Kiss the Boots

YouTube, September 19, 2012

[Editor’s Note: Viewers may wish to skip ahead to 1:03 where a disturbing sequence begins.]

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  • ncpride

    This is beyond disturbing. It’s disgraceful, embarrassing, shameful and pathetic. Only stupid White women would do such a thing. I hope by now they know the country is having a good laugh at them, and I hope the arrogant blacks in that video know that those two foolish women do NOT represent THIS White woman. Come ask me to kiss your boots, idiot. I dare you.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    Revolting. Deracinated whites have neither the pride nor the wisdom to withstand their own debasement. 

    I lived in Manhattan in 1994 and I recall watching something like this on one of the public access channels. It was the Black Hebrew Israelites, if I remember correctly. They had one old white lady to lick the bottom of one of their boots (and they spouted some bastardized biblical verses to back up their depravity, I believe it was the same ones they used in this video). The blacks could not hold their laughter upon witnessing her degradation. I’d never seen something so disgusting. I’ve since searched the Internet for that video but I’ve been unable to find it.

    The Gods of the Copybook Headings are returning, my friends. Nature abhors a vacuum. We can protect our women or we can educate them to such dangers or we can disappear as a race.  You saw the faces of the nonwhite men watching this spectacle – animal gratification at having coaxed two whites to their knees in subjection. 

    Here’s another one if you have the stomach for such… 

  • ncpride

    As a White woman myself, fuming is one way to put it. I’ve already had a comment removed because of my anger and outright disgust of this video.  I suppose being that it was other White women sinking to such ridiculous lows, it goes straight to the heart of those of us who are racially aware in a way that nobody else can understand.

    • Yes, we’re going to have to be extra vigilant when it comes to comments on this story. BM/WF stories do bring out a lot of anger and intemperate rhetoric.

      •  Can you give some examples of this unspeakable anger and rhetoric?

        • If I gave you an exact example, I might as well approve such a comment.  But the least egregious of this type of post uses the phrase “white trash,” then there are the B and H words.  It only gets worse from there.  And it’s not appropriate for AR.

          •  We both know that’s a complete distortion of any and all that gets deleted. The N-word, B, H(?), WT, J, Z, I….how much of the alphabet can we go through here? I don’t think I mentioned any of the Amren Taboo Words, so show me exactly why my comment was removed.

            Are you actually trying to get genuine comments, or are you just trying to divert any real comments into a bland, impotent form of preaching to the choir?

          • None of the above.  The purpose of comment moderation is to maintain civility in the discussion.

          • Hopefully the day comes when the truth and “civility” are synonymous, and my opinion is not so overtly moderated.

            At some point people will point to the all powerful OZ and recognize it for what it is. I will keep “pounding the rock” and offering my opinion.

          • MightyWhitey
            Truth need not be uncivil.  One can tell the truth without being a potty mouth.

            PC Must Go

            There might not be anything “wrong” with using those words and terms in the general scheme of life, but there is a lot wrong within the bounds of AR.

      • The__Bobster

        Then I’ll just go to the original article and let my comments fly.

        •  What exactly does that say about the state of pro-White resistance when you have to go to Youtube to make comments?

          • RisingReich

             Yup.  I again share your sentiment.  Can’t even be pro-white on a supposedly pro white website anymore.

          • jedsrael

            White resistance lives in fear of the knock on the door at night.

          •  jedsrael, that knock at the door is coming whether you are brazen and fearless, or just simply a conformist White person that actually believes good things come from bad people. They’re after culture, heritage and Whiteness.

          • And how is bashing one-half of our population being pro-white?

          • Robert Binion:

            If a group of privates take a hill, and you want to know why, you wouldn’t ask one of the privates.  You would ask a general.

        • LaSantaHermandad

          I was prepared to stop the video because I was afraid that those women were going to be forced to perform fellatio on the ugly bastard. It’s pathetic that we’re reached the point where I felt relief to see that they were forced “only” to kiss his boots. There were other Whites in the crowd looking on an doing nothing to protect those poor deluded Wisconsin women.

          These women were being “Christ- like” by turning the other cheek as if that would impress these SOBs.  As a Christian I was taught that Jesus rose from the dead on the Third day following his crucifixion. He could afford to turn the other cheek and forgive because he KNEW that he’d resuscitate. We don’t have that power. If Jesus returned today and stood in Times Square scolding these bipeds they’d  probably kill him again especially when they saw that he really ISN’T Black but an olive complected Aramaic speaker.

          It’s perfectly clear that our “higher standard” will result in no change in the bipeds who now control this society and own most of the day and ALL of the night and whose vile presence is ubiquitous.  They are not impressed by our “standard” and live their miserable lives at the  “lowest standard” which is rapidly become “the” standard for the rest of society. They are able now to call for genocide and infanticide against Whites publicly and on viewable record with de facto impunity. The police sat in their vehicles and looked on and did nothing. We have a President and DOJ who have adopted a “laissez faire” policy vis a vis Black behavior up to and including the wanton murder of Whites. We’ve already become all of Africa and the Middle East.

      • “Yes, we’re going to have to be extra vigilant when it comes to comments on this story. BM/WF stories do bring out a lot of anger and intemperate rhetoric.”

        Like offering commentary about the sickening nature of “tribal” influence in NYC and the USA in general? Honestly, if I am not allowed to voice my opinion about what I consider to be the corrosive and divisive influence of International Jewry in American politics and culture, why allow me to post at all? I did not curse, threaten, harass, or use improper spelling or grammar. I merely offered my opinion, so what gives?

        Let me state it loud and clear, I do not want to hurt or be violent in any way towards Jews or blacks. I simply want to drive home the point that Jews and blacks are parasitic in nature, and that Jews most definitely use the black constituency as a battering ram against Whites. If Whites ever really woke up and boycotted Jewish/black businesses and cultural institutions like TV, Banking and Credit, Wall St., Hollywood, Rap music, College and Pro sporting events, etc., the parasites would have no choice but to move to another host (maybe China).

        I honestly hope you let my post “clear”, as it is only by openly identifying the problem that we will ever find a solution. And make no mistake, it is my opinion that we have a Jewish problem of Hubris in this country, and unfortunately, we all stand to suffer from the Nemesis.

      • RisingReich

        “Intemperate rhetoric” – what, like suggesting these women won’t be given refuge during the imminent upcoming conflict?  This whole entire video could be said to display ‘intemperate rhetoric’.

        I hope you understand you frustrate and eventually drive posters away from this site with your heavy handed ‘intellectualism’.

        I really appreciate this site’s ‘intellectual’ approach, but please also understand your heavy moderation of really any negative emotion whatsoever under the cover of ‘intellectualism’ is viewed by many as cowardice, to a certain degree.

        I realize you want to ‘draw in’ newcomers with your censorship.  Please also understand you drive away equally as many if not more with it, too.

        • Tim_in_Indiana

          I would remind you that this site has rerun the video and brought it to a lot of people’s attention–possibly to yours–for the frist very time. The video really speaks for itself, anyway.

        • It’s not cowardice or censorship, it’s civility.

          • dukem1

             Civility…thank you…Something else AmRen is almost alone in providing on the internet.

          •  I see! So does civility also require one to answer direct questions about moderation, especially when that one claims censored and deleted posts break some kind of guidelines?

            Or does the simple act of claiming you are civil make you civil?

          • Celestial Time

            I believe I have already answered all your direct questions.  As far as “Ask the Moderators,” Jared Taylor has specifically rejected that idea for a good reason.  One does not want to tempt the beast.  To put it another way, saying specifically what doesn’t make a good AR comment is to admit implicitly all the stereotypes about us.  If we state specifically, don’t say this word or that word, then we’re broadcasting the message that we’re generally the kind of people that do say those words.  It’s like porn:  Anti-porn laws have to be so specific that the legislative text is verbal porn in and of itself.
            The best way not to be what we don’t want to be is simply not to be it, not issuing a laundry list that instructs us not to be it but in essence makes us what we don’t want to be.

          •  Direct Question = Can you give me examples of what is considered uncivil? More specifically, can you give me examples of why exactly my comment(s) were removed?

            You don’t even have to post that stuff on this site. You can go here:


            and then I can see exactly what rules or guidelines I’ve broken.

          • Celestial Time

            No, because it’s not good form for me as someone with fiduciary responsibility to AR to be discussing AR business outside of AR.  I learned that the hard way in the past, and I don’t want to have to learn it again.  If I went to that site to converse about AR business, I’d have to do so on probably 1000 other sites and forums and blogs.

            The order of the day on civility is for you and everyone as first world adults to know what is and is not civil conversation.  As for any peculiar policies that are specific to AR, we’re to let you all figure that out by trial and error.

          •  I have a good idea of what is civil and what is not civil. Calling yourself civil doesn’t make you civil. Calling yourself honest doesn’t make you honest. Calling yourself an intellectual doesn’t make you an intellectual.

            The reason you can’t say why some comments are removed is because it has nothing to do with Civility.

            Trial and error? That’s somehow civil and intellectual?

          • If you don’t think AR is civil or intellectual, then you’re out in a field all by yourself.  Sure, you can think it if you want.

            You are right that incivility isn’t the only reason why some comments are rejected, and I have already giving you an inkling why.
            Other than that, if we continue this conversation, we’re both going to get dizzy, because we’re both twirling in circles.

      • “BM/WF stories do bring out a lot of anger and intemperate rhetoric”

        That’s why I love them soooo much. Tee-hee.

      • jedsrael

        Our Church of Jed congregant over at SBPDL is keeping our brothers and sisters down in Georgia in the news.

        Any Georgia AmReners here with more news to add?

        We wish the Whiteys in Bibb County would do more boot kissing, just for our entertainment.  Kissing the Black Boot of Diversity certainly won’t do them any good, and neither will their Diversity Enriched public schools, paid for by Whitey’s property taxes:

        Bibb County (Ga) School System: A Reminder of Why Pre-1954 America Existed

        PK Note: Before reading this piece, you must educate yourself on
        Macon, Georgia. It’s a city where the behavior of Black people ended such
        community building traditions as Trick or Treating and Easter
        Egg Hunts; it’s a city where Black dysfunction – Blacks are 66 % of the
        population – have helped drive away capital (and white people), ensuring that it ranks as one of the brokest in America.

        •  I was wondering when Macoon would hit the radar again at SBPDL.

          • jedsrael

            There will be more, so much more…

      • Sherman_McCoy

        And rightly so, especially from those of us with family members who have been victims of black sexual assault.  I can certainly identify the sources of my animosity towards 95% of blacks.

      • sarah stein

         These are the same women who will bitch about how there are no good men left.  Well there are good men left, they just don’t want weak, stupid white women. Men want women who will protect their children when they are not around, and you can’t bet these idiots would put the children in danger. 

    • A comment removed? Just feign some kind of passive aggressive, revolving door of “this is outrageous” mantra, and you’ll be fine.

    • Diamond_Lil

      Believe me, I know exactly how you feel.  I don’t have to actually read it.

  • When the Time comes, ………..

    No quarter.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat


      For either one: The boot licker or the boot lickie.

      •  You saw two separate entities? I saw nothing more than a disease that threatens to afflict the healthy.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      none given, nor asked!

      •  …and from that dedication, the poet and philosopher becomes the warrior.

        We must use the same study guide.

  • robinbishop34

    This was revolting to watch.

    • jedsrael

      Judge Lynch Rise In Glory.

  • Sometime in the mid-1980s, back in Dallas, an 80-some odd year old old black maid named Ella-May died in my grandparents’ home in Highland Park.  She had been with my grandmother since she was a little girl.  She was the last of the fourth generation of her family who worked with our family for about a hundred and fifty years.  They had come from Louisiana to Texas in the 1920s.  There was no miscegenation, I promise you.  Her family were all racially pure blacks and we are all white.  

    My mother and grandmother both nursed and cared for Ella-May at our home while she was dying—where she had worked, just as she had cared for them their whole lives.  There was real love between these people who had lived together their whole lives, between families who had been together since way before 1860.  

    So exactly what was there to apologize for?  What should I apologize for?

    Up to a point, I apologize that my life and the structure of the world no longer requires, no longer even permits, the kind of caringSlaves were corralled and kept by other blacks in their Native Africa like cattle.  Literally.  If you read E. Wallis Budge on the seemingly unrelated topics of the Egyptian god of the Pharaohs, Osiris, and how Osiris abolished cannibalism, you can see Budge’s commentary on how even in the late 19th and early 20th century, the purpose of keeping slaves in Africa was not to provide cheap labor, but cheap food.  Many of the slaves traded to whites in the New World Plantations of Brazil, the Caribbean, and the U.S. South might have ended up in a cannibal stew pot if it weren’t for slavery.  

    I realize there are those who talk about cannibalism as the “man-eating myth” and try to pretend that such things did not exist.  But the ethnological and archaeological evidence for cannibalism is overwhelming.  I feel very sorry for these ladies in the New York video.  I’d be willing to be that they’re not from New York City, but from somewhere in the Midwest.  

    They were fools, but the society we live in has taught them to be fools.  The younger lady, whatever her name is, seems slightly, if disgustingly, “turned on” by the whole confrontation.  She is probably, well, obviously in fact, one of those women who has bought into the myth of African Super-Macho eroticism.  

    On one level, we should remember that at the Last Supper, on Maundy Thursday, Jesus washed his apostles feet and told them that they could not be worthy of Him unless they allowed Him to wash their feet.  I think my mother and grandmother felt that way about Ella-May—they could not let this woman who had cared for them intimately and personally throughout their lives to die uncared for by them.

    Taking care of their old servant was the human, the moral, the Christian thing to do.  But Jesus’ act was voluntary, and his teachings of charity were that we should voluntarily love one-another.Now one of Ella-May’s daughters, Billie, had worked for us, but she didn’t live at home.  She and her children all lived in Oakcliff, as was customary during “the bad old days’ of segregation in Dallas.  Of course, what’s interesting was that Billie considered it was better for blacks to live separately from whites—segregation for her was a sign of independence from tradition.  

    I realize I’m speaking of not one but two worlds that are both pretty much totally and truly “Gone with the Wind”, but neither the world of household servants nor segregation were as nearly totally negative, uniformly brutal, impersonal, or ugly world as the world of South Central and Watts are today in Los Angeles.

    In my opinion, the resegregation of the races is probably the best long-term solution.  Blacks will never voluntarily re-integrate into the hierarchy of life, pleasant and humane as it might have been, but they can probably be led to see the real advantages to segregation, if their status is truly “separate but equal.” We need to accommodate the realities of the world be reconstructing American in a manner in which separation does maintain EVERYONE’s dignity (all black and whites).

    •  I think blacks as a people, have come to the point of no return in America and most other places. They are on the road to total destruction, a hopeless people, proven incapable of integrating into western civilization as a distinct people. Blacks will only reap the whirlwind they have sown. Separation would be the appropriate move to make, however, blacks have proven they have no interest in assimilation, nor in racial separation, even if integrated. Instead, they are only interested subjugation; subjugation of others; subjugation of other races, nationalities, tribes, clans, families, anyone outside of the individual big man. In this their practice of otherness is extreme even compared to groups who practice a similar form of otherness like the Arabs. Consequently, the black people, in its desire to subjugate all to the passions and ego of the single individual “Big man” will end up a destroyed and subjugated people themselves. This will remain their future here in the US, until by some form of divine providence, they have finally purified themselves of the filth they lived as people, a behavior all the more disgusting considering the manifold blessings they received here in the US.

  • Every time I see garbage like this I wonder why people are so
    enamored with NYC? I see nothing but a den of iniquity, a modern day
    Sodom and Gomorrah that resembles nothing I would consider
    representative of the values of most Americans.

    To me, this is a perfect example of Jewish influence and corruption of Western Christian civilization.

    Does anyone see things improving before they become much worse? Not me.

  • Puggg

    It might have been a white woman doing it in this instance, but put the black man in spandex and have him score a touchdown, and many a white man will do the same thing.

    • Mar1ne

       Damn good reply!

  • Defiant White


    Frankly, there are a few white women who “get it” but the vast majority are weak and silly creatures. They are totally unreliable politically.  Personally, until I know differently, I just assume every white woman I meet is an empty-headed, multicult progressive.

     I doubt that these two are “indoctrinated” so much as they’re just not strong enough to resist the pressure being put on them.   First, their curiosity got the better of them and they elbowed their way forward into a pretty dark gathering of men.  Then, when the spotlight was turned on them, their goose was cooked.

    Women truly are the weaker sex and must be treated as such until they prove otherwise on an individual basis.

  • Needless to say, the day when bootlicking is mandatory for Whites, Amren moderators will probably be tasked with silencing the critics.

    You can’t say something specific. You can’t even say nothing at all.

    Your level of submission and capitulation is really astounding.

    Here, let me try again:

    Golly gosh darn it! Those pesky blacks are at it again. We need to write our congressmen, pronto!

    Hopefully that response was Amrenish enough of a response.

  • Unimaginable scum.

    Those two white Eloi apologized for slavery, now can we have the blacks apologizing for their rampant criminality ?

  • tickyul

    What people are missing is this is what many people believe. These women are doing this because they believe in diversity and groveling to Urban Americans.

    And many times, it is women like these two….in positions of power……shoving this dreck down your throat. Women like this get into administrative positions…….Human Resources for instance…..and make you submit or else.

  • Gee whiz! This makes me as angry as one could be sitting at a desk, staring at a computer screen.

    We need to get mad and act like we’re not gonna take this anymore. Maybe if we all act angry at the exact same moment we can send some kind of synergetic response through space and time, and knock those bad people over with our virtual wit and massive IQs. That will show those African Americans a thing or two, cause they are suckers for that voodoo stuff.

    1… 2… 3… get angry!

    • jedsrael

      Get angry, but don’t let your boss know about it or you will be fired for “disrespecting Diversity”.

      •  I am my boss.

        • jedsrael

          Then you either have customers that the SPLC can harass, or even if you live off tax free muni interest, the Diversity Enriched IRS can still make your life miserable.

          We don’t really own property in this country- we pay the govt. income and property taxes to leave us alone one day longer.

          Even then, we’re not safe…

          • I’m not sure what your point is. Are you suggesting that I paint my butt a nice shade of multiculty green, and then hope they don’t decide to put a target on it?

            You’re not safe and make yourself a target if you go against the multicultural madness, and you’re just as much a target and not safe when the multicultural madness reaches you hiding under the couch. That means I didn’t make the choice to be this way, they made the choice for me. I’m just smart enough to realize it.

            “When things look bad, and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb mad dog mean. Cause if you lose your head and you give up, then you neither live nor win, that’s just the way it is.”

          • jedsrael

            We are all acting slow on the uptake of just how serious our minoritization will be. Every day, America becomes less White and more dangerous. It will catch up to us faster than we are admitting. If we really accepted the Race Reality what is about to happen to us, we wouldn’t have time to post comments online for the benefit of strangers we’ll never meet. We’d be making other preparations…

  • RisingReich

    This is the first video in a long time that made me physically shake with anger.  Almost lost my dinner.
    I really can’t tell who is worse in this case, groveling white women at it again, or urban darkies at it again.
    So my post doesn’t get deleted, “Gee, shucks, darn it.”

    I think I can get away with saying this, “The world needs a giant flush.”
    I’ll let the reader discern whom needs to be flushed.

    •  Flush in the context you’ve used could be construed a sly way to speak of mass genocide. Seeing as genocide is a sign of crazy White people with an agenda, please refrain from placing a toilet reference so close to the word World.

      • And it always comes full circle, because the ultimate goal of every White (whether they admit it or not) is to flush six million times.

        The distortion of the English language and the focus on Doublespeak is pervasive in today’s culture.

        • IstvanIN

           If only the Illuminati could bring the world down to 500,000 decent, intelligent folks.

  • jedsrael

    This is incitement to racial hatred and anti White violence, as though Diversity needed incitement to kepp’n it real all up en heeah, aka voodoo.

    When will White girls start paying attention?

    Now we know why the SPLC put WND’s founder Joseph Farrah on the Hate Watch list:


    Riots, denials and black mobs in Flint

    Violent event dubbed ‘tremendous success’

    See Colin Flaherty’s exclusive reporting for WND on race riots:


    The race riot … and the media cover-up

    Black commentators sound off on racial violence

    See no Evil: Racial violence underreported

    ‘Perfect storm’ of black violence on ‘gays’

    2nd Amendment proves valid defense against black gangs

    Black mobs now have soundtrack for violence

    Blogger: Why don’t blacks behave?

    Judge to black perps: What are you doing with your lives?

    Black mobs terrorize 1 of ‘whitest big cities’

    Black mob … in the Hamptons?

    Racial violence explodes in more states

    Black mobs now beating Jews in New York

    Black mob violence hits Nordstrom

    Chicago’s unreported race war

    Black expo ‘inescapably tied’ to race violence

    Black-on-white link found in Minneapolis violence

    Call for crackdown on black-on-white terror

    ‘Boredom’ proves to be trigger for ‘flash mobs’

    Now we know why the SPLC put WND’s founder Joseph Farrah on the Hate Watch list.

  • jedsrael

    Greg Johnson over at Counter Currents Publishing says that Obama is good for White Nationalism because he put the face on the problems that we no longer  ignore.

  • This_Name_Doesnt_Exist

    Yesterday we had Prof. Slim Shady.  Now this.

    We’re past the point of restoration.  The termites have gorged for decades.  The foundation is crumbling.  All that’s left is to clear the rubble after the collapse and rebuild from strong materials.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Blacks have gotten more mileage out of slavery over 150 years after it ended than any other group of people in the entire history of the world. Slavery, slavery, slavery! That’s all they can seem to think or talk about. They really have a one-track mind. 

    And these two women show just how stupid and unthinking whites can be as well.

  • Diamond_Lil

    After that humiliating display of drunkeness, I didn’t get the part where their ancestors were now forgiven.

  • bluffcreek1967

    The Black religious con-men shown in the video wanted the women to apologize for the racism of their ancestors. Would these same Blacks be willing to apologize for all the Blacks who captured their brethren and sold them to the slave traders? Would they apologize for the large numbers of Black drug dealers who sell illegal narcotics daily to their own people?

    Along the same lines, are Blacks ever going to apologize to all the American cities they have ruined because of their propensity toward crime, drugs and general mayhem? Have they ever apologized to all the Whites for their utter waste and irresponsiblity of the resources that have been given to them?  

    Let’s face it: Blacks are not in the business of ever apologizing for their actions. They are a people marked by apathy and outright denial when it comes to facing their own lack of responsibility and criminal conduct.   

  • Detroit_WASP

    Apology to blacks. 


    I hope those boot kissing white women were drunk.  

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Right, but if you were to tell a black that they had to go to jail or even apologize because their grandpa killed someone, imagine how loud the shrieking would be! Yet they can’t see the contradiction between that and their belief that all whites are to blame for slavery. Inability to think rationally is one of their characteristics as a race.

  • Danimalius

    Maintaining civility is the most important thing we can do at this stage of white advocacy. American Renaissance has stood above every other group in maintaining and encouraging this, and for that I salute and support you all.

    • Civility extended to something that neither recognizes nor respects civility is just a poor substitute for courage and reason. Would you try and rationalize and reason with a boulder that was about to fall on your head?

      I think what you’re shooting for is passive aggressive, certainly not civility.

      • Danimalius

        We are being civil here among ourselves and those willing to at least visit this site, which suggests a curiosity and desire to learn the truth.  It is essential that we put our best foot forward, and not come off as the stereotypes that our enemies want us to become.

        • Esmithton91

           you’re assuming there is any hope left.

          can you be so sure?

          • Danimalius

            I am sure our civilization will descend in our lifetimes from the great heights our wiser ancestors placed us.

            I am also sure, however, that there is a great deal of hope for us to regain control of our future, so long as we build a strong base of educated, pro-active white advocates who cease shooting themselves in the foot. 

            They do this when they indulge in explaining violent fantasies or using strong language. Both of these turn people off and let newcomers safely categorize us as the stock images of Neo-Nazis/Klansmen that the media has been feeding them for decades.

      • Danimalius

        “Flushing” not only implies certain people are literally filth, but that we will do away with them. All I’m saying is that I like that this site has maintained a level of intelligence mixed with decency.

        We, as in white advocates, have tried violence and blinding hate for decades and decades. What we need to do is rise above our enemies in honor and image. Men like Jared Taylor do this, and I respect him for that.

    • RisingReich

      Um – ‘civility’ is how white people got so deep in this mess to begin with.  So concerned with being ‘civil’ we sold our selves out and/or let ourselves be sold out by yet another term you would consider ‘uncivil’ if I used it here.

      • Danimalius

        Even if that is the case, it doesn’t follow that the only way out of this mess is to abandon having good public relations.

        •  I’ll put my abilities at public relations—to normal, middle class Americans—up against any “civil” person on this site. The only people, as RisingReich referenced, that let a little unbridled anger and bluntness get in the way of truth and reason are the very people that sold out the middle class to begin with.

          Public relations isn’t some lifeless, drab and monotone voice that get repeated over and over again. It actually has a life that moves with current trends and attitudes. If you don’t recognize this as truth, then you have no business talking about public relations.

          • Danimalius

            Current trends and attitudes dictate that we stay away from advocating violence and using racial and ethnic slurs. I didn’t make the rules, gentlemen, and neither did AmRen, but we will make more headway if we can talk without using foul language.

          •  Who advocated violence? Are you just grasping at straws?

            As for slurs, I don’t think I used one, so since you’re speaking, perhaps you can tell me which one I used.

      • RisingReich

         Apparently, also off limits are common things we do every day, in the name of ‘civility’.  For example, I discovered just this evening we cannot ‘flush’ for instance, for fear we MAY mean something ‘not becoming the civil’.

         I suppose other common phrases are also out, like “taking out the garbage” and “cleaning house”.  Out as well are references to things like ‘whitewashing’, ‘sandblasting’ and tasks like ‘drilling for oil’ and ‘mining for coal’.

        God forbid someone end up ‘in your wheelhouse’ or be caught lying on the track when ‘your train comes through’.  Someone is assaulted when you ‘beat them to the punch’.   Someone is stupid when ‘you get an angle on them’.

        A small Holocaust happens when you ‘drag someone along’.  A reference to torture is made when they actually go along ‘kicking and screaming’. 

        •  I tried to warn you that the alphabet soup of no-nos and innuendos is like blasphemy.

          • RisingReich

             Yes you did, I just got hammered this evening with how really bad off we are as a people.  We are muzzled in our own house, by our own people.  Speaking of reality will soon be criminalized in this insane world.  It’s way worse than I thought, and I thought it was epic bad before tonight. 

            Never in a million years did I believe it was that sensitive around here.  I’m used to speaking truth amongst friends.

            Now I know who my friends are, I suppose.

          •  I should make a site where people can post their comments that get deleted here and other pro-White sites, then see how offensive and “uncivil” people find them. If nothing else, it could be used as a gauge to see what direction and in what manner pro-White views are being stifled.

            Flushing, yeah I believe that was what destroyed Rome.

          • When the hippies and feminists came into being and brought with them PC speech, many of us were muzzled, or if you were young enough, you were trained from infanthood to keep it wishy-washy. These days, though, the programming is wearing off. Some pro-White sites talk about “waking” other Whites up. Call it coming out from under the ether, or what have you- times have changed. I basically swear every other word. I use it as an act of defiance and disobedience. Here in Southern California, we have so many mexicans, and if you mispronounce one of their spanish words, they actually try to correct you. I just smile and keep mangling it on purpose. I am a bit of an ass. When I type, I capitalize words representing things I respect: White, God, Neil Armstrong for example. Whereas mexican, black, obama, splc etc. are all lower-case.
            As for Amren, I also have been censored/edited and hey, it’s not my website, they can do as they please. They’re good guys though, I cut them a LOT of slack.
            The ABC company, with ABC News for example are all owned by Disney, if I may pick a member of the mainstream media at random– can you imagine ABC reporting about “Lick the Boot?” Hardly. Disney doesn’t want a group of blacks being filmed with picket signs out in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Will ABC be reporting any time soon about “Knockout King?” Uh, no. They have too much to lose from their customers, being a huge corporation with its tendrils reaching out to the 4 corners of the Earth.   
            Amren does publish and allow us to comment to a reasonable degree articles regarding things that can’t be spoken of elsewhere. Of course, you can go to Stormfront, and there are some really good guys over at Stormfront don’t get me wrong, but it’s the kind of site where you worry about getting shanked.
            The whole genteel Southern gentleman thing– I don’t know how effective that is these days. Look at Clint Eastwood for example– he went on TV and just winged a speech and was the talk of the town. Not polished hollywood stuff (oh noes, hollywood isn’t capitalized), he just spoke his mind and people eat that up these days. No teleprompter, just an angry old guy. And that’s the thing- we’re all pretty angry here. There are days when I watch my beloved country going down the toilet- I could just put my fist through the wall. We don’t come to Amren to braid each other’s hair and make S’mores- we come here to vent. Rock and a hard place, I assume for poor Mr. Moderator.
            You know what helps though? Humor. Everyone likes to laugh, so try to keep your comments funny. Here for example is the guy from GIlligan’s Island who played the Japanese soldier. He was White, but they made him up to look japanese: Random but funny.


            Instead of using the n-word to describe the 2 colored gentlemen in the video above, you could say, rather, that you’d like to see them sprayed with your own feces. (the word feces is funny)

            I don’t make the rules. But seriously, feces is funny.  

          • Fenderman52

            To Darryl:  I think the “japanese” guy is comic vetran Vito Scotti.  You might also remember him as the house painter that stayed a week on the Dick Van Dyke show.

  • jedsrael

    I predict than in a year or less, each day’s Diversity News will be so hot and come so fast, that the Daily AmRen post will be twice as long.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      You don’t know how right you are.

      New Obama Executive Order Seeks ‘Control’ Over Communications During ‘Crisis’

  • KenelmDigby

    Silly, mosquito-brained white women and aggressive, cunning, manipulative black men.

    Unfortunately since the passage of ‘equality’ legislation in the ’60s, this has become the main narrative of American life, a narrative that will destroy the states.

  • In this 225th year since the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 in Philadelphia, I wonder whether it makes sense to demand an apology for the growth of the Federal Government that never would have been possible if the Articles of Confederation had remained as our fundamental governing document.  What exactly CAN or DO historical apologies mean?  I think some of my ancestors in Georgia might like an apology for Sherman’s March to the sea, but it wouldn’t bring back burnt farmsteads.  Every ritual such as that shown in this video is a reaffirmation of the present status quo: half-black possibly gay definitely lying deceitful communists rule us from the White House on down.  I’m reminded of a statue that used to exist near where Harrah’s Casino is now at the foot of Canal in New Orleans—a bronze statue of a black boy doffing his hat to a white man.  That statute has been removed—probably melted down or else stored in a city attic somewhere.  That statute was still there when I first visited New Orleans as a little boy.  The ritual of blacks doffing their hats to the masters was a gesture acknowledging white supremacy.  The ritual these women engaged in acknowledges black/mulatto supremacy in modern America.  I don’t notice the UK apologizing for the fire-bombing of Dresden even though it was a war crime by any definition of the term.  I don’t notice the government of the People’s Republic of China apologizing to its people for having slaughtered 65-75 million during Mao Tse-Tung’s “Cultural Revolution”—that would be more than 10 times the number of slaves in the USA at the time of the War of 1861-65….. and yet nobody cares to ask why we buy everything from China…..why the cheapness of life over there is so far morally superior to the chattel slavery that once existed in this country and, as I noted earlier, saved so many blacks from “cannibal pots” along the Western Coasts of Africa from Senegal to Angola….

  • sarah stein

    These are the same women who will bitch about how there are no good men
    left.  Well there are good men left, they just don’t want weak, stupid
    white women. Men want women who will protect their children when they
    are not around, and you can’t bet these idiots would put the children in

  • Herman

    This is what it is going to be liked for white women all the time as we become a minority in our own country.

  • scutum

    To Robert Binion:

    As a Vietnam Veteran I can tell you that the group of privates did not want to take the hill, taking the hill was not necessary, and the General had no idea why he had been told to order his troops up the hill. The general was just punching his ticket at the expense of the privates who were doing the fighting.

    • Sloppo

      We fought the Vietnam War because we believed communism was bad.  Our leadership and our media masters have obviously changed their minds and decided that communism is good for rest of the world and us too, so apparently it is time for a huge apology to the 800,000 men and women (including approximately 50,000 who did not return) Vietnam War veterans and their families.  

      • Esmithton91

        huge apology?
        half of the country has no idea of what happened back in the ancient times of the 1960’s.  At least not a truthful account of what happened.
        most of the other half puts the VN war as a minor topic in an obscure time.

        and yes, I spent 13 months in I Corps near Danang

    • razorrare

      very insightful & thought provoking–may i respond with an anology that is just as pertinent…

      A few years ago as  a listener to a popular local radio program in my hometown i witnessed a very well liked radio host lose her job because she had J.T. on as a guest…soon after that it was announced she(S.L.) was being replaced by another host (C.D.) because they(the stations owners) decided they didnt like the direction the show was going…her replacement was a black man whose nickname was the “brown mound” because of his cherub appearance.Not only did they replace her but they also changed the format of the show…the music genre played before the show and during advertisement breaks went from country & soft rock to james brown(soul train) & rap even though the overwhelmingly majority of the listeners and callers were White.When C.D. was told by a imtemperate caller that he was alienating the listening base of the stations supporters who were overwhelmingly White with changing the music format that would rather appeal to black listeners rather than White…C.D. responded it didnt matter how unpopular the show became because it didnt matter how many listeners would tune out the station as long as the advertizing dollars rolled in and that was all that mattered…it was in your face non-gratitude by the stations owners towards its listening audience where many called in to give their input on thought provoking issues that made the radio show very popular…and it was affirmation that the firing of the female co-Host (S.L.) was due to powerful subversive forces who wanted to control what guests were to be allowed on the show and how conversations would be limited to a very defined field by the stations hosts…darn the White listeners and those who called in to give their opinions on certain issues…the advertizers got pressure from someone to have them threaten to pull their adds unless changes were made that satisfied the ruling status quo…a couple of years later the “brown mound”(C.D.) was let go because it was made public that he was very physically abusive to his wife…

      I am relating that story because it is pertinent to what is being discussed on this thread…and thats censorship…is Amren’s “General” being directed  by other higher ups to censor particular posts that arent up to their standards of P.C…just censoring a few “random” post implys to other posters certain things said here are not acceptable…we all know its simply not angry words or swear words or namecalling that gets censored here…”proselytizing” gets censored here as well and it is use is very biased …not only are pro-White comments censored here as Celestial has pointed out  but so are  pro-Christian and pro-Heterosexual comments as well…

      It is maddening to think that a radio host who sacrificed much(her job) to introduce non-banal topics that would provoke thought inspiring conversation,such as having J.D. on the radio station, could be subject to amren styled censorship for expressing her beliefs & feelings for any certain article that is proffered on amren…

      • 1. I guess I wasn’t being clear with the “general” analogy. Moderators are the employees, Jared Taylor is the boss.

        2. If we were told to censor pro-white comments, AR would hardly have any comments.  Unless you are using “pro-white” as a synonym for “anti-Jewish,” but I’m far from sure about that.

        3. AR is not the place for open religious proselytization.  Discussion about the positives and negatives of religious systems, doctrines, institutions, etc. is good. But AR is not a church.

        •  (2) I guess it would make sense that pro-White could be used as a synonym for anti-Jewish, since it has been made abundantly clear that Amren moderation considers anti-Zionist to be a synonym for anti-Jewish. Or is it just some kind of feeling that anything not singing the glories of the big Z, must be some kind of foaming-at-the-mouth crazed Nazi who wants to put Jews in ovens?

          • Zionist is often used as a synonym for Jewish, and we’re going to stop this conversation because we’re getting way OT.

          •  The topic or premise is how a sickness can cause an innocent person to atone for sins they are not guilty of; even going so far as to repent to people that were never even victims. I’d say that was pretty darn close to the guilty by association you are making. A [J] is not always a [Z], but you’ve insisted that to be the case, because a critic of [Z] is supposed to be secretly using that to attack [J].

          • I know that already, but you should see what I see when it comes to the kind of comments people try to submit as if they think we’re actually dumb enough to approve them.  Too, Jared Taylor doesn’t think that AR is the place for much if any discussion of the I and J and Z stuff.  Yes, we know it will inevitably come up, but our task is to keep it from boiling over.  Or, to put it another way, you know that there are approved posts that talk about those issues, and as you keep reminding everyone, there are posts of yours that bring up those issues that we’re supposed to reject and have rejected and removed. That probably begs your next question:  Where’s the line?  That’s for you to figure out.  Why won’t we just come out and say the line?  I answered that earlier today, because we don’t want to tempt the beast.

          • Fair enough. But since my comments that were removed had nothing to do with the growing alphabet no-nos, it’s still a mystery why those comments would be removed. Anything I’ve said could be tuned ever so slightly and those words and emotions could have been espoused by those crazy Nazis of the late 1700s. You know them; those same fiery critics of the crown who went on to fight for and establish the very civilized society we [used to] live in. Maybe you consider those guys uncivil, but I sure don’t.

            But you know what? I don’t even care really. I guess it probably makes for better conspiracy talk.

          • You can call them crazy people from the late eighteenth century if you want.  I prefer to call them what they really were, secessionists, and I don’t mean that as a pejorative.  Secession is hardly uncivil, it is a conservative, or rather, reactionary means to respond to injustice.  It is the total philosophical opposite of revolution.  Violence is not a necessary component of secession – It has happened in the past without violence on the part of the polity that suddenly saw its sovereign territory reduced.  Often, though, the secessee reacts with violence, to wit George III in 1776 and Abraham I in 1861.  On the other hand, violence is the sine qua non of revolution. 

  • Sloppo

    I used to believe “Promise Keepers” was some kind of Christian organization, but it’s apparently a subsidiary of the Church of Political Correctness.  Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

  • a g

     Sadly, the joke is on them.

  • a g

    These poor, simple-minded women would giggle all the way to the gallows.   Someone literally needs to save them from themselves.

  • Persephone Gray

    You can see the moment the mother realizes what’s really going on. Once she’s on her knees and her daughter has kissed the boot, she hesitates. She does it anyway, shaking off her misgivings and telling herself it’s just light-hearted japes. After the victory chant, however, you can see a dramatic change in her expression. She is confused, mortified, afraid. She still manages to smile, but it is far from genuine — she is just trying to maintain appearances and “play nice”. I guarantee you, as soon as they got back to their hotel room, she probably took a shower and cried in humiliation the whole time. Heck, this may even be the making of a race realist we are witnessing here.

  • “What benefit do they get out of successfully forcing two random women to kiss their boots [?] 
    Their benefit is having two members of a race of  people who’s accomplishments they could never hope to equal, let alone approach, grovel at their feet.  A temporary sense of power gained only by the humiliation of others who they can only envy and hate.

  • I think these two naive  Wisconsin women were sort of caught up in the carnival-like atmosphere of the street and liked being the center of attention.  They were like the volunteers at a hypnotist’s show that agree to go up on stage, be hypnotized, and made to humiliate themselves by clucking like a chicken.  These two idiots may sort of been briefly hypnotized by the non-stop repetitive yacking of the black guy and by the surroundings and atmosphere of the spectacle.  I once saw a hypnotist say that women are much easier subjects, and of course they are followers not leaders, and want a man to tell them what to do.

  • flyingtiger

    Who are these knuckleheads? Apologize for slavery,  never? My ancestors served in the Royal Navy, the greatest anti slavery organizaion that ever existed. I want these guys to kiss my boots.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    I actually made myself watch this and I did see that horrified “look” on her face when she realized this would be seen the world over.  I’m so disgusted with her and her daughter, I have no words except, I hope they learned their lesson and will now work to fight against integration.

  • Those aren’t the statistics I have seen, not even here on  And in major cities like New York, Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, St. Louis, Houston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles—forget about segregation even in “Majority White” areas, there is none.  Now Attorney Daniel Johnson of the Natural Law Party tells me he is running for Congress in Michigan’s 11th District, which he informs me is over 90% white, but such statistics are definitely rare for any congressional district in the USA—I was born in an all white town in East Texas during the days of segregation and I went to elementary school in an all white enclave in Dallas known as the Park Cities, but even Commerce, Texas, and the Park Cities are integrated now….

  • It looks like there were only one or two White men viewing this spectacle and they may not have  quite been able to see or realize or believe what was happening, and the kneeling part happened pretty quickly.  Not that they would have done anything about it; and if one of them did, it’s likely the two females would have quickly turned on him – “what are you, a racist!” – and he may have been bumrushed and stomped by the blacks standing around watching the show. 

  • I sure these two women never realized that they likely were surrounded by a dozen violent ex-cons, probably a few convicted rapists and killers in there.  Prison is where these losers learned this hate-Whitey crap.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Blacks also learn “Hate Whitey” from years of public school indoctrination and the anti-White media, neither of which should EVER be let off the hook.


      • LaSantaHermandad

        I agree with YOU. They grow up learning hatred of Whites before they ever get to prison. The question is how much longer are we going to read about or actually experience violence committed against us or against someone whom we love before we retaliate?

        • LaSantaHermandad

          I’m replying to myself. The answer is never. 

  • LaSantaHermandad

    Let’s face it. If conflict erupts it will be Muslims and Blacks against Whites. There will be no quarter given. Based on what we have seen in the Muslim world it’s apparent that in mind set and world view, Muslims are identical to Blacks. That’s why some so called bigots call Muslims ” Sand N—-ers”. We may very well be forced to use measures that in any other time, we would recoil in horror at the thought of employing them. It will be a real war that will be fought right on our own soil.  Unless there is a Deus ex Machina resolution, the previous scenario is almost guaranteed.

    • anarchyst

      And those of the “tribe” are behind it all . . .

  • jeffaral

    NYB:  Who cares about engaging with black people??    Give me a  brake please…

  • Puggg


    The lyrics to this “music”:

    There’s something so wrong about this picture.