Greece’s Extreme Right Strengthens as Economy Sinks

Andy Eckardt, CNBC, October 22, 2012

Ali Rahimi was enjoying a warm Greek evening, chatting away with two friends, when a mob of 15 people approached and asked where they were from.

“I told them that I am from Afghanistan and they said that it is time for me to go back to my country,” the 28-year-old asylum-seeker told NBC News.

Rahimi attempted to run away but was cornered, beaten, hit over the head with a bottle and stabbed in the chest and back by three assailants in the entryway of his Athens apartment building.

“When police arrived they called an ambulance, but then told me that they could not help me any further and left,” Rahimi recalled, explaining how he only realized how serious his injuries were after spotting blood running out from under his T-shirt during the brutal attack on Sept. 17, 2011.

Rahimi’s case does not appear to be unique. As the euro zone debt crisis leaves Greece grappling with a 25 percent overall unemployment rate, activists say they have noted an increase in the number of hate crimes reported.


The Golden Dawn party—no more than an extremist fringe group when it was established in the late 1980s and which has been branded “neo-Nazi” by its opponents—has been gaining support amid the country’s deteriorating economic situation.

Citing a poll by VPRC which appeared in the “Ellada Avrio” newspaper on Friday, Reuters reported:

Backing for the ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn, which has been linked to a rise in attacks against migrants in recent months, stood at 14 percent, double their take in June elections that gave the party a foothold in parliament. That would make the group the country’s third largest party.


Reuters added that the opinion poll showed that “Greeks’ frustration with their political leaders has grown as the coalition prepares to push through the new round of austerity measures to appease [foreign] lenders and secure more bailout aid and keep the country afloat.”


Experts estimate that between 800,000 and 1 million undocumented migrants now live in Greece, a country with a population of nearly 11 million.


Campaigning on a message of ultra-nationalism and fierce anti-immigrant policies, Golden Dawn won 18 seats in parliament during June’s national election.

“We have to protect 10 million Greeks that are suffering from the very bad economy and from the killings, rapes, shootings and everything else that all illegal immigrants are doing to this country,” Ilias Panagotiaros, a Golden Dawn politician and a member of Greek parliament, told NBC News.

A poll last month found that the popularity of Nikos Mihalolioakos, head of the Golden Dawn party, has climbed to 22 percent, up 8 points from May.

However, it is not just a harsh political message that has been drawing support for Golden Dawn.

In an attempt to build an image of social responsibility, followers of the movement have taken up the roles of what some Greeks call “a crumbling public support system.”


Last month, members of Golden Dawn set up booths in a central Athens square to distribute groceries and collect blood donations. “For Greeks only” was the message, after visitors were asked to provide identification of Greek citizenship.

“Golden Dawn has been taking advantage of the growing despair, presents itself as a protector of the weak and vulnerable,” analyst Tsoukalis says. “In dangerous neighborhoods they have offered to escort old ladies to the grocery store around the corner.”

Rising political and socio-economic discontent, nurtured by a surge of crime rates in major Greek cities, have also led to widespread public acceptance that followers of Golden Dawn sometimes substitute for police and other government officials.

A video shot in early September shows members of Golden Dawn checking work permits at a local market in Rafina, where migrant vendors sell their goods. Minutes later, several people with black Golden Dawn T-shirts and Greek flags moved in and destroyed the stands.

“We are going to defend our country, our history, our religion, our culture,” Golden Dawn’s Panagiotaros adds. He is also one of the founders of a ultra-nationalistic football fan club called Galazia Stratia, or Blue Army, that has vowed to “defend Greek national pride inside the stadiums”.


Meanwhile, Rahimi is still waiting for justice in the wake of his attack. The trial has been postponed seven times already in the past year.

“And it remains unclear, whether the prosecutor will argue that the attack had been motivated by racist or xenophobic sentiment,” Sunderland told NBC News.


One of the three accused is Themis Skordeli, a female member of Golden Dawn, who failed to get elected to parliament last May.

According to local media reports, Skordeli has been identified as a member of a so called ‘anti-migrant patrol group’, which was formed to ‘work the streets’ of poorer Athens’ neighborhoods.

Rahimi, who came to Greece in 2005, says that he now rarely leaves his apartment and has become extremely cautious when going out to visit friends.

“I am afraid to live here,” he says. “I will wait until the trial is over and then definitely head to another country.”

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  • Being an Ultra-Nationalist never sounded so promising.

    I wonder what the response from the American Nationalist crowd would be if I were to start a program where we would deliver food to needy White families and offer services to the elderly?

    • Delivering food to needy white families!  You racist, discriminating bigot! How dare you seek to look after your own?

      • Jed Sant Devi

        Didn’t the White racists at Mice Trap Records try to give help to Whites Only after Katrina, and the Whites yelled at them and told them to leave?

        Some folks deserve to starve.

        • Persephone Gray

          Prussian Blue, dubbed the “Nazi twins” by the media, donated goods to victims of Hurricane Katrina on the stipulation they were only to be distributed to whites. The official story is that nobody wanted such “hateful” goods and they sat there untouched until finally being discarded.

          •  You can’t use targeted donations in an anti-White society without controlling every aspect of the donation process. Start to finish, a White advocate has to be in control. If someone has to “stipulate” how the goods will be delivered, then chances are it will be doomed from the start.

          • Jed Sant Devi

            Now the twins are dope smoking Diversity lovers.

          • RisingReich

             Which came first, the dope smoking or the diversity loving is anyone’s guess.

            You give diversity too much credit by gracing it with the respect of capitalization.

          • Persephone Gray

            Yep. Given the way they were raised, this little fit of 180-degree teenage rebellion is pretty much to be expected. I predict by the time they’re about thirty, they’ll be disillusioned with their experiment in liberalism and return to the values and ideals they were taught in their youth. This just their version of “Rumspringa.”

          • 5n4k33y35

            The girls have doubtlessly over-corrected in the direction of “Progressive” ideology.

            If only their parents had the sense to be mild mannered rather than unnecessarily provocative attention seekers, they could have instilled confidence and love of white society which would have survived the pressure from the multicultural society.

            Instead, they had to dress their lovely daughters in Hitler T-shirts for shock value. Too bad they didn’t have the sense to build their white pride on a winner instead of a loser.

            Whites have been the most powerful among the races for centuries, so why should it be so difficult to choose a winner to identify with, instead of a loser? Why must they choose between Adolph Hitler and Generals of the Confederacy?

            I suppose it was because there was very little identification with white people as a race, prior to the Confederacy.

            Regardless of this, both Jefferson Davis and Hitler were defeated because they were judged to be bad by the majority of white people, or else they could not have been defeated.

            I’m not afraid to take up the banner of a loser, and I have in the case of David Koresh. But I won’t take up the banner of those who attained enormous power, unifying white society over vast regions, and ultimately throwing it away because they were too inhumane.

            To take up the banners of these losers would be to repeat their strategic error, marching proudly forward towards certain defeat.

            Yes, I am white, and my allegiance to white society is first, but I am also human, and I do not seek to deprive people of natural rights just because they are not white, or consider themselves to be separate from the rest of white society, as is the case with white Jews.

    • Jed Sant Devi

      Our greatest loss at this time is not having Jonathan Bowden around to give us his perspective on the Rising of the Golden Dawn.

      He would observe that these ideas of self assertion never really go away, but they just take new forms and come back under times of pressure.  He would praise GD as a hopeful sign and good example to the rest of us.  He would point out just how far down into the cesspool the UK has sunk itself that a similar party hasn’t shown up in London with success.

    • RisingReich

       I would think nothing but positivity should be the response.

  •  “I am afraid to live here,” he says. “I will wait until the trial is over and then definitely head to another country.”

    Mission accomplished.  Well done, Golden Dawn.

    • nathan wartooth

      That’s exactly what I thought when I read that. 

      Apparently it takes a 25% unemployment rate, high crime rate and a crumbling economy to make people nationalists. 

      Sadly by the time it gets that bad, they are looking for any violent thug who will bring their country to order. It’s a shame that people didn’t look for a moderate solution while it was still viable. 

      Having the government stop immigration and evict all of the illegal immigrants would have been the right thing to do. But now it’s past the point of no return and people are turning violent to get the job done. 

  • humptydumpty

    Keep your eye on this. Golden Dawn may very well take over in Greece.

  • NorthernWind

    Greece is a forecast, an avant-goût, for what is to come in most of Europe. Western civilization is in a downward spiral and it won’t be long before those who rule can no longer maintain the facade of stability and globalization/multiculturalism. I cannot imagine how things can be any other way in the long run and it saddens me greatly. On the other hand there is hope here, hope that the European peoples will continue to prosper far into the future.

    I truly hope that in the future our posterity will look back at these hard times and those to come as merely a test.

  • Little known fact — Charles “the Hammer” Martel was a nazi and racist.  Yes, he never lost an argumet with a liberal (or moslem).

  • IKantunderstand

    So, this guy Rahimi rarely leaves his apartment? Must be tough getting to his job and all. Wow, how does he pay for, you know, things like rent, food, electricity, clothes, you know stuff like that. Poor thing. Shame on Golden Dawn. Just shame. Hey, Rahimi! PLEASE let the door hit you in the ass on the way out of Greece. God, I hope he doesn’t get to sit on his butt somewhere else in Europe.

    • Strider73

      PLEASE let the door hit you on the way out of Greece.

      Translation into Arabic, courtesy of Google Translate (they don’t do Afghan or Pashtun):

      واسمحوا باب ضرب لكم في الحمار على سبيل للخروج من اليونان.

      Put that on T-shirts and they’d sell out all over Greece. Also an excellent revenue source for Golden Dawn.

  • anarchyst

    It is long overdue for whites to go after the politicians, movers and shakers, and other who support the pro-immigration, multiculturalism and diversity, movements.
    A “solution” to the “problem” can be found in the novel “Unintended Consequences” by author John Ross.  The book has been out-of-print for some time, but is still available on amazon and ebay.  It’s a little pricey, but well worth it . . .

    • RisingReich

       hmmm… ‘low tech leaderless resistance’
      Very interesting fictional snack.

  • IstvanIN

    If the European Union had been used for the good of Europeans, it might have worked. Germans have jobs, Greeks need jobs, Greeks get German work permits.  No more work, go home.  Germans remain citizens of Germany and Greeks remain citizens of Greece.  Allow the European population to move about freely.  But instead the elites decided to destroy their ancient countries by importing Turks, Arabs, Asians and Africans.  Insanity.

  • RisingReich

    “Rahimi, who came to Greece in 2005, says that he now rarely leaves
    his apartment and has become extremely cautious when going out to visit
    “I am afraid to live here,” he says. “I will wait until the trial is over and then definitely head to another country.””

    Ahhh.  NOW we are getting somewhere.  This is exactly what is missing in the US.  I’ve been saying this for years, that the main reason we have such an illegal invader problem here is that we cater to them. 

    Living (hiding, really) illegally in any country should not be a picnic.  Illegals SHOULD feel ‘persecuted’, ‘hunted-down’, ‘extremely cautious’, and ‘afraid to live here’.  The normal response to these conditions as poor Rahimi is expressing, is to at the very least “head to another country”.

    Rahimi – let me give you a gentle hint.  Not just “another country” but HOME.  Afganistan is where you belong.  Take the almost fatal hint you were given.

  • libertarian1234

    What Golden Dawn is doing is right in line with what they preach which is looking out for their own people.

    After all these references in the press to this group as neo-Nazis, one news account slipped up and admitted the moniker was given to them by radical leftists who regard them as right wing extremists, admitting they were regarded as such in order to demonize them so people wouldn’t go over to their side.  I think they learned that from the radicals at NBC who altered the Zimmerman 911 tapes.

    I would tell the media throughout the West and leftist politicos to get used to white preservation groups, because they’re going to see a lot of them in the coming months and years as the implosion continues.

    And, if fighting breaks out at any point I would advise them to ignore that knock on their door.

  • libertarian1234

    I’ve come across news reports from Greece wherein is buried a quote here and there from Greeks about getting fed up with the high crime rates among immigrants.

    But the radical leftists in the press…as they fail to do here….never openly report on  it.

    The impression they try to create is that all these beautiful, peace-loving immigrants just want to work, love their new country and live in peace, but evil racists won’t allow them to do any of it.

    Conservative groups throughout Europe are up in arms over immigrant/migrant crime, reporting everything from rapes to robberies to vicious assaults.

    But not one single word from the press about any of it. 

    As the right gets stronger in the continuing economic drop, I’m looking for a large population of conservatives to get so fed up they’ll eventually tear down the newspapers who report such abominable lies and ommissions.

  • 5n4k33y35

    I agree fundamentally with the core message of the Golden Dawn Party, but I object to the idea that they ought to recycle the colors and the rhetoric of the National Socialists of Germany.

    They ought to use blue and gold for their flags and avoid the red, white and black colors. Greek culture has more than enough history for the Golden Dawn leadership to draw upon for inspiration.

    • jeffaral

      There is nothing wrong with National Socialism!!!!

  •  Right.  “Heading to another country” is not the same as “going back to Afghanistan, where I belong.”

  • curri

    “… any salute can be called a  ‘Nazi salute.’ ”

  • Tom_in_Miami

    “I am afraid to live here,” he says. “I will wait until the trial is over and then definitely head to another country.”

    Too bad the immigrants here in the US don’t do the same thing.  Instead, it’s the native born Whites who are looking for another country.

  • NorthernWind

     Yes and they will not shift to the nationalist right because it’s fashionable but out of necessity. What Greece demonstrates (and some poorer Eastern European countries for that matter) is that once the standards of living drop enough, people are no longer able to indulge in countless distractions and must face the reality they live in.

    That’s why we should cheer economic collapse and understand that this is why those who rule are willing to go so far as printing money and borrowing money to pay loans over and over. They desperately cling to power, they are shameless and sociopaths unworthy of ruling over the European people. The sooner they are overthrown the better.

    • US_Eurolad

      I spent most of last summer in “Eastern European Countries” (read: Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine) speaking русский helps tremendously but isn’t required. They are unlike anything the West is currently familiar with. They are White through and through. The few that come there from places with a “darker” complexion know their place, and tread lightly. Men are still in control in these places and haven’t been poisoned by feminism like the West. That being the case, they see the plague and scourge that is out of control feminism and “diversity”, and they want no part of it. Younger women poisoned by the internet and the Zionist media long for our Western Lifestyle because it is so glamorous and diverse, to them. They have no idea about the actual cost of this disgusting over-spending culture.

  •  It was also only a few decades ago that the Turks invaded Northern Cyprus. They know that once they know that land-claims are what follow migration and settlement.

  • bursinfur

     This should give you some insight on what is happen in Europe.

  • Sloppo

    The danger Ali Rahimi faces as a result of living in Greece pales in comparison to the danger that normal Greeks would face if they tried to colonize Ali’s home country of Afghanistan.  Ali’s culture is extremely hostile to Greeks and anyone else who is not from Ali’s culture.  It is completely reasonable for Greeks to not want that hostile culture to be established in Greece.

  • Sloppo

    That visit would happen and the propaganda networks would have nothing to say about the torture, death, and postmortem mutilation of those Greeks.