Billboard Attempts to Intimidate African American Voters in Cleveland

Plunderbund, October 4, 2012

A billboard declaring “Voter Fraud is a Felony” is now on display in Cleveland—a clear attempt to intimidate and suppress African American and student voters in the area.

According to Cleveland City Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland, who took the photo, this sign is directly across from Arbor Park Village, a subsidized housing development of more than 600 units. It is also within a few blocks of three public housing estates and right down the street from Cuyahoga Community College Metro Campus.

“This is blatant voter intimidation,” says Councilwoman Cleveland. “A direct attack in the heart of African American community meant to scare people and keep them from exercising their right to vote.”

We couldn’t agree more. But we aren’t surprised. Republicans nationwide, and especially in Ohio, have been looking for ways to limit the turnout of Democratic voters—especially students and African Americans. {snip}


It is currently unclear who paid for the billboard. The sign simply reads “Paid for by a Private Family Foundation.”  But the sign’s owner, Clear Channel, has also allowed similar content to be displayed on a billboard in Milwaukee in 2010 which resulted in protests from the community.


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  • Up to my neck in CA

    Their constant blatant attacks on voter ID laws is making it very obvious that they have a lot of fraud up their sleeves or have used it in the past to win elections.
    Can we please bring back Common Sense politics? Stop worrying about who might be offended and do what is right for our country. How lazy does one have to be to not have a form of ID in the 21st Century?

    • Puggg

       Lost the link.

      The latest James O’Keefe video sting shows an Obamorganizing For AmeriKa activist teaching the undercover stinger how to vote twice, once in Florida and again in Texas.

      • jedsrael

        Which proves that “citizen journalism” is a racist construct and should be outlawed as a hate crime.

    • RisingReich

       Haven’t you figured this out?  Common sense, and ANY law, is ultimately ‘racist’.
      So are billboards, IQ scores, SAT tests, credit scores, arrest/conviction records and life expectancy measures.

  • Puggg

    There are similar billboards in St. Louis, but they involve “illegal guns.”

    No protests about disparate impact there.

  • Ulick

    The screams of racism from the black community Over this billboard are essentially an admission of guilt. The sign is facially neutral with no mention of race. Even given the location of the billboard, the sign would have zero effect of intimidating you from voting if you’re voting legally. The sign would only intimidate you from voting if you’re voting illegally.

    The article, and society in general, seem to have taken the position that it’s more appropriate to allow illegal voting than it is to call the black community on their higher than average rate of illegal voting. Truly pathetic.

  • The__Bobster

    How can the spoonies be “intimidated”? Has one of them EVER been sent to prison for voter fraud?

  • Excuse me, but it seems to me that if you’re not commiting fraud what is there tobe intimidated by? if anything it’s a public service announcent.

    Now if we can only get these billboards in Spanish here in California it might be the first time in decades a Republican Presidential candidate won an election here.

  • jedsrael

    Whether it becomes stated policy or not, black votes for Dems will be counted twice so as to “address historic injustices and begin to confront the tragic legacy of abandoning Equality for blacks when Federal troops were withdrawn from the South in 1877”.

    • RisingReich

       Ha!  5/3rds of a vote instead of 3/5ths huh?  Almost two instead of almost 1.

      Outta be 0.0

  • Sheila Dinehart

    The Authentic White smiles and continues to watch and to wait.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Apparently, this woman thinks that voter fraud is so prevalent in the black community that any warning against it is tantamount to voter intimidation. And she may have a point there!

  • sarah stein

    Hmmm,  $10,000 fine.  Do you take Obama phones?

  • Diamond_Lil

    It’s racisss because “fraud” is a white person’s word.  Should have read “Don’t jack the vote o’ u goin dowwwnnn.” 

  • 5n4k33y3s

    It’s pretty obvious the Democrat plan is voter fraud. I never thought I’d be the one to say it because I was furious about Bush versus Gore. (Gore is from my home state.) Nevertheless, it is the Democrats who are now trying to undermine electoral integrity.

    • “Are now?”

      It was Democrat voter fraud even in Bush vs Gore.

      The origin of hanging and dimpled chads was shoving too many punch card ballots in the vote-o-matic and voting Gore.  The top ballots’ chads punched all the way through, the middle ballots punched out on all but one side (hanging) and the bottom ballots’ chads didn’t punch through at all but it showed a dimple for the stylus punch.  That all came from Democrats (probably black) trying to cast multiple votes for Gore after hours.

      Then there were the illegal aliens that voted.

  • Dave4088

    I guess talking about voter fraud must hit a nerve with the black community and their left wing enablers.  After all, they are the most likely to engage in the practice.

    Councilwoman Cleveland forgot to add that the campaign might keep blacks from exercising their right to vote not once, but twice to thrice. 

  • The Bogeyman

    Maybe if you and more people like you had stayed we wouldn’t be a “swing state” and thus saddled with the currently elected garbage in D.C.

  • blight14

    Many of the comments are truly hard to fathom……scroll down to ‘Joseph’ a moderator…..I informed him that he likely doesn’t possess the basic qualifications to be a moderator if he didn’t understand the basic premise to the billboard….

  • If the billboard is down the street from Shaniqua’s Hair and Nail Salon, the billboard should read, “credit card fraud is a felony.”  We think of white collar crime and think of Bernie Madoff and Gordon Gekko.  In reality, there are a lot of proletarian black women who are or have been in Federal prison for credit card fraud or some similar fraud.

  • Thoughtcrime1933

    Of course this is RAYCISS! LOL
    Any suggestion by a human that zombies (my special pet name for our dusky cousins from Africa) behave itself is RAYCISS!And of course by City “Councilwoman” Phyllis Cleveland’s (a hideous member of the zombie horde herself) eeking and ooking about the sign is just a tacit admission that she KNOWS that zombies, particularly Democrat zombies and in recent decades even chupacabras (who are usually named Jose and Maria) are the majority of perps in voter fraud.Imagine if this was a sign about let’s say…oh I dunno…RAPE. Would she still be ooking and eeking? Of course she would be! She knows that the vast majority of rapists are zombies who prey upon human females.

    My wife and I have adopted this terminology when referred to the hordes of black and brown around us so we can openly speak of them right in front of them with no fear of a mass attack (zombies never attack solo with any real danger…unless by complete surprise). Zombie is the perfect word to refer to them as, because the are so similar in both appearance and behavior. They are both caricatures of humanity. They both ape human behavior but neither are civilized  or can be domesticated. Neither can be expected to follow any rules, chaos is what they thrive on. They are both prone to cannibalism. They both are disheveled and reek of death. Even their skin color suggests death and decay. Consider that you wouldn’t eat a banana if it were as dark as some of our African cousins. Lastly, they both are known to destroy entire societies when they are allowed to propagate in large numbers. So as you can see I can’t see a better term to refer to them that hasn’t been banned other than ZOMBIE. I hope it catches on in WN and racialist speech and thought. Oh and I don’t miss the irony  in that the word also originated in Bantu speech in Haiti, from their Hudu (voodoo) culture. EPIC IRONY!

    Oh and chupacabra is just a bit of fun. It originated in Tacoville and refers to a blood sucking, mangy dog that skulks around. The Mexican leech has earned this title with me as well. Blood suckers to the last, draining our economy and social services completely UNDESERVED.

    I hope this gets posted here. 

    • Michael C. Scott

      I’ll just keep calling them orcs,

  • Un-Indoctrinated

    I got to agree w/ Anglo on this one. I am a life long Clevelander and it’s where I lay my head at night. Alongside my wife and our beautiful daughter. But I would have left Ohio a long time ago if I were a bachelor. My wife knows this. But if my Aunt had breasts, I’d refer to her as Uncle.

    Everybody has a scenario in his/her head that would play out if they took another path. I am blessed to have a job in these trying times, as is my wife. But there is no doubt in my mind that the politicians in this state, and in Cuyahoga County, have no clue what they are doing. Cleveland went the way of Detroit and a lot of long timers here never thought they’d see it happen. I guess if you are around long enough you see the worst of a community. If you are growing up at the right time, you see the best of it too.

  • Michael C. Scott

    Excuse me for asking, but aren’t people supposed to be intimidated from committing felonies?  I thought the entire point to the fines and prison sentences was that people would want to avoid that sort of thing.