Norwegian Television Dares to Raise the Difficult Question of Inequality

Enquete & Debat, July 30, 2012

A recent exploration by Norwegian television into the taboo world of research on race differences.

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  • JohnEngelman

    Norwegian television has devoted two entire shows on inequality among human beings human, a topic among the more taboo in our hexagonal media. The Norwegians joined with Anglo-Saxons in the opening of the debate on inequality between human beings, debate is legal but that “recalls the darkest hours of our history” here in France. Survey & debate obtained these two programs, see how they dare to treat the subject.               

    Unlike the English documentary we broadcasted in February 2011, which was directed by a black person, this time it is white who dares to ask the question of the role of the hereditary in intelligence and physical performance. Aggravating factor, it is also a human and he dares yet to ask about the inequality between men and women. Rest assured he does not understand why women are paid less than men for equal work, non. He is trying to understand why women tend to enter social professions while men tend to enter professions where the technique matters. Here are two stories of half an hour each… 
    this journalist avoids the pitfall often met in documentaries, where everyone spoke in his corner, in his world, in its logic, without never confront. This method encourages debate and critical thinking…

    one wonders what would happen to this Norwegian journalist if he worked for us! Yet his two reports are very professional, and they stuck the moralists who want to deny any role in the biological accusing their opponents of being sectarian and ridiculous. We had already seen that the Norway is not a country left, here is a new confirmation!

    Second conclusion: it seems that the more egalitarian a country is, for example Norway, the more it becomes unequal! Thus the Norwegian women occupy more that elsewhere jobs so-called “social”, while men are much more that of the so-called jobs “techniques”. The reason is explained in the first report: the more a country is free, the more likely it is that its individuals move to the occupations that interest and correspond to their real interest. Yet women have, it seems from the youngest age, need to communicate much less men. The study of a member of the same family as the comedian Sacha Baron-Cohen, Simon Baron-Cohen, who worked at Cambridge, demonstrates that infants already have differences in behavior depending on whether they are male or female, such which invalidates the all-environment speech, and validates a speech which seems to moderate a mix between the environment and the hereditary, between the innate and acquired it.

    The masks fall. We can see that people who claim scientific objectivity make statements not based on any scientific facts, while on the other side we have Harvard or Cambridge scientists who dare to look facts in the face, whatever the consequences. Science should not subjected to moral considerations, even if science without conscience can ruin the soul. One should present facts, and leave the conclusions to the reader. As Flaubert said: “stupidity is to conclude.”

  • JackKrak

    It seems that when 100% of the rapes in your capital city are committed by immigrants, even the most leftist, pacifist, welfare state-loving guilty white liberal Nordic types start to reconsider some basic assumptions…..

    • JohnEngelman

      Especially after they have been robbed several times by third  world immigrants. 
      It is unfortunate, but sometimes that is what it takes. The Scandinavians became too civilized for their own good. They have difficulty understanding the mentality of those who are less evolved. 

      • The__Bobster

        They are sheep ready to be sheared…or eaten.

      •  Too civilized?  Is it civilized to have pressure groups contacting people’s business partners and employers and demanding denunciations with the threat to tell everyone that they do business with HATEFUL HATERS?  No.

  •  A mixed bag. And no Black violence.

  • holyflower

    Richard Lynn, Greg Cochran, Charles Murray together with genuine local (Norwegian) academic talent  — an altogether stellar lineup of heavyweight realists — balance the standard egalitarian moralists.

    With this radioactive topic — with any other Western media — the egalitarians would have exclusive command of the stage.  Bravo, Norway, and Bravo, this brave journalist.

    Also inspired: the use of dog breeds — vastly different from each other though sharing 99.5 or so percent of their DNA with other breeds — and  the use of  Chimps — vastly different from humans — while possessing 98.5 percent of our DNA. 

    A most worthy video documentary!

    • Oil Can Harry

      Gotta give credit to the narrator; he came across as a p.c. liberal who doesn’t want to accept race realism yet was fair-minded enough to present both sides of the issue.

      There’s a bit of a surprise ending when the “anti-racist” blowhard admits genetic racial differences could be found if you look hard enough, and therefore no one should research this subject. Truly damning.

  • alltoohuman

    This won’t change anything.  The Nordics are a race of retards who will miscegenate themselves out of existence before they ever go against their egalitarian moral code. 

  • The main question should be: what about race replacement ? If you find 10 M Chinese who are smarter than 5 M Norwegians (not an impossible task)- would you be happy to import them & deliver them Norway ?
    It’s not primarily about IQ, but about blood & soil.

    • potato78

       You only can import no more than 5% chinese to Norway.  That way, you would not complain about them and easily “digest” them. 
      1.  Skin color will never be an issue.
      2. IQ contribution.
      3. Optimization in a mutual way within Norway.

    • holyflower

      “The main question should be: what about race replacement ?”

      Sure, but they are many vital related “questions” for which knowledge of racial differences in IQ provides answers.  That’s why this video is a breakthrough of sorts.

    • WhiteGuyInJapan

       And culture.  People are not car parts or hard drives that can be inserted into new machines. 

      (My post from the “Reply to Ron Unz”, but also applicable here.)

      I love Lynn’s work, but his focus on quantitative data fails to
      examine the more qualitative qualities of culture.  For example: pick
      countries with similar mean IQ scores from Latin America, the Middle
      East and Southeast Asia.  Even if socio-economic conditions are roughly
      equal, I have a feeling that most Lebanese would not want to live in
      Mexico and most Mexicans would not want to live in the Philippines.  

      The reason?  Culture.

    • JustaWhiteMom

      You cannot separate the issue of iq from race replacement.  Our people are convinced that race does not exist.  If you believe race does not exist, then there can be no such thing as race replacement.  IQ is one way to demonstrate that race exists.  Race realism is indispensible to the case for white nationalism.

  • IKantunderstand

    oooooh, some people have the nerve to bring up genetic differences.Differences that really, are completely meaningless. Really, what does it mean?  That Whites have created, discovered, written, composed and invented everything in the world? So what? Whites were just lucky. I mean Thomas Edison was never a slave! I am absolutely certain, that out of all the slaves brought to America, if they had been left back in Africa, one of them would have discovered electricity.  So you see, I have proven the fact. Whites are not smarter than blacks. Furthermore, the fact that blacks have proscribed our speech, dictated public policy, muzzled the MSM, indicates just how smart they are. (Please do not insinuate that anyone is helping these gifted(albeit suppressed people).

  • Chimp Master Rules

    I’ve always said liberalism will collapse over their ridiculous belief that “we’re all the same.”   

    Libs and progressives MUST have that position and they MUST defend it to their last breath, or else, they have to admit that MAYBE . . . we are different.  This forces them into ridiculous contortions.

    EXAMPLE:  American football is 85% black when the country is only 12.6% black.  So either you have to conclude that blacks are more physically talented in certain physical tasks OR white male youths have lost interest in football. 

    And that’s exactly what I’ve had libs tell me to my face:  Negroes play football because they want a way “out.”  White kids have stopped caring about the game.

    There are countless ridiculous liberal positions like this.  They can’t afford to EVER admit to differences because that leads to a slippery slope:

    If blacks are more physically gifted in certain areas . . . then maybe they’re more gifted criminals . . . or they have lower IQs . . . or they are lazier . . . etc.

    Libs and progressives are hanging themselves with their own rope.  I love it.

  • I have noticed that almost without fail, when I receive tech support for any of my internet issues, or almost any support that would involve problem solving skills, and the person helping me is black, I ha

  • David Ashton

    Whether cleverly structured on purpose or not, it is a good start for a modern audience, and hopefully a foretaste of even better to come, in Norway and other countries.

  • JustaWhiteMom

    This is excellent.  I believe that the governmedia is going to have to start priming people for the truth sooner or later. 

    Knowledge of racial differences, I believe, will put a stop to affirmative action and nonsense about disciplinary quotas.  This would be good for white families.  This would go a very long way toward salvaging Western Civilization.

    As much as I try to stay away from race realism when I make the case for white nationalism, it always comes up because anti-whites ask, who’s white?  How can we assert our right to survive if our people are convinced we do not exist?  Race realism is a crucial part of the case for white nationalism.

    However, there is also a danger that the governmedia will use this to advance miscegenation.  People must understand that blacks regress to a lower mean than whites, so race mixing is profoundly damaging.

    I hope that Murray is right that this question will be settled soon.

    • Tom

      “Knowledge of racial differences, I believe, will put a stop to
      affirmative action and nonsense about disciplinary quotas.  This would
      be good for white families.”

      I doubt that it will put a stop to anything.  Bureaucrats will close their eyes to any evidence, however conclusive, in order to please minorities and liberals.  Some of the people being damaged by affirmative action are the blacks who are admitted to positions for which they are not qualified.  Imagine realizing you are the least qualified person in the classroom, especially if you are the professor.

      • JustaWhiteMom

        You might be right but I think there is a good chance that race realism could usher in a new era of aristocracy.  The Rhodesian model of color-blind limited democracy (with property requirements and other voter qualifications) could provide an excellent model going forward.  We would have to make an alliance with Asians and convert the Jews to our side, and of course small numbers of blacks and mestizos could be part of a future ruling class.  Rhodesia was brought down by the US.  Will China crusade for equality and human rights and tell multiracial countries what to do?  I doubt it, though I could be wrong.

        Ideally, we will have an ethnostate, but barring that, I believe the shells left over from our Western countries revert to aristocracy, and hopefully implement eugenic programs, before the elites of these countries allow civilization to collapse completely.

        This breakthrough is needed soon, because I believe we are rapidly approaching the breaking point with the equality delusion.  The disciplinary quotas BHO is pushing seem to me to be taking it to a whole new level.  It will be interesting to see how whites react.

        Indeed, with race realism, white children would not be forced to study with feral blacks, because we would have a tracking system that would leave them exposed only to the most talented blacks.  Many good changes could come out of race realism.  Jared Taylor and our other leaders will have to be ready to direct this issue in a way that is favorable to our interests.

  • The Norwegians remind me of the Eloi.

    ” There is none so blind as those who will not see.”

    The Norwegian guy in his 20s head of a anti racism group ” racism 505 said

    ” There is no difference between the races !!! ”

    How come Europeans built towns, cities, a civilization and Africans did not ?

  • Tom

    In the US, scholarships, fellowships, professional positions such as professorships are handed out on the basis of race with prejudice against the white applicants.  The explanation is that qualifications being equal the position should go to a member of a minority group.  But, this is a complete misrepresentation of the fact that the positions go to minority groups REGARDLESS of qualifications.  I have seen this with my own eyes too many times.  So, the less qualified member of the minority finds himself surrounded by fellow students, colleagues, etc. who are far superior to him in ability.  This is why so many drop out of their programs.  Read Dr. Thomas Sowell on this subject.

  • JustaWhiteMom

    Don’t you find it odd that Lutherans are so prone to self-flagellation and obsessions about expiating their guilt?  That is exactly what Luther revolted against. 


    Could this have been made by the American media?  There is a difference between self hating liberals and alien usurpers.  The former are much more likely to allowing dissenting voices to be heard.