University of Texas Files Brief Defending Use of Race

KVUE (Austin), August 6, 2012

The University of Texas filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court defending its use of race as one the standards in its admissions policies.

Abigail Fisher, a white student who was not admitted to the school in 2008, filed a lawsuit challenging the policy as violation of her civil and constitutional rights. The Supreme Court agreed in February to consider the case, setting the stage for its first ruling on affirmative action in higher education since 2003.

The case is being watched closely for a broad ruling that could impact admissions policy at public and private universities nationwide.

Texas admits most of its students because they rank among the top 10 percent in their high school classes. For other students, Texas officials say race is considered among many factors, including academic record, personal essays, leadership potential, extracurricular activities, and honors and awards. The school says race is not used to set quotas, which the high court has previously rejected.


The school says its policy, first used in 2005, conforms to a 2003 Supreme Court ruling that upheld racial considerations in university admissions at the University of Michigan Law School.

“This policy allows us to gain the benefits of a diverse student body,” university President Bill Powers said in a video statement. “We’re confident we will prevail in this case.”



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  • Enar_Larsson

    —“This policy allows us to gain the benefits of a diverse student body,”
    university President Bill Powers said in a video statement.—

    Just once, I would like someone to actually describe to me what the benefits of a diverse ______ are. Everyone seems to agree that there are such benefits and that anyone who disagrees doesn’t deserve to take another breath, but I still haven’t heard a coherent explanation of the benefits.

    • WmarkW

       I’m waiting for any school, business or community group to publicly say “We never thought all this diversity nonsense was worth a hill of beans, so we decided to buck that trend and just focus on working with who we have and the best people regardless of background that we could put together.  These were the results:____”

      • The Verdict of History

        Instead, our diversity-terror-police enforce stringent regulatory codes and quotas and fully expect institutions to submit to their regime…

        Meanwhile, these very institutions that experience the terror don’t learn… they don’t defy, they simply go on overlooking perfectly qualified white applicants in favor of unappreciative AND GENETICALLY DEFICIENT Bantu and Mezitos [sic]…

        The WAR on WHITES continues in earnest…. 

    •  I’m always curious why only the Western World seems to see the “benefits of diversity.”  IF diversity is so great you would think the Asian nations, Africa, and the Middle East would want to get in on this whole diversity thing.  Shouldn’t the non white countries be trying to convince whites to immigrate in order to reap some diversity benefits?  Shouldn’t Mexico be trying to recruit as many Asians as possible? 

    • John_D01

      That’as exactly what I was going to say.  It’s a mantra to repeat that diversity is some great strength, and I have NEVER, EVER, heard anyone try to explain how a community that is diverse is better than a community that is or was all white (other than in sports).  On pretty much every metric you  can imagine, the diverse community is worse,  if by diverse you mean including Blacks and Hispanics, and I almost feel badly lumping in Hispanics with Blacks because Blacks are orders of magnitude worse, and yet Hispanic communities are pretty much worse on every metric than White communities too.

      And they want to crucify anyone who doesn’t worship at the altar of this self-evidently false load of hokum.   What a cowardly, mendacious time we live in.

    • The Verdict of History


      Merit alone doesn’t allow the university “to gain the benefits of a diverse student body.”


      Great! So how many more qualified white candidates do we get to reject this year (AGAIN)  ????

    • Sheila Dinehart

      ok…the benefits of diversity or multiculturalism is important to the political correctness ideology of the more modern  evolutional process of the older model of Marxist Communism that is now in p0wer in Europe and America; a certain elite mind set actually in control calling themselves by other names…ha ha an old trick, and by utilizing these specific cultural tactics of PC the traditional the societies of traditional Europe and America can be deconstructed or destroyed…I should say that goal is mighty colse to being an utter reality very soon because some forces of power have made the decision long ago that Europeans, the English, French, German, Spanish and so on societies ruled by white-Christian philosophies caused all the evils of oppression in the world by way of imperialism, colonization and so on of other pre and non industrial countries, hauling African slaves, for instance, all over the world including America for the purpose of capitalistic labor as well as setting up European models in other places on earth such as India and  Ireland for the Brits, Africa for Brits, Dutch, Algiers and indo-China for the French… wait! this could go on forever, suffice it to say the Europeans went every where on earth and colonized including the American Colonies, and when America gained its independence from England, Spain, and France, though perhaps not in that order, then America did the same things except they hauled all those African’s over here on itsvery own continent which the Europeans had better sense to do even if they weren’t overpopulated, then America opened the flood gates for others to freely come here (opps what a mistake that was letting certain kinds of folk come here after the Russian Revolution!!!) for  more cheap labor but the  bad news was and is that some people so eager to get here have no love for America, never intended to assimilateinto traditional American culture (which is  ok because America is about the only country with such tolerance in the first place ) yet  work hard to destroy it through acts of terror like the radical Islamics for instance …well, well, looks  like all evil is and has been truly caused by the white race.  How dare white Americans or White Europeans think they have a reason to live after giving themselves a leg up on profiting from the entire world in one way or another by oppressing the societies and culture already in existence where ever the Western White Man went.  Unless what makes the white man white is obliterated then all the world will continue to suffer. 

      “Give us a world where the evil white race has no power…that and that alone will lead to world peace…”.

      That is what the forces of power in power believe…who are they and how did they take over? Ahhhh now that is a very clever and interesting little story.

      Do you know it?

    • whiteyyyyy

       That gibberish always irritates me. Like u, I read this saying elaborate on the benefits just this one time.

  • crystal evans

    Instead of using race as a factor, why not use residency. For example, why not give preference to a white person from Appalachia, who is the first person in the family to go to college?

  • SirKevin1231

    Because even poor whites from Appalachia, are, well, white. It matters not if they are the first to go to college in their lineage.
    They were born white and for some reason because of this whiteness they had privileges that no other race gets. What privileges those are I can not say. I have always had to WORK hard for everything I have. I never asked for the EBT or a free house, and I never had more kids than I could afford.
    So to even the odds they must punish whites for being white. I suppose it’s just for being a smart, hard working person that we have to be punished because all the other races can’t figure out how to be productive members of society.

    • crystal evans

      But they come from a disadvantaged background. They do not have  access to  attend the best schools with Advanced Placement courses on any subject under the sun.  As middle and upper class whites do. It is not fair that just because of their skin color they should not be eligible for the programs that target disadvantage youth.

      • Frank

        Even at the expense of white kids who have done nothing wrong?

  • sgmpalm

    In essence it’s simply Affirmative Action, which forces lesser qualified non-Whites to participate. Same game, different players. As long as Jews continue to control Capitol Hill along with banking and the media, the insanity will continue.

  • Nobody ever explains what these “diversity” benefits are. High security costs, more crime, lowering of academic standards, more goverment grants for useless programs?

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Austin.  Of course.

  • Guest

    There are no benefits to having a diverse study body. If anything, the truth is just the opposite.

    Everybody knows this, or at least they should know it by now. If they don’t, they might as well just hang a big sign around their neck that reads “I am a moron impervious to reality.”

    If we had a real court system, no one would be able to use “the benefits of a diverse student body” as an argument without producing concrete examples of those benefits, but, of course, we don’t have a real court system.

    Abigail Fisher’s case has been dragging on for four years already. What are all these judges and lawyers doing? What takes so long?

  • Bikki228

    Unless Obama is defeated, which at this juncture seems unlikely, the constituency of the SC will change and affirmative action will be affirmed as the law of the land in direct contradiction to the equal protection of the law clause.  The Courts will create preferred minority groups, and the consideration of true merit as an admissions factor will be subordinate to other subjective criteria such as participation in cheerleading or winning an award as best African American student.  And, for every unqualified minority student admitted, a more qualified student’s rights will be trampled.  Individuals must suffer that groups advance.  

  • The Verdict of History

     Therein lies the point!

    Hiding the truth…

  • John_D01

    LOL.  That’s a pretty great analogy.

  • Epiminondas

    If we lose meritocracy, we lose our freedom.  There is no way back.

  • Bummed Out

    I am telling you right here and now “diversity” in education is the absolute destruction of education.  Every different viewpoint that needs to be represented takes away from real learning.  It turns brains to mush.  It is the most twisted brainwashing doctrine on the planet.  And it has completely infested our educational systems.  I cannot express enough the urgency of stopping this nonsense.  It is poison.

  • Frank

    Rick has missed the point. She possibly would not have been admitted no matter how high her score because if some minority student with a low score is admitted some white student will not be admitted.  There are only so many seats.

  • Herman

    For obvious reasons I can at least see why blacks want preferential treatment.

    But it galls me when whites support it.

    Of course when it comes to affirmative action it is always some other white person’s position they want to offer up.  Never their own.

  • If she wanted a UT Austin degree so bad. She could have transferred to UT Austin from another college and still could graduate from UT Austin.  In most colleges, if a student transfers in at least 30 credits with a C average, the SAT score is not required.

  • American_cavalier

    Yep, another legacy of the Bush Administration. Continuation of Affirmative Action. Now we go to the SC with liberals in conservative clothing Roberts and others. Delay Conservatism, Patriotism and Nationalism until Demographic wave transforms institutions and country. Mission Accomplished Bush!