Shocking Hidden Camera Film Shows Daily Sexual Harassment Endured by Women on Brussels Streets

Tom Goodenough, Mail on Sunday (London), August 4, 2012

Many women face the daily problem of being jeered at or greeted with cat-calls as they walk down the street.

Fed up of the constant abuse she was suffering, one film-student in Brussels decided to film the comments of passers-by that made walking through the city streets a misery.

The resulting footage paints a shocking picture of the sexism still being endured by many women today.

Wolf-whistled and faced with abuse and questions asking her for sex and ‘how much do you cost?’, Sofie Peeter’s film – which she submitted for her final student project – makes for a disturbing account of the everyday sexism on the streets of Brussels.

The Brussels film academy student used a hidden camera to record many of the scenes and also interviewed other students to learn more about their similar experiences.

The documentary, called ‘Femme de la Rue’, has now also been broadcast live on Belgian TV – the showing of which started a flood of testimonies from women on Twitter telling of similar experiences.

But the film student who made the documentary says she is hopeful that it can have a positive impact upon reducing sexism and could ‘break the silence about the subject and open the dialogue for more mutual understanding and respect.’

Speaking on Belgian TV, she said: ‘These advances hurt me a lot and I had the feeling I was on my own.

‘Primarily, I would like to see that more women comprehend that they are not the only ones but, this affects a lot of women.’

She said that she received 70-80 testimonies by e-mail corroborating her experiences after putting a request on the internet for other women to get in touch.

Other testimonies from women in the film also back-up Peeters’ disturbing account.

‘It happens seldom that I walk in the street without anyone bothering me,’ said one woman in the film.

‘Walking down the street as a woman, you know that the street doesn’t belong to you.’

Whilst another said that she changed her walking route and appearance based on the abuse she anticipated.

‘I do take it seriously, I am scared. I change the way I dress, the way I walk and how I dress.’

Belgian politicians have responded to the film footage by saying legislation to crack-down on sexual harassment is already being considered.

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  • JustaWhiteMom

    What the hell is a “foreign belgian”?

    • Boereseun

      In the same league as a ‘Dane of Somali descent’ I guess?

      • or an “Asian” in the UK..

    •  A “foreign belgian” is loosely related to a “White-Hispanic”

      • MarcusTrajanus

         Not at all, in the US they would be considered “Non-Hispanic Whites”.

      • mikejones91

        White Hispanics are still white. The term “Hispanic” refers to a cultural indication. 

        • MarcusTrajanus

           Indeed, Americans seem to think that because they don’t see Hispanic Whites we don’t exist. We do exist, we just look like any other White, so you can’t tell we are also Hispanic. I’ve seen the complete bafflement and incredulity Americans show when some White celebrity turns out to be Hispanic, the cognitive dissonance is visible in their faces. Hispanics are brown people, Celebrity X is White, Celebrity X is Hispanic,  DOES NOT COMPUTE.

        • American_cavalier

           Some White Hispanics are white. But the majority are Mestee.

    • Biffo The Bear

      The answer depends on whether you ask a Fench or Flemish speaking Belgian.

    •  the pleasures of diversity. importing millions of 3rd world animals.

  • Rocky Bass,

    How about cracking down on animals running wild in the streets? That one scene where she was at the park bench and there were two full benches of animals ogling her, they looked like wolves waiting to pounce on her!

    • Xanthippe2

      Deportation and no more immigration, not trying to get them to “behave.”

  • WmarkW

    Step One of the political success of the AmRen philosophy:  convince women that “diversity” is not their friend.

    • JustaWhiteMom

      White men are the best thing to ever happen to womankind and look how we thanked them!  Now I have to worry about my granddaughters being sex slaves to some Muslim guy:(

      • WmarkW

         There must be an AmRen slogan in there somewhere.  Something like:

        “Western Civilization:  The best thing that ever happened to the 99%”

    • The Verdict of History

      Precisely correct.

      If we convince our women that diversity means exploitation and humiliation for them, and if they realize that the objective of non-white diversity hooligans is to GAIN ACCESS to and SEXUALLY CORRUPT white women… then we can employ feminism AGAINST the left…

      That will give them a psych job, and it will convince our women to instill attitudes of skepticism and out right opposition to diversity IN THEIR WHITE CHILDREN….

      The women who are on our side will grow in number, and they will instill racial pride in their children EARLY.   


      • Xanthippe2

        They’ll only want to “educate” the “culture-enrichers” not deport them.

    • Xanthippe2

      Plenty of women know that diversity is not their friend.  Of course this woman was PC. If she wasn’t she might be in jail for a thought crime, not having her film broadcast.  A “racist” female film maker would have no more chance than a “racist” male. Honest talk of racial reality is carefully surpressed.

      • True, White people that are trying to draw attention to the issue have to speak in code. She’s not stupid, she has to say “I believe in multiculturalism” or the video would be called “racist”. 

        A lot of people are waking up, they just can’t say so publicly at this point.

        • Xanthippe2

          Oh, she may be a real surporter of the multi-cult.  One would have to know her to know for sure.  But what is clear is that a truly racialist film could get the film maker in trouble in Europe.   Someone, could make something more truthful but still legal, but it would never be on French TV.  She would have to promote it purely privately. 

          • Joe Batters

             I watched the video and she clearly states in the caption that she is in favor a a muti-cultural Brussels.  She also tells the newscaster that she didn’t want to portray one group in a negative light.

            In my opinion, even if she says those things as disclaimers, she is no better that a real leftist.  This apologizing and groveling to the left and minorities is what has gotten us into the situation we are in.

    • alan

      typical socialist jerk, deny reality and blame the victim and make the criminal a martyr.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Creep-city @ 1:56

  • I’m going to show this video to every girl I know in So CAL, and I know A LOT of clueless liberal girls that would probably be shocked by this.

    • ncpride

      I’m a fierce race realist, and this shocked ME! I feel nothing but blistering contempt for their government who allow their women to be treated and talked to like cheap sluts in their own homelands, while having the gall to constantly praise multiculturalism. They have NO shame.

    • Xanthippe2

      I doubt very much that they would be shocked.  They probably experience the same thing every day from Mexicans.  They have just gotten used to it.  Just like you get used to the homeless sprawling on the sidewalks in certain areas.

    • refocus

       The California girls will not watch it.  You are a racist.

  • ABM

    The elites who allowed these Muslims to be in our countries should be hanged for treason.

  • frmore

    “I must be naive, because I believe in multicultural Brussels”. 

    Yes, she must must.

    • mikejones91

      Did she say that?

      • frmore

        It was in the subtitles. Odd how reality keeps smacking them all in the face yet they cannot admit the truth or comprehend the emperor wears no clothes.

        • Beth

          Unfortunately these liberals have the microphone, the normal people of Belgium have no voice.

    • IstvanIN

       Retarded?  Stupid?  Suicidal?  Why would you believe that your TINY country should be overrun?

    • Dr Al

      Then she will enjoy a multi-cultural rape?

      Hey, this behaviour is OF the Arab culture.  So why is she complaining?

      • Beth

        Remember what that Australian mullah said about women who did not wear the Muslim covering?  They were “uncovered meat” , you cannot blame the cat if he eats uncovered meat.  The Muslim covering is a way to distinguish Muslim women from other women so the men can know which women can be raped and harassed.  It is what conquerors do when they take a country–they rape and degrade  the women to taunt and humiliate the men.  They are saying –“we are in charge now.”

    • MarcusTrajanus

       She thinks “multiculturalism” means exotic food, a few colourful human specimens from all over the World parading around our previously dull European cities in their ethnic garbs, hearing people talking in hundreds of strange languages, that kind of thing. She should realize what she experienced and recorded IS real multiculturalism. It’s aliens setting up their own colonies withing their European host countries and keeping all their customs, habits and attitudes.

  • Francis Galton

    These males (they’re not MEN) need a good, hard slap in the face.  Maybe that would make them think twice.  Or maybe it would make them go into Third Worlder Rage.  

    • mikejones91

      I think a “Third World Rager” would be more likely. 

  • WmarkW

    BTW, there’s a video short called “Black Woman Walking” that’s somewhat well regarded among black feminists.  The separatist segment of AmRen probably doesn’t care about this.  But it’s of importance to those of us who think we ought to be demonstrating WE aren’t the ones messing up their lives.

    • mikejones91

      What you said “WE aren’t the ones messing up their lives” is really (what I believe) the best, most effective route to spread “awareness”. 

      • Detroit_WASP

        Good vid.  Black dudes paw at white women constantly.  The unattractive ones generally give in.

        • mikejones91

          Exactly. I brought this (what I’m about to say lol) up on Stormfront as a guest a while back and they didn’t post it. I said—When you see a white woman (almost ALWAYS unattractive) with a black man, most of the time, its not really because they prefer black man. Rather, they prefer attractive men, regardless of color. Lets be real—9 times out of 10–the white women with black men are straight dogs (nicely put). Also, 9 times out of 10, the black men they are with tend to be good looking.–It comes to down to this sort of rationale—As a woman—She isn’t very good looking—more than likely—the white men she CAN/COULD get will be less attractive/socially awkward/weird in general/not a lot of friends/ect. So why would any woman want a weird/attractive mate? On the other hand—She is constantly given attention from black men. They compliment her/ect/ect. -So it comes down to–I could  have a dorky/ugly/white guy. Or a decent looking/cool/black guy. The choice is obvious.–_Then look at any good looking white girl/woman. 9 times out of 10, they are with a cool/good looking white man.

  • Gwynn Ap Nudd

    The two reporters fancy themselves to be so sophisticaed, but their fear of being a “racist” are so childish. Yet because so many sucumbed to them, their fears have become political and social  realities.
    Rotten apples? 1 in 20 – as if the other 19 wont stand behind them?

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    A great deal of inter-racial porn comes out of Belgium, from what I’ve gathered.  Many of these problems are because white women consent to make films that encourage men, mostly not-white, that white European women are available as easily as asking them for a drink or something similar.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    For all this, they spend a great deal of time in wishing to not generalize the problem to all foreign men.  They ought to try connecting the dots, like the reporter in Cairo who was molested in a mob of men.  It’s a matter of critical mass, face it, ladies.

  • sgmpalm

    Non-White massive immigration has been taking place for years into all of Europe from Arab, African, and Asian countries. In essence, the globalists (Jews) have been busy worldwide flooding all White nations with non-Whites.

    From Wikipedia:
    “Belgium does not collect statistics by ethnic background, so exact figures are unknown, but one 2012 estimate puts the number of Muslims in Brussels at 25-30% and is projected to grow strongly in the next decades. People of foreign origin make up nearly 70% of the population of Brussels”.

    • IstvanIN

       Without a concerted effort Belgium is doomed.

    • MarcusTrajanus

       ” the globalists (Jews)” What does that even mean” All Jews are globalists? All globalists are Jews? Clearly neither is the case. And even if every Jew in the World was determined flood all White nations with non-Whites, they still couldn’t do it without the cooperation of millions of non-Jewish Whites. Seriously, this isn’t Stormfront, it’s AmRen, and here many Jews are on our side and contribute to our cause.  

  • ViktorNN

    What way too many people don’t get is that multiculturalism is a political ideology that affects different populations differently.

    For whites in our white countries, it’s an ideology which indoctrinates us to be endlessly patient, endlessly tolerant and forgiving of abuse, guilty for crimes we never personally committed, blind to the dispossession happening right in front of our faces.

    For non-whites, it is an ideology which opens up a space for them to prey on whites, to abuse whites and take advantage of white hospitality, while always free of judgement – in the name of “tolerance for other cultures.” It’s the breathing room they use to build up their hostile communities within white countries as bases from which they will eventually seize power and transform white nations entirely, leading quite literally to a drawn out form of genocide when all-white countries and eventually white people will no longer exist.

  • “I must be naive because I believe in multicultural Brussels”. Yes indeed. “Multicultural” means many cultures – but some of those cultures lack respect for women. The lot of women in Europe will be like in Africa or Afghanistan, thanks to those who are bent on the genocide of native European peoples. It’s very sad.

  • So naive, ” I believe in multicutural Belgium” but I don’t understand why these men don’t live by Western white standards. People like her deserve everything she’s getting and worse. She supports the multicult infection of white societies, therefore she and her future daughter’s should reap the consequences of her idealistic naivete.

    The real problem isn’t the imported savages, it’s people like her who make the savages importation possible.

    • Very true. I think females from time to time will rail against Islam. However these women are usually not really doing anything other than looking out for numero uno. On some level I have no doubt that most Euro females know full well that they are the most free and catered to females on the face of the earth. Muslim culture threatens the Judicial, legal, social, and economic, (through affirmative action) privileges that have been foisted upon them over the last 50-60 years. When Islamic  influence really  starts kicking into high gear (probably still 20-30 years down the road) I think many of these ridiculous feminist based laws will without a doubt be repealed. This will be a good thing in my opinion. As far as a any mass awakening taking place in Europe……………………I don’t think so. For better or worse, there is a very small window in which a culture/civilization has in order to alter their future. That window will be closed in as little as 20 years in much of western Europe. A literal hiccup in the timeline of nations. As I have alluded to before, my wife is Lebanese. I have always done well and got on very well with Middle Easterners. That goes for both Muslim, and Christian.
      I find the Muslims to be very honest people as a general rule. I have no doubt they have there liars and thieves just the same as everyone else. However I have rarely been lied to or cheated by Muslims. As a result, I have no bone to pick with them. If anything, I have been treated well by the Muslim communities I have mingled in. I think there is a huge pool of young white/Euro males out there that would readily accept Islam (or at least portions of it) if they understood what it is all about. Particularly the conservative types. In fact Islam, of all world religiouns is by far the closest to Christianity. I am not very religious. However I get the feeling that a fair few of Amrens readers are. That is why I allude to just how similar Islam and Christianity are. The thing that saddens me the most is the impact that the collapse of western civilization will have on mankind itself. While I admire many of the Ancient Chinese Dynasties, the Ottomans, The Summerians, the Hittites, the Aztecs, the Prussians, etc. I think that modern western civilizations had taken elements from all the finest cultures before it and implemented the best elements from each. Like a fine wine western civilization came itno its own. At its peak, it gave us advances in medicine, engineering, transportation, electronics, etc that have no equal in all of history. I think this a combination 1) Genetics (wheras Africans lack the natural genetis material to prodund 2) The level of freedom of thought that western man and woman came to know. And 3) The ability to examine things objectively, even if your own interests are hurt in the process.However these qualities are a double edged sword.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        Yes. Los Aztecas were very honorable people especially during their “religious” ceremonies; same for the Mayans. Human sacrifice, eating the hearts of the victims. terrorizing the other ethnic groups over whom they had dominance. Good stuff all around.
        Cortes was able to bring the empire down due at least in part to the support from the other peoples who wanted out from under the Aztec yoke.

        • Please, the Spanish inquisitors were not exactly a bastion of tolerance of love Herman. In fact they had all types of wonderful devices that were used to make “non-believers” believe. LOL!!! Think Iron Maiden. A wondersul tool  of  the Spanish Inquisition.

          Now understand that I do have great respect for the Spanish Empire of old. They contributed greatly to the advancement of mankind. Methods of navigation, etc. However if you are going to point out a example of Aztec savagery, then let’s atleast be fair and admit that most all great Empires and civilizations had elements that would be considered to be undesirable by today’s standards.

          • LaSantaHermandad

            I never said that people like Torquemada were to be admired. I merely stated a military point of fact that Cortes, whose force amounted to 500 more or less with primitive Blunderbusses, could never have defeated the Aztecs who reportedly could field 1,000,000 fighters had it not been for the support of the oppressed ethnicities. 
            BTW in case you haven’t heard, sane Christians stopped beheading people centuries ago and we NEVER murdered our own children nor threw acid in the faces of beautiful young women e.g. the man in Turkey who poured gasoline over his 18 year old daughter and immolated  her because she was wearing shorts on a hot summer day. I don’t remember Jesus ever suggesting things like that.

            There ARE some cases of extreme acts by some of the Chassidic sects.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      “People like her deserve everything she’s getting and worse. She supports the multicult infection of white societies, therefore she and her future daughter’s should reap the consequences of her idealistic naivete.”
      I agree with your last line but I strongly disagree with your statement that these young women ” deserve” what’s happening “and worse”. She and most others including American women are products or better said,  “victims” of the “Progressive” educational system of the Western world just as were young Eve Carson and Amy Biehl. RIP!
      It took little time for the Nazis to indoctrinate an entire generation of young people into obedient little zombies for the Nazi cause including programs like Lebensborn. 

  • Call them what they are, illegal alien sub-human  muslim.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      Imagine this scenario. 
      A Racialist Belgian leader stands on a corner in Brussels with a bullhorn, shouts to real Belgians who are passing by, ” If you want Belgium to be free White nation , you’ve got to start killing some Muslims and kill their little babies!”Now are there any thoughts on what the world wide  reaction would be?

      • Beth

        The English Defence League had a protest in Belgium and they were treated like they were the modern equivalent of the Huns.

  • Xanthippe2

    A rather pro-multiculti film, of course.  An even better film could be made from a truly racialist point of view.  Would it get any TV coverage, etc?  Nooooo.  The truer something is the more it is surpressed when it comes to race.

  • White Euro women believe that diversity of all sorts is a strength.  Let harlots revel in their new “strength”.  A women like the one in the video would think of me as lower than scum if she heard the way I talk about Africans.  On a positive note,  when Islam becomes the dominant ideology in much of Europe (and within as little as 2 generations it will) harlots like this will be put back in their proper place.

    • anonymous

      “… spoiled punk
      twits like this harlot will know and feel what a patriarchy is all

      I can’t speak for that harlot, but this one finds Islam more & more disgusting with every passing day.   Way to sell your product. 

  • IanJMacDonald

    I had to stop watching after 2:50. Let’s hope that it is widely viewed.  There’s still time to turn it around.

  • alan

    what is the future for our female relatives if islam prevails? look at this, the truth is the truth, here is the socialist idea of heaven multiculturalism.

  • Biffo The Bear

    Remember folks this isn’t about race or religion those gentlemen in the film are typical Belgian Catholics with fake tans,I wonder if this film will inspire Woman worldwide to       sl-twalk in protest at the sexism Belgian Catholic men with fake tans have for their Woman?

    • LaSantaHermandad

      Where in Hell did you get that idea?  

  • ncpride

    Not all of us are lost causes. In fact, there are many women who post here that are more loyal and fierce than some men I know. There is nothing I despise more than a chest-thumping, I-don’t – need – a- man, I – can- do – it – all – myself, rabid feminist.  Feminism has done more damage to the traditional family than anything I can think of. But lets be fair here. The turning of the tide of our race replacement, cultural upheaval, and massive indoctrination of our people to accept multiculturalism began 50 or more years ago, and can be traced back directly to the feet of traitorous White males who agreed to these laws and policies, and gave in to all of ‘diversity’s’ demands.

  • LaSantaHermandad

      “Europeans tend to be reserved, cold, and snobbish….which only generates feelings of mutual loathing from immigrants toward their host society.” 
    I think that’s because THEY didn’t invite these immigrants. It was their government’s doing.  The people are living the good life and I don’t think that they keep tabs on what their governments are doing. Here in the US we’re much more vigilant. The only time you see demonstrations be the Euros is when their goodies or as is popular here (“Free S–T” ) is reduced or removed.

  • Major

    “She believes in Multiculturalism”

    That says it all. You let the bottom feeders into a once civilized society and that’s what you get.

    Wonder if she’ll get smart and see what her country has done to it’s women and allows to continue.

  • MarcusTrajanus

    ” Why do European countries have this problem with Muslim men misbehaving
    while such misbehavior in the United States is far more rare?” There are more Muslims here than in the US. When the number of any “minority” becomes substantial enough the become bolder. Muslims are also our underclass, your Muslims are more middle class and educated (correct me if I’m wrong or if my info is out of date), your underclass is composed of blacks and mestizos.

    • ” Why do European countries have this problem with Muslim men misbehaving 
      while such misbehavior in the United States is far more rare?”
      Possibly the 2nd Amendment?

  • MarcusTrajanus

     “And then they must be put back in their place.” This kind of comment is sure to get White women flocking to the movement.

  • MarcusTrajanus

     This sounds like the typical kind of urban legends that  go around in fundamentalist circles, do you have any evidence to back up your contradictory claims (how do you sweep “a major scandal” under the rug?)? Once something like that is out, it’s out. Quite a few politicians careers have been ruined for far less.

    • toldev

       Never underestimate the ability of the mainstream media to bury a scandal or otherwise manipulate the public.

      In 1983, Massachusetts congressman Gerry Studds was caught molesting an underage boy. The media did such a job smoothing that one over that not only did Studds remain in office, he was elected to several more terms.

  • shmo123

    Idiot Belgians and naive, stupid Europeans in general. You brought this upon yourselves just as much as if you’d injected  yourselves with cancer cells. This woman films these oversexed Arabs calling every woman a whore, and then spends most of the time on television tip-toeing around the subject of race and who’s actually harassing the women.  “Foreign Belgians” indeed.

  • JohnEngelman

    Women, especially when beautiful, evoke delicate feelings in me. I cannot understand this kind of behavior. How could any man think this is a way to attract women?    
    Nevertheless, for a man this is sexual. The liberal dogma that this is about power rather than sex is nonsense. 

    • Xanthippe2

      One said he is unsuccessful 90% of the time.  I bet it is 99.99% of the time.  They are doing this to maintain their “macho” status among their co-ethnics not because it works.  They are basically low-life scum for genetic reasons.  Their culture and their interuptation of their religion reflect this.

  • JohnEngelman

    The same liberals who claim that the vast majority of blacks obey the law complain that there are more young black men in prison than in college. They should complain to blacks and tell them to stop committing all those crimes. 

  • JohnEngelman

    In Islamic countries women are kept in seclusion, so many Islamic men think that women who are out in the open are fair game for anything, including rape. In Islamic countries women who are raped are often punished more severely than rapists. 

  • Epiminondas

    Where are the feminists when you need them?

    • JohnEngelman

      Everything secular liberals hate about the religious right and the Bible Belt is far more true of Muslims, but the secular liberals make all kinds of excuses for the Muslims. Secular liberals think Western civilization is responsible for all the evils of the world, but it is Western civilization that has nurtured their value system and made their way of life possible. 

      • MarcusTrajanus

        Secular liberals don’t like Islam, they do criticize it,  but they feel guilty about criticizing it too much because Muslims, at least in the West, are still a “victim group” and they fear being thought of a “racists” (Islam is not a race, but most Muslims are still non-Whites) or giving ammo to the “racist, right wing Islamophobes”. It seems to me that if Islam is so contrary to secular liberal values, secular liberals ought to be advocating stopping, and reversing, the flow of Muslims into the West, but it doesn’t even occur to them to discuss such a thing. They seem to think they can both keep them coming, encourage multicult, and turn them into secular, liberal Europeans all at the same time.

    • Biffo The Bear

      These days they tend to convert to Islam bizzarely enough. If you don’t believe me search online. Certain women see Islam as pro-female. Men convert to of course but for different reasons, it’s a strange phenomenon.

  • The Verdict of History

     Incisive commentary.

  • The Verdict of History

     As I constantly say….


    • Biffo The Bear

      Or the birth pangs of a new civilization.

  • The Verdict of History

     Much of Progressivism grew out of the clamoring of female reformers early in the 20th century…

    You are correct.

  • Beth

    But women tend to fall for the liberal line more so than men.  These shocking cultural differences in the way that  women are treated will shake many women out of their liberal hypnotic trance then you will see a dramatic change in American thinking and politics.  This will break one of the links in the liberal power chain–the feminist link.  Pop culture feminism has twisted the minds of many American women convincing them that American men are all louts, well, now they can see what real uncivilized brutes look like.  They will realize that they have it pretty good.

  • Korean guy

    I am a Korean guy in Canada and I do notice white local women are often targets of inappropriate, very rude sexual advances.   However, they respond with deafening silence when the perpertrators are blacks or immigrants from less fortunate parts around the world.  (West Asia?)  It is obvious, the women are very scared of being labeled as racists deep down their hearts. 

    On the other hand, if a gentle, cleanly dressed, polite East Asian male or white male ever makes oh so slightly sexual advance, then the white women won’t hesitate for a microsecond to jump up and down and yell at the white male or Asian male and treat us as if we are gang rapists or something.  (even if we did not even place a finger on them)  Also, even if the white women do report sexual harrassments, the local authorities become very reluctant, and suddenly become very busy looking for excuses that they cannot do anything, if the reported perpetrators are blacks or immigrants from certain parts of this world.  However, if the reported perpetrator is a white male or an East Asian male?  your picture will be on the front page of the local newspaper for the following week or two.  The women and authorities do not have to be worried that they will be labeled as racists.


  • LaSantaHermandad

    I have been to Europe several times; Spain, France and Portugal. My last trip was over ten years ago to Spain and France. The thing I noticed the most was the surprising number of non- French in Paris.
    It was a student trip and we stayed in the Montmartre section of Paris in a little but nice Best Western right down the street from Sacre Coeur.  As we were unloading our bus one of my students came to me and said Mr. X, where are the French people?  The street was teeming with Black Africans, and Muslims who I assume were Paks. I didn’t hear a word in French.   There wasn’t a traditional “French” person on the street. I responded to her question with ” Melissa, these ARE the French people”. Smart kid that she was, she got the message.
    One day we went to Versailles to see the Palace and while we were waiting to be admitted we stayed outside the gates for quite a while. It was Easter week and Europe is at the point of bursting during that time of year. There were score of Blacks (Africans?) spreading rugs on the pavements where they displayed their wares: cartons of American cigarettes, cheap trinkets and these plastic birds that they wound up and released them to fly around. They were making a spectacle of themselves and being very aggressive to the point of intimidation in their effort to get the White and Asian  tourists to buy these things. One of my students who was a charming young Black girl who was also an exceptional student came to me and asked “Mr. X, would you mind if I sat in the bus and waited”? I told her that it would be fine with me. She was visibly upset and I guess ashamed at the behavior of these individuals. I really wanted to tell her that she didn’t have to bear the guilt for these people because they had the same color as she did but I came to terms with the fact that advice like that could be a career ender,

  • Lichtderliebe89

    Oh my God this is so common in Mexico, and there women are not wreathed, like in Arab countries. What for some people is normal, for other is offending (regardless of the place of birth). White women in Mexico dont see this flattering.
     If arabs cant talk about sex in their houses is because they perpetuate those customs, even when as immigrants they have the opportunity to start anew. They are conscious that what they do is out of place (as shown in the interview) , but don’t care, obviously these immigrants dont respect individuality and see themselves as helpless victims of their own desires, what a cozy position!, no wonder why their societies don’t work. 
    Im sick of FAILED cultures trying to be integrated to white countries, if egalitarians think that white pride is bigotry  they have not tasted Arab “machismo” or mexican “borrachera” (cultural exhaltation of drunkness), as if close minded immigrants (who make fun of whites naive openness) would enrich us. there should be acknowledged something like “General Morality” (as general intelligence) if you treat women like that you wont see robbing or other thing as “too bad”.

  • MarcusTrajanus

     I disagree, it is still very useful. She might fail to draw the correct conclusion from her own experience, but that doesn’t mean everyone who sees the film will be the same.

  • American_cavalier

    They don’t need a law cracking down on sexual harrassment, they just need to crack-down on these foreigners and their Belgian born imps.

  • throttler

    You and Whiskey are not very bright when it comes to women.

  • throttler

     I will never believe what you SAY you want.