Finally, Does anyone remember the scene in “Spirit of Saint Louis” where the airplane is offered for sale to Lindbergh, with the condition that the seller picks when and who flies the plane. Lindbergh shouts, “Well, Is the airplane for sale or isn`t it?!?…”

    • Tom

      It isn’t enforced- obviously. If you had voted without your glasses on, or the machine defaulted to Obama as some apparently did, he won’t be any the wiser. It’s a statement of opposition to Obama and his agenda, nothing more. It isn’t bullying, either. You’re going to need a bit of a thicker skin, methinks.

      • Tim

        So Tom, you support with Muslims who won`t ring up pork products and Ear Nose and Throat Doctors who want to know if you have a gun in the house before prescribing anti-biotics.?!? Cause that`s the game he`s playing with you.

        • SLCain

          Firstly, unlike the muslim supermarket employees who refused to ring up pork, this gentleman is the proprietor of the gun store. It’s HIS business, so he is free to do as he pleases. And the doctors you mention are out of line in a way that the gun-store owner, and even the muslim pork-objector, are not. The doctor is bound by the hippocratic oath.

          Secondly, Islam is not part of American culture and does not belong here. Gun-owning is part of our culture. And Obama is the most left-wing President in our history. His administration is hostile and alien to the traditional America that many of us once knew.

          • Tim

            He`s treating you like a child and subjecting you to his whims, both the cashier and the gun store owner…

          • SLCain

            No, he (the business owner) is exercising his right of free association. He has every right to withhold his services from those he disagrees with, especially if he truly thinks they are harming society.

          • Just like a bartender, or waitress does

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Tim, you yourself gave the correct answer:

          When He started giving out pamphlets on the Book of Revelations with each purchase I went somewhere else.


          This is the gun owner’s RIGHT. You have the RIGHT NOT to do business with him and you are free to take your hard-earned money somewhere else.

          He put up a sign — he’s not telling you which gun to purchase.

          And, if he does, as you yourself said: “I went somewhere else.”


          • Tim

            He has violated the basic compact between buyer and seller by bringing unnecessary issues into the transaction…


      I wish I could put up a sign that says WHITE ONLY in front of my eyecare clinic.

      Then Blacks and Hispanics would know to run as fast as they can. As it is, they have no idea who or what I am. I think it is funny that they are going to one of the most racist eye docs they can imagine.

      But, I don’t want to offend them. So, come on in you white-hating people of color!

  • You Are Now Enriched

    Now that kunte kente bantu zulu mau mau Jamie Foxx has delcared Obamachrist to be our Lord and Saviour, and did so in the White Man’s English language and not in his own native African dilect, look for outrageous and extreme measures to be considered mainstream, such as gun confiscation from Whites who didn’t vote for the New Jesus.
    “Not voting for Obama is a hate crime, and anyone that dangerous shouldn’t be trusted with a gun.”

  • Tim

    If the seller throws up his own sales objections instead of countering the buyers, how does he expect to conduct any business!?!? As a prospective customer I expect a few things. The biggest of them being that if I have an honest, sincere want to buy and the money to do it, I will not be subject to any external personal hoops or whims of the person selling. Wonder how this guy would feel being turned down to buy beer at half time because his window decal was for the “wrong” team?!? I can`t think of a more public and destructive way to announce that the focus is on me the owner, not you, the customer…I`m surprised EVERY adult of voting age isn`t giving him the brush off.

    • Tom

      If you don’t want to buy from him, fine, but looks like enough people do. Feel free to wander in there with one of those bloody “Hope” t-shirts and he should feel free to either kick you out or do business with you. Go where you’re not welcome, and demand the “right” to be treated, by private citizens, as though you were. Impose yourself on another culture or group that is manifestly alien to yours. It worked for the Bantus, after all, maybe you can get Jesse and Al down there.

      • Tim

        He has “politicized” the purchase of firearms. That`s not a path I thought anyone who likes guns who want to go down….

        • Liberalsuck

          Yeah, I don’t like the whole gun things being politicized and while I understand the man’s frustration and feel he should have a right to discriminate against Obama voters, he is politicizing guns even more and this discussion about ‘gun rights’ will be on the table all the time.

        • WHITE DAWN

          You have no right to buy.

          He has not obligation to sell.

          That is freedom.

          He is not your slave and you are not his master. Each of you is an individual with absolutely no right to force the other under any conditions into a relationship one or both of you do not want to voluntarily enter.

          You standing outside HIS property cursing and whinning and yelling and demanding has NO BEARING. Your hurt feelings mean nothing. To him, you rightfully do not exist unless HE chooses to acknowledge you. The world you demand is the hell we live in today. Today the White Man must serve any sniveling ape that can hire a J-NAACP or J-SPLC or J-ACLU whore attorney.

      • Tim

        So I`m assuming Tom is okay with a Starbuck`s employee quizzing him on his third world labor views before pouring his coffee. Or the gas station owner asking about his stand on “renewable energy” and off shore drilling before allowing him to fill up. Then it`s on the the Bennigan`s for lunch where Toms waiter asks his views on abortion before agreeing to bring over an appetizer menu. Whoops, he`s coming back to the table because he forgot to ask your wife is she`s pregnant before bringing her that red wine. And finally the Ferrari dealer wants to know whether you prefer Sophia Loren or Gina Lolabrigida before allowing you to go on that test drive. When you get home there`ll likely be a message from the dry cleaner on what your problem with “natural” fabrics is. Tom, good luck on getting anything done in a timely manner in the new PC “barter” economy. How much time did it take out of your busy day driving around to buy and sell from someone who views are the same as yours?!? Don`t you wish you could just buy at the corner store instead of having to go across town simply because of what your beliefs are?!? It all kind of reminds me of calling a real estate agent and asking how much the house on Elm Drive is. He answers your question by asking you what you do for a living instead of what the sales price is…..As a customer please don`t “qualify” me as a prospective buyer. I`ve already done that job for you….

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          Give me a break.

          Do you understand how the Free Market works? Or how businesses operate? The great deal of competition restaurants/Starbucks/Toms, etc. face every single day? The power of word of mouth or Internet ratings to kill businesses.

          Your post is just SILLY.

          Anyone here EVER been grilled by a Starbucks employee about “third world labor” before being served coffee? Or lectured to by a gas station owner as a condition of buying gas? — someone with a very narrow profit margin and who makes his LIVING selling fuel for internal combustion engines.

          Has this ever happened to you, Tim?

          If anyone here has been to a business that subjects its customers to “lessons” about the third world, renewable energy or anything else as a pre-condition for purchase, please put your story up here.

          Honestly, how long do you think those businesses would stay open?

          You are free to do or NOT to do business with the gun owner in Arizona–or Starbucks OR a gas station that pushes renewable energy on you or a restaurant whose waiters give “lectures” about food or anything else.

          You are free to go somewhere else — another gun store that won’t subject you to such signs, a coffee house that doesn’t countenance their employees lecturing customers, a gas station that sells gasoline without you having to listen to a lecture about “renewable energy.”


          Heck, I would appreciate all businesses putting up signs like this, even those that tell me they don’t my business for being conservative. At least that way, I would know who not to do business with.


          • Tim

            The best answer to this was given to a “Pirate” lounge owner by one of those restraunt rescue guys. “Being in business is not about what you want, it`s about what the customer wants!!” If the guy wants to alienate half his customers or more, why is he bothering to be in business in the first place. Once again, Sell me the gun and shut up!!…

          • WHITE DAWN

            Using your logic: Let my 19 year old, 11th grade, 88 I.Q., felonious African son into your white daughters school and shut up!!!!

          • WHITE DAWN

            Bon. I agree with you.

            I wonder how Tim will feel when the day comes and he sees the sign on my business that says: NO ARABS. NO BLACK. NO JEWS. NO MUSLIMS.

            Poor guy may use one of his Wehrmacht guns to blow me away. The Irony of all this is making me laugh.

            Seriously now. Many of you on this website have not thought it through what a WHTIE HOMELAND will entail. It will mean DISCRIMINATION. Legal JIM CROW laws and people like me who will NOT SERVE people they don’t like for what ever reason.

            Airlines can forbid fat people.

            Restaurants can forbid people who look like slobs.

            Many “hot” night-clubs can and will restrict unattractive people.

            Entire Apartment complexes will be for Christians Only, or Swingers Only, or people UNDER 30 only, of flaming Gays only, or Mormon Gays, etc. etc. etc.

            Can you really handle a really free society? Be careful what you ask for. Since there will be no law protecting you or giving you access to any building if you are in a wheel chair, etc.

            Can you handle this?

          • Tim

            Dawn one favor I ask of you. You`ve already speculated that I don`t own or never will own guns. I think I proved you wrong. PLEASE don`t speculate that I may use one of them to blow you away. A,) You`re wrong again and B.) You have no right to make a comment like that, even if you don`t know me. Thank you

          • WHITE DAWN

            Tim, I get the impression you missed some of my sarcasm nor can tell the difference between a serious comment or some outrageous comment that I make just to hear myself rant.

            I judge that you will not blow me away. I was trying to be “funny”.

            As for my “free speech” right to be childish, insulting and basically rude… are wrong again. The only people who can punish me or tell me I can not say something here is/are the website owners. Not you.

            Until the delete my post, you have no “right”. They do. Again: THEY OWN THE WEBSITE and NOT YOU.

            You have the RIGHT to ignore my posts, not read them, read them and write a response, insult me (which I always enjoy), etc. BUT you have no right to tell me I have no right to make a “comment like that”. It is not for you or I to decide if a comment I make stays on this website. The OWNER of this siet does.

            Do you not understand what OWNERSHIP means?

          • Maybe so, but we wish you would turn off your caps lock key.

          • WHITE DAWN


          • Gunrunner1

            Man, I need an Eye Doctor like you! Promise to pay cash (or Gold) on the barrelhead. Agreed that freedom means discrimination! Thank God someone said it! It is forced “inclusion” that is harming communities, businesses, Cities. Detroit is a perfect example. Amen to your speech and your logic.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Keep your Eyes on the Prize, White Dawn!!

            Remember that HItler is still Hitler even with his name spelled backwards — We ALL know what that means RELTIH! LOL!


          • Tim

            Yes it has!!! I was lectured by an NBC announcer while watching football….

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            He wasn’t trying to sell you a gun though, was he?– or anything else.

            AND, you are perfectly free to turn Costas off. He doesn’t have a single thing that you need to buy from him.

            Costas is a lefty with an agenda – the only thing he sells is governmedia socialist/communist propaganda. He tells you “guns kill” and that we should have gun control — as he counts his money in his rich, uber- White neighborhood behind the latest, expensive high-tech security.

            Do you have that privilege? I certainly don’t. Yes, he earned it but that doesn’t give him the right to tell ME and other Americans how to live.

            You don’t have to buy any of the hypocritical leftist blather Costas is pushing, Tim.

            Take care and all the best to you. Stay safe, friend.


        • sure they could, if they OWNED the business, and if somebody did, I would simply take my business somewhere else.Problem solved


      Tim, you hate guns and don’t own any. You have NO intentions of ever buying a gun so what is the REAL reason for your complaint.

      IF you are a gun owner, you would support this man and realize he is one of us. Furthermore, if you believed in freedom and private property and individual rights (White concepts) you would support him 100%.

      You may be on the wrong website.

      • Tim

        Dawn, you don`t know me, we`ve never met as far as I know, and your blanket statements are making you look foolish. Also, you are not the moderator or policeman of this web site. If you will give me an honest number on your age, I will tell you whether or not I was discharging German small arms before you were born. A list of my guns, past and present as best I can recall them. … Type 99 Japanese rifle 7.7 mm … Mannlicher-Carcano 6.5mm… German 98K 7.92mm…. Turkish Mauser caliber unknown…. 34-40 Krag Jorgenson..30.06? (It`s been sooo long) P-38`s, Lugers and .455 Webleys too numerous to mention… Uh, what was that old French Foreign Legion Rifle? 1886 Lebel! Right?… .38 sub nose… My concealed carry…… Black Widow Luger…. I also have me posing with a friends rare FG-42 German paratroop rifle with a stick grenade down my pants. It`s on my Facebook page. If you private me I will give you my full name and city to see. God this exercise is as taxing as trying to remember every Sports car I`ve owned. …. The real reason for my complaint is that I don`t like being treated like a child and being subject to the political whims of a man supposedly in the business of selling firearms… It`s difficult enough jumping thru the hoops of the government to buy guns without this man adding his own “criteria” for making a purchase… Is THAT a fair statement?… There are also some guns that have passed thru my hands and gone on to other people. One was my Dad`s It was an Italian service revolver he picked up somewhere near the Salerno beach head. I think that about covers it. Would you like a list of German disaptch motorcycles also and/or a list of my original Waffen SS recruiting posters. One of my favorites was the Verdunkeln! poster. Image search it…

        • Tim

          Misprint! It should read 30-40 Krag, not 34-40. Finally I looked up RULES OF ETHICS FOR BUYERS AND SELLERS. No. 10 did it for me. “I will not purposely create an environment that prevents ready, willing and able buyers from completing a transaction for our mutual benefit…” That folks, sums it up better than I can…

      • Tim

        Now that I`ve made of list of my firearms likes, I am asking you to do the same just for conversation purposes… I`m curious to know where you collecting interest takes you… Thanks! Tim

        • WHITE DAWN

          Sorry, Tim. BUUTTTTT:

          His right to run HIS business HIS way trumps your feelings.

          One thing a White Homeland will and must do is give priority to PRIVATE PROPERTY and the owners of such. This man owns his store. Not you. He should and must be allowed to run it his way.

          You don’t like it? Go to another store.

          That is the essence of real freedom and real freedom does not care about your, or my, feelings. Respect belongs to the individual White property owner. Not the customer who has no “rights” in this.

          Next thing you know, A Jewish Attorney will sue on behalf of his half Mexican-African client who felt a hostility towards him by this White racist store owner………..and the cycle of madness repeats itself……….no thanks.

          • WHITE DAWN

            Oh, I own 13 handguns and 5 rifles. But,again but, that is not the point. I made reference to you not owning guns since those who usually own guns realize the real rights belong to the property owner. In this case, the store owner, (but now I am just repeating what my post above says).

  • Luca

    Same thing happened in 2008. Obama getting elected works wonders for the firearms industry.

    • Liberalsuck

      I’ve noticed even after this election that some of the online ammo companies were ‘sold out’ on lots of ammo (223, 9mm, 12 gauge, 40 caliber, etc) and/or went up in price. I do support run rights organizations and think we should all own firearms and a case of ammo, but this is making ammo scarce and go up in value.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Gun dealers have a responsibility and obligation NOT to sell to the mentally ill, obviously suicidal, maniacs and mentally challenged.

    Obama voters fit into these categories.


  • newyorker

    Actually the gun business is booming for liberals since once the guns are bought they are stolen by the Obama-ite fuckup negroids in break-ins and homeowners insurance picks up the bill for replacement over and over again. Liberals after all commit 90% of all violent crimes using stolen weapons from whites and this a fact.


    Obama gun laws are coming. Rest assured. Obama, being a communist and Anti-White, etc., will do everything he can to get guns out of the hands of White Men.

    It is just a matter of months, if not weeks, that the REAL hideous new laws are put up for a vote.

    BUY YOUR GUNS AND AMMO NOW. Especially ammo. They are going to tax it to death.

  • Tim

    RULES OF ETHICS FOR BUYERS AND SELLERS…. #10. I will not purposely create an environment that prevents ready, willing and able buyers from completing a transaction for our mutual benefit… That about covers it in my book.


      I always prefer to do business with White people.

      • Tim

        So spill on the firearms thing already!! What are you into/? Just yahooed my Dad`s World War II Itai pistol. It was a Bodeo M1889 revolver, WITHOUT the trigger guard which denotes an enlisted mans pistol.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I was convicted of a federal felony in 2001. A retired Green Beret has my collection now. The G-43s aren’t even my favorite rifles. My favorite is the Argentine navy FN-49.

          Another one I missed out on was a 37mm harpoon gun. It was a single-shot based on a scaled-up Martini action and could fire blanks for projecting harpoons, buckshot for birds and slugs for polar bears. I planned to make the brass cases by lathe-turning brass bar stock, and would have sized the primer pockets for .50″ BMG primers.

          I can’t shoot anymore, but I am currently working on a book about case-forming. Major Nonte has been dead quite some years, and his work “Cartridge Conversions” is a bit out of date. I won’t cover hunting rounds, but will do military ammo up to 25mm. My first centerfire rifle was an Argentine 1891 Mauser in 7.65mm X 53, so I became a reloader and a case-former right away. I miss it very much, and nothing short of a Presidential pardon can free me in this respect.

          • Liberalsuck

            Why didn’t you just deed them/hand them over to family members instead? Couldnt you do that?

    • SLCain

      Perhaps the gun store owner does not consider putting firearms in the hands of Obama voters to be of benefit to him. Hence the “benefit” in question is not mutual.

  • Tim

    Whoops! Not to insult our brave Russians allies… I also owned a 7.62 Tokarev and a Spanish Astra 400? in 9mm. Both of them were probably the sweetest and trouble free pistols I`ve owned. Whoops An SKS too! I like the tradtional rifle layout of it much better than the Ak-47….

    • Tim

      Forgot about the 303 Lee-Enfield. I never liked that gun. Yeah, the action was smooth as silk but the barell always looked “stubby” and unatractive to me. Had an Enfiled revolver too in .38 but it seemed redundant after mentioning all those center breakdown Webleys…the one I alwyas wanted? A German G-43…. I salivated with envy when That Micheal C. Scott guy talked about having one with a machined receiver… Woulda, Shoulda… Coulda…

      • Michael_C_Scott

        Never you mind. The worst heartbreak for me was a VG 1-5 in new condition for $1800. I couldn’t have raised that money to save my own life, so I drove home and cried.

        One of my pilot friends has an even worse story, about a Messerschmitt 109G-14, He didn’t have the six grand in 1965.

        I can’t go shooting anymore, so loss is a bit more immediate for me.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      The Astra 400 is in 9mm X 23 Largo caliber. Do not shoot current 9mm X 23 in these, as those loads are hot, hot hot! My Chilean navy Astra-400 would digest 9mm Luger, 9mm Largo/Bayard, 9mm Steyr, and .38″ ACP. Do not shoot .38″ Super in these! The action of the Astra-400 is unlocked blowback, so shooting hot loads will crack the slide in the weak point, right below the ejection port.

  • Tim

    I`m swimming against the tide on this one so here`s my final thought on the subject. Do you know who REALLY has it right? Those Real Estate stagers…..The ones that go thru your house and point out anything that might keep you from making the sale. This guy seems to operate on the exact reverse. Yes, it`s his right… But my fundemental questions still remain What does who you vote for have to do with buying guns?!? And… Why is this guy throwing up roadblocks to any prospective customers?…

    • Michael_C_Scott

      I can tell you exactly why in only two words: Self Respect.

  • Tim

    One fundamental flaw I think most of the posters have on this subject. Where I came from, the “owner” had more of an obligation to satisfy his customers because he was the owner, not less of one. Is that a fair statement?… People asking “to see the owner” seem to understand this concept. I`m surprised the owner of the gun store doesn`t…


      The owner, being the owner (do you know what that means?) has NO obligation to satisfy “his” customer. None. Why do you fail to grasp that?

      It is his store. His door. His floor. Not yours. You don’t even have an “right” to be in there if he so chooses. It is his life, his home, his persona.

      You, TIM, whether you grasp it or not, don’t count. You are a nobody. So am I. I have NO RIGHT TO DEMAND ANYTHING FROM YOU. I have no right to enter your home or wherever you work. It is a privilege that YOU grant to me if you decide.

      The very complaint you state is the REASON we have the problems living with each other. HE OWES YOU NOTHING.

  • fsagas

    Discrimination at work.

    I hope the man stick to his guns.

    • fsagas

      This is how the Right should be working. Discriminating against those who have Liberal beliefs.

  • Tim

    In my opinion, the owner of the store was as wrong in injecting Obama into gun sales, as Bob Costas was to inject gun control into a football game…..

  • Tim

    In my opinion, the owner of the store was as wrong in injecting Obama into gun sales, as Bob Costas was to inject gun control into a football game…..