Posted on August 10, 2012

“Ice Agent Suspended for Arresting Illegal Alien”

Michael Cutler, CAPS, August 9, 2012

Generally people get into trouble on their jobs when they refuse to do what they are paid to do.  However, on August 2, 2012 Fox News ran a story titled “ICE Agent Faces Suspension For Arresting Illegal Alien.” Here we have the incredible story about an employee of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) who is in trouble for doing his job!

According to published reports about this deplorable case, the agent, who has worked for ICE for 18 years and has also served in the United States military, ran afoul of his superiors at ICE when he participated in a surveillance of a vehicle believed to be owned by a criminal alien who was to be arrested so that he could be deported (removed) from the United States.  The idea was to hopefully find the wanted alien when he showed up to drive his vehicle.

During the course of the surveillance an individual entered the vehicle.  He was stopped by the agents and it was subsequently determined that the driver of the vehicle was not the criminal alien for whom they were searching but a 35 year old citizen of Mexico who was an alien illegally present in the United States.

{snip} The illegal alien in this case has a demonstrable relationship with a wanted criminal alien (he was driving the car that was purportedly owned by that criminal alien).  Furthermore, he reportedly had been stopped on ten previous occasions for committing various motor vehicle law violations including driving without a license. Because motor vehicle law violations are not considered “serious crimes,” this alien did not meet the definition of “criminal alien.”

Purportedly the ICE agent in question had an argument with his superiors over their orders to release the alien because he did not meet the Obama administration’s criteria for arresting illegal aliens.  Given all of the previously noted circumstances, the agent wanted an immigration judge make the decision.  Because of this disagreement, that agent now faces a 3-day suspension and will face the loss of his job if he ever again violates the President’s “prosecutorial discretion.”  Meanwhile the illegal alien in question was allowed to simply go on his merry way proving to him and illegal aliens across our country and aspiring illegal aliens around the world, that aliens may run our nation’s borders, violate other immigration laws and face absolutely no consequences.  In fact, under current policies about to implemented by the Obama administration, in the name of “prosecutorial discretion” aliens can ultimately expect to be rewarded for running our borders and violating various laws including our immigration laws along with other laws that are supposed to protect innocent lives.