Diversity Forever

Heather MacDonald, City Journal, September 20, 2012

The University of California, San Diego has done it again. Last year, it announced the creation of a new diversity sinecure: a vice chancellor for equity, diversity, and inclusion. Campus leaders established this post even as state budget cuts resulted in the loss of star scientists to competing universities, as humanities classes and degree programs were eliminated to save money, and as tuition continued its nearly 75 percent, five-year rise. The new vice chancellorship was wildly redundant with UCSD’s already-existing diversity infrastructure. As the campus itself acknowledges: “UC San Diego currently has many active diversity programs and initiatives.” No kidding. A partial list of those “active diversity programs and initiatives” may be accessed here.

Now UCSD has filled the position and announced the new vice chancellor’s salary. Linda Greene, a diversity bureaucrat and law professor from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will pull in $250,000 a year in regular salary, but that’s just the beginning: she’ll receive both a relocation allowance of $60,000 and 100 percent reimbursement of all moving expenses, a temporary housing allowance of $13,500, two fully paid house-hunting trips for two to the San Diego area, and reimbursement for all business visits to the campus before her start date in January 2013. (By comparison, an internationally known expert in opto-electronics in UCSD’s engineering school, whose recent work has focused on cancer nanotechnology, received a little over $150,000 in salary from UCSD in 2011, according to state databases.) The UCSD press office did not respond to a request for the amount the university paid the “women-owned executive search firm with a diverse consulting team” it used to find Greene.

Last week, the UC Regents, the university’s lay overseers, approved the new vice chancellorship and its compensation package, as first reported in the San Diego Reader. Since this summer, the regents have been shilling for Governor Jerry Brown’s $8 billion November tax initiative, arguing that the only way to save the university from financial and academic ruin is to jack up the state’s upper-bracket income and sales taxes. Their rubber-stamp approval of UCSD’s senseless new appointment, with its sky-high salary, shreds whatever remaining budgetary credibility they may have had. And of course the diversity machine is operating at fully funded throttle throughout the rest of the University of California; among the diversity initiatives that continue to cascade out of the president’s office and the individual campuses is an imminent $662,000, system-wide “campus climate survey” to track down the racism of UC’s faculty, staff, and students that is allegedly putting UC’s “most marginalized and vulnerable populations . . . at risk,” in the words of UC President Mark Yudof. If there are reasons to support the Brown tax initiative, rescuing an allegedly financially strapped UC that has made hard choices to survive is not one of them.

Greene’s salary and perks are, of course, just the start of what her tenure as San Diego’s new VC for EDI will cost taxpayers. If we are to believe UCSD’s syntactically challenged press office, this new vice chancellorship is a position of extraordinary complexity and challenge: It “will require creativity and innovation to establish the role and organizational structure to enable achievement of the campus’ strategic diversity goals.” The new VC for EDI will therefore undoubtedly also require a staff of massive proportions to support the expected “creativity and innovation.” As a benchmark, UC Berkeley’s own vice chancellor for equity and inclusion, Gibor Basri, whose princely salary of $200,000 suddenly looks piddling by comparison with Greene’s, presides over a staff of 24, up from 17 a mere year ago. Estimating conservatively, a comparably bulked-up office for San Diego’s new VC for EDI will run taxpayers close to $1 million a year, even before the VC’s salary is added in. That million-plus could easily pay for over a dozen new professors just starting their careers or for scholarships for many more promising graduate or undergraduate students.

Despite UCSD’s desperate efforts to give substance to this new appointment, there is in fact nothing for Greene and her staffers to do that isn’t already being done. Every department at UCSD faces unrelenting pressure to hire females and “underrepresented minorities,” i.e., blacks and Hispanics—Asians and Indians, of course, counting as honorary whites for the sake of the diversity crusade. {snip}

The creation of a massive diversity bureaucracy to police the faculty for bias against women and URMs can be justified only if there is evidence that the faculty need such policing. No one has yet presented a single example of UC San Diego’s faculty discriminating against a highly ranked female or URM candidate because of skin color or gender. The opposite is of course the case: female and URM Ph.D.s enjoy enormous advantages in the hiring market at UCSD and everywhere else. {snip}

Diversity advocates try to mask the vacuousness of their enterprise with two strategies. First, the diversophile pretends that a new diversity initiative is the first time that the relevant institution has ever embarked on such an endeavor. {snip}

The second strategy consists of dressing up “diversity” activities with speciously technocratic rhetoric. In trying to portray diversity bean-counting as something akin to an actual skill, use of the phrase, “metrics,” is de rigueur. A diversity bureaucrat doesn’t count females and minorities, she uses “metrics,” as Chancellor Khosla explained in the same email: “Additionally, the [diversity strategic] plan will include metrics to ensure that we are employing best practices that both research and experience show have a real impact.” “Holistic” is another favored term. In arguing for regent approval of Greene’s astronomical salary and perks, the UC Office of the President in Oakland noted that the new VC for EDI would be “responsible for providing a holistic and integrated vision on all major equity, diversity and inclusion efforts at UC San Diego.”


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  • Up to my neck in CA

    My daughter wants to got college in San Diego…Not anymore if I have anything to say about it! I’m not paying high tuition costs to help pay this diversity made-up feel-good’s salary.

    • Look into USD….

    • Epiminondas

      These creeps are everywhere.  When the US government goes down, diversity will go with it.  

  • Puggg

    It “will require creativity and innovation to establish the role and
    organizational structure to enable achievement of the campus’ strategic
    diversity goals.”

    22 words to say nothing.  That’s worse than a corporate CEO.

    system-wide “campus climate survey” to track down the racism of UC’s
    faculty, staff, and students that is allegedly putting UC’s “most
    marginalized and vulnerable populations . . . at risk,”

    Translation:  Drive out as many non-leftist straight white men as possible.  Then later complain when the gender disparity is so severe that an average co-ed can’t find a man.

    • Hmm.  To a Diversity Czar, opposition to Affirmative Action must be racism as it puts “most marginalized and vulnerable populations . . . at risk,” so they’re going to toss out students and faculty opposing it?

  • Detroit_WASP

    The diversity Czar is probably going to try and figure out how to get more white guys on the varsity basketball team…..just a guess!  

    • zWsA

      LOL! Diversity is a one-way street. You can never be too dark, just too white!

  • libertarian1234

    “Linda Greene, a diversity bureaucrat and law professor from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will pull in$250,000 a year in regular salary, but that’s just the beginning: she’ll receive both a relocation allowance of $60,000 and 100 percent reimbursement of all moving expenses, a temporary housing allowance of $13,500, two fully paid house-hunting trips for two to the San Diego area, and reimbursement for all business visits to the campus before her start date in January 2013.”

    This is so seriously absurd all I could do was laugh when I read it.

    The state of California has projected about a 25 billion dollar deficit for next year.  Numerous cities are on the verge of bankruptcy with about 4 having already filed.

    Cut backs on services have reached crucial levels in most cities, for the most part, to fund pension liabilities that are so exceedingly high they border on the truly bizarre.

    Universities have increased tuition drastically and have been forced to eliminate many subjects and activities they can’t afford, but they’re still in a financial bind and it’s getting worse with each passing day.

    Are these the same academics running these social engineering, propaganda institutions who claim to be so brilliant?   And are they the same ones who teach courses in economics, business principles and accounting, who are unable to understand that expenditures of a frivolous nature have to be eliminated in order to keep from going under when costs outpace revenue?

    California…and especially academia…has to be a fool’s paradise.

    • The__Bobster

      You forget about the scholarships for illegal aliens.

    • MartelC

      25 billion dollar deficit for next year”
      Don’t worry the 18 billion (or whatever) high speed rail line will save them!

  • jedsrael

    California university hires 250k/year diversity tzar to do . . . what exactly?

    To make Whites feel better that “we aren’t racists anymore” because Diversity is now upper class, thanks to us.

  • zWsA

    Can you imagine Howard University (whose student body is 99% Black) hiring a diversity czar! It would never happen. Because in America, 99+% Black/Brown is the definition of “diverse.”

  • Up to my neck in CA

    The word Czar really bugs me.

    • JohnEngelman

      Perhaps they should use the title “Führer.”

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        Always taking a punch at the German. You really envy them.

        If the called him that, he might actually accomplish something useful for the white race.

        • JohnEngelman

          I am half German. My last name is a craft name in Germany, similar to Goldsmith, and Baker for English last names.
          The Engel Männer were men who made angels for churches.  

  • A resume from UCSD gets tossed in the trash, especially if it’s from a white guy who went there. Let him reap what he has sown.

  • Defiant White

    People wonder what this is all about.


    She’s Glavnoe Upravlenie Gosudarstvennoi Bezopasnosti. 

    GUGB . . . or in English . . . Main Directorate of State Security (later to be re-named the KGB).

    She’s the Geheime Staatspolizei . . . GESTAPO.  Secret state police.

    She’s the Dirección General De Inteligencia . . . DGI . . . secret intelligence service of Cuba.

    Doesn’t matter what you call it, the function is the same as what Felix Dzerzhinsky began in 1917 Russia: state terror, state security, control of the population.

  • Sloppo

    I believe the most accurate working definition of diversity is “less white people”.  A diversity czar’s job is simply to get rid of whites, but doing the job well requires a multi-fasceted approach.  Whites must be ethnically replaced in their jobs and their academic opportunities must be taken away and given to non-whites.  Whites must be demoralized and shamed with propaganda until they hate themselves enough to passively accept and even welcome the destruction of their race, culture, and civilization.  A good diversity czar may even be able to make gullible whites refer to their own destruction as “progressive”.  

  • jedsrael

    One advantage of the Rising Curse of Dangerous and Ugly Diversity is that when it goes after the rich Whiteys, the suffering will be worse for them because they have more to lose and feel more entitled to keep it.

    Justice Will Be Our Joy.

    • Sloppo

      There is an upper class of whites which will have the rug pulled out from under them largely because of their own actions, but the global elitists are not planning to put Africans or Hispanics in charge of their global government.  Multiculturalism is a tool to destroy successful civilizations and create violent chaos.  Their goal is to mentally prepare the masses to WANT an all-controlling global government to control the unbearable violent chaos.  The destruction of national/cultural identities and the creation of perpetual violence are necessary to make people and peoples trade their freedoms for “security”.  They will then have neither of course.

  • IstvanIN

     Actually it means “Caesar”, which we would translate as emperor.

    • Kaiser comes from Caesar, too.  In fact, the Romans saw “Caesar” and pronounced it “Kaiser.”

      • Epiminondas

        There is much debate about whether the ancient Romans pronounced it “KEEzar” or “KAIzar”.  I believe the Germans got it right.

  • IstvanIN

    Pradeep K. Khosla? Gibor Basri?  What country am I living in?  Why are we paying taxes and serving in the military to protect people with names like this?  Who are these people?

    • Ulick

      “Why are we paying taxes?”

      I think a collective tax boycott is the best weapon that whites have.  If every single white declined to pay federal and state taxes in protest to what’s happening to the country and politicians doing nothing about it, there’s little that the federal and state governments could do.  They wouldn’t have either the man power or the resources to go after every white person that refused to pay taxes, and the government wouldn’t have the money to fund their anti-white agenda.

      I’m not sure why there hasn’t been a greater call for such a movement.  Even if a third of whites refused to pay taxes it would be nearly impossible for authorities to punish the boycotters.  Hell, over a third of blacks don’t pay their taxes (including Marion Barry) and nothing happens to them.

      • Why won’t it happen any time soon?

        Mass psychology.

        TV shows a picture of one person being perp walked off to prison for not paying taxes, and this keeps everyone in line.  Over the air TV stations are FCC licensed, that same government that relies on taxes.  Governments and their subordinates and shills have a lot of incentive to convince you to pay taxes.

        • IstvanIN

           Plus most of us pay our taxes through payroll deductions.  If we do not file most of us just won’t get a refund.  Even the one’s who have too little taken out still pay something.  They wouldn’t put us in jail for non-filing, they would garnish our wages, put liens on our homes and take our bank accounts.

          • Along those lines, if it is all possible for those of you reading these words, engineer your withholding schedule such that when you file your returns, you don’t get a big refund.  I’d rather owe slightly than get a big refund.  Ideally, I’d rather neither owe nor get a refund, but that’s like being blind and judging a beauty contest.  I’d rather owe a little than get a lot because I don’t want to give the Federal and state governments an interest free loan.
            Except in our climate, you can’t practically find a good place to park your money at any decent interest rate anyway.

      • Bantu Education

        “over a third of blacks don’t pay their taxes (including Marion Barry) and nothing happens to them.”

        Ah, but they get unlimited credit with their “Race Card” ..!

  • dukem1

    How in the world could any lucid Californian know about this stuff and not go completely postal?
    Are there any Californiacs  following AmRen?  If so, then I have a question:  Have you completely lost your mind?!?!?!?!
    Forget about the diversity crapola – the financials alone are stupefying.
    We are doomed.

    • dukem1

       Gee whiz!  I got moderated.  That’s OK, I get it, and I’ll make sure not to make the same mistake again.   And thanks for reading my post!
      See ya next week!

  • We have become a rediculous, silly, little society. Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves.

    • Ulick

      If the Founding Fathers came back to present day America and were told nothing, they would assume that we’ve been conquered.

      If the Founding Fathers did return, these men that should be the most revered people in America would undoubtedly be the most hated.  Every single one of them would be denounced as racist, xenophobic, homophobic, uncompassionate, and a white man (an insult and derogatory remark in present day America).  That’s how far this country has fallen. 

      • Moreover, this is exactly why obama and his ilk hate our Constitution and everything it was founded upon,because there were no “wise Latinas” around or magic Negroes to provide their input. To them, the Constitution was a document created by a bunch of “racist, xenophobic, homophobic, uncompassionate, White

        As such, they intend to modify our Constitution, of course, to reflect the “diverse, progressive, society” we have become present day.

      • IstvanIN

        If the Founding Fathers came back to present day America and were told nothing, they would assume that we’ve been conquered.

        We were, by stealth, without a shot being fired.

  • potato78

    Nothing wrong with diversity?

    Let us ponder for 60 seconds.


  • Howard W. Campbell

    Professor Greene’s page at the University of Wisconsin Law School

    http://www.law.wisc.edu/profiles/[email protected]

    Feel free to read her profile at your leisure.  She has worked for a number of the usual suspects.

    When California (and the US finally go bankrupt); the white Morlocks are going to stop providing the sustenance for the minority Eloi. It takes white (or Asian) males to make the infrastructure work in any successful country around the world. In the meantime, you could imagine this woman sending out “Little Red Tweets” to encourage the minorities to engage in a modern day version of the Chinese Cultural Revolution (against whites).

    All the more reason to find a path for your children to avoid these places. (Or gain real marketable skills in a non-PC environment). A trade school looks better day by day for my kids.

    In the attached picture, she replaces Mao, and there is a flashmob in the background.

  • Establise residence? That is for White people who are citizens! Illegal invading mexicans are not subjected to the same restrictions! They are flooding this state with their illegal presence.

  • A black law professor “knows” everything about diversity, when you consider
    what diversity really means; which is no White people allowed. She is much like
    another black “law professor,” turned community organizer, turned

  • $250,000 a year derived from taxpayer dollars, to persecute Whites under the auspices of
    eliminating racism and promoting diversity.

  • toldev

     I really think that much of this is about appearances.

    A university needs some black faces in high positions to give the correct appearance as far as diversity is concerned. However, a university president would not want to introduce Lakeisha Washington as the head of the physics department to potential donors. For that reason, high paid do nothing positions are created for blacks.

    • Puggg

       That I think is the whole point of spending all this money on diversity bureaucrats.  Affirmative action students who graduate degrees in affirmative action racial/ethnic/gender/orientation “studies” degrees find they’re useless in the real world.  So the goal of the left is to “hope and change” the real world so that academic institutions, corporations and governments have “diversity” bureaucracies, and that non-profit orgs are created for the purpose of “honoring diversity,” simply so that these “studies” graduates can have jobs once they get out of college.  Affirmative action doesn’t just stop at college admissions or job hiring, its purpose is to create a paraeconomy around “diversity” because the diverse participants in that paraeconomy couldn’t survive in the real economy.

  • JohnEngelman

    I thought proposition 209 ended affirmative action in California. What happened? 

    • MartelC

      Same thing that happens to our immigration laws. The globalist elite do as they please. Both Mike Bloomberg and Obama announced they weren’t going to enforce immigration laws-  in a normal, sane country that is high treason.

    • The__Bobster

      All libtards need to do is shop for a Jimmy Carter judge and he’ll shoot down any proposition.

  • Sloppo

    Here is a video of one of the world’s foremost diversity czars singing “kill the white man”.


  • 5n4k33y3s

    It would be more accurate to appoint a “tyrant” than a “czar”. Czar is Caesar in Russian, but an appointed bureaucrat is exactly what was meant by the word “tyrant” in the original Roman context.

    Words like “tyrant” and “dictator” used to have a neutral connotation prior to the spread of radical egalitarianism.

    The hypocrisy is the worst part about the people who are pretending to represent justice and fairness.

    I am not afraid to admit that I don’t mind the idea of subjugating women and minorities. But they will never admit they like the idea of subjugating me, although they are obsessed with this goal.

    The truth is, the most powerful man in the world is a white man. Society has been so flattened by radical egalitarianism, he only stands a bit above the rest. Even so, that is enough for him to claim singular status.

    How do I know that this is so? Just because it is impossible not to know this. Look around, and all you can see is oppressed men, second best men, men with temporary mandates, term limits, etc.

    Of those with none of these limitations, there can only be one who is the natural aristocrat of the human society. There can only be one with this singular status.

  • newscomments70

    I have a good first assignment for this diversity czar. At the moment, the vast majority of taxpayers in California are what’s left of the white middle class. Perhaps make taxpayers more “diverse”. Make the blacks on welfare work and pay taxes..and not government make-work, but real work. Force the Asians and Hispanics who work “cash only” to pay taxes. They often work under the table or own “cash only” businesses; they pay nothing.  I don’t think that will happen though. Instead, she will force more whites out of school and give less qualified minorities the positions. That’s a great idea. Force the only part of the population who produces out of the state. Give her a 250K salary for destroying what’s left of California. As usual, we are forced to pay for our own genocide. 

  • libertarian1234

    “We’re on our way out.”

    We wouldn’t be if we had more people like your grandson.

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    Indeed, that’s a recipe for a revolution. The arrogance and low IQ of the black man (and mulatto) means he cannot tell when he has pushed too far. White liberals think if they silence their enemies, they have defeated them. It is quickly coming to a head, White taxpayers are sick of paying out the rear end and getting nothing in return.

  • RisingReich

    Further proof that education is really indoctrination.
    Keep your kids out of the indoctrination centers!

  • The__Bobster
  • Yes, most of these anti-white, anti-American institutions simply cannot be fixed, so we need to find ways to defund them, to drain their swamps, to lessen the taxpayer damage that they do.  Obvious ways of course are to stop donating to them, not buy tickets to attend their athletic events, and stop taking night classes or other events/classes that they sell.

    Longer-term, we need to find alternative ways to learn without feeding the anti-white University Industry.  Many fields, such as mathematics, computer science, and English/literature you don’t need degrees to learn–most/all of that information is already on the ‘Net, and if one is disciplined enough can learn at a faster rate without the overhead that universities create.  Students can also look for smaller, largely online schools that don’t have much of a anti-White agenda to them.

    We should also fight the free trade agenda that drains America of its manufacturing base, forcing most everyone who wants to get a job to have to go to college, which ends up feeding this beast and saddling most of them with student loan debt.  Namely, restoring reasonable revenue tariffs on foreign products and using the tax revenue generated to remove taxation from domestic manufacturing.  Every 10,000 jobs saved might be $5 billion less going to the University Industry and these do-nothing Diversity Czars.

    Finally, beyond doing what we reasonably can to defund these institutions, we shouldn’t fret so much when certain universities are choosing lesser-qualified minorities over whites, or foreigners over Americans.  Ultimately, if any school wants to load itself up with dullards and spend all its time teaching remedial math and English and useless Diversity courses, it’s just hurting itself and the value of its degrees.  Whites should not be expending effort trying to save anti-white universities from the results of their poor decisions.   Rather, Whites should concentrate on improving themselves and those schools that are accepting them.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    “California university hires 250k/year diversity tzar to do . . . what exactly?”

    To see that I do not get into a University. They have been bullying me, the racist white male, for the fast few years trying to get me to leave/drop out of college, but I have not budged. I guess this is the next step.

  • Sayanim patronage job.