21-Year-Old Woman Beaten and Raped in Tribeca Park, Leaving Trail of Terror

Natasha Velez, New York Post, September 23, 2012

A young woman waiting to watch the sun rise in a TriBeCa park was yanked off a bench, beaten and raped yesterday during a prolonged attack by a “savage” sex fiend, police sources said.

Jonathan Stewart, 25, allegedly dragged the 21-year-old woman 10 feet into the bushes in Hudson River Park near Harrison Street at about 5:15 a.m., punching and attempting to strangle her before the vile assault.

After the woman bravely fought off her attacker, she ran completely naked toward two Parks Department cops and screamed, “I’ve just been raped! I’ve just been raped!” sources said.


The alleged attacker had fled on foot with no shirt and his pants down. He was arrested nearby and charged with rape and assault.


Stewart, a registered sex offender who is homeless, sidled up to her, trying to strike up a conversation, cops said.

But the woman spurned him, so he allegedly pounced on her and “brutally raped her for some time,” a law-enforcement source said.


Stewart lashed out at police and flailed like a maniac in his jail cell at the First Precinct station house. “He’s a savage. He looks like an animal,” a law-enforcement source said.

“He was going nuts in his cell. He was smashing his head against the wall and screaming and yelling at police officers.”

Stewart has a record of vicious crimes. He was paroled in July after serving seven years in state prison on a robbery and sex-abuse conviction from 2004. A police source said he raped a young female relative.

The attack—at least the fourth in a city park this month—comes 10 days after a 73-year-old bird-watcher was raped near Strawberry Fields in Central Park.


Jonathan Stewart

Diane Fox, 52, said, “We can’t enjoy Central Park; we can’t enjoy Hudson River Park—what’s left to enjoy?

“I moved here 34 years ago, and everything’s changing. The mayor should stop worrying about sugary drinks and start worrying about our freedoms. This is my community, this is my neighborhood, and I can’t go for a walk or watch the sunset?”


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  • IstvanIN

     She couldn’t have watched sunrise from a window?

    • Puggg

      The rapist couldn’t have controlled his urges?

      She can watch a sunset wherever she well desires as long as it’s legal.  Rape is the real violent crime.

      The suspect is a very old looking 25.  Drugs?

      • IstvanIN

         In theory, yes, in the real world, no.  Sitting in a dark park in NYC, or just about anywhere in the Diverse States of America is not the smartest thing in the world to do.

        • Puggg

          Granted.  But we have to get out of this Stockholm Syndrome “blame the victim” mentality.

          • Defiant White

            You have to blame the victim, I’m afraid.  Look, if the zoo lost control of its animals and lions and tigers are roaming the streets, who’s to blame if a child gets eaten – the tiger or the parent?

            It’s a brave, new world.  Sorry, but unarmed/untrained young white girls who get raped by black savages have no one to blame . . . except maybe their parents for not doing a better job of raising them.

            Until young whites understand that they have to be responsible for their own safety when they’re within 50 miles of any coloreds, no white child will ever be safe because we have too many stupidly-liberal parents.

          • Puggg

            On the other hand, the lions and tigers will eventually be put back in their proper prisons…er, cages.  But that won’t happen as soon as it could if we adopt the mentality that it’s the fault of the parents for letting their kids on the streets, because if we think that and dwell on that, we’ll be blaming ourselves for when the tiger mauls the kid, thereby precluding our ability to round up the lions and tigers and return them to the zoo.

            Extend the metaphor.

          • 5n4k33y3s

            I would blame the zoo-keeper, of course. Then I would blame the animal. But to be practical, a young woman should know better. She was raised wrong. Her liberal parents deserve a lot of blame.

            The immediate concern is safety. Keep vulnerable people out of the reach of violent criminals.

            The next concern is whose fault it is when the predatory degenerates prey on the naive and defenseless.

          • Persephone Gray

            To FedUp — I am silently cheering for you in spirit (if I did it physically I’d wake my son). Perhaps it is only the rarity of hearing such sentiments expressed in this dark age, but I find I am unexpectedly emotional after reading your comment. You have a noble soul. Bless you.

          • 5n4k33y3s

            Now that Persephone Gray has agreed with a comment I endorsed, I feel the need to be critical to distance myself from a feminist.

            Fed up wrote: “NO sir.  I disagree that children, the elderly, and our white women have
            to be responsible for their own safety.”

            Safety is everyone’s job. It’s not either their responsibility, or men’s responsibility. It’s both, but they look to us for leadership. And I say, don’t make our job any harder by exposing yourself unnecessarily to threats.

            Fed up wrote: “It is OUR job, the white men
            in this country, to protect our kin and provide safe neighborhoods and
            freedom to enjoy life unmolested by black savages.”

            That goes for any kind of attacker. It’s largely an issue of black and white, but to some extent, as men, we also protect the defenseless from the predatory, regardless of race or gender.

            But yeah, overall, Fed up said what a lot of white men won’t say nowadays. I’m more in agreement with his sentiments than critical.

          • CharlesFinley

            FedUp…My man.


          • sarah stein

             What man in his right mind would want a weak, unarmed woman to look after their children, or not have his back should he be attacked in her presence.  Yes, it is a brave, new world and women will either catch up or be cut loose. 

          •  I’m sorry but sometimes the victims deserve blame for putting themselves in potentially dangerous situations.  Many of these rapes are happening because young women are not aware of their surroundings and don’t use common sense.

            Before I got a car I put myself in some precarious situations.  Once I waited for my mother to pick me up while I was under a highway bridge at night.  Once I walked home through a field while a black kid walked behind me.  He probably lived in my neighborhood but there are few blacks in my neighborhood and I didn’t recognize him so I had my guard up.  I live in the suburbs so it’s not as dangerous but I made some stupid decisions when I was younger that could’ve put me in danger.

            With all the stories I hear about constantly on the news I just get my butt home before sundown and don’t go out alone at night.  I guess I’m overly paranoid but at least I won’t end up on the nightly news as the victim of a “random act of violence.”

          • No Chris, having your guard up is being prudent – not being overly paranoid. Heck, I arm myself with a Ruger before I go and throw out the garbage, out in the dumpsters. 

          • 5n4k33y3s

            Feminism is the essence of Stockholm Syndrome. A woman who is paying close attention to her own self-interest doesn’t internalize the Feminist nonsense.

            She would know the Feminists don’t actually want to prevent her from being raped. She would know the Feminists only want to use her rape for grand-standing on the soapbox for their own agenda.

            Otherwise, Feminists would be shrieking about black rapists who jump out of the bushes or lurk in a back ally, rather than squawking from bullhorns about white college students they’ve falsely accused of date rape.

            Just look what was done to Julian Assange by Feminists. Do you think they care about rape? If they cared, they wouldn’t falsely accuse white men all the time.

        • Not without a gun, anyway.

      • >> 
        The suspect is a very old looking 25.  

        yeah, what happened to “black don’t crack”?

    • That’s one option. However, in the civilized society I want to live in, people should be able to watch the sunrise or sunset without being raped by violent black sex offenders.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        blacks have no place in “civilized society,” this truth is getting harder and harder for the liberals to deny.

  • Stewart, a registered sex offender who is homeless, sidled up to her, trying to strike up a conversation, cops said.

    But the woman spurned him, so he allegedly pounced on her and “brutally raped her for some time,” a law-enforcement source said.

    Well, the rape was justified at least in his mind. After all, she rejected his advances.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Some might say that diversity is more beautiful than any sunrise.

  • refocus

    The mayor should stop worrying about sugary drinks and start worrying about our freedoms.

    See, another example of obfuscation. 

    You are trying to blame the mayor of NYC for this case of blatent white racism displayed graphically with the farme up of this innocent black man.

  • Northernfront

    The big question:  Can German descent in the USA help make us citizens there?  

    • carole smith

      Yeah, I would like to know that, too, because I am half German on my mother’s side.  

    • At the very least I know you have to be of demonstrable German descent and speak German to be eligible for their repatriation program.  I don’t know if it auto-magically makes you a citizen.

      • Northernfront

        This opportunity to reverse the Atlantic migration might come in handy someday. It’s hard to find good information on how exactly to use your ancestry to advantage you in selection for German citizenship. Maybe someday Germany will allow “Aaliyah”, just like Israel allows ancestral Jews to automatically become citizens.

        Basically, I sure hope Germany discriminates IN FAVOR of their coethnics in America, that it does not develop a “equal opportunity for all races” system.

        I believe Germany, since 2001, is now giving German citizenship to Turks, unheard of before. The “Blood citizenship” laws,developed to aid German repatriation following WWII, and also for German flight from the collapsing Soviet Union lands, is weakening.

  • Kevin W. Cornell

    Why was this guy ever paroled after raping a young female relative? THAT is the problem.

    • MekongDelta69

      Because… (wait for it)… he was… b-l-a-c-k.

      Leftists have decreed that white men’s civilization and rules of law don’t apply to ‘them.’

  • Defiant White

    Probably kinder if he had killed her.  Of course, it would have been even kinder if the system had euthanized this vicious beast a long time ago.  He didn’t just turn animal the night before.  He’s probably raped before and has been in and out of government facilities.

    I hope she gets another chance to view the sunrise . . . this time with a .45 in her purse.

  • C_C_Conrad

    “Diane Fox, 52, said, “We can’t enjoy Central Park; we can’t enjoy Hudson River Park—what’s left to enjoy?
    “I moved here 34 years ago, and everything’s changing. The mayor
    should stop worrying about sugary drinks and start worrying about our
    freedoms. This is my community, this is my neighborhood, and I can’t go
    for a walk or watch the sunset?”

    Now, I wonder HOW all of this came about!!??  Just who gave the city, state and country away in the first place?  Who stood by & did nothing as this happened?  Who stood with their Somali neighbors.   Who supported & still supports this to this very day?   Let me think now…  You did!   The mayor isn’t going to fix this, he’s on THEIR side.  The only question that remains is, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?  You could start by getting your head out of your pants. 

  • No freedom of speech, no thanks.

  • Any chance it was a black woman who was staying up to watch the sunrise?    Nah … not the BW’s style.

  • MekongDelta69

    “Diane Fox, 52, said, ‘We can’t enjoy Central Park; we can’t enjoy Hudson River Park—what’s left to enjoy?‘”

    Just keep voting for NoBama and what’s left will be NOTHING.

  • Sloppo

    But wait … we’ve been raised to believe that the ultimate evil is a German who likes his or her own culture … and now we need to move their because WE like that culture better than our own???  Could it have possibly been a bad idea to bomb that country to rubble and give half of it and the rest of Europe to the USSR?  

    • 5n4k33y3s

      If Hitler hadn’t have been such a murderous asshole who richly deserved to die, Germany would have been spared. 

      • “All is fair in war and love”

        There is no such thing as a “war crime”.

        War being “the continuation of politics by other means” (Clausewitz), there shouldn’t be “political crimes” either. 

        • 5n4k33y3s

          “All is fair in war and love”

          Wrong, and wrong again. 

          Waging war can be wonderful and heroic, and it can also be wicked and criminal. War crimes are the latter, not the former.  

          Of course the U.N. is wrong as often as not, and history still tends to be written by the victor. But society has never been more objective, with more contrary opinions to the historians of the victor.

          War crimes are real. Our last two Presidents have been courting international condemnation. I’ve already thrown them under the bus, along with Clinton because of what was done to David Koresh and his congregation, as well as heavy-handed response to the former Yugoslavia.

          But now even the opposition candidate promises to be an even worse war criminal than the incumbent. Make no mistake: the drone strikes are not fair. Many of the drone strikes are war crimes. Especially this most recent one in Yemen.

      • Sloppo

        Was Hitler any worse than the murderous asshole we left in charge of half of Europe?  Before you answer, you might want to google “holodomor”.  

      • plaintruthforidiots

        I suggest you try learning the truth about German history, not what the ‘victors’ have told you… Hitler was not a “murderous asshole who richly deserved to die”. Do some research, you haven’t got a clue about what the German people went through.

      • Invictus_1

         Let’s just compare the war crimes of the Japanese and Germans then, compared to the Allies alleged war crimes.   The atomic bombs saved millions of lives on both sides.  Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  • He was paroled in July after serving seven years in state prison on a robbery and sex-abuse conviction from 2004. 
    25 years old minus 7 years in prison = 18 years old at time of first adult conviction.

    Literally been of age to commit adult prosecutable rape 8 years but has spent 7 in prison. One free year of life and going on two rape convictions under his belt.

    As for the victim, she is a DWL moron. I am male and if I saw that “thing” even cross the street towards me late at night I would alter my route in a manner that would make it more difficult for him to ever get near me.

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      I’m 6′ and 200 lbs and even I have a shank on my key-chain. Any woman that doesn’t have some kind of weapon on her at all times is basically asking to be raped.

  • whiteuncleruckus

    People cant enjoy the parks anymore because white liberals thought it was “bad” to keep blacks out. Then they made laws that forced whites to accept blacks. How’s that working out?

  • jedsrael

    Diane Fox, 52, said, “We can’t enjoy Central Park; we can’t enjoy Hudson River Park—what’s left to enjoy?

    Dear Diane, Welcome to Saint MLK’s  post White America.  You aren’t supposed to enjoy anything anymore, because Diversity has criminalized your White privilege.  Your suffering is their victory.  You should know this already. Haven’t you ever heard of Brown v. Board?

    Yours in White Christ, J.E.D.S.R.A.E.L., High Priest of the White Privilege Liberation Front

    • sarah stein

       Oh and good luck trying to sell your condo in rape city.

  • I used to live in Germany during the 80’s and early 90’s. When talk of immigration came up, the spectre of all Americans of German descent coming back to the Heimat was a horror scenario for the political class and media honchos. Sibling rivalry and Futterneid kept Germans afraid of thier own kin. Now she can be blessed with diversity and soon Negroes will be pulling million dollar contracts playing soccer and basketball in Europe too.
    Still, Germans won’t be a minority in thier own country any time soon. But if your thinking on moving over there as an American, you will not be greeted with flowers, I assure you. Germans look at American-Germans thusly; you abandoned us by emigrating, therefore we reject you. You will never be accepted. I know, I tried. 

  • Detroit_WASP

    Well hopefully the NAACP will be able to get his voting rights secured so he can vote for
    BHO in the next election!  

    All is lost, we are all doomed.

  • JohnEngelman

    Whenever I read about a repeat offender I wonder why they keep letting him out. Show me a man with an IQ of 75, no high school degree, no work history, and several felony convictions and I will show you someone with nothing to rehabilitate. The only way to get any value out of him is through prison labor. 

    • sarah stein

      If they don’t let them out,  judges and lawyers will be out of a job and their children will go hungry.  You don’t want the children to go hungry do you?  Repeat offenders are job security.

    • Sherman_McCoy


  • While it’s a terrible thing, this woman getting raped; she did put herself in danger by drinking at night and then going to Central Park later, to “clear her head”. Man, that’s like throwing red meat to a pack of starving wolves.

    Why do New Yorkers vote for politicians who strip them of their Second Amendment rights, and then bleat about not being able to do anything when they’re attacked? Do they not understand that Bloomberg spits on their right to self-defense, and that if it were up to him, this entire nation from sea to shining sea would be disarmed, except for the police and military – in short, a police state?

    I find it laughable that New Yorkers still say that Central Park is unsafe. Of course it is, dummies!! It’s been that way for decades. Voting for gun-control politicians like Lindsay, Beame, Koch, Dinkins, Giuliani and Bloomberg is supposed to make Central Park safe?

    I note, Bloomberg is silent about this attack. Know why? Because no gun was involved!! Had there been, Bloomberg would have wet his panties, and fumed about the GUN, NOT the criminal. If a crime is committed without the use of a gun, then the mayor is silent.

    Why was this blatta aethiops released from prison after seven years – so much for a sex offender registry keeping women safe. Those registries have about as much effect as a temporary restraining order.

    I agree with other posters here who say for decades New York liberals wanted a gun-free multicultural “utopia” – now they have it. I join them in saying., “How’s that working out for you”?     

    • sarah stein

      I hope nobody rapes while I sit here alone, unarmed, in the dark, waiting for the sunrise.  HEEEEEEELLLLLLOOOOOOOOOO, I SAID, I HOPE NOBODY RAPES ME WHILE I SIT HERE ALONE, UNARMED, IN THE DARK, WAITING FOR THE SUNRISE.

  • Bring back penal colonies on remote islands then you won’t have to listen to all the liberals whine about the death penalty.  Animals belong in jungles not roaming around city streets and parks.

  • MekongDelta69

    Free for HIM. Not for US.

    Rape USED to be a capital crime (punishable by death) in the United States until the (oh-so-wonderful-and-‘enlightened’) ’60s.

  • Diamond_Lil

    When I was in my teens and twenties, I used to look at the stars with my telescope in the middle of the night in a field with no fear and no repercussions. Then again, I used to live in an all-white, middle-class working neighborhood.  Today, living in LA, it is not permitted with my teen and “littles” and the only places my sweeties go are the science/history museums where little diversity is found, other than Asians, or Disneyland, where no diversity BS is tolerated.

  • sarah stein

    Good news, Jonathan Stewart is no longer homeless.  He now has full medical, dental, free meals and shelter, cable tv, internet, conjugal visits, and 24 hour security. 

    • Up to my neck in CA

      He can also meet like-minded friends in the showers.

  • 5n4k33y3s

    Kim Jong-Un understands. The military base is an affront to the Korean people. South Koreans don’t get it. North Koreans do.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    And the area where I work in Frankfurt looks like little Ethiopia/Somalia.  Sorry folks, but Germany ain’t it.

    • 549106

      …and on May Day it looks like a military occupation from college students rioting.

      If you don’t like living among minorities because they’re violent and criminal, that’s fair, but the statistics don’t bear out any claims that it’s the same everywhere.

      The Germans have the idea of culture at least, and they have effective police. Most of the problems in Germany come not from legal turkish immigrants with businesses who were invited to come in order to rebuild the country, but from illegal eastern european immigrants.

      This is why it’s hard for Germans to get all worked up racially, these days: they see white nationalist in America waxing romantic about European unity while a (white, not gypsy) Russian picks their pocket and a Romanian sucks up their welfare and both refuse to learn the language. Meanwhile, a dark-skinned Turk who’s worked in Germany for the past 50 years and paid taxes and followed the law without complaint, who doesn’t even vote because he knows he’s a guest in the country and its politics don’t concern him..he’s the problem, because one of his kids might listen to rap music?

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Geez, where to start . . .  

        I guess I’d start with asking how you know what you claim to know about Germans, as it squares not at all with my experience.  I’ve lived in Germany most of my adult life, and speak the language well.  I know many Germans, though I don’t claim that the opinion of one (or even a few) are a reflection of what most of them think.  

        Turks are some of the worst welfare abusers in this country.  They also are overly represented in the criminal statistics.  Turks bashed my son’s  mouth on the concrete curb at the bus stop in Böblingen.  A Turk knifed a boy on the bus here in our village not long ago.  The house across the street from me contains one working Turkish family with several others who are totally dependent on welfare.  

        Many Germans ARE worked up about the outsiders here, but are afraid to say anything for fear of being called the “N” word.  

        Gypsies are a parasitic element that we’d all be better off without.

        As far as Russians go, I believe they are more into insurance fraud.  But the Russians I know are repatriated ethnic Germans from places like Kazakhstan, and are some of the hardest working folks I know.

  • Barrack Osama

    “We can’t enjoy Central Park; we can’t enjoy Hudson River Park—what’s left to enjoy?”

    I don’t know if I should tell her to take her head out of the sand and stop trying to “enjoy” things around dangerous minorities in public places and maybe help deal with the problems that brought us here, or if I should just nod grimly to myself and note that they’ll all have to face reality when there’s nothing left to “enjoy” because it’s all crumbled.

  • Anti-rape therapy for offenders by Dr. D. Wesson

  • 5n4k33y3s

     I’m pretty sure Mike Tyson’s rape conviction was wrong. This chick went to his hotel room? He said / she said. I don’t think he raped her. I think she did a shake-down after he didn’t show any interest in a commitment.

  • ShoutsAtTV

     Gee, and all this time, I thought it was just me…

  • Being a 21 year old female in New York the odds are that she voted for Obama. She probably felt oh so good to stick it to the White man. Anyway, I find myself having a harder and harder time to empathize with white females who are viciously attacked by their comic book super heroes. At the same time, a part of me feels guilty for not feeling more for these young White females who are treated as such by their black supermen. I suppose it is the knowledge that a huge percentage of White women view Euro American males as the enemy. Not so much in regards to marriage, but in the cultural and political realm this is a definite. Now don’t get me wrong, I feel bad that a woman was raped like that, however the fact that she was a white female has less and less of a hold on me. In many ways, I consider a huge percentage of young Urban White American women as being little better than a African from the projects anyhow.

    Now I am by no means justifying rape, so all the white knights and closet feminists can just relax. Rape is a horrible crime. And noone deserves for anything like that to happen to them. However the voting patterns of white females are very similar to their black heroes. Many white females view their interests as being completely severed from that of the Euro American male. And their voting patterns more than indicate that. Particularly  the under 25 and single crowd.  That being said, the white American woman has a huge reality check coming when African behavior becomes ever more prevalent.  Many females who are sheltered from Black African norms view black culture as something superior to that of the white man (and by extension, their own)The more the Euro American  male slips in power and status, the less and less freedom, and say so they themselves will have.

    • >> Many white females view their interests as being completely severed from that of the Euro American male.

      If this is true, we have women like this to partially thank: 

      “She recalled her childhood as golden years, shielded at first from the growing Nazi menace by an affluent Jewish household….

      “[She wrote]…  a blistering indictment of women’s standing in society and what she viewed as the inequality of marriage…. “‘The much vaunted male logic isn’t logical, because they display prejudices — against half the human race — that are considered prejudices according to any dictionary definition,’ Ms. Figes wrote.”

  • LaSantaHermandad

    The only way to rebuff those animals (I’m referring to the potential criminal types) is with a bullet. They will not be rebuffed. They need to die. If a white person finds herself coincidentally alone with a Black male who is being sexually aggressive, she must be prepared to terminate him. Saying “No” will only serve to get her raped, murdered or both in that order.

    • Pelayo

      Actually not necessarily in “that order”. Anything that walks, crawls, flies or ain’t been dead too long.

  • And the victim black.

  • The__Bobster

    It gets worse:


    THE high-risk sex offender who attacked a young actress in Hudson River Park at dawn Saturday actually raped his victim twice, prosecutors say.

    After the first attack, the woman managed to briefly escape from twisted ex-con Jonathan Stewart, 25. But Stewart chased her down, grabbed her by the throat, punched her and sexually assaulted her again, said Assistant District Attorney Alyssa Gunther at Stewart’s arraignment Wednesday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

    The victim again broke free from Stewart, who has a prior 2004 conviction for robbery and sexual assault on two women, and fled naked until encountering park cops.

    • Pelayo

      Bernie Goetz or ANY White “Wannabe”,
      Where are you when we need you?

  •  They had initiated surrender talk before they were atom-bombed: it was a war crime.

  • Can anyone name a place or situation where someone was quoted using a negative generalization to describe a crumbling community, such as “everything’s changing,” and it NOT be a veiled reference meaning more black people?

    How many people have had their once thriving and safe communities destroyed by White people moving in?

    Please speak up and show some examples.

    • it is like every prediction made by segregationists 100 years ago has been ticked off one by one.

  • patriotdad76

    After Giuliani cleaned up new york, Bloomberg and Cuomo have gone back to old liberal democrat tricks.

    They have cut the courts, cut prisons, and they haven’t hired new cops in 4 years.

    But they have been spending plenty on handouts for Democrats and giveaways to the unions.

  • patriotdad76

    The parole officer is probably black too…

  • plaintruthforidiots

    “minority majority” – please stop using that ridiculous phrase. Say what you mean – ‘majority NON-WHITE’.

  • plaintruthforidiots

     You’re an idiot, you know nothing about the history of Germany… Nobody “slaughtered” five, six million (LOL) white (LOL) Jews… Which is it? Five million? Six million? Jews? Or whites?

  • “..five, six million white Jews.  ”

    Please don’t use the word “white” to describe jews. It’s as infuriating as “White Hispanic.” There are Whites, and there are jews. I shouldn’t have to teach this.

  • I’m amazed at what a prodigious feat of criminality this is.  he grabbed her and raped her twice!  if you forced me at gunpoint to rape someone, I couldn’t get up the necessary vitriol (meanness) plus  sexual excitement because I’d be so nervous I would be having sweaty palms.  But to do it twice .. .  Unbelievable.  I know there are white people that can do this, but I think the average white person has  a built-in aversion to harming another person.    That this monster can do it so cavalierly …  is instructive.

  • Shocker alert: He’s black

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    Fun fact:

    Studies have shown that a majority of rapists fail to matain an erection when high levels of hollow point rounds are present in their digestive, cardiovascular or nervous systems.

  • ELN

     Try out ESTONIA with its 98% White population or Canada with a diminishing 83% White population. Just avoid the major cities of Toronto or Vancouver.

  • I can’t let that go without a response.

    You might see “a lot of dislike for white women” here, but you don’t see any vicious vitriolic name-calling and language toward white women here, because we delete it.

  • potato78

    “You can not escape us.”

    This is black culture thing for raping a white woman.
    once blacks see white woman, who automatically turn them on, then they can not control themselves.

  • The__Bobster

    Are you really that dense?

    After the first attack, the woman managed to briefly escape from twisted ex-con Jonathan Stewart, 25. But Stewart chased her down, grabbed her by the throat, punched her and sexually assaulted her again, said Assistant District Attorney Alyssa Gunther at Stewart’s arraignment Wednesday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

    Oh, here’s another way:


    Police: Graduate Student Raped On Benjamin Franklin Parkway
    September 26, 2012 8:02 PM
    By Walt Hunter, Natasha Brown

    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Ben Franklin Parkway, gateway to Center City along with art and cultural centers, was the scene of a vicious crime early Wednesday morning.

    Police say Warren Fitts, a career criminal with 25 arrests going back more than two decades, attacked a 28-year-old graduate student, ripping off her clothes and raping her on the street.

    Investigators say the student, who had recently moved into the area, had been drinking heavily, and lay unconscious when Fitts allegedly assaulted her.
    The victim again broke free from Stewart, who has a prior 2004 conviction for robbery and sexual assault on two women, and fled naked until encountering park cops.

    • I visited the Philly site you posted, Bobster. From reading the comments accompanying the article, people ARE starting to wake up – slowly perhaps, but they’re rubbing the sleep out of their eyes.

      Fitts has the same, souless, blank look as do all the other Bantu criminals. 

  • Puggg

    You expect an average woman to take an average man in most physical fights?

    Even if they are of the same weight and height, the man is more powerful because more of his weight is in muscle density.  This is why we are taught from little boys not to touch girls and women wantonly.  I could kill a woman just by pressing my thumb against her chest if she’s standing at the top of a flight of stairs.

    • Like I always say:

      “God made men and women, but Sam Colt made them equal.”

      Had this rapist tried to attack Paxton Quigley, author of “Armed and Female: Living in an Unsafe World”, he would be jivin’ with Trayvon Martin in Hades, right now.

  • Soooo many white women are so foolish! I have a sister who is single and she refuses to watch the news or to read the local newspaper because the crime reports get her depressed. Fine. But she also refuses to take ANY measures to protect herself or to modify her behavior to reduce the risk she’ll become a victim. So far, she’s only be robbed at gun point….

    FREE Crime Avoidance and Self-Defense Advice here:

  • It’s benign relative to a lot of the comments we have to reject.  But still fair game for responses by you and others.

  • The victim is fortunate in that she was not murdered. In all probability, the perp has raped or molested many victims before he was sent to prison for rape the first time. It is not at all unusual for a sex offender to begin his career of sexual assault shortly after reaching puberty. I wouldn’t be surprised if Stewart has an extensive juvenile record (of course sealed from public view). Stewart may also have many unknown victims because a large percentage of sexual assault victims, simply don’t report the crimes because of embarrassment and/or  fear that they will be re-victimized by the justice system. Stewart was probably engaged in various forms of sexual assault from an early age (window peeping, grabbing/touching women on public transportation, etc, etc).

     There is not even the most remote chance that Jonathan Stewart will not engage in similar behavior, given the opportunity.  Rehabilitation does not work with sex offenders. A dangerous monster like this should never be allowed to see the light of day. This is but one more of countless examples of the ugly joke that is our justice system.  Teach your sons and daughters that monsters are real and they often look like Jonathan Stewart. Awareness, common-sense, and racial consciousness, are the front line of self-defense. 

  • refocus

     … or a beautiful white woman.

  • What nonsense! Do u have any evidence that those Indians have “mostly fake degrees”? The fact is the vast majority of those Indians are better qualified and are more smarter and reasonable to work with as compared with lesser educated white American “engineers” most of whom are under qualified, many who do some worthless diplomas or degrees as technicians in some trade school or Ivy Tech/ community college and all of a sudden have this delusion that they are engineers! Gimme a break!

  • Luke, you and Robert Griffith bring up some good points, and it’s making a lot of people uncomfortable – because they know what you’re saying makes sense. I was in college at the time of the Billie Jean King-Bobby Riggs “Battle of the Sexes” tennis garbage, and almost all the females on campus thought that was the greatest thing since women’s suffrage in 1920. They started calling men “male chauvinist pigs” and other such terms, and men took it. 

    Did women not think there would be an eventual backlash?  

  • Woody, you’re right. When Cus D’Amato kicked the bucket, Tyson became a lost soul, since he lost his “cover”. That’s when all his crimes became publicized and people started seeing him for the SOB POS he is. 

  • Don’t be naive. Read something on rape, for God’s sake …

  • William_JD

    I agree with about 98% of that.

  • Invictus_1

     Eisenhower warned us about the establishment and the likely excesses of an out of control, MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, the type that led to  our involvement in Vietnam.  Somehow you forgot this important qualifier.  He was worried that war-making would become the American stock in trade, and it has.  Funny how a little omission can make such a difference.