Asian-Americans Could Impact Presidential Race

Richard Lui, NBC News, October 6, 2012

There are plenty of different voter groups for campaigns to court during this presidential election and, this year, Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders could impact the outcome in a significant way. In what has been a tight race, a relatively minor investment in these voters could pay large dividends for President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

There are three characteristics to consider about this slice of the electorate:

Swing State Population Levels

First, Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders have reached tipping-point population levels in battleground states.

For example, in Florida, Asian-Americans (single and mixed race) are 3 percent of the population, according to the Asian American Center for Advancing Justice—small, but Obama won the state by just 2.5 percentage points in 2008. In Nevada, Asian-Americans are 9 percent of the population; Obama won by 12.4 percentage points.  And in Virginia, where they are 7 percent; Obama won by 6.3 percentage points.



A second characteristic to consider: Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders this year are over four times more likely to be undecided than the average voter, according to the National Asian American Survey.  {snip}

Sixty-two percent of them voted for Obama four years ago. But this year, the economy continues to be the biggest issue in the campaign and Asian Americans who own businesses are considering their options.

Democrat Haresh Bhungalia is undecided. {snip}

Immigration reform is the other top issue Bhungalia cares about. It’s been delayed. Like him, three out of four Asian-American adults were born in a foreign country and are watching the debate on immigration.


{snip} Mee Moua of the Asian American Center for Advancing Justice in Washington, D.C. says Asian-Americans need to be considered.

“As we head toward election day, candidates and political parties will step up their voter engagement efforts,” said Moua. “Those who want to succeed will recognize the importance of the Asian-American voter.  Those who ignore us, do so at their own peril.”

At APIAVote’s Presidential Town Hall in Fairfax, Va., in July, neither candidate showed up, sending videos and surrogates instead. The Romney campaign had bumper stickers in several different Asian languages, and both Obama and Romney have Asian-American outreach information on their campaign websites.


Donation Rates

A third consideration:  Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders are not afraid to use their economic muscle. (Despite being half to a third the size, the group’s combined consumer and business spending power of almost $1.2 trillion equals African-Americans and just trails Latinos.) They equaled whites for the highest rate of donation to political campaigns in the last election: 13 percent. This was higher than African-Americans (8 percent) and Latino-Americans (5 percent). As the economy faltered, Asian-Americans so far this cycle have donated at 11 percent.


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  • The__Bobster

    The fact these tails can wag their Obama meals indicates that we shouldn’t import any more of them, even though losers who can’t get real dates might be in mourning for a while.

    • IstvanIN

      losers who can’t get real dates 


    • Michael C. Scott

      We are not all losers.

  • Puggg

    I thought Hispanics were supposed to decide everything.

    •  That’s on Monday.  Tuesdays are for the Asians.

      • Puggg

        Then tomorrow will be Muslim day.

  • crystal evans

    I can tell you one thing. In 2008, Obama supporters from Hawaii, most of them Asian or Pacific Islander called their friends and relatives in Nevada to vote for Obama. There is a sizable Hawaiian community in Las Vegas. They may do it again.

  • Athling

    It appears Asians have learned a few “oppressed minority” tactics


    • IstvanIN

       Come on Asia-philes, explain that one.

      • Michael C. Scott

        Marries to a Japanese, I know exactly what to do to North Koreans.  That’s one of them.

  • bluffcreek1967

    I have never had any personal conflicts with Asians and, in some ways, I have admired their studious nature, personal discipline, low crime rates, commitment to family and respect of their elders (namely, Japanese, Chinese and Koreans which I view as the higher caliber of Asian groups). But with that said, I simply don’t want them in my country in any large numbers at all. I don’t even want there to be sufficient numbers of them to have a ‘Chinatown.’ This doesn’t mean I desire Asians to be persecuted or individually disrespected. I just don’t want them here. Left to themselves, they will not defend our Constitution; they will not defend Whites and support their efforts to fight displacement.

    I want the U.S. and all of Europe to be completely dominated by the White race. This is what our Founders wanted and history has proven that they were correct in this.

    • Long Marcher

      You want the US to be dominated by the white race? Sorry bud, too late. Not going to happen. Why don’t you pack up and head back to the only place where you are indigenous – ie Europe. You have a right to Europe, so long as whites all over the world outside of Europe give up the lands they have stolen from non-whites and head ‘home’.

      Sorry bluffcreek1967. You are way too late. The US will turn non-white pretty soon and there is not one thing you can do about it.

    • WeWon

      You may want a country dominated by whites but everybody doesn’t and it won’t happen.  Why don’t you move to Iceland?

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    “Asian-American Center for Advancing Justice”.  “National Asian American Survey”.  “Asian-American Institute”.  “Asian Law Caucus”.  “Asian Congressional Caucus”.  “Asian Chamber of Commerce.”  “Asian -American Journalists Association”.  “Asian-American Scholarship Fund”.  Asian-American Librarian Association”.  “Asian-American Bar Association”.

    And these are only a few.  For everything you can name, the asians have their piece of it.  And people have the audacity to tell us the asians aren’t here to take over.  Yeah, right. 

  • potato78

    Korean Americans fully support Romney for the next US president.

    The following ladies will vote for Romney.

    Our dusky indian americans fully support Obama for the next US president.
    Our dusky indian americans will be the future for our US dem party.

    Our land future.

  • shmo123

    I live in Florida, and in my experience Asians are nowhere near 3% of the population. There’s just not that many of them here, unless they’re counting Indians, Pakistanis, etc. in that population–then it might reach 3%. 

    • crystal evans

      Indians and Pakistanis are considered South Asians and are considered Asian Americans.

  • Apparently everyone can impact the presidential election except White people.

  • crystal evans

    The reasons why we considered ourselves Asian Americans is that many people do not consider us American but foreign because of how we look. Asian Americans have had to pay the price for anything Japan or any other Asian country does. For example, In 1983, Vincent Chin, a young Chinese American man was killed by a group of white men because they thought that he was Japanese. At that time, there was a trade imbalance between the US and Japan.

    • Oh cry me a river ! 

      Good God, not only you don’t know your own history, but you troll on a White website to play the victim too ?

      Sorry lady, but “asian americans” is well known to be a self-descriptive term by your fellow mongoloids that was originated by activists back in the 60’s, and more importantly by mr. “YUJI ICHIOKA”:

      It’s not White people’s fault you look like a mongol and that your family decided to move to a White country, ok?

      Looking different would be the exact same issue for a White person in 98% homogeneous Japan, and any White immigrant hung up about it there would be just as stupid to call himself  “White Japanese”.

      Deal with it already or go back where you belong, you hypocrite.

      • Michael C. Scott

        I was loaned to a Japanese chemical company in 1994, and I loved both Saitama Prefecture and the people there. 

        There are plenty of white Japanese.  One of them is from Finland and a member of their Diet, or parliament.

        Do you know your name means “rattlesnake”?


        • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

          There is no such thing as a “white Japanese”.  There are only White People and Non-White People and nothing in between.

          Also, the word “caracal” isn’t an everyday word so I’m quite sure he knows what it means but I didn’t so thanks for the definition!

    • Net_Drifter

      I don’t believe that a “group of young men” killed an asian because of a trade imbalance. Really, I don’t.

      • Michael C. Scott

        OK, they killed him because they were vicious thugs.

        I was congratulated for my American car, a Saturn, by another fellow at the gas station, who was frothing at the mouth about Japanese, until Sayaka and Ariadne walked out.  I gave Sayaka a “Hollywood kiss” before we got in the Saturn and drove away.

        The murder was all over the newspapers here.  It was young white guys who did it.


        • Net_Drifter

          When it comes right down to it, it doesn’t impact me. Stupid and senseless they may have been, but I have no reason to truly care. It’s not about me. 

          In some ways, you and they have a lot in common anyway. I’m sure they had their reasons also.

    • Michael C. Scott

      I remember that; it was done in Denver.

  • Puggg

    They’re not us.  I don’t care what party they vote for or how high their IQs supposedly are.

  • Republican doesn’t mean anything in the context of proactive racial politics. It certainly hasn’t meant anything positive to pro-White people. It should be very apparent to anyone over the age of 30 that Republicans aren’t coming to save the day—they have never even attempted to when they had power in a 90% White nation.

    A White person is not an Asian person. Ten million black people could vote Republican tomorrow, and what exactly would that accomplish for pro-White people?

    Do White people need the approval of Asians or black people in order to justify their own views and realities?

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    And a great big huge AMEN! to that!

    There are a few people here who like to believe the asians are our friend but it’s not true.  There’s just too much proof out there to show what they’re really about and that is taking us over.