Nigeria’s Port Harcourt University Shut After Lynchings

BBC Africa, October 10, 2012

A Nigerian university has been closed because of violent protests about the lynching of four students accused of stealing laptops and mobile phones.

A horrific video of the killings near Nigeria’s oil capital was posted on the YouTube video-sharing website.

Students say the four were mistaken for thieves in the village of Aluu.

University of Port Harcourt (Uniport) told students to go home after the demonstrations turned violent with houses, shops and cars burned.

Correspondents say anti-riot police and soldiers have been deployed to the campus, which the authorities say will remain shut until normality returns.

Thirteen arrested

The students blocked a major motorway near the university for hours on Tuesday, blocking traffic in and out of Port Harcourt.

The focus on the demonstration then turned to Aluu, where the lynchings happened on Friday.

The houses targeted by students allegedly belonged to some of those behind the killings.

The video, which was posted to YouTube over the weekend, shows four men stripped naked, with tyres around their necks, being beaten by a mob with wooden sticks, before being set on fire.

One of their classmates, Paul Irabor, told the BBC that the four had left the university campus to collect some money they were owed, when they were mistaken for thieves.

There are reports that the students took a laptop and mobile phones in lieu of the money owed.

Thirteen people, including the traditional leader of Aluu village – which neighbours the campus in an area called Choba – have been arrested over the killings.

Many residents of Aluu began fleeing on Monday, fearing revenge attacks.

The BBC’s Bashir Sa’ad Abdullahi says that Nigerians, disillusioned with their police force, sometimes take justice into their own hands and lynch suspected robbers but the brutality – and the fact this incident was filmed and published on the internet – has shocked the country.

[Editor’s Note: See also this story about a mass shooting at a Nigerian university that left 26 dead.]

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  • Up to my neck in CA

    Wall up Africa and leave it alone, recheck every 25 years to see if anything has changed. Send no medical aid, no money and no food! Let the noble Africans rise and fall on their own merits.

  • Bill

    They are the same the world over, aren’t they?  I like Up to my neck in CA’s advice.  The civilized world should take that advice, but Africa has so darn many resources WE know how to use, while THEY just sit, squat and defecate over it.

    • loyalwhitebriton

      The African continent is so vast that you could fit the the USA and the whole of Europe into it, and still have room to spare. Perhaps we (USA, Europe, and UK) should invade Africa, deport the Africans to the USA and Europe, then organize ourselves into a ‘United States of Caucasia’ (USC).
      We’d have lots of great sunshine, lots of resources, and a safe, prosperous, all white country.
      It’s a pipe dream, of course. But these days, I’m open to anything. 

      • Actually, no. In the north you have the Sahara Desert, itself almost as large as the U.S. Then you have inhospitable jungle and forest in the central region, the part they called “Darkest Africa”, because much of it was unexplored by non-Bantu civilization. Then you have more desert in the southern region in Namibia, and parts of South Africa. 

        • Michael C. Scott

          You also have malaria, yellow fever, sleeping sickness, dengue, HIV, lions, leopards, hyenas and lots and lots of snakes.

          In Namibia, you also have the world’s deadliest spider, Sicarius.  Unlike the Brazilian Phoneutria and Australia’s Atrax and Hydronache, there is no antivenom for a Sicarius bite.

          No thanks.

          • Svigor

             They had lions in Europe too, Mike.  White men killed them all.

        • loyalwhitebriton

          OK, there are holes in the plan. Probably best settling for revolution here at home.

    • C_C_Conrad

      If we would just leave them alone they would go extinct. 

      • anonymous_amren

         But so would many valuable African plants and animals.

  •  I guess they just cant all get along.  You would think in 100% diverse africa, it would be a glorious utopia.

    • The__Bobster

      Which contradicts the libtard dream of the tan everyman world, where there would be eternal peace because there would be no racial strife.

      • Svigor

         Yeah, libtards and their delusions, eh?  Children in adult bodies, they.  Intellectual grown-ups know human nature at its core is obsessed with difference and differentiation (Social Identity Theory).  If the human race becomes more homogeneous, it will also dynamically adjust by obsessing over smaller and smaller differences.  And if, by some miracle (and I stress that word, “miracle”) the human race became truly racially homogeneous (an impossibility), people would simply fight their SIT battles on the remaining fields (religion, tribe, class, culture, language, etc.).

        Globalists are madmen and tyrants.

  • jedsrael

    The news from Africa just keeps piling up that proves to us why our slaves never did rise up and demand their Human Right to be sent back home. They knew more about Africa than we gave them credit for, even after generations away from it…

    Now is the time for us at catch up with them and admit that Africa, wherever you find it, is a menacing and toxic biohazard to life, liberty, property, and happiness.

    • IstvanIN

       Funny, isn’t it, how white abolitionists, both British and American, argued for emancipation and freedom for blacks.  And look how it turned out.  Or the French revolutionaries and Haiti.  The blacks were no doubt content with their state and whites had to go and wake up the natives!  Now we are done for and they are worse off.  Thanks liberals!.

      • jedsrael

        It’s not funny how the White anti slavery activists in Virginia explained the danger of slavery after the Nat Turner massacre of 55 precious and innocent White lives.

        They were very explicit, and they weren’t abolitionists as we understand the word. They were gradualists, but adament that slavery was a VERY PRESSING DANGER to Whites, and must be ended or we would be ended by it.

        They lost the debate, because owning the “property” of slaves, nevermind their toxic biohazard status to White Humanity, won the day.

        White greed for immediate gain always trumps White anxieties about the future.

        You can find plenty online about the Virginia Anti Slavery Debates of 1831-1832.

        All Amreners must read the speech of James McDowell, just like we should read Hinton Rowan Helper and Anthony Jacob, every day.

        • C_C_Conrad

           That’s why I have stated that we whites are the ones responsible for what is happening to our countries now & deserve every bit of it. 

          • jedsrael

            But the Whites who implemented the pogrom deserve it first, and they are the most protected, sadly.

          • Svigor

            You sound like quite the White advocate, friend.  Little White babies in their cribs “deserve” it, good and hard, amirite?

            Amren’s pool needs some chlorine.

  • Viewer discretion advised on the vid.

    • Michael C. Scott

      One can only wonder what was going through the minds of the people who saw the semi-coherent individual who tried feebly to get away while they clubbed him unconscious again before setting him on fire.

      Africa: it is the ultimate in For Them, By Them.

  • RileyDeWiley

    If you haven’t seen the video yet – don’t. It will cost you sleep. 

  • KenelmDigby

    Blacks have to be the biggest race of hypocrites and liars ever to walk the face of the Earth (as if Amren readers need reminding) – this has to be added to all their other deeply unpleasant characteristics, and what you have is an unlikeable race in the extreme.
    – This is what blacks, in their natural homelands, do to petty thieves – they are simply butchered on the spot instsntly and with no ceremony and no mercy. That’s the way it is.
    But look at the way they behaive in the USA. Even if caught red-handed in the act of theft or worse, they will shout, scream, abuse their victims and loudly proclaim their ‘right’ to act criminally.

    It is simply impossible to deal with this race.

    • kjh64

      “- This is what blacks, in their natural homelands, do to petty thieves – they are simply butchered on the spot instsntly and with no ceremony and no mercy. That’s the way it is.”

      I remember once I worked with a Nigerian. He told me he thought the justice system here in Texas was “too lenient”. I was very surprised. Texas isn’t exactly known for having a lenient justice system. He said it was too lenient because the police can’t beat the criminals and we have trials to prove innocence or guilt for anyone.  He said in his country, if someone is caught stealing, the police just beat him senseless and dump him in a ditch. They don’t bother worrying about his rights.  He said it’s much better that way. The thief is punished right then,  no bothering with him further, no wasting of time or money like in Texas. Of course Nigeria has a court sytem but according to him, it’s not always used, the police take of it and that’s a good thing.

      • Svigor

        Haha, just like I said: “fascism” is the only thing that works on blacks.  I forgot to mention that it’s also the system most natural to blacks themselves, but you did a good job of pointing that out already.  🙂

    • Svigor

       It is simply impossible to deal with this race.

      Not true.  Hunter Wallace has done an excellent job of illustrating how to deal with blacks.  Key words and phrases include “boot camp,” “fascism,” “authoritarianism,” “boots on necks,” “White Supremacy,” etc.  This is the most ironic thing to me – “White Supremacy” is the only way to get passable results in civilizing blacks, but libtards take that off the table ipso facto and thus ensure “black failure.”

  • KenelmDigby

    All ye must remember this:

    This is the World which the western political class wishes to bequeath to your White descendants.

  • Where TF is the international outrage over this? Why aren’t college students in America and Europe protesting, and burning down Nigerian embassies? Where is the so-called racial solidarity? Why isn’t the U.N. saying anything?

    Oh, wait. These “students” weren’t lynched by a white mob, or shot by white police officers, that’s why.

    As long as it’s Bantu-on-Bantu violence and killings, the world is cool with it. This is Africans being Africans. It’s the most natural thing in all of natural history, for crissakes.  

  • There is, of course, no “outrage” from the black community. This if for two reasons:

    1) This is black-on-black violence and not the preferred white-on-black violence. Subsequently, there is no political advantage for blacks. 
    2) The black community doesn’t want to call attention to black-on-black violence.

    • Svigor

       The second sentence in #1 is the only reason.  Blacks are into “Civil Rights” because it’s profitable.  There’s no profit for American blacks in getting worked up over African blacks killing African blacks.  Blacks do not give a farthing for “causes” that don’t benefit them materially.  Never have, never will.

  • Michael C. Scott

    When a group of goofball do-gooders sent me a letter begging for me to sign a petition demanding we intervene and wanting me to send them money to stop the killings in the Sudan, I used their own postpaid envelope to send them a note saying there is absolutely nothing in Africa that is worth the life or an arm or a leg of a white American soldier and that getting themselves worked up over Africans behaving like Africans is a waste of their time.  This Nigerian incident once again proves the validity of this view.

    If someone produced Africa as a work of fiction – an undeveloped continent full of hideous diseases, prehuman apes and dark-skinned, vicious, lazy, unintelligent locals who regard beating and then burning to death four of their own people in what looks like an open sewer but is in fact a street with as much moral gravity as they would swatting a fly – the author would be ridiculed as unconvincing and reviled as a racist.

    I recall another Nigerian lynching story posted here some years ago, in which the man who was publically murdered was accused of being a “sorcerer” who had stolen someone’s penis.  Nobody could make this stuff up, and unfortunately, since we have Africa, nobody has to.

    At best, the four murdered students would have become 419 scammers, and at worst they would have emigrated to impose their loathesome presence on Europe, Australia or North America, so I’m calling this one “no harm, no foul”.

    • You actually reply to them , Michael? I simply toss the appeals in a circular file. Same goes for donations appeals from my ex-college.

      On a sidebar note, do you know whatever happened to the Amren poster whose nom de plume here was “John PM” who almost always signed off with, …”As always, God help us all”…?

      Just asking. 

      • John PM has posted no more than a single digit number of times since AR reformatted and started in on the Disqus commenting system at the beginning of this year.

      • Michael C. Scott

        I miss John PM as well as Margaret, who always just called herself by that name.

        Margaret was too harsh on other women, but she was a good sort.  I’m still trying to coax Gottleib back into circulation, but he said on the phone the other night that he doesn’t know how I can read the things here and keep going.  I fought my federal case out for 17 months from behind bars, so perhaps I’m just on the downhill side of stubborn.

        • Margaret posted quite a bit during the first few months of the new system, but she did so anonymously. I can’t say how I know it was her, but it was. But then she suddenly stopped posting.

        • C_C_Conrad

           Have a nice read. 

      • C_C_Conrad

        Always respond to these people.  Send them some pro-white literature, preferably the Mantra. 

    • Grantland

      “If someone produced Africa as a work of fiction – an undeveloped continent full of hideous diseases, prehuman apes and dark-skinned, vicious, lazy, unintelligent locals who regard beating and then burning to death four of their own people in what looks like an open sewer but is in fact a street with as much moral gravity as they would swatting a fly – ”
      Swift  : Gulliver’s travels

      “The Yahoos”

  • scutum

    Why is anyone surprised by this; Africans will be Africans no matter where they are, whether it’s on the home continent or in Detroit.

    • NordiquePride

      This is my first time posting. I want to thank you all for your comments because I have found them to be more informative than the articles themselves. I appreciate the honesty, seriousness, and educated arguments.

      With regards to this article (and many others exposing the behavior of Blacks in Africa), I see this as an example of Madison Grant’s view that all races, unshackled by laws, etc., will always revert back to their biological-heritage foundations. I didn’t express it accurately, but I think you know what I mean.

      To Scutum, once I was surprised by this, because once I was a committed Leftie. No more. Thanks to AmRen (principally, but also others), I am now no longer surprised by “Black behavior”. My eyes are opening. 

      (If it matters to you, I am female, in my 40s.)  

      • C_C_Conrad

        Welcome to the reasonable & logical side of the street. 
        The video didn’t cost me any sleep at all. 

        • Michael C. Scott

          The old Mike would have said that since they weren’t people in the sense you and I are people, their deaths wouldn’t have bothered me, either, but those guys had mothers who cared for them, perhaps as much as mine loved me, though I doubt that’s possible.  They deserved to be arrested and questioned and maybe tried in a court. 

          One shouldn’t be afraid of a certainty like death, but stripping them naked, beating them mostly incoherent and then setting them ablaze in the street was grotesque.

          The facts that their university was closed due to demonstrations suggests that some Africans there know this is not right, and the fact that some Africans fled their muddy village in fear of reprisal for murder suggests also that they also knew this was not right.

      • Michael C. Scott

        One runs into a lot of former leftists here.  I migrated from the other end of the political spectrum and settled into a stable orbit here.  I am not a Christian, and don’t hate Jews.  My own personal hero is Vlad Tepes, and when my daughter asked whether our pet fox has a soul, I said that he’s like me, and that he doesn’t; he has a spirit instead.  When he dies someday, he’ll just be another fox kit or an eagle nestling and that whatever he is will want to be near Ariadne.

        Nobody here hates ex-leftists.  The people who absolutely infuriate me are the ones who say a young woman should be forced to bear her African rapist’s baby, so even on a good day, I’m still a bit angrier at the religious right.


        • NordiquePride

          Thanks for the kind letter. I already feel welcomed by the AmRen group. I’ll try to do you proud by holding my end up. The quality of the debates are pretty impressive. I’ll have a challenge I’m sure
          Kindest regards,


  • TheAntidote

    well, this system of punishment certainly can’t be called lynching–which is really nothing more than rope pulled hanging without a scaffold or gibbet. What those unfortunate Africans suffered  is called necklacing; immolation by burning tire. 
           Certainly anyone would agree that lynching is relative quick and painless; necklacing is cruel and unusual.

    • Michael C. Scott

      Actually a lynching is any extrajudicial execution, irrespective of method.  Hanging was normally used in the US partly because hanging was also the normal method of court-sanctioned “official” executions and partly because rope is cheap.  Shooting and burning at the stake have also been used at various times.

      Of course in black Africa the preferred method seems to involve an old tire and a can of gasoline.

      • Svigor

         Actually, lynching is also mob attack.  They’ve been using “lynching” charges against blacks in non-fatal mob beating cases in the south for a long time now.

        • Michael C. Scott

          Yes; all that is required is three or more people to participate in the attack.

          Where extra-judicial executions are concerned, I prefer burning at the stake, but since I am well-liked in my neighborhood, I suppose I will have to make do with cancer or a heart-attack.

  • Diversity african style is never complete unless someone is getting a tire around his or
    her neck and set ablaze. And these are the “educated” ones…

    • StillModerated

       And graduations, weddings, baby showers are a failure unless either gun play or bloodshed are involved. No matter where they are, Africans make me snigger!

  • chuck_2011

    The rule of law, so important in the first world, nut in these backward places its emotion and ignorance that rule and with the results we see. 

    • Michael C. Scott

      Exactly.  The four young men might have been robbers, so apprehending them and calling for the police to deal with them – they had mobile phones that could have been used for this very purpose – would have been reasonable.  If they had resisted, roughing them up a bit would have been reasonable.  Nobody has ever accused African blacks of being reasonable.

      Stripping the four naked and beating them until blood ran from head wounds and then setting them on fire was the work of monsters clothed in human flesh.  The whole purpose of courts in both the West and the more civilized parts of the Far East is to establish a relative certainty of guilt based on facts which can be proven in an unemotional setting.

      The two who were completely senseless were the lucky ones.


  • This video is exhibit A as to why Jim Crow laws were enacted. They were not
    implemented to punish blacks but rather to protect Whites. if they would do this to their own, what chance do Whites have?

    • Svigor

      Protecting Whites and protecting (or punishing) blacks aren’t mutually exclusive – if the gov’t hadn’t protected blacks from Whites all these years, we would’ve sorted them out years ago.  Whites don’t need protecting from blacks, really; quite the opposite.

    • C_C_Conrad

       The only chance that we have is to put them completely out of our living space.  OK, girls you can now start whining about how this can’t be done. 

      www. jackswar. com

  • Michael C. Scott

    I’ve never seen black people naked before.  Was anyone else suprised at how the victims had no body hair?  In spite of being partly Amerind, I have quite a lot of it compared to my all-white friends.  I’m feeling a bit self-conscious as a probable “ice-ape” just now.


    • Those who refute the notion that black men have higher serum testosterone levels than white men use that as evidence.  And yes, through the years, I have noticed that auspicious relative lack of “hair.”

  • Michael C. Scott

    I was curious, so I looked it up.  Lichtenstein has not held an execution since 1468.