Disney’s Latina Princess Sparks Outrage, Is She Inspired by Queen Sofia of Spain?

Stephanie Nolasco, Fox News Latino, October 19, 2012

Disney Junior will introduce Princess Sofia on November 18, its first Latina animated character, in the upcoming television film ‘Sofia the First.’ And while many have praised Disney’s efforts in creating a royal for Hispanic audiences, her debut has also been shadowed by criticism.

Previously, Entertainment Weekly reported executive producer Jamie Mitchell confirmed the star of the upcoming film “is Latina,” but the milestone has not received the same attention as the 2009 film The Princess and the Frog, whose main character Tiana “bears the traits of African American women.” EW also quoted the channel’s Vice President of original programming, Joe D’ Ambrosia, stating that Disney team is purposely not placing emphasis on Sofia’s ethnicity because every school girl can identify with Sofia.


While Sofia’s mother, Queen Miranda, is noted for having a darker complexion, Sofia bears lighter features, blue eyes and reddish-brown hair, leading to controversy within social media.

Disney has not provided more details on where Sofia’s Latin roots may come from, but the team could have drawn inspiration from real-life Queen Sofia of Spain, who also has auburn hair and blue eyes. Her granddaughter, Princess Sofia, is blonde with similar light features. Queen Sofia, however, was born in Greece.


Mashable is reporting the new Disney character has generated criticism from people on Twitter and Facebook. Many online users have stated Sofia “looks white.”

Meanwhile, others have argued that Hispanics come from various backgrounds and Disney should be praised for not instantly using dark features to showcase a Latina.


When asked about Sofia’s ethnicity, a Disney spokesperson said they’re dedicated in promoting diversity for their audience.

“The range of characters in ‘Sofia the First’-and the actors who play them- are a reflection of Disney’s commitment to a diverse, multi-cultural and inclusive storytelling, and the wonderful early reaction to ‘Sofia’ affirms that commitment,” said the spokesperson.

The spokesperson also said Sofia’s mother, Queen Miranda, was born in the fictitious land of Galdiz, “a place with Latin influences.”


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  • The__Bobster


    That’s a lovely castle Disney’s new princess has. I wonder how much plundered gold and silver from the Americas it took to fund it?

    I’m joking, of course, but there’s an argument to be made here that turns the tables on the PC crowd.

    The conquistadors didn’t seem to have a problem ruling over large numbers of indigenous peoples when it meant lots of labor for their haciendas, silver mines, etc. But now that the proverbially restless natives have become inconvenient for Latin elites, they’re happy to export their surplus peasantry to us.

    Immigration restrictionists should cast mass immigration as a kind of demographic bailout for Latin America’s white ruling class. It’s not the most direct or forceful argument, but it has the advantage of being palatable to the sensibilities of mainstream conservatism.

  • Defiant White

    There are a lot of hispanics (i.e., people who speak spanish and span-glish) who call themselves “not white.”

    In a lot of case, they’re just plain wrong.  They are totally European . . . perhaps southern European . . . but still caucasoid.  A lot of southern Europes do have dark features after a great-granny many generations back was raped by a Turk  or an Arab.  (On the other hand, the Vikings raped their way up and down . . . excuse the pun . . . the Med and just as many southern Europes look Nordic.)

    However, in other cases the “dark” look isn’t from Arab/Turk ancestry . . . it’s purely indian or negro.  A lot of hispanics are racially mestizo or racially mulatto.

    But the vast majority of spanish-speakers hate being called mestizo or mulatto.  They’d rather call themselves “hispanic” (which is not a racial category) rather than being called part indian or part black.

    This is the same as blacks trying to lighten their skin, bleach their hair or straightening their flat snouts. 

    It’s just another hilarious example of the hypocrisy of multiculturalism. 

  • Why the fuss, anyway Mexicans, both male & female, would like to be White.

    • Jed Sant Devi

      The most vicious Diversity Wars to come will be between the historically advantaged Diversity Blacks and the newly empowered Diversity Hispanics.

      The Hispanics will look at the failures of WASPs to consolidate and keep their gains, and will refuse to be mau maued by the bantu zulu voodoo Diversity.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Queen Sofia was born in England and is English.  Queen Maria of Romania (early 20th century) was Belgian.  King Alexander of Serbia hid in Britain during the time of Yugoslavia and married an Englishwoman.  Balkan royal wives have often come from Northern Europe.

    • IstvanIN

       She was born in Greece.

      • Carney3

         Being born somewhere doesn’t make you of that place’s ethnicity.  The Greek royal family is not of Greek ethnicity.

        • John Bonham

           Hmm, Looks like the Greeks have the same problem we have .. Foreigners running the country ..

          • Carney3

            Well, Greece is a republic now and has been since the 70s. The point is that its royal family was chosen for it by other European powers on the advent of independence from Turkey in the early 19th century. This happened a lot in the Balkans and Eastern Europe by the way. A lot of German princes ended up as kings or tsars of this or that. Without much objection from the locals either.

        • MarcusTrajanus

           The Dutch and British Royal families aren’t very Dutch ot British either. European royalty are almost a race unto themselves.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         I accept your correction.  However, she is English, (if that recollection is correct), but I KNOW that she is Northern European, so my larger point stands.

  • Jed Sant Devi

    dedicated in promoting diversity

    Diveristy is our greatest strength, and you must be dedicated to promoting it, or we will be dedicated to eradicating you, which we are dedicated to anyway, but we demand that you agree and sumbit to our plan, or we’ll call you a racist and attack your unearned racist White privilege with even more force, so we we hope you resist, because it gives us a moral excuse to do what we are doing anway…

    The demand that you dedicate yourself to promoting Diversity is a demand thay you run a false flag operation against your own White self.

  • Shouldn’t a white Hispanic be seen as promoting diversity?

    • No no
       The white Hispanics need to be enriched with Indio blood first.

  • Power2Glory

    I agree she doesn’t look like a true ‘Latina’. She doesn’t have a moustache.

    •  or crazy arm hair

    • dukem1

       Not thick enough.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      There’s a furry little “cousin it” latina at my work. I wish I could grow a mustache like her…

  • Detroit_WASP

    I told ya….she looks Irish!

  • All this hoopla over the “White latina” seems to suggest  latinos do not value diversity.

    • John Bonham

       Sure they do, as long as it doesn’t include whites..

  • sarah stein

    You’re absolutely correct, you will never win.  Even if the doll was perfect, only with dark skin and dark hair, they would say “you racist, you think all Hispanics have dark eyes and dark hair?”.

  • I loved watching Disney’s old Zorro production on the Disney Channel! I didn’t know anything about New Spain–let alone Mexico–and I was your typical horse-crazy little girl. That show was great.

  • Please. If anything defines American history to the rest of the world, it is the cowboy culture which comes directly from the vaquero tradition first from Spain and then Northern Mexico.  Words like “rodeo”, “buckaroo”,  “ranch”, “bronco”, “pinto”, “stampede” among many other are derived from Spanish in case you didn’t know:


    The fact that the word “latino” has been corrupted by Amerindians and Mestizos, doesn’t mean that we should ignore, nor denigrate the original contributions of fellow White Spaniards to American history and culture.  C’mon now…


    • John Bonham

        Words like “rodeo”, “buckaroo”,  “ranch”, “bronco”, “pinto”, “stampede”
      among many other are derived from Spanish in case you didn’t know:

      Most of the english language came from latin, so what’s your point ?
      Do yourself a favor and stop reading/quoting from Wikipedia …Trust me, it’s in your best interests .. ANYONE at ANYTIME can change whatever they want on wiki, true or not… The only thing Wiki is good for is looking up bands, and the years their albums came out .. I would actually double chack that info also..

  • Carney3

    You know, I can’t argue with that.  As annoyed by and as opposed to the portion of pro-whites that obsesses over that group as I am, I’m still really upset over what’s been done to Disney since the mid 80s.

  • John Bonham

    So the whole point of the story is that hispanics are mad because Disney made their princess look white? Why am I not surprised ?? I mean really who the hell wants to be a pastie, white pinky cracker anyway, right ? Is there a soul in this world that actually respects whites ? As Mr Taylor would say, not a chance .

  • John Bonham

     That’s true.. Flipping through the channels the other day I saw the most beautiful woman
    and was mesmerized by her beauty.. So continued to watch .. As soon as she ran into someone
    she started talking, my God my heart sank to the ground when I found out she was Hispanic..I guess I stumbled onto Univision or something..
    Point is she looked as white as ANY white American girl .. Light Hair , light eyes, white skin..

    • MarcusTrajanus

      ” she started talking, my God my heart sank to the ground when I found out she was Hispanic..”

      “Point is she looked as white as ANY white American girl ..”

      Maybe that’s because she was White.
      Spanish is a European language, a close relative of French and Italian, slightly more distant relative of German and English. Just because non-Whites speak it doesn’t mean it’s a non-White language or that all its speakers* are tainted. Millions of non-Whites als speak English, French, etc.

      *including Spaniards in Spain, their descendents in South America, and the descendents of other European ethnicities (Italians, Germans, Frenchmen, etc) whose ancestors also settled in South America alongside them.

    • Whites are Whites regardless language, country of origin. Many denizens of Latin America ARE Whites from (mostly) European ancestors, like my great-great-great-grand-parents.

      U.S.A. is not the cradle of blond, light eyes, light hair, etc. Ethnic  is not equal to country. And English is not the “official” language.

      On topic: the cartoon here is clearly a Latina, because Latin/a comes from the roots of their language.  Latin apply to all languages heavily influence by Rome Empire’s Lingua Latina (Latin Language) hence “latin-latina”. Italians, French, Spanish. So most if not all are European White.

      Latin America is only call like that because Spanish and Spanish-Eurpean heritage. That like it or not is White, with “mestizos” and native in between.

      So Disney’sPrincess Sofia is indeed Latin.

  • John Bonham

     I think Jed was being facetious ..

  • The problem is with the term, hispanic…most people of pure Spanish origin are primarily of Celtic stock and can be blonde, redhaired, or brunettes, like most of England, Scotland, and Ireland…in my experience, and I just returned from two weeks in Madrid, only two out of ten persons appeared to be “Latino” with olive complexions…and most of them that I talked to were of Central American birth.  I lived in Mexico for two decades and most of my friends were as white as I am…except they had a more distinguished ancestry having descended from the Conquistadors of 400 years ago and had documented it.

    • Yes…but I suspect the ones doing the belly aching are not “White hispanics,” but rather the dark and squat border jumpers that have a propensity to become upset and make demands of this country when they do not get their way.  

    • Queen Sofia is not (from what I understand) of native Spanish blood, however. She is from the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, and was born a princess of Denmark and Greece (the modern royalty of Greece descended primarily from phihellenic German dynasties).

  • When is the absurdity of PC going to stop.  Its getting so one can’t go even one day when some one or some group isnt outraged at something,  Most of the blacks outrages can be funneled into what is known in legal circles as frivolous law suits which are brought up on the outside chance some liberal judge might see things as far left as he could possibly lean and then have the audacity to award some ne’er do well a substantial amount of cash free and clear.  If all of the law suits in question where looked at under a magnifying glass I daresy ten percent of them may be actual suits that hold up under an ethics code.  I do notice that the only people who are never outraged or upset even when the ball falls into their court is white people.  We just know better.

  • I shudder to think what might transpire had she been portrayed as a young jewish girl with brown eyes, a hooked nose and dark circles around each eye socket.  No one would utter a single word then.

  • US_Eurolad

    Correct. Spaniards would laugh at such a word…

  • Just abolish affirmative action & most things will go back to normal. No white Latinos will claim any special status, nor Mrs. Warren will play her little ancestor games.

    BUT- the most constructive effort is what Mr. Taylor is doing now at promotions of WSUs. No profit in complaining- we should try through media, through awakening of masses, through a flood of video clips, books & booklets & comics & studies & movies &  … to promote White European/American racial & cultural pride.

    That will be the beginning of the end.

  • Jed Sant Devi

    It would happen naturally, but unearned racist White privilege blinds Whites to the benefits of Diversity.

    If we crush White privilege, everyone will see the benefits.

  • MarcusTrajanus

     ‘Many online users have stated Sofia “looks white.”’

    What, suddenly us White folk can’t be Hispanic? She looks like a lot of people in my family. We’ve been in South America for many generations, we came from Hispania, and we spoke Spanish long before any amerindian, so if anyone gets to call themselves Hispanic, it’s us. Hispanics look White because Hispanics are White. Mestizos who hate Whites and pretend to identify with the poor oppressed Indios (while really looking down on them) can look for some other name.

  • Kblankenship7

     I don’t know about that.  Up in Galicia (NW of Spain) a big football team is called Celta Vigo.  Just got promoted to first division.  It would be interesting to hear from anyone on here who is from Spain regarding appreciation for Celtic roots.