‘Fears of Being Branded Racist Stops Police Investigating Crimes by Ethnic Minorities’

Jack Doyle, Daily Mail (London), August 5, 2012

Police are failing to investigate crimes committed by ethnic minorities because they fear being branded racist, a report claims.

A pamphlet by think-tank Civitas, released today, says pressure to show racial sensitivity may have been behind the initial failure to properly investigate Asian street grooming gangs in the North of England.

Jon Gower Davies, a former academic, links the failure to police being branded ‘institutionally racist’ by the Macpherson report into the death of Stephen Lawrence, which he says left police ‘shackled’ by bureaucracy.

The pamphlet, which is entitled’ Mind-Forg’d Manacles: Murder, Macpherson and the Police’ finds Macpherson lacked evidence for the charge of institutional racism which he says ‘lacks substance’.

This year a gang from Rochdale were jailed for plying teenage girls with alcohol before raping them.

All but one gang member was of an Asian Pakistani background.

The court heard up to 47 vulnerable girls were passed around the group and forced to have sex several times a week, but two years before action was finally taken, police missed an opportunity to stop the gang when a 15-year-old girl told them she had been raped.

A former Labour MP, Ann Cryer, said the police failed to investigate properly because they were ‘petrified’ of being branded racist.

Mr Davies, a former Labour councillor, describes the lack of investigation into sex crimes as a case of ‘reverse’ institutional racism in which the views of victims, vulnerable white girls, were not taken seriously.

The report states: ‘When in February 2012, the trial of a number of Pakistani men finally came to court, it seems that allegations of abuse by one (white) girl had been just ignored by the police’.

The pamphlet, which is published by the Civitas think tank, concludes Macpherson failed to address genuine weaknesses in police practice at the time.

It states: ‘Macpherson… not only obviated the need to make a realistic if less flamboyant analysis of the limitations of the policing of the murder of Stephen Lawrence, but also led to an over-anxious police leadership to make a fool of itself by adopting policies which are neither operationally nor socially nor ethically sound and proper’.

Writing the foreword to the pamphlet, Dr David Green, director of Civitas said Macpherson’s ‘poisonous’ legacy included failures to investigate crimes by ethnic minorities including so-called ‘honour crimes’.

Following Lord Macpherson’s use of the phrase, it became a central tenet of discrimination rules in Whitehall and among police and politicians.

In 2009, on the tenth anniversary of the Macpherson report, Trevor Phillips, the head of the country’s equalities watchdog said he had abandoned the phrase.

He said the label of institutional racism became a ‘badge of shame that has hung over’ the police

Stephen Lawrence died in an unprovoked attack while waiting for a bus in Eltham, South East London.

In January of this year Gary Dobson and David Norris were convicted of Stephen’s murder.

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  • Meech

    When are we going to redefine the word RACIST?
    Today it seems to mean any thought or action that involves blacks in a negative way no matter how true of verifiable.
    To me RACIST should be a person who sees the plus and minus factors of different races then lives and reacts to what they know to be true.

    • Anonymous

      First a ‘racist’ was someone who hated people because of their race and wished a race of people ill will.  then ‘racist’ became prejudice+power.  Then racist meant racial stereotyping.   It seems like nobody can objectively come up with a way to define this word.  The liberals keep redefining the term so they can push their socialistic agendas.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        “It seems like nobody can objectively come up with a way to define this word.”

        Yo puedo. Un “racista”  es una persona que DICE lo que los demás están pensando.It’s sounds more profound in Spanish.

      • Try the Dictionary if you need to know what the word means.

      • JustaWhiteMom

        It now means any white person who resists oblivion.  See above.  I seriously think this is an important insight.  If you say to a person, “A racist is any white person who wants white people to continue to exist,”  they will at first think you are exaggerating, but when you explain to them that you are not they will see how insane it has gotten.

    • JustaWhiteMom

      The word “racist” now means anyone who wants white people to continue to exist.  I’m not kidding.  If you suggest that whites need homelands where they are the majority so they are not blended and assimilated into oblivion, people will not deny that whites will cease to exist but they claim it is racist to care about this.  According to them, to care whether whites continue to exist must mean that we think we are superior.  Of course this is nonsense, and no one accuses Indians for thinking they were superior when they demanded reserved homelands, but there it is.

  • Ulick

    The comment section of the article is promising. The anti-multiculturalism, anti-PC comments have the most support, and comments supporting Britain’s minorities have the least support. I’m convinced that most whites are secretly anti-multiculturalists with race-realism leanings, and they air those beliefs when they can do so anonymously. Given this level of support, it’s high time that we start airing our views more often publicly.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so disgusted and ashamed that so many whites have allowed themselves to be scared or silenced all because of a little word, that being the word ‘racist.’ 

    • Sloppo

      We’ve been indoctrinated from early ages by our TV sets and public schools until we believe “thou shalt not care about thy own people” has replaced the ten commandments.  

  • loyalwhitebriton

    The MacPherson report was a marxist stitch-up which is directly responsible for the suffering of White Britons!
    MacPherson spawned the latest politically correct policies of the UK Police. Previously, PC existed in the Police, but it was all about recruiting more homosexuals and racial minority recruits (which was bad enough!).
    However, after MacPherson, a new plataeu was reached, and it was full-on anti-white crypto marxist ideology!
    MacPherson is a stinking anti-white traitor. Come the revolution such people will be………

  • LaSantaHermandad

    The people who fought and died to protect Britain from the Germans must be rolling in their graves wondering why they bothered to fight.
    British police are afraid to investigate the drugging,raping and pimping out of young English girls by these fiends from the Third World Hellholes. 
    You have descended into the depths due to your PC sickness. And you British Progressives,  British Progressives whatcha gonna do? Watcha gonna do when they come for you(r) daughters?

    • 14POLK88

      It is going on in the US also, not on the same scale but it is going on!

  • potato78

    I think that we should update our concept for using minorities and majorities.  Along with time development, “whites” is a minority.  Blacks and Hispanics are majorities.  Why do not give a specific detail like black, hispanic, white, southeast asian, indian, far east asian?  Because US is formed by a different color, such as black, brown, yellow, white.  This kind of description is really annoying due to always saying “minorities”.  A black who is a minority committed a crime.   It is not minorities, hispanic, white, indian, southeast asian.  

  • mobilebay

    When did the “land of hope and glory” become a wimp about allowing third world aliens to call the tune? About the same time the good old USA did, I guess.

  • The term “racist” is dying fast. Very few people care about being labeled racist anymore, all they really fear is losing their jobs and reputation. As the economy slips into global depression people will care even less. The whole system exists solely by habit at this point. We are past the point of no return and I think the elites know this and are starting to sweat. If and when they are held responsible for their actions, it will be very ugly…

  • I wonder would happen if Brits decided to walk and shop in groups.  What would happen were they to show solidarity?

    Brits, if they care for this sort of evil to stop, will have to make it stop themselves.  The girls will always have to have their own fellow Men and young Men, accompany them wherever they go for it is official, you have no Law in place to protect you.  Same goes for the Men.  They too will have to form groups in order to shop or walk down the Street in order to be safe from these invaders.

  • American_cavalier

    Curious ending of the article: “In January of this year Gary Dobson and David Norris were convicted of Stephen’s murder.” Thats right but only after the UK ended 2,000 years of Common Law Right to no Double Jeopardy. Yep, nothing to look hear, just move along….

  • Vil

    I really do wonder what the parents of the raped girls are doing/thinking. 
    If I was a parent of one of those girls I would probably start at least a war. 
    How much longer are people going to tolerate that multiculti nonsense before they start doing something?