British Engineer Hacked to Death on His South African Farm

Dan Newling, Telegraph (London), November 26, 2012

A British engineer who moved to South Africa after “falling in love with the country” has been brutally murdered on his remote farmstead.

Christopher Preece was stabbed to death in his kitchen by men with machetes who left with just a few mobile phones and a small amount of cash.

The 54-year-old’s wife Felicity was also seriously injured in Saturday night’s attack, which happened on a farm the couple were turning into a nature reserve.

Mr Preece’s daughter-in-law has told how a gang of three robbers poisoned the couple’s large pack of guard dogs before breaking into the house.

Mr Preece, who is originally from Southgate in north London, is believed to have been assaulted when he confronted the men at his farm outside Ficksburg on South Africa’s border with Lesotho.

His wife Felicity, 56, is thought to have heard him crying for help, but was overpowered before she could call police. She sustained a fractured skull.

Her daughter-in-law Jeanne Preece said: “The robbers threw her against the wall, slashed her and then left her for dead. And for what? A little money, a wallet, a few phones.”

Mr Preece’s death is the latest in an alarming trend of brutal murders on remote farmsteads in post apartheid South Africa.

Since the country’s first fully democratic elections in 1994, more than 3,000 white, mainly Afrikaans, farmers have been killed in their homes.

The so-called “farm attacks” are part of the wave of criminality that has engulfed the country in recent years, something criminologist blame of a number of factors, including inept policing and widening social inequality.

But in the case of “farm attacks”—which occur far from the crime-ravaged townships—academics also blame a breakdown in the traditional social contract between employer and employee.

Police research shows that the murders are normally carried out by drug-addicted, unemployed black men. Often they have some connection with the targeted farmstead.

Local police said the attack at Mr Preece’s farm—called Fleur de Lys—is the fifth such attack, and the second murder, in the district over the past month.

Yesterday Jeanne Preece told the local Volksblad newspaper how Mr Preece had moved to South Africa in 1995 for work, after which he had “fallen in love” with the country.

He worked as principal geotechnical engineer for mining firm Snowden and was based in the country’s commercial capital Johannesburg.

However he spent every weekend on the farm, 200 miles drive away, where he and his wife Felicity lived.

The couple were passionate about wildlife and welcomed local children to the farm to teach them to ride horses.

It had been the couple’s dream to turn the farm, which is set in rolling green hills, into a nature reserve and rehabilitation resort for owls and cheetahs.

He was especially looking forward to seeing all his family over Christmas, Mrs Preece said.

Yesterday a spokesman for the hospital at which Mrs Preece is being treated said she is in a “stable but traumatised state”.

Local police spokesman Captain Phumelelo Dhlamini said police were alerted to the attack by a worker who discovered the bloody scene as he arrived for work on Sunday morning.

He said the murder weapons were found in the house. Police have not yet arrested anyone in connection with the attack, which locals believe to have been committed by men who crossed the nearby border from Lesotho.

Chris Preece

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  • JackKrak

    A simple question for the UN, the American and British governments & the Western press –
    How many white South Africans have to butchered before it rates a mention?

    • StillModerated

      six million

      • Tom_in_Miami

        Sadly enough, I’m not sure that any number of body bags for whites would be enough to break the multi-cultural spell which would ignore the racial aspect of the killings. Even now with whites in SA facing imminent genocide one sees no mention of it in the MSM. I’ve spread this news to normally sensible friends and been looked at as if I were simply making up an anti-black attack on freedom and self-determination. Freedom and self-determination are not seen as important for whites. How far from the South African plight of white people are we already witnessing in the situation of whites living in Detroit?

        • IstvanIN

          They still dance around the reasons for Rhodesia’s decent into Zimbabwe.

    • The__Bobster

      The Western press still treat South Africa as a success story.

      • Oil Can Harry

        I haven’t seen such a “success story” since the Hindenburg and Titanic.

    • puffdaddy

      As many as possible – killing whitey is PC, didn’t you know. And as one of AmRen’s smug Aussie (I assume) readers told me, murder happens everywhere mate. This has absolutely no meaning to sophisticated, knowledgable world travelers. Ain’t that right, mate?

  • Tim

    I`m going to have a bumper sticker made. “I was wrong about Elvis and Rhodesia!”

  • Rob

    It was 4 years ago that Jared Taylor compared the election to the white South Africans voting in 1992. If you haven’t already I urge you to read it, chilling, but all too accurate: “Transition to Black Rule?”

    This is merely coming attractions for the USSA. Obama is working most diligently to disarm the White populace, guess what happens once that is accomplished? Whites will need the NRA in the near future more than ever. We now face being as the Afrikaners are today. Will our men be as strong and as HARD as they will need to be to prevent the GENOCIDE of the White race?

    • The__Bobster

      I wouldn’t trust the NRA.

      • Joseph

        NRA appears to be like a guard dog which has some value in protecting your house but sometimes abandons you if confronted by a predator or may even turn to bite you so it is difficult to know whether to keep him or take him on a long ride. SAF has actually achieved many of the meaningful victories in court.

        NRA has been largely taken over as an auxilliary of the Republican Party and frequently serves their questionable interests unrelated to shooting and 2nd am.

        I think they are still valuable for propaganda sometimes and just the sheer numbers to instill fear of “the gun lobby” -but not trustworthy.

  • Francis Galton

    This demonstrates one of the most insidious effects of multi-cult, egalitarian propaganda (that all humans are really just Whites with difference skin hues, that race is irrelevant): it leaves most Whites without the proper knowledge or mental paradigms necessary to assess and avoid dangerous situations caused by race-based envy (which are quite frequent when you have blacks and Whites living around one another). In fact, it leaves Whites with complete falsehoods that are the exact OPPOSITE of reality, which makes egalitarian propaganda borderline criminal in its effects.

    Had this man known the truth about black Africans and interracial crime in South Africa, would he have still fallen in love with South Africa? Or would he have thought better of it?

  • Mr. Preece believed in The Lie that is the Dogma of Diversity & Multiculturalism, and he paid the typical price. Has the Widow Preece learned the lesson, or will she be blaming the white man for oppressing the africans into committing this ho-hum crime?

  • This episode gives a new spin to the Nazareth classic song, “Love Hurts”.

  • Why don’t white South Africans just leave the country? There is nothing they can do to better it. I am quite sure with their skill sets, they could get into Australia, Canada or New Zealand as opposed to the USA.

    • Vaal Krantz

      South Africa belongs to the Boers.

      America and Britain threatened South Africa to go to black rule.

      The boers are humble but killing white men wasnt part of the deal.

      If Britain thinks that the blacks cannot be routed out than they should take the time to consider that the world is on the side of the Boers.

    • Damien1981

      It’s not very easy to emigrate. White, English speaking countries don’t give us preference just because we are white and because we can speak English – go figure.

      I’ve been trying to get jobs for my wife and myself in Australia for almost a year. There’s so much red tape. Almost impossible.

      I’ve actually considered going to Mexico and running across the border. At least I’ll be able to set up a business and blend in unlike the millions of illegal immigrants in Western countries. But with my luck, they’ll deport me.

      We’ve got a 2 year old boy. What opportunities will he have in this country? With affirmative action discriminating against the minority.

      Google “the truth about south africa” for more info.

      • refocus

        Could you get into Russia?

        • Damien1981

          I’ve never really looked into that. I know Georgia is taking in Afrikaner farmers.

          The only problem is the language. If we all move to country like Russia, we’ll probably end up creating a little Afrikaans community and we won’t integrate with the locals.

          We all had to take English as a subject in school for 12 years. It would just make sense to go to an English speaking country. Or at least German or Dutch which is lot closer to Afrikaans.

  • Fool.

  • IMEinar

    I read about the Glanton Gang first in Flashman and the Indians by GM Fraser, and later in Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. South Africa needs some Glanton Gangs. So does the US.

  • Armando

    The choice, by the late Mr. Preece, must have been colored by the multicultural myths. His decision to move his family to a place so hostile to people with white skin, would be like a white person in American deciding to move to the south side of Chicago. Why? It simply makes no sense to place ones self or ones family in such a high risk environment.

  • Arkansas Toothpick

    How many whites will it take for whites to learn?

  • puffdaddy

    The SA government is also promoting a campaign to get white SA who fled to Britain and other parts to come back to “the homeland” – why? So they can kill them?

  • durban survivor

    But its all payback for what whites did to blacks such feeding them with real food or building a modern nation and giving them jobs to buy homes and support families, right?

    Payback or reparation is how the American ex-African black calls after they were taken out of the jungle hellholes and given jobs for a while and then loot the government for the next 1500 years after Marist Abe the tool came along.

    And South Africa proves you dont nee a gun to kill whites just to it the old fashioned way. Stab and hack them with a machete.

  • refocus

    … well at least he was not a racist.

  • Hirene

    And the liberal idiots and celebrities still hail Nelson Mandela a hero.