They Come to America

Dennis Lynch, YouTube, September 17, 2012

Dennis Michael Lynch (DML) has created a riveting, non-partisan documentary that exposes the true costs of illegal immigration.  Some say it’s an Oscar worthy film capable of sparking change.  And yet, Hollywood, theater chains, festivals, digital outlets and the liberal media refuse to acknowledge the film.  So the question becomes, “Why?”  Watch the film. You’ll get the answer.


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  • Athling

    Excellent. A film like this is long overdue. Should be required viewing for all members of Congress. Romney should get a private screening asap.

  • “Where has our common sense gone?”

    It’s been replaced with political correctness.

    •  Amen. 

      “But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”

      George Orwell,


  • Hirschibold

    I will be buying several copies of this, but most independent documentaries are dead in the water  unless they can get screened at the Cannes film Festival, or the Sundance film Festival. The production values look good, and the filmmakers seem competent, but this will win the Palm d’Or sometime after Democrats stop calling Republicans racist, and pigs fly.

    No, I somehow don’t see Geoffrey Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg, Harvey Weinstein, or any other studio heads putting their muscle behind this project, as they would’ve done with Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, which had some distribution problems with Disney because even they didn’t want to get involved with the controversial project.

    Something the silly leftist progressives might want to consider is that they have a massive Trojan horse on their hands. Hispanics are overwhelmingly Catholic, and once they have a majority rather than a plurality in the Democrat party, the “blue dog” liberal white new England Democrats will have outlived their usefulness. I suspect at some future point that the mestizos will use their clout to overturn Rowe V Wade and may use their political muscle to reestablish traditional sex roles, since all other forms of identity politics, from feminism, to gay and LGBT lobbies, will be crushed under the weight of Hispanic rule. At that point, both Republican and Democrat politicians won’t just be speaking Spanish in order to broaden their base or increase their appeal, but because it will probably be our national language and it will be the law that only Spanish can be spoken in school. It will almost be worth it to see the Left get killed by the monster it helped create.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      I’m afraid you massively overestimate the conservatism of these alleged Catholics.  There are places here in California where the invasion is complete, with little or no perceivable shift to the right.

      • Hirschibold

         It’s possible, but we’re talking about the boiling frog. If Hispanics lay all of their cards on the table right now, where there is still a white majority, they risk accidentally awakening all but the most dim moderate democrats to their destructive ultimate end-game. You don’t know how a man feels about you until his people are in the majority and yours are in the minority. They are growing in influence, but if they let the cat out of the bag too much they could end up alienating the ‘useful idiots’ who are still currently useful to them, i.e. white liberals.

        There is a small contingent of Marxist professors and rabble-rousers who are aware of the La Raza/ Aztlan, Reconquista intentions, but for your average New Deal/Great Society white democrat whose spent their entire life in a lily-white town in New England, there is no reason to suspect that anything is amiss…yet.

  • crystal evans

    I would love to see this movie. Why do we make it so easy for anyone to cross the border. The problem is that many businesses hire illegal immigrants because they are cheap labor.

    • The__Bobster

      The owners of those businesses should be jailed and fined enough to cover the cost of supporting the illegals they hired.

      • Hirschibold

         Yeah, but they won’t. And any police officer who attempts to make an arrest will have Holder and the full weight of the DOJ pounding down their door. If a guy who makes an inept movie about Muslims can have Obama’s thugs sent to his door, under the pretext of a parole violation, how bad do you think they can make things for small business men?

        Not everyone has the constitution of Joe Arpiao to fight an endless war of attrition.

      •  And both the North and the South, who benefited indirectly and directly from slavery, should have paid to ship the slaves back to Africa. But did it happen?

      • shmo123

         There needs to be some type of “bracero” program where they are allowed to come in legally only to work with the following restrictions:
        They are provided some type of health insurance by their employer–no more using emergency rooms as their health clinics.
        They do not bring their families or children. The American taxpayer is not obligated to educate their children.
        Any children born here are not conferred automatic citizenship.
        No access to food stamps, AFDC, welfare and all the other freebies so many are getting now.

        Do that and we can talk.

      • JohnEngelman

        The Republican Party will keep that happening. 

        • The__Bobster

          The Democrats will make them citizens.

  • jedsrael

    Exposing the “costs” of illegal invaders sounds to the SPLC like one of us shouting at the synagogue on Yom Kippur, “Hey, J-words, I’m teaching my beautiful,  intelligent, German-blooded, talented, respectful,  golden blonde, vivid blue eyed daugthers to pray to Hitler.”

    Look for DML to disappear into the nearest FEMA-DOJ Auschwitz camp and come out raving about how his view have “evolved” and that he is dedicating his life to rooting out and fighting against anti immigrant racists wherever they are, by any means necessary.

  • I was just on the phone with a college friend tonight.  Talking about how wonderful the diversity in New Mexico is.  How I would “love it out here”.  “Anglos are a minority!”, she exclaimed happily.

    I know my friend: she is completely deracinated, having thrown her Irish-Catholic heritage in the trash can long ago.    Of course any culture is going to look vibrant compared to the stultifying morass that white culture has become in this country.  

    The habitual craving for more and more diversity is surely a mental illness.  But let’s not forget its root causes in our own forfeiture of Classical/Christian culture. 

    • Sounds like you are in need of some new “friends.”

  • JohnEngelman

    How do you intend to destroy “the Liberal establishment?” 

  • bluffcreek1967

    Immigration, illegal or otherwise, at this point in time in American history is wrong not only because it’s economically unsustainable, but because it displaces Whites, the very people who founded this nation. This is an important point we must always drive home to others.

    Many conservatives decry illegal immigration because of economic reasons and those are certainly valid reasons. But we must always emphasize the threat of race displacement in connection with our argument and it must stand as the foremost reason, not as secondary. Otherwise, once the economy improves, should it then be reasoned that illegal immigration is okay because an economy exists that can support it? Obviously not.   

  • The only way we’re going to solve this third world invasion and destruction of our European-Christian based Civilization is if Whites will regroup and start massive actions of civil disobedience. We coulf also do as those people in Northern Africa did: go to Washington, D.C. by the thousands and tell those traitors in Congress, Republicans and Democrats. and those traitors in the U.S. “Criminal” Supreme Court that they ahave 24 hours to get out of Town and remain there untill they all go because, honestly, there will not be any political solution.