South Africa’s Census: Racial Divide Continuing

BBC News, October 30, 2012

The income of white South African households is six times higher than black ones, new census figures reveal.

President Jacob Zuma said the census showed the black majority is still at the “bottom of the rung”, 18 years after white minority rule ended.

The statistics showed that while the income of black households had increased by nearly 170% in the last decade, they still earned the least.

The population now stands at nearly 52 million, 79% of whom are black people.

It has risen by seven million since 2001.

‘Great strides’

The 2011 census statistics showed that children below the age of five number nearly 11 million, making them the largest age group.

“It could be that HIV [infection] rates have levelled out and fertility has begun to recover,” said Statistics South Africa’s demographic analysis executive director, Diego Iturralde.

The average annual income of a white household is about 365,000 rand ($42,000; £26,000), followed by Indians at 251,000 rand, people of mixed race at 251,500 rand and blacks at 60,600 rand, it showed.

Other key findings include:

  • Nearly 30% of the labour force is unemployed
  • More than three million children (nearly 4%) are orphans
  • More than nine million people live in homes while the number of shack-dwellers has risen since 2001 to nearly two million
  • The number of homes with flush toilets has increased from 50% in 2001 to 57%
  • The number of people who have completed higher education has increased to 11.8%, from 8.4% in 2001
  • The number of homes with electricity has increased from 58.2% in 1996 to 84.7% in 2011
  • Paraffin is the main energy source at 7.5% of all homes
  • Mobile phone ownership has increased from less than 32% a decade ago to nearly 90%.

Mr Zuma said the census showed that while “great strides” have been made since racial segregation ended in 1994, much still needed to be done to end inequality.

“These figures tell us that at the bottom of the rung is the black majority who continue to be confronted by deep poverty, unemployment and inequality, despite the progress that we have made since 1994,” he said.

“Much remains to be done to further improve the livelihoods of our people especially in terms of significant disparities that still exist between the rich and poor.”

Mr Zuma pledged that by 2030 the African National Congress (ANC) government would make sure that each community had a clinic, school, library and police station.

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  • Puggg

    The income of white South African households is six times higher than black ones, new census figures reveal.

    And this is AFTER 20 years of official discrimination against whites.

    •  I’m pretty sure the blacks figured that they would be showered in riches and wealth once the Whites handed over control of the country to the blacks.  They seriously believed that the Whites were just hoarding all that Government wealth, and that money just magically appears and fills the government coffers.  These people are cargo cultists. 

    • That point can’t be stated enough.

      Blacks lag way behind whites in a lot of social metrics, in spite of how much we give them, how much we pander to them, and how much wind we put to their backs.  Talking heads keep yammering about all the blacks in prison.  Well phooey to that — Imagine how many more there would be in prisons if the criminal justice system were truly fair.  In fact, the unfairness comes from white people being so tough and “throw the book-ish” on other white people in rural areas.  It got so bad in our state that a few years ago, the General Assembly passed legislation basically telling rural white hanging districts to quit sending so many people convicted of ticky tack (relatively speaking) felony crimes to state prisons.

  • IstvanIN


  • IKantunderstand

    Yup, I shur wood ratha hav me one of them mobeel fones than a flush toylet. Cuz, mebbe yo can get an app for dat.

  • I wouldn’t count the whites out so quickly. They could retake the country if they had outside help.

    • IstvanIN

       From whom?

      • White Afrikaners are concentrated in Oranje and surrounding areas. While they cannot retake the entire SA, it’s almost impossible they will just flee.

        The realistic scenario is some civil war & turmoil and creation of White Afrikaner state on ca. 20% of SA. As for English speakers- they will either go to Afrikaner state, or, probably, disperse over Anglosphere.

  • or the case in zimbabwe, where the blacks who were given the white farms immediately sold all of the copper irrigation pipes, and then planted a small yam patch, about 10 feet by ten feet.

  • bubo

    Without the small white minority S.A. wouldn’t have any economy at all.    

  • Damien1981

    Why can NOBODY in government admit that the real problem in South Africa is overpopulation? 

    Is it so hard to comprehend that it is not wise to have children when you can’t even look after yourself?

    The white population in South Africa increased by 152 141 over the last 15 years.

    The black population increased by….  9 873 307.

    Check out these stats:

    • Bantu_Education

      “The white population in South Africa increased by 152 141 over the last 15 years.”

      This is so obviously wrong – the white population has decreased from over 5 million to about 4 million, possibly less.   

      • Damien1981

        I’m quoting the official census results.

        I apologize for the errors as you have obviously been going around the country counting people.

        • Bantu_Education

          Would you care to show me exactly where it claims the white population has increased?   The census link you gave directs to 11 huge pdf documents and I’m not going to sift through thousands of pages looking for something that you mis-interpreted.  Its common knowledge that at least a million whites have emigrated since 1994, probably a lot more.  Its also common knowledge that the white average age is much higher than the black, therefore the death rate is much higher (never mind the genocide rate) and that white fertility levels are low, as they are everywhere.  Do the math Damien. 

          Of course I wish you were right.   

          “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” 

          • Damien1981

            In the first comment I left which you responded to, I posted a link to my blog where I added screen shots of those pdf files you’re referring to.

            I’m not saying that the stats are correct, but they are the official stats. It’ll be almost impossible to misinterpret 3 numbers and dates.

            Anyway, we’re on the same side mate. All I was trying to say is that the blacks are breeding like flies.

          • Bantu_Education

            Exactly, and if the white figures are exagerrated then the black numbers are too low.  Foreign blacks seem to be everywhere, there must be least 5 million.  They just seem to let them all in, coz they’re black.  I wrote a comment on that site asking his opinion about the apparent increase in white numbers.  I do find it very hard to believe, but if its true its good news.  I just wish they would all trek back to the Cape – we can make a last stand here.

          • 5n4k33y35

            Whites need to help the whites in South Africa to be secure and prosperous enough to increase their numbers.

            The colony in South Africa makes a great bargaining chip to negotiate against all the blacks in Europe.

            We should be raising money for whites to breed in South Africa to strengthen our hand in negotiations on racial matters. We should literally send them money, like Jews do for Israel.

  • Barrack Osama

    The wealth will disappear before blacks “get” it. As soon as it is redistributed to them, it is squandered.

  •  No, NYB.   What is not healthy for a society, and by that  I am specifically referring to a First World society that was created by productive, intelligent, and vastly more disciplined and talented White Eur0pean people, is for such a society to allow massive influxes of brown, black, or yellow people who then find themselves so hopelessly out classed in the genetics Olympics that it is impossible for them to ever catch up, close the gap, and compete with people who are clearly out of their league.  

    I’ve said this before and it bears repeating.    Every single day, in this racial cesspool that America has been maliciously transformed into, IQ of 80  blacks and IQ of 85 mestizos and IQ of  those in close proximity to the general 80-90 ranges awake and when these dolts move about in what remains of our once advanced society – they are reminded constantly of the racial differences in ability that exist between what their race is capable of  creating and what White European people are capable of creating. 

    This vast inequality can be somewhat negated and softened by the devious and diabolically evil alien owners of the mass media of news and entertainment who constantly like to cast blacks and mestizos in TV and movie roles that show them dressed up like doctors, nuclear scientists, physics experts, captains of Star Trek space ships, and countless other roles in life that are the last places in the world where blacks or mestizos might be in the real life world.    But, deep down, at some subconscious level, these minorities sense that they lack the brain power to compete in a high tech, first world society.     This, I believe, is a big source of the simmering resentment that burns inside so many of these violence prone minority groups.   The constant daily reminder of their inadequacies, year after year, makes them become bitter, frustrated, and then their frustration turns into anger and eventually they lash out using violence.    They see the material goodies that hard working white people have – and they crave these goodies, too.   But, they cannot get these material goods if they have to rely on their own meager merits – so, they see crime as a means to get a fast and easy buck, and as a path to getting their ‘fair share’ of the American pie.  

    So, the answer is geographic ethnic separation.   Remove the daily reminders that foster these resentments.    Place these minorities into their own ethnostate where they must only compete with members of their own ethnic group – where the competition will be far more equal.  Take away their ability, their ‘crutch’, of using the race card against White Europeans.    In the end, we would be doing these minorities a huge favor – because we would be restoring their sense of self respect. 

  • IstvanIN

    Mr Zuma pledged that by 2030 the African National Congress (ANC) government would make sure that each community had a clinic, school, library and police station.

    What this boob doesn’t realize is that he could have probably realized his goal if he had nurtured, supported, protected and encouraged the productive (white) sector of the economy.  A successful white economic sector means a higher tax base, means more jobs for blacks, means more econmoic growth, means there are businesses for blacks to emulate.  What is good for whites is always good for the nation as a whole.  If they could manage to control their borders (uncontrolled immgration is destructive, look at the US) perhaps they could have had a black African success story.  But no, they chose to kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

  • NorthernWind

    Yep. The leftist anti-Whites will not get it until their entire Utopian project collapses on their collective heads. Respect the natural order or pay a heavy price. You cannot beat it.

  •  Afrikaners are organized & pretty well armed with light weapons. During the collapse of Yugoslavia, we Croats didn’t possess any weapons in the beginning and were confronted by Yugoslav Army, armed to the teeth. But, we simply attacked numerous garrisons in our midst, forced them to surrender and armed ourselves. The rest is history.