American Indian Student Union to Host Anti-Thanksgiving Potluck

NBC 29 (Charlottesville), November 13, 2012

While others are getting ready to top their tables with turkeys and other Thanksgiving fixings, one University of Virginia student organization is preparing for an anti-Thanksgiving event.

UVA’s American Indian Student Union wants to bring awareness to Native American culture, which the group says is generally overlooked in American society. It says people have a skewed idea of the history of native tribes and their association with Thanksgiving.

The anti-Thanksgiving potluck will be a chance to discuss Thanksgiving from a Native American perspective.


In addition to the anti-Thanksgiving potluck, the student organization will also be hosting a screening of “The Only Good Indian” Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Newcomb Theater.  The movie looks at the past practices of Native Americans being forced to adopt white American society.


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  • Puggg

    While others are getting ready to top their tables with turkeys and
    other Thanksgiving fixings, one University of Virginia student
    organization is preparing for an anti-Thanksgiving event.

    Lining up in front of the nearest big box to be first in line to buy a cheap piece of junk that’s broken by this time next year.

  • When I was little (1950s) I was taken to attend Sunday School where we sang,
    “Jesus love the little children . . .
    red and yellow, black and white
    they are precious in his sight . . .”

    When I went to government school I was taught that Thanksgiving was time when Pilgrims and Indians met together for a time of peace, harmony and feasting.

    Seems the Indians teach their children something very different.

    • StillModerated

      I always hated that silly tune. But then again, I went to school in England where they showed movies about life in other parts of “the Commonwealth.” Naked Abbos in Australia, drunken South Africans, Papuans with bones through their noses, Indian beggars in the streets of Calcutta, etc. But the West Indies could beat England at cricket.

      • I was in England in 1977. Didn’t know at the time I was experiencing the last of a culture being destroyed by misguided multiculturalists. Good memories.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Me, too. I turned 11 that year; went to Summertown Middle School in Oxford.

        • FourFooted_Messiah

          I visited London in 1985, April. I probably would not recognise it now.

          And yeah, I hate that stupid song, too.

  • Robert Binion

    “The red man should embrace European diversity.”–William Tecumseh Sherman

  • Dirty Dirk McGirk

    Does “being forced to adopt the White man’s culture” include using film? Shouldn’t they use cave drawings and totem poles?

    • Dr. X

      If they don’t like the white man’s culture, I’d like to suggest that they do without automobiles, air conditioning, electric lights, flush toilets, written language, aircraft, antibotics, modern medicine, dental care — and booze. The Indian should do without central heat and modern housing and live in a wigwam in the middle of winter with his squaw tending the fire to keep him warm. And of course his squaw should not use the White man’s birth control; she should spend her life literally barefoot, pregnant, and toothless. He should feed his squaw and his spawn by spearing animals in the woods and using their skins for clothing. The Indian should also refuse to accept the White Man’s little green pieces of paper with pictures of the Great White Chiefs on them and use wampum for currency instead. Most of all, the Indian should absolutely refuse to accept the White Man’s welfare check.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        Man, am I glad to hear this from another mouth, in a forum where it won’t be censored. I put forth the same argument on a local newspaper site, oh my.

    • Detroit_WASP

      Indians should also reject indoor plumbing, the wheel and written language. It’s all the white man’s voo-doo.

  • MerlinV

    My best advice for the Indians — jump on the Obama train of oppressed victims. Join the teeming anti-White masses. No ticket to ride.

    • Yeah, I worked in upstate Minnesota on the Iron Range years ago and most of those Indians there (North of Duluth) were on assisstance of some kind or other.
      The Indian guys I worked with in Brooklyn and Manhattan were Iroquois and good working men. No welfare types among them.

      • pcmustgo

        Did your Iroquois actually look native or like white people?

        • Good question, A lot of the guys I worked with in NYC were definitely mixed. It seems there is a lot of mixture with the surrounding French up in Canada (they were from a reservation near Montreal)
          The Indians out in minnesota were very much pure.bred.

          • FourFooted_Messiah

            The easiest way to tell is if they need to shave. No pure-bred (or close to it) Indian should ever need to shave.

          • Michael_C_Scott

            As a 3/16 ‘breed, I only need to shave every 2-3 days at the age of 46. I can grow a good “dogface” with no bald patches, and did while I was in grad school in Australia, but it takes quite a while.

  • Germanacus

    I’m wondering if Kwanza will be celebrated in the White House on Dec 25th.

    • Seth

      Actually, President Obama is a Christian.So are his wife and children.

      • Kwanzaa, such as it’s not a made up farce, is not a religious holiday. There is no religious imperative against Christians celebrating it. Muslims? You’ll have to check in with your local Imam.

        Kwanzaa has become a fringe holiday among American blacks because fringe blacks embrace it most enthusiastically.

        • C_C_Conrad

          The more that blacks do to separate themselves from us the better.
          Jack’s War

          • ed91

            I’m beginning to believe that it isn’t separation they want, but destruction of us and then to rule what’s left.

        • FourFooted_Messiah

          Really, I always thought it WAS a made-up farce.

      • Luca

        He’s an atheist and worships at the altar of radical liberalism. The Chrisitan facade is the work of his PR machine.

      • If obama is a Christian, I’ m St. Snowman

      • StillModerated

        He had to be corrected when he mentioned his muslim faith. And his children are probably foster children. And nobody can say for sure that he graduated college. And his real birth certificate is on file at Somerset House.

        • danlieb7

          Any evidence to support your nonsense?

          Obama is NOT a moslem. He is christian. Now, perhaps he could be a closet agnostic/ atheist but definitely NOT a moslem.

          Sasha and Malia ARE President Obama’s real kids, for Pete sake, his oldest daughter closely resembles him!

          • FourFooted_Messiah

            But it is true that he had to be corrected when he said `My Muslim faith`. Also remember that Muslims are not allowed to convert to other religions, on pain of death. Have there been any assassination attempts on him by MuslimsÉ NoÉ Then he`s a Muslim, and is lying about his faith.

      • Petronius

        “Obama is a Christian.”

        You’ve got to be kidding, right?

        Nerobama is a Saul Alinsky radical––a neo-Marxist revolutionary and political nihilist in the sense of seeking to overthrow and destroy the established social, racial, religious, and economic order while (unlike true communists) having nothing to replace it with. Apart from destruction he has no further aims other than maximizing his own power and gathering wealth to himself and his adherents.

        He was a red diaper baby. Both of his parents and all of his mentors and known associates have been communists, revolutionaries, or terrorists. He is an admirer of communism, and sympathetic to communist ideology, but not dogmatic about it in the inflexible way that genuine, hard-core communists are dogmatic about the fine points of Marxist doctrine.

        He is the biggest threat to Western Christian Civilization since Lenin. In fact, a greater threat than Lenin because Lenin never had the destruction of America within his reach.

      • If you have listened to Obamas comments concerning religion he is most likely an agnostic/atheist. He is not a Muslim, though he may sympathise with them due to his backround.

      • Do you considered Rev. Wright’s church to be Christian?

      • The Verdict of History

        No – Obama’s faith is CULTURAL MARXISM…

        He worships at the alter of Frankfurt School Neo-Marxist elders.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          I’ll agree, just because the Engelmann troll hates the term.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        Actually, no he`s not. He was born a Muslim, registered as a Muslim in Indonesia, and is still a Muslim (even if he says he`s not). Otherwise, the Islamic world would be screaming for his head, for being an apostate. Being an apostate Muslim is punishable by death under Shariah law.

    • Katherine McChesney

      Of course. Anything to desecrate the White House they’ll do.

    • The moolies in Philly celebrated Unity Day yesterday. Of course, only one group was “united”.

  • The__Bobster

    Some Indians appreciate the White man.

    November Is “Native American” Month? I Say Ugh!
    By David Yeagley on November 19, 2012 at 11:54pm

    As an American Indian—the term I prefer–a Comanche from Oklahoma, I am offended by the very concept of a “Native American Heritage Month.” President George H. W. Bush established November as the National American Indian Heritage Month in 1990 (the name has been changed for the usual disgusting PC reasons). I don’t recall being consulted about it.

    Of course, I wasn’t consulted either in 1924 when the United States government decided to declare all Indians to be American citizens. That in effect in effect put the federal government in charge, which was why Obama was recently able to force the Cherokee Nation to admit the descendants of their black slaves. Indeed, Indians in general are not consulted about our national identities or destinies within the American society. A few liberal-whipped NGO Indians do not represent American Indians.

    In fact, the most recent time Indians were consulted about anything was in 2002, then again in 2004. That was about the use of Indian images as sport team mascots. Two professional surveys revealed that the vast majority of Indians were not offended, or didn’t care.

    But it didn’t matter. The National Collegiate Athletic Association decided to exclude any team that used an Indian name or image from national bowl games anyway.
    So what do I find objectionable about a “Native American” month?

    Plenty. It declassifies American Indians. We are stripped of our various national identities and lumped into a common “minority” identity, along with immigrants, former slaves, women, disabled, even foreign religious groups. To call Indians a “minority” may fit us into the currently fashionable narrative of American politics, but it robs us of our dignity as the preeminent warrior race of America. It deprives us of all historical honor and Indian national pride.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Damn. He does have a good point. And I do know Cree who claim the name “Indian” as their own – and if East Indians don’t like it, they can go back to Hinduland (their wording.) And no, they do NOT deserve to be lumped in with immigrants, and I’ve never met one who actually gave a damn about what sports teams choose to call themselves (any more than Irish descendants are mad at Notre Dame for THEIR stereotyping. As part Irish-descendant myself, I find their mascot kind of cute, actually.)

  • Howard W. Campbell

    Oh, the irony of hating white culture while attending a University established by a white man and using all of the technology that was created by whites. I’m sure the UVA American Indian Student Union would be more than happy to live as people did 200 years ago.

    Imagine that you were Sacagawea. At age 12, you were kidnapped by members of the Hidatsa Tribe from your home near (present day) Salmon, Idaho. You were marched across Montana and North Dakota to an area near Bismarck. Not long after that, you were awarded as a gambling debt to a white man who is a trapper in the area. You are his second wife. When you were 16, you nearly died while giving birth in a dank hut in the middle of a North Dakota winter. Granted, at that time, a white woman of similar age giving birth in present day Indiana (or anywhere that might be considered “the boondocks” in 1805) would probably have a similar mortality level. When your child is 4 months old, you set off on a mission back to Idaho either by boat, or walking. According to Google maps, it is 787 miles from Bismarck to Salmon. Nearly 200 years after the Lewis and Clark expedition, a 22 year old Shoshone woman was featured as the representation of you. According to a couple of sources, this woman was able to graduate from the University of New Mexico with a degree in art. I’m not seeing the outright oppression of Indians in 2012.

    How many of these malcontents own cars, computers, cell phones, warm (ready made) clothing, sturdy shoes, and have access to myriad services? If you are so unhappy with Thanksgiving, nobody is holding a gun to your head to stuff your face with turkey and watch the Lions play football. There are places around the world where the standard of living is close to what existed in 1805. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • StillModerated

      I have good news: The Redskins are playing the Cowboys tomorrow.

      • Does that mean I have to root for the Boys? I hate America’s team.

        • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

          Well, as of right now they’re down 21-3 @ the half.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      This is a total aside, but your story reminded me of this one. It’s only of interest for those who like trivia.

      There is a place in Northern Ontario, just west of Sudbury, called Espanola (I don’t know how to make the little wiggly mark over the Spanish N.) It’s called that because of a captured Spanish baby girl who got traded from the American south, early in the Spanish Conquistador days, from tribe to tribe until she finally wound up in that part of Northern Ontario. None of the Indians concerned – beyond her original captors, of course – had ever seen a white person before, let alone a white baby. I’m not sure of the rest of her story, beyond that her final adoptive tribe ended up raising her, with whatever superstitious respect they might have afforded such an unusual person.

  • nathan wartooth

    The problem is that people don’t see all the great things about society as being made by Whitey. They think culture is dancing, singing and food.

    • pcmustgo

      Yes, the less glamourous little inventions… that make the world turn…

      Instead it’s all jazz music and indian prints!

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Don’t forget the paintings. Painted with white-invented pigments.

      As for their food, well, have you ever tried bear? It’s disgusting, and had to be nothing more than desperation fodder, as it is loaded with fat.

      Even venison is awful, though I was told that’s a recent thing – by a Cree man who used to eat it while young, but finds it different in not a good way now, and won’t eat it any more.

      • Michael_C_Scott

        I’ve had bear, and it resembled wild pork (javelina) to me: tough and stringy. One must cook it very well, as bears can carry trichinosis. This shouldn’t be much of a suprise, as bears are really just large, furry pigs. After thoroughly de-fatting the meat, a nice long time in a “Crock Pot” slow-cooker is ideal.

        Elk is my favorite wild game, followed by rabbit, alligator, python, venison, kangaroo, javelina and bear. Venison and kangaroo are a bit gamey-tasting, but made up as spicy Italian sausage to hide the “rutting buck” hormonal flavor, they’re quite good.

        Crossbow hunting is legal in Colorado, but only during rifle season. This is actually an advantage, as the deer are at lower elevations by then. I’ll have to go next year.

  • Luca

    Would it have been better for the settlers to have adopted the Amer-indian ways? We would all be runnng around in loincloths, killing each other over hunting rights, fornicating with animals, raiding villages to take slaves, eating dog meat, and curing diseases by shaking rattles and beating drums.
    I thought civilization had an element of progress to it.

  • Luca

    Would it have been better for the settlers to have adopted the Amer-indian ways? We would all be runnng around in loincloths, killing each other over hunting rights, fornicating with animals, raiding villages to take slaves, eating dog meat, and curing diseases by shaking rattles and beating drums.
    I thought civilization had an element of progress to it.

    • Mnae

      “…and curing diseases by shaking rattles and beating drums.”

      Just think how much cheaper national healthcare would be for Indians.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      We’re going to be doing all that anyways, once our new Chinese overlords take over.

  • george

    Anyone who ever tried to stuff a clam shell into a slot machine recognizes the value of Anglo culture to the American Indian. But I digress. I always suspected the Thanksgiving story was a little too trite. Human nature being what it is, a better narritive is that the Indians arrived with a dish of poisoned mushrooms and were given ‘gifts’ of blankets laced with smallpox virus in exchange. Everyone left happy, for awhile.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Really, Indians aren’t generous until you give to them first. Maybe they did feel a bit sorry for the starving, cold Pilgrims, but I suspect they got something out of the Pilgrims before they came with knowledge and food.

      After all, Henry Hudson chose to be selfish (not realizing that sharing a bit of his larder would have more than paid off in the long run) and the Indians/Inuit refused to have anything to do with him or his crew thereafter.

  • Kuskokwim

    While I disagree with what this group is saying, I congratulate UVA for allowing them to say it.

    Censorship, usually of conservative thought, is the norm on American university campuses.

    But not at UVA:

    • Does UVA allow anyone to justifiably ridicule or criticize these leftist morons?

  • Memphomaniac

    I think they have the right idea. The first thing they need to do is quit the University of Virginia (white school) and walk to the nearest Indian Reservation. Don’t drive the white man’s car. Don’t read any books written by the white man. Don’t watch the movie either… was invented by the white man Thomas Edison……and he invented the electric lightbulb too, so stop using those as well. In fact, unless you are Cherokee, you should not be reading at all and if you are Cherokee, you should only read stuff in your native language. Just drop completely out the white society altogether. Don’t use white money or white law or white custom or tradition. Heck, just stop speaking the white English language altogether.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Ahahahaha, the Cherokee only have a written language because one of them decided that white man’s writing was the way to go. Unfortunately, he could neither speak nor read English, so he started from scratch for his own language.

      The Inuit also have their own writing system, you can see examples of it if you google “government of Nunavut.”

  • Owahwakanian

    The American Indian Student Union will also be offering two presentations. The first is on the origin of the word ‘Oregon.’ It is a variation of the Klamath Tribe place name Owahwakan. This translates to “River of Slaves” and is a reference to the centuries-old, pre-white slave trade operated by the Klamath Tribe. They would go south and gather slaves from other tribes then bring them up north to work, forming a river of slaves. citation The second presentation is on the tribes that joined in the Civil War on the side of the Confederacy. They fought valiantly, and the very last soldier to surrender to the United States was a Cherokee. citation

    Nah, just kidding. Everybody was innocent as newborn babes until white men came along.

    • Guest

      The idea that Indians were peace-loving hippies is a myth fabricated by whites, not something the Indians themselves espouse. If you actually take a rigorous look at American Indian cultures you’ll find that some are rather expansionist and brutal and others were benign.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        Yes, the Hopi and their ancestors are regarded as generally peace-loving agriculturalists. However, they were outmatched by the war-loving Apache and Aztecs. In Canada, we often hear of the Hurons as being “good”, but the Iroquois as being “bad” – that just has to do with whom they sided with (Hrons, English, Iroquois, French); Both sides were equally brutal, and both sides used cannibalism as a terror tactic against each other.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Not to mention the Slaveys. Ever wonder why there are two Slave Lakes in northern Canada? The Dene people and their language are referred to as Slaveys by the northern Cree, who still look down upon them. Dene were once taken as slaves to other tribes. Us whites did not name them that.

  • Mane

    “The movie looks at the past practices of Native Americans being forced to adopt white American society.”

    Interesting. The indigenous people have to learn the invaders culture. Sounds like what white people are going through now. The more things change, the more things stay the same.

  • MekongDelta69

    I saw this the other day on another site and left a comment (which was removed the next day – of course). Katelyn Krause – now THERE’S an “honest Injun'” name for you. These kids are no more Indian than I am a Cowboy and they’re just as dopey as the ‘Diversity Day’ dopes from yesterday – and every other hippie who’s ever lived.

    I love how they say they don’t want to make anybody feel “guilty” about Thanksgiving, but they call it an “anti-Thanksgiving” protest.

    God – how I love dopey little leftist children (of all ages).

    Anyway, to all the AmRen posters – past and present – going back to the first days on here – forget about every idiot trying to destroy this country for one day if you can and everybody have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  • The movie looks at the past practices of Native Americans being forced to adopt white American society.

    Why are they attending the University of Virginia? Who is forcing them to adopt white American society?

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Really, that would apply to Canada, not the US. We did have church-run, federally-sanctioned “residential schools” where Indians were taught white ways and language, and if reports are to be belived, Indian kids were beaten for speaking in their native tongues, or for refering to non-Christian, animistic dieties such as Raven.

      I will admit that was cultural genocide. But I have also to ask, whty was it seen as necesasry? It wasn’t simply because the Indian languages were seen as “barbaric”, nor that animistic beliefs were frowned upon. My guess is it had to do with the _execution_ of certain cultural notions – ie, they had to wipe out the idea that cannibalism was a good practice in war, and the like.

  • Pat

    Happy Thanksgiving from the original Plymouth.

  • MartelC

    yes everyone it’s hypocritical, its absurd, its self -contradictory.. the thing is, they and other people keep doing it And it’s not going to stop;.

    Its going on not because these idiots have any power, but because the power elite want it that way.. ANYTHING that tears at the fabric of western society is ‘good’ – and its not just ‘the left’ or ‘marxists’ globalists on both sides of the fence see whites and the nation street as impediments to their agenda.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I just returned from Berkeley, CA where parking is free on Native American Day.


  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    If you want us Whites to grovel and mea culpa for whatever sins, get ready to defend your vicious, demonic cultures that included rapes, torture, murders, cannibalism, slavery and human sacrifice.

    Yeah, you Indians would be SO much better off living in the Stone Age conditions you lived in before the Europeans arrived.

    I will enjoy traditional turkey and give thanks to the Founding Fathers.


    • Guest

      Vicious, demonic cultures? So an incidence of rape in one tribe translates into the condemnation of an entire macro-race?

      Yet you think witch-burning, kidnapping (white) children in England and selling them to be slaves in the Americas, the Spanish Inquisition, or the slaughter of the Huguenots in France just to name a few are somehow benign or merciful? How about Hitler’s treatment of Slavs?

      This is why no one can take you seriously.

      • Dr. Möbias

        Land is not racial property, dum-dum and proving Goodwin’s point means nothing.

        How did you become an anti-white, if I may ask?

        BTW: This is a white nationalist site, if you don’t like what you see, thread exit is that way ——>

        • Guest

          “Land is not racial property”

          I will remember to tell that to Muslims in Europe. They will write on their signs next to “Europe you will pay, your 9/11 is on its way”.

          • FourFooted_Messiah

            Which is why Europeans must start defending their lands, much in the way wolves defend their lands from rival packs.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Sorry genius, every nation on earth was founded by conquest, genocide and dispossession of the aboriginal inhabitants. So what you are saying is that it was wrong for Europeans to come here and nearly destroy the Native Americans, yet you are perfectly OK with the same thing happening to Whites.

        Do you need a dictionary? That is the very definition of hypocrite.

        No one is coming to America to live in Tepees. They are coming to take what White people built.

        All nations existing today invaded someone else to get the country they are living in. But no one is using that as an excuse to justify their genocide, unless they are

        Nazis? Where would you anti-Whites be without your propaganda? Stuffed.

        What are they teaching you kids in grade school these days?


        • Dave4088

          Good retort. American whites are being displaced and killed by the black and brown underclass while white Europeans are being killed and displaced by Muslims and Africans. Naturally, the anti-whites find this all so very heartwarming and romantic.

        • Guest

          You sure are angry. I don’t think Europe should have to open its borders to immigrants either. Preferably Europe should be for Europeans, but for you to try to deny American Indians that same right is profoundly hypocritical. And yes Hitler, unless you’re denying that he killed tens of millions of whites. So if that’s not vicious and demonic, than what is it? Noble and honorable?

          • Dave4088

            You need to bone up on your history. It was communism under Lenin and later Stalin that murdered tens of millions of white people in cold blood and with malice aforethought.

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            Why would I acknowledge the “Amerind” genocide when lefties deny the current, ongoing genocide of the White Race?

            After decades of nothing but anti-White policies and propaganda, I won’t discuss any policies until after we Whites are allowed to discuss the ongoing program of White genocide.

          • FourFooted_Messiah

            But modern Indians claim their ancestors had no notion of land ownership. Odd, considering wolves and other territorial animals DO have a concrete notion of “OWNING” the land on which they live, including marking (the making of scent “fences”) and defending territorial boundaries.

        • Guest

          Likewise if you think this: “every nation on earth was founded by conquest” makes their history no less tragic, then couldn’t you treat the Africanization of Europe as something similarly dismissible?

          • Bon, From the Land of Babble

            If you are going give a collective negative or positive toward a race, then you better not leave out the incredible positives of Europeans. One of them is the technology that you are using right now to spout your anti-Whiteism.

            The fact is ALL genocides have been conducted under the fig leaf of law, but the fact of the matter is that Hitler is still Hitler even with his name spelled backwards. You just think it is okay because your targets are White people. I bet you call yourself an anti-racist. We ALL know what that means RELTIH! LOL!

            US Will pay a settlement of $1 billion to 41 Tribes


            You think any other race will do this for American Indians?


      • Dave4088

        So collective guilt does not apply to Indians and other non-whites? People like you are always using historical anecdotes to indict the entire white race, or an entire white ethnic group for the actions of the a few as in the case of Hitler.

        What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        Sorry. It was not ONE incident, but a cultural norm, to rape and enslave women of opposing tribes – even hostile whites. Cannibalism was also used as a terror tactic against opposing tribes (and hostile whites).

        This stuff cut across tribes. If you want whites to collectively moan in guilt, then please expect Stone Agers to do so, too.

        I suggest you have a good read of a book called “Black Robe” or at least watch teh movie. Dunno about the movie, but hte book is quite frank about the cannibalism part.

  • HamletsGhost

    Indians are forever bitching about all the treaties broken by the U.S. government over the years. Hey sons of Squanto, news flash: All governments break treaties when they get half a chance. Every war in Europe was ended by treaty. And the treaty dies when a new war came around after the losing side tried to get back what they lost. It’s the same story everywhere.

    The founding fathers of the U.S. looked at the Indian tribes the same as foreign nations. Wars could be waged and peace treaties signed when it behooved one side or the other.

    Just plain old-fashioned Realpolitik. And we have to apologize for all of it.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Hitler once told his inner circle “I am prepared to sign anything”.

      The British were just as rapacious. If Germany had not violated Belgian neutrality in 1914, the British – who had also guaranteed Belgian neutrality – planned to do so in order to lengthen the front; they needed no genuine excuse to enter the war, though this would have brought the Belgians actively into the war on the side of the Central Powers. Earlier British dealings with the Boers in the Transvaal and Orange Free State had been equally cynical.

      • Guest

        Don’t forget the warmth and racial solidarity the British showed to their Boer cousins.

        • Michael_C_Scott

          Oh, like concentration camps for Boer women and children?

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      May I talk about a specific incident of treaty-breaking by Natives here? It’s a bit personal in the end, but also has larger ramifications.

      During WW2, a group of Natives was offered a deal in exchange for their land for use as a base. That base became known as Ipperwash, a reserve base that also trained cadets as well as militia. I, as a cadet, spent three summers and countless weekends there. In exchange for Ipperwash, which is really nothing more than a bunch of sand dunes, cedar scrub, poison ivy, and giant mosquitoes on the shore of Lake Huron, the Indians got granted land known as Kettle Point.

      in the late 1980s (fortunately, after my association with the army cadets was done with) the Kettle Point Indians decided they wanted to eat their cake and have it, too. So they invaded both Camp Ipperwash, and the nearby provincial park of the same name, claiming it was “theirs”. To his everlasting discredit, the leader of the rebel band dissed Camp Ipperwash, saying it was “just a place for kids”. Oh, REALLY? Yes, kids who were being KEPT OFF THE STREETS for the summer, being PAID to take paramilitary training. ALSO – CFRB ipperwash supplied WORK for the Kettle Point Indians – easy work. All they really had to do was drive around in deuces (military trucks) all day, checking on rope bridges and the like. And really, the hired cadet “Cadre” was responsible for such upkeep Cadre were cadets who spent most of their summer in the bush.) What the Indians really did, I honestly have no idea, but they got paid for it just the same.

      Anyway, to make an already long story shorter, the gobvernment capitualted, and gave them Camp Ipperwash, while letting them keep Kettle point, just because some RCMP (or was it OPP?) officer killed some stupid Indian. So,. there is no more CFRB Ipperwash any more, and cadets from south-western Ontario must now go to CFB Barrie (a much longer trip, meaning more money paid by taxpayers for transportation). All the summer jobs offered by the reserve camp are now gone, and they get .. wooo, sand dunes, which …. well, they cover 70 years of live ordinance. We were always taught not to dig in the sand, because of old mortar shells and the like being buried and forgotten there. This is not a myth; I have seen such mortars myself, and had a friend nearly get blown up by one.

      It’s really a miracle that I haven’t heard of any Indian kids being blown up by said mortars … but it would really serve the treaty-breaking buggers right if that did happen.

  • Jay11

    There were less than 1.5 million native american indians in all the land from the east coast to the west coast in what we call the u.s. today. Nowadays you have that many in one city. So literally 95% of the land was empty. Who could blame the europeans for thinking they could build homes here?
    In addition, the history of the British, French, Dutch and later Americans vis-a-vis the natives is a heck of a lot better than how the spaniards treated the indians they found. Mesoamerica (Mexico on down) had tens of millions of indians, and the spaniards wiped most out and enslaved the survivors.
    There are many indian reservations in this country where the tribes have local control. Some reservations are bigger than some states. Also the indians are not even required to stay on them. Casino profits have been used in recent years to even enlarge some reservations.
    Most white americans have some level of affection for the concept of the american indian as a historical idea. Indians get special scholarships, lots of welfare and other fed funds and no one discriminates against them in any large scale way.
    The Thanksgiving Pilgrims had a steady peace with the natives that lasted over 50 years. Isn’t that something worth celebrating? Diversity. Multi-culti and all that!

    • Guest

      1.5 million is the absolute lowest estimate to be even considered plausible, but the sheer amount of material culture they left behind suggests that it is not a good one.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

        Humans are messy and wasteful, no matter their race.

        Also, there probably couldn’t have been too many more than 1-2 million Indians. They were, for the most part, hunter-gatherers. There is a fixed ratio between mammalian predators and prey – and humans are large mammals (a large mammal being defined as any mammal weighing an average of at least 100 lbs.) Large mammalian hunters are necessarily restricted in population, because their population relies directly on prey populations. So, their numbers were probably comparable to other large predator species on the continent, such as wolves and cougars.

  • Notice that they don’t reject the monies paid to Indian Tribes just for being Indians.. to the tune of $1 Billion this year: Don’t forget Affirmative Action…do they reject that too?

  • Yes, for as much as today’s American Indians complain about the white man, but use all of his modern inventions, there is an introduced animal that became an icon of the Plains Indians.

    I am sure many of you know there were no horses in North America before Columbus. Most conventional historians claim it was not until the 1740’s that all Plains tribes had horses. But the voyaguer explorer Pierre Raddisson claimed the Sioux Indians were a mounted tribe in the 1660’s. Maybe the Plains Indians aquired horses earlier than convenional historians report.
    Most historians claim the Plains Indians aquired horses from the Spanish. But maybe the Sioux tribes aquired horses from the French, or other white European explorers.
    So to everyone who thinks today’s Indians, if they complain about the white, should go back to living a pre-Columbus culture, that should mean they would even to walk everywhere they went.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      Yes, that is true, and they did get horses from stealing from the Spanish, in the south, and the French in the north (but mostly the Spanish.)

      Interesting fact! Horses actually evolved in North America. Their entire evolutionary history is well known from exclusively North American fossils – from being five-toed creatures the size of pit bulls, to being the one-toed giants we see today. However, just as the Indians were invading North America, the fossil record of horses stops, and is continued only in Asia (including the living fossil, the Perzewalski’s Horse, of Mongolia).

      It is not logical to assume, as most leftist students of natural history claim, that ALL horses migrated to Asia from North America over the Alaskan-Siberian land bridge (now only visible as the Aleutian Islands). There were indeed horses when the Clovis people came here, just as there were mastodons. The supposedly respectul-of-nature Clovis – and their Amerind descendants – simply slaughtered these species into extinction, seeing them as nothing more than food on the hoof.

      This is why horses were absent from North America until the coming of the Spaniards. The Indians didn’t see horses as being good for anything but food. and screwed their own food supply by butchering too much (and so went the mastodon, the giant beaver, and other unique North American species, that did JUST FINE until humans got here. Amerind humans, at that. And these were species already attuned to ice ages and their intervals. It was not the imminent interval of the last Ice Age that made these species extinct – it was the coming of human beings that doomed them.)

  • Michael_C_Scott

    I certainly hope they understand the inherent contradictions in their position and were able to refrain from using natural gas or electricity when they cooked the food for this potluck.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

      And I hope they didn’t use cars to get there. And I hope they only use wood and stone and sinew bows and arrows to hunt, and only wear deerskin loincloths like their venerated ancestors did. I guess the food was cooked over a wood fire? And was only food that could be gathered from the wild, and not anything raised by evil white agriculture? At the very least, was the food only things that are native to north America, as the traditional Thanksgiving meal is (turkey, squash, potatoes, corn)? Oh, wait, corn is a white invention, bred from the inferior hard maize. Whoa.

      Sadly, when I point out the benefits Indians gained witrh their contact with whites, I get called a “racist”. Yet I have never heard an Indian desiring to go back to the Stone Age existence of his pre-Columbian ancestors (and there’s some Blood tribe Indian around here who likes to shout “racism” to the local newspaper over ANY imagined slight).

  • Guest

    Just keep beating the drum forever Injuns.

  • Liberalsuck

    So he dislikes white people and dislikes the fact white people forced Indians to accept our ways, but hates whites so much he will illustrate it on film (a white invention).

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    Againm, wha, wha, wha. Indians took up the white man’s ways readily enough. They saw that guns could slaughter wildlife more effectively than their traditional methods, and took to them wholesale. There was no talk of “brotherhood” between animal and man then, except for a few, who were put down by THEIR OWN PEOPLE at the time – and even now. I don’t think the Manitoba Native-Animal Brotherhood (a wildlife rights org) still exists, from googling it.

    And even then, they weren’t all that great before Eurpeans came. Imagine the waste that a Buffalo jump entailed.

    • Michael_C_Scott

      Aboriginal people also include the Maoris of New Zealand who made the flightless moas extinct, as well as the original Malay settlers in Madagascar, who exterminated the “elephant bird” (Aepyornis).