Little Blonde Beggar Girl Whose Treatment Has Sparked Race Row in Mexico

Daily Mail (London), October 27, 2012

She could be any one of a thousand impoverished Mexican children who sell gum or beg for money on the street in dirty clothes except for one thing–her blonde hair.

The flurry of internet attention to the photo, and the quick way officials reacted, has renewed a debate about racism in Mexico, a nation that is proud of its mestizo heritage but where millions of indigenous people live in poverty and passers-by often barely notice the dark-skinned children begging in the street.

The controversy started last week when a Facebook user posted a photo of the girl standing next to a rear-view mirror on a Guadalajara street.

He suspected she might have been kidnapped as ‘her parents are brown,’ and he immediately contacted a welfare agency and state prosecutors.

‘Let’s spread this photo around,’ the unidentified user wrote.

The photo was shared by tens of thousands with some praising the photographer and other complaining the post was racist.

‘The concern was the suspicion the girl had been stolen,’ said Lino Gonzalez spokesman for prosecutors in Jalisco state, where Guadalajara is the capital. ‘We had to respond because there was suspicion a crime had been committed.’

Mexican authorities immediately began investigating the girl.

They soon found the 5-year-old, put her in a Guadalajara orphanage, and detained her 23-year-old mother for two days.

Authorities said she lied about her address and about the father of the girl, first stating he was a foreigner, then saying he was was Mexican, but estranged from her.

The child’s grandmother – who also has green eyes – was able to hand over the birth certificate of the girl.

The mother was later released and there were no signs the girl had been kidnapped, though DNA results are pending.

Authorities say they are also considering charges of child exploitation.

The case sparked international outrage.

‘We need to see a white girl to worry about kidnapping, trafficking of children and child exploitation,’ wrote human rights activist Yali Noriega. ‘I’ve never seen photos of Indian children or simply dark-skinned kids circulating on the Internet with people asking others to help them’

Others believe the mother could sue the government for taking her daughter based only on uninformed public opinion.

‘It is not right that just because of the color of her skin, they can say it’s not her daughter,’ said Xochitl Galvez, a former federal Cabinet minister who is an advocate for Indian rights. ‘There is no such thing as a pure race. We are a mix … that tells you a lot about the authorities’ lack of knowledge.’

Galvez said authorities should focus on reducing the high rate of child labor in Mexico and create more programs to support poor single mothers.

‘The solution is not to arrest the mother or take the girl from her,’ she said. ‘We should be asking what do we do to help these children?’

Amparo Gonzalez Luna, director of the orphanage where the girl has been living, said the mother is poor and the episode should encourage her to take better care of her children.

‘It has caused her a lot of pain,’ she said.

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  • Triarius

    Goes to show you the importance people consciously and subconsciously put on fairer genes. Of course this is whitey’s fault some how.

    I am thoroughly convinced all this hate whitey and hate blondie thing around the world is nothing more than hatred stemming from jealousy and envy.

  • IstvanIN

    Mestizo and Indian beggars and homeless children are common in Mexico.  People become inured  to that.  A beautiful white child, begging no less, is extremely uncommon there.  A child like that would normally belong to an upper class family or have been kidnapped from the US, so of course the authorities assumed someone was up to no good.

    No different than seeing a white person in a 100% diverse neighborhood, cops will assume they are looking for drugs or lost.

    • sarah stein

       For a couple years as a child, I lived in a black neighborhood, and a couple times a black lady would ask if I was lost, or did I need help getting home. lol.

  • FourFooted_Messiah

    I think it’s just common semse scientific reasoning on the part of the guy who reported to police.  H. sapiens has dark skin, hair and eyes as the dominant gene set, with fair skin, hair and eyes being recessive.  It’s VERY uncommon for dark parents to have a light kid, unless there was a white in the lineage – then freak births can happen, where the recessives match up classic Mendelian style. But that would become rarer and rarer, if sucessive generations kept breeding with dominant-gene possessors.

    As I mentioned elsewhere, I had a purebred pari-coloured toy poodle when I was a kid (my mom got him specifically because of that trait.)  Black and white are very rare in modern poodles; it’s an archaic gene-set that also has other, positive, side  effects (on intelligence neurosis, including yapping) that has become recessive compared to solid colour in the breed.   This kid is sort of like my poodle, though Mom sounds a bit dodgy, and no, you do NOT send KIDS out to PANHANDLE.  Ever been reduced to doing that?  It’s a very demoralizing thing to do (but better than prostitution!)

  • 5n4k33y35

    We can’t see her face, so it’s hard to say. The media is full of crap for scolding whites for caring about our own. This kind of propaganda is meant to dissuade us from bringing up Megan Boken and Autumn Pasquale. Libs are always criticizing white society for having the temerity to be concerned about a missing white girl.

    It’s stupid to send children out to beg in traffic. It would be one thing for children to beg at a pedestrian thoroughfare, under the watchful eye of a guardian, but to send a kid to beg in traffic is no different from offering the girl up to the first one who would abduct her.

    Given that she is blonde, there might be an extra temptation, as she does not fit in among others. No child should have to beg, much less to beg in car traffic. Shame on everyone who used this as a opportunity to scold white folks for being concerned.

    • Libs are always criticizing white society for having the temerity to be concerned about a missing white girl.

      Eff the libs. Say it a thousand times and say it boldly and unafraid, “Eff the libs.”

    • The__Bobster
      • 5n4k33y35

        Thanks. She looks mestizo, predominantly European ancestry. She’ll probably go from blonde to brown hair when she grows up, if her stupid mother stops sending her to panhandle in traffic. Still, very fair for Mexico, but not unheard of.

      • She got lucky for the light hair and eyes, but she can’t hide the short, squat limbs and broad cheeks. She’s not White.

        • ConantheContrarian

          I have seen many Euro-Americans with squat limbs and broad cheeks. Not every white woman is a fashion model. However, it would be interesting to see her DNA composition. Some mestizos could be 7/8 white. I believe Jessica Alba was tested, and she was found to be 7/8 white and 1/8 amerindian, just like many white Americans. 

  • sarah stein

    Mexico doesn’t cotton to white folks immigrating there so a white child wandering the streets is unusual.  And yes, white people look after their own, maybe photos of Indian children would be circulated if Indians cared.

  • Golden Rule Macongo Jed

    We aren’t supposed to care about White children, because they are carriers of the evil White privilege gene. We are only supposed to care for non white Diversity, because its victim status makes it sacred.

    Step over it- Transcend Diversity Always, Embrace Whiteness Only, Beware and Prepare, because you really do know what’s coming next, you see it in your worst nightmares, and you are extremely right…

  • Yeah, I always chuckle when people talk about the sinking of the Titanic. 100 years or so later, people are crying, Celine Dion writes a song and people stand in line to touch a piece of the hull– all because a bunch of rich, White people died. I remember when the movie “Titanic” first came out, there was a ferry off of India or some such that capsized and 500 people died or something– the story was in the news for a day, and that was it. Never hear of it again. That says a lot about us, and the way people view/value us.

    • IstvanIN

       The Titanic was a super-ship, the height of technology, filled with elegant, rich people.  Those ferries that sink are just rusty hulks, filled with smelly people that make no more difference to the world than a dozen ants do.

    • newscomments70

      Most of the people who died on the Titanic were poor and lower middle class. The majority of passagengers were “stearage” or third class. There was also the crew, who were mostly working class. The first class, as on any vessel, was only a small percentage of the total. Many of the first class passengers were allowed on the lifeboats. It was the “rabble” who died in an icey grave. Get your facts straight before you make such idiotic statements. 

      I’m sorry to hear about the Indians who died on the ferry. They were human beings, regardless of race. (not ants) The fact that the media focused on some disgusting Hollywood movie, instead or remembering the more recent fatalities is wrong. You must realize that this almost never happens. Whenever whites are hurt or killed by minorities, the media almost NEVER reports it. When a minority stubs his or her toe, it is international news. There are occasional exceptions, but you are denying the extreme anti-white hatred in the media. 

    • 5n4k33y35

      Men volunteered to die on the sinking Titanic so that children and women might survive. That was tacit acknowledgement that men are considered disposable.

      • rightrightright
        In the current  rush to gain access to Europe, boat loads of opportunistic black muslims take to the seas in rickety boats.   When the overloaded vessels began to founder, they throw the women overboard.

        That is their culture.    Black/brown culture.  Women are expendable.   In our White culture, men have the discipline to sacrifice themselves for the potentially unborn child.  

        Whites are capable of altruism and quiet self sacrifice.  Those encroachers who endeavour to steal our lands are not.

  • Blond hair and blue eyes are recessive traits.  Turns out, her parents were Mestizo, and she’s a throwback.

    The reverse would be impossible.

    If more people understood genetics, it wouldn’t have been made into an issue.  But the fact is, people deliberately lie to each other about genetics all the time.  After all, the very thought that there could be such an asymmetry, or any difference at all, between the races, is heretical.

  • 5n4k33y35

    Michael Jackson was breeding white people like a mad scientist and breeding fruit flies. Luckily they’ve turned out all right against all odds. If their biological parents can be found, they should be held up for ridicule for abandoning their own children. They should get involved in their lives.

  • IKantunderstand

    Oh please, you guys have already figured out a solution. Sneak into the U.S. so your kids are our problem.  And Ms Galvez, no race is pure, we are all a mix,  you say. Try telling that to La Raza. It’s truly amazing the elasticity of the concept of “race”, it literally depends on the situation.  Yeah, it’s a “social construct” all right. Constructed to get what they want from the social world when it suits them.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    ‘We need to see a white girl to worry about kidnapping, trafficking of children and child exploitation,’ wrote human rights activist Yali Noriega. ‘I’ve never seen photos of Indian children or simply dark-skinned kids circulating on the Internet with people asking others to help them’

    SHHHEEEIIITTTT!   That’s ALL you ever see!

  • JackKrak

    If Mexicans can implicitly suggest that a white girl in Mexico is somehow out of place, can we then start the conversation about how 40 million Mexicans are equally “lost” north of the border?

  • FourFooted_Messiah

     It’s the burden of chivalry that men kind of imposed upon themselevs ages ago.

    There are some of us who still appreciate it when we see it, even if it mostly just in the form of simple courtesy (like opening doors, something I do too for people.)

    It also kind of relates to the idea of “Noblesse Oblige” (and didn’t a rich couple give up their seats to the poor on the Titanic?  That’s Noblesse Oblige, the obligation of the nobleman toward the common class.)  The stronger, the better off, the more capable helps his lessors, sometimes by giving succor, and sometimes by trying to help  THEM stronger and better off, too.

    Unfortunately, those twin concepts have been booted, twisted and warped in the Left’s mind to only apply to first world must sacrifice itself to the third world, as if it were a damsel being held prisoner by a dragon that the white knight must come rescue.  The knight might not intend to sacrifice himself, but chances are pretty good that if he faces the dragon, he’ll become a crispy critter …. and the knight’s detractors, who sent him on the hunt in the first place, are really rooting for the dragon.

  • With the invasion of the US by illegal aliens, and our “leaders” doing nothing but offering them amnesty, the invasion will continue, economic displacement will occur and the sight of white children begging will become common.

  • The__Bobster

    Wrong, 9% of Mexicans are White. Of course they are the ones who rule the country.

  • The__Bobster

    Whenever I see a ninny in a shopping cart, chances are an old, ugly lesbian will be pushing said cart. Yet I’m expected not to react.

  • 5n4k33y35


  • what a silly remark.  I used to have a ‘black’ friend whose parents were light/dark.  She was very lightskinned and looked polynesian.  She had green eyes and freckles.  What is ‘authentically’ white anyway? My friend was clean, diligent, hardworking, and more responsible than I was.  She became a dental hygienist. 

  • William Allingham

    You’re talking about what Richard lynn calls “Pygmentocracies” a universal phenomenon in which the paler, the higher you reach on average. Even in all black countries the mulattoes rule.

    I really think she stole that children but in mexicos deficient system they will just rationalize and cover up everything because to do something would call even more attention and would put pressure to take actions mexico cannot afford.

    The lower IQ, the more you rely on treachery so mexicans are treacherous and often manipulate the naive whites alluding to nonexistent sick familiars or to situations that they know whites see as bad but mexicans themselves dont 

    They also dont understand the morality of honesty is alien to them so they dont have the same restrictions about denying something wrong they did and when whites see that they believe them because we would only deny something so persistently when its not true. 

    In fewer words they produce subhuman societies in which they feel comfortable but complain with whites in order to extortionate them and take as much from them as possible knowing that whites have higher standards.

    if mexicans dont care about their own brown children; we whites do care for our own, mexicans have arms and legs to provide themselves if they dont think it worths the effort is not whites fault.

  • William Allingham

    In mexico used to circulate an e-mail denouncing how a mestizo politician violates indian children (I dont think that ever anything was done about it by the authorities) and unfortunately only white elites seem to care about the inhuman treatment mexicans give to their own children (child sexual abuse is very widespread in mexico for every know case thousand happen everyday, almost all, by their own mestizo familiars)  so of course were whites the ones that posted that photo even when whites are a minority and the rest of the country composed of mestizos have recreated in mexico the mistreat and savagery of the aztecs.