The Unfinished Work of Affirmative Action

Sarah Garland, The Atlantic, October 10, 2012

In 2008, two young women with similar academic records applied to the University of Texas at Austin for spots in the freshman class. One of the women, Abigail Fisher, was rejected. The other, Tedra Jacobs, was accepted. Fisher is white. Jacobs is black. Fisher sued, saying the university’s admission process was discriminatory. Now, her case is before the Supreme Court, which will hear arguments today. The decision, which may be issued as late as next summer, could set new limits on the use of racial preferences in higher education, or even ban affirmative action outright.

“It could have been me who took her spot,” says Jacobs. She is not apologetic, and neither is the university. Admitting students like Jacobs through affirmative action is part of the school’s strategy to ensure that that the next generation of leaders is more representative of the nation’s diversity than the last one. {snip}

The court’s decision in Fisher v. University of Texas could deal a major blow to efforts to promote racial diversity in education. In a 2007 decision, the court already significantly restricted the use of race in elementary and secondary school assignments; now, only a handful of districts around the nation actively attempt to integrate their schools, and racial separation in schools is back to levels not seen since the 1950s. {snip}


Their [supporters of racial preferences’] opponents cite some new evidence suggesting that affirmative action programs may actually harm the students they were created to help. Their main concern is the problem of “mismatch,” a theory that argues affirmative action allows many black and Hispanic students access to elite schools despite lower test scores, where they then suffer as they struggle to compete with their white and Asian peers. A recent Atlantic piece by Richard Sander and Stuart Taylor Jr. argued that after California’s ban, graduation rates for black students actually doubled—suggesting that the students admitted under affirmative action hadn’t been a good “match” for the challenging California system.


The University of Texas has partly defended itself in the Fisher case by arguing that Abigail Fisher’s test scores and grades were too low for her to be eligible for admission, even if she had impressed the school with personal characteristics like leadership or perseverance in the face of adversity. But Fisher, who was rejected, and Jacobs, who got in, were similarly positioned when it came to academics. Both Fisher and Jacobs attended well-regarded suburban high schools in Houston, earned good grades, and graduated near the top of their classes, although Jacobs’ SAT score was nearly 100 points higher than Fisher’s.

The SAT points likely made a difference, but Jacobs was admitted on a probationary basis—which required her to attend a summer program before her freshman year—suggesting the university wasn’t completely satisfied with her academic background. But Jacobs’ racial and economic background fit other criteria the university wanted as it tried to build a diverse freshmen class.


Perhaps if she had received more guidance about how to succeed academically, she would have been automatically admitted to her top choice school, UT-Austin. After a 1996 court decision banned affirmative action in the state, Texas legislators found a more roundabout way to boost racial diversity at the state’s public universities. They passed a law in 1997 requiring schools to guarantee admission to the top 10 percent of the graduating class at every public high school in the state. Given the extreme racial segregation in Texas secondary schools, this resulted in a fairly diverse class of freshman each year.

But the university was unsatisfied with the legislature’s Top 10 Percent plan, arguing that the level of diversity it produced was not sufficient. The university further revamped its admissions process after a 2003 Supreme Court case found that universities could consider race as long as it was a small factor among many in a “holistic” admissions system. {snip}

It’s unclear how much of a difference Tedra Jacobs’ race made in the university’s decision to accept her. “What I think is the beauty of holistic review is that I can’t tell you what was the tipping point for her,” says Kedra Ishop, the vice provost and director of admissions at UT-Austin. “Was it her low-income status? Was it her excelling in the classroom? Was it the robustness of her résumé? Was it the fact that she was African-American? It was all of those things.”

Jacobs has maintained her impressive academic record at UT-Austin. She is staying on an extra year to complete pre-med requirements as she finishes her double major in African-American studies and economics. Jacobs’ story offers evidence that affirmative action can open doors that might otherwise be closed to minority students, but it also begs the question of whether her success is the exception or the rule.


Research has found that both white and nonwhite students at schools with diverse populations become better critical thinkers, less prejudiced individuals, and better citizens who are more likely to volunteer or give to charities. Proponents of affirmative action most often cite data showing that black and Hispanic students tend to perform better if they enroll in more, rather than less, selective institutions—suggesting that racial preferences that give minority students access to top schools they might not otherwise get into actually propel them ahead.

Despite these findings, racial gaps in outcomes still exist. In Ivy League schools, six-year graduation rates for blacks and Hispanics tend to lag slightly behind those of whites and Asians (although often by only a couple of percentage points). At public flagships, which tend to have fewer resources for supporting struggling students, especially after budget-tightening during the recession, the gaps are worse: At UT-Austin, for example, 66 percent of blacks graduated within six years in 2010, compared to 83 percent of whites.


In one controversial study published last year, a Duke University economist, Peter Arcidiacono, found that while black students at Duke are able improve their grades relative to white students over the course of their college careers, they are also much more likely to switch out of tougher majors in the natural sciences and into easier majors in the social sciences or humanities. (The findings may not carry over to other institutions: An analysis by UT-Austin physics professor Michael Marder, not yet made public, finds that the school’s black students are more persistent than whites in natural-science majors.)


For Jarius Sowells, an African-American student from Dallas, the transition to academic life at UT-Austin was much more difficult than it was for Tedra Jacobs. Sowells, like many black and Hispanic students in the country, attended a high school that was made up mostly of minority and low-income students. “More than half dropped out,” Sowells says of his classmates. “Overall, the teachers had apathetic attitudes.”

Sowells graduated in the top 10 percent of his class and was automatically admitted to UT-Austin, his top choice. He planned to major in business. But Sowells didn’t know what to expect on his first day of college classes. His older brothers, who are twins, had enrolled in much less selective colleges, and neither of his parents had earned more than a high school diploma. “I don’t think my high school prepared me very well to begin learning at this institution,” Sowells says. “It was a culture shock. I was around people who didn’t look like me, didn’t talk like me.”

He signed up for several tough classes his first semester—microeconomics, business foundations, introduction to psychology, and rhetoric. Within weeks he was failing. “I psychologically broke down,” he says. “I felt I couldn’t handle it.” The following semester he dropped out and returned home.

He didn’t give up completely, however. The following fall he was readmitted on probation. He began to build up his GPA, which is now a 2.7. He dropped his aspirations of majoring in business and switched to African-American studies. His plan is to become a lawyer; he’s counting on getting a high LSAT score to make up for his low grades. {snip}

Critics of affirmative action might look at Sowells’ story as an example of the inherent problems with racial preferences in admissions and argue that for many minority students, catching up in college after 12 years of substandard education in elementary and secondary school is too much to ask. We should start by reforming K-12 schools first, they say.

UT-Austin administrators and their supporters at other institutions would likely disagree, but the school also complains in its Fisher brief that the Top 10 Percent plan foisted upon it by the legislature takes away its discretion to decide whether the Sowells of the world are really prepared to succeed on its campus. The plan “‘hurts academic selectivity’ by basing the admissions decision solely on class rank, without regard to other standard markers of academic achievement and potential,” the university wrote in its Supreme Court brief.

But Sowells himself sees his story differently. He thinks his UT-Austin diploma will give him a better start in life than a diploma from a less selective school like UT-Arlington—where only 42 percent of blacks graduate within six years—even if his grades aren’t as high. And if he struggled at UT-Austin, he says, it’s not because the school should never have let him in; it’s because it should have taken more responsibility for helping him succeed. He wishes someone had advised him against stacking up so many hard classes in his first semester, for example, or told him where to get assistance when he started to fall behind. “I think they could have done a lot more to help me,” he says.

This year, the university hosted several orientations aimed at minority freshmen before the school year began, including one in which black and Hispanic sorority and fraternity members performed skits about good study habits for the newcomers. The school also offers free tutoring and other help, including mentoring, for struggling students.


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  • Puggg


    Just as civil rights is a revolution in permanence, the “work of affirmative action” will never be “finished.”

    • Ulick

      Eric Holder did say he thought affirmative action has just begun and he could never foresee a time that it wouldn’t be necessary.

      Holder expressed support for affirmative action, saying that he “can’t actually imagine a time in which the need for more diversity would ever cease.”

      “Affirmative action has been an issue since segregation practices,” Holder said. “The question is not when does it end, but when does it begin … When do people of color truly get the benefits to which they are entitled?”

      • ed91

         yes -aa will be a never ending scam like civil rights……..

        such fools to put up with this sh*t

      • jedsrael

        The MSM hysteria raises its ugly head as soon as SCOTUS questions Affirmative Action, as though AA is so transformatively essential, you can’t doubt it once it’s in place.

        “Doubts” prove that we are still a deeply racist country, that AA is more needed than we originally thought, and that “we still have more work to do”.

        (We’ve seen it all before, and it always ends badly for us, even if we get temporary relief through a Fisher “victory”. White minorities won’t be able to fight off the future BRA Diversity Majority takeover of SCOTUS and enthronement of Eric Holder as Lifetime Diversity Czar, the Fourth Branch of the Fed. Govt.)

        NYTimes leads the panic.

        Translation: “voluntary commitment by leading institutions” means Leadership comes from the degree of diminishing White influence and numbers; formerly White institutions owe “historically disfavored” groups their AA opportunities; “their mission” is to wipe out White privilege, but not their own, which they keep for themselves; hurting AA will be a “travesty” that overturns long standing legal precedent, but overturning longstanding legal precedent in Plessey was corrective; weakening AA’s assault on White privilege would “inflict harm”; “for no compelling reason” means they are all racist and shouldn’t have touched Fisher; “he seemed eager” means he’s a racist at heart; “beseeching” means Biblical need for AA; “turning back the clock on improvements” means weakening the weapons used against White privilege.

        Race-Conscious Admissions in Texas

    • jedsrael

      Universities must do more to help under-qualified minorities, “experts” say.

      Translation:  Universities must do more to help under-qualified minorities get easy access to beautiful White girls, “Diversity experts” say.

      • Invictus_1

         Yep, all part of the original plan.

      • TheTruthHurts4

         White girls who prefer blacks are not worth having.

    • jedsrael

      Read Saul Alinsky’s Rule For Radicals, adopted by BRA Diversity Color of Change Van Jones as the playbook:

      The revolution never ends- perpetual revolution- you never can stop doing good- there will always be some residual White privilege that needs crushing out until we’ve crushed out Whiteness entirely (oops, then what? who will pay for our stuff? who will we blame when everything falls apart and we can’t figure out how to put it back together?).

      Affirmative Action Will Never End, said Eric My People Holder.

    • Invictus_1

       Until they’ve completely run the country into the ground, the job is not done.  The only way the full socialist utopia can ever be achieved is in this manner.  This was the plan of Frankfurt School leftists such as Herbert Marcuse way back in the 1950s when they seized upon the issue of “civil right” in order to disturb an otherwise happy, prosperous nation.  Even Stanford think tank black conservative Thomas Sowell has made this case;  pre-civil rights, AA black America was more stable, happier and EQUAL.

      • Puggg

        Obviously not equal, but stable and happier because we were realistic about race and racial differences, and didn’t fill their heads with pie in the sky fantasies about how they can be anything they want and also the yang to that yin of white oppression.

    • Epiminondas

      Affirmative action will be “finished” when whites rise up and violently throw it off.  When the economics of multiculturalism and the welfare state in general finally crash the economies of the West, that will be the signal for revolt.

  • Barrack Osama

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper and more efficient to drop all pretense and just shovel money into their pockets? Yes, it’s an unabashed racial wealth redistribution machine. Why not just drop the act and stop pretending we’re paying to educate these unqualified people when we’re just paying a racial ransom. Let those who deserve to enter the universities go there to learn in peace without all of this indirection.

    • Have you ever met this mythical appeased black or hispanic?  Imagine millions of Terrel Owens …  

      • 5n4k33y3s

        Anglos don’t need to hear historical complaints from Hispanics. Their grievances can be forwarded on to Spaniards.

        Seriously though, there is no point in any other perspective than individualism. No “social justice”. No “racial justice”. Individual justice.

        • jedsrael

          The Spaniards are too busy hearing complaints from the Muslims for the Reconquista that recovered Spain for White Christianity.

          One of our military academies teaches our White soldiers that in 711, the Muslims came to save Spain from intolerance by gracing them with Islamic culture.

          We will never again win another war.

          • Invictus_1

             What would you say about Europeans who defended their lands from invasion before the Christian conquest?

            My point, they would do it anyway, just as any indigenous people would have.

  • Snowhitey

    “Admitting students like Jacobs through affirmative action is part of the school’s strategy to ensure that that the next generation of leaders is more representative of the nation’s diversity than the last one. {snip}”

    Whites were never asked nor allowed to vote on whether they wished for their demographics to be reduced to less than 90% of anything.  Any white who believes in affirmative action and wants it to continue should be the first ones to surrender their slots.

    • TheAntidote


  • Up to my neck in CA

    I would love to track Tedra Jacobs’ college grades and see where she is in 4 years.

    • jedsrael

      That’s racist!

      If she “falls behind,” it’s your fault.

      • 5n4k33y3s

         Jedsrael, I have to ask: male or female?

        • jedsrael

          Jedsrael is everyone in our church membership, and keeping current with the trends, we share our disqus password with All, not just the patriarchy.

  • crystal evans

    Regardless of affirmative action, in order for minority students to succeed in college, they need to have the basic skills as well as a high gpa and good test scores. Without these things, there is no way for a person to succeed in college. The article mentioned a black man who  nearly flunked out of the University of Texas as a business major. He is now an African American studies major hoping to go to law school. How is he going to get a job with these credentials?

    • Sloppo

      The career possibilities for a man like that are growing fast.  He can work for a university as a highly paid diversity management executive to make sure the university produces more people like himself.  To compete for the best jobs in that field he might need to get a sex change so he can add “female” and “transgender” to his preferred minority diversity credentials.  If that doesn’t work, he could work in just about any government position as long as it’s not one that requires some sort of competence.  He could also work in the private sector as a token minority to help his employer meet a minority hiring quota.  

      • crystal evans

        What I meant was that with the difficulty of finding employment after completing law school, what type of job would he get? He seems to be a mediocre student. True. He could work for the government but more than likely in the private sector, he might be passed over for a  black or hispanic woman. After all, this type of hire kills two birds with one stone.  

    • Dr. X

      I was on a college hiring committee once where the administration wanted to hire a black male to teach college-level courses and ultimately mentor him into a full-time job. We had his resume and transcripts; he had failed out of or withdrawn from 11 undergraduate courses at a highly selective college, then transferred to much less selective and less reputable college. He had not yet completed even  Master’s degree, but they wanted him to teach — what else? — “African-American History.”

      I also witnessed a (very liberal) white woman with a Ph.D. in hand get rejected after applying to teach a full load of African-American history courses.

  • Stop the nonsense. Blacks don’t need Affirmative Action to get into the NBA, MLB, NFL or boxing and these are all high paying  jobs. Why is it that they need it for academics only? (A rhetorical question). Furthermore, dark-skinned East Indians or Pakistanis who grew up in third-world poverty seem to have none of the problems that are commonly blamed on skin color, race, discrimination or poverty and achieve very high academic scores. Seems like the universities are no longer looking for the best and the brightest, but instead the darkest and the dullest.

  • jedsrael

    “Is Affirmative Action keeping qualified white kids out of the college of their choice is what the Supreme Court took up today,” said MSM Brian MSM Williams on MSM NBC just now.

    I’ll report on the spin as it develops.

    I predict it will include the revelation that Whites are the majority and don’t need extra help and that a few sacrifices here and there aren’t too high a price to address historic injustices that still plague the beloved community of color.

    The key pivot word will be “choice”. Why should White kids complain about not getting their “choice” after all the history of our denying blacks their “opportunity”?


    It seemed like a fair report, unbiased enough. They presented the issues at stake without the expected panic over the holocaust of racism that would occur if SCOTUS found for Fisher. Not one word about Selma, Birmingham, Bull Conner, fire hoses, police dogs, and lynching.

    Brian W. opened with “The Supreme Court took on the issue of whether race has as run its course.”

    (Oh no! How could it ever? Eric Holder said Affirmative Action will NEVER end- panic- we must do more to fight against Racism! We must vote for Obama so he can “repair” the court with Anti Racists!)

    Pete Williams, the justice correspondent, gave the report.

    “A more diverse campus provides a better education, but now the question is how much diversity is enough… UT Austin strives for racial diversity”.

    The black privileged Diversity Opportunity Hire gurl was interviewed said something like “What is important is that students have ability to see that not all students are the same, etc, etc”.

    Then was reported the questions and responses in the court.

    NBC chose those that made it look like the ruling would favor Fisher, just like they reported on the Obamacare questions as though SCOTUS would strike it down (surprise!). At least it seemed that the Supremes were asking good questions.

    The UT atty said something in court about the importance including minorities in the student body, and Kennedy, the swing vote, asked, “So what you’re saying is that race counts above all?,” indicating that perhaps he is contemplating submitting a membership application to the Church of Jed.

    Brian W. closed with “The court seems prepared to scale it back”.

    If the report was really as unbiased as I detected, then perhaps even the White elites are feeling the White Fear of their hastening minoritization to the Diversity Rule. Maybe they are foreseeing the High Cost of Liberalism for them personally, and they are subtly pushing back, or at least no longer enabling BRA.

    But what may really be at play here is a call to action for Obama’s Shock Troops, his civilian army, to get out to the polls so that “we won’t go back”.

    But they didn’t interview Civil Rights icon and living legend John Lewis, so something’s up that we can’t understand.

    Will the ruling come out before the election?

    If so, look for “Honorable” John Lewis, CEO of BRA Diversity, Inc., to go on a hysterical rampage against White privilege, so hysterical that all the White women voters start to weep over the “wrongs” we’ve done for so long to the poor, suffering, at risk, vulnerable, angelic Diversity Pets, and the prove their “compassion for the Other and commitment change” by voting for Obama.

    “An abolition meeting is held at a town in Ohio, New York, or Pennsylvania; speeches are made, negro wrongs are dwelt upon, Burns is quoted, ‘A man’s a man for a’ that,’ and Terrence also, ‘Homo sum et nihil a me alienum puto,’ ‘My black brother,’ and ‘all men are created free and equal.’ The meeting terminates, an impression is made, and frequently even upon strong minds. There are no libraries within reach of them; the different authors’ works are too expensive, and the abolition poison runs through the mental system precisely as hydrophobia does through the physical, until the patient becomes a rabid, raving lunatic. Now this book popularizing this subject, and placing the best authorities for examination, bringing the whole question of races before them in a compact form, will destroy the influence of the knaves and demagogues who care nothing for the happiness of either Negro or white, provided they can accomplish their own selfish purposes. Bu the grand secret of the separation or rather the separate existence of race is to be found in the love of the beautiful, that instinctive and innate feeling wisely implanted by the Creator in us, will keep forever and ever the higher race always distinctive from the inferior ones.”


  • Sheila Dinehart

    Quite frankly, it will be easier on us all to simply give the fuckers their college degree at the end of grade 12 (Or for that matter grade 5 since that is what you are going to end up getting anyway.) and in that way they don’t have to attend college classes ruining the actual college experience for everyone else. 

    • jedsrael

      Why don’t we just give them all a Nobel Peace Prize and Human Rights Achievement Award at puberty?

      That way, they will be so fulfilled with self esteem that they won’t even try to go to our schools, but will spend their time breeding more Diversity swarms.

      When we think we are winning, we are losing…

  • Peter Lamoureux

    Why not just hand them a degree along with a 4.0 transcript.  All the libs want is an equal outcome they don’t care how they achieve it.

  • RileyoRiley

    What qualifies as diverse?
    What studies show students receive a “better” education at a diverse school?
    What studies show that students “become better critical thinkers, less prejudiced individuals, and better citizens who are more likely to volunteer or give to charities” at diverse schools?

    • jedsrael

      What qualifies as diverse? Non White.

      What studies show students receive a “better” education at a diverse school? Every raped White girl is an education for the future.

      What studies show that students “become better critical thinkers, less prejudiced individuals, and better citizens who are more likely to volunteer or give to charities” at diverse schools?  The rising White racism is the proof.

  • GB101

    So the affirmative action babies are majoring in African American studies.  Great preparation for life after college.  

    • itdoesnotmatter

       African American studies. Ah, that gigantic egg laying faux-academic blow fly.
      Career potential? Next to nothing.
      Those AAers who do manage to obtain a degree in this bottom-of-the-barrel curriculum must find another carcass [diversity theology bullied institution] to teach and perpetuate its parasitic life cycle.
      A useless major for anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature.
      Do you want fries with that, mister? There is that.

  •  I recently watched a panel discussion with  Lani Guinier talking about tests and how to pick candidates for jobs.

    Here is her current idea to undermind testing.

    Let’s say you have three candidates, A, B, and C, applying for a job. You give them a test of 10 questions.

    A gets 7 out of ten right. B gets 6 out of ten right. C gets 5 out of them rights.

    Now, according to Ms. Guinier, based on our dependence on tests, most people would pick candidate A because he (or she) got 7 out of ten right.

    However, Ms. Guinier argues that, suppose candidate C, who only got 5 right, got 3 right that the other 2 candidates got wrong. Doesn’t that mean that candidate C has knowledge that the other two are lacking? Might it not be in the best interest of the person hiring to pick candidate C because he (or she) could bring ‘something’ to the organization that the other two can’t? 

    I’m not sure how this relates to this topic but I’ve been carrying this one around for a week now and it just frustrates me to no end how people like Ms. Guinier spend their lives trying to undermind a system that has worked to reward our best and brightest.

    • jedsrael

      She would say you should hire the Diversity C, but if you then measure job performance, you’re a racist.

      • Tom_in_Miami

        Ever notice how blacks are discriminated against in the field of architecture?  In fact, they are discriminated against in any field where the end result is something that can come crashing down if done wrong.

    • Invictus_1

       Surely, you meant “undermine?”

      • I made the corrections. That’s what I get for depending on spell check.

  • JohnEngelman

    I can see value in going to school with students from other races, nations, and social classes. Nevertheless, it is important that everyone from various backgrounds meet basic standards. 
    If nearly all the blacks and Hispanics one sees on campus are notably less intelligent than everyone else this will reinforce racial prejudices. It will also generate resentment. White students will think of more intelligent white friends who applied and were rejected. 

    • 5n4k33y3s

      You can always accept high scoring foreign exchange students if local diversity doesn’t celebrate intellect well enough to apply themselves. But for the love of God, end “Affirmative Action”.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      I think this is a bigger problem than most people realize, but the knowledge of the discrimination is not well known.  In fact, most people don’t have a clue about the scam that is being played unless it’s on their white sons, family members, close friends, etc.  I have a hard time believing the American people would tolerate AA at all if they knew the truth about it.

      • JohnEngelman

        Those who advocate affirmative action necessarily lie about it. They say that it does not lower standards for blacks and Hispanics, but it does. In the process it discriminates against whites and Orientals. 

  • Nobody is even pretending anymore … how else could a black get in to college … who would hire one if it was based on knowledge, skill, ability, work ethic, …

    • Come on now there are some intelligent blacks.  Just because they’re much rarer doesn’t mean they’re all stupid. 

      • I agree — The problem is that affirmative action makes it extremely difficult to tell the difference between a black person whose success is based upon hard work and aptitude and a one whose success was handed to him through affirmative action.  After meeting so many incompetent black people in the workforce, it’s hard not to start making negative generalizations. 

        If I were an intelligent, capable black person I would really resent the way affirmative action harms my credibility as a deserving and successful individual.  I would also wonder if I really earned that last promotion and if I might possibly be in over my head. 

        • Tom_in_Miami

          At a job I held some years back it was clear who the blacks were who were likely headed to high places.  One of the criteria was that the smart ones went to “white” colleges (Florida State University, for example) while the rest (most of them) went to “black” colleges (Florida A & M, for example).  They call the latater “Historically Black Colleges,” although they may just as accurately call them “Contemporary Black Colleges.”  Anyone who goes to class graduates, regardless of ability, imho, just based on what I see.

      • I live in Atlanta … “Intelligent blacks” are more common than the ones with natural blonde hair but not by much.

  • “One moves swiftly and imperceptibly from a world in which affirmative action
    can’t be ended because its beneficiaries are too weak to a world in which it
    can’t be ended because its beneficiaries are too strong.”
     — Christopher Caldwell

  • 5n4k33y3s

    I condemn it with conviction. Each of us lives only once. No one ought
    to be deprived of their pursuit of happiness by federally mandated,
    institutionalized racial discrimination, i.e. “Affirmative Action”.

  • jedsrael

    Jedsrael is our entire church membership- our disqus password is earned through a secret initiation ritual involving lots of flame, smoke, In the Name of Jesus, the night sky brightens to the Glory of God, bells and books, White babies cooing and oooing with sweet angelic voices, and the new members are BESTOWED with the secret code that unlocks the hidden files.
    I’m just a new convert who found out about the Chruch of Jed through Amren.

    The next person who posts could be in another state, but we are all in a state of extreme anxiety about what post White privilege America will do to our White children. 

    JedSrael Convert re Jed Dee Vallee Izm, apo, popo, Niet-zsche-say-no-more-66-by grace of Hinton Rowan Helper and Anthony Jacob, consecrated Day Ten unto night and morning shines new on Eleven Eve toward Twelve. 

    Stop worrying about sex. I’m taken. I know it’s UnFair, but I’m not about to UnDo this deal I’m in right now.

  • bubo

    He signed up for several tough classes his first semester—microeconomics, business foundations, introduction to psychology, and rhetoric. Within weeks he was failing. 

    To call those classes tough is absolutely laughable.    I’m quite sure with a little help my 4 year old niece would be able to pass them with a suitable grade.  

    Perhaps if these Universities are so committed to diversity it’s professors should have their tenured positions tied to how well they are able to educate their pets.   That would be the education industry’s “come to Jesus” meeting.    Educrats are in desperate need of a little reality.  

    • Well, there are certainly much easier classes one could take but yes this is nothing compared to what most STEM majors have. Next semester I’m taking 3rd Semester Calc, Programming Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics, and Russian. And that is probably only a slightly above average course load for freshman STEM majors. But you can’t expect NEAM’s to excel in these areas. It’s not because they are not capable of course, but rather the inherent bias in the white man’s invention of higher mathematics and the like that precludes their success. 

      • bubo

        Microeconomics might take a semblance of brain power.  The rest are simply regurgitating passages in a book.  

        In fact, even myself, who I admit was a middling student, was able to pass micro and macro economics,  some business class and some a low level computer science class during my first semester as a transfer student with little problem.  

        The fact that this black scholar couldn’t get through one semester of legitimate courses until he bailed into the Afro-studies lifeboat is pretty telling of his inadequacy as a student. 

  • KD_Did

    The teachers could have given him a ride to school from a block away, or bought pizza for them as in the PBS doc last week.

  • KD_Did

    I was a college student in my thirties. They asked me to be on a discussion panel regarding non traditional students. In this group was a 20yo black kid.(very little diversity at this school)  He was actually a nice kid, but he told the group that he had received almost 4.o in his mostly black city school. When he got to college he was totally unprepared. He said that all he had to do in HS was to show up and be quiet. The work was so dumbed down that he graduated HS with honors and couldn’t complete even 100 level math classes in college. He eventually quit and went to community college.  Blacks even take education away from other blacks who have a chance at being successful.

  • jedsrael

    Is Jared Taylor ready to take on the “new frontiers” of Affirmative Action justification? Will Henry Wolff post the video?

    Looks like the Diversity “Academics” are clearing the path for how to deal with the “dangerous discoveries” of genetic race science, and of course, they will use it to demand more anti White privilege policies to “address the historic injustices that still hurt the beloved community of color”.

    Since she’s a BRA Diversity, of course she’s “acclaimed”. No wonder blacks have toxic levels of unearned self esteem.

    She begs the question right at the outset:

    Q: “Is race a biological category written in our genes? Or are genomic scientists and biomedical researchers mistakenly using race to explain away health disparities among different population groups?”

    A: They use race science to “explain away” health disparities so they can maintain their cultural dominance by bitterly clinging to their White privilege. It just CAN’T be possible that blacks have any genetic tendencies toward certain health problems, because All Men Are Created Equal, and any finding that show lower health outcomes for blacks are solely attributable to systemic bias, institutional racism, structural inequity, elitist bigotry, and pervasive hatred and intolerance of “the Other”.

    You can see the Future of Affirmative Action coming, but can Jared Taylor and Henry Wolff see it?

    But read further- by letting race scientists invent pills to treat black health problems, we “tragically” won’t invest more in Diver$ity Con$ultant$ and $ocial Welfare Program$ that “address social inequities”.

    BRA Diversity is so desparate to keep the money flowing from the White privilege workers who earn it to the blacks who “deserve” it, that even improvements in science and medicine are deemed “a threat”.

    Biology, Race and Politics Explored in Upcoming Chancellor’s Lecture

    Is race a biological category written in our genes? Or are genomic scientists and biomedical researchers mistakenly using race to explain away health disparities among different population groups?

    Dorothy Roberts, the Penn Integrates Knowledge Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, will explore this issue in an upcoming Chancellor’s Lecture at Vanderbilt University. Her talk, titled “Fatal Invention: The New Biopolitics of Race,” is scheduled from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 30, in Vanderbilt’s Sarratt Cinema.

    Video of the lecture will be streamed live, as well as available for viewing online after Oct. 30.

    Roberts is the author of Fatal Invention: How Science, Politics and Big Business Re-create Race in the Twenty-First Century. A book signing and reception will precede her lecture from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the Sarratt Cinema Lobby.

    An acclaimed scholar of race, gender and the law, Roberts pored over scores of scientific studies and interviewed dozens of geneticists whose work claims that race is visible in our genes. As a result, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are tailoring medications and other patented products to treat illnesses seemingly prevalent among certain populations.

    Roberts argues that race is and always has been a political system, that health disparities exist because of social inequalities, and to further the myth that race is a biological category does irreparable damage to social progress in the United States.

    We’re encouraged not to see race at the social level at the very same time that scientists and biotechnology companies are telling us to see race as a genetic category at the molecular level. I think this is an extremely dangerous convergence of myths about race in this country,”“Increasingly, we hear from conservatives that we should adhere to a color-blind philosophy … and liberals say we are in a post-racial democracy. We’re encouraged not to see race at the social level at the very same time that scientists and biotechnology companies are telling us to see race as a genetic category at the molecular level. I think this is an extremely dangerous convergence of myths about race in this country,” Roberts said in a 2011 interview.

    In July 2012, Roberts became the 14th Penn Integrates Knowledge Professor at the University of Pennsylvania with joint appointments in the Department of Sociology and the Law School, where she is the inaugural Raymond Pace and Sadie Tanner Mosell Alexander Professor of Civil Rights. From 1998 to 2012, she was a professor of law, African American studies and sociology at Northwestern.

  • Sloppo

    The work of affirmative action is never completely done until all whites have been eliminated because affirmative action is designed to promote diversity and diversity means “less white people”.

  • jedsrael

    How can Affirmative Action be Unfinished now that even Shakespeare is embracing Diversity?

    Macbeth was black, we now discover thanks to voodoo.

  • Detroit_WASP

    “Hey, ma name iz Obamaniqua n i just committed a felony by stealin’ all d cell phones and couldn’t wait ta talk to da news bout it so dey can put it on da TV four ma freeens ta sea how smart i be.”

    Who wants to be me she has 5-6 kids….all with different last names.

  • ed91

    there are reasons why majority black elementary, middle and high schools are so terrible.

    like all schools, they represent their communities.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    I asked myself the same question.  If that’s not backwards, I can’t see the point of the lawsuit.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    “How does Jackson justify millions of poor whites systematically excluded by Affirmative Action?”

    By ignoring it.  It’s not in his job description.  BTW, does anybody know where Jackson’s paycheck comes from?

  • Invictus_1

    Clearly, it is time to establish all white colleges and even separate sex colleges.  

  • TheTruthHurts4

    In a Commencement Address at Howard University  in June 4, 1965 president Johnson coined the term “affirmative action” by using the analogy of a shackled runner. Back then it was plausible that inferior black academic achievement was the result of the shackles of racial discrimination.
    47 years and hundreds of billions of tax dollars later in futile efforts to bridge the race gap, this is no longer a plausible argument. The race gap is as large as it ever was. Blacks are not shackled by racial discrimination, but by the intrinsic inferiority that has always been obvious about them, and by the felony convictions they earn because they are inherently violent and criminal.
    We owe those people nothing. They owe us for the benefits they have received by living in a civilization incomparably superior to anything they are capable of building and maintaining on their own. They also owe us for the crimes they commit and for the cost of a criminal justice system that would be much less expensive if they did not live here. We would be far better off without them.  

  • Right. Discovered and utilized would be more accurate. Thanks and I have now edited it.

  • Let’s apply ” Diversity ” & ” Affirmative Action ” to fill the ranks of MLB, NFL, NBA and college sports and watch what happens when “under-qualified atheletes ” get their “fair chance” to play…

  • Bobby

    Let’s just face the fact right now, the “work” of Affirmative Action, will NEVER be finished. Does the mob, want Vegas to be finished? Does the NFL ,NBA, etc. want an end to their right to the profits from the concessions that sell their patented trademark items?