The Race Riot . . . And the Media Cover-Up

Colin Flaherty, World Net Daily, August 26, 2012


So let’s look at one case [of unreported black mob violence]: How the press ignored it; how the police denied it; and how we figured out what really happened on Aug. 5 when 800 people were fighting, firing guns, destroying property and “confronting” Delaware State Police at 2 a.m.


In this case, the violence and mayhem took place in an office-park complex in a usually quiet section of a suburb of Wilmington. The local paper did not give us much to go on.

When troopers arrived, they could hear the gunfire and were confronted by a large crowd of between 500 to 800 patrons who were attending a back-to-college party being held there in a warehouse facility.


No one had been arrested and no names were reported.

First stop, the police. I called and emailed: “What happened? Was this a case of black mob violence?”

No reply. I get that a lot. It is a red flag. But red flags are not proof.


So I contacted the police again. This time with a wave of emails and phone calls. Finally one reply. No one took any notice of the “racial or ethnic background” of the 800 people creating all the mayhem.

Fair enough.

Was there a police report? “No.”

No surprise there. As far as police were concerned, 800 people on the streets firing guns, destroying property and fighting never happened.


The search continued. Finally I hit it. Pictures and details of the big party—with hundreds and hundreds of photos of that party and others. With lots of the required flashing of gang signs and obscene gestures. A Facebook page for “FamEntertainment,” a party company with 1,291 followers. And a party Twitter stream. And a website with info on other parties at the site.


This dull warehouse [where the party was held] was transformed into the Grand Re-opening of Spot 200, a professionally produced party, with lots of lights and cool props; promoted by and for black people. The same people had the same kind of party one year before at the same place with the same result: Fighting. Shooting. Property destruction. Big police response. One person shot.


As to the “back to school” angle, the party company sent buses to several black colleges within 50 miles.


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  • Church_of_Jed

    “It’s not news when young blacks fight and shoot pistols,” but it is news that the SPLC hasn’t put Colin Flaherty on their Hate Watch list yet. 

    We suspect they won’t, because he makes good sense and draws attention to irrefutable and gratuitous black violence that absolves White Humanity of its racism.  He reinforces accurate stereotypes with facts. 

    The SPLC doesn’t want to give him exposure while he’s exposing the truth about Diversity…

    • libertarian1234

      “The SPLC doesn’t want to give him exposure while he’s exposing the truth about Diversity…”

      I think you’re right.

      In fact Flaherty is exposing black mob attacks and anti-white hatred simply by making factual reports, but,  even at that, he’s displaying quite a bit of courage.

      And, hats off to WND’s Joseph Farah for having the courage to publish the columns on his web site. 

      Flaherty is going to have to be extremely careful, however, he doesn’t depart from straight reporting and give the radical MSM or the SPLC reason to denigrate him out of existence. 

      Add to Flaherty’s efforts the fact that mainstream forums are now allowing posts that sound like the ones on here, which was unheard of just a couple of years ago.

      There’s a backlash growing and a racial shift slowly taking place, so here’s hoping the progress continues.

      If it does,  this web site here merits a big round of applause, because in the face of the worst adversity,  wherein the truth was always disallowed,  it was Amren that continued telling the truth, which absolutely had something to do with reducing restrictions on other sites and enabling Colin Flaherty to report on a racial situation that was screamining for attention.

      I think Jared Taylor….calmly citing facts and statistics……with his many appearances on various radio/t.v. programs and college campuses was instrumental in allowing those like Flaherty to have a voice.

      • Church_of_Jed

        Flaherty should sue the SPLC for it’s dereliction of duty and waste of donors money for NOT putting him on the List of Vicious and Dangersous Haters Who Abuse Their First Amendment So Called “Rights”.

        He could pull a reverse outrage stunt and double his number of fans instantly.

      • Church_of_Jed

        Add to Flaherty’s efforts the fact that mainstream forums are now allowing posts that sound like the ones on here, which was unheard of just a couple of years ago.



        This is genius-

  • I ALWAYS laugh when I hear the words Black and college in the same sentence.  “Back to school” for these morons means copious amounts of drinking, fornicating, smoking weed and “learning” about how evil and horrible YT is.  And yet despite these strenuous requirements, the students still soldier on, graduating at a roughly 40% clip!

  • IKantunderstand

    Yawn. So, what’s new? Nothing. Let me know when blacks have a huge party and there are no shootings, violence, gang signs flashed. Now that, would be news.  And also, probably, a sign that the end of the world is nigh.

  • Chimp Master Rules

    Forget the cops.  A warehouse big enough to hold 800 blacks is a suitable target for an air strike.  Call in the F-16s and then notify HAZMAT that there’s a toxic hole in the ground outside the city. 

    You’ll find it by following the smell of napalm mixed with highly combustible black hair products, weaves and long, fake purple fingernails.

    Or else, just arrest the people behind Spot 200 for the environmental damage created by gathering so many coloreds in one place.

    • The__Bobster

      Some bantus have been known to auto-ignite…… Mikey Jackson, Richard Pryor…

  • bluffcreek1967

    What is it about Blacks when they gather with each other in large groups (or sometimes in not so large groups)? They seem unable to party peacefully without someone shooting up the place or leaving bullet-riddled bodies on the ground. As far as destroying property, this is something Blacks do on a regular basis whether they’re at a party or not.  

  • ed91

     they all want to talk at the same time, or all the time.
    So of course they have to talk loud.
    Each one is in his own magnificent (so they think) world and wants to share it with the others. 

    I tend to be as far away as possible.  Their worlds are very different from mine.

  • tickyul

    Well, Urban Americans are winning…..getting their way at every turn….so don’t scoff too much.

  • Howard W. Campbell

    Blacks rioting, that will just have to go down the memory hole. However, if they are stupid enough to post twitter feeds, pictures, videos, etc.; this just proves our point. Too bad you can’t have these parties out in the middle of nowhere where there is nothing to destroy (except beer kegs).

    After welfare, food stamps, etc. comes to a screeching halt due to an economic collapse; it will be almost impossible to bury this kind of news. How many of the negroes out there are one welfare check or a few meals from destitution?  Go to youtube and look up Clayton County EBT. At some point the dam is going to break and we will see race riots unlike anything we have ever experienced. Lord of the flies will run headlong into the Blitzkrieg.

    Prior to the 1960’s, most negroes (and a lot of whites) did not have a sense of entitlement. Now, the fastest way to create a crisis among the blue hairs is to directly or indirectly threaten social security.

    “I didn’t earn it. I don’t need it. But if they miss one payment I’ll raise hell!” – Grandpa (Abraham) Simpson. Might explain why the SSA is buying 174000 rounds of hollow point bullets.

  • ageofknowledge

    It’s so common anymore for non-whites to act out violently.